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Welcome to the download site for the Corpus of Regional African American Language (CORAAL). The main page for CORAAL is here at the Online Resources for African American Language website. Please visit that page, or read the CORAAL User Guide for more information about CORAAL.

March 2021: Forced-aligned versions of the CORAAL transcripts are now available for download at

The current version of CORAAL is v. 2020.05. This version includes the DCA: Washington DC 1968 component, the DCB: Washington DC 2016 component, and the PRV: Princeville, NC 2004 component, unchanged from the previous version (v. 2018.10.06). One additional speaker as well as a few additional files have been added to the second regional supplement, ROC: Rochester, NY 2016, a subset of sociolinguistic interviews conducted by Sharese King as a part of her dissertation project in Rochester, NY (King 2018). With v. 2020.05, we release a new regional supplement, ATL: Atlanta, GA 2017, recordings of interviews and conversations among a friendship network in Atlanta, GA. See the CORAAL user guide for more information. All users are urged to update to this newest version of the corpus. All files are also on the web-based and R-based interfaces to the corpus, available through the CORAAL Explorer website.

CORAAL is quite large and therefore is broken into many parts to facilitate downloading. Most parts are compressed using tar and gzip utilities. Most computer systems will be able to unpack these when you attempt to open the tar.gz file. From the links below, you can download each of the parts by right-clicking each linked file name and selecting the option to download linked file or save linked file.

The CORAAL User Guide offers suggestions for ways to automate the downloading of the various parts. A complete list of all files that comprise the current version of CORAAL is available here, You can use that list to facilitate the downloading.

All CORAAL files are here:


CORAAL is completely free for research use. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (4.0) International license. CORAAL: DCB, PRV, and ATL are available under additional licenses - please contact the CORAAL team for additional information about licensing. More information is available in the User Guide, and we suggest you read that document for full information about the corpus.

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How to cite CORAAL

Kendall, Tyler and Charlie Farrington. 2020. The Corpus of Regional African American Language. Version 2020.05. Eugene, OR: The Online Resources for African American Language Project.

See the CORAAL User Guide for more information about citing CORAAL's individual components, for acknowledgements, and for other important information.

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