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1DCB_int_010.5258And where were you born?1.6485
2DCB_se1_ag2_f_022.1386I lived in DC but I was born in Prince George's County.5.4333
3DCB_int_015.4253Okay, so you were born in6.7253
4 7.6463Prince George's but you grew up in DC.10.0314
6 10.5529In what neighborhood?11.4476 
7DCB_se1_ag2_f_0211.9416Um, Langston Place.13.5708
9DCB_se1_ag2_f_0214.3547[Formerly known as Woodland.]15.9667
12DCB_se2_ag2_f_0117.1732You got a neighborhood,18.3399
14 18.5378/inaudible/ [/That's Woodland./]20.5138 
16DCB_se2_ag2_f_0121.2603[It's cool she] /wouldn't/ hear about them girl gangs and stuff.23.8270
18 23.8615What- how long have you lived in DC?26.0082
21 28.5609I'm twenty-five, so, for twenty-three years.31.0861 
22DCB_int_0131.0901Twenty-three years.31.8807
24 32.4827Where'd you live the other two years?33.5912 
25DCB_se1_ag2_f_0233.5765Germany for two years.34.7535
28 36.0776How'd you get to Germany?37.0883 
29DCB_se1_ag2_f_0237.0821My father's in the [military.]38.4314
32DCB_int_0138.9790[I] thought so.39.6896
34DCB_int_0140.4849Where'd you go to school?41.2129
35DCB_se1_ag2_f_0241.5974Um, all the schools?43.0574
37DCB_se1_ag2_f_0243.6303Elementary /RD-SCHOOL-7/.46.8273
39 48.4178Uh, for middle school /RD-SCHOOL-2/,50.2484 
40DCB_se1_ag2_f_0450.3827/They ain't gonna remember ?/.51.6747
41DCB_se1_ag2_f_0251.8646and for high school /RD-SCHOOL-4/.54.8340
42DCB_se1_ag2_f_0454.7099I don't remember [that.]55.5714
43DCB_int_0155.2782Oh mm-hm.56.0385
44DCB_se2_ag2_f_0156.0465And college.57.2351
45DCB_se1_ag2_f_0257.5044Oh, <laugh> and college /RD-SCHOOL-3/.59.5177
48 63.0510My girlfriend just graduated from /RD-SCHOOL-3/ a coup- well not just, two years ago.66.5993 
50 67.3022Um, what do you do?68.5475 
51DCB_se1_ag2_f_0268.9189I'm a food service worker at /RD-WORK-9/.72.7699
52DCB_int_0178.0456What about your father and mom where were they born?79.8825
53DCB_se1_ag2_f_0280.2346Mm- sh- my mother was born- I think she was born here.84.6499
55 84.9300But she moved around a lot, and my dad was born in Mississippi.87.7269 
56DCB_se1_ag2_f_0489.1332[I like my baby hair with baby hair and afros. (singing)]92.9102
57DCB_se2_ag2_f_0190.7657[<laugh>] [Hey.]94.4556
58DCB_int_0193.9967[What about your] parents what do they do?95.3573
59DCB_se1_ag2_f_0295.6094Um, my dad is- he's still in the military.98.9790
61DCB_se1_ag2_f_0299.6565Um, and he's a regional manager for Home Depot.103.1938
63 104.4627[M-]104.7894 
64DCB_int_01104.4747[Is he in] reserves?105.4792
65 105.7966Or is he [retired? No?]107.0291
66DCB_se1_ag2_f_02106.2568[No, he was] in reserve but he just went back to [active.] Yeah.109.5581
68DCB_se1_ag2_f_02110.2666Um, and my mom is a retired government employee.113.9660
69DCB_se2_ag2_f_01122.7869She was trying to [/inaudible/]124.3390
70DCB_se1_ag2_f_02124.0927[No] I'm not.124.7610
72DCB_se1_ag2_f_02126.1857That's my thinking, like I'm really trying to think. [<laugh>]129.7953
73DCB_se2_ag2_f_01127.8384[/inaudible/ <laugh>]129.9154
74DCB_int_01130.2328So tell me about, um,132.1817
76DCB_int_01133.3422[your youngest] memory like your first- do you remember your first home136.6530
77 137.2612um, or your first- like, growing up in DC, tell me about it.140.6279
78DCB_se1_ag2_f_02140.6068My first home I would say was around-144.2577
79 145.8785What was the name of them apartments?147.2105
81 148.9611I cannot remember the name of the apartments.150.8620 
82DCB_int_01151.0981But just [describe 'em.]151.9825
83DCB_se1_ag2_f_02151.4302[But basically] it was like a real hood like people got shot155.9015
84 156.1376in the neighborhood, people were killed in the neighborhood,158.4547
86 158.7749heard gunshots all the time, we weren't allowed to go outside.161.8207 
88 162.6259And things like that.163.4863 
90 163.6383I wanna remember the neighbor- this is like one of those neighborhoods everyone knows but I can't remember, so we lived around there for a while.168.5900 
92 168.9220Then my mom- I'm not sure why she moved I don't know if she got put out or she just wanted to move,173.0131 
94 173.3293I just know we packed up all our things put it into storage and we moved with my grandmother in177.1230 
96 177.3671Woodland, which is Langston Place.179.4569 
100 181.6984we lived around /RD-ADDRESS-3/183.0237 
102 183.9326for a long time probably about ten years then my mom got a house,187.3176 
104 188.1466um,188.6266 
106 188.9069cause my dad had left.189.9923 
108 190.2208My dad had left and191.2813 
110 191.6614he was192.3577 
112 193.0421probably in another country somewhere, but them two weren't getting along and my mom was still pregnant with his-196.8891 
114 197.2052they had a baby- she was pregnant but they weren't /unintelligible/ so she got pregnant with my200.5788 
116 200.9630brother but they were broken up. So he was203.1972 
118 204.0336out of the country my mom is just205.4403 
120 205.5623taking care of us, th- herself.207.1703 
122 207.4672And, then-208.2475 
124 208.9851we li- we moved in a house on Massachusetts Avenue, we stayed there for about212.8629 
126 213.3471seven years.214.4556 
128 214.8130I know she got put out of that. It was like, um,217.0397 
130 217.4743yeah so we had to move back to /RD-SCHOOL-2/ with my grandmother.219.8476 
131DCB_int_01221.5254Are your-222.0374
133 222.5979so wait how many siblings do you have?223.9885 
134DCB_se1_ag2_f_02223.9767I have two older sisters and one little brother.226.1198
137 227.0411[And did you] all live together?228.2531 
139 228.5899Yes, um,230.2037
141 230.3667yeah we did.231.1509 
143 231.2751My231.8711 
145 232.1207s- okay I have a older sister that's-234.2497 
147 234.7099she's about eight years older than me.236.8219 
149 237.4204And I have another sister that's six years older than me. My sister that's six years older than me she was like one of those like trouble kids.243.3393 
151 243.8926So it was like every time she'd get in trouble my mom would say, okay, you gotta go to your grandmother's, so she's just like back and forth.248.5548 
153 249.3231That was about it, other than that yeah we all lived together.251.1812 
156 253.1061so what-253.6954 
158 254.0265okay so you said you didn't play outside so what did you do as a kid like [growing up-]257.7544 
159DCB_se1_ag2_f_02257.2732[Played with my sisters.]258.1865
160DCB_int_01258.4098In the [house?]258.9900
161DCB_se1_ag2_f_02258.7179[Yeah] in the house. Mm-hm.259.8704
162DCB_int_01260.2866So outside did you ever feel like262.1173
164 262.3008there was a point where you were going to get hurt?264.3377 
165DCB_se1_ag2_f_02264.5258Once we moved to Woodland which is strange she had- that's when she allowed us to go outside though,268.1995
167 268.3648around Woodland cause we had family members that lived around there.271.4463 
169 272.0105So Woodland was like a273.1390 
171 273.5152I had my aunt, uncles, all lived there before they all branched off and moved to like Maryland278.6872 
173 278.8709and other places.279.7829 
174DCB_int_01279.8126So you were safe in [an unsafe] neighborhood because you had [people-]283.7904
177 283.6503[People] yeah, because these were people that we'd known, like e- although it was a very unsafe neighborhood it was just like,288.7167 
178 289.1181it was more familiar. Like, we knew these people they wouldn't hurt us and things like that. They did things to other people but they wouldn't do it to us.294.9673
181 296.2826So what about elementary school?297.8652 
183DCB_int_01298.4609[Do you remember] a lot about elementary school?300.0449
184DCB_se1_ag2_f_02300.3537My first elementary school was /RD-SCHOOL-4/, um, my grandmother was a teacher there, so304.7433
186 305.2372she took us back and forth to /RD-SCHOOL-4/.307.8050 
188 308.7228Um,309.3992 
190 310.4169that was in North- I think /RD-SCHOOL-4/'s in Northwest.312.6297 
192 313.3222I don't even know how I was able to go there because we lived in Southeast but I think because my grandmother,317.7495 
194 318.1977so yeah, but319.2061 
196 319.6864I don't remember much about /RD-SCHOOL-4/.321.2711 
197DCB_int_01321.4632What about /RD-SCHOOL-2/?322.2552
198DCB_se1_ag2_f_02322.3608/RD-SCHOOL-2/ I remember a lot, um, that's when the nine eleven325.6421
200 326.0946happened so I remember being in class with that.328.0555 
202 328.7410School shut, my mom came and got me.331.2623 
204 331.4983I didn't know what was going on,332.6423 
206 332.9509and I think <laugh> as a child and probably now it was just like, okay.336.7073 
208 337.3262Somebody- I- I was just always nonchalant about it like, okay somebody just340.6260 
210 341.0812took a plane and,341.9225 
212 342.2337like I was never sad about it like, I don't know [why but-]344.8949 
214DCB_se1_ag2_f_02345.7073I guess I didn't- because it was no one that I knew.348.0736
216 348.5458It was just like another current event on the news, so.350.8949 
217DCB_int_01350.8820And you were like eleven, right? [So it wasn't a-]353.4043
218DCB_se1_ag2_f_02352.3358[Yeah so it was just like]353.6604
219 353.9966I saw everybody else saying thing- things like that was just like,356.6099
221 357.3834what was your rush for coming to get me like, we were [playing in school, like, <laugh> like, some-]362.3813 
222DCB_se2_ag2_f_01359.2362[<laugh> /inaudible/ so out of] control.363.0736
225 363.7395But I'm [still like that to this day like,]365.6242 
227DCB_se2_ag2_f_01364.9864[/I was gonna/] say that.366.2047
228DCB_se1_ag2_f_02366.2367I don't know why I'm like that but it's just-367.9175
230 368.8511Things that everybody else can be crying about, I'm like, girl, like, it's not that serious, like,372.9970 
232 373.4772so.373.8574 
233DCB_int_01373.9175Have anything like really just shaken you to the core like- and- and- and you don't have to share if you don't [want to but like] something that's just like,380.1255
235DCB_int_01380.3977messed you all up emotion like, I just can't, this is too much?383.4403
236DCB_se1_ag2_f_02383.4465I would sa- n- I still wasn't messed up to the- but I was like- I would say like the- the most that ever hit me388.6741
238 389.1722was /RD-NAME-2/ passing away like I've been-391.9882 
240 392.2736I've been molested before and it still- when that happened I was just like,395.0361 
242 396.9810okay, like,398.0370 
244 398.2308he did this, okay what's next? And that was it. But I wasn't like, oh my god, like, my world's ruined and- no.403.8454 
246 404.2776Never was like that.404.9976 
249DCB_int_01407.4003Um, so I'll ask you- so okay, moving on to- to middle school then we'll come back,411.7035
251DCB_int_01412.1557um, but moving to middle school, you went to- I forgot what you s- which one.415.9255
253 416.9311[<singing>]418.6199 
256DCB_se1_ag2_f_02419.9806[I hated going to /RD-SCHOOL-2/.]421.0272
257DCB_int_01420.0086[And high school?]420.8206
260 422.0855[Why did you hate going-] okay.423.7472
261DCB_se1_ag2_f_02423.7678Because it was the neighborhood school and I wasn't supposed to go to /RD-SCHOOL-2/, I was supposed to- during this time my mom was getting- cause I had429.8756
263 430.1997a niece430.8824 
265 431.3843and a brother they're the same age so my mom and my sister were pregnant at the same time.434.4910 
