LineSpeakerSt TimeContentEn Time
1DCA_se1_ag1_m_070What, count to ten now?1.1810
2DCA_int_021.1810Yeah, give me your name and count to ten.3.5845
3DCA_se1_ag1_m_073.5845Oh, my name is /RD-NAME-4/5.2402
4 5.8406One, two6.8664
6 7.0529three7.4819 
8 7.7990four8.1627 
10 8.4926five, six, seven10.2458 
12 10.5163eight10.8147 
14 11.0665nine, ten.12.0644 
17 17.2017Uh, what kinds of games did you play when you were younger?19.9330 
20 21.4951I played Hide and Go Seek,23.0199 
24 24.9596baseball,25.8829 
26 26.2828a little bit of football,27.6490 
28 28.1479some basketball.29.1784 
30 30.0084That's all.30.5260 
31DCA_int_0230.8617H- How did you play hide and go seek ? /How'd you-/33.0103
32DCA_se1_ag1_m_0733.6816We used to uh, find a tree,35.6447
34 36.0877and you hide your face and37.4399 
36 38.0589you say uh,38.8376 
38 39.0521I spy, stick him in the eye, whoever stole my apple pie.42.6799 
40 43.2814And you say, all around my base is it,44.9629 
42 45.0886and, ready or not, and the person that you catch47.5888 
44 48.1017then they it while you go hide.49.8782 
47 52.4976Pretty good. Uh,53.4395 
49 54.5073how about uh, other games like uh, Red Rover Red Rover. Have you ever-57.8122 
50DCA_se1_ag1_m_0758.5909Uh, I never played that.59.6867
51DCA_int_0260.4794How about basketball? You play much basketball around here?62.8018
52DCA_se1_ag1_m_0763.0897Yeah, I play basketball all the time on the playground.65.3699
53DCA_int_0265.9481Oh, do you play on a team?67.4589
54DCA_se1_ag1_m_0767.9112No, I used to play on a team when I went Catholic School though.70.5166
56 71.0621Not anymore.71.9947 
57DCA_int_0272.9879What's your best shot?73.8692
58DCA_se1_ag1_m_0774.7400What, in basketball? Well I shoot a,76.2928
60 76.5026you know,76.8803 
62 77.1134lay up. I'm not too good, you know.78.9460 
65 81.6957You can't-82.0550 
67 82.3021You don't stuff it do you?83.3652 
70 85.2537[Nah, I'm too] short for that.86.5733 
72 86.9277Is that right?87.4765
74 87.7052How about when you're younger, you ever play uh, Kick the Can?90.8154 
75DCA_se1_ag1_m_0792.2376Nah, I never played that.93.4534
76DCA_int_0293.7286Or uh,94.9689
78 96.0041How about uh, with marbles?97.4869 
79DCA_se1_ag1_m_0798.1257Oh, yeah, I used to [shoot marbles.]99.9057
80DCA_int_0298.6608[Yeah, how'd you play that?]99.9057
81DCA_se1_ag1_m_07100.3767Well, you know, we used to draw a little circle in the dirt,102.5170
83 103.0625and each man put in like104.3915 
85 104.7831two marbles,105.5698 
87 106.0363and y- and each marble you knock out the uh, circle is yours109.1138 
89 109.5615and you know, you try to win all the marbles,111.7192 
91 111.8964have a collection.112.8243 
93 113.0711So you know,113.7709 
95 113.9388whoever got the most marbles the best marble shooter.116.3542 
96DCA_int_02117.8918Oh, good.118.6098
98 120.7408How about at uh- at the beginning of games. Like you're gonna play Hide and Go Seek. How do you decide who's uh,126.9380 
100 127.4416gonna be it?128.1492 
101DCA_se1_ag1_m_07128.3264Oh, well, we used to put our feet129.8465
103 130.0423all together,130.9096 
105 131.3899and say something like132.3598 
107 132.5306you know, Mickey Mouse built a house.134.2162 
109 134.5356How many, you know, bricks did he use? and136.7429 
111 137.0693like if you say, four,138.3345 
113 138.6236you count around four whoever four land on then he out,141.5705 
115 141.9436and the last man still in that's the man it.144.5063 
118 146.9112Any other rhymes you could use?148.4593 
120 148.8137Like,149.2473 
122 149.8116one potato, [two pot-]150.9740 
