LineSpeakerSt TimeContentEn Time
3 1.8673Testing, one two three. Testing, one two three.4.6704 
4ATL_se0_ag2_m_034.7220Yo yo.5.5057
5ATL_int_015.9130This is, um,6.8307
7 7.4016the interviewer8.3894 
9 8.4722uh, /RD-NAME-4/, and10.6189 
11 10.8509today I have with me to my left Mr.13.3501 
13ATL_int_0114.5565/RD-NAME-4/. Okay.16.1652
15 16.5879Um,17.1138 
17 18.0677for the sake of the interview, I'll just call you /RD-NAME-1/.20.5153 
19ATL_int_0120.9174[What's] your, um, government22.2837
20 22.5518name if you don't mind me [asking?]24.2055
21ATL_se0_ag2_m_0324.0508[Uh], Mr. /RD-NAME-2/.25.1645
22ATL_int_0125.4944Mr. [/RD-NAME-2/],26.5830
23ATL_se0_ag2_m_0326.5050[You] [feel me.]27.3815
26ATL_int_0128.2528/RD-NAME-2/, so, um, how old are you?30.2533
29ATL_se0_ag2_m_0332.7782[you feel.]33.4949
30ATL_int_0132.8455[Okay, okay.]33.8311
31 34.2373And what would you consider35.7583
33 36.2378your ethnicity or your race or whatever?38.5875 
34ATL_se0_ag2_m_0338.7318Uh, I'm'a say Black and Creole.40.4900
35ATL_int_0140.9385Black and [Creole?]41.7112
36ATL_se0_ag2_m_0341.5978[Yeah], I'm from New Orleans, you feel [me. Got-] got that little Creole running in my blood as [well.]45.2584
39 45.0934[Okay.]45.5008 
40 45.7572Nah, that's a real thing,46.9739
42 47.1286and that's definitely something I wanna48.7011 
44 49.0620possibly touch on.50.2066 
48 53.4225how long have you been in Atlanta?54.8867 
49ATL_se0_ag2_m_0355.7065Uh, to be honest with you, I been in Atlanta m- more that what motherfuckers really59.6545
51 60.1443actually even think, you feel. But I'm'a say about a good-62.3665 
53 63.7328about a good64.6904 
55 65.4792maybe ten, fifteen,66.9331 
57 67.1239you feel me, years, you feel me, like69.0470 
59ATL_se0_ag2_m_0369.7998yeah, but I st- I still go back home. I still originate with my roots, you feel me, you know,73.4539
61 73.6704touch- touch bases with my family and,75.5472 
63ATL_se0_ag2_m_0376.0926[you know, s-] be around my people, you know.77.9020
64ATL_int_0179.1548You real half and half right [now.]80.8975
65ATL_se0_ag2_m_0380.6346[Yeah] man, I'm NOGA, N-O-G-A, man,82.9172
66 83.2059[you know what I mean.]83.7565
67ATL_int_0183.3606[You said] NOGA? [<laugh>]86.3458
68ATL_se0_ag2_m_0384.3470[NOGA, you feel me. New Orleans, Georgia], man.87.0470
69ATL_int_0187.2017I like that. I like that.88.7316
71 89.1080So, um,89.8467 
73 89.9895were you down here before the K-91.6170 
75 91.7077Katrina incident?92.7532 
76ATL_se0_ag2_m_0392.9181Actually I actually had graduated two thousand five, [and, um],97.0981
78ATL_se0_ag2_m_0397.9746I was home probably like-99.2945
80 99.9479probably like three, four months,101.6287 
82 101.7473you know, and then-102.7036 
84 102.7780then Katrina hit103.6653 
86ATL_se0_ag2_m_03104.0777[while I was home.]104.8614
87ATL_int_01105.9840[While you] was home where?106.9842
89 107.0306in Louisiana. New Orleans, Louisiana be,109.2711
91 109.3760you know, precise.110.2943 
92ATL_int_01110.4386You was there when that bih [hit?]112.0000
93ATL_se0_ag2_m_03111.9479[I] was there when that bitch [hit.]113.2884
94ATL_int_01113.0513[S- so] was it the whole state, or was it just some of it?116.4593
95ATL_se0_ag2_m_03116.5624It was- it was basically like New Orleans, the whole New [Orleans, uptown, downtown],120.7939
96ATL_int_01119.1492[/Real New Orleans./]120.1907
97 120.8071[Mm.]121.1659
98ATL_se0_ag2_m_03120.9058[the east], [you know] what I mean. Like everything really got123.6142
100ATL_se0_ag2_m_03124.1542real fucked up down there, you feel me. You know, a lot of- a lot of- a lot of people lost they lives. A lot of floods took-130.0356
102 130.1851took130.4530 
104 130.5477everything out,131.3727 
106 131.4456you feel me.132.0206 
108 132.3609And also one thing I'd like to say is like,134.3348 
112 136.3913in the Ninth Ward, you feel me,137.9278 
114 138.7321like139.1168 
116 139.2172they blew the levee, bro.140.4696 
118 140.9336I don't- like141.5799 
120 141.6597people- people are gonna say what they wanna say, but at the end of the day, that levee-144.7682 
122 145.4178that levee been blown before,147.0109 
124 147.3255and the damage that was done to the levee,149.5105 
126 149.5759a-149.9742 
128 150.3454a flood or hurricane literally couldn't do that type of damage, you feel what I'm saying.154.2212 
130ATL_se0_ag2_m_03155.3142[S-] yeah, so,156.4382
131 156.9022you [know.]157.2734
132ATL_int_01157.2064[That's] discouraging, [/unintelligible/] to hear.159.4691
134 159.5722Yeah, man.160.2078
135ATL_int_01160.2212But you know I'm always pro,162.0213
137 162.1089um,162.6812 
139 163.5151what's the word?164.3332 
141 164.4569Conspiracy theory [/and shit./]166.0724 
143ATL_int_01166.6447And I feel like that was definitely168.4286
145 168.8603something folks was mentioning, but, you know, kind of got swept to the side a little [bit.]173.1654 
146ATL_se0_ag2_m_03172.9643[Yeah], you feel me.174.1656
149 176.2936Do you feel like177.4176 
151 179.2015it's any possible way that, um, somebody breaking the levees would183.0376 
153 183.1179possibly help that situation184.8457 
155 185.1654at that time?185.7987 
156ATL_se0_ag2_m_03185.8293Not necessarily. I feel like they b- they broke the levee for- at the end of the day, everything else in New Orleans, especially the up and the down-192.4750
158 192.8293downtown New Orleans as far as the Ninth Ward like to get flooded, you feel me, for,196.7168 
160 197.2066you know, not ins-198.2099 
162 198.2902not insurances199.5390 
164ATL_se0_ag2_m_03199.7832[policies], but at the end of the day, for like-201.7114
165 202.3405to-202.7993
167 202.9282to bring hurt towards the people. You know, New Orleans is a very,206.0667 
169 206.4998I'm'a use this word, sin city city, you feel me.208.9798 
171ATL_se0_ag2_m_03209.4129[And it's] a lot of- it's a lot of stuff that people, you know, don't understand that go on.213.3009
172 213.4299A lot of people say voodoo,214.6240
174ATL_se0_ag2_m_03215.0709you know, Geechee stuff go down there, but at the end of the day,217.4429
176 218.0770it's-218.4586 
178 218.9278it's really that.219.7424 
180 220.0311You know, it's a lot of sin, you know. So221.9697 
182ATL_se0_ag2_m_03222.3461[in my] eyes, I really look at it like, you know,224.3967
183 225.0670in the Bible, God said, you know, like226.9128
185 227.0674he w- he will cleanse the i-228.4453 
187 228.5090cleanse the earth,229.2985 
189 229.8811and I feel like New Orleans that231.4433 
191 231.5258Hurricane Katrina232.5062 
193 232.5969and Hurricane Rita had cleansed New Orleans235.0098 
195 235.2934[to a certain] extent,236.2059 
197ATL_se0_ag2_m_03236.3555you know.236.7886
200 239.6707Mm.240.0728 
202 240.8139That's very very interesting.242.3864 
204 243.1082I don't know how deep of your New O-244.9791 
206 245.0729New Orleans knowledge you got,246.9737 
208ATL_int_01247.2521[but, you know], I'm'a at least248.4431
209 248.8453ask, see if I can learn something out of this [joint.]251.2737
210ATL_se0_ag2_m_03250.8148[M- yeah], you got to. You got to.252.3925
213 255.0051let's-255.2979 
215 255.4002we gonna double back to256.6962 
217 256.9849N-O right quick. Let's get to the G-A part.259.4119 
219ATL_int_01260.1905So, um,261.0824
221 262.1497you was done with, um, s-264.0470 
223 264.2533school like grade school265.9688 
225 266.3142when you, um,267.0979 
227 267.4897before you got to Atlanta, right?269.4129 
228ATL_se0_ag2_m_03269.6861Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.270.8706
231 273.1185So how was that transition from moving to N-O to Georgia? You don't got no friends from278.2987 
233 278.7834high school or,280.0831 
235 280.1858you know,280.6756 
237 280.7993shit like that. How did you, um,282.7482 
239 283.2006adjust? Did you have family down here?285.2165 
240ATL_se0_ag2_m_03285.4588Uh, we- my cousin /RD-NAME-3/ stayed down here, you know,288.1605
242 288.4286and, um,289.1696 
244 289.6749cousin /RD-NAME-3/ used to stay with us in the past, you feel me. He- he went through a little- a little- a little drug problem, but,294.8513 
246 295.3398you know, God touched his heart a- and saved him, you feel me, and made him bounce back how he's supposed to.299.6758 
248 300.0419So we end up staying with him and his wife and his two daughters, you feel me, so,303.3557 
250 303.9125you know, that- that put a big insight as far as Atlanta.306.5221 
252 306.5859You know, so we had- we had a little family down here, but308.9329 
254ATL_se0_ag2_m_03309.3144[everything] was totally different, you know,310.9551
255 311.0274trees, the hills,312.7173
257 313.1645/not/ the city, you know, like,314.7318 
259 314.8917you know, just315.6290 
261 315.9435moving around, people was different, the accents, you know.318.8153 
263 319.2934But, you know, y- you be one place long enough, you l- you learn a vibe. You learn how to-322.9437 
265 323.4077how to educate yourself with certain-324.9745 
267 325.0687certain things, you know.326.1183 
270 328.4230Okay.328.9282 
272 329.6861So the vibe,330.6090 
274 331.5718/shoo/ okay.333.0567 
276 333.3351So how much has the vibe335.2737 
278 336.5936changed from I guess ten years ago in Atlanta to now in regards to341.6758 
280 342.2997just lingo?343.0614 
281ATL_se0_ag2_m_03344.2627Alright, I'm'a- I'm'a [say this like-]345.9280
282ATL_int_01345.4588[Atlanta] lingo.346.3972
283ATL_se0_ag2_m_03346.5931alright, like,347.2943
285 347.7377you know, they had the Goodie Mobs, the OutKast, [you feel] me, you know.351.2629 
287ATL_se0_ag2_m_03352.2167Atlanta always embraced, like353.9903
289 354.7108other states with music,355.8583 
291 356.0101you know, tryna find theyself, you feel me, but358.1394 
293 358.9334<ts>359.0674 
295 359.1705i- it- it was really the Goodie Mobs and the OutKast that really brought Atlanta really362.6858 
297 362.7587to the-363.1100 
299 363.1835to the market of363.9692 
301 364.8251mainstream as far as like music, you get what I'm saying. And367.5408 
303 367.9018niggas was able to understand where niggas was coming from, you feel me.370.8457 
305ATL_se0_ag2_m_03371.6913And- but now these days, it's like-373.7522
307 374.7679like I said, other states influence Atlanta. Atlanta is- is a place where377.9800 
309 378.3564it's not just people from Atlanta. It's people from different countries, people from different states, so382.1342 
312 382.9564it's one big swag pool. One big [sauce pool, you feel me, so like],386.3709
314ATL_se0_ag2_m_03387.6186you know, [like]388.2494
315ATL_int_01388.0436[That's] [cool.]388.5268
316ATL_se0_ag2_m_03388.3671[when] I came down here, it was GDs and Crips,390.5008
318ATL_se0_ag2_m_03391.2727you know.391.7265
320 392.2627Now it's majority Bloods and Crips, you know, so at the end of the day, it's like,395.8975 
322 396.7018you know, s- something influenced something, you get what I'm [saying],399.9692 
324ATL_se0_ag2_m_03400.6756in order for things to be a little different.402.4492
327 405.3609I think that's a real,406.4797 
329 407.1757real great point.408.3615 
331 408.5691So-409.0125 
333 409.9561so sauce,411.1161 
335 411.5956swag,412.6474 
337 412.9361what would be another word for that?414.2500 
339ATL_int_01415.9457[Flavor. <laugh> Gotta] have that [flavor, /gotta have that drip./]419.7758
340ATL_se0_ag2_m_03416.5129[<laugh> Flavor.]417.6214
342 418.5023[You gotta have that fla- you] just gotta have that drip, gotta- you know what I mean. It's like422.0650 
344ATL_se0_ag2_m_03422.5755[it's so many] things you could say.423.8630
346ATL_se0_ag2_m_03424.2549[But] now424.8736
347 425.4510Atlanta is426.4667
349 426.7709the state that427.6165 
351 428.2713influence other states.429.6929 
355 431.5236wanna either have a little Atlanta when they rap,433.6629 
356ATL_int_01433.8065Just a [little.]434.4046
357ATL_se0_ag2_m_03434.1836[when they] dress,435.3584
359ATL_se0_ag2_m_03435.8998you know, just like436.8997
361 437.0002what that boy name is?438.2500 
363 438.6619In- in New York I milly rock. (rapping)440.3840 
365ATL_se0_ag2_m_03440.5438[you know what] I mean, like he from the A but he moved to New York.443.0083
367ATL_se0_ag2_m_03443.4723[That] [Gucci gang, Gucci gang], he not from Atlanta, you see what I'm saying, like,446.8429
369 447.1213Sound like it [though.]447.9978
370ATL_se0_ag2_m_03447.8173[you] feel me. It's- it's a lot of people that done got influenced from Atlanta cause Atlanta was like451.7859
