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1DCA_int_020.5418Okay, /RD-NAME-2/, what kinds of <laugh>3.2136
3 3.9636games did you play when you were younger (laughing)?6.0000 
4DCA_se3_ag2_m_016.9374Well, most of the time, we used to play touch football in the alley.10.0009
6DCA_se3_ag2_m_0110.9471It- it was me and three other guys.13.1519
7DCA_int_0213.8653How'd you play that? How'd you-15.3854
8DCA_se3_ag2_m_0116.0522Oh, well uh,17.1993
10 17.6458it was usually Reds and I on sides against20.1731 
12 20.5135uh,21.0031 
14 21.2036boy named Pooji, an Asian.22.5845 
16 23.4499And we used to play in the alley about24.8581 
18 25.0959forty yards long.26.3782 
20DCA_se3_ag2_m_0127.3808And we played until the sun went down.29.2413
21 29.4919<laugh>30.2240
22DCA_int_0231.1379Did you ever get a first down or anything? How- [how did that-]33.4647
23DCA_se3_ag2_m_0133.1616[No, we] had four downs to make a t- make a touch down. If we didn't, the other team got the ball.37.8467
24DCA_int_0238.2150Uh-huh. How about if you completed three straight passes or [anything.]41.4278
25DCA_se3_ag2_m_0141.0874[Yes, if we] completed three straight passes, we got a first down.44.0705
28 45.3481How about other games? Like kids play. You like you ever play uh,48.3965 
30 49.1472like,49.5902 
32 49.8373Kick the Can, marbles, any of those?52.2527 
33DCA_se3_ag2_m_0152.3506Used to play marbles. I- I had a hundred something marbles and lost 'em all one day (laughing). <laugh>58.0009
34DCA_int_0260.2380How did you uh-61.1286
36 61.7301Well how about Hide and Go Seek or any of those? You play any of those?64.2927 
39 65.2448played Hide and Go Seek, but um,67.3205 
41 68.3083wasn't too much fun so69.9170 
43 70.1222we didn't play it too often.71.4371 
44DCA_int_0271.8696How about at the- the- beginning of the game? How did you decide who was going to be it?75.9496
45DCA_se3_ag2_m_0176.7983Well, we used to run about78.1727
47 78.4151thirty yards to the tree, and the last man there was it.81.1896 
50 83.8276How about uh,84.8022 
52 85.4223have you ever played anything with bottle caps?87.1802 
54DCA_int_0288.5791How about /with/ cards. You ever uh,90.2846
56 90.4898flip cards [/or anything/?]91.6974 
57DCA_se3_ag2_m_0191.1612[Oh yes], we used to flip cards um-93.1429
58 94.3506It used to be about five of us in a game,96.4804
60 96.8348and we'd try to see who get the most cards in the hat.99.1056 
65 105.8750Uh,106.2434 
67 108.3685How about basketball? You play [basketball?]110.3409 
68DCA_se3_ag2_m_01109.8327[I played] basketball. It's not my111.7165
69 112.0662best sport, but I used to try. I had uh114.1634
71 115.0213little trouble with shooting from the outside,116.9424 
73DCA_se3_ag2_m_01117.3574[but most] of the time I'd pass off and119.3858
74 119.7996play the pivot.120.5271
75DCA_int_02121.3198Well you played football some, [didn't you?]123.0310
76DCA_se3_ag2_m_01122.7792[I played] [football mostly.]124.1968
77DCA_int_02123.6559[Tell me about your] football days. You know,125.5385
79DCA_int_02126.3312what did you play?127.7487
80DCA_se3_ag2_m_01128.1871I played128.7753
82 128.9851just about every position on the team except for quarterback and halfback cause I wasn't fast enough for halfback, and135.2502 
84 135.4647I didn't want the responsibility of the quarterback.137.9022 
86 138.5317But most of the time, I used to play tight end. We used to go up to the /Carter Brown/142.5372 
88 143.2786every Saturday144.3405 
90 144.8908and play. We started at about noon and play until dark.148.4346 
92 149.4231Usually the game started out as two hand touch,151.9779 
94 152.9518then153.2276 
96 153.6053one of the guys would say, oh, I would have made it if we were playing tackle. And then all of a sudden the game turned into tackle.158.6394 
98 159.7864I had a good time.160.8589 
100 161.1702We played kind of hard. I remember one month, in about a three week period,165.1383 
102 165.8657one boy got his collar bone broke, and another boy broke his leg, and another boy broke his arm.171.1103 
104 171.6559[<laugh>]173.1340 
106DCA_se3_ag2_m_01174.2566But we had a lot of fun. We used to-176.0472
108 176.3736Didn't make any difference who came up there. Some178.3122 
110 178.6491old fellas used to come from180.1167 
112 180.6903Armstrong.181.6555 
114 182.1311/Bell/, [some football] players uh,184.0336 
116DCA_se3_ag2_m_01184.9288on the weekend, didn't have anything to do, so we used to have a real good game. It188.2710
118 188.6767was always about thirty guys, so naturally the team was getting bigger than the average football team, [about fifteen] men on a side.195.5579 
120 196.9475Can you tell me the most exciting game you ever played in?199.5016
121DCA_se3_ag2_m_01200.7419Well, the most exciting game202.7750
123 203.3567I played was- was in204.9887 
125 205.7021February.206.7466 
127 207.0031It was about thirty-five degrees, and208.8682 
129 209.2039[nobody had] anything to do, so we decided we were going up and play some ball.212.4715 
131DCA_se3_ag2_m_01213.6279And uh,214.3133
133 214.9284<ts>215.0496 
135 215.4266after about two hours, the score was something like217.7581 
137 218.3736thirty to218.8585 
139 219.1709twelve.219.7118 
141 220.1828<ts> We were playing neighborhood game. They had-221.9302 
143DCA_se3_ag2_m_01222.5037We played touch the week before, and they told us that they would beat us if we were playing tackle.226.4066
145 227.1993So we went up there, and I didn't get in until the fourth quarter,230.4062 
147 230.6953but230.9751 
149 231.4227we were behind thirty to twelve,233.1014 
151 234.1074and after about235.1799 
153 235.6042a hour,236.2943 
155 236.6440in the fourth quarter,237.7584 
157 238.7423uh, the score was forty eight to thirty six. We'd a- We pulled ahead,242.7513 
159 243.4787and we decided to call the game at five o'clock, and it was four thirty.247.5715 
161 248.4808So we made one more touch down. They made two, so that made it- What, fifty four to forty eight?254.0192 
163 254.5228And they were on the two yard line when the clock ran out.256.9895 
165 257.8929And that was about the best game we ever played.259.7767 