123DCA_se1_ag1_m_07150.6662[Yeah], we used to say it like that, [too.]152.5733
124DCA_int_02152.1630[How'd] that one go?153.1142
125DCA_se1_ag1_m_07153.3466Well, I don't remember it too good, but155.0389
127 155.2397one potato, two potato, three potato more.157.7064 
129 158.4011Something like that,159.1006 
131 159.3652you know.159.7429 
134 160.9040Very good.161.4962 
136 162.3588How about uh, televsion? Do you watch a lot of television?164.9840 
137DCA_se1_ag1_m_07165.5471Um, yeah I watch a lot of television, sometimes.168.4287
140 169.5292Well what's your favorite program?171.2716 
141DCA_se1_ag1_m_07171.4864Like I like to look at uh, I Spy, you know, /but I don't get in til late/.175.3303
143 175.7220And uh,176.1091 
145 176.3422It Takes a Thief,177.4893 
147DCA_se1_ag1_m_07178.3787Sunday Night at the Movie,179.9035
149 180.5936something like that.181.4469 
150DCA_int_02182.9017How about uh, can you tell me the best time you ever watched I Spy, what happened?187.3600
153 189.7577not really, you know. I-191.2126 
155 192.0845I watch it and192.9658 
157 193.6368you know, I don't really remember about what happened195.8050 
159 196.3739to next day, you know.197.4790 
161 197.7308Nothing [like that.]198.4536 
163 199.1705Did you happen to watch it last week, you know?201.2362
164DCA_se1_ag1_m_07201.6372No, I did- I haven't been looking at TV lately.203.6795
166 204.2892[You know], I've been working and205.5808 
168DCA_se1_ag1_m_07206.1963you know, partying at night.207.3667
169DCA_int_02207.9076Yeah, what- what kind of work do you do?209.4091
170DCA_se1_ag1_m_07209.8649Well, I work at the /RD-JOB-4/ as a uh, case worker,212.5226
172 212.9517[you know.]213.8517 
173DCA_int_02212.9517[What do you do?]213.8517
174DCA_se1_ag1_m_07214.2060I work with little children who've been in trouble for the first time at number thirteen precinct.218.6132
176 219.2128And you know, I talk to 'em about uh,220.9101 
178 221.4604you know,221.8241 
180 222.2985do they think what they did was right and224.3549 
182 224.9704you know, would they do it all over again and try to227.1433 
184DCA_se1_ag1_m_07228.8115you know, try to uh-229.8606
186 230.4621You know, I know the environment they in, and I try to232.5558 
188 233.2785you know, make 'em overlook the environment to b-235.3230 
190 235.4956You know,235.8492 
192 235.9560go to something a little higher.237.4062 
195 239.2108That's interesting. How about the- I guess you have some really interesting242.7168 
197DCA_int_02243.2903[things] happening there.244.4001
198DCA_se1_ag1_m_07244.6318Yeah, we have children like broke in a house, something like that. Ain't but nine years old.248.9847
200 249.8275And you know, hook school, don't like school252.2476 
202 252.7932or stole something out the drug store. You know, mostly255.0966 
204 255.2225you know, little things256.2646 
206 256.6622that could lead to bigger things though,258.4995 
208 258.6431[you know.]259.2455 
210 260.8728How did you get interested in that?262.2204
211DCA_se1_ag1_m_07263.0819Oh well, we had a uh-264.2709
213 264.6486I was working here as just uh, you know-266.9427 
215 267.3344We j- clean up this place,268.9454 
217DCA_se1_ag1_m_07269.3557and uh,269.7520
218 270.1077one day they aksed us did we wanna start some new,272.4065
220 272.5346you know, groups.273.3298 
222 273.8042So I suggested a juvenile delinquents group276.0891 
224 276.5414cause uh, you know I figured I277.8190 
226DCA_se1_ag1_m_07278.6863could talk to uh, juvenile children you know, cause I was-281.7069
228 281.8782I know how it is when they coming up.283.4963 
