LineSpeakerSt TimeContentEn Time
1ATL_int_010.7526Hey what's going on?2.5113
3 3.1447I'm here with4.1659 
5 5.0830/RD-NAME-2/.5.8536 
7 6.3122This is /RD-NAME-2/ by the way.7.8447 
9 8.7996Um, /RD-NAME-2/, if you could10.2415 
11 10.5346say hello.11.2899 
15 14.2276mic seems to be picking you up well.15.9910 
17 16.8419Um,17.2304 
19ATL_int_0117.6464we'll go18.2279
21 18.9323and, um, continue with this interview.21.2062 
23 22.2273Um,22.9128 
25 23.7874what is your24.5446 
27 24.7195name?25.1190 
31 29.2296and, um,29.9990 
33 31.0299what sex are you?32.0163 
35ATL_int_0134.1137Okay, what's your ethnicity?36.0852
38 38.8266I'm black.39.3480 
41 41.3905um,42.1092 
43 42.3035what year were you born?43.4055 
44ATL_se0_ag2_f_0243.7487Nineteen eighty.44.7995
47 46.2510um, your hometown?47.5007 
48ATL_se0_ag2_f_0248.5793St. Petersburg, Florida.50.0761
51 52.2746your neighborhood?53.1910 
53ATL_int_0156.2563Okay, how long you been in57.6338
55 57.7741the Atlanta area?58.8657 
56ATL_se0_ag2_f_0259.2027Twenty-three years.60.9370
57ATL_int_0161.5847Okay, so basically you a ATLien.63.7499
58ATL_se0_ag2_f_0263.7820I am not.64.7088
61 65.4990um,66.1144 
63 67.2303where were your parent's birthplace?69.2561 
64ATL_se0_ag2_f_0270.3106My father was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, and my mother was born in Arlington, Georgia.75.6959
67 78.1254And how do you know79.3077 
69 79.9661the interviewer?80.6929 
70ATL_se0_ag2_f_0282.6164The interviewer83.7665
72 84.2866was my old neighbor.85.8714 
74 88.3533And now89.2563 
76 89.5588he's my friend and producer.91.6539 
77ATL_int_0192.3678Oh cool.92.9103
81 97.8950Cool, cool, cool.99.1078 
83 99.7075Okay,100.2257 
85 100.3959um,101.0293 
87 103.0813let's see.103.5972 
89 106.3724So I know you said that your friend sometime produce for you or whatnot.109.8714 
91 110.2212So110.6845 
93 111.7805you're a artist? What type of music do you make?113.8955 
94ATL_se0_ag2_f_02114.5808I make pop music and hip hop117.0013
96 117.2045slash rap music.118.9962 
99 121.8771When did you know you had a passion for making music?124.1406 
102 125.9748when I was a kid,127.0914 
104 127.6539I was addicted to it.128.8405 
105ATL_int_01130.9301What's a song from back in the day that you was really133.5578
107 133.7040rocking with?134.3394 
110 136.5850Armed Robbery137.5919 
112 137.8236by Eightball and MJG.139.6459 
115 142.2467<laugh>142.6228 
117 143.2232Okay.143.7952 
119 144.5870I haven't heard that song before, but146.4443 
121 147.0441I guess it's147.6678 
123 149.0217probably cool if it came from Eightball and MJG. I like some of they work.152.5912 
124ATL_se0_ag2_f_02152.9481Mm yeah, one of my all time favorites.155.2468
125ATL_int_01155.5730Is it a-156.2288
127 157.3466is there a hook or158.6209 
129 158.7565a line from that song you wanna160.3688 
131 160.6930sing for us?161.4402 
132ATL_se0_ag2_f_02161.4415Definitely not.162.5626
135 163.4000well,163.6979 
136ATL_se0_ag2_f_02163.9815Not very inspirational.165.5605
137ATL_int_01165.7645I'll YouTube it and check it out167.3697
139 167.5327my leisure time.168.5523 
141ATL_int_01169.8127Um, let's see170.8845
143 172.6275So,173.1545 
145 174.6892you've been here twenty-three years in Atlanta,177.4647 
147 177.6346but before that,178.6467 
149 179.6636you was in, um,180.6417 
151 181.0908what, Florida?181.7701 
152ATL_se0_ag2_f_02182.8754Yes. Directly before I came here, I was in Gainesville, Florida.187.0711
155 192.1327Was it, um,192.9712 
157 193.0877tough193.5371 
159 193.7215making that adjustment to a different area?196.3037 
160ATL_se0_ag2_f_02196.5466Definitely, um,198.3755
162 199.0149yeah,199.5371 
164 199.8160I didn't wanna leave Florida.201.0585 
166 201.3530I still wanna go back.202.5324 
169 205.6335But twenty-three years in Atlanta, it must be some good things about it.209.6023 
170ATL_se0_ag2_f_02211.2253Can't say that I agree to that. Um,213.6688
172 214.7155<laugh>215.0871 
174 215.2800I ended up having children and, you know,217.8430 
176 218.5964didn't wanna219.1920 
178 219.5885transition them back and forth from schools, cause I222.8140 
180 222.8987moved a lot when I was young.224.7852 
182ATL_se0_ag2_f_02226.1087And my son has cerebral palsy, so he's229.4302
184 229.7688in a special needs program, so231.9404 
186ATL_se0_ag2_f_02232.8128kind of like to keep him where he's comfortable.235.0644
188 235.3386And235.7971 
190 236.8986when he gets out of school, I'm definitely leaving.239.1998 
193 242.2841Mm.242.6292 
195 244.4123I know you mentioned your son.245.7974 
197 245.9960How many kids do you have?247.2724 
198ATL_se0_ag2_f_02247.9626I have four kids, two daughters and250.2298
200 250.3149twin sons.251.4341 
201ATL_int_01252.1472Oh, that's beautiful.253.0880
202ATL_se0_ag2_f_02253.4804Thank you.254.1091
203ATL_int_01257.4493What's- how's your relationship with, um, I guess your immediate family?261.5085
206 263.1141My immediate family.264.8885 
208 265.2503Um,265.8054 
210 267.5793I have (breathy)268.7621 
212 269.0505five brothers that are living. I had six brothers,272.2875 
214 272.3917and272.7886 
216 273.7977some of us talk more so than others. I talk to my mom everyday.277.3566 
218 277.6058Talk to my dad pretty often.279.4234 
220 280.4406Of course I talk to my children every day, so283.1331 
222 283.9707it's pretty284.5411 
224 284.7377cool. I mean we have our differences like every family, but287.8171 
226 288.1437we all love each other.289.2232 
228 289.4974Pretty close-knit.290.3938 
229ATL_int_01291.5302<ts> Ah, that's great. That's great.293.0946
231 294.1208Um,294.7600 
233 298.5588could you tell me a little bit about300.2560 
235 301.0502your upbringing as far as303.3386 
237 304.0375school304.7385 
239 305.0741wise. Like how was coming up in school?307.2866 
240ATL_se0_ag2_f_02308.8364Um, school was pretty good. I310.9890
242 312.1701did really good in school. I was all A's on the316.2003 
244 316.2841honor society, and it was pretty much a breeze. Um,319.9828 
246 320.2279<ts>320.4410 
248 321.1803started skipping a lot in high school,323.6623 
250 325.2113you know, doing326.5421 
252 327.4876music and having fun and being the typical teenager.331.2034 
254 331.8525And I got pregnant.332.7893 
256 334.4744Um,335.1904 
258 336.4962and336.9871 
260 337.1391I'm a teen mother. I guess338.9723 
262 339.2323you would know that, since I got pregnant.340.7451 
264 341.5292But I did graduate high school343.4077 
266 343.6875in nineteen ninety-eight.344.9243 
268 345.0359Then I went to college346.5040 
270 346.7825for347.2130 
272 347.3472nursing.348.0546 
274 349.0598That's what I do.349.9323 
