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1DCA_int_010.5204Okay I'm gonna try to take you way back and ask you3.2303
3 3.8025what kinds of games that did you play when you were a little boy?6.8060 
5 7.5605You remember that?8.4467 
6DCA_se2_ag4_m_0110.9388Baseball and12.3598
8 13.6623running.14.2984 
11 16.6272Was there a game that you remember playing where19.0419 
13 19.6545uh one kid would have to chase the other kids?21.9545 
14DCA_se2_ag4_m_0126.1111Yes such as27.2757
16 28.1257we called it28.8750 
18 29.3142hi spy.30.5828 
19DCA_int_0130.6657Hi spy, how did you play hi spy?32.6544
21DCA_int_0133.5477Do you remember?34.2570
22DCA_se2_ag4_m_0135.7885running from one37.1691
24 38.2376sudden spot to another.39.9982 
26DCA_se2_ag4_m_0142.1869[and tagging] uh43.7674
27DCA_int_0142.1869[And what did you-]43.1669
28DCA_se2_ag4_m_0144.7159one out45.4439
30 45.6659so.45.9670 
32 46.9665Did one kid have to be it?48.3185
34 50.3017Did one kid have to chase the other or how did that work?52.8150 
35DCA_se2_ag4_m_0154.4092Well sometimes it would be56.1399
37 56.3141several of us playing and57.8101 
39DCA_se2_ag4_m_0158.2267t- called it tag.59.5708
42 61.5158What happened if somebody got tagged?63.3811 
43DCA_se2_ag4_m_0164.7733They called him out.65.9506
46 66.8820Mm-hm.67.4007 
48 69.3168Uh how did you-70.1314 
50 71.3981did you play any games where w- a bunch of kids had to hide and one kid had to go find him?76.1135 
52DCA_int_0178.2682What's that called?79.1468
53DCA_se2_ag4_m_0183.2438Ah h- hi- uh85.6145
55 86.8111hi spy I think [uh.]88.6240 
57 89.6604How did that work, do you remember?91.3010
59 93.1418Same way as the other one?94.2818 
60DCA_se2_ag4_m_0194.3859Well you're supposed to hide behind a bush and they find you.97.5994
61DCA_int_0197.8995Uh-huh what happens if they find you?99.6683
64 102.8411y- you get so many counts104.7704 
66DCA_se2_ag4_m_01106.9926for that.107.5499
69 111.2903Um,111.8997 
71 114.0234let's see uh,115.0207 
73 117.4623what are your favorite TV programs?119.5663 
74DCA_se2_ag4_m_01121.6683The news.122.4166
75DCA_int_01122.8883The news?123.5737
77 123.8328What you were watching right, just now.125.6536 
78DCA_se2_ag4_m_01125.6096That's right.126.3900
81 128.3165let's see,128.9271 
83 130.7096uh you do ever watch any131.9998 
85 132.1879stories- programs with stories on it?134.5850 
87 135.3190Like uh-136.4133 
89 136.9037uh Mission Impossible138.5664 
91 140.1052or um140.9072 
93 141.6795Bonanza or any of those?143.1442 
94DCA_se2_ag4_m_01144.1343Once in a while.145.1783
95DCA_int_01145.9431Do you remember one uh-147.3753
97 148.4318one story program that you could tell me about?151.2305 
99 153.1156Any of those stories?154.2969 
100DCA_se2_ag4_m_01155.9548Not particularly.157.2468
103 160.0543Do you go to movies?160.9823 
105 161.7711Been to the movies162.6151 
107 163.1334recently?163.8494 
108DCA_se2_ag4_m_01164.7581Not for some time.166.0208
111 167.8350Do you remember the best movie you ever saw?169.8564 
112DCA_se2_ag4_m_01172.5530It's been so long I just couldn't recall it [right now.]175.8063
115DCA_int_01178.2372Do you have a pet now or179.4959
117 179.8097did you ever have a pet as a child?181.5865 
118DCA_se2_ag4_m_01182.0281Beg pardon?182.6964
119DCA_int_01182.8805Did you ever have a pet as a child or do you have one now?185.4885
121DCA_int_01186.5342Yeah, a dog or something?188.2769
124 192.1361Not particularly no.193.4647 
126 197.4882Uh what did you study in school, do you remember?200.0333
