LineSpeakerSt TimeContentEn Time
1ATL_int_010.8713Can you tell me your name?1.9540
2ATL_se0_ag2_m_022.9491Uh, (breathy)3.8242
4 5.1544the-5.4122 
6 6.1185I was named7.1703 
8 7.9334by the government /RD-NAME-3/.9.8462 
10ATL_se0_ag2_m_0210.7316Um, but I've renamed myself12.6395
12 12.7062/RD-NAME-3/13.4065 
14 13.6529as my stage name.14.7583 
16 14.9336Uh,15.3976 
18 15.6554the rebirth,16.2779 
20 17.0564the resurrection.17.7473 
21ATL_int_0119.9128Okay, that's cool.20.7480
23 22.7471So, um,23.7061 
25 24.4227/RD-NAME-3/ I like that.25.6037 
27 25.7038Um,26.3046 
28ATL_se0_ag2_m_0226.5985Thanks, man.27.2275
31 28.8229you're a male.29.5553 
33 29.8309Um,30.3377 
35 30.4560what do you identify e-31.6395 
37 32.0932ethnically,33.1862 
39 33.7572ethnicity-wise?34.9121 
40ATL_se0_ag2_m_0235.4586Uh, Black, Asian, and Italian.37.1548
43 39.5303That's cool.39.9784 
45 40.1225Um,40.5976 
47 41.0874year of birth?41.9381 
48ATL_se0_ag2_m_0242.3815Uh, eighty-seven.43.3662
51 44.9800Home town?45.6657 
52ATL_se0_ag2_m_0246.6027Washington DC.47.8040
53ATL_int_0148.4227Okay, cool, cool. What, um,50.1846
55 50.3179neighborhood50.8907 
57 50.9882you grew up?51.4323 
58ATL_se0_ag2_m_0252.0717Uh, kind of grew up on the south side,53.8917
60 54.4794um, pretty much all over.55.9024 
62 56.5604But, uh, for a period of time, I lived out in, uh,59.0992 
64 59.3297Northern Virginia.60.3712 
66 60.6805That's where I mainly went to school,62.0777 
68 63.0780[you know.]63.3677 
70 63.9737Cool, cool, cool, cool.65.2420
72 65.6545Um,66.3815 
74 67.2683how long67.8896 
76 67.9808have you lived in the Atlanta69.5523 
78 69.8139area.70.3295 
79ATL_se0_ag2_m_0270.6594I've been here almost five no-71.9577
81 72.0776months now. Uh,73.3301 
83 73.9798yeah, so to speak, five months.75.4698 
84ATL_int_0176.9327Okay, cool, cool, cool. Um,78.9435
86 79.4590what other places have you lived?80.9388 
87ATL_se0_ag2_m_0282.1645Uh, I've lived in Wilmington, Delaware.84.3505
89 85.5158Uh, I've lived in Philadelphia.87.0625 
91 87.9737Um, lived in Virginia.89.4895 
93 90.2835Um,91.0156 
95 91.3869<ts>91.5209 
97 91.9179think- I lived in New York for a while93.5059 
99 93.7225in Brooklyn94.2882 
101 94.7935for about two years.95.7989 
103 97.0208And found my way down to Atlanta.98.6346 
106 100.5563Been up North, then you came down South with it, that's cool.103.3611 
108 104.3098Let's see, um,105.3976 
110 106.4068education- wise, what's, I guess like, your highest form of edu-109.9437 
111ATL_se0_ag2_m_02110.2376[Highest level of education] is high school.113.5256
113 113.8710Okay.114.2577
117 117.7468occupation?118.5460 
118ATL_se0_ag2_m_02118.9894Uh, I'm a professional musician120.9589
120 121.4694and or songwriter and producer.123.2172 
121ATL_int_01124.0614G shit,124.6217
123 124.7843yeah.125.1028 
125 125.9587Um,126.7218 
127 127.8715parents' birth place?129.2172 
128ATL_se0_ag2_m_02129.4234Uh, um, my mom and dad both132.0670
130 132.3041from Washington DC.133.3353 
131ATL_int_01133.9849Okay, cool, cool, cool.135.4286
133 136.4068And what did they do as a occupation?138.7475 
134ATL_se0_ag2_m_02139.5158Uh, my mom was- worked for the government,141.5523
136 141.9479uh,142.3712 
138 142.4899consultant- and consulting firms, uh, most of her life145.5876 
140 145.6595dealing with, uh,146.5211 
142 146.9027contracts,147.7637 
144 148.0046high level contracts. I think she was like a grade thirteen or something like that,151.8406 
145ATL_int_01152.2273[Woah, sh-]152.8717
146ATL_se0_ag2_m_02152.4490[whatever that] [means.]153.3564
147ATL_int_01153.2791[that] sound cool.154.0000
148ATL_se0_ag2_m_02154.2727Uh, [my dad],155.2059
149ATL_int_01154.5624[Whatever that is.]155.3555
150ATL_se0_ag2_m_02155.5926<exhale> he's been a, uh,157.1094
152 157.1755pastor157.6756 
154 158.0932preacher bishop158.8053 
156 158.9665all of his life, so he's been preaching.160.7677 
158ATL_se0_ag2_m_02161.6700[Um, and] he's- he was also a former musician163.8921
159 164.1035songwriter and producer as well165.6296
161 166.0820prior to [him-]166.7446 
163ATL_se0_ag2_m_02166.8214him dying,167.4378
165 167.4991uh, last year.168.2268 
166ATL_int_01168.5619Oh man.169.2094
168 169.5559I'm really really sorry to hear [that.]171.1663 
169ATL_se0_ag2_m_02171.1281[Yeah], yeah, man.171.7778
170ATL_int_01172.6646So you're a preacher kid.173.8504
171ATL_se0_ag2_m_02174.0206Yeah, I'm a PK174.8352
173ATL_se0_ag2_m_02175.3559[to the fullest-]176.0365
175ATL_se0_ag2_m_02176.7377[to] the fullest extent.177.6657
176ATL_int_01178.1335Wow, that's dope.178.8811
178 179.5101Um,180.2526 
180 181.2786let's see,181.9849 
182 184.8973do you have any siblings?186.4131 
183ATL_se0_ag2_m_02186.9118Yeah, I have, uh,187.7832
185 188.8504a older brother by the name of /RD-NAME-7/191.4541 
187 191.9852Junior.192.4337 
189ATL_se0_ag2_m_02193.3604Uh, he's a-194.1699
191 194.5875thirty-one195.3299 
193 195.5671I believe. No,196.5882 
195 196.6941I take that back.197.3407 
197 197.7274/RD-NAME-2/'s three years older than me. He's thirty-four.199.5563 
199 199.8760[Sorry.]200.2833 
200ATL_int_01199.9327[Okay], cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.202.0724
202ATL_int_01203.1448So, um, how is your relationship with your brother?205.4377
203ATL_se0_ag2_m_02205.7522Um, it's not really a relationship.208.5106
205 208.6240Uh, we kind of saw each other growing up210.3822 
207 210.5265in and out.211.0098 
209ATL_se0_ag2_m_02212.1802So, uh, we pretty much kind of saw each other on weekends for a while.215.5315
211 215.7119My father wasn't really around to be honest.217.4223 
215 219.1598So, you know, but that's m- that's my guy, man. It's- it's like, you know we're brothers. It's a natural-222.9493 
217 223.8038it's a natural chemistry, man. So it's like a relationship that'll never die,227.0520 
219 227.2066you know.227.4954 
220ATL_int_01228.4543Nah, definitely,229.2521
222 229.5357definitely, definitely.230.5514 
224 231.1649About, um,232.1497 
226 232.9592your relationship with your mother?234.3151 
227ATL_se0_ag2_m_02235.5976Um, I grew up a mama's boy.237.5980
229 237.9641Um, as-238.9952 
231 239.1912but as, you know, she kept me in church. Uh, my mom241.8966 
233 242.7009was a single parent f- so for a long time, all I knew was my mom.246.1502 
235 246.3409My mom was my mom and my dad,247.9219 
237 248.0161you know.248.3297 
239 249.0618Know what I'm saying, she's a very strong woman.250.9540 
243 253.3604she- she raised me I feel like the best way she could255.9331 
245 256.2477at the time. I don't know exactly what age she had me at but she did have me at a young age.260.2987 
249 262.3353you know, so263.1705 
251 264.2120now pretty much, I grew up,265.6388 
253 265.7986like I said, she did whatever she had to do to put food on the table, nothing illegal,269.5572 
255 269.6810you know. But she just worked really really hard. So my work ethic272.4431 
257ATL_se0_ag2_m_02273.2577definitely comes from my mom.274.4745
260 276.2275you know, the way I treat a woman, things of that nature,278.5514
262 278.7318you know, I g-279.2676 
264 279.3403I-279.4628 
266 279.6516those are the little nuggets I got from my mom281.5727 
268ATL_se0_ag2_m_02281.9852[coming] up.282.3719
270ATL_se0_ag2_m_02285.3660So we're pretty close to answer your question.287.2634
272 287.8150Um, now we're not as close,289.6017 
274 289.6697you know, just because, you know,290.8538 
276 291.0011of age maybe,291.8661 
278 292.6756you know, but,293.2634 
280 293.7583you know.294.0367 
283 294.9868what about, um,296.1080 
285 296.5617your grandparents? You got a relationship298.7168 
287 299.2943with them?299.8253 
288ATL_se0_ag2_m_02300.1089Yeah, my mom's mom, uh, I have a relationship.302.8246
290 303.1082Uh, my dad's mom, I definitely had a relationship prior to her passing as well.307.0923 
292ATL_se0_ag2_m_02307.6182[I actually] saw my grandmother and my aunt and uncles more than I actually saw my dad, which was kind of weird.312.3034
293 312.4210But312.5725
295ATL_se0_ag2_m_02313.3037the family didn't love me any less314.8654
297 314.9255because my dad wasn't around. They actually kind of embraced me more,317.5160 
299 317.8356you know, so-318.2791 
300ATL_int_01319.1284[Family], man.320.1245
302 320.1802[yeah.]320.5101
303ATL_int_01320.2503[Takes] a village.321.1856
307ATL_int_01324.6039Let's see, uh,325.5202
309 327.5001did you feel like328.5879 
311 328.9849your siblings got away with things that331.2779 
313 331.4790you never did? Or332.7164 
315 332.8453did you get away with things that they didn't get away [with],335.3768 
317ATL_int_01335.8910vice versa?336.5251
320 337.4639me and my brother grew up in two different [households],340.0156 
322ATL_se0_ag2_m_02340.2528[um], I can't really answer that [question,]342.3630
324ATL_se0_ag2_m_02342.9057you know, effectively,343.7625
326ATL_se0_ag2_m_02344.2163you know.344.4998
328 346.5518But to my knowledge, you know, when we were around each other, we pretty much did the same things, so350.6133 
330 351.0670when one got in trouble, we all got in trouble, you know.353.1912 
331ATL_int_01354.1141Nah, I definitely understand that.355.5769
333 355.8038What about, um,356.9123 
335 357.6805aunts and uncles,358.9282 
337 359.9233cousins?360.6657 
340 362.8143I mean, we were all pretty close coming up,364.4281 
342 365.3046um,365.8047 
344 366.8345I was- funny thing is, I was probably more closer to my370.1909 
346 370.2743dad's side of the family than I was my mom's side,372.6592 
348ATL_se0_ag2_m_02374.0719you know, but-374.5978
350 377.5882but, you know,378.1605 
