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1DCA_int_020.5301When we were talking before, we were talking about, you know,3.3259
3 4.1464a bunch of guys you go around with.5.9545 
5 6.4256What types of things do you do8.2185 
7 8.8922with them?9.3695 
8DCA_se1_ag1_m_079.7627Oh, I was telling you that, uh,11.1305
10 11.6468you know, we do thing like, you know, shoot pool, play basketball, and party together you know.16.3267 
13 17.5423What kind of parties do you have? They pretty good?19.4871 
14DCA_se1_ag1_m_0719.8766Yeah, they pretty good. You know, teenagers come from like south- southeast, northeast,24.3893
16 24.7084[northwest], and you know, be young ladies there.27.3978 
20 28.5678Party, [you know.]29.5706 
21DCA_int_0229.2819[Y- You do] all the dancing? The funky broadway and all /those/?32.5766
22DCA_se1_ag1_m_0732.7558You know, I partially do 'em, you know.34.8282
24DCA_se1_ag1_m_0735.7048I'm not too good at it, you know, but I know, you know, how I look.39.0703
25 39.3046You know.39.7300
28 41.2876That's good.42.0244 
30 42.8905How about uh, any of the guys you go around with speak any other languages or anything?47.6615 
31DCA_se1_ag1_m_0748.0662Nah, all the fellas I hang with speak English.50.8005
33 51.0595[And maybe] they might know a little bit of, you know,53.2667 
35DCA_se1_ag1_m_0753.3853slangs, you know, like Pig Latin or something. But56.2256
37 56.4991no language that, you know, like Germany or nothing like that.59.5327 
40 61.1429How about the guys you go around with? Any white guys in the group? Or mostly-65.3822 
41DCA_se1_ag1_m_0765.4885Nah, [all of them] are, you know-67.1599
43DCA_se1_ag1_m_0767.5415colored boys.68.5730
45 68.7857It's not that, you know, we object to white boys. [Just that uh],71.7699 
47DCA_se1_ag1_m_0772.0469in our environment, there aren't any, you know74.2045
49 74.3412[white] boys.75.2985 
51 75.7695Well I suppose around here- Where- where do you live around- You live around here?78.8540
52DCA_se1_ag1_m_0778.8236Well I really live in Southeast, you know, but [I stay over] my grandma's house on /RD-ADDRESS-2/ street [sometime.]83.8834
53DCA_int_0281.0843[Oh really?]81.5466
55 83.3604[Uh-huh.]83.7894 
56 85.4427How about the guys you go around with, is there any one guy that everybody listens to? He's kind of the leader or something?91.1103
57DCA_se1_ag1_m_0791.8700Not really, you know, like uh,93.7237
59 94.1643if one of us say, you know, I heard it's a party up town. Come on, let's go.98.1854 
61 98.5195And somebody say, well, you know, I heard there's one downtown.101.3761 
63DCA_se1_ag1_m_07101.6496Well we most like say, well,103.3665
64 103.7259like uh,104.3086
66 104.7188well we go uptown first man, then we come back downtown, or108.2288 
68 108.6941well I heard, you know, like the one uptown ain't gonna be nothing. Let's go to the one downtown, [you know.]112.9790 
70DCA_se1_ag1_m_07113.2221We more or less do things together, you know.115.3189
73 116.3715That's good.117.2295 
75 117.9500How about uh, say, if I g- new guy moves into the neighborhood, how can he get into your bunch?122.5995 
76DCA_se1_ag1_m_07123.2073Well you know, like uh-124.4532
78 124.7267First of all, you know, we probably see him like126.9603 
80 127.2642somebody probably say uh,128.7077 
82 129.1427you know-129.6897 
84 130.0087He look like alright dude or something, you know.132.7286 
86 133.0324And like, you know, might say,134.3240 
88 134.4607you know, hey, how you doing? and if he speak back, you know,137.4236 
90 137.7427then, you know, might ask and say like, you just moved around here? He say, yeah, you know.141.4089 
92 142.0219We ask him where he used to live, and, you know, things he used to do.145.1368 
94 145.3799And like, uh, you know, like we might be having a drink or something, you know. [Aks him] if he want a drink, or150.0446 
96DCA_se1_ag1_m_07150.2573tell him we going to a party so and so place. Ask him do he want to go.153.7064
98 154.0351You know, and then,155.0075 
100 155.2658as time goes on, if, you know, if everybody seem to like him,158.4111 
102 158.7453then you know, he one of us. But uh, like160.9030 
