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1DCA_int_010.5006Okay, /RD-NAME-2/. The first thing we want to know from you4.4000
3 5.0776is what games do you play when you7.2318 
5 7.5885playing with-8.0816 
7 9.5601with the kids around here?10.8855 
9 13.9971With your friends and all [/inaudible/.]15.6863 
11 18.0355In a group- a group game?19.6897
12DCA_int_0119.6582Yeah, a group game.20.6759
13DCA_se2_ag1_f_0422.1517In the house sitting down, [something like that?]24.2351
14DCA_int_0123.3643[/No/, outside.]24.2841
15 29.3961You ever play any games where one kid have to chase everybody else?32.8330
16DCA_se2_ag1_f_0434.9243Um, s-35.5747
18 35.8475sometime I play-37.5078 
20 39.5956mm-40.0118 
21DCA_int_0143.8124/Any kind of game, even like a /inaudible//.45.7384
24 48.8020sometime I like to play Scrabble.50.9798 
25DCA_int_0151.4590How do you play Scrabble?52.5571
28 55.7386you make words,57.0501 
30 57.5572and you get points.58.8756 
32 59.0846And it teach you a lot.60.3156 
33DCA_int_0160.8087Oh yeah?61.6410
35 61.8648[How do you] make the words?63.2427 
36DCA_se2_ag1_f_0461.8683[Teach you]-62.5712
37 63.5706Out of letters. L-64.5848
39 64.7491It's something like Anagrams.66.5781 
42 68.3224What's Anagrams? <laugh>70.2178 
44DCA_int_0170.3367[I don't know] much about games.71.9769
45DCA_se2_ag1_f_0472.0040Anagrams is something just like Scrabble, too. You make words.75.4837
48 76.1998What do you make words with?77.4273 
50 77.7910I mean what do [you]- ?78.7073 
52 78.7282little blocks of wood with letters written- written on it.82.0882
55 83.2003Mm-hm.83.7143 
57 84.7075Oh that's good.85.5154 
59 86.7211Do you ever play a game where- When you're outside, do you ever play a game where89.9524 
61 90.6790uh, one kid has to92.0219 
63 92.3017hide his eyes and then everybody go hide?94.4524 
64DCA_se2_ag1_f_0495.0321Yeah, I used to play Hide and Seek, but I think I'm over age to play that now.99.3782
65DCA_int_0199.4657Oh yeah?100.0147
67 100.5987How old-101.1128 
69 101.5919About how old are you when you103.3126 
71 103.5355get over age for that?104.7455 
73 105.6373around here?106.3507 
74DCA_se2_ag1_f_04107.3404<ts> I say eleven, twelve. I don't know.109.5428
75DCA_int_01109.9869Mm, well you're just about over age then huh? <laugh>112.4315
77 113.1615At twelve.113.8854 
79 114.5884Well how did you play it when you were younger?116.4349 
80DCA_se2_ag1_f_04117.6930/We sang/-119.0429
82 121.2907Oh, let me see.122.4832 
84 122.9239We'd all sing,124.2318 
86 124.5815um,124.9732 
88 126.7734you put your feet in and we sing128.5849 
90 129.5502um,129.9733 
92 130.3117your mother and my mother were hanging up clothes. My mother sock your mother in the nose. Did it hurt?134.9245 
94 135.6021Then if I say yes,136.9100 
96 137.2108why you /says the word yes/ so you are not it.140.0250 
98 140.5532So they push they feet [out],141.9136 
100DCA_se2_ag1_f_04142.2353and the last person to be-143.5782
102 143.8126feet that bes in the circle, they'll be it. So they go hide147.0046 
104 147.4627they face and c- count to hundred then say, ready or not, here I come.151.5361 
106 152.1971And the last one to the base is out without the person seeing.155.3332 
109 157.3265Good.157.6343 
111 158.2629Well did you ever play that game where one kid chase everybody?160.9453 
112DCA_se2_ag1_f_04161.5852Yeah, you drop the hank-163.1231
114 163.2805hankerchief or a piece of paper behind 'em,165.9873 
116 166.5119and they have to chase after you. If they get to they-168.8786 
118 169.0919your place first,170.1481 
120 170.4454you have to um, drop the paper behind another person, and they chase you.174.1725 
121DCA_int_01174.6306Oh that's interesting, huh.176.0706
123 177.1092Did you ever play tag?178.1934 
126 180.0985I play um,181.0777 
128 181.2560Freeze.181.8680 
130 182.3157You tag a person183.5642 
132 184.6308um- Like one person be polar bear,187.2318 
134 188.1131and one person-189.2322 
136 189.4587The polar bear tags the person that freeze them, and the other person come along and tag them and unfreeze 'em194.9064 