352 378.3667um,378.8964 
354 379.6233you know,380.0306 
356 380.3245we allow life to be life, you know,381.8311 
358 381.8997hm,382.1217 
360 382.2240and I just- I pretty much dealt with wha- what was given to me. I moved around a lot as a kid, so386.8504 
362 387.6444we were kind of in and out of seeing each other, but389.4902 
364 389.6139I try to stay as consistent as possible, you know.391.9018 
367 395.7907/Need/ to close that.396.7932 
369 399.0154Okay.399.5826 
371 400.1394Alright, um,401.1087 
373 403.6086now404.1823 
375 404.2756we gonna, um,405.1656 
377 405.6348switch it up from the fam for a minute, and we gonna get into409.0311 
379 409.6086school days.410.8356 
383 412.7677um,413.3916 
385 415.3095did you go to416.3501 
387 416.4701one of the schools in your neighborhood?418.2727 
388ATL_se0_ag2_m_02418.6955Um, funny thing is420.4552
390 421.0878every neighborhood I've ever lived, I never went to the local school. I always went to the school in like425.4225 
392 425.8040the better district so to speak.427.4384 
396 429.1849to what-429.5612 
398 429.7211to what extent I don't know how,431.1286 
400 431.3452maybe my mom was using like her work address so I could go to school in a better neighborhood.435.1089 
402ATL_se0_ag2_m_02435.9582You know, like we would live in DC but I would go to school in Virginia.438.7321
403ATL_int_01439.1394Oh that's [real.]439.9540
404ATL_se0_ag2_m_02439.6756[You know], so, you [know what I'm saying], like it was one of those type of situations, like443.1567
406ATL_se0_ag2_m_02443.2509she had to get up at five forty-five. I had to get up at five forty-five.446.7274
407ATL_int_01446.7480Oh, man.447.6386
408ATL_se0_ag2_m_02447.7056[You know], to get to school, but it was worth it. I understand [why she did what she] did, you know,451.4745
409ATL_int_01449.9793[Definitely worth it.]450.8249
410 451.6962[Mm-hm.]452.2376
411ATL_se0_ag2_m_02452.1087[considering] the times we live in today.453.6606
414 455.4586Okay.455.9793 
416 457.0363Let's see, um,458.0107 
418 459.1708dang, so if you had to get up that early, how far would you say was462.9692 
420 463.0420from your house to school?464.3201 
421ATL_se0_ag2_m_02464.3716Probably about a forty-five minute drive.466.0000
424 467.2111Okay.467.6648 
426 469.2837Nah, [/difference/]470.3149 
427ATL_se0_ag2_m_02469.9901Forty-five minutes to an hour, depending on traffic at the time,472.7471
428 472.9121[you know.]473.2523
430 473.3916geez-473.7679
432 473.9278gee.474.3918 
434 475.0930Super mom,475.9746 
436ATL_int_01476.6758off the real.477.3203
438 477.9118Let's see, um,478.9791 
440 480.4897so it- it wasn't no taking the bus for you for real for real, you483.7740 
442 483.9518[/unintelligible/]484.8939 
443ATL_se0_ag2_m_02484.0051[Nah, I mean I took] a bus at one point. It was very brief,487.0311
444 487.2167but I took the bus [for-]488.3613
445ATL_int_01488.1293[Like] the school [bus?]489.2894
446ATL_se0_ag2_m_02489.2120[yeah], the actual school [bus.] [Yeah, yeah], I took the school bus for a brief minute.492.5783
449 490.6646[Okay.]491.0152 
450ATL_se0_ag2_m_02492.6584You know, when we moved back to Maryland,494.0829
452ATL_se0_ag2_m_02494.6269closer to the middle school, high school days is when I, uh, you know, really got into the bus.498.2165
454 498.6238But498.8403 
456 498.9692all of elementary,499.9385 
458ATL_se0_ag2_m_02500.6861[you] know,501.0367
459 501.2533she would drop me off, kiss and ride, you know, that type of thing.503.8401
462 506.8563our bus rides was kind of turnt, man. Wa-509.0925 
464 509.3452was y'all's?510.1031 
465ATL_se0_ag2_m_02511.1961I was always the- the mischievous child on the bus,513.8858
467 513.9820[always had to be singing], always had to be heard,516.2990 
469 516.5929[<laugh>]517.3095
470ATL_se0_ag2_m_02516.8867[always had] to be in the girl's face, you know what I'm saying. That was me coming up,520.0297
471 520.1408[man.]520.4112
472ATL_int_01520.2263[Oh] okay, [okay.]521.4566
474ATL_int_01521.5428Bus driver, sit your ass [down.]523.3765
475ATL_se0_ag2_m_02522.8362[Yeah, I- I] didn't become a introvert until I got older,525.4131
476 525.6025[you know what I'm saying], [yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.]527.4452
479 526.4583[Okay, okay.]527.2889 
480 528.3866That's interesting. That's very very interesting.530.9645
482 531.1862Um,531.8293 
484 533.2059so what was school like534.3660 
486 534.6135when you535.0775 
488 535.3765did used to go?536.1860 
489ATL_se0_ag2_m_02536.7892Um, school was cool, man. Um,538.8809
491 538.9491what- what- what age we talking?540.5465 
492ATL_int_01540.8455I guess like, we can say just542.4954
494 542.7016maybe543.0470 
496 543.3306high school, middle [school ish.]545.1183 
498 545.3704Two of the best years of my life, [mm.]547.0878
499ATL_int_01546.8971[The best] years, [okay, okay.]548.7944
501ATL_int_01549.1192[Tell me about] it.549.8757
503 550.5976middle school high school is kind of when I came into who I was.553.6880
505 553.7743[Um],554.2015 
507ATL_se0_ag2_m_02554.6397I discovered music.555.7225
509 556.8502Um, I always grew up in church, grew up in music. You know, everybody in my family pl-560.4851 
511 560.7222played561.1656 
513 561.3564preached561.9081 
515 562.0510or they sung.562.6749 
517ATL_se0_ag2_m_02563.3812So I was always around music,565.1583
519 565.2251um, but I didn't really get into music until maybe567.8926 
521 568.5460seventh, eighth grade,569.4586 
523ATL_se0_ag2_m_02569.8350[uh], right before middle school,571.0414
524 571.6601um, you know, middle school high school wave.573.9338
526 574.6440Um, there was a teacher by the name of Mr. /RD-NAME-2/ I'll never forget.577.8200 
527ATL_int_01578.1860Mr. /RD-NAME-2/.578.9534
530 579.3443Mr. /RD-NAME-2/, uh, /RD-SCHOOL-4/, now /RD-SCHOOL-4/582.5640 
532 582.6878in- uh, off /RD-ADDRESS-3/ Road in584.6449 
534 584.7325Camp Springs, Maryland585.6840 
536 585.8025[I believe.]586.2831 
540 588.8919He-589.6501 
542 589.7644I- I don't know what it was about him, but he may s-592.6388 
544 592.8760maybe saw something in me at a very594.9950 
546 595.7426young age. Because I would596.9693 
548 597.0576come t-597.3145 
550 597.5477I promise you I will come to cl-599.0008 
552 599.2344come to school, go to home room.600.5774 
554ATL_se0_ag2_m_02601.1858[Right] after home room, I was in his class all day.603.9479
555 604.5924I would literally skip [class.]606.2887
557ATL_se0_ag2_m_02606.5361Um, I would607.2683
559 607.6086do everything608.4799 
561 608.7016possible to just stay in his class all day til-611.1853 
563 611.7164til it became a point where I was getting put out of my613.8457 
565 614.8769scheduled classes,616.0327 
567 616.1071and they would send me617.0358 
569 617.6184to Mr. /RD-NAME-2/ because they knew that was the only place I would work,620.4129 
571ATL_se0_ag2_m_02620.8408[you know], or do- do what I had to do because I was so geek to play music at the time.624.5929
573ATL_se0_ag2_m_02625.4797So he had a little beat up drum set in the, um, band room-628.7419
575 629.1338in- uh, in the band closet.630.3328 
577 630.4094I used to go in there,631.3353 
579 632.0210uh, put pieces together. It-633.4092 
581 633.4741it maybe like a634.5220 
583 634.5988actual bass drum that you play in the marching band, and he'd have a drum pedal.638.4232 
585 639.1553It might be a piece of a high hat stand.641.2678 
587 641.6339Um,642.2254 
589 642.3184if not,642.7484 
591 642.8407I was using two cymbals,644.2634 
593 644.8872and I would just put 'em on like,646.1026 
595 646.1902you know, cymbal stands, little flimsy cheap ass cymbal stands. This /little/649.5415 
597 649.7014drum throne would be broke as fuck.651.2093 
599 651.2833The snare would be broke as fuck.652.5924 
601 653.5565And I would just sit there and make-654.7785 
603 655.0002make rhythms.655.8664 
605 656.1190Um,656.5263 
607ATL_se0_ag2_m_02657.2533[you] know what I'm saying, to the point where he put me in the talent show.659.9639
608 660.7372And I- I vaguely remember it,662.3922
610 662.5005but,662.6645 
612 662.8007you know, the few middle school friends I have talked to about it, they've-665.8806 
614 665.9572they've reminded me. They never forget the story, so it must have been like a epic moment [for me],670.0820 
615ATL_int_01669.7778[Hey], fu- (laughing)670.8244
616ATL_se0_ag2_m_02670.9482you know what I'm saying, at the [time.]672.2708
617ATL_int_01672.2212[Ha-] yeah.672.8453
618ATL_se0_ag2_m_02672.8507And from there I just kind of kept that MO675.1759
620ATL_se0_ag2_m_02675.9015[through high] school.676.5821
621 677.1595And I did the same thing in high school. I- um, I f-679.3920
623 679.8612I- what is my- I- forgot my high school, uh,682.3346 
625 682.6285music teacher's name,683.4844 
627 683.7782you know what I'm saying. But684.6496 
629 685.2116I did the same thing, man. Like686.8323 
631 686.8939the marching band would be in there practicing688.8728 
633 688.9447choral and orchestra music,690.4073 
635 691.1084and I'm sitting in there. I'm the only nigga playing the piano.693.3358 
637 693.4389At this time I discovered I wanted to play piano,695.7061 
639 696.0154you know what I'm saying. And then697.0363 
641 697.5673just started vibing out, man, and just699.5884 
643 699.7482I would sit there and just play. I knew I wasn't gonna play their actual concert,702.9538 
645 703.1084but I would just sit there and learn music and704.8202 
647 705.7585come up with different melodies and things. Man, it just kind of stuck with me, um,709.4590 