267DCB_se1_ag2_f_02434.8671And so435.3578
269 435.5634my mom was trying to transfer all us to a private school so they- their scholarship had went through, they had started pro- my scholarship was still in the process so,442.6840 
271 442.9161she was like, you can just go to /RD-SCHOOL-2/ for one year and then the next year,445.7654 
273 446.4817um,447.0310 
275 447.3714we'll c-448.1037 
277 448.3253continue doing the /payment/ so you can go, and I was like, I don't wanna go to school, this is a neighborhood school, like,452.7338 
279 453.2873I-453.5514 
281 453.6395the kids were rough to me like, you know, I didn't know how it was gonna go but it ended up being a great experience.458.3857 
283 458.6276Like in the beginning I was like, I don't wanna go to this school, but my mom was like, well there's no other options, but I ended up loving it. But in the beginning I was like, I don't wanna go to this school.465.3233 
285DCB_se1_ag2_f_02466.8280Cause it was neighborhoods like w- they were rough, [<laugh>] like, I didn't wanna go there.471.3553
287DCB_int_01471.3473But no- but I mean why did it [end up being- embracing] the [experience?]473.9751
288DCB_se1_ag2_f_02472.2358[Oh why'd I li-]473.0264
290 473.7685[I think] because it was so hood.475.2831 
294 479.0721[I ain't like it] because it was hood but it was great because it was [hood.]481.3635
295DCB_se1_ag2_f_02481.2211[Right, you know how you-482.2851
296 482.6298like it- I- my- my childhood was, uh, it was like-485.5138
298 485.6644[My mom- and it's- it's like] I am now with my sons like, I live in a hood, but it's like489.0938 
300DCB_se1_ag2_f_02489.3714you try your best to490.7440
301DCB_se1_ag2_f_04491.2282Branch out to [the-]492.2402
302DCB_se1_ag2_f_02492.0126[No], you try your best to pr- cause I have two others- I m- I have two sons. [They're five and seven.]496.0762
304DCB_se1_ag2_f_02496.3958So you try your best to like, protect them from that.498.7849
306 499.0771Like although my kids in the hood,500.3777 
308 500.5818I-500.9311 
310 501.2193they don't feel like they're in the hood. [So that was] my mom's thing like, we're in the hood but505.3052 
312DCB_se1_ag2_f_02505.5773you don't have to-506.5831
314 506.7609I'm not gonna treat you like you're in the hood, you don't have to talk like this, you know so, it's just like, although we in the hood I try my best to like,512.0177 
316 512.4257still show you the nice part of life.514.2197 
318 514.9441So it was like that with my mom.516.1894 
320 516.3727So.516.7489 
321DCB_int_01516.7929And when you say show them the ni- like what do you mean like how do [you-]519.8004
322DCB_se1_ag2_f_02519.4154[Like] anything520.9407
323 521.4003a person making a hundred K a year,523.4292
325 523.7134I'm able to do that. So I take them on trips, you know, I show them nice things I get 'em out here,528.0417 
327 528.2127I buy them nice clothes and stuff like that so you won't-530.5698 
329 530.8551there- there's always food on the table, there's always-533.3511 
331 533.9205Like I've been without electricity, um,536.1654 
333 536.9231that's a-537.2753 
335 537.4394that was another story. I don't even know if y'all know that.539.2242 
337 539.5884Okay my- I had a- I've been on my own since I was seventeen.542.5710 
339 543.0472Had my first place when I was eighteen.544.4510 
341 544.7920So I experienced having no lights547.1771 
343 547.3372in my- in my first apartment.548.6258 
345 548.8671I was like, oh no we're never gonna be there, no ma'am, my lights are never gonna get cut off again like that.552.7568 
347 552.9570So it was like things like that I don't ever wanna experience again.555.1580 
349 555.5147And like with my oldest son, we went like from house to house to house to house before and I was like, oh we're never gonna be without a house.560.4137 
351 560.7231And then it was like,561.5644 
353 561.6835I gotta make sure we always have our own place so it was like stuff like that.564.2341 
354DCB_int_01564.6569I understa- my mom was565.8982
356 566.1948um, a single parent [and we grew up] in the projects so I understand, and my mom was very much- she said she would go without571.6733 
358 571.9255[Yeah.]572.5348
359DCB_int_01572.0495[so that we] could ha- so we would never know what it is to574.4879
360 575.0521eat, you know never know what it is to be [hungry, never know what] it is to-578.3695
363 577.0250[Right.]577.6837 
364DCB_int_01578.6510You okay?579.1590
365DCB_se1_ag2_f_02579.2713Yeah I got charley horse. [<laugh>]582.7569
366DCB_int_01580.4278[Oh yeah I kno- ooh, yes, um.]582.8249
367 583.1011So I- I [understand that], I understand you don't, you know.585.4714
369DCB_int_01585.6795Um, so thinking about high school then, you moved to-589.1611
371 589.6093you went to /RD-SCHOOL-4/, what was that experience like?592.1773 
373DCB_int_01592.3758[Where is it? Is it-] Where is [Math-]593.9325
374DCB_se1_ag2_f_02593.6964[it's] in Northeast.594.6689
376DCB_se1_ag2_f_02595.2812Okay /RD-SCHOOL-4/-597.2322
378 597.8956What year- what year is that when you're seventeen, is that eleventh or twelfth?601.4086 
379DCB_int_01602.2416It [could be either] eleventh or twelfth depending on when you started school.605.0306
381DCB_se1_ag2_f_02605.0521Well I don't-605.6615
383 606.3847Ninth and tenth was smooth,607.7814 
385 607.9094because that's when my moth- my mother was like very active in my life, like she did everything611.5908 
387 611.8645for me612.6529 
389 612.7769that [like-]613.2211 
390DCB_se2_ag2_f_01613.0531[You] was pregnant twelfth grade.614.4520
391DCB_se1_ag2_f_02614.5990I know.615.1630
393 615.3033But it's some stories lining up616.6144 
395DCB_se1_ag2_f_02616.7440[before] we get to that. <laugh>618.0546
396 618.3287So when I turned seventeen is when my mom got really really really really really sick.622.2277
398 622.4999Like she wasn't supposed to make it past December of625.0235 
400 626.3857whatever that year was that I was seventeen. /Is/ [that two-thousand seven?] Yeah two-thousand seven.630.0806 
401DCB_se2_ag2_f_01628.3598[Two-thousand seven.]629.0851
402DCB_se1_ag2_f_02630.5488So I was living with her and her husband in District Heights,634.1557
404 634.3078they had a house.635.0851 
406 635.5324But me and her husband did not get along because638.0564 
408 638.5470I felt like he took advantage of her because she was very sick,641.8895 
410DCB_se1_ag2_f_02642.5128and like would talk to her any type of way just do anything to her and things like that.646.3230
411 646.6399And my mother couldn't do anything on her own like she couldn't wipe her own butt, she couldn't649.8398
413 651.1793clothe herself, she couldn't- nothing, like she had like the mind of a two year old she would just go in the kitchen,655.5813 
415 655.7454cut on the stove and657.1094 
417 657.7555like- and just walk away, and stuff be on the stove, like so you had to660.8889 
419 660.9850tend to her like a- all the time.662.6624 
421 663.0672So me and him had got into a heated- oh and then I was getting child support from my dad.666.3535 
423 666.6689My dad just disappeared after a while.668.0811 
425 668.2989But he-668.6630 
427 668.8431the child support was ending.669.8231 
429 670.5239And so I was like, you know, I need my money to take care of me like my mom can't take care of me and my child support so me and him got into it one day and he was like, well you gotta go.677.4257 
431 677.8205And like just put me out.678.8178 
433 679.3812And so,680.2092 
435 680.5870I'm still going to /RD-SCHOOL-4/, still going to school, so I end up moving with my aunt.683.5804 
437 684.3687And then I don't know what happened with me and my aunt, but that didn't work out either.687.8513 
439 688.3038So I moved from my aunt, I went to go- still going to school.691.6093 
441 691.7254I never dropped out, still going to school.693.4594 
443 693.8676And then I moved with my friend who lived around /RD-ADDRESS-2/,696.9010 
445 697.3412but by this time I did get pregnant.699.0860 
447 700.4158Um, who was I living with when I was pregnant? <laugh>702.9290 
448DCB_se1_ag2_f_04703.2371Girl you got a lot of [living situations.]705.0590
449DCB_se2_ag2_f_01704.0547[Wasn't it /RD-NAME-2/?]705.0590
451DCB_se2_ag2_f_01705.6635Was it /RD-NAME-2/?706.4198
452DCB_se1_ag2_f_02708.2167I don't know who I was living with when I got pregnant, it could have been /RD-NAME-2/.710.8896
454 712.2558I don't know, it was between, /when I was pregnant/, could have been with /RD-NAME-2/ but then it could have been my aunt /RD-NAME-3/.716.1076 
456 716.5590But I think both, but when I finally had him,718.7735 
458 719.1562I was w- living with my aunt /RD-NAME-3/.721.0971 
460 721.5573But it was like, I would sleep on the couch, my baby sleep on the couch, and was like this not gonna work, so I went back with /RD-NAME-2/.726.4764 
462 727.0931So I was still in school, so I finally had my son, graduated from high school,730.2764 
464 731.2722and then731.8709 
466 732.2967yeah.732.7169 
469 733.8374do me a favor, move your mic to the middle [of your shirt. No because] you talk with your hands,737.5804 
470DCB_se1_ag2_f_02735.3353[Oh. <laugh>]736.4599
471 737.5964[Uh-huh.]738.1364
472DCB_int_01737.7124[that's fine], I just don't want you to- I don't want it to [hit you.]740.0586
474DCB_int_01740.4017Um, okay so you had your son,742.1917
476 742.5159and then743.1802 
478 743.5444um, when- at what [point did you-]745.0410 
479DCB_se1_ag2_f_02744.5088[When I was going] to UDC too, once I had had him [then I /lived/ with my] aunt. Mm-hm.748.1317
480DCB_int_01746.9432[Okay you-]747.5554
482 748.1077Okay so then749.0041 
483 749.1282fr- how did you-750.0455
485 750.1606kind of from high school did you go straight to UDC?752.1576 
488DCB_se1_ag2_f_02753.3714So I went straight to UDC but I stopped after the second semester.757.9380
490 759.2073Um,759.9796 
492 760.4839<ts>760.6239 
494 761.3243um, my sister called me one day and was like,764.0055 
496 764.3176oh these people have a apartment listing opening up you should go try it out, and it was like, okay.768.5088 
498 768.8650So me and my friend /RD-NAME-2/ the girl that I was living with, we went to go put our name on the list.772.6840 
500 773.6284They end up calling me a week la- it was a quarter income,775.7643 
502 776.0695ended up calling me a week later and I got the apartment, um,778.9001 
504 779.3883I still wasn't working at this time,781.1011 
506 781.7414so it was just me and my son, I don't know what I was doing though.784.3017 
508 786.5968I don't know, but I ended up getting a job at Giant.788.6685 
510 789.7195So I was working at Giant, at this time my rent was only like twenty dollars. <laugh>793.9747 
511DCB_se1_ag2_f_04794.1068Ooh, [/inaudible/]795.2681
513 795.8556Like twenty dollars, um,797.5701
515 798.2487this when I was798.7769 
517 798.8970getting food stamps, /??/, everything, like I was getting all the benefits, WIC,803.5442 
519 803.9485everything you name, I was805.2131 
521 805.3412getting every, all the benefits, but806.9579 
523 807.4074I didn't- I [know n- ]808.2077 
525DCB_se1_ag2_f_02808.4158[no, then] sum- you know about summer jobs, the summer youth employment [program?]811.5754