276 351.0905And I'm still in college for psychiatry353.5063 
278 353.7190cause that's what I want to do.354.9603 
281 358.1198That's, um, very, very,359.6846 
283 360.6065impressive.361.5567 
287 366.6679so367.2303 
289 367.3967what are y-367.8053 
291 367.9718what type of things are you learning in your classes370.7296 
293 371.0180right about now?371.7744 
294ATL_se0_ag2_f_02373.0485Actually I'm learning about politics right now, and I do not like politics at all.378.4301
296ATL_se0_ag2_f_02379.5111And I'm doing Intellipaths which are questions on the politics,383.6629
298 384.2594and I would rather be doing anything else.386.4529 
301 388.4905Okay, well, um,389.6865 
303 390.9496I know I asked you a- if it was a couple of topics393.6017 
305 393.8239you care394.5126 
307 394.6038to394.9632 
309 395.2047touch on or not touch on.396.7369 
311 397.3042I never really mentioned398.7886 
313 398.9493politics.400.0839 
315 400.4716How do you feel about our new president Donald Trump?402.8030 
316ATL_se0_ag2_f_02403.0820<ts> I don't have any feelings about him.404.7405
317ATL_int_01405.5166Ho- what are your thoughts about him?407.0625
320 411.7840Don't really think about him.413.2185 
323 414.2994[um],415.0594 
325ATL_int_01415.6889what's your opinion of him?416.8453
326ATL_se0_ag2_f_02418.8970I don't like him,420.1000
328 420.3619I [mean- <laugh>]421.3703 
330ATL_se0_ag2_f_02423.4293To me, he's-424.2257
332 425.7468has money, but he's rather427.6679 
334 428.9875ignorant.430.0972 
336ATL_se0_ag2_f_02431.0998I wouldn't have431.8803
338 432.2142picked him as a president,433.5198 
340 433.8136or a friend,434.7812 
342 434.9094or435.3803 
344 435.6787an associate,436.5647 
346 437.6605or a neighbor,438.5572 
348 439.4510or anything.440.2638 
351 443.7953But, um,444.6035 
353 445.0441God bless America.446.1693 
355ATL_int_01448.8403Now, um,449.9006
357 451.0914what about, um,452.1835 
359 452.3678I-452.4907 
361 452.8500I know453.3275 
363 453.5828where your stance is on politics. What about religion?456.3773 
366 460.0934Hm.460.4480 
368 461.6166Well, I'm a Christian. Um,463.4416 
370 463.7202I'm actually a pastor,464.9178 
372 465.0834prophetess, so.466.2724 
373ATL_int_01467.1073Oh wow.467.4803
374ATL_se0_ag2_f_02468.3253Not so much as religion, but I'll say I'm471.0595
376 471.1880big on believers cause473.4974 
378 474.3320I go according to the bible, and the bible says don't be overly religious.478.0458 
380 478.5820So I have morals and ethics, and I follow them.481.1979 
382 481.9859<ts>482.0932 
384 482.4475Commandments,483.5900 
386 484.6578you know,485.1570 
388 485.3414I believe in God.486.4437 
390 487.0731Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Rapha,490.4031 
392 490.5573Jehovah Shalom.491.6101 
393ATL_int_01494.1787Oh wow, okay.495.3614
395 496.1075Learning now.496.7363 
397 497.1381That's cool.497.6649 
401 500.3018<laugh>501.4032 
403 502.3723There's a powerful energy in this-504.1652 
405 504.3026in the air right about now.505.5615 
409 508.0375I got a question.508.8282 
411 509.0227<clears throat>510.0202 
412ATL_se0_ag2_f_02510.4457Another one?511.0146
414 511.1139Okay511.4814 
415ATL_int_01511.5533Another one.512.2327
417 512.5035[<laugh>]513.1630 
419 513.3417Yes.513.8239
420ATL_int_01514.3837Okay, do you ever at any point in time feel517.8296
422 521.1356music wise522.5158 
424 523.2106y-523.3505 
426 523.8074you would be at a much,525.8451 
428 526.6984um,527.3605 
430 528.0133more mainstream success appeal if531.6271 
432 532.2193you had a different type of character534.2310 
434 534.4296than the one535.1569 
436 536.2620you have now?537.1573 
438ATL_int_01541.4324Or if that is,542.4963
440 543.2144uh, something that's actually a roadblock for you,546.3858 
442 546.4548your character547.3456 
444 547.4476is keeping you from having mainstream549.4953 
446 550.3813success in your music?551.7980 
447ATL_se0_ag2_f_02553.9359No, because it's a lot of independency going on these days. Um,559.5765
449 560.2857what really kept me from being mainstream in my music I think was really obstacles in my life. Um, one of the main things was bad relationships.569.3033 
451 570.0232<ts>570.1395 
453 570.4597And it kind of caused me to be stagnant or deal with jealous people or put other people on the forefront576.8556 
455 576.9251because I tend to578.0238 
457 578.6762have a big heart. But, um,580.7926 
459 581.4035<ts> no, my music is very versatile. It's very mainstream. Like I said, I'm not religious, so586.7052 
461 587.5265I'm able to deliver and still have fun and not really part- feel a particular way about it. I believe that God is my only judge, but594.3150 
463 594.8466because I am a believer, it keeps me from getting caught up in selling my soul or doing anything just to601.4539 
465 602.0974get higher on the music603.6735 
467 604.1351Richter scale I guess would be the good word.606.3825 
470 609.1206It's pretty transparent.610.5419 
472 611.1015Makes sense to me.611.9688 
474ATL_int_01614.6546Music wise right now, who you like?617.0825
475ATL_se0_ag2_f_02619.2099Um, hm,620.7816
477 621.8821who do I like music wise? I like Missy,625.3052 
478ATL_int_01627.0441[Love Missy.]627.8135
479ATL_se0_ag2_f_02627.1312[Missy Elliot.]628.5564
480 628.7258Um,629.5552
482 630.3825<ts>630.6530 
484 630.9790who else would I like? I like the Migos.633.7585 
485ATL_int_01633.8191You like the Migos?635.0305
487ATL_int_01635.2885[/I like them/ a] lot. Definitely, I like the Migos too.637.6193
488ATL_se0_ag2_f_02638.1014Definitely, I like Selena Gomez.640.5057
489ATL_int_01640.7685Hm, okay that's different.641.9045
492 643.7516uh, (laughing)644.3877 
494 644.4874I like Justin Bieber.645.8680 
498 650.4717yeah.651.7526 
499ATL_int_01651.9997Good music, you like good music.653.7896
500ATL_se0_ag2_f_02654.0166Yeah, I do. I like, um,656.2947
502 656.5141Deitrick Haddon too, and I like, um,659.2034 
503ATL_int_01659.3659Deitrick Haddon,660.1868
505 660.6900[/shit/ I know] that name.661.6759 
507 661.9037I like Lecrae.662.9381
508ATL_int_01663.4590I heard of Lecrae.664.3983
511 665.6536[it's pretty awesome.] [And I love] myself.667.5435 
514 666.5035[/?/]666.8250 
515 667.9327Oh yeah, I- I- I l- I love you s-669.7068
517 669.9195too.670.2126 
519 670.4915For real. For real.671.1247 
520ATL_se0_ag2_f_02671.2338I love myself too,672.0928
522 672.2181okay.672.5669 
524 673.0545Thanks. (laughing)673.5423 
526 675.2442[<laugh>]675.5760 
527ATL_int_01675.4888[Love] yourself too.676.7752
528 676.9974<laugh>677.5151
530ATL_int_01681.8422Outside of music let's see,683.7774
532 684.3778um,685.0596 
534 686.2207slang.686.9682 
536 687.1326What's some of the688.0672 