649 709.8870out of high school, and I710.8604 
651 711.0875realized I could make honest money doing it, man. I been doing it ever since.714.2371 
652ATL_int_01715.4178Ah, that's what's up.716.2685
654 716.9181That's all the way what's up.718.1078 
656 719.0358Um,719.7318 
658 720.7063so721.3869 
660 722.0520was there any other extracurricular activities you got into725.4637 
662 725.6287while you was726.2990 
663ATL_se0_ag2_m_02726.5722I [played baseball] for a minute.728.1705
664ATL_int_01726.9589[in school?]727.5003
665 728.6758Okay.729.0474
666ATL_se0_ag2_m_02729.0607I played basketball for a minute,730.7007
668 731.5978but when I realized, those w-732.9641 
670 733.1239though were-733.4487 
672 733.5982though733.9849 
674 734.0674sports was the way out.735.2791 
676 735.7070At m- at my- at my time of school, sports was the way out the hood.738.7991 
678ATL_se0_ag2_m_02739.3611[I wanted] to be different.740.3716
679ATL_int_01740.7480You just wanted to be [different.]742.0665
680ATL_se0_ag2_m_02741.8977[Yeah], I didn't wanna catch a football, didn't wanna743.8453
682ATL_se0_ag2_m_02744.1288[shoot a] basketball to get out. That was too typical. That was too easy.747.1605
683ATL_int_01747.3770Nah, I feel you. I felt that way too.748.8760
684ATL_se0_ag2_m_02748.9482Know what I'm saying, so749.9008
686 749.9730at that point I started751.1136 
688 752.1705just doing my own thing. I- I left home when I was fifteen,755.0719 
690 755.3555never came back,756.1391 
692 756.3351never.756.7578 
694 757.2528Um,757.7323 
695ATL_int_01758.0004Wow, [okay.]758.9749
697 759.0780So that's a story in itself, you know what I'm saying. [But]761.4792
699ATL_se0_ag2_m_02762.2010I got tired of just moving around and being unstable.764.7428
701 764.8563I kind of grew up in an unstable household,766.7986 
703ATL_se0_ag2_m_02767.9432you know,768.3041
705 768.3815from the darker side of things, you know. But770.2530 
707 770.5572my mo- again, my mother did771.8500 
709 771.9840what she had to do,772.6852 
711 773.2627and I don't773.6904 
713 773.8039regret anything I went through775.1703 
715 775.4075to get to where I am,776.3562 
717 776.8614you know what I'm saying,777.4726 
719 777.5777so.777.8757 
722 779.6442Nah, definitely.780.4640 
723ATL_se0_ag2_m_02780.5826My mother taught me how to survive.782.0282
725 782.1082If I di- if I didn't get anything from her,784.0201 
727 784.6543I learned how to survive.785.6957 
728ATL_int_01786.2320Wow, that's the greatest trait787.6137
730 787.7890a mother can give somebody,789.1759 
732 789.4801to a [child]790.1851 
736ATL_int_01791.9742So, um,792.8764
738 793.9952can you tell me795.1605 
740 795.8603about your796.7419 
742 797.4122best teacher?798.3695 
744 798.4726I guess you- that was one of 'em800.0313 
746 800.1912that you was telling me. What about your worst teacher?802.5615 
749 804.1495I didn't [really have-]805.0105 
750ATL_int_01804.4846[Your least] favorite.805.6658
751ATL_se0_ag2_m_02805.6917uh, my least favorite teacher was probably,808.5769
753 809.8246hm,810.4846 
755 811.2528uh, it [was a s-]812.0262 
756ATL_int_01811.5828[Or least] favorite subject.813.1450
759 814.2779least favorite subject was probably815.6711 
761 815.7352math or science.816.7939 
762ATL_int_01816.8507Math or [science.]817.8870
763ATL_se0_ag2_m_02817.6962[Yeah], man, history. I-818.8677
764 818.9333I just hated-819.5509
766 819.7468I didn't really enjoy school.821.2781 
768 821.8917I felt like the things in school were- not to be like a Black Panther or anything, but I felt [like the knowledge] that they was giving us827.2008 
770 827.5669Mm-hm.827.8968
771ATL_se0_ag2_m_02827.9999was man-828.6960
773 828.9022you know, was- was written by man, but it830.8924 
775 831.0039technically wasn't-832.1593 
777 832.6027I wanted to know more,833.6081 
779 834.2887you know what I'm saying. And- and I would aks questions and challenge the teacher,837.5317 
781 837.7534and, you know,838.3552 
783 838.6491it would get me put out most times, you know. [But in actuality] as I got older I realized, challenging843.4647 
785ATL_se0_ag2_m_02843.9892was just them not844.7935
787 845.0822knowing-845.7370 
789 846.4897knowing how to respond to a848.1551 
791 848.7635fifteen year old kid, you know, aksing 'em real deep ass questions, you know, [so.]852.9022 
792ATL_int_01852.8661[Mm-hm.] They get stumped [sometime.]854.7068
793ATL_se0_ag2_m_02854.1551[Yeah, they didn't] understand it, so855.9428
794 856.5563instead of trying to857.6854
796 857.9174understand it at the time, they just put me out of class, /you know/.860.5105 
798 861.1347Somehow I always ended up in the music room,863.1080 
800 863.4380you know what I'm saying, and never looked back.864.7682 
801ATL_int_01866.0520Okay, okay. S-867.0883
803 868.2624music868.8825 
805 869.0724is your calling, your passion.870.7733 
806ATL_se0_ag2_m_02871.1342Yeah, music's my life.872.3613
807ATL_int_01872.4799Music is your life.874.1485
809ATL_int_01875.5979In your life, is there a group of people878.0555
811 878.2409you hang around with879.2881 
813ATL_int_01880.9637in particular?881.8609
814ATL_se0_ag2_m_02882.1650nah, I'm pretty much a loner, man.883.8458
815ATL_int_01883.9387Pretty much a loner.885.0936
816ATL_se0_ag2_m_02885.1657Yeah, yeah, yeah, man.886.2210
817ATL_int_01886.2832Remember you said something about the word introvert.888.9126
820 889.9408to the fullest extent.890.9492 
822 892.0099That w- that would be me- that would be I.893.7990 
823ATL_int_01894.6085Okay, okay.895.6551
825 896.5522So, um,897.6078 
827 900.1599do people from around here drop by to visit?903.3049 
830 905.0125in Atlanta?905.5412 
831ATL_int_01906.0929Yeah, I guess [or-]907.1137
832ATL_se0_ag2_m_02907.0003[Uh], yeah I got a few friends that come through, you know, artists that I deal with, um,910.8864
833 911.2215you know,911.5439
835 911.6180periodically.912.2768 
837 912.3658You know, they'll- they'll come through, and913.9077 
839 914.4800I play 'em beats and stuff, you know. We'll f- try to figure some things out, come up with new concepts.919.0054 
840ATL_int_01919.8510Wow, that's cool.920.6914
842 921.0664That's a cool lifestyle.921.9480 
844 922.3966Um,923.2318 
846 923.7165what do you do on a typical weekend?926.5058 
849 928.2625hm,928.6492 
851 929.6392I watch a lot of YouTube.931.5159 
853 932.3614Um, I try to stay current with what's going on in the music industry.935.8866 
856 937.4580play off of those situations and try to come up with different concepts when I say- when I mean- when I say, uh,942.8550
858 942.9435playing-943.3200 
860 943.8562playing off of those situations, I'm taking, you know,946.4430 
862 946.9483relevant situations and putting 'em into a music from-949.8252 
864 950.4181ah,950.8306 
866 951.1386presenting them in a musical form with musical aspect.953.7253 
868 954.1341Excuse me.954.5827 
869ATL_int_01954.7373Nah, nah, nah, that's cool.955.8046
871 955.9541That's cool.956.4542 
873 956.6192Um,957.3153 
875 959.1958so what was your first job?961.3303 
878 962.8911/RD-WORK-3/,964.3244 
880ATL_se0_ag2_m_02965.5618uh, off of /RD-ADDRESS-3/ and /RD-ADDRESS-1/ Street.967.6809
882 968.0108Um,968.6192 
884 969.9841it's- it's known as DC's Black Rodeo Drive.973.2065 
886 973.2739Um, it's973.9454 
888 974.0122like the [more] prominent area [/where-/]975.8346 
891 975.5304[Oh, so] that's a smooth job.977.0720 
892ATL_se0_ag2_m_02977.1442yeah. Nah, I mean, it was okay, you know what I'm saying. Um,980.3367
894 980.4301i- i-980.7790 
896 981.1953no,981.5253 
898 981.7418I take that back.982.8348 
899ATL_int_01983.3453You [take] it back.984.0929
901 984.2166yes, my first job. That was my second job.986.5919
902ATL_int_01986.6101Okay, the [first job.]987.6542
903ATL_se0_ag2_m_02987.2056[My first] job was sweeping hair in a-988.9947
904 989.1803in /RD-WORK-2/ Barber Shop990.4950
906 990.7064[/RD-ADDRESS-3/, Maryland.]991.7273 
907ATL_int_01990.8972[Barber shop.]991.5210
908 991.9954Okay. [/unintelligible/ really] digging that.994.1447
910 994.3457Yeah, man, it was- I mean, for me at the time, man, I'm- I'm fifteen. Nah, I'm like fourteen.999.2939
913 1000.0261[Okay.]1000.4282 
914ATL_se0_ag2_m_021000.2117[Yeah], you know what I'm saying, like thirteen, fourteen. It's sweeping hair, but I'm walking out of there with a free haircut1004.7423
915 1005.3971and maybe fifty bucks in my pocket on a good day.1007.7430
917 1007.9124[You know, and] that's if-1008.6284 
919ATL_se0_ag2_m_021008.9377if I,1009.3168
921 1009.4850you know, do everybody's station, clean it up, sweep.1011.9333 
923 1012.4437I'm constantly, you know what I'm saying, and then1014.0265 
925 1014.4074the time in between is mine, so I'm in the back playing PlayStation. I'm- you know, I'm running to the store,1019.3125 
927ATL_se0_ag2_m_021019.9898you know what I'm saying, for the barbers, grabbing food and shit, but I get to keep the change, you know what I'm saying. The change might be seven, eight bucks.1026.3610
929 1026.8662[That shit added] up.1027.7324 
931ATL_se0_ag2_m_021027.8665So, you know, I'm leaving with maybe sixty, seventy bucks on the regular.1031.0823
932ATL_int_011031.5463That's the coolest first job [ever.]1033.4971
933ATL_se0_ag2_m_021033.1356[Yeah, man.]1033.6618
935ATL_se0_ag2_m_021033.7628[And I- and I-] and I actually met a lot of people w- industry-wise1037.1390
936ATL_int_011037.2937I [believe /it/.]1038.1007
937ATL_se0_ag2_m_021037.8557[that] I just didn't know who they were at the time because I was so young.1040.7069