138DCA_se2_ag1_f_04195.3575[before the] polar bear catch you still.197.4034
139DCA_int_01197.5643Mm-hm. That sound like a good game.199.5709
141 199.9170Say, you know any more of them little uh, songs like you sing to pick people who was it beside my Mother, Your Mother.205.6060 
143 205.9872Is there any other ones?207.0014 
144DCA_se2_ag1_f_04208.5603Um, yeah.209.7388
145DCA_int_01210.1480Do you know one potato?211.3440
147DCA_int_01214.5431Hm, that's the one I used to use as a kid.216.5461
148DCA_se2_ag1_f_04217.4728I know one um- /Let me see/.219.5152
150 220.7453Eenie meenie miney moe. Catch a-222.5009 
152 224.7531eenie meenie miney mo. Catch him by toe. If he holler, let him go. Eenie meenie miney moe.229.9176 
153DCA_int_01230.3748Mm, good.231.1442
155 232.5466Do you ever play a game called, may I?234.2812 
157DCA_int_01236.0184How did that go?236.8892
160 238.3370you have a mother, and you say,240.2386 
162 240.6198Johnny,241.1549 
164 241.4242take two steps. Mother, may I?243.4237 
166 243.7839Yes you may.244.5428 
168 245.1898Johnny take two steps.246.6831 
170 247.6929How many you say?248.6756 
172 248.7525Two.249.1442 
174 249.7912Stay back there Johnny! You did not say, mother, may I!252.5181 
177 253.9259Now what happens if he goes and doesn't say, may I?256.6798 
180 259.8683we call that cheating.261.0985 
183 263.3017Mm-hm.263.6829 
186 264.3893cause- because you're supposed to have manners. You say- you-266.7700 
188 267.2631may I?, thank you, and please.269.2775 
190 269.8222[/unintelligible/]271.2839
191DCA_se2_ag1_f_04269.8467[And excuse me.]271.0007
194 273.4837What's your favorite TV program?275.1055 
196DCA_int_01276.6233Gidget huh?277.3542
198 277.8963What happened on Gidget?278.8755 
200 280.7561I mean the last time you saw it, that you remember.282.9279 
201DCA_se2_ag1_f_04283.0258I missed it this Saturday. The last time I saw it was um, she- I think it was a spelling test. Something like that.289.6372
203 291.2284And291.8649 
205 292.1097the teacher thought she was cheating, and her father thought she was cheating.295.3717 
207 295.8403And her father's a v-296.8370 
209 297.0915very important man, so the teacher- So she got her- most of her work301.0887 
211 301.6063wrong and the teacher said um-303.6723 
213 304.6305Hm, I forgot what they called her on there.306.7489 
215 307.0392<ts>307.1263 
217 307.3911And so, on television. Her real name.309.7075 
219 310.3965So the teacher said- Well I'll say Gidget.312.9031 
221 313.4137Say, Gidget314.3929 
223 315.1649um,315.7349 
225 316.4694since your father's a very important man,318.7355 
227 319.0048you should know how to do your work.320.5217 
229 320.6406And she went home and start crying and all.322.6410 
232 324.6720And was that the end?325.6162 
234DCA_int_01327.7005How did it end [then?]328.6308
235DCA_se2_ag1_f_04328.4140[She] didn't cheat.329.3608
238 330.2596They found out that she didn't cheat, huh?331.9418 
240 332.8816Mm, good.333.4622 
241DCA_se2_ag1_f_04333.5706They gave her a A.334.4938
242DCA_int_01335.1688Oh good.335.7458
244 336.8964What other TV show do you like?338.4518 
247 340.4487I like341.0327 
249 343.7037um- Let me see.345.2774 
251 345.7670I like Mer-346.5644 
253 346.7279M-346.9132 
255 347.6021Mayberry /REFD/.349.4487 
258 350.2390Do you remember one of those programs that was good?352.4519 
260DCA_int_01354.3963How did that go?355.1727
261DCA_se2_ag1_f_04355.1587I like the time when um, two men came to town,358.3717
262 358.8264and they stayed in a hotel.360.6405
264 362.1583And362.7983 
266 364.6789a hotel.365.3504 
268 366.0393And then um-367.2843 
270 367.3857Let's see what happened.368.6158 
271DCA_int_01369.4796Sometimes it's hard to remember.371.3576
272DCA_se2_ag1_f_04374.1055Oh, no. They didn't come and stay in a hotel.376.3717
274 376.7844They came to um-378.1658 
276 378.6195Do you know the grandmother on um- I mean aunt on-381.8125 
277DCA_int_01381.8544Aunt Bee?382.5504
278DCA_se2_ag1_f_04383.0811Aunt Bee383.8644
280 384.0952came to the-384.6408 