538 689.7056slang690.5218 
540 690.6324I guess you was-691.5451 
542 691.6572use right now?692.6368 
544 694.2548Or, just what's some of the most common words you find yourself saying?697.9623 
546ATL_int_01699.6825I definitely knew you was [gonna say definitely.]702.2051
548 702.5501Definitely is [definitely]704.1987
551 705.5659my favorite word. [Um],707.6214
554ATL_int_01708.0280It's [definitely- <laugh>]709.3693
557 708.9258[I like saying] please too.710.5269 
558ATL_int_01711.3490Saying what? (laughing)712.1372
560ATL_int_01713.5779W- What?714.0954
561ATL_se0_ag2_f_02714.1296Like please. If [somebody says] something stupid or some [BS like], <ts> please.718.6381
564 717.1726[Please.]717.6784 
565 719.3992Please.719.9322
567 720.0033[<laugh>]721.6167 
568ATL_se0_ag2_f_02720.3475[Or- <laugh>]721.4206
571ATL_int_01723.8581[I love] that one.724.9787
572 726.9091Um, it's awesome.727.8130
574 728.0447Okay.728.6204 
576 729.9223We only twelve minutes in.732.2860 
578 733.0828[And I] got plenty more questions to ask you. (singing)736.6825 
584 743.0380When's the last time you been in a fight?744.8099 
587 747.8828Physical fight?748.7421 
588ATL_int_01749.4122Definitely a physical fight.750.8533
590 751.3214You don't have to say who.752.6072 
592ATL_int_01753.9072But it just- when's the last time?755.9267
593ATL_se0_ag2_f_02764.6308I don't [really-]765.3925
594ATL_int_01765.1395[I can remember] the last time I had a fight. It was definitely in grade school. It was that long.770.3766
595ATL_se0_ag2_f_02771.3791Mine definitely wasn't in grade school. It was774.6338
597 775.3659a few years ago.776.5580 
600ATL_int_01780.2104Yeah, you should be able to remember that quicker than m- I can remember the783.6047
602 783.9120middle school joint.784.9901 
603ATL_se0_ag2_f_02785.0927I actually have fights often, but786.9439
605 787.1785I box, so they're planned fights.789.6250 
606ATL_int_01789.9654Oh wow, really?791.8958
607ATL_se0_ag2_f_02792.0590But as far as a street fight,794.3122
609 795.9386mm,796.4562 
611 796.8618yeah, few years ago.797.9854 
612ATL_int_01799.4329So you're a pastor800.7376
614 800.8889and a boxer,801.8297 
616 802.1133boxer.802.7468 
617ATL_se0_ag2_f_02803.2338Yes, I am. I love boxing.805.9498
620 808.4045I've been wanting to take up some type of new physical811.6852 
622 812.5338activity.813.2939 
624 813.6203Boxing,814.4689 
625ATL_se0_ag2_f_02815.1751It's great.815.7652
626ATL_int_01816.3014I s-816.5839
628 816.7493I was thinking that's cool. But then, you know, they got something called UFC.820.0783 
630 821.3560/You/ might come across a-822.6075 
632ATL_int_01823.6781yeah, wrestling and825.0800
633ATL_se0_ag2_f_02825.4002I [definitely don't wanna do wrestling. That's] definitely staged. And, [um],830.2015
634ATL_int_01825.8184[kicking and stuff like that.]827.5911
636 830.1790[<laugh>] It's some real wrestling techniques [/out there./]832.9753 
637ATL_se0_ag2_f_02832.7428[yeah] it's a lot of training in that, and a lot of times you gotta be real muscular.837.1679
638ATL_int_01837.7554That helps big time.839.0569
639ATL_se0_ag2_f_02839.3455It- not if you're a female. That's definitely manly looking.842.2763
640ATL_int_01843.6378That's- definitely hurts.845.1508
641ATL_se0_ag2_f_02845.5590Yeah, (breathy)846.4610
643ATL_se0_ag2_f_02847.4301[don't] think I wanna do that.848.7085
644ATL_int_01852.8088You never, um,853.9191
646 854.0004tried to get into acting?855.2319 
649 856.7752I did.857.3047 
651 857.5789I still act.858.6125 
652ATL_int_01858.7702You still act?859.6125
653ATL_se0_ag2_f_02859.7876I write plays and, um,861.8760
655 862.0343did a couple movies, but863.4713 
657 864.8312<exhale>865.6869 
659 865.8587people are real inconsistent, and I'm not good at editing, so it kind of [makes it discouraging.] (laughing)870.6079 
661ATL_se0_ag2_f_02871.3899But I do have a TV show that's called /RD-WORK-4/, and it comes on Comcast twenty-four.876.6349
662ATL_int_01877.4180That's pretty turnt. That's a nice plug too.879.6396
663ATL_se0_ag2_f_02880.2882Yes, definitely. (laughing)882.0389
668 886.7364Let's see,887.3841 
670 888.0354what else is another hustle889.7266 
672 889.8809as far as,890.9021 
674 891.7295you know,892.2542 
676 892.8782that you did893.7131 
678 894.0582just in your lifetime period,895.6655 
680 895.8168getting some bread?896.7597 
681ATL_se0_ag2_f_02897.4254Dancing. I still do that. I have a dance school,900.1196
683 900.4834um, on [/RD-ADDRESS-3/ Highway in /RD-ADDRESS-3/]902.5788 
686 902.1888[like stripping?]903.1059 
687 903.3387Stripping dances?904.4161
690 905.8283well I do do pole dance [classes]908.8235 
691ATL_int_01908.7667[Pole] [dance classes.]909.9391
692ATL_se0_ag2_f_02909.2773[and chair] dancing.910.7064
693ATL_int_01910.7664Chair [dancing.]911.5634
694ATL_se0_ag2_f_02911.2613[But it's] also, you know,913.0705
695 913.6953hip hop dancing and,915.4326
697 915.5721you know,916.1783 
699ATL_se0_ag2_f_02916.4090[jazz and]917.3460
700 917.8872choreography type dancing. I did do some stripper921.0114
702 921.9719dancing922.6993 
704 922.9744some years back.924.1355 
705ATL_int_01924.4992What? Oh okay.926.2851
707 926.8593Is that the best money?928.1168 
709ATL_int_01930.0267It's not the [best money.]931.0430
710ATL_se0_ag2_f_02930.7426[n-] it's definitely not the best money. [Um],933.8285
711ATL_int_01933.6725[I'm] thinking some of these strippers out here, really be getting doctor money out here.937.4024
712ATL_se0_ag2_f_02939.2375yeah, they may, but they're doing a little bit more than942.2870
714 942.3952stripping, or exotic dancing would be the technical term. So946.5267 
716 947.0956the lifestyle that comes with it definitely is not appeasing.950.9891 
719 952.4241true that, true that, true. It's a lot of fast living right there.955.8799 
720ATL_se0_ag2_f_02956.0178Mm, definitely, and bad reputations.959.0245
721ATL_int_01959.9326Oh, reputations is961.6727
723 961.8286very, um, important.963.5684 
724ATL_se0_ag2_f_02964.7074Mm, yeah.965.2669
725ATL_int_01965.4973Especially, um,966.6494
727 967.0641more967.4222 
729 968.2593you live.968.8369 
731 970.4147Sheesh.971.0859 
733ATL_int_01973.1776Speaking of reputations, man, why they try to do my man Bill Cosby like that, man?977.6515
734ATL_se0_ag2_f_02978.2217You mean with the rape and stuff?979.8113
737 980.9128the [accusations.]982.0757 
738ATL_se0_ag2_f_02982.0437[Do] you think it's true?982.8850
739ATL_int_01983.4802I don't know.984.2356
741 985.3055I can't- I can't say if it's true or if it's not true, but I wouldn't be, you know,989.5027 
743 989.5749attacking him like990.5916 
745 991.0452it is true.991.8586 