168 260.9471Very good.261.5533 
170 262.5873<clears throat>263.0023 
172 264.2286How about television? /Do you/ watch a lot of TV?266.4062 
175 267.8051I268.1828 
177 268.4952used-268.8775 
179 269.5292used to watch a lot. I watch a lot now- now I'm271.7068 
181 272.0192getting ready to get out the service and273.5486 
183DCA_se3_ag2_m_01274.4579[waiting for] my discharge, but uh276.2713
184 277.9819there are too many278.7699
186 278.9984quiz programs on. I think there should be more educational programs on television.283.8047 
187DCA_int_02283.9726What's your favorite program? Do you have one?286.0475
190 288.2519let's see. Among the uh,289.5762 
192 290.5694/I guess/ spy and espionage series, um,293.3252 
194 293.6364Mission Impossible and It Takes a Thief are my best two,296.7186 
196 297.4787and uh,298.1222 
198 298.8029I like the educational programs that come on. Uh,301.5482 
200 303.3108different- They have different specials uh,305.5770 
202 305.8556like uh,306.4618 
204 306.8861last special I saw was Jacques Cousteau, the um,309.8191 
206 310.0009underworld.310.6677 
208DCA_se3_ag2_m_01311.5199The world of Jacques Cousteau, and I thought that was interesting cause314.1124
210 314.4668really we know less about our under-316.4066 
212 316.9984sea world than we318.1074 
214 318.6063m- do about anything else.320.3083 
215DCA_int_02320.5181Yeah, it's true. How about uh,322.5651
217 323.0314I Spy. Can you tell me the best episode of I Spy you ever saw?326.5088 
218DCA_se3_ag2_m_01327.2269I don't know- I've seen so many of I Spy. Um,330.0000
220 331.6089I couldn't pick one as my favorite, but uh-334.3740 
221DCA_int_02334.4019Did you see it last week?335.6469
222DCA_se3_ag2_m_01335.6458No, I missed last week.336.8208
223 338.1684Can't see 'em all. <laugh>340.0102
224DCA_int_02341.6971How about the movies?342.6436
225DCA_se3_ag2_m_01343.3804Well I-344.3642
227 344.5228my wife and I, we go to a lot of movies. Uh,346.9102 
229 347.7810matter of fact, we haven't gone in about a week or so because really350.6720 
231 351.0730we haven't seen anything in the papers we- we'd like to go in and see but uh,354.6203 
233 355.0260we saw The Graduate.356.1171 
234DCA_int_02356.2104Oh, what was that about? Tell me-357.7211
236 357.9963describe that [for me.]359.1573 
238 360.3126Mm.360.7882
240 361.2778Oh, The Graduate uh,362.5601 
242 362.9424dealt with a363.8797 
244 364.9848college student, just graduated, and he's coming- coming home.368.4575 
246 369.0124And he gets involved with his neighbor's wife,371.4091 
248 372.2240and uh, <ts> I thought it was373.7534 
250 374.0099very interesting. Uh,375.3108 
252 375.8797he-376.1548 
254 376.4299Dustin Hoffman who played the graduate uh,378.7695 
256 379.4037conveyed380.0332 
258 380.6067the one emotion that I found is very hard to uh,383.9209 
260 384.1867convey over the screen, and that's385.8700 
262 386.3083being frightened to death, and yet trying to rem-388.4625 
264 388.6677remain cool.389.6003 
266DCA_se3_ag2_m_01390.8675And uh,391.4783
268 391.7721<ts>391.9353 
270 392.0985well as the story went along uh, he found that394.2854 
272 395.4371the395.8241 
274 396.1074next door neighbor's wife finally seduced him as uh-399.5486 
276 399.9543Take him to a hotel, and he spent most of the summer there.403.3104 
278 403.9539But then he fell in love with-405.2222 
280 405.6559with her daughter.406.5278 
282DCA_se3_ag2_m_01408.2053And she threatened to break 'em up,409.6695
284 410.0192cause she was gonna tell what happened, you know,412.3133 
286 412.7750but he b- Uh,413.7075 
288 413.9022beat her to the punch and told the daughter ahead of time.416.4249 
290 417.1663And she sent him away,418.7983 
292 419.7577and she was getting ready to get married, and he couldn't stand it, so he went,422.7839 
294 423.2455broke up the wedding, and424.3320 
296 424.5884took her on the bus, and went away.426.3825 
298 426.6996And that's how the movie ended. You never knew what happened after that.429.7165 
300 430.0382Figured they went away and lived somewhere happily ever after, I guess.433.4130 
301DCA_int_02433.8233What was the best film you saw this year? Would you say.436.7563
302DCA_se3_ag2_m_01437.2681Mm. <ts>438.7182
304 439.0400<ts>439.2545 
306 439.9632You asked me a loaded question.441.5906 
308 441.8517<laugh>442.4952 
310 443.9722I- I would say the-445.2591 
312 447.1569The Graduate is- was r-448.6257 
314 448.9661about449.4464 
316 450.2380the best.451.2265 
318 452.6347Valley of the Dolls wasn't too bad, but-455.2273 
319DCA_int_02455.1841What was that about?456.1867
320DCA_se3_ag2_m_01457.0213It was about Hollywood and uh, the stars coming up and how461.0501
322 461.6644they have to keep going, getting about four hours of sleep so they take /pet/ pills to466.7283 
324 467.3392keep them going during the day. Then they have to take469.4830 
326 469.7441sleeping pills to get sleep- get to sleep at night.472.6677 
330 475.7627they s- It shows how477.3574 
332 478.5978people tryna make it to the top480.3825 
334 481.1705using what they have. Uh,482.7746 
336 483.6092the s- story mainly dealt with these three different women,486.5550 
338 487.3804and one made it488.3269 
340 489.0310because she had a beautiful body. She was a stripper, and sh- she performed in493.3571 
342 493.8187movies uh, you know, sexy movies like [they make] overseas.497.1200 
344DCA_se3_ag2_m_01497.5945And another one made it on her beauty.499.3151
346 499.7581She uh,500.3689 
348 500.6813did advertisements for uh-502.3553 
350 503.2727<ts>503.4639 
352 505.7068<laugh>506.3689 
354 507.3808She did advertisements for uh, [cosmetics.]510.4944 
356DCA_se3_ag2_m_01510.9234And the third one, who the picture was mainly about, uh, she made it on her talent. She made it big in the Hollywood and Broadway.517.5156
358 518.6300And uh,519.3248 
360 519.7958it showed uh,520.7423 
362 521.0070the different reasons why they did what they did.523.6788 
364 524.6394Uh, the woman who um,526.1781 
366 527.3613made it on- because of her- her uh,529.6042 
368 529.9353sex appeal,530.8026 