282 384.9521came to the farm to work for Aunt /Pee/.387.1547 
284 387.5671<ts>387.6281 
286 387.7525Aunt Bee.388.4973 
288 388.8435And so389.6619 
290 391.8328she had five thousand dollars to build a swimming pool and playground for the children.397.1826 
292DCA_se2_ag1_f_04397.8785In the um,398.6689
294 398.9137town.399.4278 
296 399.6656So,400.2741 
298 400.6238um,401.0155 
300 401.2314the men that came- She-402.9118 
302 403.7844she put404.3579 
304 404.7881the money in the405.9009 
306 406.0413cookie jar406.8680 
308 406.9904and so the men came and took the money out the cookie jar409.9844 
310 410.4168and went to a card game with a man named Big Boose.414.2987 
312 414.8748Something like that.415.8493 
314 416.5815And started playing cards, and then the man- Big Boose grabbed the man up from the table and say, you are cheating.421.8229 
316 422.4523And so the man say, I'm not cheating!424.2980 
318 424.5533We're doing this for some church in the um-426.9698 
320 427.3825raise the money. /So sure/, Andy came in to say,430.2633 
322 430.6445all y'all is arrest.431.7881 
324 432.0678Then he say, wait a Sh- Wait Sheriff.434.2947 
326 434.7843And then435.4138 
328 435.7565he told the Sheriff all about that, and they had enough money to build a swimming pool and all.440.0117 
330 440.7636And then441.3686 
332 441.7979they went to church, and the two men443.4975 
334 444.0116they were singing um,445.2461 
336 445.5145Jesus keep me near the cross, and they- The two men was going all out the449.4069 
338 450.1089tune. And [it was funny.]451.7596 
340 452.8263That's good. You remembered that one. Yeah.455.0391
342 456.1792Have you seen a movie that you liked that you could tell about?459.1868 
344DCA_int_01460.5043What's that?461.1723
345DCA_se2_ag1_f_04461.1163The Invitation of Life.462.7950
346DCA_int_01463.2103Uh-huh. Do you remember how that went?464.9519
348DCA_int_01466.4382Tell me about it.467.1796
349DCA_se2_ag1_f_04468.4866It was a little a Negro girl and a little white girl.471.4418
351 472.2286And so both of 'em like each other473.9099 
353 474.2316very much, and they was raised up476.0187 
355 476.5922together. Then when they got big,478.3120 
357 478.6582the colored girl wanted to make a-480.1480 
359 480.2249She was rea- She was kind of light skinned. She wanted to make like she was a white girl.484.3647 
361 484.8788And her boyfriend beat her up and all.486.6860 
362DCA_int_01486.8049[Oh yeah?]487.3095
363DCA_se2_ag1_f_04487.0357[And then] at the end her mother died and489.1970
364 489.3229Mahalia Jackson sing the hymn.491.1580
367 493.4067Do you have a pet at home?494.5922 
368DCA_se2_ag1_f_04494.9411No, I don't like pets.496.4835
369DCA_int_01496.6687You don't? Why not?497.5884
371DCA_int_01498.7670Don't like dogs?499.6098
373DCA_int_01500.5707[<laugh> Why not?]501.4729
374DCA_se2_ag1_f_04500.8015[Cause they bite.]501.6268
375DCA_int_01502.2388Were you ever bitten by a dog?503.7951
376DCA_se2_ag1_f_04503.7802No, I was chasing after one-505.9383
377DCA_int_01506.0534[Oh yeah?]506.5763
378DCA_se2_ag1_f_04506.0667[by one.]506.6565
381 508.0957Did you get away?508.9316 
383DCA_int_01509.7735Were you scared?510.5744
384DCA_se2_ag1_f_04510.7912Yeah, I jumped on top a car.512.9454
385DCA_int_01513.2314You did? (laughing) How come he chased you?515.4136
386DCA_se2_ag1_f_04516.2949Because I- We-517.2041
388 517.5670Me and my friends was rounding the corner, and519.4485 
390 519.9270I'm teasing him.520.8218 
393 522.7839How did you tease him?523.5673 
394DCA_se2_ag1_f_04524.8018Like whoo!525.3578
396 525.4732[Whoo!]525.7005 
398DCA_se2_ag1_f_04526.3991[Then] he starting coming after us, and they could run faster than me and left me.530.5922
399DCA_int_01530.8537Oh, that was nice of 'em. They should have stayed and helped their friend (laughing).534.8294
401 535.8433Was it a big dog?536.8679 
402DCA_se2_ag1_f_04537.1337Yeah! It was a German Shepard.539.3303
403DCA_int_01539.2821Oh man. Those get big.540.7629
404 541.9659Yeah, you like my wife. She scared of dogs too.544.3685