128 201.6915Elementary school?203.2248 
129DCA_se2_ag4_m_01205.1451Mathematics and history and207.7740
131 207.8901/geogr-/208.5128 
133 208.6441uh209.0161 
137 211.7034/inaudible/212.3597 
138DCA_int_01214.1261Did you ever have a teacher that hollered a lot?216.1381
140 217.3436Always yelling at the kids?218.7569 
141DCA_se2_ag4_m_01220.7105I didn't understand.221.8199
142DCA_int_01221.8431Did you ever have a teacher that hollered at- at the kids that you remember?225.2286
144 226.7427A teacher that was known for hollering at the kids and everything?230.0901 
145DCA_se2_ag4_m_01230.6141No <laugh>231.6875
147 232.7471you're going back to over sixty five [years ago] now so uh236.7458 
149DCA_se2_ag4_m_01236.8208no I'll say no.238.3514
152 240.8000Do you remember the best teacher you ever had?242.8133 
154DCA_int_01244.9254What was good about her?246.1134
155DCA_se2_ag4_m_01248.2949She was uh249.4523
157 251.0998exact251.8477 
159 255.4255/spunctuous/256.4149 
161DCA_se2_ag4_m_01258.3386When she said anything she'll mean it.260.3706
164 261.4016Mm-hm.261.8630 
166 264.1205Do you think that's a good way to be for a teacher?266.3579 
167DCA_se2_ag4_m_01267.4301I think so.268.4234
170 271.0312Good.271.4754 
172 272.0074You ever have a teacher that you couldn't stand?274.1570 
173DCA_se2_ag4_m_01275.5531No I276.6704
175 276.8671always got along with them pretty good.278.8200 
176DCA_int_01279.1921Well that's good.280.1228
178 284.5240Uh284.8507 
180 285.4964is there a group of people that you287.5204 
182 288.1257used to associate with as a child?290.2670 
183DCA_se2_ag4_m_01292.6249Very few, most- most all of 'em dead.295.6198
186 297.4669How about um when you were working was there a group that300.1241 
188 301.2961that you302.1161 
190 302.6928went with?303.4261 
192 304.3135Stayed with?305.0509 
193DCA_se2_ag4_m_01306.5402When I was working?307.7015
195DCA_se2_ag4_m_01309.1532<clears throat>309.6891
197 310.0856There's310.5549 
199 311.1421quite a few of 'em that's living,312.5634 
201 312.9104I've been retired ten years.314.6832 
204 317.1321Now was there one person in that group that everybody looked up to as the leader?321.0414 
206 323.0701/And why?/323.5539 
207DCA_se2_ag4_m_01324.4088Well not particularly but it326.1737
209 326.7897sometimes it's always one328.6524 
211 329.6230that-329.8631 
213 331.0093that331.1934 
215 331.7016people decide.332.7469 
218 334.5045[You ever think about] what-335.5250 
220DCA_int_01335.8091what makes a person336.9577
222 338.8161uh become the type of person that others look up to?341.8561 
224 343.9559You have any ideas on that?345.6207 
225DCA_se2_ag4_m_01347.5893W- w- well,348.7899
227 351.0045I guess that could be measured out in353.3725 
229 353.4897more than one thing.354.7430 
233 357.0388personality and-358.7028 
235 360.6840and his loyalty-362.3065 
237 362.3745/loyar/363.1109 
239 363.1869loyalty,364.3322 
241DCA_se2_ag4_m_01365.9202and his firmness.367.1065
244 370.2498Well that's good.371.0898 
246 375.5737If you could do your whole life over again what would you want to be?379.0593 
248 381.2980You ever think about that?382.4566 
249DCA_se2_ag4_m_01382.8144A preacher.383.5398
250DCA_int_01383.9549A preacher?384.6249
252 386.0015And how-386.5618 
254 387.2661<clears throat>387.7623 
256 388.8628what would you have to do to be a preacher?390.7548 
257DCA_se2_ag4_m_01396.0831Well there's several things you have to do I-398.8163
259 400.7650first you have to be a402.3316 
261 403.8523a good Christian404.9963 