746ATL_se0_ag2_f_02992.6241I don't know. I don't put994.0337
748 994.1867anything past anybody on that aspect because I had a kind of997.9078 
750 998.1012bad experience999.5019 
751ATL_int_011000.1286Oh my gosh. (whispered)1001.3956
752ATL_se0_ag2_f_021001.4370with that.1002.2250
754 1002.4768So, um,1003.6285 
756 1003.9363people that you would not imagine to do things like that actually could, so1008.4500 
758 1009.9234I don't know.1011.3363 
760 1012.9748Maybe he did.1013.9195 
762ATL_se0_ag2_f_021015.5189I don't know what he did. [I'm not] God, [but]1018.1873
765 1018.0171[Nah], [nah.]1018.8208 
766ATL_se0_ag2_f_021018.4804[I mean],1019.2399
767 1019.3844he never did it to me.1020.5936
768ATL_int_011021.0313He didn't do it to you. You know that for a [fact.]1023.2390
769ATL_se0_ag2_f_021023.0915[We] definitely weren't1024.2338
770 1024.3458ever in the same place at the same time. Just1026.8591
772 1027.2165I [was-]1027.5772 
773ATL_int_011027.2821[We definitely] know God knows though.1029.0739
774ATL_se0_ag2_f_021029.3304We definitely know that God knows.1031.8251
776 1033.7785Something's definitely going on1035.2803 
778 1036.1849when he's1036.7994 
780 1037.2480in court that much.1038.4370 
781ATL_int_011038.7914Oh, damn.1039.7520
783 1040.8151I fee- I per- I- I don't know, maybe I'm a conspiracy theorist. I1044.8602 
785 1044.9466personally think the powers that be could have enough power1048.0519 
787 1048.8872to pull that off and have the media,1051.6225 
789 1051.7611you know, convince us, whatever.1053.5986 
790ATL_se0_ag2_f_021054.1603They definitely could. I mean it's- happens a lot. They did it with OJ Simpson, and they still talk about him [and]1060.7898
791ATL_int_011060.7376[Why] they still talk about that?1062.1012
792ATL_se0_ag2_f_021062.1478even Tiger Woods, and1064.1451
794 1064.3683I just don't understand why when one person comes forward, a whole bunch of people do. Like if you're a serial rapist,1070.3027 
796 1071.0167why don't1071.4258 
798 1071.5104people find out until you're a lot older?1073.8097 
799ATL_int_011075.5530It's weird.1076.3897
800ATL_se0_ag2_f_021076.9352Very, very weird.1078.3436
801ATL_int_011078.5138But it's a lot of stuff about that joint that's-1080.5943
803 1080.6827that's just weird though. But I mean, I guess1082.8863 
805 1083.0001that's kind of Hollywood too,1085.2276 
807 1085.4120at the same thing.1086.7215 
808ATL_se0_ag2_f_021086.7877So are you trying to, in a sense,1089.3216
810 1089.6723keep from saying Illuminati?1090.9878 
811ATL_int_011092.1726Nah, nah. We could say Illuminati, [but I mean, I don't know] what the Illuminati is, so that's why I don't even wanna say1097.4640
812ATL_se0_ag2_f_021094.0327[Mm, okay.]1094.7760
813ATL_int_011097.7382Illuminati like that.1098.8680
814ATL_se0_ag2_f_021098.9746Oh okay.1100.1047
816 1101.3258Hm.1101.7038 
817ATL_int_011101.7527Cause it could be, know- you know, one percenters, or the1104.5939
819 1104.9290whoever [else.]1106.0716 
820ATL_se0_ag2_f_021105.8438[I] don't know. I just think it's the world, and it's corrupt, and it's a big facade, just like this Jay-Z and Beyonce thing. They're getting a divorce and breaking up. Now they're having twins.1114.7663
821 1115.1681So, I don't [know.]1116.0975
823 1119.2450Nah, nah. I think it's like some, uh,1121.1094
825 1123.3285what's the word?1124.1161 
826ATL_se0_ag2_f_021126.2459Salt in the game?1127.2232
827ATL_int_011127.6429Nah, [nah, not] no salt in the game.1129.6106
829ATL_int_011129.7930I was- I was tryna say like on some vision type stuff.1132.8611
832 1135.2061An illusion?1136.0267 
835 1137.0694definitely.1137.6603 
837 1138.3411Perfect word I was looking-1139.4993 
838ATL_se0_ag2_f_021139.6269I th- definitely think it's stupid.1141.2445
840 1142.0852S-1142.3216 
842 1142.7432word from me.1143.4192 
843ATL_int_011143.4687I think it's definitely something to be enjoyed1145.7310
845 1145.9862as much as possible, though.1147.4659 
846ATL_se0_ag2_f_021147.5161I think everything is staged, like all the [TV] shows and everything.1151.6987
848ATL_se0_ag2_f_021152.7106Definitely don't think anything is real anymore.1155.1545
850 1155.3626The food isn't even real.1156.7999 
851ATL_int_011157.6967Ay, but, um,1158.8088
853 1159.8075what's real is I guess the position you play1162.2648 
855 1163.3433in w-1163.6979 
857 1163.8350whatever it is, you know,1165.0357 
860ATL_se0_ag2_f_021167.9955I guess so.1168.9794
861ATL_int_011169.4877You Ms. /RD-NAME-2/ though, man. You Ms. Boss.1171.9765
862ATL_se0_ag2_f_021172.3227I am.1173.0457
864 1173.8102That's me. I [stay in my lane.] [I'm the boss of me.]1177.1768 
867 1176.0997[You stay in your lane.]1177.0972 
868 1177.4518Boss of you.1178.2838
870 1179.3450That's really the best thing you could be.1181.2895 
872 1182.7862Cause this world [crazy.]1184.7593 
873ATL_se0_ag2_f_021184.2980[I know.]1184.8680
874 1185.5607What if I made a fake relationship, and we just broke up every week, and then had kids?1189.3099
875ATL_int_011190.1863Man, that's really what is happening1192.1898
877 1192.3245online.1192.9718 
878ATL_se0_ag2_f_021193.3477That really is. I think I'm'a go for president too.1196.0711
879ATL_int_011197.5989I think Blac Chyna might end up being president.1199.7499
880ATL_se0_ag2_f_021200.7446I think I'm definitely moving to another country.1202.7574
883 1204.6720A lot of people said they was moving to another country with [Trump. <laugh>]1208.1542 
884ATL_se0_ag2_f_021207.5276[Yeah, until Trump] told them they couldn't come back.1209.4953
887 1212.2371[Best believe they not-]1213.4829 
888ATL_se0_ag2_f_021212.8069[Or is that just] foreign people that [can't come back?]1215.2073
889ATL_int_011214.4898[Nah] you s- you try to be funny and dip out right now.1218.0325
890 1218.1188They ain't- they probably ain't gonna let your ass back,1220.0305
892 1220.2038not for some years.1221.2982 
893ATL_se0_ag2_f_021222.9851I don't know, this world is crazy, like1225.1393
895 1225.9740I don't know. I just say you have to believe in God.1228.9629 
896ATL_int_011230.1752Nah, definitely.1231.2674
898 1233.0260Twenty minutes in.1234.6428 
899ATL_se0_ag2_f_021235.0588So are there particular topics that we have to talk about on this interview?1238.3736
900ATL_int_011239.2352Nah, not really.1240.8492
902 1240.9863I mean,1241.5807 
904 1241.9304I had a couple of1243.1987 
906 1243.6323interview questions1245.0176 
908 1245.1450that I misplaced, but I can1246.6700 
910 1246.7798kind of1247.3300 
912 1247.9759grab a few out my head randomly.1249.9576 
914 1250.1940[But, you know],1251.1584 
915ATL_se0_ag2_f_021250.3422[Mm, okay.]1251.3121