371 452.0850the state that they looked at, like453.5956
373ATL_se0_ag2_m_03454.4463[that] the down East Coast, you feel me, like oh, them niggas ain't- them niggas slow.458.2757
374 458.4510They don't talk [fast, you feel me.]460.1576
376ATL_se0_ag2_m_03460.7750[but now at] the end of the day everybody on they dick,462.6208
378ATL_se0_ag2_m_03462.8256you feel me, [so],463.6557
380ATL_se0_ag2_m_03464.0166[you know, so],464.7852
381 464.8496ay,465.1664
383 465.3778that's- you know, that just my-466.6259 
385 466.6915my way I see things in my eyes, you feel me, so.468.9817 
386ATL_int_01469.2639Okay. Well yup,470.2486
388 470.8776I would say471.5943 
390 472.4244you been here for a s- quite some [time it seem.]475.3773 
391ATL_se0_ag2_m_03474.3771[Quite some time],475.5950
392 475.6796seen a [lot of shit.]476.7539
393ATL_int_01476.1249[You seen some] ups and some [downs and certain] people and situations.480.3785
395ATL_int_01481.6712Do you have any, um,483.3881
397 484.6306proclamations on the future possibly?487.3760 
399 487.4679Any trends you see?488.7023 
400ATL_se0_ag2_m_03489.2901I feel like if Atlanta keep on going the way they going, they could probably run about a good nother ten years494.2538
402ATL_se0_ag2_m_03494.7952[before something] else really just-496.6513
403ATL_int_01497.2957Okay, like it just gotta swing back /over./499.3728
404ATL_se0_ag2_m_03499.4244[Yeah, you know, a-]500.3989
405ATL_int_01499.8214[Atlanta be] winning [so hard right now],502.2226
406ATL_se0_ag2_m_03500.9747[Al- hard right] now. It's like-503.0837
407 503.1851[but you know-]503.6240
408ATL_int_01503.2550[hard as shit.]503.9653
409ATL_se0_ag2_m_03503.6913[but you know], everything is a full circle.505.3161
410 505.4469[You know, it start] somewhere,506.6979
412ATL_se0_ag2_m_03507.1155and everybody have they time, then it come back to where it originated from,510.4190
414 510.5788you know. So511.2800 
416 511.8162it a- it all depends on how you look at it. You know, like513.8941 
418 513.9636/nigga-/ you know, like I remember515.2796 
420 515.9498Busta Rhymes had some shit where he diss- he dissed Atlanta on that-518.9454 
422 519.2753that New York, whatever song that [was, you feel] me, you know what I mean.522.1148 
424 522.2953Yeah.522.6252
425ATL_se0_ag2_m_03522.7696You know, like523.4824
427 523.6524California wasn't messing with Atlanta,525.6911 
429 525.7670you know.526.2381 
431ATL_se0_ag2_m_03526.7588It's like it was a whole bunch of528.1176
433 528.1847different things, you feel me,529.6461 
435 530.0173and a lot of niggas came from a lot of states, you feel me, that had they own little swag, you feel me.534.0478 
437 534.4190But at the end of the day, when you- which- if you really listen to some shit on the radio,537.9597 
439 538.4701if you ain't really hearing niggas that sound like they from Atlanta, you hearing Atlanta niggas, and if not that, you hearing543.0175 
441 543.2135R and B shit.543.8940 
443ATL_se0_ag2_m_03545.1094But [also I'm'a say] this though,546.6923
445ATL_se0_ag2_m_03547.5481you know what I mean, [like-]548.4453
446ATL_int_01548.2081[R and] B niggas took the Atlanta swag [too.]550.2329
447ATL_se0_ag2_m_03550.0215[yeah], and [they- they ra- they] ran with it, you know what I mean, but it- you know, it's still- it's still not like-554.7443
449ATL_se0_ag2_m_03554.9247like to me in my eyes, everybody wanna be a Migo,557.2074
451 557.6353you feel [me.]558.2560 
452ATL_int_01558.1354[Yeah], [yeah, yeah.]558.7541
453ATL_se0_ag2_m_03558.4234[Migos] are hard, don't get me wrong, you feel me.560.3658
454 560.8423Everybody wanna be a Migo.562.0507
456 562.1762Everybody wanna, you know what I mean, like563.7355 
458 563.9986sound like the Migos,565.0900 
460ATL_se0_ag2_m_03565.6255[you know] what I mean, and at the end of the day, you feel me567.6311
461 568.0134Amigos, they- they- they put they work in, you feel me, so, you know what I mean, I respect it, you feel me. I ain't a hater. I b- I respect it, you feel me.574.0031
463ATL_se0_ag2_m_03574.5290But at the end of the day, one- everybody was trying to be T.I.'s at first577.1519
465 577.5850[Shawty Los], Gucci Manes, you feel [me. So] it's like580.4052 
468 579.6783[Yup.]580.0237 
469ATL_se0_ag2_m_03580.6579Atlanta bite Atlanta swag,582.0125
471 582.3889you feel me.582.9560 
473ATL_se0_ag2_m_03583.7912[And they] been doing it, so niggas get away with certain shit. But when it come from a different state,587.8630
474 588.2342then niggas want beef with the next nigga,589.8840
476 590.0387you feel me, cause they ain't from the A,591.5014 
478 591.6450you feel me,592.0832 
483 593.6769niggas in the A594.8013 
485 595.0952kind of understand596.3996 
487 596.8018this is really the culture whether you rapping about it or not.599.8320 
489ATL_int_01600.0692[You talking] like this, and this is going on,602.4409
490 602.6729you know,603.1421
492 604.3692the Migos kind of just really highlighting some shit we done already [known.]608.3481 
493ATL_se0_ag2_m_03607.9717[Knew, yeah.]608.6677
494ATL_int_01608.8585or just, able to highlight the shit first611.2700
496 611.5949that's really-612.2754 
498 612.3785you know,612.8374 
500ATL_int_01613.1880[and] I get that with the culture,614.7657
501 615.4617you know, type shit going, i- it kind of bring even more meaning618.3734
503 619.2189to my eyes i- in that type of way, like621.6525 
505 622.3434niggas be-623.0624 
507 623.2320been saying624.0640 
509 624.4301dabbed, and pipe-625.6056 
510ATL_se0_ag2_m_03625.8892[Yeah, no- lit.]627.0441
511ATL_int_01626.1728[pipe it up, pipe] it up,627.4986
512 627.5683lit.628.0082
513ATL_se0_ag2_m_03628.0907for [long times.]629.2649
515 629.9661All sorts of shit for a long time, so632.1161
517 633.5442[they got] a new song on that bitch.635.2133 
519ATL_int_01635.5381Walk it like I talk it, (rapping)636.6930
521 637.2499walk it [like I talk it], (rapping)638.5380 
522ATL_se0_ag2_m_03637.7345[Like that shit] dropped two thousand mother fucking640.5548
523 640.7713seven eight, you [feel me.]642.2393
524ATL_int_01641.7856[See I ain't] even have to say that. [You a real-]644.0711
525ATL_se0_ag2_m_03643.2241[You see what I'm saying], [come on],644.6574
526ATL_int_01644.2818[you a real] nigga [from the South] and from the A, you [know],647.3212
527ATL_se0_ag2_m_03645.1936[you feel.]645.7298
529 647.2597[Yeah.]647.8372 
530ATL_int_01647.6928[the hell] [I'm talking about. They don't.]649.3788
531ATL_se0_ag2_m_03648.1517[Niggas- niggas- niggas] been doing that shit, you feel me. They got a new song with, um,652.0650
532 652.2898<ts> uh, Gucci Mane,653.3474
534 654.2136mother fucking Wayne, Rick Ross or some shit.656.3171 
536ATL_se0_ag2_m_03656.9300And it's- it's some old school shit that used to be playing at mother fucking, um,660.4404
538 660.9199what's that club on Bankhead, you feel me?662.8276 
540ATL_se0_ag2_m_03664.3743Not Crucial, but it's- it's another one.666.2290
542 666.5384Like where ever- I'm Gucc. I'm Gucc. Where everybody really started off at, you feel me, like670.0781 
544ATL_se0_ag2_m_03670.4917where DG Yola started off, rest in peace, you feel me, [like],672.8840
545ATL_int_01672.7293[Shit], I probably definitely know it.674.4043
546ATL_se0_ag2_m_03674.4352you know what I mean, I can't think of it right now. It'll come to me though, you feel me. But678.1770
548ATL_se0_ag2_m_03679.0019[like], niggas- niggas been doing that shit, bro.680.8786
549 681.0745DJ Unk,681.8233
551 681.9331/Unk-/682.1612 
553 682.2618Oomp Camp, you know what I mean, [like]683.7336 
554ATL_int_01683.4861[Oh], oh, okay. [Oomp Camp /?/]685.3009
555ATL_se0_ag2_m_03684.6977[all that shit], you feel [me, like]686.1447
556ATL_int_01685.8371[Shit], [that's Oomp] Camp [/baby like a/] [motherfucker.]689.1781
557ATL_se0_ag2_m_03686.8271[and that d-]687.4097
559 687.8634[yeah.]688.3893 
561 688.9705[That niggas] is still- niggas is still running with that swag though, bro,692.1362 
562 692.4765like [niggas is still-]693.2962
563ATL_int_01692.7910[Is Oomp] Camp and them niggas still doing it?695.1420
564ATL_se0_ag2_m_03695.1730I- man, I heard some shit from DJ Unk the other day, my nigga, and I don't- I- y-698.7652
566 698.9508I don't know h- you feel me. [Like, I] just listen to this shit,701.4926 
568ATL_se0_ag2_m_03701.6614[and that was it], you feel me. I vibe, you [feel me],703.8578
571 703.4572[You check them] out [though. Ch-]704.8322 
572ATL_se0_ag2_m_03704.4249[yeah, but] you know what I mean, I st- you know,705.8531
573 706.4357nigga- niggas came from, you know what I mean, that era, you feel me.709.0844
576 709.9351you said that was- you talking about little Unk?711.7087 
577ATL_se0_ag2_m_03711.9923D- DJ [Unk.]713.1833
578ATL_int_01713.0441[DJ] Unk, okay.713.9248
579ATL_se0_ag2_m_03714.0326That nigga w- uh,715.3112
581 715.4865whatever s- now watch me two step. (rapping)717.4097 
582ATL_int_01717.4612Nah, that nigga was definitely one of the Atlanta [legends off the rip.]720.8266
583ATL_se0_ag2_m_03719.9243[You feel me.]720.6565
584 720.8782You feel me.721.5369
585ATL_int_01721.5845What about DG Yola? Is he still [alive?]723.5901
586ATL_se0_ag2_m_03723.5334[I] thought that nigga dead, bro.724.8430
587ATL_int_01724.9564He might be.725.8174
588ATL_se0_ag2_m_03726.2543I /don't-/ but you know, [niggas say everything though],728.1318
590ATL_se0_ag2_m_03728.2144but [at the end] of the day, the- when I did my little research,731.0286
592ATL_se0_ag2_m_03731.8161I don't know. I think the nigga dead,733.3488
594 733.4266you feel me,734.0795 
596 734.6363you know what I [mean.]735.2601 
597ATL_int_01735.1828[I] feel like somebody was saying that he died, but then he wasn't actually dead, but739.4814
598 740.3218I don't know. You probably woulda seen that nigga resurface by [now.]743.6459
599ATL_se0_ag2_m_03743.1730[N- by] now. Y- but [I know he got a life] sentence though.745.8268
601ATL_se0_ag2_m_03746.7033He murked a nigga, you feel me, shot a nigga in the head, you feel me. You know, he got shot in the head, got shot in the face, and got shot in the arm.752.2084
602ATL_int_01752.3218I know he got [shot],753.4778
603ATL_se0_ag2_m_03753.4509[Yeah, you feel.]754.2552
604ATL_int_01753.7242[like shot] in the face, but I coulda sworn he survived that [bitch.]757.0969
605ATL_se0_ag2_m_03756.6255[Yeah.] You feel me, so when it come to other niggas, and you still n- a street nigga you dealing with other niggas the first thing you are in this life.762.4296
606ATL_int_01762.9562That song was so fucking [inspirational.]765.4244
607ATL_se0_ag2_m_03765.3110[Yeah], I ain't gon- talking about that, uh, I ain't gonna let up.767.4813
608ATL_int_01767.6105Yeah, I ain't gonna [let up. That's /the one./]768.9253
609ATL_se0_ag2_m_03768.2086[I ain't gonna let] up, nah, I ain't gon- (singing) that shit [wa- yeah.]771.6049
610ATL_int_01771.0687[Won't let y'all] haters get (singing)772.5690
611 772.7031[to me.] (singing)773.5847
612ATL_se0_ag2_m_03772.8784[Yeah, that shit was] fire. (laughing)774.4715
613 774.9304That nigga did that shit though, fool. I ain't gonna even lie to [you.]777.2852
614ATL_int_01777.0481[Ay man], R-I-P my nigga [DG.]778.9867
615ATL_se0_ag2_m_03778.6876[I thought] that- look, I remember going- what's the name of that fucking club, bro? If I- I'm'a- I'm'a think of the name.783.6410
616 784.0019I'm'a f- I'm'a text my partner, you feel me.785.6982
618 786.2086[But]786.5334 
620ATL_se0_ag2_m_03786.8479[I'm- the first time] I heard Yola, [nigga, I thought] that was Boosie, nigga.790.1205
621ATL_int_01786.8607[But I d-]787.6512
623 788.5247[Mm-hm.]788.9207 
624 790.4041<inhale>791.1052
625ATL_se0_ag2_m_03791.1774I [ain't know-]791.8683
626ATL_int_01791.4558[That woulda] been hard if that was Boosie [song. I /inaudible/]794.9295
627ATL_se0_ag2_m_03793.3893[you feel me, I ain't know who that was], you feel me. And I'm- I'm from that city, [you feel me. I'm] from Louisiana, so798.9098
629ATL_se0_ag2_m_03799.6368that just show you at the end of the day, like801.0326
630ATL_int_01801.5224[I first heard-]802.3834
631ATL_se0_ag2_m_03801.5488[real niggas was listening] to real music, you feel me.803.6518
634ATL_int_01804.7798Cause I first heart Boosie in Alabama,806.8882
636ATL_int_01807.4657and I'm like,808.1057
638 808.2123I woulda thought that nigga was from Alabama the way they was [bumping /??/]811.5852 
639ATL_se0_ag2_m_03810.6675[Yeah, you feel me.]811.7141
