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1DCA_int_040.5152Um, what kind of games did you play when you were a child?3.8386
4 5.0441The usual kinds of sports,7.3412 
6 8.1134and uh8.9491 
8 10.5766let's see.11.2413 
10 11.3666So baseball, football,12.9306 
12 14.1818and I suppose uh15.2766 
14 16.5895usual kinds of childhood games,18.8378 
16DCA_se3_ag3_m_0319.6686Hide and Seek20.5044
18 20.6852<heh>20.9491 
20 21.9657and games like that.23.1827 
22 23.5768Yeah.24.0753 
23DCA_int_0424.9648What about um26.0645
25 27.1055if you had to pick somebody who was to be the leader of the game, do you remember any special ways in which you did that?31.7370 
26DCA_se3_ag3_m_0335.3911Any special ways.36.9746
27DCA_int_0437.1408Mm. What did you say or /do you [remember anything?/]39.2521
29 44.2747Yeah.46.1905
31 46.4154I suppose in some baseball games48.4272 
33 49.2434who was up49.7908 
35 49.9961would be the50.4604 
37 50.6901person who thought of the game first, and you would call out something like, two knocker.55.1163 
39 56.1965And some-56.8465 
41 57.0762and the next person would say,58.6060 
43 60.5641he would say,61.6393 
45 62.2062/widdie up/,62.8709 
47 63.1446which I s-63.6920 
49 63.9657suppose was a64.9383 
51 65.0538turn around of, up with you.66.4761 
53 66.5641<heh>66.9746 
55 67.9619And uh68.7390 
57 68.8758so that's for baseball.69.8222 
59 69.9835For other kinds of games, I don't know.71.5181 
61 71.8554Uh72.6667 
63 73.3656they just choose up. People would just drift out and75.8240 
65 76.1075uh76.5815 
67 77.2542nominate themselves as leaders.79.1554 
68DCA_int_0479.5220Did you ever play anything like, k-81.0762
70 81.3450kick the can?82.1270 
71DCA_se3_ag3_m_0382.1466Oh yeah.82.8161
73 82.8974Mm-hm.83.3813 
74DCA_int_0483.4008How did you play that?84.3979
75DCA_se3_ag3_m_0386.4604Well, what did we do? That's a choose up game, too.88.9237
77 89.1516Well, you put a can out in the center of a91.2581 
79 91.9277street in this case,93.2912 
81 93.6285on a94.0439 
83 94.2981some sort of line.95.2500 
85 96.9550And uh97.8934 
87 98.1965then what? One side runs.99.9608 
89 100.0977Uh /I can't talk/.101.6061 
92 103.0968Well, if it rings [/inaudible/].104.4115 
93DCA_se3_ag3_m_03103.9619[Al-] Alright.104.6901
94 105.1104Uh105.6285
96 105.9168what.106.3274 
98 107.3275Let me tell her I'm not gonna- uh.109.1359 
100 111.1837What did they do? Oh, so this can is out in the center113.0947 
102 113.9042of the street. And then one group goes-115.6540 
104 117.3792oh everybody goes to hide!118.7233 
106 118.9756And the one person is chosen as it, and if he can121.5562 
108 121.9570/rap/ the can down three times before somebody gets back, and124.4398 
110 125.1711uh, kicks the can, then that person becomes it. That kind of thing.128.3480 
115 130.1270Uh what are your favorite TV programs on?132.7205 
117 133.3363If you ever watch TV.134.5630 
118DCA_se3_ag3_m_03134.6363I- I don't have a TV working right now.137.0458
120DCA_se3_ag3_m_03137.5279I don't know what my favorite TV programs are.140.7878
122 141.9462I- I don't think I have any favorite programs. I look at the Today145.4340 
124 145.8201Show146.4115 
126 146.5923when I have a TV.147.7409 
128 149.2982Uh.149.9531 
129DCA_int_04149.9531What about theater and movies?151.3021
130DCA_se3_ag3_m_03153.3988What do you mean? My favorite theater or [movie?]155.4008
132 155.4351You seen any recently?157.6197
133DCA_se3_ag3_m_03157.8348Yeah, it wasn't my favorite. I saw a Pinter play.160.9334
135 162.0655Uh162.5983 
137 164.0547oh I don't know.164.8612 
139 164.9833I- I mean I don't have any favorite as such.167.0392 
141 167.1565You know, it depends on whether the play was alright or not.169.5660 
142DCA_int_04170.0547Uh, the most recent play that you saw.171.9462