230DCA_se1_ag1_m_07284.3496So uh,284.7454
232 284.9457we agreed and got together and went down to number thirteen,287.6975 
234 288.1254and they gave us some help. They agreed290.0838 
236 290.4376so uh,290.9278 
238 291.2215you know, we got it on the ball.292.8909 
239DCA_int_02294.2233That's interesting. Your b- Is that what your buddies do, too? /Are they into/ that kind of work?297.8883
240DCA_se1_ag1_m_07298.0375It's only five of us on the uh, staff.300.5077
242 300.9087But in the summer we hope to, you know,302.6014 
244 303.4500put on more people, make it a304.9282 
246 305.3571you know,305.6509 
248 306.1254[city wide] thing.307.2351 
250 308.2470You plan to go into that uh- ?309.9163
251DCA_se1_ag1_m_07310.5878I would like to go into that in the future. That's what I was thinking about, but uh,313.9253
253 314.6014they say when you go to college, you gotta take up this and all that, you know.318.2653 
255DCA_se1_ag1_m_07318.8295I don't really know if I'm qualified or not, but321.1609
256 321.6272I think I got the ability to you know, talk to the children, make 'em understand me,325.2818
258 325.7621[you know.]326.1677 
259DCA_int_02325.7621[Yeah.] That's important, huh?327.3708
260DCA_se1_ag1_m_07327.6599But I- You know, I like to be a case worker or something like that, like a probation [officer, so.]332.0138
262 332.3636They probably listen to you too, you know, because you're younger, more their age and all that.336.8574
265 337.6408that's- that's what I think they need you know, younger uh, case workers, you know341.0541 
267 341.4259who can understand the children's problem.343.2538 
270 346.0193Good. Uh, how about uh,347.6047 
272 348.4813movies? Do you go to movies much?349.7951 
273DCA_se1_ag1_m_07350.4293Every now and then when something, you know, uh,352.5322
275 352.8680supposed to be good come to the movie,354.7844 
277 355.1703something like that I go.356.6111 
278DCA_int_02357.6743[What's the best] movie you've ever seen?359.2736
280 360.1223Well the best educated movie I've seen was uh, The Fox, you know.364.0189
282 364.3174In a long time anyway was [The Fox.]366.5276 
284 366.6581Yeah, I saw that. What'd you think of that?368.7052
285DCA_se1_ag1_m_07369.1563I thought it was [you know]-369.8930
286DCA_int_02369.6258[Well], what happened?370.6065
287DCA_se1_ag1_m_07371.1753Well, you know it.371.8748
289 372.0473It was uh, you know, two women373.8612 
291DCA_se1_ag1_m_07374.0823[And uh], they were living together on a farm. You could say, you know, all by theyself.378.1545
292 378.6208[And you know], running the farm and uh,380.2435
294DCA_se1_ag1_m_07380.7693you know, suspense about the picture to me was I didn't know that they were uh, lesbians or whatever you call them, [you know.]386.1782
295DCA_int_02385.8417[Yeah], mm-hm.386.4973
296DCA_se1_ag1_m_07386.7973And uh,387.3009
298 387.5480then uh,388.0889 
300 388.5085you know, one woman- I guess she got lonely for compassion or sex391.7679 
302 392.3041and uh,392.7938 
304 393.5433you know uh, it was this fox395.1474 
306 395.7862and uh, she wouldn't shoot the fox. You know the fox was eating up they chickens, but398.8544 
308 399.2309I guess the reason why she wouldn't shoot it because it was a uh, male fox, you [know.]403.3995 
309DCA_int_02402.9193[Yeah.] Uh-huh.403.9358
310DCA_se1_ag1_m_07403.9218And then this man came, you know,405.8324
311 406.0423whose grandfather used to live there407.9354
313 408.5509and uh,408.9146 
315 409.1244he fell in love with her410.5047 
317 410.9838and wanted to marry her,412.2288 
319 412.7976you know and [uh]-413.7815 