640ATL_int_01812.0616Uh, [who is this?]812.8453
641ATL_se0_ag2_m_03812.4249[It's- it's] a different-813.5025
642 814.1830niggas brought a different swag to the table,815.9450
644ATL_se0_ag2_m_03817.6103[grinding motherfucker.]818.6982
645ATL_int_01817.6979[That's about all you really] can do.819.4406
646ATL_se0_ag2_m_03819.6726I'm Gucci, bro. [You know, like yeah, bro. You know, yeah], I- I feel you though, you know what I mean. Like I was just saying to myself, I'm higher than a motherfucker. I hit that bitch one time.827.4823
647ATL_int_01820.5615[/I was just like, my bad, so I have it./]822.3815
648ATL_se0_ag2_m_03827.7903Good /?/ [/this nigga tell me/]829.3164
649ATL_int_01828.2027[Bruh, give me a high five], bruh.829.6825
650 829.8578Y- I'm830.2525
652 830.3590I'm'a be like you when I grow [up]831.7860 
653ATL_se0_ag2_m_03831.6829[See, man, you know it-]832.6574
654ATL_int_01831.8591[/inaudible/] y- all- sometimes for some people that's really all you [need.]835.9977
655ATL_se0_ag2_m_03835.8268[Yeah], you feel me, [like I ain't gon-]837.2395
656ATL_int_01836.7350[I wanna be] one of them [people.]838.1625
657ATL_se0_ag2_m_03837.7190[I ain't gonna] lie. I'm a st- I was a stoner. I did a little time840.9916
659ATL_se0_ag2_m_03841.3061[in DeKalb], you feel me.842.5177
661ATL_se0_ag2_m_03843.1570You know what I mean, whole year, you know what I mean, to be precise, you feel me. Came back home, you feel me,847.3628
663 847.8791you know, I'm still a stoner, but,849.3677 
665 849.9297you know, with-850.5639 
667 851.2599with wisdom come knowledge, with knowledge come wisdom, you feel me. So /I end up lying like/855.0024 
669 855.8376everything ain't about getting high,857.4926 
671 857.6318you feel me. And I tap that bitch every now and then, you feel me. But860.3733 
673ATL_se0_ag2_m_03860.9611there's a bigger calling in life,862.5800
675 862.6758and I rather be focused, you see what I'm saying,864.6771 
677 865.2597than be blow. But I still get- I still get blow, and I ain't even necessarily just talking about weed, you feel me.869.4359 
679ATL_se0_ag2_m_03869.8573[I] still- I still get- I still871.6000
680 871.8835[jig.]872.4816
681ATL_int_01872.0124[You said-] <laugh>872.8271
682ATL_se0_ag2_m_03872.8683Jig, [you know what I mean.]874.0954
684 874.1263[Jig.]874.8327
685ATL_se0_ag2_m_03874.6677[I] still jig, you feel me, [but]876.4477
687ATL_se0_ag2_m_03877.0895that weed, I done- I done got a little edge on that shit, you know what I mean, unless I'm'a just blow it880.8481
689 881.0234every day881.7504 
691 881.8934/with that-/882.2285 
693 882.3935<laugh>]882.5894 
695ATL_se0_ag2_m_03883.2288[Nah], bro.884.3476
696 884.8838I'm [Gucci.] (laughing)885.8531
697ATL_int_01885.6004[Oh] my gosh.886.7487
698ATL_se0_ag2_m_03886.7596[I'm Gucci], bro.888.0120
700 888.9555let's see.889.5202
702 889.5875I'm tryna think.890.3785 
704 890.7033Nah, I'm not gonna say that892.2294 
706ATL_int_01892.7450[on here.]893.1523
707 893.3895Uh, I'll-893.9248
709 894.3213we'll speak on that another time. It's shit like that [/??/]897.2498 
710ATL_se0_ag2_m_03896.7549[Okay, okay], okay, [okay.]898.2398
711ATL_int_01897.9201[What about-]898.5554
712 898.6159[<laugh>]900.8782
713ATL_se0_ag2_m_03899.0905[<laugh> I appreciate you.]901.0019
714ATL_int_01901.3370What about the, uh, what about the club atmosphere as far as Atlanta?905.3070
716 905.7593That shit-906.2460 
718 906.3975what's your-906.9250 
720 907.0425what's your [thoughts?]907.7237 
721ATL_se0_ag2_m_03907.3811[The clubs] started on some crunk shit, you feel me. Lil Jon had niggas getting crunk.911.9965
722 912.1466[The Crime Mob] had niggas fighting in the club, you feel me.915.2756
724 915.3839Mm-hm.915.7139
725ATL_se0_ag2_m_03915.8943Then mother fucking916.8533
727 917.1575OutKast had niggas two stepping in the club, then919.7907 
729 919.9042[DJ Unk had] niggas walking it out in the club /this nigga tell me/.923.8071 
731 923.8985Mm-hm.924.3007
732ATL_se0_ag2_m_03924.3780And then mother fucking Gucci had niggas on they dope boy shit,927.9459
734 928.0494they- you know what I mean, they swag, you feel me.930.0952 
736 930.5025Then swag and surf had niggas surfing in the club. Soulja Boy had niggas d-934.5897 
738 934.8268dancing in the club, you feel [me.]936.2550 
740ATL_se0_ag2_m_03936.5747[Now] it's on some straight dope boy shit. It- like, it went back to that st- real street shit, you feel me, like,941.0176
742ATL_se0_ag2_m_03941.5693[you know] what I mean, but you might942.7654
743 943.0696every now and then catch some old-944.5493
745 945.5482you know what I mean,946.2592 
747 946.3544some dance [hall type shit. Yeah],948.0945 
748ATL_int_01947.1052[Like some watch me] whip, [watch me nae nae.]949.4511
749ATL_se0_ag2_m_03948.5691[watch- y- watch] me nae nae type shit, you [know what I mean, like], you feel me.952.0071
751ATL_se0_ag2_m_03952.6979[Juju on] the beat type [shit, you know what I mean.]954.7809
754 953.9044[nah, nah, that's- that's] real.955.4697 
755 955.5638That's real. We gotta salute them too, [man. They got] they own little [grind /going on/.]959.3328
758 958.7082[yeah, that's they own] little circle, you feel me. They made that shit /do what it do./ They- they conduct that shit in the right form an fashion, you [dig it],964.0844 
759ATL_int_01963.8214[It's cool.]964.4556
760ATL_se0_ag2_m_03964.8430you know what I mean.965.3328
761ATL_int_01965.3933Damn, okay. Nah, nah, that's pretty [much /??/.]968.5950
762ATL_se0_ag2_m_03967.6361[Hit the Qua- hit] the Quan, you see what I'm saying, [like], you feel me, like971.2658
764 971.4772So stepping into the club right now two-974.1007
766 974.2428two K eighteen,975.3890 
768 975.9046what976.1925 
770 976.3181the vibe you more so gonna be on now978.6874 
772 978.9039if it was-979.4604 
774 979.5947if that was i-980.1908 
776 980.2977what it was in the past981.7860 
778 982.4151you stepping into now983.8212 
780 985.0483what, still some dope boy [shit? /Or-/]986.7703 
781ATL_se0_ag2_m_03986.3837[Yeah, it's] still- it's still- it's the Future,988.4430
782 988.5484you feel me. It's that Thug.989.7607
784 989.9044Thugger,990.1880 
786 990.4399you feel me, you [know what I mean. It's the] mother fucking992.6414 
788ATL_se0_ag2_m_03993.4354Meek Mill, somebody save- (singing) It's like- it's- it's- it's- it's like, you know what I mean,997.7856
790 998.0485in my eyes, how- even some Kevin Gates, you feel me. S-1000.5431 
792ATL_se0_ag2_m_031000.9823I look at like it's on some shit like1002.4966
794 1003.0483niggas is putting they- it's still some trap shit cause niggas still trap. Niggas still say, or niggas still do they thing.1008.2337 
796ATL_se0_ag2_m_031008.5997[But] it's more of- of some shit like, you know what I mean,1010.8683
797 1011.1983niggas putting they hearts on the line.1012.7676
799 1012.9093Niggas is saying shit that's getting niggas locked up.1015.3112 
801ATL_se0_ag2_m_031015.5433[Niggas ain't-]1016.0795
803 1016.2960[it's reality] rap,1017.4017 
804 1017.4643you feel me. In- [in a-]1018.5374
805ATL_int_011018.2913[Big] [time.]1019.0286
806ATL_se0_ag2_m_031018.6241[in a- in] a aspect, you feel me.1020.1570
807ATL_int_011020.2756Okay, [reality] [rap.]1021.6727
808ATL_se0_ag2_m_031020.6468[Kodak- Kod-]1021.3119
810 1021.5749[Kodak-] Kodak Black just got locked up,1023.3316 
811 1024.0225you know what I mean, like1024.9042
813ATL_se0_ag2_m_031025.5435[just from] beefing with another nigga, you feel me, on Snapchat1028.1472
814 1028.3019and not knowing who all are watching the shit.1030.0277
816 1030.3112Them folks ran in that bitch,1031.4352 
818 1031.6982and even got cruelty to kids. Now I know that nigga love his little boy, bro.1035.0326 
820 1035.2698But at the end of the day,1036.0999 
822 1036.4144you can get cruelty to kids not doing shit to your child. Your child being around a pistol.1039.6986 
823ATL_int_011039.7863That's just a white man like really kind of pushing down on [the-]1043.7497
824ATL_se0_ag2_m_031043.6260[On] a Black [man],1044.5695
826ATL_se0_ag2_m_031044.7918you feel [me.]1045.3583
827ATL_int_011045.2243[My] bad. I had to take it there, [but damn. <laugh>]1049.3218
828ATL_se0_ag2_m_031046.5892[I appreciate you though.]1047.6547
830 1047.7475[I appreciate you though. Like that's what-] that's what it is though.1050.3117 
831ATL_int_011050.4973That's a [unnecessary /??/]1052.3572
832ATL_se0_ag2_m_031051.5697[Donald Trump president], my nigga, like1053.2646
833 1053.7338come on, man.1054.4453
835 1055.5641Like nigga- I ain't never- I ain't think he was gonna win that bitch,1058.6525 
837 1058.8006you feel me. But [at the end of th-]1060.0801 
838ATL_int_011059.4708[I didn't see] [it.]1060.7082
839ATL_se0_ag2_m_031060.5759[but] I'm'a tell you [like this.]1061.6466
840ATL_int_011061.3115[I didn't] see it.1062.4045
841ATL_se0_ag2_m_031062.4973And from- [from a- from a- from a- from a- from a Black man nigga /perspective/] on some real nigga shit, like1067.4981
842ATL_int_011062.9201[<laugh> It happened though. /God damn that shit./]1066.2906
843ATL_se0_ag2_m_031067.6331if you really peep game,1068.6881
845 1069.9100Donald Trump1070.6164 
847 1071.0429everybody that run,1071.9658 
849 1072.4865they need1073.0647 
851 1073.2910people to donate shit. They tryna get, you know what I [mean],1076.0338 
853ATL_se0_ag2_m_031076.3689sponsors and shit. Donald T- fuck that, Donald Trump had his own check.1079.7755
854ATL_int_011080.0178He got his own [check, friends] [with checks.]1082.4359
857 1081.4943[come on, man. And] niggas, they got checks, you feel me. But at the end of the day, that man got a check, bro.1085.7703 
858 1086.1158So he ain't have to go through1087.4305
860 1087.8121a- um,1088.5545 
862 1088.8418either do this for me or rallying on this1091.1774 
864 1092.0333a- rallying on that or some type of shit like that, you feel me.1094.5493 
865ATL_int_011094.8315That right there in the sky that's just moving like that, what that look like to you?1098.4561
867 1098.5270Okay, just a plane.1099.4354 
868ATL_se0_ag2_m_031099.4721That's a plane. That bitch look like a little missile, like nigga- [like Korea finna got] [down. <sound effect>]1103.3940
869ATL_int_011101.7235[At first-]1102.6051
871 1102.8371[At first], I ain't gonna lie, bih look [like a little] [disc.]1105.6574 
872ATL_se0_ag2_m_031104.5540[<sound effect>]1105.0129
874 1105.6058[You feel me, like nigga finna bomb] this bitch.1108.0586 
877 1107.9039[<laugh>]1109.9611 
880 1109.1516[Fuck is that?] You feel me.1110.9062 
882ATL_se0_ag2_m_031111.1140[That bitch is moving] kind of fast though, [huh.]1112.8521
883ATL_int_011112.7181[It] was moving fast with a lot [of light. I was like], [okay.]1115.6569
884ATL_se0_ag2_m_031114.2545[Yeah, yeah.]1115.0588
886 1115.5744[You] had me [thinking somebody's] outside the-1117.1658 
888ATL_se0_ag2_m_031117.2588out the m-1117.6845
890 1117.7530I'm finna grab the G [unit <sound effect>]1119.4090 
893ATL_int_011121.3682This nigga said grab the [G unit.]1122.9201
894ATL_se0_ag2_m_031122.5900[/this nigga tell/] me.1123.9822
896ATL_se0_ag2_m_031124.3211[Fuck that.]1124.9707
897ATL_int_011124.5583[Yeah, we] extra Gucci though.1125.9606
898ATL_se0_ag2_m_031126.2442[Y'all /redneck/]1127.0692
899ATL_int_011126.6051[What you call] it again? Uh,1127.8889
900 1128.7345Yeah, that's just some extra1130.1613
902 1130.3603definitely stoner type vibe, but1132.1978 
904ATL_int_011132.8939I dig it. What about, um,1134.5386
906 1135.6574as far as the style, what-1137.1129 
908 1137.3109how do you-1137.7502 
910 1137.9456what do you-1138.2654 
912 1138.3519what is your thoughts on style1140.0333 
914 1140.5179as a out there generally1142.5906 
916 1143.0532and just, you know, person?1144.5381 
917ATL_se0_ag2_m_031145.2032I [generally-]1146.0258
918ATL_int_011145.6775[Dressing] [style.]1146.6004
919ATL_se0_ag2_m_031146.5536[everybody] gonna dress alike.1147.7863
920 1148.4050That just how it is, [you feel me]1149.7905
921ATL_int_011149.3368[That's just-] what?1150.1576
922 1150.3373That's just how it is period before [time /?/?]1153.0786
923ATL_se0_ag2_m_031152.6881[Ah], d-1153.3731
924 1153.4383nah, [before time- before] time, niggas was dressing how th- ever the fuck they wanted to dress, you feel [me.]1158.2698
925ATL_int_011153.9770[Any time?]1154.8882
927 1158.1254[What] like, before the internet?1159.4969 