145 173.9531I wasn't crazy about it.175.3069 
147 175.5269It was alright.176.3333 
148DCA_int_04176.4017What was the /inaudible/?178.9481
149DCA_se3_ag3_m_03179.5377Oh well the plot was about uh181.3167
151 182.6217an English183.8973 
153 184.3421professor,185.0312 
155 185.6306who was teaching in the States and brings an American wife back to188.3480 
157 189.4232England.190.0439 
159 190.8681And uh,191.6501 
161 192.2952and then he's getting ready to leave to come back to the195.3499 
163 196.4154United States.197.5426 
165 198.2513And uh199.1994 
167 201.0078the wife is going to stay with his father and brothers, and204.2855 
169 204.6325it's that kind of a thing.205.9179 
171 206.3529Yeah, yeah.207.3890 
173 208.4282It was uh209.2933 
175 211.1310well, it was alright I suppose, /you know/.213.1886 
177 213.4476Not too great.214.5669 
180 215.7918Um, did you ever have a pet? When you were younger? Or now?219.3255 
183 222.4907No,223.1359 
185 223.2825we never felt the need for pets,225.1788 
187DCA_se3_ag3_m_03225.9120I [guess.]226.8308
188DCA_int_04226.4105[You don't] have any now [/unintelligible/?]227.8065
190DCA_int_04229.5562Uh, could you tell me about your elementary school or grammar school?233.7869
192 234.2610/inaudible/235.4731 
193DCA_se3_ag3_m_03237.0273Yes, uh, I mean it was239.2022
195 239.5133in the Northeast,240.4077 
197 240.9599Washington,241.6882 
199 241.9472and it's name was Charles Young Platoon School, and I guess it still is.245.8505 
201 246.9013And uh247.9863 
203 248.7976it was just- it was a Platoon school, which at that time was251.7185 
205 252.3588not252.7156 
207 252.8280fairly usual in Washington.254.5777 
209 254.8318So uh255.6774 
211 258.1046yeah well,258.8573 
213 259.8152that's what we did, pass around from261.6285 
215 262.4105teacher to teacher263.2500 
217 263.7674for subject to subject.264.9453 
219 265.1652And-265.4536 
222 267.5796And that [was an elementary school]?269.2500 
223DCA_se3_ag3_m_03267.9266[I stayed there six years.]269.3569
224 269.5915[Yeah.]270.0118
227DCA_int_04271.2239What- what do you mean by Platoon-272.4946
229 272.7096Platoon sch-?273.2424 
230DCA_se3_ag3_m_03273.1837It moves.273.8729
231DCA_int_04274.0684/It moves around/.274.9139
232DCA_se3_ag3_m_03274.9414Uh, the class- the s- the pupils move from teacher to teacher and class to class. So, this is not the usual280.4967
234 281.4888uh method in the district schools anyhow.283.9325 
235DCA_int_04284.6314Well, do you remember any of the subjects that you had [/inaudible/?]288.0997
237 289.0137Yes.289.5367
239 290.5288Uh, what?291.2277 
241 292.2736Reading and Arithmetic and Social Studies.294.7871 
243 296.1476And then, on occasion I suppose we had Music and uh299.4155 
245 300.4223Art300.9111 
247 301.0772and Physical Ed.302.1280 
248DCA_int_04304.5944What did you do after school was out in the afternoon /about/?307.6979
249DCA_se3_ag3_m_03308.2942Uh, we309.0762
251 309.3157play out in the street, usually play ball if the weather was alright.312.5641 
253 312.8573At least some kind of ball,314.2844 
256 315.5649Yeah.316.0537
257DCA_int_04317.2005Did you ever have a teacher who hollered /at/ lot?319.2043
258DCA_se3_ag3_m_03319.5353Who did what?320.1993
259DCA_int_04320.2609Who hollered a lot.321.1953
260DCA_se3_ag3_m_03329.9869Not a lot.330.8833
262 331.0049Uh, I can't remember any332.5464 
264 333.2294teachers who had reputations as335.0933 
266 335.3589constant screamers.336.7007 
268 337.5674No,338.4259 
270 338.7768not who hollered a lot,339.9484 
272 340.1808some teachers who hollered [sometimes.]341.8455 
273DCA_int_04341.4044[Can you] remember any incidents? /inaudible/344.9789
276 350.5928I can't remember any specific uh352.9215 
278 353.2441incidents.353.9745 