938 1040.9684/Now that-/1041.3433
940 1041.4841you know what I'm saying. But I used to see1042.9225 
942ATL_se0_ag2_m_021043.5245all types of people come through there, you know what I'm saying, like just rappers, artists and all types of shit. It was a very prominent barber shop at the time, and I believe it's still in existence.1051.9541
944 1052.3305So [shouts out] to /RD-NAME-2/.1054.0512 
946 1054.4688Shouts them [out.]1055.4226
947ATL_se0_ag2_m_021055.2164[You know] what I'm saying, /RD-WORK-2/ Barber Shop,1056.9086
948 1057.0676Oxon Hill, Maryland. Go- y'all go check it out, man. Google 'em.1059.6387
950 1060.1182They're dope.1060.5358 
951ATL_int_011062.3816Okay, okay, okay.1063.9129
953 1065.0420Let's see, um,1066.3554 
955 1073.7268Nah, you gucci.1074.7165 
957 1074.8407Um,1075.4437 
959 1076.4078okay,1076.9337 
961 1077.2468we just like1077.9198 
963 1078.0189eighteen minutes into it.1079.4639 
964ATL_se0_ag2_m_021080.1062Mm, [alright.]1080.8972
965ATL_int_011080.7219[Just] need about maybe1082.0624
966 1082.9544twenty more.1083.9016
968ATL_int_011084.6131[But, um],1085.2628
969 1086.3971yeah.1086.7335
971 1086.8752Let's talk more about1088.1655 
973 1088.8615the little snippet1089.9318 
975 1090.1541we heard from the Jay-Z,1091.8660 
977 1092.6033um, four [forty-four album.]1094.6502 
979 1094.7327I see what you doing.1095.6202
980ATL_int_011095.6799[Did you even-]1096.3502
982 1096.4636[<laugh>]1096.9792
983ATL_int_011096.5281[did we even] really get a listen to that?1098.5981
984ATL_se0_ag2_m_021098.9333Um, yeah, not really,1100.5367
986 1100.7842you know what I'm saying, but w-1101.6799 
988 1101.8707w- from what I've heard,1103.2215 
990ATL_se0_ag2_m_021103.6082[and] being a huge- coming from that-1105.7118
991 1106.4251that Jay-Z era, I can honestly say I grew up in that-1108.8916
993 1109.1494that Roc-A-Fella day. Like I was there.1111.0075 
995ATL_se0_ag2_m_021111.2993I wasn't there physically, but I was there sonically, [meaning like I was-]1114.6235
996ATL_int_011113.8398[It was there.]1114.8418
997ATL_se0_ag2_m_021114.9951I was a [early] fan. I been fucking with Jay-Z from day one.1117.9803
999 1118.2691Mm-hm.1118.5784
1002 1119.6611you know what I'm saying, like,1120.7336 
1003ATL_int_011121.3766Is Jay-Z top five?1122.3975
1004ATL_se0_ag2_m_021122.8615mm, yeah.1123.8772
1006 1124.2845Yeah.1124.5564 
1008ATL_se0_ag2_m_021124.7362[It's- it's] top three.1125.7282
1009ATL_int_011125.9396/You can-/ somebody can legitimately c- make a case that1129.2176
1011 1129.4857Jay-Z top [five top three.]1130.9626 
1014ATL_se0_ag2_m_021131.5377[Um], and I say this for various reasons. One,1134.2904
1015 1134.4133his lyrical content.1135.5218
1017 1136.7953When you break it down, he's speaking real shit,1139.0883 
1019 1139.3976like real shit.1140.2535 
1021 1140.4409You know what I'm saying, he's not a gimmick rapper. He's very organic with his shit.1143.6873 
1022ATL_int_011144.2633Okay, that's true.1144.9955
1025ATL_se0_ag2_m_021146.6660you know what I'm saying, from his business aspect and how he moves as a businessman is fucking impeccable.1151.7224
1026ATL_int_011152.0524I respect that.1152.8464
1027ATL_se0_ag2_m_021153.1558Thirdly, his fucking music catalog.1155.5429
1029 1157.2069You know what I'm saying, his catalog is crazy, um,1159.4651 
1031 1159.5940like,1159.8002 
1033 1159.9704beyond crazy.1161.0840 
1035 1161.4700You [know what I'm saying, that]1162.1952 
1036ATL_int_011161.5758[Yeah, he got some] [records.]1162.8375
1037ATL_se0_ag2_m_021162.7332[it's] nobody really-1163.7061
1038 1163.8504not too many niggas really fucking with him1165.3510
1040ATL_se0_ag2_m_021166.6709at all.1167.0112
1042ATL_se0_ag2_m_021167.9392You know what I'm saying, so.1168.9394
1043ATL_int_011169.9964What about the Kendrick album?1171.5933
1045 1171.8511Did you hear [that?]1172.6799 
1047 1173.4236I'm- I'm'a- I'm'a-1174.6817
1049 1175.0374I'm'a-1175.4109 
1051 1175.5381I fell- I met Kendrick1177.0983 
1052ATL_int_011177.8574[/Oh that's ?/.]1178.5007
1053ATL_se0_ag2_m_021177.8736[meaning sonically.]1178.8152
1054 1179.2019You [know what I'm saying], I- I heard his music for the first time.1181.7644
1058 1183.2530first record I heard was Section Eighty, Rigamortus,1185.5989 
1062 1187.9551and never looked back.1188.7374 
1064 1188.9798Kendrick to me is one of the most prolific poets.1191.8413 
1066 1192.5167He's under-1193.0667 
1068 1193.1272he's underrated1193.9551 
1070 1194.0672as a- as a artist, man. Like he- I feel like his shine is-1197.6350 
1072 1198.4909hi- he got1199.0874 
1074 1199.2119too mu- he has a lot to do.1200.7996 
1076 1200.9353He's gonna be around for- he's definitely one of the ones, man. Kendrick is-1204.4187 
1078 1205.2436he's just phenomenal, man, [like-]1206.6034 
1079ATL_int_011206.4281[Is] he better than Drake though?1207.9491
1081ATL_int_011209.1710Okay, you [wanna s-]1210.3207
1083ATL_int_011210.8982just period.1211.5169
1085 1211.7850Better rapper.1212.3264 
1088 1213.5882[Nah.]1214.0470 
1090 1214.3615[Nah, huh.]1214.9802
1091ATL_se0_ag2_m_021214.4543[That's a great discussion.]1215.4254
1092 1215.4909That's like a Biggie and Tupac.1216.6559
1094 1216.9085So i- it really [depends on what] you like1219.0482 
1098 1220.6863You know what I'm saying, cause Drake can get gritty.1222.3924 
1100 1222.4934Drake early shit,1223.3777 
1102 1223.8262killing.1224.1717 
1104 1224.6512You Can Thank Me Now,1225.5882 
1106 1225.7635killing.1226.1501 
1107ATL_int_011226.3100He's- it's killing [and I know] a lot of people when they think of Kendrick, they always wanna go back to Section Eighty.1232.4131
1109 1232.6348It's his hardest album1233.7072
1111 1234.4703because that wa- no- yeah. It was his hardest-1236.3203 
1113 1236.3829that [one and the r-]1237.0447 
1115ATL_se0_ag2_m_021237.1192and the record he did with, uh, Schoolboy Q.1239.1865
1117ATL_se0_ag2_m_021239.8155I forgot which- uh, what the name of it, [but the-]1241.9500
1118ATL_int_011241.6992[It's the] old shit.1242.5369
1119ATL_se0_ag2_m_021242.6195yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, like those two records to me are his dopest records, man.1246.7274
1121 1246.9386Like,1247.1757 
1122ATL_int_011247.2015Dang, that's tough.1248.2688
1125 1248.9583I like Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe and, you know, Backseat Freestyle and all that shit, man. Like those records are hard too.1254.2275 
1126ATL_int_011254.4183You like Damn too don't you?1255.8966
1127ATL_se0_ag2_m_021256.0822Yeah, my f- my [favorite record-]1257.6032
1128ATL_int_011257.0567[I like Damn] too.1258.0002
1129ATL_se0_ag2_m_021258.2013Kendrick's records,1259.1964
1131 1259.3562top two would be Rigamortus1261.2418 
1135 1262.6906Black Boy Fly.1263.6032 
1136ATL_int_011264.4436I love that song. I'm- at first I kind of slept on it,1267.0305
1138 1267.1901[but now I really listen to-]1268.8195 
1139ATL_se0_ag2_m_021267.2278[And I probably would put Black Boy Fly] over Rigamortus1270.0827
1140 1270.1644because I'm a actual musician,1271.4903
1142 1271.6965you know what I'm [saying.]1272.3712 
1143ATL_int_011272.0979[Wow], okay.1272.9796
1145ATL_int_011273.1623[I like the message] behind [Black boy Fly.]1275.1657
1146ATL_se0_ag2_m_021274.3923[Hell yeah.]1274.9491
1147 1275.2172[Hell yeah.]1275.7277
1149 1276.1652Definitely a good one.1277.0469
1150ATL_se0_ag2_m_021277.1603That rhetoric's crazy.1278.1605
1153 1279.3656Um,1279.9637 
1155 1280.5411what type of, um, female are you into?1282.4436 
1158 1285.6963Mm.1286.2582 
1160 1286.8151<ts>1286.9079 
1162 1288.6182Depends on- it's gonna sound really weird, and, uh, it's not a cocky statement, but it depends on the time of-1293.4952 
1164 1293.6031the time of day,1294.3608 
1166 1294.4443you know, what's going on. Um, sometimes I1296.9101 
1168 1297.0009can go for the businesswoman, the-1298.5160 
1170 1299.2842you know, the very1300.2226 
1172 1300.4842laid back1301.1806 
1174 1301.2784but fine as hell,1302.2216 
1176 1302.4949but she covering it all up,1303.7839 
1178 1304.0417you know what I'm saying, but you know what it is.1305.7998 
1180ATL_se0_ag2_m_021306.4016You know what I'm saying, like I- I definitely could deal with that type. But every now and then,1309.9292
1182 1310.6640you know, men want a whore,1311.8137 
1184 1312.1762you know what I'm [saying, a] pretty whore.1313.3322 
1186ATL_se0_ag2_m_021313.7339You [know what I'm saying], like I'm not-1315.1760
1188ATL_se0_ag2_m_021315.9130I'm not savage.1316.7422
1190 1316.8925You know, I wouldn't1317.3743 
1192 1317.5733just stick my dick in anything- are we allowed to say dick on here?1319.8352 
1193ATL_int_011320.6436Said [everything else.]1321.7104
1194ATL_se0_ag2_m_021320.9879[You're sure we can say] dick on here?1322.1371
1196ATL_se0_ag2_m_021322.7044Alright, cool pause.1323.6111
1198ATL_se0_ag2_m_021324.8864You know what I'm saying, but,1325.8029
1200 1326.3786you know, that's-1326.8344 
1202 1327.0283that's my preferred, you know, I- I think I prefer a nice1329.8019 
1204 1330.2238well rounded artsy type of girl.1331.8614 
1206 1332.4820You [know what I'm saying, I like] artsy girls, real nerdy but1334.7077 
1208ATL_se0_ag2_m_021334.8968real fine.1335.5029
1209ATL_int_011335.9490I mean everybody got a preference. [That's-]1337.6788
1210ATL_se0_ag2_m_021337.3102[You know what] I'm saying, that's just [me.]1338.5799
1212 1338.7269that's you in particular. [That's pretty] [cool /?/]1340.7724
1215 1340.4671[I like] piercings, tattoos, you know,1342.3240 
1217ATL_se0_ag2_m_021343.1131going to the gym,1343.9762