928ATL_se0_ag2_m_031159.5742Nah, y- I mean, yeah. I mean, you would say- I ain't wanna say before the internet. I'm'a say before Myspace and all that shit. Before shit like /when we was little/ that we was able to be like, what the fuck is this type shit? You know what I [mean.]1167.8273
930ATL_se0_ag2_m_031168.3016Niggas w- you know, they had the west side niggas dress like this. Your east side niggas dress like this. Your south side niggas,1173.1467
932 1173.4664north side niggas, you know what I mean.1174.9461 
934ATL_se0_ag2_m_031175.3483[Now] everybody on1176.5585
935 1176.9555designer belts,1178.0073
937ATL_se0_ag2_m_031178.4455[you] feel me, tight jeans. If- if they ain't /?/ it's Trues.1181.6731
938 1182.0687Uh, you know what I mean,1183.1050
940 1183.2442Louis, Gucci, all that [extra shit y-]1185.3426 
941ATL_int_011184.3940[That slick was your] shit. You was slick fucking with that [shit way before it was even trendy.]1189.6110
942ATL_se0_ag2_m_031187.2606[I- I still-]1188.2765
944 1188.3701[I st- you feel me. A] lot of niggas don't even know that. [Like nigga, I'm one of the niggas that- I'm- I'm'a talk shit] now.1193.5280 
946ATL_se0_ag2_m_031193.8683[I one of the niggas /started/] all that, the fir- one of the first niggas that had tat in his face, bro.1197.9710
947ATL_int_011193.8986[/Yeah, let's go./]1195.0335
948 1198.3731[You can say] [that, bruh, like <laugh>]1201.6859
951 1199.0974[come on, man. Niggas was not ta-]1200.5182 
953 1200.7256[I was banging /RD-NAME-1/ before] niggas was even banging /RD-NAME-1/, bro.1203.4683 
954ATL_int_011203.4947It wasn't [even /saying/ like] [that.]1205.4094
955ATL_se0_ag2_m_031204.0431[you know what I mean.]1204.8423
957 1205.3218[Like] [niggas a- niggas is walking up to you, what's up, cuh?]1207.6560 
959ATL_se0_ag2_m_031207.7461What's up, cuh? What's up, folk?1209.0068
961 1209.2749What's up, folk?1209.9194 
963 1210.2184I'm talking about t- a- niggas was saying the same shit, but niggas ain't even know why they was saying that shit.1214.1111 
965ATL_se0_ag2_m_031214.4978Niggas ain't know that shit was slick gang related, you feel me,1216.6515
967 1216.9660['til somebody tell-]1217.6672 
968ATL_int_011217.0073[They ain't even know.] Oh yeah, they was just [thinking like, oh okay /??/ slang],1220.5640
969ATL_se0_ag2_m_031218.8324[Yeah. What's a- just Atlanta slang, like shit, what's] up, cuh?1221.7500
971ATL_se0_ag2_m_031221.9253What's up, folk? Nah, nigga that- you know cuz a [Crip],1224.3666
972ATL_int_011223.9914[Seriously. <laugh>]1225.0225
973ATL_se0_ag2_m_031224.6069[Folk GD], you know what I mean. Like1226.2599
974 1226.6569and now, you know what I mean, I been banging /RD-NAME-1/, you know what I mean, [an-]1229.3701
976ATL_se0_ag2_m_031229.5123[before] Wayne was banging Blood, bro.1231.2376
978ATL_se0_ag2_m_031231.6036[And now niggas is- you know what I mean],1233.1542
979 1233.3862what's popping, blood- [yo]1234.7494
980ATL_int_011234.3297[A lot] of [people god damn] tried to switch over when they see they [favorite rapper.]1238.1759
983 1237.2582[When the see- come on], bro.1238.9325 
984 1239.2160A lot of niggas- I know a lot of niggas [switched over] when they seen Wayne banging Blood.1243.0881
986ATL_se0_ag2_m_031243.3458[But Wayne was one of the] niggas that was the most street nigga- the streetest nigga out there,1246.7628
988ATL_se0_ag2_m_031247.0206you [feel me /as far as-/]1247.8816
989ATL_int_011247.3248[Was he really?]1248.0466
990ATL_se0_ag2_m_031248.2631That how I looked at that shit, like on some real shit, bro. Like,1250.6864
992 1251.1387you know, you had your Trick Daddies and shit, you [feel me, like], but- you know what I mean, but he only gonna-1254.7323 
994ATL_se0_ag2_m_031255.0829he only gonna1255.6935
996 1255.7750affect a certain c-1256.7070 
998 1256.9170/you catch that for me./1257.6852 
1000 1257.9172Catch that door.1258.3400 
1002 1258.5926He only gonna affect a certain culture, you see what I'm saying. Like1261.0726 
1003ATL_int_011261.2582Oh yeah, [that's true. /Mr./ Wayne /??/]1263.3707
1004ATL_se0_ag2_m_031261.7068[but Wayne came on some- on some]1263.6182
1005 1263.8141tattoos on my face, golds in my mouth, sagging,1266.5467
1007 1266.8664[G-]1267.1068 
1008ATL_int_011266.9024[I think it was just the fact] that he was so good.1269.5872
1009ATL_se0_ag2_m_031267.2168[Gucci, Louis.]1268.1398
1010 1269.6273Yeah at [what he did. His craft] was a beast too though.1271.8043
1012 1271.9074His [craft /inaudible/]1273.9130
1013ATL_se0_ag2_m_031272.1909[His craft is o- is still a beast to this day.] That dedication, six nigga.1275.3037
1014 1276.2678That nigga stupid, bro.1277.3041
1015ATL_int_011277.5361Ay, bruh,1278.4539
1017 1280.0058artist-wise, bruh, you got some shit brewing over there.1283.3299 
1018ATL_se0_ag2_m_031283.8713By the grace of God. I [put God f- look <laugh>]1286.2120
1020ATL_se0_ag2_m_031286.9132I put God first with everything I do.1288.9020
1022 1289.3866[/This nigga tell me/]1290.3869 
1023ATL_int_011289.4722[Good call.]1290.1063
1024ATL_se0_ag2_m_031290.5600tatted in my face1291.5551
1026 1291.7562/this nigga tell me/1292.6997 
1028 1292.9884and at the end of the [day, like]1294.2479 
1030 1294.8406[/Very-/]1295.1799
1031ATL_se0_ag2_m_031295.0984[it's] God, you feel me,1296.2948
1032 1296.3660[you know what I mean], i- it ain't me,1297.6854
1034ATL_se0_ag2_m_031297.7693you feel me.1298.2787
1036 1298.3586I'm- I'm part of it, you know, cause it comes out of me, but-1300.8921 
1038ATL_se0_ag2_m_031301.7944and like1302.2589
1040 1302.3483he touched my mind, you feel me, and at the end of the day,1304.4740 
1042 1304.9432you know, with wisdom comes knowledge, bro.1306.6219 
1044 1306.7303You learn how to speak certain shit and how to say certain shit. You can put some shit together, you feel me. Like1310.3709 
1046 1310.9432I was watching Limitless, bro,1312.2322 
1048 1312.5828the movie, bro, you know, they talking about that NZT shit.1314.7431 
1050 1315.1748[Something- it supposed to be a drug that make you-]1316.9226 
1051ATL_int_011315.2212[Man, if I could get my hands] on some [of that shit.]1318.0775
1052ATL_se0_ag2_m_031317.4846[you ain't the only one-] I- nigga will blow up one day with they music, [you feel me, like] all the way,1321.3449
1054ATL_se0_ag2_m_031321.5099gonna touch all the right people you're connected with, all the right people you're fam with.1324.5879
1056ATL_se0_ag2_m_031325.6700[On] another note, you know what I [mean, like]1327.3920
1058 1327.7117[<laugh>]1328.7789
1059ATL_se0_ag2_m_031327.9849[I just-]1328.4699
1061 1328.5444[I just] got a- I got a beautiful mind, bro.1330.7522 
1063ATL_se0_ag2_m_031331.4586[I got a beautiful mi- <laugh>]1332.7939
1064 1333.2786[I got a beautiful] mind, [you s- you feel me.] (laughing)1335.6899
1067 1334.7841[I dig that.] (laughing)1335.7387 
1068ATL_se0_ag2_m_031336.1226[My shit j-] yeah, you feel me. My shit just-1338.0896
1069ATL_int_011336.1535[G shit.]1336.6846
1070ATL_se0_ag2_m_031338.1846you feel me.1338.6579
1071ATL_int_011338.9157[<laugh> /Nigga said I got a beautiful mind./] [<laugh>]1342.3340
1072ATL_se0_ag2_m_031339.1013[It's like a butterfly. That bitch,]1340.7151
1074 1341.1688[you know, started in a cocoon.] That bitch,1342.8735 
1075 1342.9622it came out the [cocoon and just-]1344.5252
1076ATL_int_011344.0818[Oh, this] is only going [up.]1345.7406
1077ATL_se0_ag2_m_031345.6426[you] feel me. That's it, bro.1346.9728
1078 1347.1121And [I ain't talking about-]1348.0143
1080ATL_se0_ag2_m_031348.3819[/I get-/]\1348.6425
1082 1348.7721[/??/]1349.3239
1083ATL_se0_ag2_m_031349.2606[oh] yeah, and I ain't talking about the life span either though1351.3178
1084 1351.5086cause [you know butterfly] life span ain't long either,1353.7050
1086 1353.8287[Mm.]1354.2206
1087ATL_se0_ag2_m_031353.9628[forty]-five days to the max, you feel me, [so.]1355.9323
1088ATL_int_011355.8034[Damn.] I ain't even [think about that.]1357.5550
1089ATL_se0_ag2_m_031356.6888[you know what I mean, like], nigga I got forty-five years1359.0722
1090 1359.1390on this shit that I'm'a [make it do what it do, you feel me/]1361.1899
1092 1361.7570/Oo hoo [hoo hoo/ /unintelligible/]1363.6530
1093ATL_se0_ag2_m_031362.4066[Yeah man, yeah they want- yeah.] I ain't gonna lie though,1364.4940
1094 1364.5921feeling good,1365.3028
1096 1365.8957<ts> been drinking this- uh, this1367.3157 
1098 1367.3877apple vodka.1368.1990 
1100 1368.5651[No n-]1368.9176 
1101ATL_int_011368.6686[Yeah], [yeah.]1369.3163
1102ATL_se0_ag2_m_031369.2585[we] ain't gonna say no names, you see what I'm saying, silent /k-/1372.0762
1103 1372.6743[you dig.]1373.1950
1104ATL_int_011372.7214[Ah, I'm] digging that.1373.7364
1105 1373.9206[Yeah.]1374.3124
1106ATL_se0_ag2_m_031374.1746[I] just cooling it, bro, you feel me.1375.8076
1107 1376.2046I'm finna get my Pro Tools up and running, you know what I mean, fuck around with some shit,1379.6384
1109ATL_se0_ag2_m_031380.4559[you] feel me.1381.1064
1110ATL_int_011381.8747Tomorrow about to be February1383.6276
1111ATL_se0_ag2_m_031383.9731The first, my [nigga.]1385.1486
1112ATL_int_011384.9181[the first], yeah.1385.7312
1113ATL_se0_ag2_m_031385.8653Yeah, bro.1386.5407
1115 1386.9827Like season of what? The Aquarius or some shit like that?1389.2203 
1116ATL_int_011389.5967Uh. (I don't know intonation)1390.1845
1118 1390.8496I guess so.1391.4683 
1119ATL_se0_ag2_m_031391.5920I fuck with 'em though. /RD-NAME-4/ Aquarius.1393.7722
1121ATL_se0_ag2_m_031394.6075[It's like] a water motion too. Them-1396.3694
1122 1396.8953no disrespect, them hoes like- you see what I'm saying, them hoes like, man,1400.0197
1124 1400.6487look,1400.9426 
1126ATL_se0_ag2_m_031401.3396[either you] riding with the wave, you feel me, or you going against the current. If you going against the current, my nigga, you might- y-1406.5714
1127 1407.0612you [might get-]1407.7003
1128ATL_int_011407.3190[Might drown in that bih. <laugh>]1409.1376
1129ATL_se0_ag2_m_031407.8059[you might drown] in that bitch. [You might get fucked] [up, bro.]1411.6485
1130ATL_int_011409.9365[Oh my god],1411.0499
1132 1411.2794[you might] get fucked [up.]1412.5456 
1133ATL_se0_ag2_m_031412.4837[Mm-hm], feel me, that [shit serious.]1414.2250
1134ATL_int_011413.6218[/No one-/ can't] go against the wave.1415.2721
1135ATL_se0_ag2_m_031415.3335Hell nah.1416.1224
1137ATL_se0_ag2_m_031416.7514[That wave] ain't no hoe.1417.9166
1140 1419.1592And what- what's your sign?1420.3230 
1141ATL_se0_ag2_m_031420.7097I'm a Capricorn, you know, we c- we come, we see, we conquer. We first, you feel me, like,1424.3600
1143 1424.8601you know what I mean, in-1425.7789 
1145 1425.9194in as far as America terms cause-1427.7357 
1147 1427.9213you know,1428.3389 
1149 1428.4523but we first, nigga. Like, nigga, we-1430.4837 
1151 1430.7518you feel me, /capping/ like a ca- like Gucci said, /capping/ like a Capricorn, nigga.1433.9471 
1152ATL_int_011434.4369Capping like a [Capricorn.]1435.9391
1154 1435.9948a- d- [like I-]1436.7158
1155ATL_int_011436.3548[How long] ago did Gucci say that [shit?]1438.4828
1156ATL_se0_ag2_m_031438.3436[that shit] was probably like s- about six, seven years ago.1443.5304
1157ATL_int_011443.9105He been on it. [Like a lot of these lingos] niggas be bringing out1447.4301
1158ATL_se0_ag2_m_031444.7200[He been on it, yeah.]1445.8130
1159ATL_int_011447.4901rap- [it's some older-] older [rappers been saying that shit]1450.5447
1162 1449.0973[nig- yeah, they been said that] shit. They been rock that shit. They been push that [shit, bro.]1453.0349 
1163ATL_int_011452.6380[OutKast] been said that trash.1454.4476
1164ATL_se0_ag2_m_031454.4816You feel me, yeah, you feel me.1456.0085
1166 1456.3488And at the end of the day,1457.3650 
1168 1457.4640niggas finally put two and two together though,1459.4526 
1170 1459.7207you [know what I mean], with-1460.5391 
1172ATL_se0_ag2_m_031461.2521when niggas was more-1462.2239
1174 1462.2903more wise niggas could been seeing what /the/ niggas was talking about,1464.9885 
1176 1465.9321you [know. I] l- I [lent-]1466.9837 
1179 1466.7576[/?/]1467.0136 
1180 1467.0787I'm- I'm ready to1468.1595
1182 1468.6029demystify the word cap1470.3917 
1184 1470.5335cause trap ended up being a whole bunch of meanings of its own1473.9327 
1188ATL_int_011475.1726even the deepest of the meaning [of]1476.9695
1190ATL_int_011477.2943[that shit] actually being a1478.4907
1191 1478.6007actual trap.1479.5408