321DCA_se1_ag1_m_07413.9867Then the other girl, you know, didn't want her to marry him.416.2482
323 416.7739And as the picture went on418.0609 
325 418.5319you know, uh-419.1101 
327 419.3805I remember the other girl say uh,420.8120 
329 421.1011I loved you longer than, you know,422.7471 
331 423.2076than he did, and then you know, they were kissing and things. And that's what really blew my mind, [you know.]427.3736 
333DCA_se1_ag1_m_07427.7466[I didn't] know that they were, you know, lesbians, but uh,430.3765
335DCA_se1_ag1_m_07431.3665you know, it was a pretty good picture, you know.433.0125
336 433.3436One of the lesbians uh, you know, got killed at the end.436.3947
338 436.7759So I took it for granted that she married the man, you know,439.4524 
340 439.9093[that was] there.440.6274 
342DCA_se1_ag1_m_07441.2149But it was pretty good.441.9797
344 442.1650You know, educated picture like I [said.]444.0582 
345DCA_int_02443.5452[Yeah,] very good.444.8369
346 445.2099How about other movies? Did you see uh,447.2527
348 447.6491like, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?449.1319 
349DCA_se1_ag1_m_07449.1312Yeah, I saw that too.450.2883
350DCA_int_02450.1944Who /was that/- I didn't see that one. What [happened?]452.2309
351DCA_se1_ag1_m_07452.0077[Oh] well that was about Sidney Poitier, and uh,454.3619
352 454.7987you know, a white girl and uh,456.3281
354DCA_se1_ag1_m_07457.0042they fell in love and things458.6261
355 458.8173after only knowing each other a short while.461.0042
357DCA_se1_ag1_m_07461.5964But uh,461.9813
359 462.1325back in those days it was,463.3939 
361 463.4686you know, almost impossible for a465.2136 
363 465.5494colored man to marry a white woman.467.4052 
365DCA_se1_ag1_m_07467.9041But uh, she was always raised you know, that the color didn't make no difference.471.6298
366 472.0448So she didn't think her parents would, you know474.0847
368 474.8733would uh, you know,475.7016 
370 475.9703[disagree] to that, so uh-477.3890 
372DCA_se1_ag1_m_07478.0536And when Sidney Poitier went to meet her parents, you know,480.6618
374 481.0627her father you know, thought maybe Sidney Poitier was just, you know somebody trying to484.4986 
376 484.8863you know, get they money or something. So he checked upon him.487.4945 
378 487.9130Found out that he had a college education and you know, pretty smart man. Had degrees and things.492.7896 
380 493.2962[But they] still didn't want to get them married cause they didn't think they could make it,496.4369 
382DCA_se1_ag1_m_07496.7189by one of them being white and the other one being colored.498.6794
384 499.1521So uh, you know, Sidney Poitier's family came over and met their family502.9568 
386 503.4018and uh,503.9216 
388 504.1463you know they were all talking about why they shouldn't get married,506.9924 
390 507.5778but uh, the two mothers they understood love, you know,510.3578 
392DCA_se1_ag1_m_07510.8292and they explained it to the fathers. And uh,513.0806
394 514.0190you know, the fathers at the end all, you know, well, agreed if they were in love, you know518.3933 
396 519.1555best thing for 'em to do to get married.520.8202 
398 521.0273So that turned out pretty good at the end.522.8733 
401 524.2038Oh, very good. You tell a good story. <laugh>526.1568 
403 526.4432H- how- how about, In the Heat of the Night? You seen that one?528.8336 
404DCA_se1_ag1_m_07529.0143Yes, sir I seen that one.530.2479
405DCA_int_02530.6268Yeah, what- what happened with that one?532.1644
406DCA_se1_ag1_m_07532.2827Uh, that was about, you know uh,533.7234
408 534.3137you know from the beginning535.4328 