1219 1344.4271[you know.]1344.8054 
1221 1345.2175That's not a bad thing.1346.1782
1223ATL_int_011348.5377Is it anybody famous1350.6373
1225 1351.2046that meets1351.8835 
1227 1352.3489those type of particular [criteria.]1354.4472 
1229ATL_int_011355.5237SZA, okay.1357.0026
1231ATL_int_011357.5020[She's] a cool piece of work.1359.2573
1232ATL_se0_ag2_m_021359.4160Yeah, SZA, Kehlani.1360.8998
1233ATL_int_011361.1714Kehlani, okay. I can see the vibe1363.1352
1234ATL_se0_ag2_m_021363.1836[Um], <ts> who else?1365.2285
1236ATL_se0_ag2_m_021365.3117[Probably f-]1365.9559
1237ATL_int_011365.6989[That's like]1366.1861
1238 1366.3266to s-1366.6320
1240 1366.7550to the naked eye,1367.9925 
1242 1368.3270they seem like they two totally different, but I can see where you coming from1372.0303 
1244 1373.4510whereas-1373.9823 
1246 1374.1060as far as mentioning both of 'em. They do got a- like a certain type of-1377.2610 
1248 1377.4937[that vibe.]1378.2162 
1250 1378.3654Yeah, hell [yeah, absolutely.] Um, fucking Mila J,1381.5328
1251ATL_int_011379.0146[That's cool.]1379.6745
1252 1381.8467<inhale>1382.3898
1253ATL_se0_ag2_m_021382.6177fucking J-1383.2093
1255 1383.7717Jhene Aiko-1384.7803 
1257ATL_se0_ag2_m_021385.2991Aiko, Aiko. I don't wanna fuck her name up.1387.5921
1259ATL_se0_ag2_m_021388.2605[You know, that's-]1388.7939
1260ATL_int_011388.3139[So you don't] really need a vixen, big booty1391.4899
1263 1392.3142[I'm cool like-]1392.9979 
1264ATL_int_011392.4257[Amber Rose] [ish]1394.2677
1265ATL_se0_ag2_m_021393.7440[nah, far] from it.1394.7089
1266ATL_int_011394.9562type [/person/.]1395.7608
1267ATL_se0_ag2_m_021395.3247[I'm cool-] I'm cool with a SZA. I'm cool with a-1397.9661
1268ATL_int_011398.2085Cool [with /unintelligible/]1399.4561
1269ATL_se0_ag2_m_021398.5334[with a Jhene Aiko, yeah], yeah, yeah, I'm just cool with something real laid back, real chill in the cut. I don't need to be-1403.4974
1270 1403.9386it's- sometimes it's better to be1405.6794
1272 1406.1497seen and not heard.1407.1728 
1274ATL_se0_ag2_m_021407.9425[Big booties],1408.8881
1275 1409.5814you know what I'm saying, that's more the perspective of being heard.1412.0301
1277ATL_se0_ag2_m_021413.0326[But just beauty] and-1414.2049
1278 1414.2898and brains and intelligence and making the right moves, that's being seen,1417.8766
1279ATL_int_011418.3470Ooh, [okay, okay.]1420.4161
1280ATL_se0_ag2_m_021419.3542[you know what I'm saying.]1420.0282
1283 1421.3374If you break it down that way,1422.7630 
1285 1424.4165it's tough out here for loud [chicks.]1426.0347 
1287 1426.0748yeah, yeah.1426.6408
1289ATL_se0_ag2_m_021428.4107Know what I'm saying, but-1429.2754
1290ATL_int_011429.2918But that's a reality check. I- I- I agree.1431.8667
1292 1432.1285I definitely see where you're coming from with that.1434.0778 
1294 1434.7760What, um, type of, um,1436.4379 
1296 1437.2137I guess, visuals have you been into lately as far as either1440.8698 
1298 1441.8190movies,1443.4943 
1300 1443.6468um,1444.4124 
1302 1445.3869you know,1445.7757 
1304 1445.9225videos, or1447.3962 
1306ATL_int_011448.8193[you know], c-1449.4122
1307 1449.8401TV [shows]1451.5518
1308ATL_se0_ag2_m_021451.2373[I'm-] yeah, [man, I'm-]1452.2840
1310ATL_se0_ag2_m_021452.6243[I'm always into], uh, uh, shit like The Boondocks. I love The Boondocks, [man. It's-]1456.5310
1312ATL_se0_ag2_m_021456.6650[it's just classic] shit to me. Um,1458.5418
1313ATL_int_011458.8704Super [/??/]1459.7004
1314ATL_se0_ag2_m_021459.2842[visually] that was really taking shit a step further,1461.9020
1316ATL_se0_ag2_m_021462.4012um, especially when they could1463.9798
1318 1464.7428implement the musical aspect1466.3965 
1320 1466.7419of it, you know what I'm saying, ay ay shouts out to Boondocks and the creators, man. I wish y'all would come back.1471.4543 
1321ATL_int_011472.3501Please [do.]1473.0616
1322ATL_se0_ag2_m_021472.9430[You know] what I'm saying, like1473.7989
1324ATL_se0_ag2_m_021474.1959[yo, I'll even throw] y'all beats for free.1476.1448
1325 1476.3355[Like]1476.5985
1326ATL_int_011476.4799[For] real for [real.]1477.4131
1327ATL_se0_ag2_m_021477.2172[you] can p- I'll go on the record saying that real shit, you know what I'm saying, just to be a part of that movement, [man. Like]1482.2840
1328ATL_int_011481.8509[You got one] from the other day too that would definitely fit that vibe1485.2472
1329 1485.5514off the rip.1486.2113
1330ATL_se0_ag2_m_021486.4433You know what I'm saying, like, you know, so my- you know, I'm in- I l- I just love movies, man. I love1491.4431
1332 1491.7318theatrical performances. I love things where it-1494.1241 
1334 1494.3046it takes the typical actor and what we would perceive them as1497.3916 
1339 1499.8509you know, I like them to step outside they comfort zone.1502.0510
1341 1502.3913One of my favorite actors, Will Smith,1504.1185 
1343ATL_se0_ag2_m_021505.0981you [know what I'm saying, Denzel] Washington. [Um],1507.3822
1346 1507.1708[Yeah.]1507.5678 
1347ATL_se0_ag2_m_021508.4016like these niggas are coming up.1509.6751
1349 1509.8401Who- who else? It's-1510.8971 
1351 1511.3611it's somebody else I'm not thinking of that- and they are a entertainer. They're actually a rapper, but they're dope as fuck.1515.8659 
1353 1515.9999Common,1516.4227 
1355 1516.6135he's [dope.]1517.1600 
1356ATL_int_011516.8713[Wow], he actually is though. He got my respect [/??/]1519.8448
1357ATL_se0_ag2_m_021519.2842[Yeah, you know] what I'm saying, it's, uh, Jamie Foxx,1521.6507
1358ATL_int_011521.7318Big time.1522.2526
1359ATL_se0_ag2_m_021522.5052probably [the dopest.]1523.7684
1360ATL_int_011522.9478[Big time.]1523.3218
1361 1523.9592Yeah /pr-/1524.4822
1363 1524.6218definitely. He was-1525.2275 
1365 1525.4337he really1526.0098 
1367 1526.1902should be in the greatest of all [time category.]1528.4691 
1370 1528.1367[absolutely.] He's definitely- he's the new- he- to me he's the modern day Denzel.1531.7689 
1372ATL_se0_ag2_m_021532.7110[He's] proven it1533.3916
1373 1533.5565on [several] levels.1534.4787
1375ATL_se0_ag2_m_021534.5391He's [proven it.]1535.2425
1376ATL_int_011534.6703[Nah, definitely.]1535.3147
1377 1535.6831Nah, I'm thinking bigger than Denzel just cause [/of the/ music stuff too.]1538.8024
1378ATL_se0_ag2_m_021537.6320[Yeah, but when I say that, I mean] the-1539.2167
1379 1539.4874put him in that same category, you know what I'm saying, [of the] [respect level that Denzel has. Yeah, yeah, all day.]1544.5336
1382 1542.0897[yeah, his box office is off the rip, /he got kind of/]1544.6930 
1383 1544.9615[/well almost like-/]1545.6421
1384ATL_se0_ag2_m_021545.0904[He has- he's] probably superseded1546.7268
1385 1546.8310Denzel's numbers1547.6992
1387 1548.3578cause [in my] opinion, he's probably been in more movies.1550.3583 
1389 1551.3276May have.1552.1267
1391 1552.3897He- he-1552.8320 
1393 1552.9192he got a l-1553.3909 
1395 1553.5124crazy range with the [comedy and] all that stuff too.1556.1778 
1397 1556.9151So, you know what I'm saying, like1558.1164
1399 1558.8640I like thing- I like colors, man. I like-1560.6517 
1401 1561.7189I like1562.0789 
1403 1562.1969singing things, cartoons, like the minions, and-1564.9585 
1405ATL_se0_ag2_m_021565.5033[and Gru] and all that shit, man. I like shit like that. I [l-]1568.0231
1408 1567.9561[<laugh>]1568.4872 
1409ATL_se0_ag2_m_021568.6367I live for movies like that, man, cause those where some of the dopest melodies are found,1572.2547
1411ATL_se0_ag2_m_021573.6829you know, some of the dopest ideas. I shouldn't be sharing my knowledge and my jewels1577.4208
1413 1577.9196of how I listen to music, but, you know what I'm saying, maybe it'll help [somebody else, open 'em up],1581.8483 
1415ATL_se0_ag2_m_021582.1164you know what I'm saying.1582.7830
1416ATL_int_011582.7936Nah, nah, definitely, definitely. I-1584.7342
1418 1584.9250you'd be surprised. I feel like1586.6109 
1420 1587.2915that method is probably synonymous1589.4621 
1421ATL_se0_ag2_m_021589.5343Yeah, [like Japanese] [cartoons, kung fu movies] and shit.1592.5233
1422ATL_int_011589.7752[maybe not s-]1590.5604
1424 1591.2601[Mm-hm.]1591.8427 
1425 1592.6882Mm-hm.1593.2451
1426ATL_se0_ag2_m_021593.4822I'm into all that shit, man. Any-1595.1270
1428 1595.4349I'm into anything animated except1597.4044 
1430 1597.6733porn.1598.0180 
1431ATL_int_011598.4975Okay, okay.1599.2399
1432ATL_se0_ag2_m_021599.3276Know what I'm [saying, I can't-]1600.0391
1433ATL_int_011599.6679[You rather]1600.2814
1434ATL_se0_ag2_m_021600.5753[yeah, I can't get with that sh-] yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I wanna see real titties, man, [you know what I'm saying.]1604.7243
1435ATL_int_011600.6732[porn be real.]1601.4260
1437 1604.1108[Okay.]1604.6315 
1438 1605.0904Dang.1605.5183
1440 1606.6578Back in, um,1607.3487 
1442 1608.0072wanna say in my day, they would probably make you feel lame for like-1610.7140 
1444 1611.0028liking po- cartoon porn out this [bitch.]1613.3126 
1445ATL_se0_ag2_m_021613.0806[Yeah], hell [yeah.]1614.2184
1447ATL_se0_ag2_m_021615.0796[It's just weird. It's like liking animal] porn. It's weird.1617.3018
1448ATL_int_011617.5132That's almost like rocking animal porn. Animal porno is on some1620.8141
1450 1620.9302next level1621.7396 
1451ATL_se0_ag2_m_021621.9819Yeah, it's [some- it's] some out the box shit,1623.7916
1453 1623.8999[<laugh>]1625.4002
1454ATL_se0_ag2_m_021625.2558[but] it's gonna happen.1626.1000
1455ATL_int_011626.1877It's gonna happen. You gonna see it because you're not gonna get warned1629.1420