1192ATL_se0_ag2_m_031479.8193Yeah, I'm- /?/ I- alright.1481.4067
1194 1481.5677Cap- yeah, like you- yeah,1482.8921 
1196 1483.1190you feel me, capping, it's like- you know, it's like- it's l- basically another word for jigging.1486.7422 
1198 1486.9020Trap, you feel me, nigga, it was just like- you feel me, like it's a trap, know, folks tryna get you in a trap while you [selling dope.]1491.9224 
1200 1492.1028[Yeah, yeah.]1492.8710
1201ATL_se0_ag2_m_031492.3555[And then nigga-] then niggas1493.5207
1202 1494.1858rearranged that bitch and put that bitch to I'm in a trap. But at the end of the day, you feel me, you hear the niggas like, nigga hit your phone, what's popping, bro?1500.0620
1204ATL_se0_ag2_m_031500.6704[I'm] in the trap.1501.4799
1206ATL_se0_ag2_m_031502.2584You speak life and death to exist /with/ your tongue, you feel me, [so you in the trap,]1505.4540
1208ATL_se0_ag2_m_031505.6226[you feel] me. Then you [wonder why s-]1507.0173
1209ATL_int_011506.3714[That's why]1507.0990
1210ATL_se0_ag2_m_031507.4180[shit get f-]1507.9542
1211ATL_int_011507.5366[we need] to change the word [for trap] to [mean something] else like freedom or [something],1511.6012
1214 1509.7231[Uh],1510.0311 
1216 1511.2585[you feel] [me, n-]1512.1044 
1217ATL_int_011511.6838[but maybe not] that, [/but something-/]1513.3383
1218ATL_se0_ag2_m_031512.5977[Not freedom, but on] some shit like- you know what I mean, just like what you doing, you feel me. You want- y- like, I understand you trapping, you feel me.1518.8251
1219 1519.2891But then, you know, but at the end of the day,1520.6554
1221 1521.0614trap means to contain, you feel me.1523.5361 
1224ATL_int_011524.5776just- I'm'a stop you right there cause that's how I'm feeling about cap, if I don't know the real meaning of [it.]1529.3768
1226ATL_int_011529.6535That's kind of containing us too if we just saying cap all god damn [day.]1533.6749
1227ATL_se0_ag2_m_031533.4738[Yeah], I'm capping these niggas, I'm capping [off of this /jug/.]1535.6960
1228ATL_int_011535.0747[Cap, cap], cap. We1536.1118
1229 1536.2139trap, trap, trap. We just stuck like a mother fucking /song/.1539.3501
1232 1538.3841[Yeah. Nigga- and-] and not- not necessarily mean1541.1666 
1233 1541.2599your mind stuff but your situation you might be stuck. [You might not be able] to g-1545.0046
1235ATL_se0_ag2_m_031545.3501like Boosie said one day,1546.5308
1237 1546.9226he was like,1547.5671 
1239 1547.8094I can't get past fifty thousand. I'm in the trap.1550.3409 
1241 1551.0459You feel me, [like-]1551.9275 
1243ATL_se0_ag2_m_031552.7971like niggas- niggas mind elevating, niggas getting older, niggas looking at shit, niggas seeing niggas dying, blase this blase that, you feel me. But [niggas is] stuck in that situation where,1561.0798
1245ATL_se0_ag2_m_031561.5026you [feel me, like-]1562.2708
1246ATL_int_011561.8583[/Saying/ the same] shit [over.]1563.1370
1248 1563.5700you feel [me],1564.1475
1250ATL_se0_ag2_m_031564.8679<laugh> /and/ that's [it.]1565.9661
1251ATL_int_011565.8051[/Am I/] gonna wanna like okay, let me change the channel or [something.]1568.6575
1252ATL_se0_ag2_m_031568.5028[Yeah], [you feel me, like, yeah], you feel me. It's the same rerun, nigga,1571.8372
1254 1571.9764[Mm-hm.]1572.5333
1255ATL_se0_ag2_m_031572.2136[you feel] me.1572.8014
1256 1573.7036I do feel you though, bro.1575.1112
1257ATL_int_011575.7660Nah, I'm- I'm- I'm digging all of that. So, uh,1578.2806
1259 1579.5077how long did it take you to get your hair1581.2964 
1261 1581.3629that long?1581.7969 
1262ATL_se0_ag2_m_031582.1836Man, you know, I- before I lock-1583.5979
1264 1583.7111before I got locked up, I- you know, I was growing it, /been/ about a year1586.2011 
1266 1586.3666then I got locked up.1587.3535 
1268 1588.1630That was about two years,1589.7083 
1270 1590.2136and then in March it's gonna be-1591.7397 
1272 1592.0491I mean now it almost a year,1593.4979 
1274 1593.6268so that's gonna be three years. So about-1595.1877 
1276 1595.2546about a good1595.8475 
1278 1597.3479two1598.0903 
1280 1598.3842and three fourths, <laugh>1599.8588 
1282ATL_se0_ag2_m_031600.4156yeah, you feel me.1601.2921
1284 1601.7960Made that bih do what it do.1602.9363 
1285ATL_int_011603.0179You plan on cutting 'em any time [soon?]1604.7350
1286ATL_se0_ag2_m_031604.6653[I] was thinking about it.1605.5700
1287 1606.2042I ain't a- I'm a clean- I'm a clean nigga, you feel me. Don't get me wrong, I- n- dreads, you feel me, you know, it's on some- you know, I'm a street nigga first and foremost, you feel me, but1613.4351
1289 1614.0383I'm a nigga where I like- I like that cleanness. I- you know what I mean, like,1617.2762 
1291ATL_se0_ag2_m_031617.6525[you] know, but1618.2970
1292 1618.6373who knows, bro, you know.1619.9300
1294 1620.9251Everything is predestined, you feel me, whether it's gon-1622.9069 
1296 1622.9731when I'm'a cut that bitch and whatever the fuck, you feel me.1625.3797 
1297ATL_int_011625.6825Okay, okay.1626.6364
1299 1627.4458I dig it. You winning either way.1629.0699 
1300ATL_se0_ag2_m_031629.2452/This nigga tell me/.1630.3640
1303 1632.3223Hoes gonna choose regardless.1633.7989
1305 1635.7210Let's see, um,1636.8377
1307 1637.9555did you catch the Grammys?1639.1351 
1308ATL_se0_ag2_m_031639.8982<ts> I actually didn't, bro.1641.1562
1310 1641.5016When- what day it came on?1642.5163 
1313 1643.6190the other day, probably like1644.7931 
1315 1645.1107two days ago.1645.8655 
1316ATL_se0_ag2_m_031646.2532Nah, I ain't catch that bitch. I probably was binging on mother fucking Netflix.1649.8983
1318ATL_se0_ag2_m_031650.8387[I fuck around] in- writing in the studio, mother fucking writing- writing some songs and just to some beats or some shit.1656.0671
1319 1656.4342But I ain't gonna even lie, I1657.3333
1321 1657.4234probably was binging on Netflix for real for real. I do my music, don't get me wrong,1661.0941 
1323 1661.1833you kn- I lock and load, you know what I mean, when the kids- you know,1663.5553 
1325 1664.2812[<laugh>]1664.6690 
1327ATL_se0_ag2_m_031664.8298you dig.1665.3000
1329 1666.0631But nah, I probably was binging, bro.1667.5150 
1331 1667.6305I probably had some shit on my mind, was watching some shit.1669.9680 
1332ATL_int_011671.1147What- um,1671.7499
1334 1672.7516what's hitting on Netflix?1674.1045 
1335ATL_se0_ag2_m_031674.5871I got all type of shit going on, bro, like I- I-1676.7592
1337 1676.8381I'm a like- I'm a like1677.9272 
1339 1677.9919mother fucking sci-fi kind of guy, action [packed]1680.6399 
1341ATL_se0_ag2_m_031680.8131[/this nigga tell me/, like]1682.0299
1342 1682.5579niggas killing their niggas1683.8905
1344 1684.1184[like that's a alien to the] third degree with1686.4628 
1345ATL_int_011684.2696[nigga /said sci-fi./]1685.6379
1346 1686.6361[Okay. That's just /inaudible/]1688.2612
1347ATL_se0_ag2_m_031686.9702[beaucoup fucking chopper guns] and n- you know what I [mean, like] just on some weird shit, you know what I [mean, like]1691.3206
1350 1691.0896[Okay.]1691.5062 
1351 1691.8361I [dig that.]1692.5662
1352ATL_se0_ag2_m_031692.2115[yeah], bro,1693.0447
1353 1693.2674you feel me.1693.8338
1355 1693.9221I watched that Strangers two, like that shit-1695.9572 
1357 1696.1385that sh- I ain't gonna even lie, that shit was1697.5023 
1359 1697.6467crazy as fuck.1698.9047 
1361ATL_se0_ag2_m_031699.8605But it- you know what I mean, it- it was some shit I was able to get into,1702.2368
1363 1702.3387you know what I mean, so I fuck with that shit.1703.8491 
1365ATL_se0_ag2_m_031704.5117[You know what I mean], like it's all type of shit come on that bitch, dog.1707.1683
1366 1708.2889I been watching literally like-1709.8029
1368 1710.2855Katt Williams just dropped some shit1711.7865 
1370 1711.8519on that bitch, you feel me. I don't remember the name of that bitch [but it's some new shit. You know he cut his hair?]1715.6670 
1371ATL_int_011714.1780[Ooh, new Katt Williams?]1716.3643
1372ATL_se0_ag2_m_031716.3856Man, that bitch [stupid dog.]1717.6911
1373ATL_int_011716.9622[I was /??/] for a little Katt [Williams.]1718.9910
1374ATL_se0_ag2_m_031718.6934[That shit] stupid dog, [and that nigga-]1720.6279
1376ATL_se0_ag2_m_031721.1426[that] nigga keeping it straight one thousand. He keeping it one [hundred about white folks],1724.6654
1377ATL_int_011723.6857[He too one] [thousand.]1725.3665
1378ATL_se0_ag2_m_031725.2181[you] know what I mean, voting for Trump and all [type of shit, bro, like]1728.6817
1379ATL_int_011727.5254[<laugh> He voted for] [Trump? <laugh>]1729.4716
1380ATL_se0_ag2_m_031729.1890[n-] you feel me. [He was-]1730.3463
1381ATL_int_011730.0882[Oh, he] was just talking about [niggas who voted for Trump.]1731.9955
1382ATL_se0_ag2_m_031731.0249[he was just talking about niggas],1732.3100
1384ATL_se0_ag2_m_031732.5420[you feel] me, but it's just the simple fact, like that nigga's- that nigga's a smart guy, bro. Like that nigga-1736.8200
1385ATL_int_011737.2015He's a smart guy, and they really be tryna play that nigga [like he a] [dumbass crackhead.]1741.3815
1388 1740.7318[But he- you know], yeah. Cause at the end of the day, he don't wanna say what the gover- what the- what the governments, what the niggas around him wanna say.1746.9432 
1389 1747.5980He like shit, nigga, my whole-1748.9274
1391 1748.9981my whole1749.6861 
1393 1749.8460campaign, nigga,1750.8680 
1395 1751.0023came out my pocket, nigga.1752.2575 
1396ATL_int_011752.8350G [shit.]1753.4485
1397ATL_se0_ag2_m_031753.3918[So] niggas can't tell me shit, can't tell me how to- you know what I mean.1756.0058
1398 1756.5826But I always was taught this though,1758.1912
1400 1758.4232every president they got1759.8462 
1402 1760.7677come- they all same blood. They all come from some type of ancestry, [bro],1764.6191 
1403ATL_int_011764.5366[That's] what everybody [say.]1765.5715
1404ATL_se0_ag2_m_031765.5148[you] feel me, [so who-]1766.5151
1405ATL_int_011766.1078[Even Obama?]1766.9638
1406ATL_se0_ag2_m_031766.9764even Obama, bro.1767.8875
1408 1768.0402He's not all the way Black though,1769.2425 
1410 1769.6086you know what I mean.1770.2530 
1411ATL_int_011770.6810[He's] all the way Black /?/ by1772.3656
1413ATL_int_011772.4976everybody else standards and shit like [that.]1774.7829
1414ATL_se0_ag2_m_031774.5317[As] far as us niggas, yeah. But as far as white people, he ain't all the way Black. He got some white that run in his blood1778.9746
1415 1779.3355just like they got some Bla- every b- every white person [got some Black.]1781.8347
1416ATL_int_011781.2418[Oh so I] thought white people don't acknowledge, uh, mixed people as, um, somewhat white people.1786.0470
1417ATL_se0_ag2_m_031786.4028Shit, they do though.1787.3604
1418ATL_int_011787.5512They do [though.]1788.2472
1420ATL_int_011788.6005They g- it's just too many of 'em1790.0363
1422 1790.2270out here now [to not acknowledge.]1791.8285 
1423ATL_se0_ag2_m_031790.9592[Yeah, to not] acknowledge it. They got too many [commercials on TV where they show a] Black woman and a white man1795.9331
1425 1796.2219Yeah.1796.6086
1426ATL_se0_ag2_m_031796.6601or a white-1797.3249
1428 1797.3972or a white woman and a Black man. You don't see the Black man and the white woman too many times, (laughing)1801.5207 
1430ATL_se0_ag2_m_031801.9744[but y-] (laughing)1802.6240
1432 1803.0365[but you-] (laughing)1803.6913 
1433 1803.9388[you might- you might catch the white] man and the Black woman, you [feel me, like] <laugh>1808.0414
1436 1807.0463[<laugh>]1807.3918 
1437 1808.2064[<laugh>]1808.9952
1438ATL_se0_ag2_m_031808.6240[a- you] feel me, bro, [like]1810.0831
1439ATL_int_011809.8401[Hey] honey, how's it [going?]1811.0002
1440ATL_se0_ag2_m_031810.7527[you see] what I'm saying, they got the older son, you feel me, and the little girl. It's always some shit like that, you feel me,1815.6726
1441 1815.8972/it's a- weird./1816.5826
1443 1817.3508<laugh>1817.8148 
1444ATL_int_011818.2582Nah man, that's- that's-1819.3892
1446 1819.4782that's definitely /??/. I mean, I see some- I d- I do see some1822.8249 
1448 1823.6859other, um,1824.7532 
1450 1825.4131perspective,1826.2779 
1452 1827.3812you know, commercials out [there. That's-]1829.1147 
1454ATL_int_011829.2097that's cool.1829.8354
1456ATL_int_011830.6397But I mean, shit,1831.5111
1458 1832.5408Black people, I would say it's- it's only like- how much1835.6387 
1460 1835.7228they say it is1836.9022 