406 545.1265I don't blame you.546.0848 
408 547.9488Did you ever have a pet at home?549.3712 
410 549.5881A cat or [anything? A parakeet?]551.3052 
412DCA_int_01551.7283Nothing like that?552.5956
414 553.3370Well that's good.554.0250 
416 555.7772How about when you go to- where you go to school. What do you study in school?559.2665 
417DCA_se2_ag1_f_04560.1373Oh, well-561.0501
419 561.2669You mean what's fav-562.3021 
421 562.5923What's my favorite subject?563.9605 
422DCA_int_01563.9554Yeah, what's your favorite subject?565.2885
423DCA_se2_ag1_f_04565.2083Well I take social studies,567.0600
424 567.2628[history, geography.]568.5575
426 568.8680Do [you like that stuff?]570.1655
428DCA_int_01571.0468What are you studying in Social Studies now?573.1407
432 575.5424What's interesting about Canada?577.3015 
435 578.9906Well-579.5537 
436DCA_int_01580.0363Let me see if you know some- I'll kind- What two languages do they speak?583.1969
437DCA_se2_ag1_f_04584.4069Latin, don't they speak Latin?586.1683
438DCA_int_01586.4798Some of 'em. Mm-hm.587.4322
440DCA_int_01590.4098Mostly what?591.1967
441DCA_se2_ag1_f_04592.3682I forgot.593.1866
444 594.6860You could go there and understand everybody.596.6619 
445DCA_se2_ag1_f_04597.1480Canadians is there ain't it?598.8196
449DCA_se2_ag1_f_04601.1794That's what we were talking about. The Canadians.603.6747
451DCA_se2_ag1_f_04604.1686[And we] was talking about Quebec and606.3753
452 607.8677um,608.3748
454 609.6583/unintelligible/.610.6305 
456 611.3160[/Okay/.]611.6936 
461 615.9349What's a worse subject you don't like?617.5862 
464 622.8750one subject I do not like.624.4138 
466 625.9412Reading.626.6686 
467DCA_int_01627.0253Why not?627.7807
468DCA_se2_ag1_f_04627.9625Cause I don't put expression in my words.630.1999
469DCA_int_01630.4552Is that what the teacher get on you for?632.1653
472 633.0221[She have never] told me.634.3405 
474DCA_se2_ag1_f_04634.7943[I had got good] marks in Reading and all my grades but638.1691
476DCA_se2_ag1_f_04639.2908I don't like Reading cause640.5218
478 640.8540I goof up too much.642.2726 
480 643.6159Yeah that makes it /?/.645.4503
482 648.9273Tell me this /RD-NAME-2/. Did you ever have a teacher that hollered a lot?651.8999 
483DCA_se2_ag1_f_04652.9632Holler at me? Like to kill?654.7422
484DCA_int_01654.9870Hollered at the kids.656.2110
486DCA_int_01657.5671Oh yeah?658.1966
487DCA_se2_ag1_f_04658.5183I had such a-659.6059
489 659.8682hard time last year in the fifth grade, I didn't even know what to do.663.1564 
490DCA_int_01663.9040How come the teacher hollered?665.2760
491DCA_se2_ag1_f_04665.6039She was just /pretty /?/ mean/.667.1979
493DCA_se2_ag1_f_04668.6406She was hateful.669.7453
494DCA_int_01670.4603She was what?671.0707
497 672.4528[That's why] she got fired.673.7290 
499 674.5159Really?674.8741
502 677.7380She'd come in678.6056 
504 678.7317and she- One day she took us on the playground til nine thirty to eleven. Let us stayed out there, and she went downtown shopping.685.5403 
505DCA_int_01685.8278No kidding.686.6046
506DCA_se2_ag1_f_04686.8215No [kidding.]687.6538
507DCA_int_01687.4470[Gee] whiz.688.4760
508DCA_se2_ag1_f_04688.8443And we had some fun.690.0133
509DCA_int_01690.0486<laugh> I bet you did.691.3702
511 692.0310/inaudible/693.1105 
513 693.4081Did she come back? [Or did some] other teacher bring you in or- ?696.1926 
515 696.3426Came back at two fifteen.697.9114
516DCA_int_01698.7841Oh yeah? Well happened at eleven thirty?700.6152
518 701.7703Did they make you go back in? Or did you go in by [yourself?]704.1853 
520 704.9722D- We- we stayed out there. Then the bell ring- started ringing at um,709.0883
522 709.4351ten minutes to twelve, and /??/ just went and got our stuff /and drove us and went/ home.713.6875 
525 715.5841That's funny. Are you on half days?717.3181 
527 717.5905Or were you on half days?718.9626 
531 720.8239But you went home anyway, hm?722.1808 
533DCA_int_01723.5214No kidding.724.1065
535 724.9136What did- Did she holler too?726.6791 
537 727.1179[/The same day/.]728.0158 