370 531.2642she did it because her husband had gotten sick.533.6656 
372DCA_se3_ag2_m_01535.0260And uh, she needed the money.536.8026
374 537.0870And sh- That was the only talent she had was uh, to exhibit her body.540.7276 
376DCA_se3_ag2_m_01542.0378And the second one, she just543.6792
378 544.8123the- she just had what it took. She was good looking, and uh,548.1871 
380 549.0077they needed someone and550.4299 
382 551.4138she liked the work, and just went on it.553.3104 
384 553.9632And the other one just had talent.555.4740 
386 556.5092[She wanted] to be a star. That's all she558.6203 
388DCA_se3_ag2_m_01559.2218thought of evidently, since she was a child. So she went out and pushed hard563.3532
390 564.0281and made it to the top.565.1939 
391DCA_int_02568.0196[Good. I can tell you (laughing)-]569.2646
393DCA_int_02573.0870How about uh, the best movie of all time? Do you have an all time favorite one that /you/-577.0540
396 578.0845I think Gone with the Wind is the [best.]580.1408 
397DCA_int_02579.8890[I never] saw that. Could you tell me what that one is about?582.9747
398DCA_se3_ag2_m_01583.5063Well, uh,584.4622
400 585.1896Gone with the Wind dealt with the586.8542 
402 588.4525Pre- Civil War period through the Civil War,591.5579 
404DCA_se3_ag2_m_01592.0615and then after the Civil War. It dealt mainly with uh,594.9327
406 596.2617this man name uh, Red Butler was played by Clark Gable.599.4418 
408 600.0794And um,600.9654 
410 602.4015a girl uh, Scarlet O'Hara played by-605.0780 
412 605.4359I believe it was Maria Sullivan.606.9141 
414DCA_se3_ag2_m_01608.0479And uh,608.7800
416 610.4773well,610.9529 
418 611.9030um,612.6746 
420 613.1759Maria Sullivan plays Scarlet O'Hara. She-615.2975 
422 617.1009she was,617.7771 
424 619.5210I guess kind of good looking,620.9851 
426 621.9037and she always had all the fellas,623.8983 
428DCA_se3_ag2_m_01624.8262but sh- There was this one guy she couldn't get,627.0038
430 628.7430and she629.2500 
432 629.3854put down all the others for him.631.3624 
434 632.3696But then she fell in love with Red,634.0949 
436 634.4808but she was still trying to get this other guy.636.6817 
438DCA_se3_ag2_m_01637.9826And uh,638.6681
440 640.1695well she f-640.6824 
442 641.2968After about four or five years of Red trying to645.1297 
444 645.2696a- uh, get her to marry him, she finally did, but she was still kind of in love with this other guy who she could never get.651.8571 
446DCA_se3_ag2_m_01652.8678But when his653.6885
448 654.5091wife died,655.3764 
450 656.7800he told Scarlet that he couldn't uh-659.1196 
452 659.4413He loved660.0522 
454 660.6257his wife, and it would never be anything between them.663.3069 
456 663.7965But all this time he had been leading her along,666.0568 
458DCA_se3_ag2_m_01666.9708hoping that uh,667.8894
460 669.4841she could get him, but sh-670.7104 
462 671.3994When she realized that uh,672.9148 
464 673.2039she couldn't, tried to make it up with uh, Red Butler.676.3141 
466DCA_se3_ag2_m_01677.3994But uh,678.0382
468 678.3040by then uh,679.3438 
470 679.8194Red Butler was full of jealousy and682.2348 
472 682.9098just didn't believe her anymore cause he tried his best,685.6562 
474 686.2717so he walked out on her.687.5727 
476 689.1755But she was690.1361 
478 690.3506so used- so spoiled and everything, she-692.3463 
480 693.2136Instead of running out after him, she just said, well, tomorrow's another day,697.1060 
482 697.3904and that's the way the picture ended.698.8359 
485 699.8105It was sure a long one, wasn't it?700.9995 
486DCA_se3_ag2_m_01700.9471Yes, it was about four hours long,702.7283
487 703.3112but it's good.703.9453
488DCA_int_02706.1777Do you have a pet at home at all?707.7677
491 710.2904<ts>710.4396 
492DCA_int_02710.7100Would you ever want one?711.6566
493DCA_se3_ag2_m_01712.2768I'd like a pet. I've-713.7304
495 713.9403When I- Before I got married, when I was living at home, my father had a little dog. We called him /Jab/.719.0310 
497 719.8144And uh,720.5464 
499 720.7842I think of-721.5629 
501 722.2950a household should have a pet. A dog724.8491 
503 725.3621you [know, it]-725.9542 
505DCA_se3_ag2_m_01726.7283some- it-727.3438
507 728.2577makes a nice added ad-729.5260 
509 730.2674addition to the family731.4367 
511 731.6465outside of children.732.7516 
513 733.1992<laugh>735.9224 
514DCA_int_02736.3420Did you just get married recently?737.9263
515DCA_se3_ag2_m_01738.4252I got married um,739.7075
517 740.2437nine months ago before I went over to the742.5705 
519 742.7512Vietnam,743.5626 
521 744.4718and I got-745.4231 
523 745.8754I got injured over there and came back in September.748.9715 
525 749.3154And I just got out the hospital a few months ago, so I'm751.6702 
527 752.7893busy looking for a job right now and waiting for my discharge.756.1687 
528DCA_int_02759.1437[How about uh,]760.1975
530 760.5099your wedding preparation? Was that-762.3786 
532 762.5884kind of an exciting time, I suppose, in a person's life.765.2929 
533DCA_se3_ag2_m_01765.5866Well I guess to um-767.2500
535 768.7469It was exciting, but it wasn't770.5608 
537 771.6240that exciting because I figured- Well, as far as I was concerned, once775.6189 
539 775.8008I had made up my mind that I was going get married,778.7384 
541 779.7631and I asked my fiancee and she had said yes,782.3556 
543 782.9105The big thing was getting the date set.785.0881 
547 787.5303I wasn't overly excited as they789.5167 
549 789.7405depict in the movies, with uh,791.4926 
551 792.4812people running around not knowing they're going to do.795.0271 
553DCA_se3_ag2_m_01796.6906Well once we had decided to get married,798.7330
554 799.0967before I went over to Vietnam,800.6541
556 801.4794um,801.9643 
558 802.4679<ts>802.5985 
560 803.2222it was nothing to do except uh,804.9614 
562 805.1480get the uh,806.0339 
564 806.4023ushers ready.807.4328 
566 807.6006And807.7498 
568 808.0763ask-808.4726 
570 808.6731ask a good friend of mine uh,810.2573 
572 810.8589to be my best man,812.0899 
574 813.0737and then make813.6473 
576 813.8151preparations, reservations on the planes and uh,816.9285 