527DCB_se1_ag2_f_02812.1988That came around813.2833
529 813.7875and I quit my- I quit my real job and I said okay I'm'a just see how this works because this is in a government building.819.7670 
531 820.1237This is a government position, I'm'a see how this work, everybody was like, No you're dumb, you're stupid, why would you quit your real job?824.8579 
533 825.1232So this was a summer job that's gonna be over by the end of the summer.827.6619 
535 828.5248And I was like, you know,829.2972 
537 829.7414if- if it's-830.6578 
539 831.2393I put in a two weeks notice and my boss told me if you need to come back, you can come back, you're /?/ what you supposed to do.836.5537 
541 836.8631So I tried the job out and it did end,839.3683 
543 839.9045but they ended up calling me back and they was like, okay you did so well want- we want you to come on by, and so I ended up getting a full time position846.0604 
545 846.6809at /RD-WORK-6/ so that worked out.848.7751 
547 849.3633Then my rent was no longer twenty dollars, <laugh> my rent- <laugh>853.7894 
549DCB_int_01852.4728[/It sure wasn't/.]853.4612
550 853.9094Amen.854.4497
551DCB_se1_ag2_f_02854.4749my rent-854.9003
553 855.0312I'm sorry. My rent was no longer twenty dollars,857.4660 
555 857.9966they cut me off of food stamps [um,]860.4303 
556DCB_se1_ag2_f_04860.1708[You got] the real life bills.861.5754
557DCB_se1_ag2_f_02861.6075Yeah <laugh> um,863.4163
559 864.0806n-864.2847 
561 864.4808I- the only thing they allowed me to continue was Medicaid.867.7235 
563DCB_se1_ag2_f_02868.6039Yeah, and then two years later,870.7999
565 871.2211no.871.6331 
567 871.8134Hold on,872.2881 
569 872.6218so after my oldest son was born I got pregnant again.875.0161 
571 875.8125I had abortion with876.5688 
573 876.7489the second baby.877.7094 
575 878.2416Then-878.9656 
577 879.1392no no no no. [<laugh>]882.1847 
578DCB_int_01881.5564[Okay, rewind.] We [going back.]883.0771
579DCB_se1_ag2_f_02882.5568[Yeah rewind.]883.2772
580 883.5613Okay.884.2213
582 884.4109Before my son was born I got pregnant.886.9481 
584DCB_se1_ag2_f_02887.4243I didn't have that baby.888.4363
586 888.6209All this with the same man, I was with one- with this man for four-890.9889 
588 891.4154four almost five years.892.7280 
590DCB_se1_ag2_f_02893.4483So I was with him, got pregnant.895.7534
592 896.2656Hold on, I met him in August,898.0116 
594 898.4198I got pregnant [by him in December,]900.3012 
596DCB_se1_ag2_f_02901.7414I- I aborted that baby in December. I got-904.6760
597DCB_se2_ag2_f_01904.2237[Who was that?]904.8851
599DCB_se2_ag2_f_01905.7404Who was that?906.3551
600DCB_se1_ag2_f_02906.6289This was /RD-NAME-2/.907.5702
604 909.8436[<laugh>]910.4889 
605DCB_se1_ag2_f_04910.0757[She know] her baby father [is girl.]912.0597
607 912.5368I aborted that baby in December,914.5848
609 914.9392Then I got pregnant again in Jan- the very the next month917.2816 
611DCB_se1_ag2_f_02918.0806with my oldest son.919.3593
612 919.6133I had him in October,921.4217
614 922.3878before my six weeks is up I was pregnant again <laugh>925.7807 
616DCB_se2_ag2_f_01926.8031/inaudible/ no judgement.928.4599
618DCB_se2_ag2_f_01929.6524Oh, she don't wanna hear my [/inaudible/]931.9135
619DCB_se1_ag2_f_02930.9450[I got pregnant again.]932.3490
620 932.9139I did not have that baby,934.4118
622 934.9121and then I preg- got pregnant with my second son,937.4452 
624 938.0975<ts>938.2056 
626 938.3136and939.0032 
628 939.2753I didn't wanna keep him but it- m- God was telling me like, if you have abortion,943.6013 
630 943.9655I'm gonna kill you.945.0588 
632 945.1472[You know what I'm saying like, <laugh> like,]948.3767 
634DCB_se1_ag2_f_04948.6769Did God physically say that?950.1416
635DCB_se1_ag2_f_02950.1896Like I-950.8819
636DCB_se1_ag2_f_04950.9392You [felt that?]951.5554
638DCB_se1_ag2_f_02951.5194[I] felt it like, I- that- that's another thing like, my mom has always like955.2571
639 955.4132brought us up in church /and though-/ and although we not li- her children aren't the most like959.3963
641 959.8205religious people in the world it's just like, those things will never leave you.963.1633 
643DCB_se1_ag2_f_02963.4994You know, so,964.6287
645 964.9601it's just like,965.7668 
647 966.1446I did it once, God didn't do anything.968.4538 
649 968.6630I did it a second time, I'm like, he was like, you playing with me now like,972.1322 
651 972.7009you get this again something's gonna happen to you, so I was just like, okay /God just did it./976.6079 
653 976.9161Then I ended up getting a birth control after my second son979.1906 
655 979.4532I was on that for five years.980.8539 
657 981.2553I was off my birth control for a week and then I got pregnant again.983.7605 
663 987.9316Okay, [you're fertile.]989.1596
665DCB_se1_ag2_f_02989.5404Very. <laugh>990.5017
667 991.3732Um,992.0855 
669 993.3714so I think I was out of college for about996.8610 
671 997.1811four years,998.1304 
673DCB_se1_ag2_f_02998.2909[cause that's] how long it took you to get-999.4554
674 999.6435you was in school for four years?1000.7280
676 1001.1242I was out of college for four years, so as- as I was working at the job that I am now,1004.4937 
678 1004.9792this lady came to me and was like, have you ever considered1007.6362 
680 1007.9285like going to school, you know, going to get your bachelors, and I was like, no.1011.3217 
682 1011.6195And she was like, why? I was like, cause I believe- like, I'm a very hard worker, so I believe, like,1015.5555 
684 1015.7734if I do good at my job,1017.1881 
686 1017.4154I'm- I'm'a continue to get promoted and promoted and promoted and promoted, and she was like, honey,1021.7832 
688 1022.1828it doesn't work like that. Or whatever like, you have to1025.1002 
690 1025.4363have the education as well as the experience. So I was like, okay I guess I'll try it out.1028.7458 
692 1028.9952I didn't know who was gonna watch my kids while I was in school, I didn't know how I was gonna make it work but1033.4092 
694 1034.0347faith in God, was like just do it, step out on faith and you never know.1037.5080 
696 1038.9130And, um,1039.6730 
697DCB_int_011040.6898It's okay, it's my mom. She- we can-1042.3398
699DCB_int_011042.5319[we can talk to her] later.1043.6924
700DCB_se1_ag2_f_021044.1206So I enrolled in school, I didn't know who was gonna watch my kids but it was just like,1047.5074
702 1047.7635people were coming out of anywh- everywhere like, oh I'll watch 'em1050.6369 
704 1050.8443fo- f- for this day, and I'll watch 'em for that day.1053.3377 
706 1053.5074So it all worked out and I'm1054.7080 
708 1054.8760graduating next year.1055.8040 
710 1056.0446So.1056.2939 
711DCB_int_011056.2607Well [congratulations, what's your degree] in?1058.4954
712DCB_se1_ag2_f_021057.1011[Yes, thank you-]1058.0464
713 1058.6378Um,1059.1793
715 1059.3954business administration with human resource management, this is not what I wanna do with my life, though.1063.4714 
717DCB_se1_ag2_f_021064.9792[So], it was just one of those things, I just needed to get in school just-1067.7004
718 1068.2727just needed to go get a bachelors.1069.3260
720 1069.6733Now I think I wanna be interior decorator but it's just like that's my plan B like,1073.7777 
722 1073.9966/although-/1074.4219 
724 1074.5808n- no one can take my education away from me so I was just like,1077.0782 
726 1077.4914okay I'm'a just go get a degree in something, bam.1079.9726 
728 1080.3882/And, that's it/.1081.2463 
729DCB_int_011081.5533But that's a smart- I'm'a tell you why that's really smart. Human resources is always a necessary field right, [you can have no] company1088.1696
730DCB_se2_ag2_f_011086.6249[Yes it is.]1087.5795
732DCB_int_011088.3709and you don't have an HR department.1090.1874
734DCB_int_011090.6439So th-1091.3323
736 1091.4683if nothing else, that's a great1093.4923 
738 1093.9135backup [plan, because it's- it's-]1095.4474 
740DCB_se1_ag2_f_041094.7991[Everybody] needs [somebody in HR. They] always need [somebody in HR.]1098.9656
741DCB_int_011095.8396[everybody needs HR.]1096.9822
743DCB_int_011098.2567[So], that's a great backup plan.1100.4954
744DCB_se1_ag2_f_021100.6870No that was- yeah, that was one of the reasons why I didn't take school seriously at first because it's like1105.9404
746 1106.3096I didn't wanna go to school for four years and1108.4799 
748 1108.6359it's not something that I really wanted to do, so it was just like, until I found out what I really wanted to do then /now I'm not going to/ school, so.1114.3118 
749DCB_int_011116.0246So how was college?1117.2819
752 1119.9636it's-1120.4530 
754 1120.6800I've been in school since two-thousand twelve, and I've never taken a break like,1124.9739 
756 1125.1232going on every semester.1126.7338 
758 1127.1562Um,1127.7364 
760 1128.8249it- in the beginning str- it was stressful but it's like /now/ a part of me like,1132.9404 
762 1133.3643like I'm not going to school this summer and I feel like a loser like, why am I n- <laugh>1137.8756 
764 1138.4038I don't know what I'm gonna do with myself.1140.1366 
766 1140.4968And then I was talking to my sister, my sister said, no maybe you- maybe you needed this break. But only reason I'm not going to school this summer because they had no classes that I need.1148.1536 
768DCB_se1_ag2_f_021148.5870[So they're] like, you know we have no classes for you this summer, that's the only thing you can do is sit out until fall semester.1153.7163
769 1154.0695So it's like, I won't be working this summer, I won't be in school, and it's just like, I haven't done that in so long like, what am I gonna be doing?1159.9135
770DCB_int_011160.0735Hanging out with the boys.1161.3353
771DCB_se1_ag2_f_041161.6635And having a baby.1162.6928
772DCB_se1_ag2_f_021162.6800I'm just one of those constructive people like I have to be doing something.1165.9680
773 1166.1736I have to be doing something, like, so.1168.2362
774DCB_int_011168.5279When is the baby due?1169.4239
775DCB_se1_ag2_f_021169.5964In July.1170.2007
776DCB_int_011170.5528<gasps> July what?1171.3808
779 1173.1032[<laugh>]1174.0076 
780DCB_int_011173.2313[My birthday's in July.]1174.2806
781DCB_se1_ag2_f_021174.2758[Oh yeah?]1174.8744
782DCB_int_011174.4118[If you could just wait] a couple [weeks /??/]1175.7565
783DCB_se1_ag2_f_021175.2762[When your birthday at?]1176.0522
784DCB_int_011176.2807Honey I understand that, you wanna give birth [as soon as possible.]1178.8767
786DCB_int_011179.0232Um, July twenty seventh.1180.2165
787DCB_se1_ag2_f_021180.4719What s- what sign is that?1181.5123
789DCB_se1_ag2_f_021182.5008Le- oh.1183.2968
792 1184.8751ooh.1185.1698 
793DCB_se1_ag2_f_021185.0512Here we go. She ain't- she ain't /RD-NAME-1/'s yet?1186.8805
794DCB_se1_ag2_f_041185.7955[/inaudible/ birthday?]1188.2276
797DCB_se2_ag2_f_011188.3127I'm trying to get her to do it but /Jessie/ can't do hers until six, so I- I don't know if she wanted to be [by five.]1192.8244
800DCB_se2_ag2_f_011192.9921Now that'd be a interesting interview.1194.7334
801DCB_int_011195.0210[So um,]1196.5778
803DCB_int_011196.7791[okay] so let's talk about then1198.8791
804 1199.2722talk about-1199.8682