539DCA_int_01728.7611What does she holler about?729.8356
540DCA_se2_ag1_f_04730.3551Everything. She just make up anything to holler about.733.2859
541DCA_int_01733.7298Did she ever holler at you?734.8899
543DCA_int_01736.1498What for?736.6794
544DCA_se2_ag1_f_04737.5823One day I wore my socks like the big kid, and she said my socks was /mitch matched/ and start hollering at me.743.1803
545DCA_int_01743.3265Oh yeah?743.8713
547 745.2636Was it fair, do you think?746.3128 
550DCA_se2_ag1_f_04747.8861[Cause] she couldn't see cause I had on two red socks and two white sock.751.4128
551DCA_int_01752.0973Oh (laughing). She thought that was mix match huh?754.3269
552DCA_se2_ag1_f_04754.4227Yeah, cause I had one red on f-756.4897
554 757.0143on top and one white down the bottom. One white up top and one red down the [bottom.]760.9539 
555DCA_int_01760.6411[Oh I] see.761.4936
556 761.8555That's the way the big kids do it.763.0863
560 765.3512Well you can't expect a teacher to know what-767.1066 
562 767.9175what's what (laughing) anyway, can you?769.7587 
564 770.5910How about the best teacher you ever had?772.3515 
566DCA_int_01773.4360[Have you] /thought about it/?774.5255
567DCA_se2_ag1_f_04775.2860Teacher I got775.9668
569 776.4804<ts>776.6007 
571 776.9859in the third grade, she was very nice.779.2609 
573 780.3656And I really worked in her /and my mom was real smart in her/.783.5372 
574DCA_int_01783.5372Oh yeah?784.1274
575DCA_se2_ag1_f_04783.8752Then when I got to the fourth grade,785.6054
576 787.1640I /goofed/, then [in the] sixth I'm doing better.789.7051
578 790.2045Oh, that's [/good/.]791.0217
579DCA_se2_ag1_f_04790.7493[But] I have to stop chewing and talking.792.7620
580DCA_int_01793.2160Is that what they get after you for now?794.9197
583 796.4582I don't chew that much.797.7293 
586 799.1165/I used to like/ to chew in school. I don't do that anymore, but I /unintelligible/.802.8599 
588 803.5089What about your third grade teacher? What was so great about her?806.2025 
591 810.6352I like a teacher that um,812.4007 
593 813.0653um-813.6050 
595 814.2558She-814.7753 
597 814.9922she won't- She'll explain your work and leave you on your own to do it,819.4463 
599DCA_se2_ag1_f_04820.7314by yourself and finish it all.822.8329
601DCA_se2_ag1_f_04823.6835[Then that's] how I can learn more. Cause if uh- somebody keep on telling me,827.3533
602 827.7165then when the big test come,829.3155
604 829.4719I won't know nothing, [and then]831.3850 
606DCA_se2_ag1_f_04831.9385down I go.832.9524
607DCA_int_01834.1871That's very nice.835.3170
609 836.8555Did you ever have a teacher you just couldn't stand?838.8581 
612 839.8808Miss /RD-NAME-2/.841.0460 
613DCA_int_01841.7270What was so bad about her?842.9578
614DCA_se2_ag1_f_04843.0506She was hateful.844.0978
615DCA_int_01844.4156Is that the same one you [told me about?]845.9138
617DCA_int_01847.2291/Didn't the other kids like her or- ?/848.6516
618DCA_se2_ag1_f_04849.3427No, she had one pet.850.8895
620 853.2457And the rest of 'em she didn't give a heck about.855.6014 
623 859.1614Okay.859.8020 
625 860.4275Did the kids in your class ever play a trick on862.6866 
627 863.1313a teacher when you were in the class?864.8773 
628DCA_se2_ag1_f_04865.4201Mm, yes.866.4946
629DCA_int_01867.1856What happened?867.7808
630DCA_se2_ag1_f_04867.8162April Fool Day, /they say, one day/-870.2172
632 870.3787/RD-NAME-3/ was saying-871.6095 
634 872.1480Think I was in the third.873.4929 
636 875.5276They say, miss /RD-NAME-2/, your slip is hanging.877.8531 
638 879.1936April Fool.880.3185 
641 881.9579And what did she say?882.9011 
643 883.2088She get mad?883.8747 
646 885.7297Then when a boy went in the room- came in her room, she s- she told us, you know,889.8308 
648 890.1170first of all, this year she like her children to be neat,892.6089 
650 893.2798and keep your shirts in your pants and -895.6204 
652 895.8070and all like that.896.7200 
654DCA_se2_ag1_f_04897.3089And then she say,898.0706
656 898.2522and the b- She told the boy, why is your shirt out your pants?901.0922 