916ATL_int_011252.4126it's us talking like we usually do.1254.2785
918ATL_int_011254.7994[Do we] usually talk this much? I feel like we talk way more than1257.7889
919 1259.0588twenty [minutes.]1259.9050
920ATL_se0_ag2_f_021259.8359[We] probably definitely do.1261.1928
921ATL_int_011261.6824Definitely. (laughing)1262.5826
925 1265.9676Uh, what kind of, um,1267.2031 
927 1270.1829You seen them batteries I left in your /light/ right?1272.3884 
928ATL_se0_ag2_f_021273.8153Um, they're1274.9437
930 1275.3305probably still in there.1276.4731 
932 1278.4642Definitely haven't used them. (laughing)1279.9190 
933ATL_int_011280.1475You haven't used it?1281.0148
934ATL_se0_ag2_f_021281.0987Nah, I haven't used that camera at all. I told you I'm not good at editing, so I'm not about to1285.0722
936 1285.1877play with my emotions.1286.2932 
937ATL_int_011286.6522Man, you know what's crazy? If you kept1288.6647
939 1289.0157actually1289.5941 
941 1289.7996trying to edit, you probably would be a lot1292.1031 
943 1292.5741better at editing.1293.5113 
944ATL_se0_ag2_f_021293.5579I probably would, but I don't think it's my thing.1296.3380
945ATL_int_011297.2230You know who has1298.2372
947 1298.4229been getting kind of good at editing?1300.2721 
949ATL_int_011301.4569Your boy.1302.1206
951ATL_int_011304.3559/Chill G/.1305.0221
952ATL_se0_ag2_f_021305.0469Good, let's do a video.1306.3016
953ATL_int_011306.5794Let's do it.1307.1456
955ATL_int_011308.4652I really wanna crank it on my computer, but it's not working1311.7426
957 1311.9790like it's supposed to.1313.1656 
958ATL_se0_ag2_f_021313.2540Well, that's not helpful.1314.5643
959ATL_int_011314.6689That's not.1315.4112
961 1315.7326I've been cashing that out [/inaudible/ man.]1318.3072 
962ATL_se0_ag2_f_021317.1016[/Circular./] (whispered)1318.3450
963ATL_int_011318.7137/unintelligible/ with it.1320.2549
965 1322.7471I don't know.1323.3772 
966ATL_se0_ag2_f_021323.7729So, how good are you at editing?1325.6356
968 1325.7972Is it1326.2122 
970 1326.3521realistic?1327.3406 
973 1330.9777depending on your definition of realistic.1332.8127 
976 1335.6359we get somewhere, and1337.2138 
978 1337.3383you don't know how to do it anymore?1338.6854 
979ATL_int_011340.4067No, I'm saying I can-1342.1748
981 1343.8199I can hook it up from-1345.5889 
983 1347.9526man, fuck that shit, yeah we go anywhere. I'm that nigga.1350.5035 
985 1351.1795I get it.1351.7184 
986ATL_se0_ag2_f_021354.4943Okay, so when does this start?1356.1158
988 1357.2911I need a video like ASAP.1358.9470 
989ATL_int_011361.2831Don't you got footage already?1362.5468
990ATL_se0_ag2_f_021363.0037I don't know. I can look.1363.9770
991ATL_int_011365.1707I know I got footage with- um,1366.9705
993 1368.9205with us from the, um, club and shit like that1371.9793 
995 1372.3726and Glenwood Day.1373.4568 
996ATL_se0_ag2_f_021375.2761But that's1375.8021
998 1376.3803real old.1377.2194 
1001 1380.2854I know.1381.2437 
1003 1383.3018I got a lot that type of footage I need to drop.1385.7993 
1004ATL_se0_ag2_f_021386.3828Who footage?1387.0630
1005ATL_int_011388.4209Just footage I got, period. That was just one instance1391.5171
1007 1392.3367that we was on a camera together. We need some more.1394.8174 
1009 1395.5308But1395.8105 
1011 1396.9187I'm1397.1861 
1013 1397.8995editing this, uh, video for /RD-NAME-3/1400.6413 
1015 1401.1352Got a new video-1402.1240 
1017 1402.2384I mean a new song that's finna dropped on [iTunes.]1404.8113 
1018ATL_se0_ag2_f_021404.5861[I don't] even know who that is.1405.9459
1022 1408.8527Can you go download my song on iTunes?1411.2365 
1023ATL_int_011411.6178Oh, what's the name of it?1412.6389
1024ATL_se0_ag2_f_021412.9793Ready Set Go on iTunes, Spotify, [Amazon. <laugh>]1418.2164
1026 1421.2681That was funny.1422.5741
1028 1427.1032Ah man,1427.7689 
1030 1428.0917last, um, person I was, um,1430.1239 
1032 1430.5071interviewing with1431.4957 
1034 1432.2744mentioned something about Freaknik.1433.9250 
1038ATL_int_011438.3039Ah, I was so young, man, but I was just so happy. I'm like, oh man, I got a Freaknik memory1443.8315
1040 1444.1492of my own and stuff like that. Like1446.1931 
1042 1447.2261not too many people /can/ say that.1448.7137 
1044 1449.0213But, um,1449.5457 
1046ATL_int_011450.1256[what you remember] about Freaknik?1451.6737
1047ATL_se0_ag2_f_021453.4719It was like a big orgy.1454.7682
1048ATL_int_011455.2146Oh my gosh. Why wasn't I there for that [time?]1459.7790
1049ATL_se0_ag2_f_021459.6083[And] Memorial Drive was packed, [and]1461.9625
1050ATL_int_011461.7810[Memorial] [Drive /was too?/]1463.5039
1051ATL_se0_ag2_f_021462.5071[it was pretty cool] when it was the real Freaknik.1465.2362
1052 1465.3132Yeah, that was pretty cool.1466.7791
1053ATL_int_011467.5607Don't tell me they was in the /?/ with it.1469.5929
1054ATL_se0_ag2_f_021469.7836Yeah, all up.1470.9847
1055ATL_int_011471.3868[/All of them./]1472.4479
1057 1472.5329Yeah, yeah,1473.9428
1059 1474.1807you missed it.1474.7887 
1060ATL_int_011475.2082I missed that.1476.0894
1061ATL_se0_ag2_f_021476.3166[/inaudible/] (whispered)1478.7580
1062ATL_int_011477.2481[Ain't nobody even about that life to] crank that1479.3421
1063 1479.4984[type of stuff up] no [more.]1480.9104
1066 1480.7822[They're] definitely going to jail.1481.9365 
1067ATL_int_011482.4608Oh yeah yeah. The city kind of [cracked down.]1484.4129
1068ATL_se0_ag2_f_021483.7977[They shut] it all down. [They don't] want us to do anything in1487.0841
1070 1487.2955[<laugh>]1487.9991
1074 1490.0472Oh man, they want us to be turnt but not too turnt.1492.8959 
1075ATL_se0_ag2_f_021493.5772I don't think they want us to be turnt at all unless we're gay.1496.0279
1078ATL_int_011500.7120Oh my goodness.1502.6390
1079ATL_se0_ag2_f_021503.7720[Was I supposed] to say that?1504.8734
1080ATL_int_011503.8701[Nah, n-]1504.2533
1081 1505.2083Uh, nah, nah it's a new world and- but,1508.1139
1083 1508.3106you know,1508.7695 
1085 1508.9359it's-1509.4517 
1087 1510.0509it's cool to not be PC about everything all the time and stuff.1513.7777 
1088ATL_se0_ag2_f_021514.1912PC or PG?1515.3259
1089ATL_int_011515.8766PC as in, uh, politically correct.1518.0361
1090ATL_se0_ag2_f_021518.4194Oh, I thought you meant PG like parental guidance.1521.2669
1091ATL_int_011521.6048That's cool too.1522.3813
1092ATL_se0_ag2_f_021523.1487Yeah. Definitely don't need that right now, kind of.1525.4350
1093ATL_int_011527.0164Nah it's some- it's rappers coming out in the game now1530.0298
1095 1530.9577officially, like that's where we at.1532.7054 
1096ATL_se0_ag2_f_021533.6575[<sigh> Yeah.]1534.8436
1097ATL_int_011534.1299[It's really a great] stride.1535.6331