1457 1629.3482when it comes on1630.2453 
1459 1630.7093at all.1631.3074 
1461 1632.6981Now,1633.1879 
1463 1633.3890I got a story for you to read. I'm sorry1635.4307 
1465 1635.5085I'm making you do [this.]1636.7764 
1466ATL_se0_ag2_m_021636.5804[Nah], it's cool.1637.2648
1467ATL_int_011637.3524You gonna hafta1637.7089
1469 1637.7734try to make it out as best as you can.1639.5643 
1471 1640.2036I need you to1640.8584 
1473ATL_int_011641.1677[read that] passage out loud.1643.1321
1474ATL_se0_ag2_m_021643.7700The entire passage?1644.9777
1475ATL_int_011644.9857The entire passage. It's really two of 'em.1647.3430
1476ATL_se0_ag2_m_021647.4616Bruh, this is [gonna] [kill me]1649.0599
1479 1648.3561[the first one is] the long one1649.9003 
1480 1650.3681[pause]1651.0178
1481ATL_se0_ag2_m_021650.4403[I hate public-]1651.1421
1482 1651.2100for [the record I hate] publicly reading. It's not that I can't.1653.9042
1483ATL_int_011651.4251[but, um],1652.0541
1484ATL_se0_ag2_m_021653.9719It's just I hate it.1654.7042
1486 1654.8279It's cool though,1655.4260 
1487ATL_int_011655.5807Yeah, bruh. It's-1656.5016
1488ATL_se0_ag2_m_021656.5407[you know what I'm saying.]1657.2652
1489ATL_int_011656.5983[it's all good], bruh.]1657.6468
1490ATL_se0_ag2_m_021658.0180I'm'a do it just because.1659.3894
1491ATL_int_011659.6575My G.1660.2659
1492ATL_se0_ag2_m_021661.1699Once upon a time, there was a rat1663.0795
1494 1663.3065who wouldn't make up his mind.1664.8724 
1496 1666.1777Let me see, uh, w-1666.9746 
1498 1667.1587whenever the other rats aksed him-1668.9474 
1500 1669.0322uh,1669.3560 
1502 1669.4998hold on I gotta make this bigger, bruh. I don't have my glasses.1671.7585 
1504 1671.8292Alright there we go.1672.5263 
1506 1674.6192Should I start over?1675.3428 
1508ATL_se0_ag2_m_021676.0492Take two,1676.5330
1510 1676.8113[<laugh>]1677.3423 
1512ATL_se0_ag2_m_021677.9331the story of Arthur the rat.1679.1576
1514 1680.7627The rat.1681.1309 
1516 1681.7548Speaking of rats, man, like there was a lot of rats.1684.3923 
1518ATL_se0_ag2_m_021684.7434[I saw] a lot of rats coming u- I lived in Baltimore for a second too, definitely forgo-1688.3216
1519ATL_int_011687.7778[It's a lot of rats] in [Baltimore too?]1689.7003
1520ATL_se0_ag2_m_021689.1608[Man, e-]1689.6672
1521 1689.7390it's infested with rats, bro. I-1691.7819
1523 1691.8440I know that has nothing to do with the interview whatsoever, and that-1694.8755 
1525ATL_se0_ag2_m_021695.3261[I hope] this tells you1696.4897
1526 1696.5668the type of dialogue in which- that w- me and my friend are having, man, which is a very close friend of mine, no1701.1169
1528 1701.2710pause,1701.7084 
1530ATL_se0_ag2_m_021701.8670[you know] what I'm saying. But,1702.7899
1531 1703.5948you know what I'm saying, like I just want you to know who I am, a-1706.0384
1533 1706.1414how I think,1706.9846 
1535 1707.3571you know what I'm saying. So don't get-1708.4132 
1537 1708.5137don't get stuck on-1709.6349 
1539 1710.3345on the intellect,1711.1191 
1541 1711.1980or don't get stuck on, you know, the little things that I say cause I'm so random, man. I'll just say anything,1715.7478 
1543 1715.8121like,1716.0048 
1545 1716.1564you know, how-1716.7101 
1547 1716.8171the story of1717.5796 
1549 1717.6461Arthur the rat triggered Baltimore rats,1719.8613 
1550ATL_int_011720.7476[Ooh, okay], [okay.]1722.1636
1551ATL_se0_ag2_m_021720.8004[know what I'm saying.]1721.4797
1553 1721.8725[You feel] me?1722.5233 
1554ATL_int_011722.8744I'm letting you know off the rip, they1724.3644
1556 1724.5613probably not even listening1726.1326 
1558 1726.4612to-1726.8679 
1559ATL_se0_ag2_m_021727.0135None of this sh- [<laugh>]1729.0044
1560ATL_int_011728.5334[yeah, nothing] like that. They don't- really don't care like at all like the content like really just how you speaking.1733.9999
1561 1734.3681I probably shouldn't even told you that, but1736.4353
1563 1736.5189yeah, [unbiasedly] just1738.3060 
1564ATL_se0_ag2_m_021736.8374[Nah, that's cool.]1737.6766
1565 1738.5955[Nah, nah, nah, I'm already here, bro.]1740.1906
1566ATL_int_011738.7354[read it how you regularly would],1740.0146
1567 1740.3654you good.1740.8492
1568ATL_se0_ag2_m_021741.5246<clears throat>1742.0940
1569ATL_int_011742.2053Ain't no way around it.1743.0659
1571 1743.2714[<laugh>]1744.0806 
1572ATL_se0_ag2_m_021743.8238[Take] three.1744.4489
1573ATL_int_011744.6929[Take three],1745.1468
1575ATL_int_011745.3877/?/ get it.1745.7957
1576ATL_se0_ag2_m_021745.8155The story of Arthur the rat,1747.2427
1578 1748.2997you know what I'm saying,1749.0665 
1580 1749.4944speaking of rats, man, they [a lot of rats.] (laughing)1752.1342 
1582 1752.4230Ay, it's [cool cause it's-]1753.6031
1583ATL_se0_ag2_m_021753.0365[<laugh> /Killing/ /??/] (laughing)1755.3817
1584ATL_int_011753.7918[the tape-]1754.3770
1586 1754.4890[the tape is still] rolling.1755.9024 
1587ATL_se0_ag2_m_021756.0210[Like speaking of rats, man], it's just1757.8146
1588ATL_int_011756.1235[So we gonna /??/]1757.1959
1591 1758.4427watch your back out here in the streets, man. It's a lot of rats in this [music industry.]1762.4070 
1592ATL_int_011761.9121[Uh, how] about you read [the other passage first] since that one a little bit shorter.1766.0006
1594 1767.1851What /do I-/1767.4716
1596 1767.5701oh, [alright.]1768.1036 
1597ATL_int_011768.0609[Nah], not that one, other way1769.1994
1598 1769.3014at the bottom,1769.8180
1600 1769.8899keep going.1770.4436 
1602 1771.2634That's how long that shit is. Yeah, read that one.1773.0878 
1607 1776.1490i-1776.3707 
1609 1776.6027whoever Stella is, I hope she got her groove back,1779.2631 
1611 1779.5931you know what I'm saying.1780.3768 
1613 1781.4801Alright.1782.1026 
1615 1783.5669It says please read the story aloud. (laughing)1786.1345 
1617 1787.0316<laugh>1787.8204 
1619 1789.0874Please call Stella.1790.2320 
1621 1791.2425Aks her to bring these things with her-1793.4904 
1623 1794.2418with her from the store. Six spoons1796.3351 
1625 1796.7630of fresh snow peas,1798.1705 
1627 1798.8821five-1799.5041 
1629 1799.5895five thick slabs of blue cheese, and maybe a snack for her brother Bob.1803.9076 
1631 1805.3770We also need a small plastic snake1807.5669 
1633 1808.3299and a big toy-1809.3525 
1635ATL_se0_ag2_m_021809.6911[<laugh> a big-] (laughing)1811.3255
1637ATL_se0_ag2_m_021812.5872a big- (laughing)1813.5411
1638ATL_int_011813.6803[Oh, man.]1814.2629
1641ATL_se0_ag2_m_021815.1084and a big toy [frog.] (laughing)1816.9336
1642ATL_int_011816.2582[You gotta be serious], bruh. Read- [read it], bruh.1818.2580
1644 1818.2786alright.1818.7323
1646 1818.9849<laugh>1819.3819 
1648 1820.4889Alright.1820.7295 
1650 1821.6388Please call Stella.1822.7576 
1652 1823.5671Aks her to bring these things with th-1825.4747 
1654 1825.7789with her from the store. Six spoons of fresh snow peas,1828.9535 
1656 1829.5510five thick slabs of blue cheese, and maybe a snack for her brother Bob.1833.5872 
1658 1834.4637We also need a small plastic snake1836.7168 
1660 1837.6088and a big toy frog for the kids.1839.8708 
1662 1840.5823She can scoop these things1842.2837 
1664 1843.0004into three red bags, and we'll go-1845.1748 
1666 1845.7883and we will go meet her1847.0927 
1668 1847.3454Wednesday o-1848.0724 
1670 1848.3198at the train station.1849.2943 
1671ATL_int_011850.2313Okay, cool, cool, cool, cool.1852.0719
1672ATL_se0_ag2_m_021852.3452Now I gotta read all this shit?1853.4124
1673ATL_int_011855.0107Um, we can probably save that one for the end.1857.1851
1675ATL_int_011858.5565I usually save both of 'em for the end, but I thought I'd get one out the [way.]1862.0161
1676ATL_se0_ag2_m_021861.8150[Nah] that's cool. I didn't know, but now I know.1863.8244
1678ATL_se0_ag2_m_021864.0523[I'm preparing] myself. Now I'm [a little /hot./]1865.8816
1679ATL_int_011865.3248[/He said-/]1865.7218
1680 1866.1013[<laugh>]1867.0159
1681ATL_se0_ag2_m_021866.1342[/Like, what/ is that?]1866.8973
1682ATL_int_011867.6810Nah, you gucci.1868.5781
1684 1868.7792Let's see,1869.3913 
1686 1869.5563um,1870.1956 
1688 1870.7628did you still have that hookup earphone as far as that-1873.4374 
1690 1873.5356that title joint?1874.5214 
1691ATL_se0_ag2_m_021874.7056Oh yeah.1875.2315
1693ATL_se0_ag2_m_021878.3456Alright, what, you wanna hear some of the Jay-Z record?1880.2326
1694ATL_int_011880.7262Um, what- I mean what-1881.9827
1696 1882.0745what would you cur-1882.9125 
1698 1883.0124curate as of now?1884.3044 
1700ATL_int_011884.9901[If you] just like, um, play some type of music [you /??/]1887.9798
1701ATL_se0_ag2_m_021887.4281[Oh, you wanna] know what I listen to.1888.9903
1704ATL_int_011891.3039I wan-1891.6873
1706 1891.7957I wanna know what you listen to that you think that I would like to listen to.1895.5626 
1709 1896.8296I [see where you're going with] this.1898.0411 
1710ATL_int_011897.0358[I know you prob-]1897.6751
1712ATL_int_011898.1293[you probably all] over the world.1899.3405
1715 1900.2200Mm.1900.6964 
1716ATL_int_011901.4994I was rocking with that gospel music the other day.1903.6707
1717ATL_se0_ag2_m_021903.6906Appreciate it.1904.3960
1719 1904.7914Appreciate it.1905.5106 
1721 1906.5160Uh, let me see.1907.8293 
1723 1910.1959Fucking,1910.9847 
1725 1911.9282oh,1912.3922 
1727 1918.2365this song is gonna kill it.1919.2986 
1729 1932.2009One minute,1932.7320 
1731 1932.9949here we go.1933.4744 
1732ATL_int_011940.2478You be watching the, um, show Everyday Struggle?1942.6542
1733ATL_se0_ag2_m_021942.8707Yeah, yeah, hell yeah. Joe Budden, I fuck with him.1944.8454