658 901.8387And he say,902.6004 
660 904.1641April Fools [/something/.]906.2462 
662 907.0432Uh, that's pretty good.908.2601
664 909.5199Oh, /RD-NAME-2/, could I ask you not to911.2791 
666 911.6373hang on to the microphone.912.8828 
668 913.4485You should hear some of the tape, cause it sound like915.6374 
670 915.9199<makes pretend tape rustling noises> all the while cause the mic is so close to your hand.920.1661 
672 921.5178Okay, I know it turned the wrong way, but they can- I can still hear you when I listen.925.4208 
674 926.7021Okay, another question.928.1625 
676 928.4777Is it a bunch of kids that you always hang around with and do things with?931.8107 
679 933.4451I hang with one person.935.1753 
681 935.3215Three or something like that.936.4767 
684 938.0291Who's that?938.6092 
686 939.2750One of the kids that's here?940.4907 
687DCA_se2_ag1_f_04940.9144One of my best friends. One of 'em my best friends.943.2247
689DCA_se2_ag1_f_04944.6409My friend named /RD-NAME-4/946.7191
691 946.9512And /RD-NAME-2/947.9298 
693DCA_se2_ag1_f_04949.1846and friend /RD-NAME-4/.951.1417
696 955.5101I don't suppose any of the kids you know speak any foregin languages, do they?959.0802 
697DCA_se2_ag1_f_04959.3879Yes, I had a fr- a friend of mine around961.7688
699 961.9290last year.962.7008 
701 963.1194Her name was Ira. She was Spanish.965.2330 
702DCA_int_01965.3642Oh yeah?966.0451
703DCA_se2_ag1_f_04966.1460And I had a uh, Mexican friend. Her name was /RD-NAME-2/.969.4046
705DCA_se2_ag1_f_04969.8624[Her real name] was /RD-NAME-2/.971.2496
708 972.8839Did they speak Spanish?973.9051 
709DCA_se2_ag1_f_04974.5788One spoke Spanish and one spoke some Mexico or something /?/.978.3255
712 979.0872Mm-hm.979.5866 
714 980.9788Is there any white kids that you play with?982.6825 
715DCA_se2_ag1_f_04983.0810Yes, /I like-/984.1504
717 984.6760<ts>984.7723 
718DCA_int_01984.7053Oh yeah?985.1845
719DCA_se2_ag1_f_04985.1492I play with a friend, she sit about987.3636
720 988.9311two desk- one desk from me. Her name is /RD-NAME-2/.991.8215
722DCA_se2_ag1_f_04992.9464And I have a Chinese friend. Her name is [/RD-NAME-4/]996.1882
723DCA_int_01995.9484[Is] that right?996.6105
724 997.6565Well you got a lot of different kinds in this class then huh?1000.3905
726 1000.8294That's good.1001.4952 
728 1002.6844Is it any one person in the kids you play with that everybody listen to, and1006.5147 
730 1007.3001say that they're the leader and all that stuff?1009.4829 
731DCA_se2_ag1_f_041012.2875Um, last year I had /unintelligible/ something like that. Her name was /RD-NAME-2/.1016.6035
733DCA_se2_ag1_f_041017.5525Everything she says go,1019.1222
735 1019.5435but I didn't follow.1020.8918 
736DCA_int_011021.1478You didn't? Why not?1022.4644
737DCA_se2_ag1_f_041022.4493No, cause if /she wants/-1024.3933
738 1024.8302/sometimes/ like my mama told me,1026.9084
740 1027.3309you follow the leader, then the leader leaves you. Then what you gonna do then? So,1031.7699 
742 1032.4509you gotta follow yourself and follow the light.1034.8392 
743DCA_int_011035.2795That's good advice.1036.5103
745 1038.1244Now what was there about /RD-NAME-2/ that made everybody do what she say?1041.2305 
746DCA_se2_ag1_f_041041.6441She /went from/ big mad1043.0515
748 1043.3037bully.1043.7829 
751 1045.1902Mm-hm.1045.7249 
753 1048.0289What if a new kid moved in your neighborhood and wanted to play with you all? What would they1052.2510 
755 1052.6596have to do?1053.2952 
758 1056.0229Like,1056.3306 
760 1057.1831about two or three of the children /??/1059.3269 
762 1059.9461probably /lasted/ to 'em, say, you can't play with me.1062.8617 
764 1063.4569But I tell 'em who they could play with me.1065.4494 
766 1065.9722<ts>1066.0284 
768 1066.4722Cause all us is human beings.1068.3587 
771 1069.6745They don't have do nothing special or1071.4147 
773 1072.3429go through the gauntlet or anything?1073.9268 
775DCA_int_011075.9798Oh that's nice.1077.0240
777 1079.0606What do you wanna be when you get out of school, /RD-NAME-2/? Have you ever thought about that?1082.7026 