280 354.2069No, I can't.355.2011 
281DCA_int_04355.7703What about the best teacher you ever had?358.3030
282DCA_se3_ag3_m_03359.7431They were all equally bad. No, <laugh> [I] uh-363.2861
284DCA_se3_ag3_m_03364.5952I don't know what that n- see, I suppose that concept368.2123
286 369.3790would have been alive some years ago with me, but I- I'm not even certain about that.373.5938 
288 374.9218I- I can tell you about the teachers I liked,376.9328 
290 377.0514but I can't- I don't know whether they were the best teachers at all.379.7246 
292 380.0566[Mm.]380.4408 
293DCA_int_04380.0898[Well can you] tell me about any one of them?382.0202
294DCA_se3_ag3_m_03384.0105Yes, I liked a second grade teacher. Her name was386.3345
296 387.3448Mrs. /RD-NAME-2/.388.2459 
298 388.5572Uh, in fact her name is Mrs. /RD-NAME-2/ I think she's still alive.391.6022 
300 392.1856Uh392.7927 
302 395.7600but there's nothing special except she seemed to like the s- <laugh> she seemed to like the uh399.7346 
304 400.6198s- pupils.401.8340 
306DCA_se3_ag3_m_03402.5501But apart from that, uh the pupils seemed to like her, but405.5477
308 406.4471what she did other than that, I don't know.408.1261 
309DCA_int_04409.7766Um, do you remember any special incidents that might have happened when you were in junior high413.9202
311 414.1811or high school?414.9589 
313 415.8364That stands out in your mind?417.4395 
315 417.6719/Any ideas?/418.4782 
316DCA_se3_ag3_m_03421.6827Any special incident.423.3711
318 428.5345No, not really.430.3113 
320 430.8757In junior high school or high school.433.0195 
322 435.7165No,436.5370 
324 436.7552I can't think of anything special that happened.440.1085 
327 441.8806Well, nowadays443.0189 
329 444.5414in your group of friends, /in your group of people/, is there a particular group that you like to associate with?450.2786 
330DCA_se3_ag3_m_03452.0287I don't know there's a particular group I associate with. [<laugh>]455.3945
332DCA_se3_ag3_m_03455.9446I suppose by some sort of definition,458.9991
334 459.9602if I associate with 'em461.2912 
336 461.5149uh,461.8806 
338 463.2138it's either out of inertia, or habit or I like ,466.0057 
340 467.1392or don't dislike it enough not to associate with them.469.9565 
343 470.7943Any- this group of friends /unintelligible/, do any of them speak a foreign language? /inaudible/476.3103 
344DCA_se3_ag3_m_03477.1006As a native [language?]478.5235
346DCA_se3_ag3_m_03480.6389No, not this year.481.9479
348 482.2515<heh>482.5455 
350 482.9707[But last-]483.7770 
351DCA_int_04483.0323[In a previous] year?484.1564
352DCA_se3_ag3_m_03484.2323But last year485.1192
354 485.2520yeah my Russian friend was here,486.7935 
356 486.9974and he spoke Russian. I- I- I used to see him two, three times a week.490.5861 
358 491.7908No, not as a foreign language.493.3370 
359DCA_int_04493.4034Do you speak Russian?494.4848
360DCA_se3_ag3_m_03495.0854Oh, a tiny bit.496.4134
361DCA_int_04496.5177[/Just a] tiny bit then/.497.9216
363 497.9548Yeah.498.4196
364DCA_int_04498.4671/Beginning [Russian/?]499.4583
366 500.2914Mm-hm.500.7230
367DCA_int_04501.1878How did that happen to come about?502.6344
368DCA_se3_ag3_m_03502.9284Well I want on the exchange program,504.6881
370 505.0343uh505.7362 
372 506.1092to Moscow. I went a couple of times,508.8316 
375 510.3494[/Where did you live?/]511.3359 
376DCA_se3_ag3_m_03510.3684[and worked in the] laboratories there.512.3776
377 512.8946In Moscow.513.7104
379 514.0566Uh514.8582 
381 515.5649only in Moscow, working. I- I- the only other place I've been is Leningrad and Kiev.519.7796 
382DCA_int_04520.8230Did you know this friend before you came- before he came here?523.9279
383DCA_se3_ag3_m_03523.9943Oh, yes. I knew him in Moscow.525.6259