1098 1535.9205Honestly that's a huge step.1537.8839
1100 1538.9218Cause that was like never before /tooken/ place1541.6596 
1102 1541.8533in hip hop to our knowledge I guess.1544.1258 
1103ATL_se0_ag2_f_021544.1587Yeah did you know Kid 'n Play got married?1545.9088
1104ATL_int_011546.6358Nah, you funny.1548.4289
1105ATL_se0_ag2_f_021548.9929Nah, I'm for real.1549.7689
1106ATL_int_011550.1566Nah, I know1551.3126
1108 1551.4214Play wasn't about that life at all.1553.4953 
1109ATL_se0_ag2_f_021553.6687[Definitely look it up.]1555.2063
1110ATL_int_011553.8063[Play was- um],1554.7982
1111 1555.5367Play was Blade Brown right, in Class Act.1557.9085
1113ATL_int_011559.1328Yeah, Play ain't going for that.1560.8767
1114ATL_se0_ag2_f_021562.8384Can I google while we're on this interview?1564.4780
1115ATL_int_011564.8084Yes, please.1566.0187
1117 1569.5391Oh [man.]1570.3622 
1118ATL_se0_ag2_f_021569.9377[Did Kid] 'n Play get married?1571.5241
1119Misc1574.7046<background noise>1586.9664
1120ATL_int_011588.7798Get the-1589.4343
1122 1589.7255outta here.1590.6584 
1124 1593.1235This- nah.1594.3954 
1126ATL_int_011595.4838[Ay], I mean, ay, I'm happy for [them.]1598.0334
1128ATL_int_011598.6479But hey [now], (laughing)1600.2393
1130ATL_int_011601.3839no way.1602.3047
1132 1604.2663This gotta be a spoof.1605.7148 
1133ATL_se0_ag2_f_021606.0109It's [not.] (laughing)1607.2269
1134ATL_int_011607.0993[When] did this happen?1608.3246
1135ATL_se0_ag2_f_021608.4508There actually- it's actually a live interview if you go on YouTube. They're talking about it.1612.3613
1136ATL_int_011614.1632It look like it is, and they look like they serious.1617.7590
1137ATL_se0_ag2_f_021617.9300<laugh> They're definitely serious.1619.8168
1138ATL_int_011620.4570How long ago was this though?1622.2088
1140ATL_int_011625.1094See this joint don't even exist no more, what?1628.0810
1141ATL_se0_ag2_f_021628.5293It definitely exists. You can pull it up on [YouTube.]1631.3189
1142ATL_int_011630.8761[This says] two thousand fifteen.1632.7967
1143 1635.6400Nah.1636.4547
1145Misc1640.9294<background noise>1733.9865
1147ATL_int_011659.6339That's not saying any-1660.8141
1149 1666.2600Oh man.1667.0367 
1151 1669.2099/??/ that, [um],1670.4566 
1155 1673.5041they got my boy.1674.3695 
1156ATL_se0_ag2_f_021674.9020Mm-hm. (laughing)1675.4923
1157ATL_int_011679.9155/Maybe it's/ just a1680.8117
1159 1680.9488weird coincidence.1682.2592 
1161ATL_int_011690.2158They two grown ass niggas name Kid and1693.1875
1163 1693.4155Play.1693.7996 
1165 1698.1371Martin Lawrence said that?1699.7908 
1168 1723.6471<laugh>1723.9637 
1169ATL_int_011724.3394Total shock.1725.0492
1171 1725.2005Oh my [/?/]1725.8661 
1173ATL_int_011735.3202Oh, snap.1736.5877
1175 1738.0053I wanna see the video1738.9788 
1177 1739.1704of Kid responding to this rumor and saying it's not true.1742.2520 
1179 1743.2355See that's what somebody said in the comments.1745.4141 
1181ATL_int_011747.6853Play said but at least they found it funny.1749.4187
1183 1749.5357I am befuddled. I don't even know what befuddled is,1752.8238 
1185ATL_int_011753.5804but that's what I am now1755.5031
1187 1755.9261that I've heard this.1757.2302 
1189 1757.8430Befuddled.1758.4733 
1191 1758.5746[<laugh>]1760.2836 
1192ATL_se0_ag2_f_021759.2177[<laugh> Befuddled.]1760.2136
1193ATL_int_011761.2404I'm about to start [/??/] that [word.]1762.9471
1196 1762.8473[<cough>]1763.2942 
1197ATL_int_011764.3875No, that's not a reliable resource to get factual news y'all.1768.0619
1199 1768.2780See, I told you. I said it wasn't CNN.1770.5826 
1201 1772.7407Wasn't even /BNN./1773.5839 
1203 1774.3197[It's some-]1774.9554 
1204ATL_se0_ag2_f_021774.5047[Wha- <cough>]1775.0966
1205ATL_int_011775.6210[/I don't know, man.]1776.6043
1207ATL_int_011776.8716I need therapy.1777.5826
1208ATL_se0_ag2_f_021780.3293Did this interview just turn left?1781.8461
1209ATL_int_011782.5807Oh yeah, this interview turned [extra left.] Okay,1784.9698
1211ATL_int_011786.2657let's see, we got,1787.2721
1213 1788.6278oh, about ten more-1789.7880 
1215 1790.4640ten more minutes or so.1791.7390 
1217 1793.9778Let's see, (breathy)1795.2396 
1219 1798.5299you get along with your coworkers?1800.4952 
1220ATL_se0_ag2_f_021801.2940Um, actually thankfully, I don't have any coworkers. I'm an independent contractor.1805.6110
1222ATL_se0_ag2_f_021807.3346Yes, so1808.6387
1224 1809.0749I don't have that problem.1810.2916 
1225ATL_int_011811.7051Independent contractor.1813.3313
1227 1814.2390Doing what?1814.8301 
1230ATL_se0_ag2_f_021819.7131Yes, I do in home-1821.5502
1232 1823.0155I do in home nursing.1824.6617 
1234ATL_se0_ag2_f_021825.2841So, um, I only work with my patients and submit my time and my task sheets, so1830.7383
1235ATL_int_011831.3408[Man, that i-]1832.0357
1236ATL_se0_ag2_f_021831.5665[it's pretty cool.]1832.2485
1237ATL_int_011832.3694that is so1833.3366
1239 1833.5777boss.1834.1308 
1241 1834.9133Um.1835.2704 
1243ATL_int_011837.4023How do you say- so, um,1838.8166
1245 1839.1050are you organized?1840.1906 
1246ATL_se0_ag2_f_021841.7930In what?1842.3769
1247ATL_int_011843.5677To be able to like, um,1845.1304
1249 1846.1350multitask and do all these different things.1848.5608 
1252 1850.8369I would say so.1851.6167 
1255 1855.3013That's woah. That's what's up.1856.7685 
1257 1857.9323Feel like females just got a1859.5535 
1259 1860.6373better1861.2037 
1261 1861.5630advantage when it come to1862.7741 
1263 1863.3508organizing and multitasking.1865.3742 
1264ATL_se0_ag2_f_021865.8290Why is that?1866.5251
1265ATL_int_011866.6648I have no idea.1867.7521
1267 1868.1256Just seem like y'all get it a lot easier.1870.2699 
1268ATL_se0_ag2_f_021872.9283Um, I1874.2607
1270 1875.4484wouldn't say so myself.1876.9885 
1271ATL_int_011878.1057Oh, yeah?1878.6080
1274ATL_se0_ag2_f_021880.6221think whoever1881.5340
1276 1881.7619puts in the most effort1883.2303 
1278 1884.9125would be the ones that get it.1886.4451 
1280 1887.6506It's all about your grind, your hustle. /You know/, what's your hustle?1890.7353 
1281ATL_int_011891.0305What's your hustle?1891.9997
1283 1892.3522[What?]1892.8721 
1287 1895.1946Productions.1896.1637
1290 1899.9815What about1900.7143 
1292 1903.7478your grind and what you get a- out of it. It's just what it is, right?1907.2205 
1294 1908.4453So you don't think it's situations where you like-1911.0691 
1296 1912.8163/but just/ like, is the juice worth the squeeze or something?1915.8216 
1299 1918.8400somethings you can grind longer for,1921.8561 
1301 1922.1823you know. It's all about consistency I would say, what you stay down for.1926.3291 