1734ATL_int_011945.0877That's my show, man.1946.2271
1736 1946.3200[I rock] with Joe,1947.1088 
1738ATL_int_011947.2480and I rock with1948.0884
1740 1948.2276[/inaudible/]1949.0305 
1741ATL_se0_ag2_m_021948.2621[I like what he did] for Yachty.1949.7129
1742 1949.7782He really put Yachty on some shit.1951.4950
1744 1951.8301Like he tried to- he opened Yachty's mind up.1953.8615 
1745ATL_int_011954.3448Oh yeah.1954.8965
1747 1955.2110And Yachty like- he don't like that nigga.1956.8660 
1748ATL_se0_ag2_m_021957.0413[Yeah, but lowkey] he need to be embracing that shit, you know what I'm saying. Least inquire1961.4842
1749ATL_int_011957.4950[/None/ /??/]1958.0467
1750ATL_se0_ag2_m_021962.0669about what he's saying, you know, seek further knowledge. And that's what we as-1965.5728
1752 1966.0575we get blinded by the fame and the money and the hoes and the bitches and the- all this shit1970.0467 
1754 1970.3354that we forget to look into our business,1972.2740 
1756 1972.7521and then we look up and we're thirty-five, forty [years old]1975.5775 
1758 1975.7445Mm.1976.1085
1759ATL_se0_ag2_m_021976.1325realizing we owe1977.3563
1761 1978.0059fucking-1978.7160 
1763 1979.6286our royalties and publishing been depleted because [of]1982.5613 
1765ATL_se0_ag2_m_021982.6829us wanting to live the lifestyle to get to the gar-1985.1747
1767 1985.2922the grande status as they say, [or]1987.3300 
1769ATL_se0_ag2_m_021987.6806[the] A list celebrity, you know what I'm saying. They don't take time to look into their paperwork.1991.7266
1771ATL_se0_ag2_m_021992.5979So I stress that, you know what I'm saying, I'm not even saying I've arrived, cause I-1995.5780
1773 1995.9853y'all talking to me right now as a nobody,1997.9225 
1775 1998.4226but I promise you the next time we do a interview,2000.6705 
1777 2000.9077I'll be a somebody.2001.9028 
1779 2002.3603You know what I'm saying, so-2003.4482 
1781 2003.8606and I mean that in the most humble way, you know what I'm saying,2006.0725 
1783 2006.3715all-2006.6087 
1785 2006.8407all thanks and praise to Allah,2008.3204 
1787 2008.4543you know what I'm saying, Yahweh.2009.5203 
1789 2010.1648You know what I'm saying, but2011.1290 
1791 2012.0261yeah.2012.3148 
1793 2012.4540[That's-]2012.7737 
1794ATL_int_012012.4952[You gotta] put that energy out [there, man.]2014.4376
1796ATL_int_012014.6530You got [to. That's] what they want you to do,2016.6340
1798ATL_int_012016.9279/and/ that's what you gotta do.2018.0415
1799ATL_se0_ag2_m_022019.8667But this some shit I listen to. I'll bust some shit like this out for you, bro.2023.4538
1801ATL_se0_ag2_m_022028.1029You know what [I'm saying,]2029.0440
1803ATL_se0_ag2_m_022029.2290I'm from [up North, man, so], you know.2031.5934
1805 2032.6026<sings>2033.9637
1807 2034.5154<sings>2035.5930 
1809 2043.8292You can turn it down a little cause I don't even think we supposed to have music on in [this, but-]2047.3197 
1810ATL_se0_ag2_m_022046.9846[Oh, fuck.]2047.6291
1811ATL_int_012047.9900it's cool.2048.5004
1812ATL_se0_ag2_m_022048.5932You know, I'm- Common2049.5883
1813ATL_int_012050.2173So [what about] Common though?2051.9304
1815ATL_int_012052.0579We was just mentioning [Common in the acting] shit.2054.4952
1816ATL_se0_ag2_m_022053.4022[We was.]2054.0622
1817 2054.5726I think for me, Common, man, it's-2056.3278
1819 2056.4054it's his message.2057.3811 
1821 2057.8606It's conscious2058.7784 
1823 2059.1805relevant2059.7068 
1825 2059.8835message music.2060.7943 
1827 2061.6398You know what I'm saying, like I think he just did a record, if I'm not mistaken, for2064.9073 
1829 2065.7837that- uh, that slave movie that was out,2067.7223 
1831 2067.8367um,2068.4067 
1833 2068.7006<ts>2068.8372 
1835 2068.9000uh, Birth of a Nation.2069.9713 
1837 2070.0373He did a record,2070.7113 
1839 2071.0413[and I think] I got the record on my phone, but2072.8819 
1841ATL_se0_ag2_m_022074.2173it was just crazy, man, how2075.8606
1843 2076.2164him speaking2077.3183 
1845 2077.4100the truth and speaking- he's speaking shit that's really relevantly going on in the world today.2081.7420 
1847 2082.3556You know what I'm saying, he was hip,2083.5156 
1849 2083.9333you know, because he s-2084.9239 
1851 2085.0181sought2085.3809 
1853 2085.4766further knowledge.2086.5098 
1855 2087.2574You know, and from that perspective I respect him because it2089.9261 
1857 2090.0072reflects in his lyrical content. You can that niggas level b-2092.8398 
1859 2093.2110of education through his lyrical delivery.2095.2269 
1861 2096.2117A lot of these niggas play themselves down for the industry.2098.8913 
1863 2099.6183You know what I'm saying, but a lot of these niggas is really intelligent. And I use the nig-2102.8770 
1865 2103.0523the nigga term2103.8747 
1867 2103.9439as2104.5149 
1869 2105.5461embracing my fellow,2107.0310 
1871 2107.4950you know,2108.0278 
1873 2108.1079brethren for the record because I know that's a conversation in itself,2111.2519 
1875 2111.3385you [know what I'm saying, the meaning behind it. But I] have to state that because this is going on a public record,2115.2889 
1876ATL_int_012111.4673[Yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely.]2112.9172
1877ATL_se0_ag2_m_022115.7323and I don't want my image to be tainted or reflected, you know what I'm saying, in such a way. So I mean it as a-2120.3815
1879 2120.9538as a gesture of endearment, you know what I'm [saying, like]2123.4272 
1880ATL_int_012122.9355[Yeah, this is] unedited,2124.3862
1881ATL_se0_ag2_m_022124.8089[Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah], [hell yeah.]2126.4242
1882ATL_int_012124.9160[no edits]2125.6845
1884 2125.8270[all the way] through.2126.8320 
1885 2126.9127If you play a l-2127.8399
1887 2128.0692piece of it, play all of it.2129.5987 
1889 2130.0304Don't play it out of [context.]2131.3967 
1891 2131.6589you know what I'm saying, so that's why I- that comes from just2134.2737
1893 2134.9027watching other niggas put their foot in they mouth saying shit socially2138.3866 
1895 2138.9280via Breakfast Club or, you know, [Sway in the Morning],2142.5924 
1897ATL_se0_ag2_m_022142.9688uh, Everyday Struggle,2144.2990
1898ATL_int_012144.6960[Yeah, the-]2145.1703
1899ATL_se0_ag2_m_022144.8094[syndicated] record shows of that-2146.4662
1900 2146.5535of that nature, you know what I'm saying.2147.9634
1901ATL_int_012148.0304My thought personally in that-2149.4019
1903 2150.2010I'll be straight, if you had your own platform big enough that like, ay okay,2154.7158 
1905 2154.8698I see what y'all saying.2155.9999 
1907 2157.1394Make sure y'all2157.8618 
1909 2157.9325hear me when I say this. This [is how I feel about] the situation. [Some people got] that2162.3815 
1912 2161.3812[Exactly.]2162.0515 
1913 2163.0260Yeah, like I respect the guy Vince Mensa for going up there and telling Akademiks That he smack the shit out of 'em because that's some real nigga shit. [But at the] end of the day,2169.9746
1915ATL_se0_ag2_m_022170.6036he told 'em in such a intellectual way, and he had a dialogue2173.8298
1917 2173.9484that was crazy to back up2175.2692 
1918ATL_int_012175.2898He [did.]2175.7220
1919ATL_se0_ag2_m_022175.4074[his reasoning] for [why]2176.7829
1921 2176.8188He did.2177.2604
1922ATL_se0_ag2_m_022177.3188he made that statement,2178.3612
1924 2178.5278you know what I'm saying, he had no choice but to respect him.2180.7321 
1925ATL_int_012180.8816But that was still on camera and that's a on camera threat, like2184.0567
1927 2184.2181[if anybody is smart], they'll say2186.2732 
1928ATL_se0_ag2_m_022184.3274[Yeah, it definitely is.]2185.4483
1929ATL_int_012186.5207nah, [we ain't doing] it.2187.5415
1931 2187.8628[Yeah.]2188.0878
1932ATL_int_012187.8931[I mean], yeah, lawsuit, all that different type of stuff. I met- you at my job, I can get fired. I can lose money.2192.5774
1933ATL_se0_ag2_m_022192.8713But I don't think Akademiks would take it that far because it's-2195.7379
1935 2196.6130it's the culture,2197.3606 
1937 2197.7009you know what I'm saying. You can't deny the culture.2199.6343 
1938ATL_int_012200.4799Now if I was-2201.3609
1940 2201.5186in Akademik's situation2203.3709 
1942 2203.5050[personally],2204.1103 
1943ATL_se0_ag2_m_022203.5532[You mighta reacted] different.2204.6689
1944ATL_int_012205.0672I woulda reacted in a way like2206.7274
1946 2207.0625he did on camera,2208.2315 
1948 2208.4016but then2208.9482 
1950 2209.3091[y'all prob-]2209.7953 
1952ATL_int_012209.8728y'all woulda heard in the blog [somewhere like, oh shit, after] the set, [god damn, that] nigga Slay (laughing) and Vic Mensa really went at it. He really [had to stomp] that [nigga],2217.6447
1955 2213.1347[<laugh>]2213.8139 
1957 2216.6496[Yeah.]2217.0827 
1959 2217.4436[Yeah.] (laughing)2218.1809 
1960ATL_int_012218.0726[cause] Slay, fucked [around.]2219.2371
1961ATL_se0_ag2_m_022219.1759[Yeah.] (laughing)2219.7644
1963ATL_se0_ag2_m_022219.9737[It woulda-] <laugh>2220.6491
1964 2221.1131definitely woulda been one of them situations.2222.8764
1967 2225.4846I don't know, man.2226.1291 
1969 2227.3974It's a different world out here.2228.7881 
1971 2229.0562It's just a different time, and2230.6092 
1973ATL_int_012230.9764[you gotta]2231.4837
1974 2231.5904navigate accordingly.2233.0417
1975ATL_se0_ag2_m_022233.4180The thing is they want us to be monkeys, and they want us-2236.0719
1976ATL_int_012236.1956They want that shit.2237.0585
1977ATL_se0_ag2_m_022237.0681like movies like I don't know if you've ever seen the movie Bamboozled,2239.9285