578 817.2459hotel reservations.818.5468 
579DCA_int_02818.8266Did they pull any tricks on you?820.2301
581 820.6113/On your wedding/?821.1289 
582DCA_se3_ag2_m_01821.2175Uh, yes.822.0475
584 822.5511Um,823.1946 
586 823.6469after the wedding,824.7520 
588 825.8058we c- went over to my uh, in-laws for reception,829.2925 
590DCA_se3_ag2_m_01830.1318and then after about a hour, went to the airport832.4913
592 832.8631and we had a hour wait for the plane,834.4252 
594 834.9008so while I- my wife and I weren't looking, they filled both838.3036 
596 839.5579bags full of rice, both our suitcases full of rice.842.5375 
598DCA_se3_ag2_m_01843.7359And, we didn't know until we got to New York, and we opened up the suitcases.847.6562
600 848.0386Rice fell out all over the place.849.9877 
602 850.6113matter of fact, there's still some rice in my bags now (laughing).853.7681 
604 856.8643Very good. How about uh, school. What did you study when you were in school?860.6727
605DCA_se3_ag2_m_01861.1577My college? (whispered)861.9504
606DCA_int_02862.8305High school or grade school or [/even/] college.865.3764
608 865.5956<clears throat>866.0945
610 866.5795Well in867.1623 
612 867.8245high school,868.6545 
614 869.2222I studied869.8843 
616 870.6863the regular courses, Math, English.873.0551 
618 873.9783I- I like Math and Science876.1641 
620 876.9008and Social Science. Uh,878.4909 
622 878.9105my best courses I guess were Algebra881.3667 
624 881.9123and Geometry and-883.0360 
626 883.3205and uh,883.8894 
628DCA_se3_ag2_m_01884.1318[little] Trig,884.8452
629 885.6566as far as Math was concerned, but I wasn't-887.6092
631 887.9916My- my-889.0827 
633 889.7541The courses I really did the best in were Social Science, History,893.0275 
635 893.6278United States History, Government, and Economics.896.6261 
636DCA_int_02898.7046What did you like about them so much?900.5138
637DCA_se3_ag2_m_01901.6236Well um,902.8079
639 903.1530<clears throat>903.7965 
641 904.5892History905.2500 
643 905.8470gave me uh,906.9148 
645 907.3951<ts> better knowledge of-908.4163 
647 908.7240of the country I live in,910.1322 
649 911.1103and uh, what brought it about.913.1293 
651 914.2158Uh, the men who were responsible for it,916.9715 
653 917.2128what ordeals918.5185 
655 920.1411our ancestors had to go through to make the country what it is today.923.8750 
657DCA_se3_ag2_m_01924.9241And Government gave me a926.6774
659 927.3162better idea of how-928.9622 
661 929.4367<ts>929.6931 
663 930.0382h- how's930.9568 
665 931.2925the931.6515 
667 931.9873institution works.933.5727 
671 935.5812what935.8890 
673 936.0475laws have to go through to get passed.938.6820 
675 939.5866How um,940.7244 
677 942.1175say taxation bills are brought forth,945.1204 
679 945.6752what powers the President, the Legislative, and the Executive- um,949.3205 
681DCA_se3_ag2_m_01950.3790the Judicial body have.951.8151
682 953.3248And um,954.1548
684 954.5511just a general knowledge956.0712 
686 956.3696uh-956.6634 
688 956.8126of our957.3582 
690 957.5587government today.958.3747 
692 958.9051Well Economics,960.1641 
694 960.7050it taught me how961.6142 
696 961.8754business is run, how government963.9923 
698 964.4295controls business,965.8890 
702 967.7821how a s-968.6028 
704 968.8406person969.4234 
706 970.4714wh- maybe who's not so rich,972.2527 
708 972.5371can973.1153 
710 973.4510use his money to the best of his ability.975.7638 
713 977.3481Mm, good.978.3413 
715 979.0314How about uh,979.9546 
717 980.8313when you were a kid, when you got out of school, what d- what would you do after school was out?984.6910 
720 985.9313<ts>986.0945 
722 987.1950when I was in988.0110 
724 988.4435grade school,989.3201 
726 990.4625I used to have to come home every day and be home by three thirty.993.7592 
728DCA_se3_ag2_m_01994.5181And then I get permission from my grandmother /to/ go out.997.2226
730 998.2997I don't-998.7100 
732 998.8639We usually shot marbles,1000.6626 
734 1000.9984played football,1002.2387 
736 1002.9847or maybe I get my scooter out or my wagon, just ride around.1006.9995 
738 1007.6139But when I got1008.4112 
740 1008.7143about the sixth grade or-1010.0619 
742 1011.3209I-1011.7032 
744 1011.9270First year in junior high school,1013.6931 
746 1014.1501we started playing football just about every day after school.1017.1996 
748 1017.4934[And f-] from September through1019.8097 
752 1021.7635and then1022.2344 
754 1023.1064when the baseball season really got under way,1025.2500 
756 1025.6045we'd go down to the playground and play softball.1028.3790 
758 1030.3001But it w-1030.6265 
760 1031.0123<ts> wasn't too much homework to do.1032.9335 
762 1033.5863[Cause usually] I tried to do it before I went out, if it was a whole lot.1037.0834 
764DCA_se3_ag2_m_011037.5859I'd go out because I'd been sitting down all day, and I didn't feel like doing any homework when I1041.7125
766 1042.0949came d- home from school, so I1043.8190 
768 1044.3180go out and exercise, play for a couple hours, then come back,1047.2229 
770 1047.5447eat dinner and then do my homework later.1049.3794 
773 1050.1687How about uh, did you ever have a teacher in school that used to holler a lot?1053.5727 
775 1053.7405Do you remember any like that?1055.2373 
776DCA_se3_ag2_m_011056.3086We never had1057.3158
778 1058.2018any that hollered,1059.8606 
780 1061.0310least I didn't. But uh,1062.4019 
782 1062.9801we had a few that used to get on your nerves.1065.1996 
784 1065.7498Like I was always the trouble maker in the classroom.1068.4065 
786 1069.3951And uh,1070.0386 
788 1070.3277whenever anything happened, the teacher would automatically call on me.1073.6092 
790 1074.4812Well one day,1075.2552 
792 1075.9360I was sitting1076.7007 
794 1077.4887last person in the row,1078.7197 
796 1079.4460and someone was talking, and she automatically accused me, and she hadn't even looked1083.7032 
798 1084.2861around to see who it was.1085.8750 
800 1087.2039So she told me how impolite I was, and I told her that she was impolite [for accu-]1092.2060 