410DCA_se1_ag1_m_07535.8514[a man] that got killed and uh,537.4506
411 537.6703Sidney Poitier was passing through the town,539.5736
413 539.9921and they picked him up, you know, because he was a colored man. And they542.6576 
415DCA_se1_ag1_m_07543.1643figured he probably did it and uh,544.8863
416 545.2035you know, he had a whole lot of money and things, but he was a547.5958
418 548.1730detective hisself,549.2876 
420 549.7584you know. Uh, take [the autopsy] on people's bodies and found out what caused the death.553.5508 
422DCA_se1_ag1_m_07554.0020And you know all the white people down there they were surprised because of this, you know.557.5784
424DCA_se1_ag1_m_07558.1613And uh, as he- You know, he was determining the man's death and told him how he died and when he died and all.563.1508
426 563.7057And uh,564.1183 
428 564.2405you know, the white people down there, they really didn't like him.566.6666 
430 567.1935And uh,567.7111 
432 568.0923you know, they tried to uh, you know, kill him at- [at one] time or another, but uh,572.6293 
434DCA_se1_ag1_m_07573.0117you know, he survived and things.574.6857
436 575.1974And uh,575.5891 
438 575.9761he was going to prove, you know, who- who the killer really was.578.9930 
440 579.5945And uh,580.1028 
442 581.1415him and the uh-581.9342 
444 582.1486the uh,582.6103 
446 582.8621white detective, you know, who was in charge down [there,]585.5386 
448DCA_se1_ag1_m_07585.6878he began to like Sidney Poitier and uh,587.7849
450 588.6709then as the picture go on, this white man smacks Sidney Poitier.591.9769 
452 592.4991And uh, he smacked him back,593.9808 
454 594.5870and the man said he remember595.9718 
456 596.1350where the time he'd had him shot for that.597.9909 
458 598.6938But anyway you know, as the picture goes on600.8341 
460 601.2771Sidney Poitier,602.3029 
462 602.5967you know, they found who the killer was, and604.6379 
464DCA_se1_ag1_m_07605.2953you know, and605.8969
466 606.8341then things get together, and they really you know, start liking each other.610.1308 
468 610.3628It turned out pretty good, you know.612.0088 
470DCA_se1_ag1_m_07613.1838[There are] some interesting parts in it.614.8158
471 615.0257Violence, you know, like that.616.4199
472DCA_int_02616.5633It got an Oscar, didn't it?617.7849
473DCA_se1_ag1_m_07618.3865Yes, [yeah.]619.2771
474DCA_int_02618.7082[Do you] think it deserved an [Oscar? /unintelligible/]621.0163
475DCA_se1_ag1_m_07619.9112[Yeah, I-]620.3589
477 620.6853[I think] it was, you know, real good because you know it was uh-623.4119 
478 623.8735The way I look at from my point of view it was a colored man626.5780
480 626.9044you know, making it, you know, with a white man, you know,629.4212 
482DCA_se1_ag1_m_07629.7010who was just as educated as he was. And you know,632.2003
484DCA_se1_ag1_m_07632.5827[he] /could know/ like the average you know, white man in the picture.635.2907
485 635.6357Thought he was a dummy, you know,637.0486
487 637.3284[but he] knew just as much as him, and you know,639.4640 
489DCA_se1_ag1_m_07639.9338he was640.2742
491 640.4653even maybe a little smarter, you know.642.2792 
493 643.6781And he was making y- more money than he was and you know, that's what they couldn't understand.647.5145 
494DCA_int_02648.1347Yeah, that's648.8947
496 649.5708tough /unintelligible/652.5831 
498 654.5263kind of tough, hm?655.4762 
500 655.9812Hey, do you have uh,657.0023 
502 657.4267a pet you know, like a dog or anything around the house?660.1857 
503DCA_se1_ag1_m_07660.6336No, we had a uh,662.2190