778DCA_se2_ag1_f_041083.4631Um, I can't think of the name but you do research work.1087.0042
780DCA_se2_ag1_f_041088.2501[You know],1088.8050
781DCA_int_011088.2602[/Oh yeah?/]1088.7545
782DCA_se2_ag1_f_041089.7016go through different states and1091.3713
784 1091.5983find out about the people,1093.1469 
786 1093.4243/and all, like that/.1094.5394 
787DCA_int_011095.8174Something like the som- Social Studies stuff.1098.2507
789 1099.5166That's good. How long does it take1101.0399 
791 1102.1900to be one of those?1103.1117 
793 1103.3591[Do you know?]1104.1056 
795 1104.2166Mm, no.1104.8951
797 1105.5432Um,1105.8207 
799 1107.2230I think it take long.1108.6707 
801 1109.1335About1109.5252 
803 1109.8261three years.1110.6396 
806 1111.7313After you get out of high school?1112.9319 
810 1117.0518If you had all the money you wanted in the world, what would you do with it?1120.1137 
811DCA_se2_ag1_f_041120.2902Right now?1121.0655
812DCA_int_011121.5198Right now.1122.2916
813DCA_se2_ag1_f_041122.4278I'll go to /Horn's/ shoe shop and buy me a pair of Hush Puppies.1126.3472
815 1126.6801Then go to /??/ Shops and buy me a pair of /??/ and a shell1130.3763 
817 1130.7547and a winter coat.1132.0611 
819 1132.4193And boots to match. And give my mother some money.1135.4714 
820DCA_int_011135.8734Mm-hm. What if you still had a whole lot left over?1138.4661
821DCA_se2_ag1_f_041138.7444<ts> I'd give my brothers and sisters.1140.8924
824 1142.6819What if you still had some left over?1144.6038 
825DCA_se2_ag1_f_041145.5925I'd go buy the groceries for this week.1147.5654
826DCA_int_011148.3558What if it was still some left over?1150.2118
827DCA_se2_ag1_f_041150.8272I'd give it all the rest of it to my grandmother.1153.4805
828DCA_int_011153.8386Oh, that's nice.1154.8563
830 1156.4304That's good.1157.1565 
832 1158.5790How does your family celebrate the holidays?1161.2878 
833DCA_se2_ag1_f_041161.8620What holidays? Like Thanksgiving?1163.6826
834DCA_int_011163.7331Yeah, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all of 'em. [Especially] Christmas.1167.0976
835DCA_se2_ag1_f_041166.0736[My ma-]1166.5192
836 1167.8673Oh.1168.4130
838 1169.1645<ts>1169.2636 
840 1169.5726Well for Thanksgiving my mother go buy about1172.0650 
842 1174.4446Forty pound turkey and so many ounces.1176.8578 
845 1178.2127/Gee/, that's a big one. How big is your family?1180.2456 
846DCA_se2_ag1_f_041180.8648We have five,1181.9947
848 1183.0036and my mother and my [father.]1184.5168 
850 1187.2647What do you do on Christmas?1188.6973
852 1189.4492Say, start with Christmas Eve. Then tell me everything you do1192.4343 
853DCA_se2_ag1_f_041192.7265[Christmas Eve?]1193.5890
854DCA_int_011192.9900[until Christmas] night.1194.2044
857 1196.0860my mother put up our Christmas tree before Christmas Eve.1199.0066 
859 1199.5665About two days before and we decorate it and-1202.3094 
861 1202.7785and put the /presents/ under. Then on Christmas Eve, the /present/ she had bought us,1206.9590 
863 1207.0497she put it under there.1208.2654 
865 1208.7043And then the next morning-1210.1318 
867 1210.6110Now I guess the card that you have to put together for me-1213.3236 
869 1213.8381For my little brother that's1215.2152 
871 1215.6944five years old /inaudible/.1218.0047 
874 1218.7412And then we- you eat ham or whatever it is for dinner,1222.0949
876DCA_se2_ag1_f_041223.3504Then we might go somewhere like1225.3318
878 1225.8763to /RD-ADDRESS-3/ to see my aunt.1227.8083 
881 1230.3204What about at night? Do you get to sleep at Christmas Eve or?1233.4315 
883DCA_int_011233.9157[Do you] sneak? <laugh> [Do you stay /awoke/?] <laugh>1237.2943
884DCA_se2_ag1_f_041235.6863[/I knows it/.]1236.8414
885 1238.0167No I'm stay woke sometimes1240.1290
887 1240.6435cause I think about all the year, all the things that I have done that's bad [and good.]1245.7332 
889DCA_se2_ag1_f_041246.0447That's it, I ain't getting nothing. So-1247.9313
892DCA_int_011251.2202But you always do, don't you?1252.8281