1462 1836.9655of us in the actual United States?1838.9894 
1463ATL_se0_ag2_m_031839.0117I don't even know, bro.1840.1701
1465 1840.3093Now [that's one thing I don't know.]1841.7529 
1466ATL_int_011840.5361[S- compared to everything-] [everybody else?]1842.8872
1467ATL_se0_ag2_m_031842.0455[I know we supposed to be what], minority or some shit.1844.2573
1468ATL_int_011844.6852[Yeah, they made it seem] like we I guess ten percent?1846.8146
1469ATL_se0_ag2_m_031844.7116[So we ain't-]1845.3091
1470 1846.8507Yeah, yeah. Ten or twelve percent or [some shit like that.]1849.4492
1471ATL_int_011848.7583[Ten or twelve] percent. I heard those two in particular.1851.4947
1472ATL_se0_ag2_m_031851.5308But then I heard you only use ten or twelve percent of your brain too.1854.3974
1476 1855.7468[so what the fuck?] You feel me. (laughing)1857.4203 
1477ATL_int_011857.4486Yeah, that's crazy.1858.4794
1478ATL_se0_ag2_m_031858.6186You know what I mean, so [who-]1859.8324
1479ATL_int_011859.6756[<laugh>] [/unintelligible/]1860.9697
1481 1861.8190who the fuck [knows, bro?]1863.3194
1482ATL_int_011862.8657[Who the fuck] knows, [bruh?]1864.6186
1483ATL_se0_ag2_m_031864.2835[You feel] me. And [if-]1865.5985
1484ATL_int_011865.3353[I like] that.1865.9334
1485ATL_se0_ag2_m_031865.9162and they ain't gonna really keep it one thousand when niggas- let a nigga know what the fuck really going on,1869.8040
1486 1869.9793you feel me.1870.5980
1487ATL_int_011871.2683Oh man, when the last time you just, um,1873.8256
1489 1875.2214had to do a math problem?1876.7011 
1490ATL_se0_ag2_m_031877.4178Shit, every day. My little girl, what, five years old.1880.4687
1491ATL_int_011880.6130Oh [shit.]1881.3348
1492ATL_se0_ag2_m_031880.8863[They always] send her home with some shit.1882.5361
1493ATL_int_011882.6754Oh [yeah.]1883.3508
1494ATL_se0_ag2_m_031883.1084[Now that] shit simple though.1884.3952
1497 1885.0769now when it comes to that1886.1799
1499 1886.6233fucking MC squared decimal divided [by d-]1889.8303 
1500ATL_int_011889.6395[I was] about to say, [it's coming.]1890.9491
1501ATL_se0_ag2_m_031890.3355[X fraction.] Yeah, that shit coming, but [I'm'a make sure I'm ready though.]1892.9688
1503ATL_se0_ag2_m_031893.4534Fuck that shit. I be damned see m- like, my dad don't even know how to answer this [question.] (laughing)1896.6346
1505ATL_se0_ag2_m_031897.0419[You got me fucked] up. [Yeah, /??/ finna play me]1899.4380
1506ATL_int_011898.4583[Ay, yeah, man, you] need to [definitely /inaudible/ me too.]1901.8973
1507ATL_se0_ag2_m_031899.8762[cause I ain't gonna even lie, when I was little, used to a-]1901.7348
1509 1901.8356[<laugh>]1902.4481 
1510 1902.8003I used to ask my dad and shit. Nigga, /you don't-/1904.5769
1512 1905.1853well, look, uh, l-1906.1134 
1514 1906.3866l- let me call your auntie. Nigga, you supposed to know this shit. Bitch, you done went to- to the- to the mother fucking1910.9121 
1516 1911.2214high school, the n- the navy, a [little college], you feel me. Bitch, you supposed to know this shit.1915.3461 
1518ATL_se0_ag2_m_031915.8410But at the end of the day, you know what I mean, [everybody /that be-/]1917.6700
1519ATL_int_011917.0719[They got great] programs for folks that [go to] the m- army /now./1920.3665
1521 1920.4265[Yeah.]1920.9955
1522ATL_int_011920.7532[As far] as [that goes.]1921.9600
1523ATL_se0_ag2_m_031921.4942[Why] he ain't never fuck with it then?1922.9482
1524 1923.9793It just fuck it, /huh./1925.0827
1525ATL_int_011925.2322I don't know. I g- it was something in my [spirit told me-]1927.5561
1528 1929.1131[/??/] (laughing)1930.2371
1529ATL_se0_ag2_m_031930.0257[/That ain't/] like, [don't do it.]1931.2786
1530ATL_int_011930.7888[But I- I] salute everybody who [do.]1932.7056
1531ATL_se0_ag2_m_031932.6626[that] [fuck around. <laugh>]1933.7895
1532ATL_int_011933.0213[fighting for the freedom]1934.1490
1533ATL_se0_ag2_m_031933.9995[<laugh>] You stupid, bro.1935.8453
1534ATL_int_011935.9484[<laugh>] Yeah.1937.2992
1536 1937.4281Ay, fuck that shit.1938.9955
1538ATL_se0_ag2_m_031939.5715[<laugh> That what I say]1940.7895
1540 1941.0460[when] they try to recruit me.1942.3196 
1541 1942.7991/??/ [like /suck-/]1943.6498
1542ATL_int_011943.1084[Nah, I mean], I be- I be- I be wondering like, you know, all the hood [niggas and shit like that that actually], you know,1948.9331
1543ATL_se0_ag2_m_031946.7625[And they /actually/ fucking what /they say./]1948.3866
1544 1948.9799[Yeah.]1949.4120
1545ATL_int_011949.2477[bow] to that shit, why they don't go into the army where you- know, you can1952.2676
1546 1952.4738really put them skills to use, [and shit.]1954.7269
1547ATL_se0_ag2_m_031954.2784[/??/ you might] come back with just a leg or a [arm.] (laughing)1957.5575
1549ATL_se0_ag2_m_031958.5099[Nigga- <laugh>]1959.7628
1550ATL_int_011958.6019[No. Oh shit.] (laughing)1960.1535
1551ATL_se0_ag2_m_031960.1082[nigga], I- how the fuck I'm'a fuck this hoe now, bruh?1963.1398
1552ATL_int_011963.1966Ay [man, but] I mean, you tell her you a vet [dog.]1965.8343
1555 1965.6493[You-] feel- [/fuck/ yeah],1966.9125 
1556ATL_int_011966.3590[You kind of got] a check [though],1967.8200
1558ATL_int_011968.0726but they- I mean, they [/??/]1969.3615
1559ATL_se0_ag2_m_031968.9336[I know a] lot of niggas that go to like the National Guard and shit, uh, you know what I mean,1972.8352
1560ATL_int_011973.3095Oh [my /god./]1974.0107
1561ATL_se0_ag2_m_031973.6034[you feel] me. It's not really the- the- the real army [type shit, some shit where you go- yeah, like],1978.6341
1562ATL_int_011976.7368[Just like you in it, /but you ain't really/ in] it.1978.9200
1563 1979.0208[Okay.]1979.5570
1564ATL_se0_ag2_m_031979.1600[you feel] me. But if a war, they gonna call your ass. But shit, nigga, I- I been [with they ass for a week.]1983.3316
1565ATL_int_011982.2882[<laugh> They gonna hit you] [up, bruh /unintelligible/ nigga.]1985.1619
1566ATL_se0_ag2_m_031983.7632[/It b-/ you feel me.]1984.8713
1567 1985.2477Fuck that [shit.]1986.2634
1569ATL_se0_ag2_m_031987.5626Bruh, we need everybody from the National Guard, [every time some shit hit]1990.1649
1571ATL_se0_ag2_m_031990.4691[with the hurricanes] or some dumb ass shit.1992.0726
1573ATL_se0_ag2_m_031992.5933[I need] everybody from the National Guard,1994.2366
1574 1994.5460and then we call the folk from the Navy.1996.0021
1576 1996.0943Why the fuck y'all call the National Guard first?1998.2102 
1577ATL_int_011998.3907I know [right.]1999.1022
1578ATL_se0_ag2_m_031998.8238[They like] the niggas for the petty jobs, you feel me.2000.9325
1579ATL_int_012001.2611Oh [shit.] (laughing)2002.8697
1580ATL_se0_ag2_m_032002.1324[/This nigga tell me/.] Not tryna be disrespectful, but, you know what I mean, like-2005.2001
1581ATL_int_012005.2878Jeez Louise, I mean, nah, nah I- I feel you though. I- n- them other folks, they like really going to kill some shit.2011.2569
1582ATL_se0_ag2_m_032011.3806[Yeah, you feel me, like], niggas be having post- post-2014.2665
1584ATL_se0_ag2_m_032014.6119post [something] [depression type shit.]2016.0740
1587 2015.5709[post] traumatic.2016.7155 
1588ATL_se0_ag2_m_032016.8959You feel me, like-2017.9271
1589ATL_int_012018.4994Yeah, that shit is crazy.2020.2510
1590ATL_se0_ag2_m_032020.2974niggas in the- niggas in the, um,2022.1793
1592 2022.7825National Guard, they- god damn, they ain't like that. Them niggas smoking weed and everything.2026.9470 
1593ATL_int_012027.1894<laugh> [You think so?] (laughing) [<laugh>]2029.4837
1596 2029.3136[Our] niggas cooling it. Sh- what, we ain't got w- oh, they got a war on what? Ah, we straight, nigga.2033.7256 
1597 2033.9215We straight, nigga.2034.9114
1598ATL_int_012035.3033[Oh man, what] do you think the policies in the actual2038.4469
1600ATL_int_012038.6171government is gonna be2040.2979
1602 2040.4989when they legalize weed everywhere in the United States?2044.0757 
1604 2044.6171Like you2044.9715 
1606 2045.0846[/better-/]2045.4008 
1607ATL_se0_ag2_m_032045.3286[Man], they gonna make that shit to the point you probably only can grow you two plants.2048.8449
1608 2049.9365[And then s-]2050.6635
1609ATL_int_012050.0287[be like, what?]2050.7015
1610ATL_se0_ag2_m_032050.8584that you might- everybody might be able to only grow two plants cause it ain't gonna be /any-/2054.0509
1611ATL_int_012054.2874[You think] they'll probably let people grow [two plants in they own/unintelligible/]2057.5039
1614 2056.1066[Yeah, bro. They already l-] they already letting folks grow like seven plants in certain states, bro.2060.4225 
1615 2060.4912It's like [twenty-]2061.7457
1617ATL_se0_ag2_m_032062.0087nine states has legalized marijuana, bro,2064.9320
1619 2065.5971and out of twenty-nine, fifteen states has made that shit to the point where like, it's recreational, you see what I'm saying, so.2070.9991 
1621 2072.1282[/?/]2072.4568 
1622ATL_int_012072.2210[Shit], so what would happen if everybody can just grow they own weed,2075.7153
1623 2075.9524just own personal weed, enough for themselves at least?2078.6902
1626 2079.7019I think niggas- I think niggas gonna smoke that shit first and foremost cause they put all the work into growing that bitch. (laughing)2084.8449 
1628 2085.3075And for two,2086.0654 
1630 2086.3747the type of world we live in,2087.8561 
1632 2088.0025like, y- I'm'a go back to clothes right quick, like2090.2313 
1634ATL_se0_ag2_m_032090.6762Guccis, Louis, Ferragamos, you feel me, MCM's, you feel me. Like2094.2766
1637 2096.1791gonna always want some type of different type of2098.3342
1639 2098.5971strain of weed cause they always want some different type of clothes, you feel me.2101.7821 
1640ATL_int_012101.9470[Mm, that's true.]2103.1432
1641ATL_se0_ag2_m_032102.4729[So niggas- the money] still gonna generate, you feel me.2104.6745
1643ATL_se0_ag2_m_032105.1797Then niggas gonna be cross s- /cos-/ cross straining shit, you feel me.2108.5503
1644ATL_int_012108.5912Oh yeah, [yeah, okay, yeah.]2110.0300
1645ATL_se0_ag2_m_032109.1380[Yeah, so it's- it's] always gonna be another one that-2111.3700
1646 2111.4336they got moon rock,2112.2817
1648 2112.6942you [feel me, like]2113.4005 
1650 2114.0426Yeah, they do.2114.6312
1651ATL_se0_ag2_m_032114.6530come on, now. That shit get you high. I-2116.4604
1653 2116.5222last time I hit that shit, bro,2117.8115 
1655 2119.0836never again2119.6765 
1659 2121.4295[Dang], [that really-] (laughing)2122.4194 
1660ATL_int_012121.9709[Just hit] raw moon [rock?]2123.5279
1661ATL_se0_ag2_m_032123.2289[bro], [yes, bro. You know I don't even smoke like that no] more, [bro.]2127.2116
1662ATL_int_012123.8682[<laugh> You straight up-]2126.5221
1664 2127.1552[you straight up-]2128.1816 
1665ATL_se0_ag2_m_032127.2965[Nigga, I hit that shit, bro.]2128.6720
1666ATL_int_012128.3672[you add] to it,2129.4042
1667 2129.6723just hit the moon [rock /and shit/],2131.3369
1668ATL_se0_ag2_m_032130.7897[Bruh, that shit] had my heart beating so f- nigga, I thought I w- like, I had got high er- that [shit-]2134.9939
1671 2134.8422[/bro./]2135.4609 
1672ATL_se0_ag2_m_032135.0946[that shit-]2135.5485
1674ATL_se0_ag2_m_032135.9868[then my-] that shit said thirty-three percent THC2138.8469
1675 2139.0995pure.2139.4759
1676ATL_int_012140.3782Damn, what's the percentage?2142.0435
1677ATL_se0_ag2_m_032142.4133[Shit, everything] you- like you get the regular gas be like seventeen,2145.6799
1679ATL_se0_ag2_m_032145.7700you feel me, [like]2146.5689
1681ATL_se0_ag2_m_032146.7651[probably like] [eighteen.]2148.0074
1682ATL_int_012147.6826[Oh my] god, my brain might not even [recover from some shit] [like that.] (laughing)2152.7693
1683ATL_se0_ag2_m_032150.2547[You feel me.]2150.9249
1685 2151.3477[Mid- mid- I ain't gonna even lie], mid might be like2153.9242 
1686 2154.0892ten, eleven,2155.2441
1688 2155.3575[and- probably] ten. That- but you know, niggas don't smoke reggie, so I ain't gonna even go to that.2158.7745 
1690 2158.9807Mm-hm.2159.4241
1691ATL_se0_ag2_m_032159.5272But- but th- in New Orleans [they still smoke reggie though.]2161.6875
1692ATL_int_012160.5842[My- I buy s- I s-] I smoke reggie [/god damn./]2163.0899
1693ATL_se0_ag2_m_032162.5176[In Alabama] they still smoke reggie. That shit [still brown down there, bih.]2165.6664
1694ATL_int_012164.3465[/unintelligible/ shit.] [That's all you can get.]2166.8762
1695ATL_se0_ag2_m_032166.0067[That shit like f-]2166.8251