806 1200.7289so okay, I know you're getting- you're- you're engaged now, so tell me a little about your fiance.1205.1562 
807DCB_se1_ag2_f_021205.8645So I was dating this guy,1208.7819
809 1209.6167for seven months1211.5674 
811 1213.2652in two thousand fourteen.1215.0860 
813 1215.7075And he was like very like verbally abusive like, he would be like, oh you're not pretty, you're this, that,1221.3553 
815 1221.7755and all that so,1223.1809 
817 1223.6684I just knew that relationship wasn't work but it was just like one of those convenient things, okay, he's here for my rent,1227.8116 
819 1228.1237just gonna enjoy it1229.2384 
821 1229.4323and then go from there.1230.3723 
823 1231.0731We had all had a falling out.1232.6704 
825 1233.9396Um, after /RD-NAME-2/ passed away.1235.8071 
827 1236.0806Um, I don't know what the falling out was for but1238.5950 
829 1238.7471we decided to go out to the bar1240.5159 
831 1240.7320on H Street1241.5493 
833 1241.9045at Kong's so it was me /RD-NAME-3/,1243.9175 
835 1244.3296/RD-NAME-2/-1245.0947 
837 1245.8396that was it, right?1246.4849 
839 1246.6920And /RD-NAME-3/.1247.2480 
841 1247.9926And so I kept feeling this boy like, look at him he's- <laugh>1252.6037 
842DCB_se1_ag2_f_041252.1077[And I moved my seat so y'all could see him.]1254.5904
845 1256.5090<laugh>1257.3156
846 1257.8016So we- /RD-NAME-2/ the one you gonna meet,1260.1955
848 1260.4600she's like-1261.2724 
850 1261.4164she was like, kirking off, I don't even know what she was kirking off on,1264.4579 
852 1264.6700the bartender was really nice, he was paying for the shots, it was just wonderful.1268.0447 
854 1268.5730So I see the guy walk in,1270.2183 
856 1270.6139like, oh he's cute. So- but once he sit down I'm like, I see him out of my corner of my eye.1275.1132 
858 1275.8376<ts> And so I don't know if he aks us what we drinking or did we aks him what he drinking,1279.3302 
860 1280.1168but it was like,1280.7371 
862 1280.9412and he was like, all I drink is Patron, and I was like, okay well,1283.9145 
864 1284.3920we- you know, let us get a shot of Patron.1286.5210 
866 1286.6850You know- yeah, so.1287.9130 
868 1288.8260I don't- and then he was there with his sister and I think his sister was like, my brother like-1292.8771 
870 1293.0132something happened. [Basically-]1294.5292 
871DCB_se1_ag2_f_041294.0096[I moved] seats so y'all two could sit [/inaudible/]1296.5515
872DCB_se1_ag2_f_021295.8437[No I got up] honey.1297.1637
873DCB_se1_ag2_f_041297.3604Well yeah you got up [/inaudible/]1298.8371
876DCB_se1_ag2_f_041299.2373[Cause] I was sitting beside him so I- him and his sister, so I end up moving-1303.8325
877 1304.0808you know, I moved to the /?/1305.4447
878DCB_se1_ag2_f_021305.5534I don't know how it happened but [basically]1307.4860
880DCB_se1_ag2_f_021307.8197I got up, and I went down there with him and his sister and so we was just talking, I did tell him I had a boyfriend.1312.9741
882 1313.2382/RD-NAME-3/ made sure that he knew that I had a boyfriend,1316.1728 
884 1316.6690she just kept saying, but you got a boyfriend like, why are you over talking to him? Like- [<laugh>]1322.0327 
886DCB_se1_ag2_f_021322.4889But I knew that I was not happy and I knew that1325.1634
888 1325.3955me and my boyfriend1326.2959 
890 1326.7401at the time was not gonna be a permanent thing, wasn't gonna be a long term thing so it was like, let me do me. Like,1331.4663 
892 1332.0598you know, and so me and him started talking-1334.3302 
894 1334.8531No no no no, we didn't start talking right then and there.1336.9621 
896 1337.3983We didn't start talking right then and there.1338.8583 
897DCB_se1_ag2_f_041339.0163Y'all started drinking.1339.8042
898DCB_se1_ag2_f_021340.1488[<laugh> Yeah we was drinking] we was talking and all this other stuff. So we all left.1343.7821
899DCB_se1_ag2_f_041340.1968[And /inaudible/]1341.1568
900DCB_se1_ag2_f_021345.0003We left and went to this-1346.2327
902 1346.6810this little fake party looking thing across the street.1349.9210 
904 1350.9722<laugh>1352.2008 
906 1352.6050So guess who was in the party. <laugh>1355.4195 
908DCB_se1_ag2_f_021356.3880And so this song was like, you make me wanna leave the one I'm with, [start a new- <laugh>]1362.6393
909DCB_se1_ag2_f_041359.4894[<laugh> I remember that.]1363.7350
910DCB_se2_ag2_f_011363.8086I do too.1364.7180
911DCB_se1_ag2_f_041364.5970[Start a new relationship.]1366.5779
912DCB_se1_ag2_f_021364.7020[Start a new relationship with you.]1367.3062
914DCB_se1_ag2_f_021367.5156So they go, /RD-NAME-3/ that's a sign.1369.3796
918DCB_se1_ag2_f_021374.7962Everything- (laughing)1375.5365
919DCB_se1_ag2_f_041376.0087[Everything's a sign.]1377.2687
920DCB_se1_ag2_f_021376.0247[everything's a sign] for her. <laugh>1377.9701
921 1378.4819So we're like, grooving and dancing,1380.9762
923 1381.4965and stuff like that.1382.7602 
925 1383.0532/RD-NAME-3/ talking to one of his cousins, we're just dancing,1386.3422 
927 1386.5320and then you know we just-1387.6446 
928DCB_se1_ag2_f_041387.7046She [crazy.]1388.3969
929DCB_se1_ag2_f_021388.1768[we] exchanged numbers and stuff like that.1390.2603
930 1390.5179But it was like I- it felt weird that day because its like, okay I'll be right back- I don't know where I went but once I came back he was down there talking to another girl.1397.2222
932 1397.9318I was looking at him like, what is this?1399.6821 
934 1400.3329So but1400.9782 
936 1401.1493he called me later on that day, he was like, no my sister- basically his sister had him out1405.4883 
938 1405.7486because she felt like he needed to talk to girls.1408.2698 
940 1408.6059Because he had broken up with some girl1410.9122 
942 1411.1883a while ago, so he just was messing with just1413.2030 
944 1414.2338I guess girls that he- she didn't think that he should be with.1416.9475 
946 1417.2444So she was like, I'm'a take you out and I'm'a hook you up with some girls, so [I was like, that's-]1420.8056 
947DCB_se2_ag2_f_011419.9736[/That's dope/.]1420.7283
948DCB_se1_ag2_f_021420.9661I was number one,1422.1261
950 1422.9042the girl in the club was number two,1424.3809 
952DCB_se1_ag2_f_021424.6370[and then I don't know who else- <laugh>]1426.1577
953 1426.5019[whoever else he met that night.]1427.7917
955DCB_se1_ag2_f_021428.5841So, um,1429.6161
957 1429.8286that was that. Our relationship moved really really really really really really fast though.1433.3983 
959 1433.8237Um, so,1434.7882 
961 1435.4845I met him in November,1437.2093 
963 1438.2698um, he started catching feelings, he was like, well /look, you gotta-/1441.4885 
965 1441.9927I thought I could play the dude on the side,1443.8656 
967 1444.0577DC does that a lot, you know side chicks, side dudes.1446.9963 
969 1447.2844He was like, <laugh>1448.3249 
971 1448.8291I thought I could be the, uh, side dude but I can't, you know, I got feelings for you, like so whatchu gonna do?1453.7342 
973 1454.4769I was like,1455.1889 
975 1455.8496well I'm'a work it out with my boyfriend because I don't really know you, like, so I sent him this real1460.3169 
977 1460.6010long text message and I was like you know, I'm sorry for [leading you on,]1463.9838 
978DCB_se1_ag2_f_041463.2314[/Exit/ message.]1464.1861
979DCB_se1_ag2_f_021464.6361<laugh> I'm sorry for leading you on, and all this other stuff.1467.6100
981 1468.1097Um, because during this time we would go on like, multiple dates1471.0163 
983 1471.2284within one week.1472.3278 
985 1472.7451But it was just like, I'm cheating, like- Oh don't- I- I didn't-1476.0449 
987 1476.9883cheating ain't my thing, but I felt like that was- that was just-1480.1094 
989 1481.8837me and him was just not right for each other so /I'm just like, oh-/ oh I'm just gonna cheat, I don't care like, you know, so.1487.3077 
991 1487.7877So I was just like, you know, I can't do this no more, so he- he- basically he went off.1492.1917 
993 1492.6592No no no, I w- I talked to my friends I was like, who do y'all think I should let go?1496.0876 
995 1496.6433And so /RD-NAME-3/ was like,1497.8607 
997 1498.0413one day she'll be on team /RD-NAME-2/ side, and one day she'll be on team /RD-NAME-2/ side. <laugh>1502.4234 
999 1502.6986/RD-NAME-3/ one day she be-1504.0426 
1001 1504.3170Like I was like, I couldn't even go to my friends and ask them for advice like, who should I talk to? So I was just like, well I'm'a just try to make it work with him.1508.9619 
1003 1509.3987So he- and I was like, if me and /RD-NAME-2/ don't work out, I'm'a knock on /RD-NAME-2/'s door,1513.4165 
1006DCB_int_011515.9935That's that backup plan.1517.1495
1007DCB_se1_ag2_f_021517.1050Yeah I was like, [I'm not gon- <laugh>]1519.0801
1008DCB_se1_ag2_f_041517.6608[That's that side- that side-]1519.1408
1009DCB_se1_ag2_f_021519.6284And I'm'a just see what he say.1521.0964
1011 1521.4281But he didn't take my farewell text message1524.0228 
1013 1524.3758as- like I thought he would because I'm thinking,1526.4572 
1015 1526.6825I just met you in November it's December like,1528.2258 
1017 1528.5863m- b- dudes don't catch feelings like that, like why you so mad?1531.2326 
1019 1531.7266So he didn't take it good, and I didn't- and then1534.0359 
1021 1534.1260we stopped talking for about a couple of days but I like- I missed him like terribly like,1538.0173 
1023 1538.4153I was like, oh my god, like, no more dates?1540.5593 
1027DCB_se1_ag2_f_021543.9813No more like, falling asleep on the phone,1546.1401
1029 1546.4521/And then the fact-/ and then I wanted to know people like,1548.1913 
1031 1548.5523how did I even have this much time to date you1551.2897 
1033 1551.5413and talk to you this much and I had a full-1553.2836 
1035 1553.6264a full boyfriend like how did I have this much time like, w- where are you?1557.1185 
1037DCB_se1_ag2_f_021557.9221But that wasn't a /??/1558.9594
1039 1559.6693So,1560.2506 
1041 1560.7733I- I was like, I'm just gonna make it work with /RD-NAME-2/.1562.8866 
1043 1563.5369My car got a boot on it.1565.1873 
1045 1565.7685Or whatever so,1567.2961 
1047 1567.7624um, I called my boyfriend at the time,1570.1356 
1049 1570.7413I was like, uh, my car has a boot on it,1573.0018 
1051 1573.2120and it wasn't like a thing I was aksing for money, to help me or anything, he was like- and but he know I has two sons,1577.8844 
1053 1578.1810and use- I use my car for everything. He was like, dang, you know,1581.0273 
1055 1581.8834that's so sad to hear that, or something, he was like- basically that's what he said.1584.9541 
1057 1585.3504So /RD-NAME-2/ ended up texting me and was like, um,1588.3664 
1059 1588.4494how your morning going? I was like, It's going horribly, he was like, why?1591.1155 
1061 1591.4159I was like, I w- walked outside and had a boot on my car.1593.6999 
1063 1594.2896He was like, alright, well meet me at the station,1596.4167 
1065 1597.0495or whatever, and I'm'a give you money to get the boot off your car. I'm like, I just met this dude like, a couple of weeks ago, and it's like,1602.2537 
1067 1602.8408he's willing to help me and my own boyfriend's not willing to help me, like,1606.0756 
1069 1606.4692it's time for me to- So after that I was like, yeah /RD-NAME-2/ we- we're- we're just not gonna work anymore.1610.5633 