802DCA_se3_ag2_m_011092.4672for accusing me of talking1094.2950
804 1094.7147without even1095.6193 
806 1095.9923turning around to see if it was me.1097.8050 
808 1098.0149It just happened to be one of the those times when I wasn't talking,1100.8219 
810 1101.1437so1101.6752 
812 1102.6871I got up and moved to the back of the room.1104.8215 
814 1105.6888But that was the only teacher- it was my French teacher, that I really had any trouble with.1109.4786 
815DCA_int_021109.7398Think she was fair? Or was she?1111.5723
816DCA_se3_ag2_m_011111.6096I don't think she was fair. I mean just because1114.0623
818 1114.5239a person has a record, I- I know now that1117.4744 
820 1118.2251they uh, automatically come to you.,1120.6171 
822 1121.2735but I think you ought to give a person benefit of the doubt and least look around and see who it is before you come accusing blindly.1127.7537 
825 1129.7914Good.1129.9873 
827 1131.2229How about the best teacher you ever had? Was there somebody that you thought was really good.1135.4184 
830 1136.0805the best teacher I ever had was my1137.9037 
832 1138.1275History, Government, Economics teacher, Mrs. /RD-NAME-2/.1141.0081 
834 1141.8054She-1142.4116 
836 1142.9805Well she taught well. She encouraged you to1145.5999 
838 1146.0382think for yourself,1146.9987 
840 1147.6422and she was the only teacher I ever had that1149.7592 
842 1151.1662commanded the room. She had complete respect.1154.1038 
844 1154.7427If someone was talking, she would never holler. Only thing she would do was tap the eraser on the desk- Now, you know how quiet that is,1161.1950 
846 1161.5307but [the room] would1162.2954 
850 1163.8050sounds down,1164.8915 
852 1165.5163and she could go on with her lessons. Everybody in the classroom had respect for her1169.7724 
855 1171.7541What was it about her that was so1173.3675 
857 1173.7825/good/. Is there any [/qualities-/]1175.7025 
858DCA_se3_ag2_m_011174.7932[I don't know- She's-1175.6978
859 1176.4578Uh, unlike most teachers today, she seemed to have a1179.5587
861 1179.7732genuine interest in the kid-1181.6185 
863 1181.9776She wanted them to learn,1183.6469 
865 1183.8754to understand, and then commun- uh, communicate1186.8643 
867 1187.6465to the other1188.4252 
869 1189.0174pupils in the room uh,1190.6354 
871 1190.8825<ts> what they knew,1191.8478 
873DCA_se3_ag2_m_011192.9424thereby uh,1194.1501
875 1196.2344maybe1196.7986 
877 1197.7778other people would understand something b-1199.8330 
879 1200.2807that might've-1200.8262 
881 1201.0407they might not ev- have even thought of.1203.0318 
883DCA_se3_ag2_m_011204.5740And that's what made her a real- a really good teacher.1207.1759
885 1207.7635Uh, when I was in the Army, I found- I heard an expression that she often used,1212.0662 
887 1212.5185um, the only question1214.1411 
889 1214.6168that's a dumb question, is a question that is not asked.1217.3667 
890DCA_int_021219.1713Hm, sounds like a good saying. <laugh>1220.8779
892 1222.0389Did you ever have a teacher you just couldn't stand?1224.4252 
894 1224.9708Was really bad news?1226.2717 
895DCA_se3_ag2_m_011227.0411I've had several. [<laugh>]1229.0088
897 1229.4740Wh- What was it you didn't like about 'em? Anything-1232.2484
898DCA_se3_ag2_m_011233.5400I don't know. They just- they seemed to be hostile. They uh, conveyed the uh,1237.7495
900 1238.4955idea that they had theirs, and you have to get yours, instead of- It didn't seem to have an interest. It seemed like it was just a job to them to come from nine to three or from eight thirty to three thirty, whatever the [time] was.1250.3417 
902DCA_se3_ag2_m_011250.8592And uh,1251.4421
904 1252.7279they didn't really give a damn-1253.7771 
906 1254.0195<laugh>1254.8309 
908 1256.8499about uh,1258.0529 
910 1258.5647the students as such. They were there to do their job,1261.3065 
912DCA_se3_ag2_m_011262.3696and that was it.1263.2369
914 1263.6659And you-1264.0716 
916 1264.2628it- u- Several of the teachers I had, it didn't matter1267.0547 
918 1267.5350your work,1268.0899 
920 1268.8313not the quality of the work. It mattered if you1271.2502 
922 1271.8330talked in class or didn't talk in class.1274.2158 
924 1274.6121And to me, that doesn't have anything to do with your education. If you get a A-1278.4392 
926DCA_se3_ag2_m_011279.3578If you a A student,1280.6214
927 1281.4095as I was in one class, and you talked a lot1283.5952
929 1284.0055so she gives you a B,1285.3531 
931 1285.9267that doesn't give anyone any incentive.1287.7965 
933 1288.1788M-1288.4306 
935 1288.8911In my-1289.4040 
937 1289.6232one of my classes in junior high school, I had a straight A average1292.6121 
939 1293.1297in History, but she gave me a B because I talked too much.1296.1501 
941 1296.5884Yet, there's another side of report card that says,1299.1716 
943 1299.4981conduct in class, and you-1300.8643 
945 1301.0683and she marked me down for that too. It seems like1303.2878 
947 1303.7262if she was gonna mark me fairly, she woulda given me a A, and then marked me down on the other side, but she did both.1309.1293 
950 1312.7792How about uh, kids in the class, did they ever1315.1060 
952 1315.2878pull any tricks on the teacher? /Anything/?1317.1763 
953DCA_se3_ag2_m_011317.3535Oh yes, we used to-1318.4633
955 1318.7745The teachers we didn't like, we pulled some rotten tricks on 'em.1321.9873 
957 1322.3836One day I remember, it was the last day of school-1324.7151 
959 1325.4087This was in grade school,1326.8542 
961 1327.6655and1328.0432 
963 1329.6892the teacher came in late. She was about- It was about ten after nine when she came in.1333.9919 
965 1334.6867So we decided we were gonna put a tack in her chair.1337.1755 
967 1337.9030<laugh>1338.2527 
969DCA_se3_ag2_m_011339.0687[And she came in all upset, sat right down]1341.8431
970 1342.0378and got right back up (laughing).1343.4740
973 1345.3624She catch anybody?1346.4536 
974DCA_se3_ag2_m_011346.5655She couldn't catch anybody but uh,1348.7430
976 1349.0869<ts> she gave the trouble makers in the classroom a stiff warning.1352.5981 
977DCA_int_021354.7792Very good.1355.4134