1696 2167.1204three percent,2167.8422
1698ATL_se0_ag2_m_032168.7445[so] niggas be high literally for like2170.4651
1699 2172.0428fucking2172.6151
1701 2172.8935three minutes. (laughing)2174.4300 
1703 2174.7135Niggas be high for2175.4907 
1705 2175.6079three minutes, three percent, three minutes, nigga.2177.8211 
1707ATL_se0_ag2_m_032178.8523[Like] nigga, no, nigga.2180.1206
1708ATL_int_012180.5640[/unintelligible/ but] then my-2181.8136
1709ATL_se0_ag2_m_032180.6413[And that's if-]2181.3157
1710ATL_int_012181.9075my cousins in Alabama could take2183.6327
1712 2183.7335Atlanta [/unintelligible/]2184.8578 
1713ATL_se0_ag2_m_032184.3989[Hell nah], nigga.2185.5951
1715ATL_se0_ag2_m_032186.5630Hell, I can't even take the shit,2187.8519
1717 2188.0582but I ain't [gonna lie though, like]2189.1770 
1719ATL_se0_ag2_m_032190.1308I'm- I'm almost to the point where like,2191.7755
1721 2192.1416alright I got some f- I got /something/ for that paperwork, you feel me.2195.1976 
1723 2195.6616[Where I c-]2196.1102 
1724ATL_int_012195.8318[Nah], definitely.2196.6876
1725ATL_se0_ag2_m_032196.7443where I can j- I'm'a start chiefing again, you feel me.2199.0064
1727 2199.4755You know, it- i- like I said, it enhances your mind at times too, you feel me, make you look at things a little different, you feel.2204.6919 
1728ATL_int_012205.4291Man, that shit-2206.3572
1730 2207.3110that shit-2207.8369 
1732 2208.1824I don't know, this shit like halfway overrated though.2211.1817 
1733ATL_se0_ag2_m_032211.6715Yeah, the weed, yeah.2212.7856
1735ATL_se0_ag2_m_032213.0107[Everybody say-] (laughing)2213.9607
1737 2214.2648[everybody say they got] they gas. A nigga be smoking the shit, the fuck is this shit, bro?2218.0118 
1738ATL_int_012218.2077I don't even [/inaudible/]2219.6771
1739ATL_se0_ag2_m_032218.8367[You feel me, might have] that gas smell /and taste/ just like me.2221.7343
1740 2222.0642[I had that gas smell and taste] like Froot Loop,2224.3263
1742 2224.4294Mm-hm.2225.0064
1743ATL_se0_ag2_m_032225.0223Cinnamon Toast Crunch.2226.2184
1745 2226.3680Fuck is this shit we smoking, nigga?2228.0488 
1747 2228.4392Cause everybody wanna have a plug in Cali, you [feel me.]2230.8573 
1748ATL_int_012230.5067[Nah, I'm] talking about just smoking in general.2232.6979
1749ATL_se0_ag2_m_032233.0124Oh nah, that shit-2233.8477
1751 2234.0242t- I don't know. That's- that's all about what you make it. Like I said, it's- it's all about how you take it, you feel me. If- if you allow that shit to enhance you2239.9096 
1753ATL_se0_ag2_m_032240.3942[where you] can do something productive with it,2241.8375
1754 2241.9858why not?2242.4655
1756 2243.3471If you just smoke that shit to smoke that shit,2245.2290 
1758 2245.7497[and you ain't-] you ain't gaining nothing from it, no benefits,2248.6769 
1760ATL_se0_ag2_m_032249.2337that's you.2249.8369
1761ATL_int_012250.1102That's [true.]2250.6631
1762ATL_se0_ag2_m_032250.6085[You] feel me, and at the end of the day, you feel me, some people smoke cause they got pains sometime. That shit take away the pain, you feel me.2255.8782
1763ATL_int_012256.1308I ain't gonna lie,2257.1104
1765 2257.5229I don't be having no pain,2258.8878 
1767 2259.2023and then when I smoke, it definitely don't be no extra pain [come out though.]2262.4195 
1768ATL_se0_ag2_m_032261.6204[Oh you feel that shit] cause it be [different.]2263.5069
1770ATL_se0_ag2_m_032263.9987That [shit disappear.]2265.1559
1771ATL_int_012264.3928[But if I did have] a little pain though and I smoked, I definitely forget about the [pain]2268.6154
1772ATL_se0_ag2_m_032268.3113[Fucking] right.2269.1517
1773ATL_int_012269.2135every time.2269.8322
1774ATL_se0_ag2_m_032269.8735I ain't gonna even lie to you, I-2271.1956
1776 2271.2594I was lifting this heavy ass TV right here,2273.1615 
1777ATL_int_012273.4399<laugh> Oh [shit.] (laughing)2274.8062
1778ATL_se0_ag2_m_032274.2184[and /I went/] down and pulled something.2276.1622
1779ATL_int_012276.6145[That bitch heavy than a /??/]2278.4448
1780ATL_se0_ag2_m_032276.8465[I pulled a- I pulled the fuck] out some [shit, bro.]2279.8369
1782ATL_se0_ag2_m_032281.0021And at the end of the day, bro, like2282.3891
1784 2282.5681I done hit the blunt, like I don't feel that shit right now.2285.1203 
1785ATL_int_012285.6152Oh, [right now?]2286.7701
1786ATL_se0_ag2_m_032286.2545[But I- yeah.] But, yeah, I be going to some- I be going- like muscle spasm and shit. I be going through some shit I might be walking.2291.4760
1787 2291.9658And my shit- I /??/ about to fall cause my left leg be2294.8777
1789 2294.9856[/??/]2295.5362 
1791ATL_se0_ag2_m_032296.1200like w-2296.4642
1793 2296.5909I [don't know what it i-]2297.4348 
1794ATL_int_012296.7851[Bruh, you only]2297.4541
1795 2297.6412thirty-one, bruh2298.5201
1796ATL_se0_ag2_m_032298.5491I n- but that's because I live- I ain't went to the doctor either though.2301.1353
1798 2301.4704I let that shit- fuck that shit, you heard me.2303.4090 
1799ATL_int_012303.6719Bruh, you [need to start stretching.]2304.8939
1800ATL_se0_ag2_m_032303.9194[Real sh-]2304.5020
1801 2305.4301I- when I started doing- /now/ the pain is so severe, but the weed got me high too so ain't no telling.2310.1301
1803 2310.7230/You know/, weed -just- it take your mind-]2312.1924 
1804ATL_int_012311.3675[Woah. /I'm about to s-/] you about to make me start god damn [stretching.]2314.4043
1805ATL_se0_ag2_m_032314.2496[Yeah], oh you got to, /foolie/,2315.6150
1806 2315.8568you feel me,2316.6044
1808 2317.1510you know what I mean.2317.9243 
1810 2318.5069I'm thirty-one but I'm twenty-seven, but I'm really twenty-four, so it-2320.9869 
1812 2321.1106at the end of the day, [who-]2322.5025 
1814ATL_se0_ag2_m_032322.6882[who know what you feel] me. (laughing)2324.1203
1815ATL_int_012324.5327[Nah, definitely. For real, bruh, I don't even] know what time it [is.]2327.5062
1816ATL_se0_ag2_m_032324.7905[It could- it could be god damn-]2326.4043
1818 2327.3774[you] see what [I'm saying, could be] letting them hoes,2329.1873 
1820ATL_se0_ag2_m_032329.4709you know what I mean,2330.2339
1822 2330.4350fuck with a nigga, you know what I mean,2331.9147 
1824 2332.1674you dig.2332.8428 
1826 2333.1985And we'll /??/ that for like,2334.6260 
1828 2335.3891ain't no telling, bro.2336.2449 
1829ATL_int_012336.6832Damn, uh,2337.5124
1831 2337.9965shit, what's one of the latest tracks you got?2340.1207 
1833 2340.7085Least getting [ready to-]2341.6417 
1835 2343.8580I did some little-2344.8376
1837 2345.5079I got all type of shit, bro.2346.8747 
1839 2347.1331The latest latest latest shit [I did]2349.3012 
1840ATL_int_012348.9557[The latest]2350.0849
1841 2350.2499that you [fuck-]2350.9975
1842ATL_se0_ag2_m_032350.8898[I] did some shit with a nigga called /RD-NAME-1/.2352.5124
1844ATL_se0_ag2_m_032353.4187[My] nigga /RD-NAME-3/ engineered that bitch, you feel me, and like-2356.2756
1845 2357.7141like that shit came out nice. I freestyled on that bitch. I was writing at first,2361.3115
1847ATL_se0_ag2_m_032362.0282[but I] couldn't get it together, so2363.7317
1848 2363.8304I just went for it, you feel me.2365.4966
1850 2366.2803Matter fact we gonna play that bitch in probably like the next five ten minutes, you feel me.2369.9419 
1852ATL_se0_ag2_m_032370.2902[See if I] can get that motherfucker, you feel me. But [it's f-]2372.6206
1854ATL_se0_ag2_m_032372.9248it's- it's my nigga /RD-NAME-1/ featuring me on that bitch, you feel me, and2375.6677
1856 2376.1988nigga got some of that shit going with that shit.2378.0483 
1858 2378.2133That shit, you know what I mean,2379.4404 
1860 2380.6005I'm fucking with it.2381.3480 
1863 2383.0790Now let's say,2384.1257 
1865 2385.2238you know,2385.8735 
1867 2387.7708you have some material that you was2390.0483 
1869 2390.4453rocking with2391.3149 
1871 2391.4103w- that was your own,2392.5747 
1873ATL_int_012394.3005and you wanted to put it out,2395.8988
1875 2396.5845and you could put it out any way2398.3736 
1877 2399.3480you wanted to,2400.2716 
1879 2400.3724how would you go about putting it out?2402.0896 
1882 2405.6368Alright, first and [foremost-]2407.1770 
1883ATL_int_012406.5531[You had the unlimited],2407.9091
1884 2408.0373you know,2408.5201
1885ATL_se0_ag2_m_032408.5484what you mea- [it w- like we- like] [break it down] a little bit more. Like whatchu mean it's like2411.7256
1888 2409.9852[for-]2410.2619 
1889ATL_se0_ag2_m_032411.8003if I had my own little shit going,2413.8768
1891 2413.9570[and I ha-]2414.3834 
1892ATL_int_012414.0380[I mean the-] you know, if you got the check2415.7875
1893 2415.8563or [whatever]2416.5747
1895 2417.4563How would I push my music, [basically?]2418.8625
1896ATL_int_012418.5634[How would] you go about pushing your music if, you know, money wasn't a issue, and-2422.8325
1897ATL_se0_ag2_m_032423.8201I feel like first thing /I need to/ go is internet-wise,2426.2236
1899 2426.8062you feel me.2427.4198 
1901ATL_se0_ag2_m_032427.9250[Internet] is everything,2428.9562
1903ATL_se0_ag2_m_032429.3675[you feel] me. It's- it's like the golden ticket, Willy Wonka chocolate factory. You got the internet, my nigga,2433.7755
1904 2434.2808it's- there's no possibilities,2435.7249
1906 2435.7909you feel me.2436.2864 
1908ATL_se0_ag2_m_032436.7490[You know], like2437.3987
1909 2437.8885you- you learn shit,2439.0073
1911ATL_se0_ag2_m_032439.4481[you can make] shit.2440.4169
1912 2440.7397[You can m-] you can make your own beats. You can record shit, you feel me, like you can watch other nigga shit. You can watch shit overseas,2446.4922
1914ATL_se0_ag2_m_032446.9562China, Korea, like2448.3225
1916ATL_se0_ag2_m_032448.6285[it's n-] it's- there's no- there's- it's endless, you feel me. So2451.5899
1917 2452.1983what I would do, you feel me, like2453.7141
1919 2454.0389I drop my shit on2455.0043 
1921 2455.0926everything that got2456.0586 
1923 2456.2523music on it2456.9918 
1925 2457.3785from Spotify to Music Choice to, come on, the fucking infinity shit,2461.4760 
1927 2461.7854YouTubes, you feel me, SoundClick, SoundCloud, you feel me, like2465.7450 
1929 2466.1678every music shit, you feel me, that got s- XM Radios,2469.5487 
1931 2469.8735whatever the fuck they got, you feel me,2471.5594 
1933 2471.8533I try to drop my shit. Even if it just one track,2474.2081 
1935 2474.6464you feel me, cause that one track2476.0900 
1937 2476.5798coulda been it got somebody attention, you see what I'm saying.2478.4816 
1939ATL_se0_ag2_m_032478.9096This person might not like it,2480.3223
1941ATL_se0_ag2_m_032480.8224[but it's] the-2481.2563
1942 2481.3644it's- this the you- this the world.2482.8163
1944ATL_se0_ag2_m_032483.3591Everybody ain't gonna always like what the next person do.2485.3942
1946 2485.8170That's why everybody got different fans, you feel me.2488.0223 
1948 2488.3884And some niggas got2489.3474 
1950 2489.6567the same fan that listen to ten different artists, you feel me, but might not fuck with this one artist, you feel me. So2494.9040 
1952 2495.6258I drop everything on the internet first.2497.1880 
1954 2497.2600I drop all visuals, everything,2498.9513 
1956 2499.3741and just like- like- even like what- you know what I mean,2501.5352 
1958 2501.6370what we doing right now, you feel me, like2503.2447 
1960 2503.9768nigga w-2504.3945 
1962 2504.6177I got that- had that tripod,2506.1248 
1964 2506.2476you feel me.2506.8524 
1966 2507.2906We coulda put th- my little iPhone right there, <sound effect>2509.2447 
1968ATL_se0_ag2_m_032509.9923and- and still c- and been recording this bitch, you feel me. [So we woulda had] the visual, and we would had the mother fucking, you know what I mean,2515.3272
1970 2515.4767[Mm.]2516.5697
1971ATL_se0_ag2_m_032515.7603[a little video, you feel] me, with [niggas i-]2517.5428
1973ATL_se0_ag2_m_032517.9450yeah, you feel me, you know what I mean. So2519.5948
1975 2519.9609it all depends on, you know what I mean, how you do shit, you feel me.2523.0699 
1977 2523.5995My situation right now is- at the end of the day, it's about2526.1774 
1979 2527.6778getting in contact with the right person cause Atlanta is the city of fraud.2530.8111 
1981ATL_se0_ag2_m_032532.2290N- dead ass serious, so you /been had-/ you /been had/ p- you /been had/ put money on this website, put money on that website, p-2536.9390
1983ATL_se0_ag2_m_032537.0049I'm'a say2537.5130
1985 2537.6663five-2538.3520 
1987 2538.6305five websites you put money on,2540.2752 