1071 1611.1491So- <laugh>1612.6285 
1073 1612.9402so I ended up going to team /RD-NAME-2/.1614.6349 
1075DCB_se1_ag2_f_021618.0969[/RD-NAME-2/] and /RD-NAME-2/ is two different type of men though, okay?1620.7449
1076 1621.4250/RD-NAME-2/ was the1622.6491
1078 1623.3288on the right path type of guy like,1625.7019 
1080 1626.4566<laugh>1627.9255 
1082 1628.8648he had a nice little job and,1631.0468 
1084 1631.5195you know, he come from a nice little family.1634.1067 
1086 1634.6636He was like different from any other guy I ever talked to and like, and that- I think that was the reason I tried him out but he wasn't-1639.6387 
1088 1641.6565<sigh> he wasn't- it- we was like oil and vinegar we just didn't [mix, it was just] like,1645.3150 
1089DCB_int_011644.0157[Mix, mm-hm.]1644.8931
1090 1645.4013Yup.1645.6760
1091DCB_se1_ag2_f_021645.8669[We- we too] from-1647.1624
1092DCB_int_011645.8932[I know that feeling.]1646.7892
1093DCB_se1_ag2_f_021647.7557d- [it just] didn't work.1649.6837
1095DCB_se1_ag2_f_021649.9685And so <laugh> /RD-NAME-2/ was just like,1653.1265
1097 1653.4944the hood boy. /You know, so-/ [<laugh>]1657.7162 
1099 1657.9865I understand.1658.7338
1100DCB_se1_ag2_f_021658.7713So- [<laugh>]1660.6353
1102DCB_se1_ag2_f_041659.9666[You better] be street [if you looking at me, hey. (singing)]1663.4512
1105 1662.1933[So- <laugh>]1662.9893 
1107 1663.3798But it was like,1664.2885 
1108 1664.3899/RD-NAME-2/ was like that protector as well like, he's like,1667.1280
1110 1667.3425if I was around him, you're not about to talk no trash about me, you're not about to- you're gonna respect me, and it was like one of those thing, and /RD-NAME-2/ didn't make me feel protected.1674.3552 
1112 1674.6546Like-1675.1519 
1114 1675.2178so it was just like, both of them was giving me different feelings cause like,1677.9018 
1116 1679.0152I- I felt wanted and I made him happy and he showed it he was,1683.0143 
1118 1683.3797he told me how he felt and /RD-NAME-2/ didn't like,1685.9443 
1120 1686.3949it- it was just two different things. But my sister was like, you know,1689.7706 
1122 1690.0083s- even before she met /RD-NAME-2/ she was like, come on,1692.8270 
1124 1693.0048he a street dude,1693.8435 
1126 1694.3427I was like-1695.1613 
1128 1696.1489She was like, yeah he is street dude, <laugh> she was like, that's why you like- I was like, no that's not why I like him.1700.1855 
1130 1700.5058But then after a while, like my family wanted me to stay with /RD-NAME-2/ because1703.8402 
1132 1704.1894the type of guy he was but they didn't know like, how he was.1706.7477 
1134 1706.8941E- every guy shows to be a nice person1708.8993 
1136 1709.1546while they around your family but behind closed doors that's1711.6680 
1138 1711.8932not how they treat you. So everybody was like,1713.5529 
1140 1713.8044team /RD-NAME-2/, team /RD-NAME-2/ but1715.2804 
1142 1715.7157eventually everybody is now team /RD-NAME-2/.1717.9811 
1144 1718.7246And so,1719.2465 
1146 1719.4305[then-]1719.8809 
1147DCB_int_011719.4418[Are y'all team] /RD-NAME-2/?1720.3605
1148DCB_se1_ag2_f_021721.2817Are you team /RD-NAME-2/? <laugh>1722.6864
1149DCB_se1_ag2_f_041722.7999Even when they crazy.1724.0845
1152DCB_se1_ag2_f_021725.6537[And] so me and him have been dating1728.4169
1153 1729.2221for-1730.2780
1155 1731.8393two thousand fourteen of November and then he propo- no- Oh lord.1735.8845 
1157 1736.3126Two-thousand fourteen November we moved in with each other that April.1739.3299 
1159 1740.2264Um,1741.0863 
1161 1741.2778and then he proposed to me1743.4219 
1163 1743.7448this January.1744.8368 
1165 1745.6685And I-1746.0778 
1167 1746.5735I got pregnant by him last October.1748.3120 
1169 1749.3334So everything just kind of like-1750.5774 
1170DCB_int_011750.7088Mm-hm, when are you gonna get married?1752.0541
1172 1754.2611Mkay, take some [time.]1755.3571 
1173DCB_se1_ag2_f_021755.0796[S- no], it shouldn't take no time.1757.1423
1174 1757.4464So when I asked him when we're getting married it's one of those things like,1761.2917
1176 1761.7721right now1762.9308 
1178 1763.2528we need to focus on the baby then after the baby, focus on1766.6165 
1180 1767.7824it's the wedding and then it's just like,1769.7416 
1182 1770.5010I- I just feel like, you shouldn't have proposed to me if you wasn't ready to do this, like at least give me a date.1775.0870 
1184 1775.4512That's the question everyone asks, so when's the date?1777.4259 
1186 1779.2299And it just makes me look dumb, <laugh> that's- /and I just feel like- it just meant like,/ give me something like, a round about or something.1784.3404 
1188 1784.5769It doesn't have to be the exact day but maybe you could /saying/ it's1786.8036 
1190 1787.2216December, next July, or something like just give me a round about and it's not that so,1791.1993 
1192 1791.8526that's why the ring is no longer on my finger.1793.6513 
1193DCB_se2_ag2_f_011793.6137God, this girl's annoying.1795.2097
1194DCB_se1_ag2_f_021795.4398<laugh> Because it's like,1796.8544
1196 1797.1445at the end of the day you're not about to-1798.6202 
1198 1799.3187When a man sees that, or anyone sees that, that means you're- you're- you're- you're off- you're off limits, you know what I'm saying? And I feel like that was his way like, keeping me on a leash, like,1807.3138 
1200 1807.6532and you can't go nowhere you're pregnant, got my baby, and all this. And it's just like, you're not ready to make that real commitment yet.1812.1555 
1202 1812.3883So it was just like,1813.0353 
1204 1813.2681until you're ready to make that real commitment then,1815.2875 
1206 1815.5999yeah.1815.9754 
1208 1817.2709Mm-mm.1817.8416 
1209DCB_se1_ag2_f_041817.8567/One/ [relationship's] a lot of work.1819.8926
1211 1819.9118It is a lot of work.1820.7566
1212DCB_se1_ag2_f_021820.7379It [is.]1821.2792
1214DCB_int_011821.2260[It is a lot] so how did you- okay so let's talk about a different type of relationship [right, so]1824.8719
1216DCB_int_011825.0835you're best friends, how did y'all1826.4009
1218 1827.5130get1827.8716 
1220 1828.0762together? I know-1829.0176 
1222 1829.5069she told me kind of her side and I know /RD-NAME-3/ told me about- [from your-]1833.2292 
1223DCB_se1_ag2_f_021832.7073[How each-/1833.3366
1224DCB_int_011833.4921how you become friends with them.1835.3519
1225DCB_se1_ag2_f_021835.3820Okay, um, /RD-NAME-3/ and I started going to /RD-SCHOOL-2/ together1838.6500
1227DCB_se1_ag2_f_021838.8966[in] the seventh grade.1840.0355
1228 1840.5800And we kind of like kicked it from there but our, um, relationship always had like-1844.1409
1230 1844.4514she's always been my best friend1845.7517 
1232 1846.4314but our relationship always had those1848.3239 
1234 1849.4128breaks and gaps in between like I don't- the falling out never be that serious but1853.9387 
1236 1854.7214the length that- [that we go not talking to each other you would] think it would be like that serious [but-]1859.3887 
1239DCB_se1_ag2_f_041859.1534[Fall] out in two [point five seconds, not talk two point] five years.1863.0579
1240DCB_se1_ag2_f_021860.1222[It's never like- it's never that deep like-]1862.3763
1242 1863.0297like we're- we're never fought each other, we never like-1865.8534 
1243 1866.0374So it's just like1866.9348
1245 1867.1538we just be1867.9160 
1247 1868.1789not tal- and it don't- it don't even be beefing.1870.2762 
1249 1870.5633Cause it's like I- I wouldn't talk bad about her and never- n- never heard her like, say she was talking bad about me, it's just like we're not talking anymore, so.1876.8991 
1251 1877.5374And then,1878.5441 
1253 1879.1382/RD-NAME-3/ and I, my kids'-1881.2034 
1255 1881.6841my son's father1883.3361 
1257 1883.7279and her1884.6404 
1259 1885.1886kids' father were friends.1886.7579 
1261 1887.2351And so1887.9751 
1263 1888.1776they'll come around with their girlfriend, he'll come around with his girlfriend and we just1891.6521 
1265 1892.0426intertwine.1892.8452 
1267 1893.2517And yeah.1894.0597 
1269 1894.7886And /RD-NAME-2/,1895.9189 
1271 1896.2380I met her through /RD-NAME-3/ and /RD-NAME-2/ and I met her through /RD-NAME-3/, through the mentoring.1899.5386 
1273 1900.2558No I been-1900.9291 
1275 1901.0042I been met1901.5776 
1277 1901.7853/RD-NAME-2/ like, long time ago.1903.6402 
1279 1903.7416But we- me and her never like1905.2511 
1281 1905.5402got close a long time ago /until/ recently then we started1908.5566 
1283 1908.8345getting close.1909.3677 
1284DCB_int_011909.6456So tell me a little bit about the mentoring program.1911.7429
1287 1914.1076me and /RD-NAME-3/- okay, my mom had a mentoring prog-1916.4357 
1289 1916.5409mentoring program before she got real sick,1918.4082 
1291 1918.8438but she would do it at her house and it was named, Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman.1921.9717 
1293 1922.5237Um, so it ended1923.7184 
1295 1923.9630because she couldn't no longer do it, and so /RD-NAME-3/ was like,1926.9444 
1297 1927.4626why don't we- why don't we start it back up? And I was like, sure, y- you know, she was president, I was the vice president.1931.9487 
1299 1932.3790But I think her and my mom had a falling out,1934.8346 
1301 1935.4855cause it was like, /RD-NAME-3/ wanted to do something, my mom was like, no,1938.6059 
1303 1938.9514we can't do that because-1940.3719 
1305 1940.5709I don't know why they couldn't do it but she was just like, no, so /RD-NAME-3/ was like, I'm just gonna start my own.1944.2176 
1307 1944.6038So it was like, okay.1945.5737 
1309 1945.7877I guess I'll just go along with you then, like,1948.3486 
1311 1948.7466help you do you. And b- it wasn't like no shade to my mom or nothing.1952.0071 
1313 1952.2399But it's just like, I still wanted to be a mentor you know, we- we can do /??/ a later time in life, /like/ now.1956.7689 
1315 1957.0587/RD-NAME-3/ wanted to do her own1958.5119 
1317 1958.8611mentoring route, I'm still gonna support. So we ended up /doing/ um,1961.9101 
1319 1962.0829mentoring.1962.7224 
1321 1963.0190I had two young ladies, /RD-NAME-2/ and /RD-NAME-2/.1965.9014 
1323 1966.6200/RD-NAME-2/ was seventeen at the time, and /RD-NAME-2/ was like, thirteen.1969.2510 
1325 1969.9706Like thirteen at the time.1971.3186 
1327 1972.0922<ts>1972.1710 
1329 1972.7793Um, I didn't spend that much time with /RD-NAME-2/ but I spent more time with /RD-NAME-2/.1976.4035 
1331 1977.4854I don't know why cause I thought I would1979.0550 
1333 1979.3491connect more with the seventeen year old but I connected more with the thirteen year old.1982.7173 
1335 1983.1604But then I eventually fell off, like I don't even to talk to her anymore.1986.1859 
1336DCB_int_011986.9691To either of them?1987.6784
1338DCB_int_011988.6663Oh, okay.1989.2383
1339DCB_se1_ag2_f_021989.9179But I- I plan to start back talking to /RD-NAME-2/ though, I need- I need to do better with that.1993.9770
1341 1995.1147It just- I don't know, when life-1996.9716 
1343 1997.2562I'm one of those people when life does hit, like I'm not gonna be sad or none of that but I'm more of a like- I just2001.5675 
1345 2001.6770distance myself from everybody.2003.1639 