1303ATL_se0_ag2_f_021926.9238[Some] people think it takes too long so they give up.1929.4745
1304 1930.1795Just like with praying, you know. If it doesn't happen, people lose faith, but1933.9459
1306 1934.5794whatever you do, you got to stay down with it. Cause it's probably several other people doing the same thing.1939.3852 
1308 1939.4849So1939.8257 
1310 1940.4249I would say marketing and persistence.1942.4098 
1311ATL_int_011943.1490Why you gotta stay down? Why you can't stay up?1945.1096
1312ATL_se0_ag2_f_021947.1935Because if you stay up,1948.5507
1314 1948.6977then you never get any rest to recoup.1950.9214 
1316 1951.5559So [sometimes you gotta stay] down.1953.3805 
1318 1953.6713/Hoo hoo hoo hoo./1955.1032
1320 1955.9846That's real right there.1957.1639 
1321ATL_se0_ag2_f_021957.4741Mm, yeah.1958.1425
1323 1960.3975<ts>1960.4684 
1325 1960.9270Stay down for the calls.1962.6439 
1326ATL_int_011963.9487Nah, I d- I dig that.1965.3717
1328 1965.8680I dig that.1966.7396 
1330 1967.9206Let's see,1968.7101 
1332 1969.5185you got any, um,1970.7473 
1334 1971.1637favorite sports teams?1972.6197 
1335ATL_se0_ag2_f_021973.5142I definitely don't.1975.0410
1336ATL_int_011976.0968You like sports at all?1977.2724
1337ATL_se0_ag2_f_021977.3965I love sports, but as far as favorites, I wouldn't say. I could say my least favorite is the Falcons.1982.8434
1340ATL_int_011986.7872Ev- what if they would have-1987.8975
1342 1987.9666um,1988.4659 
1344 1988.6503dang.1988.9775 
1345ATL_se0_ag2_f_021989.9556What if they would have won the super bowl?1991.3749
1347ATL_se0_ag2_f_021992.6041They- they're still my least favorite.1994.2437
1349 1995.4818I just don't like them. I haven't-1997.2759 
1351 1997.6989I don't-1998.1262 
1352ATL_int_011999.4259You look like a person that don't like the Falcons for whatever reason.2002.4259
1353ATL_se0_ag2_f_022002.4873What does that kind of person look like?2004.1936
1354ATL_int_012004.2604I don't know,2004.9512
1356 2005.2159but2005.5292 
1358 2006.0291you definitely giving me that-2007.4095 
1360 2009.2395that look.2009.7401 
1362ATL_int_012011.8043I think it's cause you almost look like you could be from New Orleans or something.2015.4801
1363ATL_se0_ag2_f_022015.8980Yeah, I'm definitely not from there.2017.5279
1365ATL_se0_ag2_f_022019.1545But I did get pregnant there.2020.4401
1368 2021.2975and they definitely don't like2022.5964 
1370 2023.5140the Falcons.2024.3505 
1371ATL_se0_ag2_f_022024.7703They definitely don't, because the Saints and the Falcons are always at odds. My sons are actually Saints fans.2030.8133
1373 2031.6692Think it's because of their dad. But they [have been saying rise up all] week.2035.5699 
1374ATL_int_012033.2015[Oh, /inaudible/ definitely.]2035.0641
1375 2035.9576Definitely cause of /grandfather/.2037.4741
1378 2039.9587Mm-hm.2040.6328 
1379ATL_int_012041.6267/Yeah, only but/ see how they lost their game.2043.7924
1381 2044.7193It's horrible.2045.3528 
1382ATL_se0_ag2_f_022046.0620Yeah, they always do that.2047.1943
1384 2047.4612Kind of used to it.2048.2252 
1385ATL_int_012048.9078Ah man, I'm used to it too. That's why I never really look for it.2052.2604
1388 2053.1652aren't you from Alabama?2054.1259 
1389ATL_int_012054.7207I'm definitely am.2055.6461
1390ATL_se0_ag2_f_022056.1444Mm, yeah.2056.7039
1391ATL_int_012056.9651So I'm happy when they win.2058.4266
1393 2058.9696Alabama University win those2061.0449 
1395 2061.8825football games.2062.8611 
1396ATL_se0_ag2_f_022063.4432I like when the Gators win too,2065.1674
1398 2065.3882or the [Dolphins, or the]2066.9414 
1399ATL_int_012066.2460[Oh the Gators /used to/ definitely] win a couple of them dang things.2069.9993
1401ATL_int_012070.1013Dolphins was turnt2071.1602
1403 2071.3201at one time too. They-2072.7026 
1405 2073.2827they been hurting lately.2074.2816 
1408 2076.1528that's not good.2077.1157 
1410 2077.9484<laugh>2078.3781 
1411ATL_int_012080.4440What's the, um, next place you want to travel to?2083.1726
1414ATL_se0_ag2_f_022087.4407I definitely wanna move to Switzerland.2089.2671
1417 2090.2043I can come?2090.6937 
1419ATL_int_012092.7938Yes. (whispered)2093.2193
1422 2094.7554diamonds imported from Switzerland.2096.4301 
1423ATL_int_012096.6948I wanna come to Dubai.2097.9025
1426 2099.6744You know in Dubai if you're gay they kill you?2101.6748 
1427ATL_int_012102.4022Oh, sh-2103.0872
1429ATL_int_012103.2243[I did] not know that.2104.3873
1430ATL_se0_ag2_f_022104.4110It's definitely illegal.2105.4823
1431ATL_int_012105.5496That's definitely2106.4042
1433 2106.5189not illegal in Dubai.2108.2288 
1435 2108.5624Do I-2108.8821 
1437 2109.1183do I need to fact check you again on Google?2111.2240 
1439ATL_int_012112.2922Nah, I'm not even gonna do it. I'm [just gonna take your w-]2114.4443
1440ATL_se0_ag2_f_022113.7004[<laugh> I'll do it.] Don't worry. [Where's my phone?]2115.8500
1441ATL_int_012115.0966[I'm'a take you-]2115.7916
1442ATL_se0_ag2_f_022117.2768<sigh> [s-]2118.0852
1443ATL_int_012117.9907[take] your word for it.2119.1233
1445ATL_int_012122.5599Love Dubai, just the-2123.9261
1447 2124.5556the thought of it.2125.4184 
1448ATL_se0_ag2_f_022126.1736It [sounds] gay a little bit.2127.4279
1451ATL_int_012128.8660[It] could maybe.2130.1373
1452 2130.4398Nah man, Dubai too player, man.2132.4825
1453ATL_se0_ag2_f_022132.5376Is being gay illegal in Dubai, Africa?2135.2713
1454ATL_int_012138.3261Who that, Cortana?2139.2007
1456 2141.1436Okay, British gay couple detained in Dubai airport2144.4868 
1458 2145.0747while staff laughed about their-2147.3819 
1460 2147.4783oh snap,2148.4133 
1462 2148.8516they tripping.2149.4373 
1464 2150.0733Thoughts on visiting in the UAE2152.5291 
1466 2152.8931as a gay man.2154.0971 
1468 2154.6951Out and out.2155.4765 
1470 2155.9431Oh,2156.3591 
1472 2156.5487LGBT-2157.5313 
1474 2157.6843T rights in the United A-2159.2068 
1476 2159.9486living dangerously being gay2161.9687 
1478 2162.4699Indian in Dubai.2163.7118 
1480 2163.8084Okay.2164.3435 
1482 2165.0896Sheesh.2166.2810 
1484 2166.8335Oh okay it's more. Homosexuality in the UA-2169.4896 
1486 2169.9745detained-2170.6180 
1488 2171.1153from the consequences of being openly gay in this r- they-2174.6097 
1490 2174.8603in this region.2175.8116 
1492 2176.5670Oh, they not playing.2177.8386 
1494 2178.2602Oh, they not playing.2179.9242 
1496 2180.3875[Okay.]2180.8834 
1498ATL_int_012182.0894But ay man,2182.9723
1500 2183.5645thank goodness we live in such a great2185.7016 
1502 2185.8577country2186.4632 
1504 2187.3601called2187.7798 
1506 2188.6851America.2189.4982 
1509 2191.9950Hm.2192.3774 
1512ATL_int_012195.4875Definitely where,2196.5444