505 662.8671cat once but uh,663.9769 
507 664.4001it wasn't never my favorite or nothing like that. He was just my m- , you know my mother's cat.668.1770 
510 670.0317You don't really care for-671.3513 
512DCA_int_02672.0321[I suppose] you can't have really one here in the city, huh?674.6620
515 675.7916I would- I would like to have a German Shepard,677.7733 
517 678.2664but we can't have one in our house, you know.680.2062 
519 680.5932We live in an apartment.681.6097 
520DCA_int_02681.7916Mm-hm. How come a German Shepard?683.6801
521DCA_se1_ag1_m_07684.0193Well, you know, I think that uh, you know it's a good breed of an animal,687.2367
523 687.6937and it's j- you know, I just like the German shepherd like a Doberman Pinscher m-691.1337 
525 691.6746I would- wouldn't mind having one of them, but you know, they turn on you, you know.695.2744 
527DCA_se1_ag1_m_07695.9261A German shepherd could turn on you, but uh,698.2435
528 699.1155it just the most you know, animal I would rather have.701.5122
530 702.3784Cause I think that you know, they learn quick, you know, good705.1550 
532 705.4077watch dogs and things.706.7288 
533DCA_int_02707.4271Uh-huh. Good.708.7887
535 709.6094Uh,710.0244 
537 710.4720tell me about your school. Where do you s- where do you go to school?712.7775 
538DCA_se1_ag1_m_07712.7542Oh, I go to school at Western High.714.3224
541 716.0617What do you study there? /What do you-/717.5734 
542DCA_se1_ag1_m_07717.5305Oh I take uh, Math,719.2138
543 719.7733English,720.4261
545 720.7840History,721.5735 
547 721.9171Art722.3442 
549 723.1854and um,723.7263 
551 724.0341you know.724.4584 
553 724.7708But I- And then I725.5775 
555 725.8526you know, Physical Ed and lunch.727.6233 
557 728.2202And I get excused from school on a work program.730.6915 
558DCA_int_02730.9853Oh yeah, doing work in here, huh?732.9472
559DCA_se1_ag1_m_07732.9472Yes sir.733.5021
560DCA_int_02734.1642And what's your favorite subject? What do you like best?736.5490
561DCA_se1_ag1_m_07736.6962Well, you know at this point-738.1277
563 738.5043But i- you know it's the year-740.3088 
565 740.7564I really don't have any favorite subject that I particularly like, you know like,744.8213 
567 745.6560I just try to-746.4254 
569 746.6072You know, I just do it747.5118 
571 747.7170all on average and uh,749.3697 
573DCA_se1_ag1_m_07750.0520I don't devote my time to no one subject, which I should, but I don't, you know.753.9397
575DCA_se1_ag1_m_07754.7848But in the future I plan to, you know, give myself a major that I really interested in.758.8450
577DCA_se1_ag1_m_07760.0481But I don't now.760.8967
578DCA_int_02761.8433How about uh, what do you do when school's out? What do kids do when school's out?765.4885
579DCA_se1_ag1_m_07765.5072Oh well, when school's out for me you know I767.5821
581 767.8899come- come to work.769.1897 
583 769.8005After I get off from work,771.0549 
585 771.5818I might go down the pool room, shoot a little bit of pool.774.0671 
587 774.7094Leave there you know.775.8705 
589 776.1083If I got any homework to do,777.6377 
591 778.0434I go home and do my homework or780.2396 
593 780.8353I might go up the playground and shoot you know, f- little basketball til about [nine.]784.8288 
594DCA_int_02784.2366[Oh, mm-hm.]785.1645
595DCA_se1_ag1_m_07785.1972Lights go out, and then I- you know, I go home,787.2162
597 787.6140look at television or you know, something like that.790.2905 
600 792.3177Tell me in school, did you ever have a794.1503 
602 794.8217teacher you know, who used to holler a lot or anything when you were younger?798.3469 