104 161.3436if we say, well he a square. He don't dig our style. You know, like,164.7471 
106DCA_se1_ag1_m_07165.6076he don't like to party. He don't want to drink, or168.1602
108 168.3650you know, things like that, well,169.9985 
110DCA_se1_ag1_m_07170.5914we might s- You know, he'll still be a friend of ours, but he won't be hanging with us. Like we'll see him, and you know,175.2409
112 175.4992hey, how you doing? and keep going, you [know.]177.5224 
113DCA_int_02177.3073[Yeah], /but he's not- /178.2190
114DCA_se1_ag1_m_07178.1677So um, but he's not, you know, one of us, you know.180.4925
115DCA_int_02180.7964Yeah. Well, very good.182.4070
117 183.1998How about, uh, if you had to184.8533 
119 185.2483do it all over again, you know, say- How old are you anyways?188.1029 
121 189.9530Say if you had to live your life over again, [would you do anything] differently, or?193.9187 
123 194.0099Yeah, I'd do a whole lot differently.195.7421
124DCA_int_02195.7421Yeah, what?196.4258
126 196.8009[For instance?]197.5376 
127DCA_se1_ag1_m_07196.8209[Like, you know], for instance I'd uh,198.4923
128 198.7697start school on the ball, you know. I was on the ball, but201.8502
130 202.4524not together. You know, I started school on the ball, I wouldn't have stayed- I wouldn't stay back in the fourth grade.207.2538 
132 207.8295And uh, like208.5757 
134 209.1227you know, uh,209.7761 
136 210.2471like the raw- like the, you know, accidents I had happen to me. Like, you know, when I was sixteen I got shot, you know.215.4436 
138 215.7874I wouldn't go there so I can get shot again, you [know.]218.5224 
140 218.6592Is that right? [What happened] when you got shot? Tell me about that, will you?221.3790
141DCA_se1_ag1_m_07219.1758[And uh-]219.6164
143 221.3638Uh, well you know, I was coming from a party on my sixteenth birthday.224.7522 
144 225.0864You know, I was a little high on things, you know, and uh,227.2953
146DCA_se1_ag1_m_07228.3780you know, uh, we came past the skating rink, and a friend of mine had some trouble. You know, like we fight [together] [all the time], and uh,234.8356
149 233.6122[/Sure./]234.0645 
150DCA_se1_ag1_m_07235.2155so you know, we was stopping to help him, you know. And237.4049
152 237.6010everybody was, you know, fighting more or less like a free for all, you know.240.7159 
154 241.1813And uh,241.6314 
156 241.7674as things quieted down, you know,243.7947 
158 244.3873it was a busload from Baltimore,246.4081 
160 246.6664and as the bus pulled off, a boy shot out of the window two times, you know.250.3739 
162 250.7470Shot me in my stomach.251.9997 
164 252.0909And uh-252.4859 
165DCA_int_02252.5771Is that right?253.3064
166DCA_se1_ag1_m_07253.6407Yes sir, and uh,254.7043
168 254.8050most of my friends, you know, had cars. They tried to catch him, you know.258.3909 
170 258.6208They caught the boy, you know, and260.0927 
172 260.9534beat him up and things, you know, tried to hurt [him, but] the police got there, you know.264.8789 
174 265.2225[Uh-huh.]265.5155
175DCA_se1_ag1_m_07265.3725[And the] boy, he got five years from what I hear, you know. I don't even know his name or nothing like that.269.9641
176DCA_int_02270.4048Is that right? How'd y- Uh, did you think you were gonna die or- or what?273.6868
177DCA_se1_ag1_m_07273.6631Yeah, I- you know, I really w- said my prayers and things at this time, [you know.]277.5461
178DCA_int_02277.3263[Is that] right?277.8983
179 278.2091[/Was there-/]278.6345
180DCA_se1_ag1_m_07278.4826[I didn't] cry or nothing, you know. I was more like280.4820
181 280.6494in a state of shock, you know.282.2052
183 283.1625[But uh-]283.6791 
184DCA_int_02283.1965[Cause you didn't] suspect it at all. You didn't even know what- [what they were doing], huh?287.4929
186 287.5688I didn't know what was happening, you know.289.2402
188 289.7824I just heard, you know, something, pow, pow, and you know,292.6837 
190 292.9572didn't nobody around me believe I was shot neither, you know, til I pulled off my shirt.296.9078 
192 297.4700[Blood was], you know,298.4272 
194DCA_se1_ag1_m_07298.7311coming out of [my stomach /and things/.]300.6152