1514 2196.7123you know, you can [be /who you want to./]2198.5104 
1515ATL_se0_ag2_f_022197.6216[What's so great about] America?2199.1712
1518 2204.1842It's a couple of things.2205.7821 
1521 2207.6427Like them saying Christopher Columbus discovered something that was already discovered?2211.2388 
1522ATL_int_012212.6557Nah, that we don't got like2214.0925
1524 2214.6195giant nuclear bombs dropping on top of our heads and stuff like that.2218.9932 
1527 2225.2671What about the Empire State Building?2226.7219 
1528ATL_int_012227.7540What about that?2228.4379
1531 2229.3746Those flying nuclear bombs on that.2231.3126 
1534 2232.8835no they didn't.2233.4715 
1537 2234.5102it blew up,2235.2947 
1539 2235.5079same as a bomb to me.2236.7168 
1540ATL_int_012237.8773You talking about the, um, World Trade Center?2239.8177
1541ATL_se0_ag2_f_022240.1814Oh yeah that.2240.9041
1543ATL_se0_ag2_f_022242.5688You can tell I don't like it.2243.6506
1544ATL_int_012244.0236Nah, [but I mean that-]2245.2826
1546ATL_int_012245.4704that's kind of like one time2247.1384
1548 2247.7772in America. That happen like everyday2249.8463 
1550 2250.0535in other countries.2250.9977 
1552ATL_int_012256.1844But yeah, I r- I rock with that.2257.6784
1554 2257.9573[<laugh>]2258.8745 
1556 2260.7983Kay.2261.1095
1558 2262.4493Hm.2262.8984 
1560 2264.5010[/inaudible/]2265.2243 
1561ATL_int_012264.5624Somebody else wrote that statement,2266.1590
1562 2266.3465/it's true./2266.8269
1564 2268.9220I really want to go back to Africa sometime soon.2271.4787 
1565ATL_se0_ag2_f_022272.1745A- have you been to Africa?2273.3346
1568 2275.0240[<laugh>]2275.5839 
1569ATL_se0_ag2_f_022275.2370[Oh great.] (laughing)2276.2457
1570 2277.0229Oh great.2277.6151
1573 2278.3711Go back to [Africa.] (laughing)2280.1865 
1575 2281.5905<laugh>2281.9735
1576ATL_int_012282.3060Have you been? Nah.2283.7991
1578ATL_int_012284.4373[I] haven't, but I can only imagine.2286.7538
1581 2289.4449yeah.2289.8416 
1582ATL_int_012289.8795/?/ beautiful.2290.7824
1583ATL_se0_ag2_f_022291.1375I'd like to go to Africa. I really want a giraffe.2293.7674
1584ATL_int_012294.4062Ah, I always wanted a giraffe too. (whispered)2296.3506
1585ATL_se0_ag2_f_022297.1433[We should get one.]2297.9175
1587 2297.9347A baby giraffe, or2299.4048
1589 2299.8175a real tall-2300.9292 
1590ATL_se0_ag2_f_022301.0042I think they're v-2301.7851
1592 2301.8809big whether they're a baby or grown.2303.9604 
1594ATL_se0_ag2_f_022304.4734[Just] assuming, you know.2306.0401
1596 2306.8934I was thinking about getting a baby panther at one time.2309.9596
1597ATL_se0_ag2_f_022310.1248I think about that a lot.2311.5749
1600ATL_int_012315.2052It's people doing that too.2316.5410
1601ATL_se0_ag2_f_022316.7207I definitely want a elephant. You know /RD-NAME-2/'s neighbors have a horse in their backyard.2320.2339
1602ATL_int_012322.4442What kind of horse?2323.2660
1604 2323.4446[Bla-]2323.7576 
1605ATL_se0_ag2_f_022323.5539[It's] a big h-2324.3830
1606 2324.4791grown horse2325.4548
1608ATL_se0_ag2_f_022326.6820in a little gated fence.2328.0104
1609ATL_int_012328.5833And it's just chilling, like [what, like] a horse in the back of this2331.9050
1611ATL_int_012332.0413house or [something?]2332.7671
1612ATL_se0_ag2_f_022332.6403[Their] backyard is actually smaller than this.2334.7960
1613ATL_int_012335.8080Oh my.2336.2183
1615 2337.7413That's funny.2338.5260 
1616ATL_se0_ag2_f_022338.9974Mm, yeah.2339.5849
1617ATL_int_012341.3755Horses cool man.2342.5366
1618ATL_se0_ag2_f_022343.1287Not in backyards.2344.4031
1619ATL_int_012344.6498Yeah, they be taking giant shits.2346.7393
1622ATL_se0_ag2_f_022348.6379Glad that's your topic of discussion.2350.3989
1624ATL_se0_ag2_f_022354.9120So remember that dog you had a few years back? (laughing)2357.2426
1625ATL_int_012357.2993Oh no.2358.0085
1627ATL_int_012358.4509[<laugh> No.]2359.6281
1629ATL_int_012361.4737[Oh yeah] how many dogs have you had in your, um,2363.8553
1630 2364.0278lifetime?2364.7318
1631ATL_se0_ag2_f_022365.3472A- I don't even know. I lost count. I had Sheena, Sheebra,2369.3995
1633ATL_se0_ag2_f_022370.4160um, then I had Caino,2373.2401
1635 2373.5168<ts>2373.7173 
1639 2376.4860/Saint P./2377.4835 
1641 2378.8792I've had a lot. I can't even remember.2380.9308 
1643ATL_se0_ag2_f_022381.3136[Probably about twenty.]2382.8074
1644ATL_int_012385.0528That's cool though.2386.3818
1645ATL_se0_ag2_f_022386.8993You're right.2387.4635
1647 2389.6253How many dogs have you had?2390.8553 
1650ATL_int_012393.3574I had, um, zero dogs in my [lifetime.]2396.1690
1651ATL_se0_ag2_f_022395.9916[Mm], I find that to be not true.2398.8503
1653ATL_se0_ag2_f_022399.8622[What about Red?]2401.0652
1654ATL_int_012403.4759Yeah, I think red is a very nice color.2406.0405
1657ATL_se0_ag2_f_022408.4932Skate right around that, huh?2410.0060
1660 2410.9612alright.2411.6453
1661ATL_int_012411.6629Let's see, I think we at oh, forty2414.1819
1663 2414.5736minutes.2415.7953 
1665 2416.3362What do you know, the time just fly.2418.1127 
1666ATL_se0_ag2_f_022418.8215[Does it?] (laughing)2419.4342
1667ATL_int_012419.0608[So much] fun.2419.9760
1668ATL_se0_ag2_f_022419.9863Right, when [you talk] about Red.2421.7032
1670 2422.7652Dang.2423.2048
1672 2424.0180Now there was a actual2425.8995 
1674 2430.5947piece of the recording that I want to /note with my/ phone down.2433.7602 
1676 2434.2424Okay.2434.7432 
1679ATL_se0_ag2_f_022437.3102Does that mean it's not recording anymore?2438.8719
1680ATL_int_012439.3429Nah, I mean, it's-2440.4993
1682 2440.5865it's recording right there,2442.0485 
1684ATL_int_012442.4035[but, um, I] was gonna get you to read this little story2445.4527
1685 2445.6020passage.2446.3981
1686ATL_se0_ag2_f_022447.3025Oh, what kind of phone is it?2448.4593
1687ATL_int_012449.3055Oh, it's a2450.0241
1689 2451.7975Apple iPhone.2452.9749 
1690ATL_se0_ag2_f_022454.3033I see. (breathy)2455.7830
1691ATL_int_012458.9970Brought to you by2460.1929
1693 2460.3548Apple.2460.9601 
1694ATL_se0_ag2_f_022461.4119Why is it so confusing?2462.6150
1696 2463.1539Oh, there it is.2464.0483 
1699 2469.8686Um,2470.4123 
1701 2472.6815I plan on,2473.6979 
1703 2474.2936you know,2474.7474 
1705 2475.7126drawing this2476.7393 
1707 2477.1687recording to a conclusion.2479.0288 
1709 2480.6859/RD-NAME-3/, thank you for your time.2482.7498 
1710ATL_se0_ag2_f_022483.3373Not a problem.2484.4424
1711ATL_int_012486.4218It's possible2487.4127
1713 2489.0074I'll get you to,2490.1148 
1715 2490.6726you know,2491.2736 
1717 2492.6393read over that2493.6423 
1719 2494.1142story2494.7403 
1721 2494.9692in another take.2495.8152 
1723 2496.7760Okay.2497.2299