385 525.9769Mm-hm. I worked in his laboratory in Moscow, and he worked in /RD-WORK-3/ here.529.6007 
388 534.2990Uh534.9013 
390 539.6378/okay/ when you were young, did you have any kind of dream that you looked forward to or- or543.7529 
392 544.1181ambition or goal that you wanted to /inaudible/?547.2182 
394 548.1052Or something you really wanted to do?550.0545 
395DCA_se3_ag3_m_03551.2023No, I suppose I was552.6173
397 552.7248looking to553.4487 
399 553.6290getting out of whatever school I was in, but556.2376 
401 557.2715no, I don't think I h- planned too far ahead.560.8981 
403 561.4436Uh, I can't remember having any563.1937 
405 563.6253burning ambition to be a teacher or to be a doctor or anything like that.568.0630 
407 569.3673No.570.2816 
409 570.8453I just assumed you know, you just grow up and-573.4444 
410DCA_int_04573.4682Well'd you happen [to get where you are now?]575.2610
411DCA_se3_ag3_m_03574.0515[and do some-]575.0665
413 575.2610Backed into it. <laugh>577.1374 
414 577.7208You have to have a major to graduate, and I looked around, and I had a choice between majoring in either582.7276
416 583.1118German or Psychology or-584.8477 
418 585.2841or uh586.0240 
420 587.4024well I was thinking about Economics.589.0008 
422 589.6363And I had to see where I had the most courses, and I had the most courses in Psychology, so I said, well I guess I595.2787 
424 595.8004must declare myself a Psychology major, since I have more courses in there than any place else. <laugh>600.5653 
426 601.1582That's how it happened.602.2775 
427DCA_int_04603.1407And then you went on to graduate school?605.0189
428DCA_se3_ag3_m_03603.4348<clears throat>604.0893
429 605.1784Mm-hm.605.7381
434DCA_int_04607.8297Where was this that you had studied?609.5799
435DCA_se3_ag3_m_03609.8075I was here as an undergrad at /RD-SCHOOL-2/.611.8453
437 611.9354Mm.612.5567 
438DCA_int_04612.9029Well, you didn't- did you stay here or no?614.7005
439DCA_se3_ag3_m_03614.6531No, I- I was at /RD-SCHOOL-3/616.2372
440 618.1611after that.618.7824
442 620.8646<clears throat>621.5618 
444 621.6140so could you give me a-623.1110
446 623.7133an example of a day's life work here?626.1465 
448 627.3494/inaudible/628.2933 
451 630.9778I suppose I get in about632.5382 
453 632.8370nine or so.634.0968 
455 635.1680And then I uh636.3210 
457 638.7165look at what I have to do640.1525 
459 641.4008on the641.8119 
461 642.2435calendar,643.0024 
463 644.5154and then I go get the mail.646.3254 
465 647.8147Well,648.3459 
467 649.3087on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays,651.3577 
469 651.6832I have a class at ten, so between653.6990 
471 654.0499nine and ten,655.1645 
473 655.9993I sort of look at what I have to do here,658.3927 
475 659.4314and then I go to class661.2764 
477 662.2392and stay from ten until eleven664.4856 
479 664.8556in class. Then I come back,666.1172 
481 666.8808and then I sort of look at what I have to do here.669.2654 
483 670.1897And uh671.0244 
485 671.2284then it's almost lunch time,672.9405 
487 673.0781and then I go to lunch from between about twelve and675.4668 
489 676.2351uh676.8043 
491 678.4643one679.2184 
493 679.8523or one fifteen.681.0190 
495 681.7826<clears throat>682.4372 
497 683.9075And on some days, I come back I have a seminar in the afternoon, and other days uh688.7530 
499 690.1996help a graduate student run uh,692.1964 
501 692.3844and experiment here with these rats694.1772 
503 694.8317in the afternoon, for maybe an hour or so.696.9755 
505 697.9461And then I come back and look at what I have to do here, and then it's about five o'clock,702.0392 
507 703.1046and I spent all day704.6698 
509 705.3386looking at this, not having done anything about it, <laugh> you know.709.3653 