195DCA_int_02299.5668[A lot of pain or?]300.6608
196DCA_se1_ag1_m_07301.5165It was burning, but you know, I was too scared to feel the pain, you know.304.7432
198 305.1078So I wouldn't say it was hurting, you know.307.0858 
200DCA_se1_ag1_m_07307.6822[Like] you cut your- you don't fall down or nothing. I just knew it was a bullet in my stomach that could kill me, you know.313.1609
202DCA_se1_ag1_m_07313.5503And that was the only thing, you know, I was thinking about.315.6585
205 318.0934S- Uh, sometimes people say, uh, whatever's gonna happen gonna happen anyhow. What do you think?323.3051 
206DCA_se1_ag1_m_07323.9737Well you know, I often use this term myself, you know. Like I say uh,327.9394
208 328.4048well you know, like329.0655 
210 329.2539I went to skating rink, I got shot. Like your mother might say,332.1123 
212 332.4313well you had no business up there, you know.334.4826 
214 334.7464[And I say], well you know,336.0324 
216DCA_se1_ag1_m_07336.1692I didn't know I was going to get shot, so [whatever] happened338.7370
218DCA_se1_ag1_m_07339.0105you know, was meant to happen, you know.340.6211
220DCA_se1_ag1_m_07341.5424Like next year, something else will happen, you know, where343.9279
222 344.2470it won't- would you say be my fault that it happened, cause you know,347.3163 
224 347.7113I figure, you know, it was meant to happen, you know.350.0209 
225DCA_int_02351.7626Hm, very good.352.8110
226DCA_se1_ag1_m_07353.0845I mean what I think we can, uh, like354.6799
228 355.2269avoid some of these things, like some of these things happen from our stupidity, but you know.359.4083 
230 359.8764Like most of them, I say, like if I was to get up and362.7330 
232 363.2040you know, trip dow- trip on the floor because, you know, I366.0302 
234 366.2372neglected to move something, you know. [Well that's my] fault, but uh,369.2002 
236DCA_se1_ag1_m_07369.5040if I walk in the room, and don't know it's there and I fall, you know,372.3911
238 372.8316well, you know, just one of those things.374.8069 
239DCA_int_02375.4857Yeah, boy that must have been a shattering experience. Were you around here during the -379.5275
241 380.1523the fires and stuff a couple weeks ago or?382.4301 
242DCA_se1_ag1_m_07382.5208Yes sir, I was around here.383.8043
243DCA_int_02384.1162Is that right? That must have been a pretty hectic time, huh?386.9704
244DCA_se1_ag1_m_07387.3773Yes it was, you know,388.7600
246 389.3982looting and things.390.4770 
249 396.0502How about when you finish school, what do you want to do?398.4357 
250DCA_se1_ag1_m_07399.1346Well you know, at this particular time and things, when I finish school,402.6901
252 402.9788I want- You know, I want to make sure I get my high school diploma, and have [the knowledge] to go with it.406.8382 
254DCA_se1_ag1_m_07407.1573You know, and I wanna408.0994
256 408.6103you know, like when I think of going to school for four more years, you know,411.9987 
258 412.4089it's not412.7128 
260 412.9104like me to want to go to school for four more years, but415.6454 
262 415.9340you know, I wanna go to college. And417.7118 
264 418.4715you know, more or less, you know, get what I'm'a want do in the future down, you know.422.3917 
266 422.6899[so I] can, you know423.8295 
268DCA_se1_ag1_m_07424.3917have, you know, a nice future and things ahead of me.426.6346
270 427.4154And uh,427.9928 
272 428.2967you know, I just want to make it, you know.429.8465 
273DCA_int_02429.8465Yeah. /Hm./430.4634
274DCA_se1_ag1_m_07430.3327Instead of going overseas in Vietnam and all that, you know.433.3868
275DCA_int_02433.3964Yeah, stay out of the Service, huh? [<laugh>]435.6560
277DCA_int_02437.8179How about uh- the holidays, like, you know, Christmas or anything, or any special way you celebrate them?444.1844
278DCA_se1_ag1_m_07445.2880Well, you know, like uh,446.7314
280 447.0809you could say like if one of-448.4120 
282 448.6980one of us had a birthday, you know, where, you know, like451.8084 
284 452.0874all the fellas might453.2347 
286 453.6601you know, consider like, well we gonna get him drunk tonight. You know, it's his birthday, you know.457.8690 