264 410.3684Well that's good to hear /though/.411.5978 
266 412.6775I'm a church going man myself.414.7108 
268 417.3031/That's good/418.2756 
270 421.8549Did you wanna be a preacher back when you-424.1039 
272 424.7899back when you were younger?426.0525 
274 426.9664Or did that come on you later on?428.6992 
277 430.1518I thought of it several times when I was young.432.7067 
279DCA_se2_ag4_m_01434.0353My father was a preacher.435.5326
281DCA_se2_ag4_m_01437.8827But I never did438.9427
283 439.9132get into the440.7733 
285 443.5728ministry.444.3283 
288 448.9588When you were working um450.5081 
290 450.6353what was your job451.7567 
292 452.3721like, what did you do in a day's work?454.5590 
293DCA_se2_ag4_m_01458.2901<clears throat>458.7103
295 459.0425for the last459.7358 
297 460.7513forty years I worked462.0079 
299 463.4459mostly on the464.4864 
301 465.0266railroads,465.8680 
303 466.2312a dining car waiter467.4478 
305DCA_se2_ag4_m_01469.0461although I worked in470.4075
307 471.1391restaurants and hotels and473.3401 
309 476.0048various places.477.2494 
310DCA_int_01478.3396Well how does that work on a dining car? I've always wondered about that.481.7470
312 482.2910Um482.7177 
314 483.5476do they484.1089 
316 484.1839bring the food on all cooked or do they cook right on the train?487.2745 
317DCA_se2_ag4_m_01487.3590Cook it right on the train.488.7003
318DCA_int_01488.8213Oh yeah?489.3866
319DCA_se2_ag4_m_01489.7297They do bring it on now491.2457
321 491.6946I understand492.7413 
323 493.9472uh494.6715 
325 494.9476uh495.2556 
327 495.3238quite a bit496.0038 
329 496.1322but not all the din- all the d-498.0731 
331 498.5933dining cars.499.4433 
332DCA_int_01501.2162Isn't it hard to-502.2055
334 502.6206isn't it hard on 'em back there?504.0869 
336 505.0153Kitchen of the train moving or506.6641 
338 507.0082isn't it too bad?507.9215 
339DCA_se2_ag4_m_01508.6428No that's been going on for years and years until it512.2859
341 513.2464[uh.]513.8586 
342DCA_int_01513.2464[Yeah I] guess so.514.5890
343 516.5917Well what would you do say in a typical day518.8143
345 519.6147um519.9588 
347 520.9993on your job, what all did you do?522.6761 
349 525.8752Now would you have to spend a couple days on a train or528.3779 
351 529.4526how did that work?530.3940 
352DCA_se2_ag4_m_01530.8330Depend on you know what run you have.533.0383
355 535.6187What kind of runs were there?537.1147 
356DCA_se2_ag4_m_01537.9115Well there's long runs and short runs540.4189
359 541.9070What about a long run, how does that work?544.2497 
362 546.7666<clears throat>547.0199 
364 547.6150long run you would uh549.3238 
366 550.5524sometime take551.8119 
368 553.5714th-553.8395 
370 553.9932three to five days co- com-555.9741 
372 556.1983to complete the round- round trip558.5396 
374DCA_se2_ag4_m_01559.4953and then some would560.7999
376 560.9560only take about three days.562.7168 
379 565.9879What would you do- say you were going on a long run568.3053 
381 568.7209when you get up in-569.4933 
383 569.6974in the morning570.4183 
385 571.2317what all would you have to do?572.5064 
386DCA_se2_ag4_m_01574.0088Well you'd have to go through the regular routine of uh577.1448
388 577.2743preparing, getting ready to serve.579.2768 
391 581.7737Mm-hm how does that work?582.9017 
394 585.3052you-585.6453 
396 586.6856you get up in the morning and uh588.5123 
398 589.5366you590.0808 
400 591.3494get ready to serve and593.1102 
402 595.1867depending on what your position will be597.6174 
404DCA_se2_ag4_m_01598.7679whether you be a-600.0317