979 1356.0848How about you- You ever get caught?1357.4650 
980DCA_se3_ag2_m_011358.0479I got caught plenty of times, especially in grade school because from the first through the fifth grade, I was in classrooms with1364.4722
982 1364.6028teachers that knew my mother.1366.6032 
984 1367.0963Because my mother went to DC Teachers and most of them did too.1370.4209 
986DCA_se3_ag2_m_011371.6146So they used to1372.5379
988 1373.1709try to correct me and make me the model1375.8334 
990 1376.6914student in the classroom.1378.3141 
992 1378.6859And I wouldn't have any part of it.1380.3692 
994DCA_se3_ag2_m_011381.5863I mean, you know kids that age, they're mischievous.1384.0016
995 1384.2395I was one of 'em, maybe a little bit more mischievous than the rest, but1387.7308
997 1389.2043<ts>1389.3488 
999 1389.6100that's1390.0250 
1001 1391.3667life. <laugh>1393.3438 
1002DCA_int_021393.3438Very good.1393.8381
1004 1394.2717How about uh,1395.0691 
1006 1396.7839is there a group of people that you usually go around with, associate with?1400.4256 
1007DCA_se3_ag2_m_011400.7800Well um,1401.8338
1009 1402.2243now that I'm married, th-1403.5019 
1011 1403.6791the group has cut down some, but1405.7401 
1013 1406.0292before1406.7007 
1015 1407.3349/RD-NAME-4/ and uh,1409.1616 
1017 1409.5299/RD-NAME-3/, I used to hang around with a lot.1411.6888 
1019 1411.9453/RD-NAME-2/ was my best man at my wedding.1414.0436 
1023 1416.3879well, we didn't see too much of each other during1418.9898 
1025 1419.4281school. I mean1420.8702 
1027 1421.3481after school1422.2853 
1029 1422.9195because we had our work to do. [/RD-NAME-2/ was more] of a book worm than I was.1426.6778 
1030DCA_int_021424.5981[Oh yeah?]1425.0970
1031DCA_se3_ag2_m_011427.4740But during the summer,1428.8728
1033 1429.1200/RD-NAME-2/ and I especially, we used to hang out,1431.0784 
1035 1431.7778and we used to1432.5612 
1037 1432.9296go to the pool a lot with uh, two other friends.1435.7588 
1039 1436.0106Boy named /RD-NAME-3/ and /RD-NAME-2/.1438.0949 
1041DCA_se3_ag2_m_011439.1196And we used to go up there every-1440.5604
1043 1440.8262every day, until we found out what day the girls came up there.1443.8058 
1045 1444.0716And then we would only come on those days.1446.0662 
1048 1447.7681[Is that where you] met your wife?1448.9711 
1049DCA_se3_ag2_m_011447.8614[/It was-/]1448.2624
1050 1449.3022No, I met my wife at a party.1451.2420
1051DCA_int_021451.8284Oh, /unintelligible/ [/how'd/-] how'd that come about?1453.9453
1053 1454.3183Well um,1455.1017
1055 1455.4468<ts>1455.6613 
1057 1456.1031I was going with this other girl at the time (laughing).1458.6210 
1059 1460.1132And uh,1460.7054 
1061 1461.3815she had called me up about this party1463.3760 
1063 1464.1361out on Cook Street,1465.2412 
1065 1465.5303but I had already been invited1467.2882 
1067 1467.7638to a party given to m-1468.8223 
1069 1469.0496given by an ex-girlfriend of mine.1470.7003 
1071 1471.3624And I was going to that one.1472.6354 
1073 1473.5587So,1473.9131 
1075 1474.2336it was on MacArthur Boulevard.1475.8517 
1077DCA_se3_ag2_m_011476.5558So, I went out there, and I couldn't find the place the first time.1479.3069
1078 1479.6240And I drove all the way past MacArthur out to Glen Echo.1482.5604
1080 1483.5769I said, I'm not giving up on this one. I turned around and found the party.1487.2595 
1082 1488.0755And uh, when I came in the door, /RD-NAME-2/,1490.4536 
1084 1490.7473my wife, was sitting1492.0110 
1086 1493.1989right there as you come in you make a little right.1495.8894 
1088 1496.0619That's the [first person] I saw.1497.4468 
1090DCA_se3_ag2_m_011498.2570And I was introduced to her by my uh, ex girlfriend.1501.1153
1094 1504.0751I went downstairs and1505.4600 
1096 1506.3366d-1506.5045 
1098 1506.7703to the party.1507.5583 
1100 1508.5748Once it started, s- b- see before that there was another party going on for the [little kids]- It was Halloween1513.2738 
1102 1513.5117Yeah.1513.8614
1105 1515.2789And so, I started talking to her,1517.2035 
1107 1517.6745asked her her name, address, telephone number.1520.7287 
1109 1521.9970And she didn't have a ride home that night, so I1524.8169 
1111 1525.2832said I- I told her I'd take her home,1527.1950 
1113 1528.1555but uh,1528.7244 
1115 1529.1849she wouldn't go because1530.6537 
1117 1530.8915after all I was a stranger to her.1532.7007 
1119 1533.7312S- So uh,1534.7617 
1121 1535.1662she got one of the girlfriends there to1536.9241 
1123 1537.1992come with us and sh-1538.1831 
1125 1538.5422her girlfriend had a date.1539.6892 
1127 1540.4202[So] I took her home,1541.8610 
1129DCA_se3_ag2_m_011542.5278and asked her could I call her the next day?1544.5095
1131 1545.6473And she said yes.1546.6964 
1133 1547.0683And I did. I'm been going with her ever since.1549.1433 
1134DCA_int_021550.6774Beautiful story. (yawning?)1551.7825
1135DCA_se3_ag2_m_011552.3036Yeah, [left out some /part-/]1553.7164
1136DCA_int_021552.6533[That's a worthwhile party], wasn't it?1554.5837
1137DCA_se3_ag2_m_011554.8402Yeah, left out some of the good parts, too. <laugh>1557.5260
1138DCA_int_021557.6333You say you left out some of the [good parts?]1559.7771
1139DCA_se3_ag2_m_011559.0450[/Shut up./]1559.7398
1142 1563.4468How about uh,1564.2814 
1144 1565.1616these people you go around with,1566.6024 
1146 1567.4137you know, besides your wife, do any of 'em speak any foreign languages or anything?1571.3341 
1147DCA_se3_ag2_m_011571.6838Um, not to my knowing. Uh, most of the1574.5375
1149 1575.2229people like /RD-NAME-2/ and /RD-NAME-1/ are in uh, engineering.1578.7796 
1151DCA_se3_ag2_m_011579.6888And they didn't have to take any foreign languages or such.1582.9296
1154 1584.5791How about uh, in the group of people you go around with /today/. There some white people, Jewish people or?1590.0848 
1155DCA_se3_ag2_m_011590.7889Well uh,1591.4883
1157 1591.9313let's see.1592.4536 
1159 1593.0970At o- at the office there's uh, /RD-NAME-2/. I think she speaks a few African dialects.1597.5256 
1161 1598.8173And um,1599.5866 