288DCA_se1_ag1_m_07458.0305[And you] know, give him a whole lot of booze and everything.460.6591
289 460.8414Like the same on Christmas. You know, you might say, well this is Christmas, you know.464.3817
291 464.7160You know, you buy your family- Like your mother you buy this, your father-467.9980 
293 468.2835maybe your little brothers and sisters, you know. You get them a little something, you know, saying, [you know], Merry Christmas, you know.473.4041 
295DCA_se1_ag1_m_07473.8412And then, you know, you more or less go out,475.7861
297 476.1507you know, you party, two or three in the morning or something, you know.479.1744 
299 479.4479Get high, you know.480.5723 
301 480.7091You know, where you can handle yourself. I don't mean drunk like wine head or [nothing, [you] know.484.3709 
303DCA_se1_ag1_m_07484.9589And you know, you just,485.8554
305 486.2895like you might sit up all night talking, and you know, just drinking, you know.489.7604 
307 490.1098And so the next day, you know, you say, well, you know, I had a good time last night, you know.493.8629 
309DCA_se1_ag1_m_07494.7562Things like that. You over do it more than you would any other day, you know.498.2198
312 501.0467You have off school today, huh?502.4446 
314DCA_int_02503.3050You have off school today?504.3838
315DCA_se1_ag1_m_07505.0524Yeah, we don't have to go to school today.506.4047
316DCA_int_02506.7238Oh, how come?507.5139
317DCA_se1_ag1_m_07507.6658The teachers have some kind of meeting.509.2877
318DCA_int_02510.2641Huh, very interesting.511.6164
320 515.8100Okay.516.6913 
322 517.3998/??/518.4026 
324 519.1927do the first part here.520.6058 
326 525.4225How about when you were younger? Did you, uh, celebrate any-528.4006 
328 529.1850any holidays like Halloween or anything?531.8896 
329DCA_se1_ag1_m_07532.8773Yes, when I was young I use to celebrate Halloween.535.2476
330DCA_int_02535.4755What did you do then?536.3659
331DCA_se1_ag1_m_07536.8734Well you know, like537.6215
333 537.8134get a costume, or you know,539.7452 
335 539.9678might find some old clothes at home, like pants too big for you, you know, like a hobo or [something.]545.0883 
337DCA_se1_ag1_m_07545.4326You know, used to put stuff on my face, and547.3827
339 547.6562get me a little bag. Go knock on people's door, you know. Say, trick or treat, you know.551.6675 
341DCA_se1_ag1_m_07552.3923But now that I'm older, you know, Halloween just another day, you know.555.6591
344 558.0142How about any other holidays? I suppose you don't do anything special for Easter. What- what did you used to do when you were young?563.6058 
345DCA_se1_ag1_m_07563.6609When I was young, you know, I used to get565.5146
347 565.7121you know, all clean on Easter.567.4139 
349 567.6722Go to church, and uh,569.3132 
351 569.5259might go to my aunt or my uncle's house for Easter. You know, Easter dinner you might [say.]573.7455 
353DCA_se1_ag1_m_07574.2058then you know, I have my little Easter basket, or you know-576.8497
355 577.1935with eggs in it, you know.578.6977 
357 579.1536but like now, you know, I still go to church on Easter Sunday, but uh-582.6331 
359 582.8914you know, I don't really worry about, you know-584.7147 
361 584.8515Easter eggs, and you know-586.3253 
363DCA_se1_ag1_m_07586.7964[things] like that, you know. When I come from church, you know, it's just another day.590.3975
364DCA_int_02590.8780Didn't they have-591.7441
366 591.9416don't they have a big Easter hunt or something down in the- White House lawn or [something?]596.1822 
367DCA_se1_ag1_m_07595.7555[yeah, they,] you know, something, but I never even went to that, you know. I-598.6576
368 599.9936I used to go to zoo on Easter Monday, but you know, I don't even do that no more.603.3021
369DCA_int_02604.1682uh, what's the best Christmas present you ever got?606.6145
371 607.3287can you remember when you-608.7114 
373 609.5319remember your best one you ever got?611.1577 
374DCA_se1_ag1_m_07611.7590well, I'd say uh-612.8821
376 613.5224best Christmas present I- ever got, probably was uh-616.4549 
378 616.9411bicycle to me, you know.618.5669 