1347 2003.7985So.2004.1972 
1349 2005.0640I just have to stop doing that.2006.1454 
1351 2006.8138You won't see me sad or crying all that, I'm just like, hey.2009.5444 
1353 2009.7701You see me now then you won't see me again 'til like six months later.2012.2183 
1355 2013.1657So.2013.4844 
1357 2013.7440[<laugh>]2014.4161 
1358DCB_int_012014.2659[Is] that your- that's the way you cope, you just [kind of-]2016.0991
1359DCB_se1_ag2_f_022015.6816[Yeah], I just- yeah.2017.2882
1360DCB_int_012018.1899So tell me about2019.3513
1362 2019.5766<clears throat> some times with your-2021.3900 
1364 2021.6531your- your little boy, I see the Disney World [picture on] the table.2025.4656 
1366DCB_int_012025.5857How was that experience?2027.0014
1367DCB_se1_ag2_f_022026.9938It was amazing because, um, I've never had those experience as a child like,2031.8952
1368 2032.3571my mom say I went2033.5745
1370 2033.6788to Disney World but it-2035.2334 
1372 2035.9292I don't remember, I don't have pictures of that. So I can't [say like-]2038.7905 
1373DCB_int_012038.1935[Show me the pictures.]2039.1472
1374DCB_se1_ag2_f_022039.3312Yeah I don't- I can't say like I have, so to be able to take my kids there was amazing.2044.6396
1376 2044.8785Also to take him there.2046.1739 
1378 2046.4556Although he-2047.2152 
1380 2047.6095he financed some and I financed some but it's like he had never been anywhere like ever2051.7099 
1382 2051.8350in his life so it was like,2053.1417 
1384 2053.6148oh let's go to Disney. And all three of their birthdays are in October.2056.3209 
1386 2056.8817So it was just like, okay this y'all birthday gift, we're going to go to Disney World, stuff like that. So it was just amazing like to see him, his mom called me and was like,2063.0935 
1388 2063.3650I'm so glad you was able to take him, my kids was like, this is amazing, their first time on a plane.2068.0700 
1390 2068.4268I was like, I wanna give my kids the life, like, I feel- <laugh>2071.6872 
1392 2071.9801I feel great.2072.9299 
1394 2073.4258And so, um,2074.6658 
1396 2075.6649yeah that was-2076.1906 
1398 2076.3333th-2076.5398 
1400 2076.6750I don't know, Disney World was amazing.2078.1699 
1402 2078.2934It was just like,2079.0556 
1404 2080.2208my kids' expectations now is just like,2082.4362 
1406 2083.0145through the roof. Like, I'm like, /oh my god/, I don't make that much money, like, we can't do all that,2088.1187 
1408 2088.2726so.2088.6766 
1410 2089.3841Yeah.2089.8548 
1412 2090.4805Now- now though,2091.8323 
1414 2092.4793although I took a lot of trips with my friends which I- I'm- I'm now ready to take my mom on trips.2097.3045 
1416 2097.6005Cause she ain't really been no where.2099.2125 
1417DCB_int_012099.4693Your [m- so she's] better now?2100.8472
1419 2101.0073<ts> She's better but she's not like2103.1002
1421 2103.6765the mother I remember. She's- she's able to do things on her own but it's like she's not the same.2108.4279 
1423DCB_se1_ag2_f_022109.3203[Yeah] and so it's like2110.7963
1424 2111.2652I really only had a mother up until seventeen.2113.4315
1426 2113.7916That's what I feel like.2114.6276 
1428 2114.9322So.2115.3043 
1431 2117.4173you're getting back to that relationship and- and [just-]2119.8925 
1432DCB_se1_ag2_f_022119.7196[The relationship] never went anywhere but [it's like]2122.1567
1433DCB_int_012121.3483[Oh okay.]2121.8257
1434DCB_se1_ag2_f_022122.6610I can't go to my mother, like I talk to my m- mother but you can't- I can't go to-2126.2238
1436 2126.5360It's-2126.8120 
1438 2126.9922it's hard to explain like I can't go to my mother and be like,2129.6229 
1440 2130.0176ma help me, I- it-2131.6516 
1442 2132.4719I can't- you remember how my mom used to be and it's just- it's just-2135.4578 
1443DCB_se2_ag2_f_012135.8135You like the mother.2136.7921
1444DCB_se1_ag2_f_022136.7921I'm like the mother, like yeah [it's just like] she comes to me more than I can come to her and it's just like, even if I come to her it's just not-2143.2314
1446DCB_se1_ag2_f_022143.4515and although she would love love love love love to help me it's just like she's not in a place where-2147.5300
1448 2147.8535And it's not even just financially it's just anything like,2150.5560 
1450 2150.6840she's not in a place to2151.6645 
1452 2151.8686do that.2152.3859 
1453DCB_int_012152.9451How about you and your siblings, are y'all close?2154.6064
1454DCB_se1_ag2_f_022155.2514Uh, we're getting closer2156.7961
1456 2157.3163now, [yeah.]2158.2248 
1458 2159.4653So what do you like to- to do besides- okay, so I know you like to kind of hang out with your [girls],2166.1712
1460DCB_int_012166.4338um, and that may be your thing, what's- is that your favorite thing to do?2169.8406
1461DCB_se1_ag2_f_022170.6249Not hang out, it was- it's more traveling with them.2173.5378
1463DCB_se1_ag2_f_022174.2799Like I'm not- I mean hanging out is fun but I'm more of like I wanna see new things, I wanna do new things and stuff like that,2179.8181
1464 2180.0144and /RD-NAME-3/ is actually one of the people- well is the person who introduced me to traveling, so.2184.2658
1466 2184.4950I'm more of like I just wanna get up and go,2186.4050 
1468 2186.7201like-2187.0987 
1469DCB_int_012187.0842So where's been your best trip?2188.4016
1470DCB_se1_ag2_f_022190.4430See I w- <laugh>2191.9357
1472 2192.1918/RD-NAME-3/ probably don't understand this but I'm one of them people like,2195.0251 
1474 2195.3613I'm a daredevil.2196.4110 
1476 2196.5631Like so, if I'm doing something and it's half- it's like near2200.6289 
1478 2201.6654death experience and then we make it through it,2204.0758 
1480 2204.7601oh my god like that was the best time of my life [like, it's- <laugh> like-]2209.7602 
1483DCB_se1_ag2_f_042208.2589[She's crazy.]2209.0673
1484DCB_int_012209.2234[I love it.]2209.9887
1485DCB_se1_ag2_f_042209.8396[/inaudible/ I ain't do nothing/ I'm [scary.]2212.5756
1488DCB_se1_ag2_f_022211.2363[My- <laugh>]2211.8326
1489 2212.5289Huh.2212.9556
1490 2213.1892[So the be- and it didn't happen to me] but I was able to witness was- having to /call to Maryland/ because /RD-NAME-3/ almost died. <laugh>2220.0216
1493 2219.7575[Oh. <laugh>]2221.7996 
1495 2222.1198[<laugh>]2223.3584
1498 2222.9602[we're] on a banana boat.2224.3288 
1500DCB_se1_ag2_f_042224.9611Wait, whatchu talking about?2225.9930
1503DCB_se1_ag2_f_042227.7956[Oh yeah, /RD-NAME-3/ almost died.]2229.1963
1506DCB_se1_ag2_f_042229.6085[I was scared] but /RD-NAME-3/ almost died.2231.3871
1508 2233.0513[So- <laugh>]2233.7396
1509DCB_se2_ag2_f_012233.0553[So we almost] died in the [/banana boat/.]2235.4967
1510DCB_se1_ag2_f_042234.5840[/RD-NAME-3/ went like this.]2235.8293
1511DCB_se1_ag2_f_022235.3884[Yes like] it was- okay so we're on a banana boat,2238.0656
1512 2238.3870and this guy like,2239.8975
1514 2240.2598he's like a big guy he- [you know how the banana boat-]2242.3848 
1515DCB_se1_ag2_f_042241.5204[/You mean/ big girl?]2242.5351
1516DCB_se2_ag2_f_012242.3408[No] but- but look how this girl sit.2244.1204
1517DCB_se1_ag2_f_022244.2297[<laugh> So you know how the banana boat is]2246.3879
1518DCB_se1_ag2_f_042244.2297[/Yeah, really not scared/.]2245.7436
1519DCB_se2_ag2_f_012245.7316[This chair looks scary like it's gonna break.]2247.5644
1520DCB_se1_ag2_f_022246.5880[she was in the-]2247.3786
1521 2247.6445she was in the back of the m- he was in the back of the banana boat so as we went over waves,2251.5475
1523 2251.7436like he like went like all the way up and like all the way down so it made the banana boat tip-2255.5956 
1525 2255.7214tip [over.]2256.6081 
1526DCB_se2_ag2_f_012256.2697[We flipped] over so many [times.]2257.8817
1527DCB_se1_ag2_f_022257.3394[And so all] of us2258.4477
1528 2258.8361landed in the water, it was like in the middle of the ocean,2261.0828
1530 2261.2092sea [whatever it is.]2262.2399 
1532DCB_se1_ag2_f_022262.4601And we were in the middle of it so I didn't know what was in the water, I just knew we had to get back on this boat,2266.4846
1534 2266.6812and I knew the only way to get back on it is you had to be calm.2269.2434 
1536 2269.5055You know what I'm saying, flip the boat over- <laugh>2271.5778 
1538 2272.1923flip the boat over and just bounce back on it.2274.2350 
1540 2274.6809So everyone was able to do that except this one. <laugh>2277.8883 
1542 2278.6335[We had /inaudible/]2281.6161
1545 2279.5938[She was like, I'm drowning. <laugh>]2281.9477 
1546 2282.6290My life jacket-2283.7557
1548 2285.9033And so it was just like,2287.1473 
1550 2287.5087I was trying so hard to save her2289.8729 
1552 2290.1155but it was like, I- I can't save you until you wanna save yourself, like,2293.4982 
1554 2293.7717<laugh> just-2294.7835 
1555DCB_se1_ag2_f_042295.0622How many times did we get on and get off, three times?2297.3369
1556DCB_se1_ag2_f_022297.8239And I- I [tried to get off, I tried /inaudible/]2300.3220
1557DCB_se1_ag2_f_042298.6240[We flipped over- one time we flipped] all [the way over.]2301.7080
1558DCB_se1_ag2_f_022300.8246[It just- it just] wasn't working for her and this is- after a while I was just like,2304.0219
1559 2305.4239this is it for you.2306.4976
1561 2306.7763Like, [<laugh>]2309.0182 
1562DCB_se1_ag2_f_042307.1960[Didn't they pull you back- they pulled her] back in.2309.5587
1565DCB_se1_ag2_f_042310.7681Oh that thing was terrible, /unintelligible/.2312.7798
1566DCB_se2_ag2_f_012312.7826I can't- I was- my life jacket wasn't working.2315.0641
1569DCB_se2_ag2_f_012316.6543[No it was over] my head.2318.2545
1574 2321.2795I'm just terrified, I'm just done, like- (laughing)2323.4542 
1576 2323.6762/unintelligible/2325.8391 
1577DCB_se1_ag2_f_042323.9136[/RD-NAME-3/ was- the life jacket was like] this and /RD-NAME-3/ head was like [this. <laugh>]2328.9827
1578DCB_se2_ag2_f_012327.4651[Yeah so I'm like /a holder] on/ as opposed to trying to get on then someone was like, I hold on like-2332.3808
1579DCB_se1_ag2_f_022332.7680No but it was [/really bad/]2334.0707
1580DCB_se2_ag2_f_012333.4287[But if I didn't have y'all] I woulda been [dead.]2334.9754
1581DCB_se1_ag2_f_022334.4973[like] we had our- the person who drives the banana boat but then he had to call someone else2339.2220
1583DCB_se1_ag2_f_022339.5782[over there like with] their little jet ski thing like they both trying to get her, I mean it just-2343.5915
1584 2343.9503it was just not working like it was just- <laugh>2346.4488
1585DCB_se2_ag2_f_012347.0130And [everybody else on] there.2348.2917
1586DCB_se1_ag2_f_022347.2866[And she's like-]2347.9158
1587 2348.3448[And once again like I'm saying] we're out of the country we don't know what's in this water so I didn't know if a shark was gonna come and eat her up or none of that [so it was just like,]2355.2935
1588DCB_se2_ag2_f_012348.5358[Everybody else on.]2349.4185
1590 2354.2465[<laugh>]2355.6612 
1591DCB_se1_ag2_f_022355.6351you need to get back on the boat. But like once she was saved and stuff like that,2358.7561
1592 2359.4498<laugh>2360.6680
1593DCB_se1_ag2_f_042361.1687You said once she was saved.2362.9160
1594DCB_se1_ag2_f_022362.9357it was-2363.5250
1596 2363.7823it was fun but it was like that was- [I- I loved it though.]2366.7254 