511DCA_se3_ag3_m_03709.9754So the solution to that of course, is not to look at it,712.6647
513 712.8971just not to713.7840 
515 714.7326uh715.3634 
517 716.9458know what it is that I haven't done today.719.3172 
519 719.7204Well that's what it is mostly,721.4136 
521 721.6111uh722.3320 
523 722.5502but722.9439 
525 723.4371er, several times a week there meetings.725.5762 
527 725.7564And there are a couple of meetings today,727.4912 
529DCA_se3_ag3_m_03728.3016And there things that the Dean wants, and I have to731.7308
531 732.4849fill out these things for the department.734.6032 
533 735.3337And, a lot of routine kind of738.0371 
535 739.0172well, I mean, hardly more than clerical741.4076 
537 741.7206uh kinds of work.743.1767 
539DCA_se3_ag3_m_03744.4366And sometimes I prepare for lectures, and sometimes I try to,747.7941
541 748.8380to749.3787 
543 750.7287analyze data751.8670 
545 752.6544or to753.1239 
547 753.6551write up754.3760 
549 754.7982uh, reports.756.0106 
551 756.2146Things like this, this is what it generally consists of.758.8848 
553 759.5915So, I leave between760.8958 
555 761.4917uh six762.4261 
557 762.8482or six thirty,764.0529 
559 764.5794and sometimes I stay later.766.0165 
562 767.3729If you had all the money you wanted, what would you do with?770.3480 
563DCA_se3_ag3_m_03772.2083I guess I'd try to spend it,774.0792
565 775.0088but uh775.8934 
567 776.1867now, if you ask me how I spend it, I have to say, I'd have to779.0196 
569 779.7136have it in hand. I- I hardly would think about it782.6657 
571 782.8318because I don't have any,784.0097 
573 784.7997any785.1956 
575 785.9922plans-787.0186 
577 787.9619I'm not making any plans for spending a lot of money. I'll wait until I get the money, and then I'll792.4174 
579 792.7987<laugh> make the plans. You know, I think it's a little bit uh796.1497 
581 796.6579premature797.6012 
583 798.0509to have some sort of uh799.5904 
585 800.0717dream uh801.1153 
587 801.2375about how the money's going to be spent before you have it803.9531 
589 804.4956or if,805.0088 
591 805.7224yeah.806.2160 
593 806.4017I- I- I- imagine I'd make807.8680 
595 808.6873uh plans to809.6941 
597 810.0753spend it when I got it.811.8690 
599 813.0811Uh I'll have to keep the economy going815.2500 
601 816.4223or somebody's economy going.818.0401 
602DCA_int_04818.0840<laugh> How does your family celebrate the holidays?821.1027
604 821.3471/And what do you do?/822.2561 
605DCA_se3_ag3_m_03822.4516Sleeping, generally.824.1085
607 824.5777Uh825.2766 
609 826.3372what holidays do they celebrate?828.1975 
611 829.4633Any holiday they can get.830.9736 
613 831.4379Uh832.1075 
615 833.2591but the usual, national holidays.836.4555 
617 837.0273Sometimes,838.0488 
619 839.4253sometimes840.2806 
621 842.1671they go some place.843.4574 
623 844.2785I don't usually go because what I usually do, maybe I might come in later,848.4604 
625 849.3401what I usually have to do if I have animals, I have to come up here every day to see about them, so853.5660 
627 854.1818no day is a complete holiday.855.8924 
629 857.0050But mostly quietly858.4565 
631 858.6276you know, just lolling around the house.860.4750 
632DCA_int_04860.4995What about Christmas time? Anything special862.8943
634 863.2249you do then?863.8505 
635DCA_se3_ag3_m_03865.2092Yes, you have to buy a lot of things.867.4672
637 868.1954Uh, then after that869.6159 
639 870.7889Mm, dinner,872.2013 
641 872.4115maybe somebody comes in for dinner, or maybe we go out for dinner.875.5572 
643 876.0313Uh, but uh877.1799 
645 878.2747uh.878.8758 
646DCA_int_04879.8044Any special foods you eat?881.4448
647DCA_se3_ag3_m_03882.4077At Christmas?883.2434
649DCA_se3_ag3_m_03884.7536Well usual kinds of things.886.2883
651 886.6726Uh887.6403 