1989ATL_se0_ag2_m_032541.2857two of 'em legit.2542.1313
1991ATL_se0_ag2_m_032542.9057[Everything] else a scam.2544.0750
1992ATL_int_012544.4397Yeah, definitely.2545.3237
1994 2545.4026[You gonna-]2545.7778 
1996 2545.8982[nigga, y-]2546.3736
1997ATL_int_012546.0417[you gonna take] some [L's.]2547.0228
1998ATL_se0_ag2_m_032546.9598[you] gonna take some- /real/, you gonna take some L's, bro. And you might think it's- okay,2550.2967
1999 2550.6975Pandora just hit me,2551.8266
2001 2552.5948and put your money on Pandora, and it might not even be Pandora.2555.6677 
2002ATL_int_012555.8018Nah, nah, it could be finesse king.2557.3729
2003ATL_se0_ag2_m_032557.4915You feel me, [like, finesse] /king's shorty/, you [feel me, like-]2560.8118
2006 2560.0849[<laugh>]2563.2904 
2007ATL_se0_ag2_m_032561.3532[oh, this nigga done played me, bruh.]2563.2079
2009ATL_se0_ag2_m_032564.3644I had Pand- I [s-]2565.3149
2010ATL_int_012565.2620[Ay, you never seen that] [guy.]2567.5543
2011ATL_se0_ag2_m_032565.3797[look, I got Pandora to hit-]2566.8634
2013 2567.2656[bruh, I] h- got Pandora hit me on this motherfucker, /foolie/,2569.9916 
2015ATL_se0_ag2_m_032570.4505[and it was some nigga lying] something or whatever the fuck.2573.0799
2016ATL_int_012573.2862Oh man.2573.9100
2017ATL_se0_ag2_m_032574.1878And that nigga had- you know, I look at the bottom. I look at it to try to see if it's copy written, try to look at the reviews, you know what [I mean, the] shit people say cause at the end of the day, all that shit2581.3162
2019ATL_se0_ag2_m_032581.6874let you know. Cause motherfuckers, if they get fucked over, they gonna-2583.9092
2021 2584.1638this motherfucker here2585.5749 
2023ATL_se0_ag2_m_032585.9872[that- you know] what I mean, they gonna type some shit in that [motherfucker, you feel.]2588.7031
2024ATL_int_012587.8008[Definitely, definitely.]2588.8629
2027 2589.8889you know what I mean, like2590.7912 
2029 2591.0748I ain't fuck with 'em though,2592.0956 
2031 2592.3830[and it coulda- it could- it coulda been] legit to be real with you, but I ain't fuck with it. I was just like, fuck it.2596.9871 
2032ATL_int_012592.4947[They didn't get bad reviews?]2593.8627
2033ATL_se0_ag2_m_032597.5852I- you know, you know when the time is right,2599.5031
2035 2599.6485and that's [how I look at shit], you feel me. So at the end of the day, I ain't feel like2602.6933 
2037 2603.0542[Nah, nah, you got a-] you got a plan in mind, tryna come up with some more [leverage.]2607.3527
2038ATL_se0_ag2_m_032603.2140[that wasn't the right time.]2604.2953
2040 2607.2960[Yeah], [you feel me.]2608.4509 
2041ATL_int_012607.8318[You don't get to see] whoever2609.2346
2042 2609.4202that is at the [moment.]2610.5124
2043ATL_se0_ag2_m_032610.4088[You] feel me, you just gotta see wha- you know what I mean, [what the fuck?]2612.9609
2044ATL_int_012612.4092[I ain't talking] about nothing for real for real.2614.5283
2045 2614.9253That- you would know.2615.8224
2046ATL_se0_ag2_m_032617.1983So [it's all about how you s-]2618.3377
2047ATL_int_012617.3987[/inaudible/ /be known./]2618.8629
2048ATL_se0_ag2_m_032618.7657[yeah], it's all about how you do that shit.2620.3684
2051 2621.8739That's still lit though to get, um,2623.8421 
2053 2624.6773Pandora sending you stuff like that.2626.4561 
2054ATL_se0_ag2_m_032626.7706Hell yeah,2627.3635
2056 2627.5941that's a /blood-/ I mean, l- somebody listening.2629.2526 
2058 2629.5001[But at the end of the day], you still- eve-2630.8818 
2060ATL_se0_ag2_m_032631.1809some- even if it ain't the network.2632.9892
2062 2633.4016Somebody listening though.2634.6545 
2063ATL_int_012635.4537That's interesting though that, um, you chose to go the internet route instead of the physical, we gonna get out here and,2641.8919
2065 2642.4281you know, hit the [clubs and the-]2644.6547 
2066ATL_se0_ag2_m_032643.8099[That's next though], you feel me, cause your image is everything,2646.7016
2067 2647.0006but your image also can be portrayed on the internet.2649.5617
2069 2650.0876[Niggas- niggas-] I'm'a be real with you, the way that life- shit- and how shit is right now,2654.0871 
2071 2654.3913[M-hm.]2654.7471
2072ATL_se0_ag2_m_032654.5718[niggas] ain't- niggas going out, but niggas ain't going out.2657.7657
2073 2657.8749Niggas just [call they niggas to come] through.2659.7276
2075ATL_se0_ag2_m_032660.1026They'll take they big ass flat screen, hook up either they PS4 or the Xbox One X, whatever the fuck, you feel me, [YouTube],2666.0768
2077 2666.2160[Mm-hm.]2666.6336
2078ATL_se0_ag2_m_032666.5048[and] they gonna watch videos.2667.8246
2079 2668.0670So niggas is seeing you2669.3343
2081 2669.4255right then and there cause /them's/ your videos, that's your vis- you know what I mean, your visuals. Niggas is looking at you.2673.4740 
2082ATL_int_012673.5772That's what niggas really [doing.]2674.7888
2083ATL_se0_ag2_m_032674.6290[And] then once niggas do that shit,2676.2530
2085ATL_se0_ag2_m_032676.6449[then] niggas might be- then- then you might hear the nigga with like, I'm coming to the city near you at such and such club, you feel me.2681.4158
2087ATL_se0_ag2_m_032681.7702[And] niggas be like,2682.5882
2088 2683.3151<ts>2683.4801
2090 2683.6850let me go see this nigga, bro.2685.1131 
2092 2685.7370[/Only/ where] it's a real live show, you feel what I'm saying,2688.2376 
2094 2688.2718[Mm-hm.]2688.8821
2095ATL_se0_ag2_m_032688.6584[but shit], nigga,2689.5645
2096 2689.8654nigga, I /got/ kids. Nigga my2691.4281
2098 2691.5166three year old know how to work the mother fucking phone and [tablet, nigga, /what's he-/]2694.8975 
2100 2695.4595[Folks gonna be] watching2696.7054
2101ATL_se0_ag2_m_032695.5088[you know what I mean],2696.1134
2102 2696.8454[come on, bro.]2697.4851
2103ATL_int_012696.9019[/there/ regardless.]2698.1605
2104ATL_se0_ag2_m_032697.9089[You gotta] know.2698.6316
2105 2698.7164You gotta know that.2699.5539
2107 2700.5926E- easily too, bro.2701.8094 
2109 2702.2373So it just- you know what I mean, it just depends, you feel me.2704.3719 
2110ATL_int_012704.7173So would you rather perform for people online than in2707.7682
2112 2708.1961front of fifty people in real life?2710.2430 
2114 2712.2436[Or a hundred] people in real [life?]2713.9779 
2117 2713.9322[Yeah.]2714.3883 
2118 2714.8354I'd rather perform for them hundred million niggas that might just2717.3028
2120 2717.4125accidentally click your mother fucking video,2719.5516 
2122ATL_se0_ag2_m_032720.0208[you] feel me,2720.7294
2124ATL_se0_ag2_m_032721.0217[then be] out there performing for them hundred niggas that ain't gonna spread your shit2724.0925
2126ATL_se0_ag2_m_032724.3449[to a hundred more.] Just keeping it one hundred, not [saying they won't, you feel] me,2727.3716
2128 2727.4283They [might not.]2728.0573
2129ATL_se0_ag2_m_032727.7016[but it- but] e- you know what I mean, like nig- nigga'll get on- nigga go see you do your show,2731.4227
2130 2731.8300then nigga might go home and YouTube you,2733.2169
2132 2734.3822you feel me. [So that just add] more, after them seeing you feel me.2737.0360 
2134ATL_se0_ag2_m_032737.3763But that don't necessarily mean they gonna tell a hundred more niggas,2739.8821
2136 2740.2172or this nigga gonna tell a hundred more niggas.2742.0100 
2138 2742.4019So, you [know what I mean],2743.2629 
2139ATL_int_012742.7886[So the- um], so the street grind, that's just-2745.3574
2140 2745.6489that just way not as important as the [internet.]2748.5359
2141ATL_se0_ag2_m_032748.1853[The street] grind is strong, you feel me, but it all depend on how your street grind is. Now I seen niggas done blew2752.7328
2142 2753.1078off of that street grind shit, you feel me. [I done seen niggas] like, you know what I mean,2756.6034
2144 2757.0262[I feel like /it's sometimes folk/] do the street grind shit for [real too.]2760.2994
2145ATL_se0_ag2_m_032757.0698[you know, cause sometimes, s-]2758.3925
2147 2759.8251[cause sometimes] you gotta get out there and l- and let that one DJ cause that one DJ might have a million followers,2764.6032 
2148ATL_int_012764.8661[Sheesh], [sheesh.]2766.6088
2149ATL_se0_ag2_m_032765.0208[you feel me.]2765.6086
2151 2766.0056[So that] one DJ2767.4028 
2153ATL_se0_ag2_m_032767.7492[could been and] post your song on his- on his shit,2770.2784
2154ATL_int_012770.4588Mm, [yeah.]2770.9022
2155ATL_se0_ag2_m_032770.7771[and] then now one million niggas /been had/ check your shit out, you feel me.2773.5472
2156 2773.7792So I'm'a be real with you and a- like you saying that, a- when you really look at shit,2777.0053
2158ATL_se0_ag2_m_032777.2477[it's like-]2777.7350
2159 2777.8653it's like equal and equal.2779.1966
2161 2779.3083It ru- it runs head and head, it's yin and yang, you feel me, so2782.0773 
2163 2782.7630it all depends on,2783.6550 
2165 2784.2273you know, how you do that shit, you feel me,2785.7431 
2167 2785.8114you know what I [mean.]2786.4171 
2168ATL_int_012786.1542[But just] to get you-2787.0874
2169 2787.3091people go out the door /there/ just to fuck with the DJ?2790.0777
2170ATL_se0_ag2_m_032790.1602Yeah, you gotta fuck with the DJ. You fuck with DJ, DJ fuck with you, the DJ gonna play your shit. DJ gonna spin your shit, you see what I'm saying.2796.0262
2172ATL_se0_ag2_m_032796.5933[That] how I look at that shit, you feel me.2798.0614
2174ATL_se0_ag2_m_032798.5821[And] then once the DJ play your shit,2799.9381
2175 2800.2216the crowd gonna-2800.9847
2177 2801.3250gonna dictate your shit, you feel me, whether or not they like the shit or they don't like that shit, you feel me. So2805.4019 
2179 2806.2629it depends, you know what I mean.2807.5158 
2180ATL_int_012808.1241The DJ is still very important.2809.8551
2181ATL_se0_ag2_m_032810.0304Yeah, the DJ always important, and the producer though2812.0979
2183 2812.4073cause a lot of songs out this bitch suck.2814.0674 
2184ATL_int_012814.4541Shi- [<laugh>]2817.0623
2185ATL_se0_ag2_m_032815.4956[Being real with you.]2816.4023
2186 2817.4747But them niggas- you know what I mean, them niggas- them niggas got a fire ass fucking beat, just like your beats. You shit fire than a m-2823.7944
2188 2824.1178my nig- I don't even wanna say no names, you heard me, cause I ain't gonna do it like that. But2827.7166 
2190ATL_se0_ag2_m_032828.1548[I done s- I] done- I done s- I done seen- I done heard your shit on a couple of niggas' shit, and niggas really wasn't spitting shit.2833.7475
2192ATL_se0_ag2_m_032834.1394[But that] beat was so hard, it make you just2835.9852
2193 2836.2120listen to the rest of the song to [see what the-]2838.0824
2195ATL_se0_ag2_m_032838.5215[what the beat] might do,2839.6599
2196ATL_int_012839.9022I love it.2840.6034
2197ATL_se0_ag2_m_032840.6343[you feel me.]2841.3461
2198ATL_int_012840.7387[I love it.] I wanted to at least help the, um, artist out to that2844.2770
2199ATL_se0_ag2_m_032844.3138You [feel me, see with the] beat, my dude, and niggas might come on that bitch2847.5572
2203ATL_se0_ag2_m_032848.7365[Like what the] fuck is you saying, son?2850.7576
2204ATL_int_012851.5668[I /dig/ that], [man.]2852.6498
2205ATL_se0_ag2_m_032851.6547[But hey],2852.1084
2207 2852.4848[yeah] man, but at the end of the day, you know, it is what it is, you feel me, so2855.9121 
2208ATL_int_012856.4628[Well yeah], man,2857.4634
2209ATL_se0_ag2_m_032856.6393[I know-]2856.9062
2210ATL_int_012857.5920that's pretty much gonna conclude this interview, man.2860.3253
2212 2860.4143I- I appreciate your time, man.2862.2580 
2213ATL_se0_ag2_m_032862.2936[I p-]2862.6475
2214ATL_int_012862.4301[Definitely] [got a lot /??/]2863.7321
2215ATL_se0_ag2_m_032862.9728[you already know], my nigga, you slay that shit. I'm'a keep on jigging /til I'm-/ watching motherfuckers jig.2867.6388
2216 2868.0358YouTube me2868.8828
2218 2868.9597/RD-NAME-4/ you feel me,2870.3508 
2220 2870.7168Facebook, you know what I mean,2872.2223 
2222 2872.8603the /RD-NAME-4/,2873.8760 
2224 2874.1235Twitter the /RD-NAME-4/, Instagram2876.0878 
2226 2876.3508/RD-NAME-5/, you feel me, like, fuck with me, my nigga, I'm out here.2879.3243 
2228 2879.5305One love, one blood.2880.5565 
2230 2880.7679Mr. watch me mother fucking jig.2882.5261 
2232 2882.7271Shoutout my brother, you feel me, /RD-NAME-1/2884.6142 
2234 2884.8106/RD-NAME-4/,2885.4036 
2236 2885.8573you feel me. We gonna keep it rolling, my nigga.2887.6773 
2238 2887.9144/One./2888.1980