603DCA_se1_ag1_m_07799.0312When I was younger?799.8378
604DCA_int_02799.8492How about now, too. Yeah.801.1388
605DCA_se1_ag1_m_07801.3952Well, you know when I [was younger I] went to Catholic school so804.3469
607DCA_se1_ag1_m_07804.5928you might say all the sisters were you know, hard, with you know807.5351
609 807.8710and now that I'm a little bit older, you know, I wish all my teacher was like that.811.3918 
611 811.7670Cause you know, they made you get your work done, so you had to learn something when you leave [there.]815.7784 
613DCA_se1_ag1_m_07816.1247But like public school, you know, if you don't do your work-818.5777
615 818.7797you just don't do it, you know. And that's the easy way out, and I believe that's why, you know-822.6468 
617 822.8777half the, you know, teenagers don't make it cause uh,825.2153 
619 825.3884they don't make 'em make it, you know.827.0623 
621DCA_se1_ag1_m_07827.8126Like when I went to Catholic school, if you didn't bring in your homework,830.2079
623 830.4388you stayed after school and did it, you know.832.6032 
625 832.8765[And maybe] teacher made you write a thousand times or something.835.7192 
627DCA_se1_ag1_m_07836.7725And that's why, you know, I think when you leave Catholic school, you know a lot more than you do when you leave public school.841.5198
628DCA_int_02842.8276Hear the siren. Hm, another fire you think?845.5692
629DCA_se1_ag1_m_07846.2041It's probably a false alarm or something.848.3973
630DCA_int_02848.7004/?/ a couple fires this week, though, wasn't there?851.0235
631DCA_se1_ag1_m_07851.2255Oh yeah, in the store that had already been burned, yeah.853.9011
634 854.9688I was out in Detroit last-856.4262 
636 856.8095somewhere near Detroit when-858.4319 
637DCA_se1_ag1_m_07859.0385[When that riot start?]860.3948
639 861.8955I suppose pretty wild fire around here a couple weeks ago.865.3586
640DCA_se1_ag1_m_07865.3297Yeah, it was.866.3109
643 869.0237Uh,869.4566 
645 870.3512what- what kinds of things did the teachers yell at anyhow, hm?873.8599 
646DCA_se1_ag1_m_07873.8613Well you know like, uh, they try to teach you, uh, discipline and877.2089
648 877.9593like, uh, when I used come to school like fifteen minutes late today,881.9707 
650 882.3747she'll, you know,883.2693 
652 883.5002aks me what happened. I say, I overslept. She tell me to go to bed earlier tomorrow.887.2519 
654 887.5693And I might come in, you know, half an hour late tomorrow.890.1955 
656 890.5418[And uh], you know, she'll891.7250 
658DCA_se1_ag1_m_07891.9848make me stand up in the corner.893.8895
660 894.0447You know, holler at me. Tell me I should have went to bed earlier or something, you know.897.6015 
662DCA_se1_ag1_m_07897.9465So, you know, the next day I come to school, you know, a little before time, so I wouldn't have to do that, you know.903.2294
663 903.7472And like, if you do your work,905.5076
665 905.6519[and she] know you can do it better, and you just hurry up to finish it,908.9605 
667DCA_se1_ag1_m_07909.2805she'd tear your paper up and make you do it all over again.911.8854
669 912.0767So the next time you take your time. Make sure, you know, penmenship is neat and all.916.0015 
671DCA_se1_ag1_m_07916.5534You know this is in Catholic school. In public school you do what you wanna do.920.0995
674 921.3572How about the best teacher you ever had. /Was there/923.7893 
676 924.0738favorite teacher you ever had?925.4727 
677DCA_se1_ag1_m_07925.6014Well whe- I had two favorite teachers when I was in Catholic school.928.7107
679 929.0314Uh, sister /RD-NAME-2/,930.4772 
681 930.8658and um, mother /RD-NAME-4/.932.5822 