1978ATL_int_012240.4389Mm-mm. [But that sound like something /unintelligible./2242.3916
1979ATL_se0_ag2_m_022240.8064[but it- the- you kn- if not you need to] watch it, bro. It depicts2243.7372
1980 2245.2015the way the Black man in my opinion2247.1445
1982 2247.2706to a certain extent2248.3174 
1984ATL_se0_ag2_m_022248.9238[is] viewed2249.6805
1985 2250.0878via entertainment, let it be music,2252.3100
1987ATL_se0_ag2_m_022253.3088you know what I'm saying, movies, whatever. It-2255.1332
1989 2255.2476it shows how we are used as pawns2257.9903 
1991 2258.7379to get to a bigger plateau. We create a revenue2261.5929 
1993 2262.0105and then they2262.6086 
1995 2263.0159take it from under us, so it's all these loopholes because again, we're blinded by2266.6957 
1997 2267.1598the now what's in front of us. But2268.6550 
1999 2268.8406me, I'm thinking when I get money, or people throw money at me,2272.0719 
2001 2272.5669where am I gonna be ten years from now? Where am I gonna be twenty years from now? Where d-2276.2066 
2003 2276.2883you know what I'm [saying, the-]2276.9757 
2005ATL_se0_ag2_m_022277.1018and [these-]2277.4738
2007ATL_se0_ag2_m_022277.8811and that's where financial literacy and all that stuff comes into play, and niggas don't share that type of knowledge2282.9737
2008ATL_int_012283.3449Niggas [don't even talk] about that in the hood. We [talking about sports.]2286.3044
2009ATL_se0_ag2_m_022283.5151[with each other.]2284.1544
2011 2285.1242[Niggas all- we-]2285.7697 
2013 2285.9170[yeah, we] talking about who got the hottest car or the baddest bitch or who fucking the bitch that2289.8038 
2015ATL_se0_ag2_m_022290.2575your mans just fucked2291.2165
2017 2291.4794[with ]2291.7536 
2019ATL_se0_ag2_m_022291.8720[a] year ago, you know what I'm saying, [on IG.]2293.8769
2020ATL_int_012293.2155[Mm-hm. <laugh>]2294.6798
2021ATL_se0_ag2_m_022294.5472[And] now you hit her, and now y'all niggas about to start beefing cause she gonna start telling both of y'all secrets, you know what I'm [saying, cause y'all tell her everything type shit.]2301.9739
2022ATL_int_012299.7686[Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah, pillow] talking and [shit.]2303.0154
2023ATL_se0_ag2_m_022302.7112[You feel] it,2303.2459
2024 2303.3662you [feel me. So] it's like, you know what I'm saying, I-2305.5566
2025ATL_int_012303.5155[Oh man.]2304.1858
2026ATL_se0_ag2_m_022305.6228I'm- [I'm more concerned] about where my accounts gonna be, where I'm making investments.2309.4021
2028ATL_se0_ag2_m_022309.8300How- how can I further myself where, if music doesn't work out for me, what other lanes can I operate in effectively,2315.5980
2030 2316.1652you [know what I'm saying], and still prevail2317.8356 
2032ATL_se0_ag2_m_022318.0986as a- as a entrepreneur, you know what I'm saying, as a young black man,2320.9020
2034 2321.6238you know what I'm saying, that comes from adversity?2323.4129 
2036 2324.3461You know,2324.7520 
2038 2325.2521you know, so, you know.2326.2163 
2040 2327.2680It's why I work the way I do, man. That's why I don't sleep.2329.4696 
2042 2330.6451And, you know what I'm saying, shouts out to /RD-NAME-1/2332.4605 
2044 2332.5964/RD-NAME-2/, you know what I'm saying,2334.2322 
2046 2334.8767you know, it's the movement-2335.8155 
2048 2336.0060the movement [like-]2336.8500 
2050ATL_se0_ag2_m_022337.3768the movement is real,2338.3861
2052 2338.6213you know, [I'm not] just saying that cause I'm the homie, but2340.6827 
2054ATL_se0_ag2_m_022340.8645real shit, man. I-2341.8426
2056 2342.2533I appreciate this opportunity first and foremost,2344.6056 
2058 2344.7913know [what I'm saying, before we go] any further in the interview.2346.9231 
2059ATL_int_012344.8628[Nah, /I'm done/ man.]2345.7682
2060ATL_se0_ag2_m_022347.7738You know what I'm saying, you're a very du-2349.2439
2062 2349.6637cool brother, man,2350.5082 
2064 2350.9475[cool brother.]2351.5258 
2065ATL_int_012351.0082[Appreciate that], man. Appreciate that.2352.6538
2067ATL_int_012353.6346I know, um, I was thinking about2355.2362
2069 2356.0291dropping that, um,2357.2784 
2071 2357.6754volume in the back with the music a little bit, [just off] for a little bit.2360.8500 
2073ATL_int_012361.2831That joint is riding so much right now,2363.7887
2075ATL_int_012364.0515and I really think they can really hear you.2365.7377
2077 2366.3653Tyler, you let me know in the next interview, but2368.5050 
2079 2368.9999this is sounding really good, [though.]2370.5725 
2080ATL_se0_ag2_m_022370.4436[Yeah], [hell yeah. We in a-] we in a good place with it.2372.6554
2082 2373.0046Good place, I think this ended out/2374.8225
2084 2374.9449on a pretty high note, man. If there's anything else2377.7171 
2086 2378.2899you wanna just say just to say,2380.1269 
2088 2380.5215you more than welcome. We pretty much done hit2382.6380 
2090 2383.3068our threshold mark.2384.3174 
2091ATL_se0_ag2_m_022384.4473Oh, facts.2385.3231
2093ATL_se0_ag2_m_022385.5541[Well] I'll- I'll say this first and foremost, man,2388.1568
2094 2388.4070you know what I'm saying, this is-2389.6184
2096 2390.0996is r- the realest shit I could ever probably say out my mouth2392.6285 
2098 2392.6967on the record2393.3959 
2100ATL_se0_ag2_m_022394.0637at my age,2394.9200
2102 2395.1943[at the age] of thirty, you know what I'm saying, for the record.2397.4079 
2104 2397.6735[Mm-hm.]2397.9353
2105ATL_se0_ag2_m_022397.8301[For] all who don't know, April six, Aries nation, you know what I'm saying,2400.8039
2106 2401.1360fuck yeah.2401.6557
2108 2402.2380You know what I'm saying, but2403.1138 
2110 2403.2520real nigga shit,2404.0954 
2112 2404.9712always take care of the ones around you.2406.9958 
2114 2407.5540Make sure they eat2408.3817 
2116 2408.6271just as m-2409.1805 
2118 2409.3393just as much as you if not more.2410.9597 
2120 2412.1820With that you'll- you'll grow in your success a lot further and a lot faster, versus2416.8340 
2122 2417.5270tryna do everything for self,2419.0765 
2124 2419.2304or you eating and you giving 'em nuggets because2421.9108 
2126 2422.2319at that point when everybody's eating around you, everybody's happy, everybody's working, everybody's moving.2426.7697 
2128 2427.1114But the moment somebody feels inadequate,2429.1488 
2130 2429.2281that's when all hell breaks loose.2430.5941 
2132 2431.0368So I say this to any mogul2432.6151 
2134 2433.1685or anybody coming up2434.2163 
2136 2434.5050that's building a team and tryna build their brand and branding themselves and they career, man.2438.6723 
2138 2439.3495Build a team of people that you know you don't mind investing in.2442.0953 
2140 2442.1903And make sure they all do something different2443.9643 
2142 2444.8918like m- you know, like my man said and uh, you know, a earlier quote that I heard a few minutes ago,2449.2419 
2144 2449.5932make sure everybody does something different because it brings a different entity. It brings a different2454.0046 
2146 2454.4906way of thinking,2455.3327 
2148 2455.5913and respect your peers.2456.8646 
2150 2456.9782You know, respect them for they craft.2458.4689 
2152 2459.0849Um,2459.6094 
2154 2459.8019put them at a-2460.6218 
2156 2460.7059in a place where2461.7110 
2158 2462.5146they're always challenged because2464.1259 
2160 2464.3487always leave room to grow.2465.6232 
2162 2466.3595Because when you become comfortable, you c- become stagnant, and you become reprobate in your mindset.2470.9297 
2164 2471.6708So, you know what I'm saying, you definitely don't wanna-2473.5751 
2166 2474.3258wanna do that, man, and just,2476.1207 
2168 2477.2948you know, I just encourage, you know what I'm saying, just everybody, man, to keep going,2480.6757 
2170 2480.7395keep grinding, you know.2481.8169 
2172 2482.4473Your time is now.2483.3098 
2174 2483.3892Again, next time you talk to me and we may have a interview, may be2486.4497 
2176 2486.9117me teaching a master class on production,2488.9568 
2178 2489.1769you know what I'm saying. It may be,2490.5916 
2180 2491.0921you know, me writing a book, and I'm- I'm coming to talk about the book and promote the book,2495.0030 
2182 2495.2196you know what I'm saying, book tour type stuff. You never know2497.5631 
2184 2498.1598what God has in store, you know what I'm saying, the almighty creator. And I'm not even the most religious person. I love God,2503.5962 
2186 2504.2747you know what I'm saying, but2505.2034 
2188 2505.7231again that's another conversation. You don't have to2507.9065 
2190 2508.5273be physically attached2509.8410 
2192 2511.9041to it2512.2361 
2194 2513.2130fo-2513.4536 
2196 2514.5026you don't have to be physically attached to a church,2516.7898 
2198 2516.8504you know, to-2517.4223 
2200 2517.8794to have a relationship and always know that, man, you know.2520.4972 
2202 2521.5463So I just say, man,2522.6194 
2204 2523.2918God bless,2524.0280 
2206 2524.4082you know what I'm saying, the almighty creator.2526.0876 
2208 2526.3330Again thank you for this interview.2527.9258 
2210 2528.8100Know what I'm saying /RD-NAME-3/ on the rise,2530.7444 
2212 2531.3652socially awkward,2532.3180 
2214 2533.3526slay that shit,2534.1838 
2216 2534.6625[you know what I'm saying.]2535.4339 
2217ATL_int_012534.7140[Slayer stamp.]2535.6978
2218ATL_se0_ag2_m_022535.8728Yeah, you know what I'm saying, we- we up next.2537.9084
2220 2538.1345Um,2538.5291 
2222 2539.1980y'all just support us.2540.1448 
2224ATL_se0_ag2_m_022541.3925You know what I'm saying, the movement- the movement has already begun.2543.9742