1163 1600.9331let's see. /RD-NAME-2/, he speaks- <laugh>1602.8589 
1165 1603.7774What does he speak? Spanish?1604.7940 
1167 1605.4934He speaks Spanish.1606.6405 
1169 1607.9496And I'm not too sure about the rest of 'em, but I-1610.3417 
1171 1610.4955I think-1610.9478 
1173 1611.6519Yeah, /RD-NAME-2/, he's a-1613.0974 
1175 1613.3807works down at the office with my wife-1614.9101 
1177 1615.5210I know he speaks a couple of foreign languages. I'm not sure wh- what they are.1618.8876 
1178DCA_int_021623.4841Um, in the group of people you gr- you go around with, is there1626.6397
1180 1626.9568anyone that kind of assumes the1628.7100 
1182 1628.9105leadership role of the1630.4306 
1183DCA_se3_ag2_m_011632.2527Well, [not]-1632.8449
1184DCA_int_021632.4905[group], or?1633.1153
1185DCA_se3_ag2_m_011633.8147Not usually um,1635.1577
1187 1636.3222sometimes who-1637.4180 
1189 1637.7211whoever has the best ideas, that's what we do when we uh, meet. Uh, there's no one that1642.9669 
1191 1643.1429you could say was actually the leader.1645.1106 
1194 1646.9991Uh, say if uh,1648.1089 
1196 1648.5321how does a new person get- break into your group? Say, if I were new, you know, and came into this neighborhood, how would I1654.4773 
1198 1654.8072make it with your group?1655.8190 
1201 1657.3112it would depend on you. I mean uh,1659.4514 
1203 1660.8725we like- we like people who are full of fun,1663.2738 
1205 1663.9640you know, like to laugh and joke, kid around.1666.7570 
1207 1668.0662Yet, we don't want1668.9894 
1209 1669.4837any fool get into the group. Somebody has a little,1672.1975 
1211 1672.4679you know, some common sense.1673.9263 
1213 1674.8449They-1675.0920 
1215 1675.3624Most of the1676.0899 
1217 1676.5655people that1677.2136 
1219 1677.5447I hang around with,1678.4353 
1221 1678.9284well,1679.2921 
1223 1680.2760that I still associate with,1681.6795 
1225 1682.3743uh,1683.0084 
1227 1683.7592<ts> are fun loving people. I mean,1685.7444 
1229 1685.9822they like- They have to work and-1687.6749 
1231 1688.3976But when- After work, you know, we ready to party,1690.8083 
1233 1691.0776go out and have a good time.1692.5185 
1235DCA_se3_ag2_m_011694.0572We never want to sit around-1695.4654
1237 1696.0576Well sometimes we do sit around discuss things, but most of the time we want to get out.1700.1878 
1239 1700.4209You [know, go] where the action is.1702.3862 
1241 1703.1196Okay, how about uh, tell me about partying. Do you know all these new dances?1706.6727
1244 1707.7918mostly just,1708.5798 
1246 1708.8771uh, couple of new ones out that I don't know about, but I- Since I've come back, I-1713.1950 
1248 1713.5866I've picked up the ones uh,1715.2500 
1250 1716.0755that are currently the-1717.2599 
1252 1718.1411the rage around town.1719.5354 
1254DCA_se3_ag2_m_011720.7011The African Twist and1722.2900
1255DCA_int_021723.4883Funky [Broadway?]1724.5468
1256DCA_se3_ag2_m_011724.2344[Funky] Broad- Well, Funky Broadway is kind of old1727.0776
1257 1727.3714now.1727.8750
1259 1728.1361Even though, it's not- <laugh> not even about nine months old. But it's kind of old now.1731.9270 
1261DCA_se3_ag2_m_011732.9331And Shing-a-ling.1733.9776
1263 1735.2505It's getting old, but uh, when I came back it was relatively new. I picked that up.1740.0382 
1265DCA_se3_ag2_m_011741.3718And the Sophisticated Sissy.1743.1856
1267 1744.6311It's c- odd name, but uh,1746.7656 
1269 1747.1060it's a nice dance.1748.1551 
1270DCA_int_021748.9105How's it different from a regular Sissy?1750.8363
1271DCA_se3_ag2_m_011752.0102That's a good question. I've never seen the Regular Sissy that-1754.9572
1273 1755.3955differentiate between the two.1757.1161 
1276 1759.2785Say if uh,1760.1551 
1278 1761.0131kind of1761.5027 
1280 1761.7265getting on to a little more serious topic. [Uh,]1764.5278 
1282DCA_int_021766.1691if you had to1767.4048
1284 1767.6752do it all over again, you know,1768.9622 
1286 1769.6325say live your life all over again. Is there anything you'd do differently?1773.1623 
1288 1774.3793What would you1774.9471 
1290 1775.2175want to be or do you want to be1776.9695 
1292DCA_int_021777.4557[same thing] you are now, or?1778.9805
1293DCA_se3_ag2_m_011780.3700As far as1781.2500
1295 1781.7817being-1782.3413 
1297 1782.7423wanting to be1783.5396 
1299 1784.6914uh,1785.4048 
1301 1785.6426<ts>1785.7918 
1303 1785.8711a programmer or a,1787.5532 
1305 1788.0988data uh, processing analysis, I wouldn't.1790.8779 
1307DCA_se3_ag2_m_011792.8165I would have studied harder1794.9801
1309 1795.5490when I was in high school and especially when I was in college.1798.6871 
1312 1802.4955I think1803.1110
1314 1803.5447I wouldn't have been- uh1804.8923 
1316 1805.3108the party boy that I was when I was in my teens1808.5515 
1318DCA_se3_ag2_m_011809.2183because I've come to realize that1810.7430
1319 1811.1196studying and getting a good job1813.0967
1321 1813.5676are more important than partying cause you can party anytime.1816.9482 
1323 1817.5439But you can't go to school and get a education1820.3417 
1325 1820.7613at any time because1822.0156 
1327 1822.7466once you get married,1824.0242 
1329 1824.5511you have to think about more than yourself. You have to think about your family,1828.3887 
1331 1830.0055the children that you might have. You have to provide for 'em.1832.8965 
1333DCA_se3_ag2_m_011833.8664So I would've studied harder.1835.2500
1334DCA_int_021836.4439Very good.1836.9521
1336 1837.1992How about if someone came up to you and said, /RD-NAME-2/,1839.6053 
1338 1840.2336I'm gonna give you all the money in the world,1841.7351 
1340 1841.9636what would you do with it?1842.8868 
1343 1845.9259first of all, I don't want all the money in the world.1848.5185 
1344DCA_int_021849.1106Then give me some! <laugh>1850.9199
1345DCA_se3_ag2_m_011850.9059Well, if1851.3722
1346 1851.6379they gave me some,1852.8631
1348 1854.9708I think I would invest some,1856.9758 
1350 1858.4062<ts>1858.5880 
1352 1859.9496I'd1860.2433 
1354 1860.4858buy1860.9847 
1356 1861.6888my wife some things that she wants.1863.7359 
1358DCA_se3_ag2_m_011864.5367And I'd buy myself some of the things I want.1866.6164