653 888.5494candy and fruit,889.8690 
655 890.3480I suppose uh891.7409 
657 892.5766are around more than they are usually. Uh895.6491 
659 898.1905maybe turkey.899.4057 
661 900.8133Ain't nobody there particularly cares about turkey, so903.7604 
663 904.5131but it just shows up on Thanksgiving and Christmas out of a kind of907.7517 
665 907.9765traditional908.7976 
667 909.3597uh910.0244 
669 912.6080procedure.913.4340 
670DCA_int_04913.5855Do you exchange gifts?914.8856
673 916.5864Mm-hm.917.2500 
674DCA_int_04917.3813Where- what was the best present you ever got?919.5611
675DCA_se3_ag3_m_03922.3518Oh, the best present I ever [got.]924.1242
677DCA_se3_ag3_m_03928.4398I don't know. Musta been when I was a child, but I don't remember.931.6100
679 932.3235Probably it was something like933.9950 
681 937.1505oh I guess938.2698 
683 939.5801some sort of940.2785 
685 941.2787baseball uniform or943.2043 
687 943.9961football uniform. Anyhow, something connected with sports. I- I- I- I thought at the time.948.0167 
689 948.5250Since then,949.2874 
691 949.5513you know you just get socks and ties and handkerchiefs and /uh/952.7086 
693 954.1046they are equally uninteresting955.7419 
695 955.8934or e- equally interesting because it's the only way I get socks and neck ties <laugh> and handkerchiefs.961.1799 
697DCA_se3_ag3_m_03961.8348[So I suppose it's]962.8660
698DCA_int_04963.4037Were you ever in a situation where you thought you might be killed or might die?968.6510
699DCA_se3_ag3_m_03970.4154Uh, hm.971.7234
701 975.3646I don't know, I think976.7135 
703 976.9707maybe I didn't think I might die.978.9844 
705 980.1622Yes, I was swimming at /RD-SCHOOL-3/ with a982.8650 
707 983.8309now famous psychologist.985.8495 
709 986.7732Uh,987.4770 
711 987.6334we were swimming between two piers, and I guess it was a couple of days before991.4194 
713 992.3920graduation, in fact.994.1741 
715 995.3031And uh996.1926 
717 996.3979so I guess I sort of ran out of uh998.4213 
719 999.1740steam. I was afraid- you know it was the first time I'd been in the water in years.1002.4712 
721 1003.1750It was about two hundred yards, and so I had swam about a hundred yards,1006.4545 
723 1009.2776and uh1009.9472 
725 1011.0273yeah so then I-1011.7751 
727 1012.0097I couldn't make it very well.1013.9776 
729 1015.1359And uh, it was very hard for me to come back into1018.1710 
731 1018.3635shore.1018.9481 
733 1019.1418Yes, I- I thought I might,1020.8182 
735 1021.5855I didn't think I might die1023.2424 
737 1024.1808but I thought I would1025.4057 
739 1025.6159have to be rescued or something serious would happen.1028.7390 
743 1030.1026and I was very tired for about an hour after that.1032.7156 
745 1032.9062I had to lie on the pier for about1034.7927 
747 1035.4721and hour to get organized.1037.1858 
749 1037.5377But that's about the closest.1039.3216 
752 1041.8484Sometimes people say that1043.1027 
754 1043.4057whatever's going to happen is going to happen.1045.7810 
756 1046.0694What do you think about that?1047.2424 
758 1047.5698/unintelligible/1048.6011 
759DCA_se3_ag3_m_031051.6149Oh it must be true.1052.9491
761 1054.5424Uh1055.2500 
763 1057.4487yes.1057.9032 
765 1058.3235I- I- I- it has to be true- I mean it doesn't do any- it doesn't say anything, but1061.9091 
767 1062.6862it says, what happens happens.1064.3675 
769 1064.7585I- I know you put, going to, in there, but1066.9823 
771 1067.5084in the1068.0949 
773 1068.3686on the assumption that somebody can change it.1071.3646 
775 1071.5014But if they change it, that's what was going to happen.1073.8700 
777 1074.3099Yes, I- I- I'm a complete determinist.1076.8563 
779DCA_se3_ag3_m_031077.7800Yes, it's /good/.1078.6548
781 1078.9952Whatever's going to happen is going to happen.1080.5983