1598DCB_se1_ag2_f_022367.1943[I loved] that. And then like this- <laugh>2369.7955
1599DCB_int_012369.9472Her [favorite moment was your near death experience.]2372.1824
1601DCB_se1_ag2_f_022371.1706[<laugh> Yes it was.]2373.0988
1602DCB_se2_ag2_f_012372.3424[What <laugh>] /that's some messed up stuff./2375.1439
1604DCB_se1_ag2_f_042375.3931[Hey that] thing was funny, I forgot all about that honestly.2378.7069
1606DCB_se1_ag2_f_042379.2920[That thing was] funny.2380.3389
1607DCB_se1_ag2_f_022380.7993that was a good trip, um,2382.4300
1609 2382.6421Disney World was good but it's just like that was more for my kids so I didn't do anything for myself, so.2386.9943 
1611 2388.2031All the trips so I think, uh, /??/ was amazing,2391.3055 
1613 2391.9920and [Miami.]2393.2789 
1617 2394.3526Miami [was amazing.]2395.4819 
1618DCB_se1_ag2_f_042394.7759[Oh yeah, I had a ball in Miami too, I forgot about Miami.]2397.7649
1620DCB_int_012396.5361[So where's your next- what's] your next goal tri- like, where-2399.8818
1621 2400.0979She wants to go to [Fiji.]2401.2925
1622DCB_se2_ag2_f_012400.8118[For what? /inaudible/]2402.2572
1623DCB_int_012401.6274[What about you?]2402.3207
1626 2403.3670Bali and, um, Jerusalem. I know this is crazy but yeah.2407.1523 
1627DCB_int_012407.7443No [why is that crazy?]2408.8030
1629DCB_se1_ag2_f_022408.7577[I just wanna] see like where, uh, Jesus was like2411.8600
1630 2412.1252buried at and2413.1247
1632 2413.6151the tomb [he was in, like I wanna see] all that stuff.2415.8915 
1634DCB_int_012415.8399My friend just came back.2416.8171
1636DCB_int_012417.2971She did it [for uh,]2419.2484
1637DCB_se2_ag2_f_012417.8650[My coworkers /unintelligible/.]2420.6013
1638DCB_int_012420.4459like, I think she [w- /did they/ go like-]2423.0254
1639DCB_se2_ag2_f_012421.8707[Oh yeah /RD-NAME-2/ what did /RD-NAME-2/ wants to go with.]2423.9370
1641DCB_se1_ag2_f_042423.9370[Oh thank god] at least I won't be there [by myself.]2426.3037
1644DCB_int_012426.8535[She did it in December.]2427.7149
1648DCB_se1_ag2_f_022428.7531Did [she say it] was nice?2429.7029
1651 2429.6926She loved it.2430.3700 
1652DCB_se1_ag2_f_022430.3533Yeah I want- I wanna- I wanna see all that.2432.6265
1653DCB_int_012433.2611She got baptized in the river, she loved it- in the Jor- she loved it, she s-2437.2255
1655 2437.3907she said it was probably one of the best thing-2439.7648 
1657 2439.9113cause she's also in a different like- like right now she's trying to figure out like2442.8691 
1659 2443.1634if she's gonna switch jobs, [and she just] moved to a new house and2446.2502 
1661DCB_int_012446.5047all this stuff so her life was kind of just all over the place so [she said it was really]2449.6202
1663DCB_int_012449.8342[calming for her.]2450.9955
1664DCB_se1_ag2_f_042449.8600[That's why I need to do that.]2451.0507
1665DCB_se1_ag2_f_022451.1299I heard it's expensive though.2452.4619
1666DCB_int_012452.7507Yeah but she said it's worth it, [she said it was] really worth it2455.9992
1668 2456.1385[I-]2456.3863
1669DCB_int_012456.1385[more] so like, [emotionally and spiritually]2458.7712
1671DCB_int_012459.0551than, you know-2460.0977
1672DCB_se1_ag2_f_022460.2836Yeah I really- [I really wanna go there.]2461.9303
1673DCB_se1_ag2_f_042460.9650[You should go.] I need [to go] there right [now.]2463.7450
1676 2462.9333[I really wanna go] there.2464.0799 
1677DCB_se1_ag2_f_042464.0276I got [a lot of life changes] I [need to go there right] now.2466.5774
1678DCB_int_012464.2496[I mean]2464.9429
1680 2465.3439[Fiji.]2465.9839 
1681DCB_se1_ag2_f_042467.1506Yeah but I could go to /inaudible/ I'm calling Ru I need to go to Ru.2472.1438
1682DCB_int_012472.0509You need to go to Ru?2472.9749
1683DCB_se1_ag2_f_042472.9594[Yeah, that's /inaudible/]2474.9984
1686 2474.7609[And where-] where did Bali come from?2476.4543 
1687DCB_se1_ag2_f_022476.8567Um, just because I had seen somebody else go there.2479.1853
1689 2479.3309And I was like, <laugh> the pictures2481.4359 
1691DCB_se1_ag2_f_022482.0667[/from there-/]2482.9133
1692DCB_int_012482.1493[And the pictures look good?]2483.0911
1694DCB_se1_ag2_f_042483.5740[This girl] is [crazy talking about she seen somebody else] go there.2486.3741
1695DCB_se1_ag2_f_022484.3403[And it's like um-]2485.7599
1697 2486.1986[Right now though]2487.3786 
1699DCB_se1_ag2_f_022487.6801I'm- I'm- I wanna go on trips like inside the United States cause I do wanna be able to take my mom2492.0487
1701 2492.8024p- like I don't know if she can go out of the country.2494.6008 
1703DCB_se1_ag2_f_022494.9136[Know] what I'm saying, like I don't know if she can do that.2496.4234
1704 2496.6997Right now it's just like, okay let's- let's experience this, let's go here, let's do that, because she's-2500.6023
1706 2500.8257she's so like cooped up in the house all the time it's like that's- you're not living that's just existing like, [you need to] get out and do some things, so.2507.5010 
1708DCB_se1_ag2_f_022507.9404And then because of her- I was having this conversation with2510.6195
1710 2511.0686them two and /RD-NAME-2/,2512.3406 
1712 2512.5000that's the reason why I can't have boundaries with men like the moment a man try to like give me boundaries and restrictions,2517.7188 
1714 2518.0440it doesn't work for me because I seen my mom succeed more without a man,2522.6759 
1716 2523.1404then when she was with a man it-2525.5098 
1718 2525.8608it- everything started being taken away from her.2528.0555 
1720 2528.4434So I'm just one of those people like,2530.0701 
1722 2531.1482y- you're in my life but2532.6504 
1724 2533.2079you're not my life like, I'm2534.8081 
1726 2535.0352in control of my life, you know what I'm saying. So,2537.3597 
1728 2537.6126yeah.2538.0059 
1730 2538.3559So- but it- that might be a reason why all my relationships is like- because I'm not the, um,2542.9810 
1731DCB_se1_ag2_f_042543.5747Submissive [type?]2544.4497
1732DCB_se1_ag2_f_022544.1941[submissive] female because it's like I've seen how men can take a woman that's on her A game2549.1906
1733 2549.4248and then2549.9668
1735 2550.2042just2550.6496 
1737 2550.9734tear it all down.2551.8509 
1739 2552.0641Like so, it's just like mm-mm.2553.4940 
1740DCB_int_012555.5020I appreciate [that.]2556.6420
1742DCB_int_012557.0196I appreciate that.2557.8983
1744 2558.2120So, <clears throat>2559.3840 
1746 2561.0888what's the one thing- you said you like to do the daredevil type stuff and you [enjoyed /RD-NAME-3/ almost dying.]2566.5037 
1749 2565.6572[<laugh>]2567.6394 
1750DCB_int_012567.1505[What's something] that you wanna do like that's a- that you haven't done that you think, oh I've gotta do that before I-2572.4364
1751DCB_se1_ag2_f_022572.3951Jump out a plane.2573.4991
1752DCB_int_012573.6701Yeah. (whispered)2574.4702
1754 2575.3442I- I'm just strange like when I s- <laugh>2578.0697
1756 2578.4104I'm just strange like I wanna run like from a herd of animals, like-2582.0412 
1759DCB_int_012582.8306[I was- I was] with you2584.6486
1762DCB_se1_ag2_f_042585.1741[Until you said /herd of animals/.]2586.7207
1763DCB_se1_ag2_f_022585.9071[No like I wanna- <laugh> like-2588.1681
1764DCB_int_012585.9742[the herd of animals.]2587.1196
1765DCB_se2_ag2_f_012586.7124[You lost me at that.]2588.2897
1766DCB_se1_ag2_f_022588.6843No, really like I was talking to /RD-NAME-2/'s mom and his sister2592.5003
1768 2592.8825and I was like, you know what would be like the perfect labor,2595.1985 
1770 2595.6442like if I'm driving2597.0898 
1772 2597.3860and then it's like, oh my god it's time, and I gotta pull over on the side of the road.2600.7606 
1774 2601.0540And people are stopping their cars and like coming to help me push out the baby like-2604.4715 
1776 2605.1682<laugh> like-2606.7269 
1778DCB_se1_ag2_f_022607.3397I was just telling- she was [like you /?/-]2609.1541
1779DCB_se1_ag2_f_042608.4933[You just wanna] have a labor- a delivery in the car?2610.9468
1780DCB_se1_ag2_f_022611.5896Because I've experienced like going to the hospital but [just like-]2614.3290
1782DCB_se1_ag2_f_022614.6076I want [like-]2615.2956
1783DCB_se1_ag2_f_042615.1110[Maybe] you should have a t- tub [birth.]2617.0825
1784DCB_se1_ag2_f_022616.8253[I want-] that's [not- that's not] great. Like I want a like amazing story to [tell like-]2621.4005
1785DCB_se1_ag2_f_042617.7004[A water birth.]2618.4790
1787 2620.8826[That is amazing] story to tell, it's calm, it's peaceful, it's you and your mate, he's hoping the baby come [out.]2626.5755 
1789DCB_se2_ag2_f_012626.8717She just /?/, look how she's sitting [ she could /inaudible/ her chair.]2629.4396
1791 2630.9933No it's just no.2632.0254
1793 2632.2326No, [mm-mm.]2632.9566 
1794DCB_se1_ag2_f_042632.7540[I always] wanted to experience a real birth, I didn't have a2635.7468
1795 2636.0111real labor.2636.5817
1797 2636.9933I mean not- I mean not that it was fake but2639.7253 
1799 2640.1217I had C-sections, always wanted to push a [baby.]2642.3361 
1800DCB_se1_ag2_f_022642.1790[I don't] know it- I'm just one of those people who's just like you really really only get one life to live.2646.4182
1801 2646.8575And like I don't wanna do everything traditionally, I don't wanna do2649.8933
1803 2650.2040everything the way that it's supposed to do, I wanna like2652.7062 
1805 2652.9825take some different routes and just2654.3397 
1807 2654.6861see where it takes me,2655.5754 
1809 2655.7969/like/ so.2656.4355 
1810DCB_se1_ag2_f_042656.6395It's a good way to think.2657.5896
1811DCB_int_012657.4967So that-2658.3740
1812DCB_se1_ag2_f_042658.6825Jumping out there on that faith.2659.9278
1814DCB_int_012660.2075[Mm jumping] right out.2661.4342
1815DCB_se1_ag2_f_042661.3433[She- she died on that faith] she almost drowned on that [faith honey.]2664.4896
1819DCB_se1_ag2_f_042664.6075[Drowned like /RD-NAME-3/]2665.6504
1823DCB_int_012667.8862[So has there ever been a time] like, not-2670.3825
1825DCB_int_012670.5682<clears throat> and it could be your daredevil time or it could be just walking down the [street where you felt like oh my god],2675.4969
1827DCB_se1_ag2_f_042674.3362[Is this the /?/]2675.1862
1828 2675.6041[Which one?]2676.2014
1829DCB_int_012675.6539[I'm about to die.]2676.5152
1830DCB_se1_ag2_f_042676.5682This white [one?]2677.1909
1831DCB_se1_ag2_f_022677.0325[Um], I'm about to die?2678.3925
1833DCB_se1_ag2_f_022679.6790Uh, both, you could say both.2681.3310
1834DCB_se1_ag2_f_042681.3789Oh my god, she gonna be so [thankful.]2683.3218
1838DCB_se1_ag2_f_042686.2326My mother.2686.8219
1839DCB_se1_ag2_f_022687.4967Uh, /? was/ there a time when I was like, I'm about to die.2690.5897
1840DCB_int_012690.8540And you just didn't feel- either you didn't feel safe or you felt uncomfortable or you felt2695.3462
1842 2696.0611in danger.2696.9011 
1843DCB_se1_ag2_f_022698.4576No but I think the scariest time was-2701.6102
1845 2702.4540/??/2702.9460 
1847 2703.1004<sigh>2703.4504 
1849 2703.8826E- even when I know I c- there's a possibility I'm about to die I'm never like, oh I'm about to die, but I think the scariest time probably-2709.7141 
1851 2709.9576I'm probably probably telling too much but2711.1074 
1853 2711.4253when I used to-2712.2066 