894DCA_int_011253.7713That's good.1254.6743
896 1257.0905Okay, what- what was the best Christmas present you ever got?1260.2318 
897DCA_se2_ag1_f_041261.6846Hm. <ts>1262.4059
898DCA_int_011267.9837Now let me ask it this- or this way-1269.8954
900 1270.4503What if you had a real rich relative or something, and they wanted you-1273.9195 
902 1274.2121wanted to get you something. What would you ask for?1276.4518 
903DCA_se2_ag1_f_041276.8856A steering bike.1278.2223
904DCA_int_011278.7760What's that?1279.4468
905DCA_se2_ag1_f_041279.4721<ts> It's a new kind of bike. It's a /mini by ??/ big thing on the back and /steering out the back/.1284.7141
907DCA_se2_ag1_f_041285.2869It cost fifty nine1286.5788
908 1287.4936ninety five.1288.4850
909DCA_int_011289.0499You've looked into that huh? <laugh>1290.9113
911 1291.8029What's so good about them that you would want /??/?1294.2592 
912DCA_se2_ag1_f_041295.7979I wanna [show off on it.]1297.3365
914 1297.4741Just like the looks of it, huh?1298.9141
916 1299.8473What color would you want?1300.8203 
920 1305.5108Well, that's good.1306.4540 
922 1309.4907Mm-kay, now that you1310.6912 
924 1311.4063starting into your teens, what-1313.1869 
926 1313.5249what are you going to do different that you didn't do when you y- were little?1316.7810 
928 1318.1492In general.1318.8202 
930 1319.8391What kind of games- I mean what kind of-1322.1242 
932 1322.4672After school, what are you going to do now that you didn't do before?1325.4017 
933DCA_se2_ag1_f_041326.0373You mean when I get way up there?1328.0197
934DCA_int_011329.0689No I mean- Well like right now or like when you get to be thirteen. <throat clear>1332.9820
935DCA_se2_ag1_f_041334.1271When I get a s-1335.0351
937 1335.2116in the seventh grade1336.5383 
939 1337.4298or when January the first come,1339.8007 
941 1340.6582when I make my revolutions,1342.6204 
943 1343.4767I'm going to say1344.9901 
945 1346.8513that I'm going to try harder,1348.7026 
947 1349.6396and just like one of my teachers told me in school,1352.3476 
949 1353.1958go up the ladder instead of come down the ladder.1355.8653 
951 1356.1253Start on the first step and go to the last.1358.8543 
952DCA_int_011359.4112That's good.1360.2667
954 1362.7270Okay.1363.2178 
956 1363.8822Uh,1364.3916 
958 1365.0323/here's a/ more kind of a serious question.1367.2576 
960 1368.0034So sometime you hear people that whatever gonna happen is gonna happen.1371.4675 
962 1372.2343And nothing you can do about it. What do you think about that?1374.7161 
963DCA_se2_ag1_f_041375.4967[I don't pay no] attention to 'em1377.0201
965DCA_se2_ag1_f_041377.2672[cause I don't think] nobody knows in this world what's going to happen but God.1381.0050
966DCA_int_011377.3479[/You don't care?]1378.1046
967 1381.2459Mm-hm.1381.7705
968DCA_se2_ag1_f_041382.0530So, sometimes I /say/1383.8740
970 1384.2499it might gonna happen,1385.5695 
972 1386.0032so I just have to wait til that time come and see.1388.8744 
976 1391.0799can't go by everybody's word.1392.9311 
977DCA_int_011393.5781/Well suppose you're/-1394.5806
979 1394.8091Suppose it was a little boy1395.9054 
981 1396.1427that you knew or something,1397.4343 
983 1398.1625and uh,1398.7585 
985 1400.0537he went out1400.7438 
987 1401.1261and got hit by a truck and killed.1402.8654 
989 1403.5369And one person say,1404.7819 
991 1404.9264well,1405.3694 
993 1406.1190it was gonna happen. It was his time.1408.1613 
995 1408.8701And so he got killed. Another person say, well he should have been more careful. Which one would you agree with?1413.3919 
996DCA_se2_ag1_f_041413.9328The one that said1414.9680
998 1415.2664um,1415.7402 
1000 1417.8252um, the first one.1419.1028 
1002 1419.6717[It was] his time.1420.7209 
1004DCA_se2_ag1_f_041421.5089Cause when you die,1422.5114
1006 1422.6466it's your- it's really your time to go.1424.8557 
1008DCA_se2_ag1_f_041425.3313[Cause] the /other ones is normal/.1427.2804
1011 1429.3636Oh, you're a good thinking1430.7298 
1013 1431.4199girl, /RD-NAME-2/. You think about a lot of things.1433.6255