683 933.6953You know, [my two-]934.7680 
684DCA_int_02934.4324[What was] so good about them?935.9029
685DCA_se1_ag1_m_07936.3382Well see sister /RD-NAME-2/, I had her in the fourth grade,939.2450
687 939.6807and I stayed back in the fourth grade, and I had her that year, you know, again.943.1475 
689 943.2972Then when I went to the fifth, she was my fifth grade teacher, so you know,946.7330 
691 946.9973she more or less understood me and I [understood her.]949.7801 
693DCA_se1_ag1_m_07949.9355And you know, we didn't have no trouble together, you know.952.5784
694DCA_int_02954.7647That's good.955.5731
696 960.2837How about tricks, you- did you ever play any tricks on the teacher or anything?963.6883 
697DCA_se1_ag1_m_07964.6056Nah, not in Catholic school.966.6577
699 966.9346Except for, you know, little things, like, be coming through the line,969.9040 
701 970.1838I might sneak out and get me a drink of water, you know, but-972.8112 
703DCA_se1_ag1_m_07973.3087and, you know, she ain't catch me or something.975.4074
705 975.8059Or might ease out the room, you know,978.0290 
707 978.3866try to get back before she get back, or something like that, you know.981.6036 
709 982.1644But I never, you know, did any tricks, you know to984.2631 
711 984.4186make her look bad or nothing like that, you know.986.5174 
712DCA_int_02986.5951How about the, uh-987.6833
714 987.9729the kids in the class?989.1545 
716 989.4499Did they ever play?990.4915 
717DCA_se1_ag1_m_07991.2221Nah, in Catholic school they didn't, you know, mess with the teachers,994.1138
719 994.7823you know.995.2642 
720DCA_int_02995.4041Not even April Fool's day or anything?997.4718
724 1000.9640How about the guys you go around with? Uh, is there a group of kids you usually go around with and do things with? What kinds of things do you usually do?1007.8355 
725DCA_se1_ag1_m_071008.2552Well you know, you call that your walk man, you know, like the person that you be with all the time.1012.9036
727 1013.2399But we more or less like, you know,1015.1210 
729 1015.3542go to school, come home.1017.1576 
731 1017.4374You know, like I said, we shoot pool together.1019.7227 
733DCA_se1_ag1_m_071020.0337[Basketball], party,1021.8215
734 1022.2879like, you know, if I don't have nothing to wear today,1024.6509
736 1024.9561you know, I go over his house, and he, you know, lend me some clothes or something.1028.2053 
738 1028.3608Then tomorrow, you know, three days later I might lend him a pair of pants.1031.7343 
740 1032.1230You know, and, if I ain't got no money,1034.0041 
742 1034.3306they might give me two or three dollars, you know.1036.5382 
744 1036.8180And if he needs some money I give it to him, you know.1039.1189 
746DCA_se1_ag1_m_071040.1236It's called your walk man, you know.1041.7094
747DCA_int_021041.7094Your walk man.1042.5955
749DCA_int_021043.7615Hm, that's interesting. Uh, what- what does a walk man have to be? He has to do those kinds of things you mentioned, or anything else?1050.8040
750DCA_se1_ag1_m_071050.8915Well, like, you know, both of y'all, first of all, have to, you know, like the same things and1055.1668
752 1055.4155what you might say, dig, the same things [like]-1057.9478 
754DCA_se1_ag1_m_071058.2761You know, like the same kind of clothes, or1060.7169
756 1060.9501like to party together.1062.6602 
758 1062.9848You know, like, maybe on occasion you might, you know, get a little drink or something like that together, [you know.]1067.6799 
760DCA_se1_ag1_m_071068.3639And, you know,1069.0169
762 1069.2811things of that sort.1070.4005