405 603.7499a pantryman or605.2526
407DCA_se2_ag4_m_01608.0293or assigned to different609.6333
409 610.1623things610.6676 
411 610.9866that611.3293 
413DCA_se2_ag4_m_01611.8228contain to the service.613.4655
416 615.7702Mm-hm.616.3756 
418 618.2872Did you ever have anything embarrassing happen620.2845 
420 620.4959to you like621.1442 
422 622.0166spilling something on somebody or anything like that?624.3966 
425 627.1985<clears throat>627.5027 
427 627.5757well very fortunate I- I didn't,630.1014 
429 631.3541but631.6822 
431 632.0544I've seen it happen.633.2224 
432DCA_int_01633.5826Oh yeah?634.2093
434 635.9637What happens when somebody does that?637.7957 
435DCA_se2_ag4_m_01639.7330Well there's not much you can do uh641.8143
436DCA_int_01641.7259No I guess [/inaudible/]642.8993
438 643.1505but uh643.9652
440 646.9977the railroads or the company649.3830 
442 649.7286usually650.5766 
444 651.3133take care of the652.3413 
446 653.1262ones that uh654.2427 
448 655.4529you spill something on.656.8015 
451 658.0541Mm-hm.658.5501 
453 661.0910Yeah that's good.661.9683 
455 664.7164Did you have a /?/ did you have your own place to sleep on a train?667.9897 
456DCA_se2_ag4_m_01668.9776Oh yes they carry a-670.4503
458 670.5704a dormitory car672.1010 
460 672.5393for the crew673.3500 
462 675.9166and uh676.5953 
464 676.9648we have beds and678.0734 
466 678.5096bunks678.9069 
468 680.9542sleep in.681.5064 
469DCA_int_01687.5885How does your family celebrate the holidays like Christmas and /?/691.2262
471 692.1344What do you do?692.8837 
472DCA_se2_ag4_m_01694.3749Uh we-695.0413
474 695.2695<clears throat>695.7441 
476 696.2619we usually celebrate the holidays698.7646 
478 699.0811very quietly,700.2654 
480 701.4299mostly home and702.9513 
482 705.6674and uh706.3954 
484 706.8239relaxing,707.8266 
486 709.3569maybe a few friends.710.7135 
489 712.5800Have any decorations?713.9166 
490DCA_se2_ag4_m_01717.7699Uh, decorations?719.1343
492DCA_se2_ag4_m_01721.3073I don't know just what you mean by that.723.3419
493DCA_int_01723.3458You know the tree and things like that.725.5565
495DCA_int_01726.4150Ever have a Christmas tree?727.5835
496DCA_se2_ag4_m_01727.5916Oh yes we put up a Christmas tree, yeah.730.0868
497DCA_int_01736.6705Well here's a more serious question,738.6110
499 739.3798uh were you ever in a situation where you thought you were gonna be killed or that you might die?743.5891 
500DCA_se2_ag4_m_01749.5715Well I don't- I wouldn't uh751.4301
502 754.0072I wouldn't say that I was in a situation756.7712 
504 758.0088where I thought I was about to be killed except761.0699 
506 763.2526the kind of work that I /fall on/ the railroad /you're/ subject get killed any time you know have a wreck or anything like that770.2454 
508 770.3933you know770.9391 
510 771.1696course you understand that when you take the job.773.7683 
513 778.7484Um779.1577 
515 781.0530sometimes people say that whatever is gonna happen is gonna happen and you can't do anything about it.785.7429 
517 786.5310Do you agree with that?787.4594 
518DCA_se2_ag4_m_01787.7275No I don't.788.6582
519DCA_int_01789.2603You think you can do something about it?790.8589
520DCA_se2_ag4_m_01792.0912Yes I think uh793.4958
522 794.1239a lot of things that795.3324 
524 795.7686that795.9807 
526 796.0568people796.6130 
528 797.7896uh798.2914 
530 798.3955huh,798.7048 
532 799.5840happen to confront-800.9577 
534 801.0599and801.1913 
536 801.4326uh be confronted with802.8500 
538 802.9745could be avoided.804.1614