1359 1867.4324And I would put some aside for uh,1869.6426
1361 1869.8804well the investment naturally takes [care of putting] something aside for the family, but I'd put some more aside in bank accounts.1875.3395 
1363DCA_se3_ag2_m_011876.2523I probably would get myself an insurance policy,1878.8029
1365DCA_se3_ag2_m_011879.9500just in case something happened to me, I want my wife and my children to be uh, taken care of.1884.8215
1369 1887.4048<ts>1887.7732 
1371 1887.9783/I want/- the rest, I'd probably1889.2921 
1373 1889.7864just put it to-1890.5185 
1375 1890.7423to use, making more money.1892.2624 
1377 1892.4442<laugh>1893.0038 
1378DCA_int_021894.3829How about uh, special occasions? How does your family celebrate holidays, say like Christmas. Is there anything special that you do?1900.7443
1379DCA_se3_ag2_m_011901.0357Well, I guess1902.1874
1381 1902.6677Christmas we more- like any other-1904.8173 
1383 1905.0224most-1905.3209 
1385 1905.5773like any other family, we uh,1907.3154 
1387 1907.5253<ts> have a Christmas dinner. Usually, my mother has uh,1910.2670 
1389 1911.1623ham and turkey.1912.3700 
1391DCA_se3_ag2_m_011913.4507And the regular Christmas uh,1915.4324
1393 1916.4302treats on hand, egg nog,1918.1882 
1395 1918.8725pies,1919.6791 
1397 1920.3832and uh,1920.9428 
1399 1921.5396we usually go over her house.1923.1437 
1401DCA_se3_ag2_m_011924.5694Or over to my mother-in-law's house. It all depends, we alternate.1928.5282
1403 1928.8452It would be either1929.7592 
1405 1930.0063Thanksgiving at1930.9669 
1407 1931.3201my in laws and Christmas [over]1933.4604 
1409DCA_se3_ag2_m_011933.7495my parents, or vice versa.1935.5167
1411 1937.0869So we1937.4180 
1413 1937.6838keep it spread out. <laugh>1939.3485 
1414DCA_int_021939.8847Do you remember when you were a little kid1941.5960
1416 1941.8897what the-1942.3887 
1418 1942.6906the neatest1943.3294 
1420 1943.5532Christmas present you ever got was?1945.5629 
1421DCA_se3_ag2_m_011947.2229The neatest present I ever got was when I was eight years old,1950.8355
1423 1951.8101and I got my first football.1953.4095 
1425 1953.9737Official, regulation size.1956.1967 
1427 1956.9894I always wanted it because I-1958.6447 
1429 1959.0084Well as you- you can gather from what I've said, I liked to play football.1962.5045 
1431DCA_se3_ag2_m_011963.1992So I got my first football when I was about eight.1965.7732
1433DCA_se3_ag2_m_011967.3807And that was the neatest present of 'em- of them all.1969.7448
1435 1970.0992And I think my next neatest one to that was a Mickey Mantle baseball bat.1973.8843 
1436DCA_int_021974.2294Is that right?1974.8868
1438 1975.3485Huh.1975.6422 
1440 1976.4582Were you surprised when you got it? Did you expect it or what?1979.0217 
1441DCA_se3_ag2_m_011979.2082Well, I had asked for it, and I was- I- Since I'm a only child, I figured I'd get it (laughing).1983.8618
1443DCA_se3_ag2_m_011985.6045But uh,1986.2760
1445 1987.7681it was not so much the surprise, but I was overjoyed when I got it.1991.8284 
1447DCA_se3_ag2_m_011993.3578I think about1994.3044
1449 1994.7100two or three months later,1996.1136 
1451 1996.4633I lost it or it- it burst.1998.7703 
1453 1999.2505[<laugh>]2000.2344 
1454DCA_int_021999.5350[Is that right? (laughing)]2000.2344
1456DCA_int_022002.0716How about uh, were you ever in a- a situation where you thought, uh-oh. This is it, man. I'm gonna die now.2007.4794
1458 2008.9424You were gonna get killed or something like that.2010.8215 
1459DCA_se3_ag2_m_012011.4091N- [n- n-]2012.2018
1460DCA_int_022011.6469Say, in Vietnam or anything.2013.6379
1463 2014.9750N-2015.8330 
1465 2016.7563Really I can't say I was in2018.5655 
1467 2020.2208any2020.8643 
1469 2021.2781thing where I thought I was gonna die.2023.3858 
1471DCA_se3_ag2_m_012024.6541I've been in situations where I thought I might get hurt.2027.4134
1473 2028.9568But uh,2029.6096 
1475 2029.8147I never been in a-2030.7333 
1477 2030.9618that dangerous of a situation where I thought,2033.1009 
1479 2033.6325This is it. I'm gonna die. I'm not coming back home, or2036.6774 
1481DCA_se3_ag2_m_012037.3162I'm not gonna see tomorrow, or anything.2039.5952
1482 2040.7656But uh,2041.3764
1484 2042.8872I just2043.2975 
1486 2043.7312don't worry about it,2044.8270 
1488 2045.5206really, cause uh,2046.7796 
1490 2047.6376my philosophy is if you gonna die, you gonna die. Now I don't believe in going out here and doing everything foolish,2053.1526 
1492 2053.6329make sure I'm'a die early,2055.4421 
1494 2055.6799but uh,2056.2861 
1496 2057.0823if it's gonna happen, what can you do about it?2059.0780 
1497DCA_int_022060.0386So if somebody says uh,2061.6613
1499 2062.2196whatever's gonna happen is gonna happen. You'd agree with them or what?2065.4650 
1500DCA_se3_ag2_m_012065.9453I agree with them. I b- I believe that you can take s- some insurance to2070.1268
1502 2070.6210insure that it doesn't happen, [but uh],2072.8686 
1504DCA_se3_ag2_m_012073.6100<ts> for the most part, you can never tell.2075.5579
1506 2075.9496Like you hear uh,2076.9521 
1508 2077.1899just this weekend, there's a- It was a plane crash in the-2079.9037 
1510DCA_se3_ag2_m_012080.2255[South] Africa and uh,2081.5486
1511 2083.0873uh, a hundred and twenty out of a hundred and twenty nine people died.2086.4202
1513 2087.1196Well you got to figure, wasn't time for those other nine people to go because they didn't. If a hundred and twenty died, it mu- it-2092.7151 
1515 2093.0636it- it wa- It was just their time was up,2095.2599 
1517 2095.7821and they were- They were destined to go.2097.3349 
1519 2097.9504You can never tell.2098.9342 
1521 2099.3714Everybody says I wouldn't fly cause the pilot might have a heart attack and2102.9525 
1523 2103.2463plane will fall [in]2104.4166 
1525DCA_se3_ag2_m_012104.6346and it kill them.2105.4880
1527 2106.5278But heck, you could get out of bed, and slip on something and break your neck. You can never tell when you gonna die or how you gonna die.2112.6956 
1528DCA_int_022114.4862Oh very good. Okay, you're a good talker.2116.6638