381DCA_int_02619.9496[Were you] surprised what happened?621.2563
382DCA_se1_ag1_m_07621.8447Yeah, you know, I- See I came from a large family, so624.5189
384 624.7924you know, more or less things that other children had, you know uh,627.3451 
386 628.0744you know, I was kind of handicapped. You know, I could get them not-630.4903 
388 630.6726not when they had 'em, you know. I'd get it like two months later.633.3469 
390 633.6237after my mother might have saved up, you know.635.5600 
392DCA_se1_ag1_m_07636.0310And on, you know, this Christmas I wanted a bike, because everbody else had one, and uh639.2978
393 639.7232you know, I really didn't expect to get it, you know. But [uh,]642.0321
395DCA_se1_ag1_m_07642.6862my mother, you know, she managed to get it for me, you know. I was-645.2015
397 645.3452you know, happy and things.646.6063 
400 649.1078Very good.649.7611 
402 650.9007How about the summer? What are you going to do during the summer?653.5743 
403DCA_se1_ag1_m_07654.0156Well this summer, you know, my job turn into a, you know, full time [job.]657.4590
404DCA_int_02657.2976[Is] that right?658.0117
405DCA_se1_ag1_m_07658.1484Uh, you know, I659.0145
407 659.2880probably go to work in the morning,660.7619 
409 661.2519get off from work. You know uh,662.6932 
411 663.4956I might take up a course in summer school, you know. I doubt it, but I might, you know.667.1338 
413DCA_se1_ag1_m_07667.7311And uh,668.2245
414 668.6270come- might come home from work, lay down, you know, take a nap.671.1979
416 671.6159Go out, you know, late at night. Not late at night, you know, but about seven thirty [or eight]675.7703 
418DCA_se1_ag1_m_07676.3292in the evening, you know. And677.5352
420 678.3028just more or less, you know,679.4844 
422 679.9388[hang around], you know,681.1853 
424 681.6787[Do you shoot pretty good] pool?682.9642
425DCA_se1_ag1_m_07681.7093[something like that.]682.4034
426 683.4001Yeah, I shoot alright, you know.684.7761
428 685.2519I wouldn't gamble no whole lot of money, but you know.687.4592 
430DCA_se1_ag1_m_07687.9656[I] shoot alright.688.8356
431 689.1342Yeah-689.3464
432DCA_int_02689.2900Can you tell me the most690.4716
433 691.1598dramatic time, you know, you ever played pool, what happened?694.3019
434DCA_se1_ag1_m_07694.9920Well you know, like a696.0833
436 696.4011this friend of mine, you know, me and him, you know,698.5114 
438 698.8749we are, you know, tight like walk [men, you know], and uh,701.2511 
440DCA_se1_ag1_m_07701.8354we always argue about who shoot the best pool, you know. And uh,704.8088
442DCA_se1_ag1_m_07705.4667one night, you know, we has a little money, you know, so we was gambling, you know. And I, you know, I won all the money and things, you know.711.4914
444 712.1489I was, you know, glad about that, you know.714.1272 
447 715.7406Did he come from behind or anything, pocket about ten balls in a row or- <laugh>?720.1637 
448DCA_se1_ag1_m_07720.4623Well you know like uh,721.5530
450 721.8387I had shot several times, and you know,723.8272 
452 723.9249ran out, you know, without missing, you [know.]725.8746 
453DCA_int_02725.6950[Is that right?]726.2014
454DCA_se1_ag1_m_07726.5569Yes sir. You know, since I learned how to play the game. You know,729.1538
456 729.3875you- Seven balls on the table that belong to you. Seven are his, and uh,732.7764 
458 733.1695the eight ball, you know, I- Several times, you know, I've shot out, you know.736.3341 
459DCA_int_02736.4751Is that right? You must really be good.738.2540
460DCA_se1_ag1_m_07738.6446You know, you know like-739.6303
462 739.8900I can, you know, like, I might luck a ball.741.8735 
464 742.3335Or then, you know, I might make it off of skill. All depends on where you make the cue ball stop at, you know.747.1897 
468 749.0724For position, you know.750.2150 
469DCA_int_02750.8772Do you ever watch Minnesota Fats on uh,753.2404
471 753.7445television?754.4869 
472DCA_se1_ag1_m_07755.0736No- Yeah, I've seen him on a news reel one time when he was shooting pool,758.8001
474 759.4753you know.760.0337 
475DCA_int_02760.8906Mm-hm. He's pretty good man.762.7733
477 766.1283Okay, good enough.767.6734