1855 2712.4932to go with /RD-NAME-2/ to wherever he used to go.2714.8683 
1857 2715.3933And it's just like, you just see some things and was like, I could really die right here, somebody could really just come in here and shoot this place up and I'm just right here chilling so I think-2722.1042 
1859 2722.5397<laugh> I think that's the w- like the scariest moments for me.2725.3968 
1860DCB_se1_ag2_f_042725.6289[But you enjoyed] it.2726.4369
1861DCB_se1_ag2_f_022725.7075[But it was-]2726.0968
1863 2726.4004I didn't- /?/2727.1968 
1864 2727.5040Yeah, I just said that but I [like /it/]2729.2541
1865DCB_se1_ag2_f_042728.9255[Oh I] missed it.2729.5641
1866DCB_se1_ag2_f_022729.5431It was like I enjoy like the- the- the r- the risk of it like-2733.2004
1868DCB_se1_ag2_f_042733.5361[You're crazy.]2734.3826
1869DCB_int_012734.3969[So you're a thrill seeker.]2735.6326
1870DCB_se1_ag2_f_022735.4967[Yeah, like- <laugh>]2737.5646
1871DCB_se1_ag2_f_042737.2611[So if somebody] come in here stick up this joint you'll be thrilled.2739.9771
1872DCB_se1_ag2_f_022740.4326But it's like, I'm one of those people like, if somebody was, I know exactly what I'd do. Not saying that I'm gonna make it out of here but I know exactly what I'm gonna do. I'm not gonna be the one like,2748.8590
1874 2749.2943stuck in shock like I know exactly what I would do like to try to get out that situation.2753.0555 
1875DCB_se1_ag2_f_042753.0610Oh I'm the scariest person [/inaudible/]2755.2182
1876DCB_int_012754.3503[Me too, like I don't even like to get stopped for a traffic ticket.]2758.0826
1879DCB_se1_ag2_f_042758.7612[Right.] Chest hurting.2760.3185
1880DCB_int_012760.4003Like I get upset when they send the little thing in my mail like, um,2763.5004
1882 2764.0504you were going [fifty-seven and it was a forty-five.]2766.9039 
1884DCB_int_012767.2361Like, [damn.]2768.3627
1885DCB_se1_ag2_f_042767.7718/??/ I remember that time we went to Busch Gardens y'all talked me into that ride, I don't do [roller coasters.]2772.8456
1888DCB_int_012774.0504You a [roller coaster?]2774.9290
1889DCB_se1_ag2_f_042774.2218[I got on that roller coaster I almost died.]2776.2658
1893DCB_se2_ag2_f_012776.2862Then when we got pulled over he thought we was prostitutes.2778.3736
1894DCB_se1_ag2_f_022778.3110Yeah. [The only thing I- I'm-2779.9539
1895DCB_se1_ag2_f_042778.6289[<laugh> Wait a minute I missed that one.]2782.3290
1896DCB_se1_ag2_f_022780.5397[the only thing I'm afraid of is dying itself.]2783.6483
1897DCB_se2_ag2_f_012782.5005[It was good.]2783.1617
1900DCB_se1_ag2_f_022784.6468I don't know.2785.2174
1902 2785.4896Because I think it's the unknown that's the only thing that you can't go and [/aks somebody like, how was your experience?] so I think-2791.0851 
1903DCB_se1_ag2_f_042788.4864[Oh yeah.]2790.0829
1904DCB_int_012791.3113[No you can't go] they-2792.5903
1905DCB_se1_ag2_f_022791.4292[Like no.]2792.2685
1906 2792.8042So,2793.2935
1908 2793.8221that's the only thing.2794.9507 
1910 2795.3972It's-2795.7222 
1912 2795.8258it's just so like-2797.2578 
1914 2797.4613No one- I mean,2798.3720 
1916 2798.6042like I said I was in church, you know heaven and hell and stuff but no one-2801.4420 
1918 2802.0258I don't have no one that can verify for me and tell me like this is-2805.3721 
1920 2805.4900this what happens. Like, so th-2807.2650 
1922 2807.4936it's just the unknown of it like, that's it.2809.5365 
1924 2810.8292And then- and if-2812.1186 
1926 2812.3257it's-2812.6686 
1928 2812.7722it's not just that it's like dying young.2815.1433 
1930 2815.2687Like if [I'm-]2815.9487 
1932DCB_se1_ag2_f_022816.7578if I'm older and like did everything that I wanted to do in life, nothing is-2820.8972
1934 2821.2044all the-2821.7111 
1936 2822.3185nothing I feel is incomplete then I'm- I'm okay, you know, that's my time, but like,2826.6851 
1938 2826.9865/RD-NAME-2/'s case, I just feel like that was just so unfair like she had so many things she wanted to do.2831.5543 
1940 2831.8293And it's like, she wasn't a bad person, why was that taken away from her?2834.6985 
1942 2835.0292And stuff like that and it's like, you have all these cruel people, not- and I don't wish death on anyone but it's just like-2839.6958 
1944 2840.4899She was- she was like the opposite of me.2842.7859 
1946 2842.9936Like she was the- the one that was like, so cautious about life, it's like we-2846.3536 
1948 2846.5471let's go do this, she's like, no, that doesn't even make sense like, why would we do this?2849.7936 
1950 2850.0293Like, you guys this could happen, this could happen, it's like, shut up /RD-NAME-2/ like let's just do it, like-2854.5487 
1952 2855.0793<laugh> so it was just like, yeah.2857.0380 
1953DCB_se1_ag2_f_042857.2687Well y'all /had/ y'all daredevil time /I watch./2859.5507
1957DCB_se1_ag2_f_042861.0865[I ain't- I'm too- I'm too old] to be dare-deviling I'm finna die [/inaudible/]2864.9332
1961 2866.8507What did you say? Oh /RD-NAME-2/ get on what? Oh no ma'am I walk through the whole theme park don't get on nothing.2871.7454 
1962DCB_int_012872.6329[Unless we have a little] funnel cake.2874.0462
1964 2874.8615Yeah.2875.3544
1965DCB_int_012875.8756Well thank you it was so nice to meet [you.]2877.6396
1966DCB_se1_ag2_f_042877.2900[Oh] interesting interview, thank you. Uh, I'll see you girls later.2881.3698
1967 2882.2042I guess I got2882.8749
1969 2883.4293wedding dates for me and /RD-NAME-2/.2885.4759 
1970DCB_se2_ag2_f_012885.5936Girl bye.2886.8044
1972DCB_int_012891.4186Oh /?/ I'm t- I'm locking your door, [/nodding/.]2894.0937
1973DCB_se1_ag2_f_022893.3937[No that's fine. (laughing)]2894.4377
1974DCB_int_012894.2971[I'm-] you know it's just habit.2895.4931
1975DCB_se1_ag2_f_022895.3007[It's a h- <laugh>]2896.2380
1976DCB_int_012895.7578[Habit] just- /unintelligible/2897.1650
1977 2897.5865Um,2898.1758
1979 2898.4115so2898.8328 
1981 2900.0723let me ask you [this- Oh, mm-hm.]2901.8056 
1982DCB_se1_ag2_f_022900.5614[But there are things I would] not try.2902.2793
1983DCB_int_012902.4686Okay, like what?2903.3939
1984DCB_se1_ag2_f_022903.6793I would not get my palms read,2906.0830
1986 2906.2792I would not like2907.4900 
1988 2909.1007talk to a-2910.0329 
1990 2910.6472a-2910.8872 
1992 2911.0972a ca- a tarot card re- so anything like that I will not do.2913.7342 
1994 2914.5364Only because my mom say you kn-2916.8365 
1996 2917.2008those spirits linger on to you and stuff like that I wouldn't do that2921.1650 
1998 2921.5650type of stuff.2922.1329 
1999DCB_int_012922.4901You'll jump out of a plane and [jump off a bridge] but you [ain't gonna get your palm read?]2925.8971
2002 2924.4149[I know it's weird like I would not-] I would not.2926.5007 
2003 2926.7579I wouldn't.2927.3512
2005 2927.6615Like,2927.9008 
2007 2928.1722I don't mess with spirits and stuff like that like, no.2930.6435 
2009 2931.4043I need to see what's coming at me.2932.8865 
2011 2933.4293Like spirits they just on you and you just- no, I c- I can't do that.2936.8971 
2012DCB_se2_ag2_f_012936.9150Talking about, you /??/2937.9936
2015 2939.2079<laugh>2940.4789 
2017 2941.3080So that's the o- that's- that's the only thing like I don't need no one to tell me my future or when I wanna die, stuff like that. I don't-2946.6258 
2019 2946.8079mm-mm.2947.2399 
2021 2947.7113So that's the only thing I won't try.2948.8612 
2023 2950.0043But other than that yeah, I'm down for whatever.2952.1789 
2024DCB_int_012953.0080Have you ever been scuba diving?2954.1933
2025DCB_se1_ag2_f_022954.5221Um, nope.2955.3421
2027 2955.6043Cause I'm on- I'm- oh, that's another thing.2957.5079 
2029DCB_se1_ag2_f_022958.2544[You might] could say I'm a scaredy cat but I like to do it with someone.2961.2432
2030DCB_int_012961.6078Oh I'll do it with you.2962.6329
2031DCB_se1_ag2_f_022962.6686Oh, [see?]2963.5865
2032DCB_int_012963.1507[I went] scuba diving in Cozumel, [it was the best.]2966.1603
2033DCB_se1_ag2_f_022964.9758[/unintelligible/] I have to have at least one person to do it with [me.]2968.6829
2034DCB_int_012968.5257[It] was the [best.]2969.5115
2035DCB_se1_ag2_f_022969.1543[No one] would do skydiving with me.2970.7503
2036DCB_int_012971.4151I wanna do [skydiving.]2972.4149
2037DCB_se1_ag2_f_022972.1328[You wanna] do skydiving?2973.4715
2038DCB_int_012973.4471Mm-hm I-2974.2650
2039DCB_se1_ag2_f_022974.0400[No] for [real?]2975.0307
2040DCB_int_012974.8114[I did] parasailing2976.3035
2041 2976.6472one day and then we did scuba diving [the n-]2978.6491
2042DCB_se1_ag2_f_022978.4042[You just] said you were scared, you get scared of stuff.2980.4856
2043 2981.1222[You w-] you wanna go [skydiving.]2982.7648
2046 2981.9365[but that's like getting] in trouble kind of stuff.2983.6687 
2047DCB_se1_ag2_f_022983.6365Oh [<laugh> I see, okay.]2985.9436
2048DCB_int_012984.9114[No no no. Like I wouldn't do] like2986.3793
2049 2986.8150[daredevil-y.]2987.6564
2050DCB_se1_ag2_f_022987.1472[Oh my god.]2988.0765
2051DCB_int_012987.8543[But scuba] diving changed my life like that was like a pivotal moment in my life. Yes, oh I loved [it.]2992.9629
2052DCB_se1_ag2_f_022992.7329[Oh] my god.2993.8435
2053DCB_int_012994.0829It is like-2994.9082
2055 2995.9113there- like, so where- okay so where I'm sitting and like where the balloon is2999.1434 
2057 2999.4222there were like two barracudas there.3001.1222 
2058DCB_se1_ag2_f_023001.2758Did you do it with someone?3002.2358
2059DCB_int_013002.4435I did it with my best friend.3003.3935
2061 3004.8114You wanna go scuba diving?3005.6048
2062DCB_int_013006.3901She [don't even-]3006.9114
2064DCB_int_013007.2758[She don't even want] to get out the boat.3008.6611
2065DCB_se1_ag2_f_023009.6007She don't need to get out the boat.3011.2127
2066DCB_int_013010.7936[The boat. She] need to stay-3011.7696
2068DCB_int_013011.9829[she need to stay in the boat.]3013.2429
2069 3014.1828So let's talk a little about DC, have you seen the city3017.6829
2071 3018.2651change? Do you feel like it's changing?3020.3437 
2073 3020.5435Or do you feel like it's the same as you remember as a child?3023.1293 
2074DCB_se1_ag2_f_023023.6650Um, it's changed.3024.8290
2076 3025.7651No, I'm not gonna say it's changed cause it mighta been the same but because I'm older I'm allowed to see more things.3031.3508 
2078 3031.6580And like once I got thinking I was just protected from everything, but-3034.5507 
2080 3035.0615Um,3035.7721 
2082 3036.8865I think3037.8252 
2084 3039.0078I don't like DC no more though because it's like now we're always attached to such negative things, like,3044.2340 
2086 3044.7185it's like rare you hear DC as something positive beside3047.2793 
2088 3047.4079the President, it's just like we're always attached to something negative.3049.8880 
2090 3050.1685And it makes people look at us like we're just a group of3052.6614 
2092 3053.8365people that's here to3054.7901 
2094 3054.9544destroy.3055.7830 
2096 3055.9363And that's the [only thing I don't like.]3057.2793 
2100 3059.2222So it's like,3059.7795 
2102 3059.9758now people like, I gotta get out of DC because DC is so horrible, let's move to Virginia, Maryland, stuff like that because it's like DC now has this3066.2878 
2104 3066.5901negative3067.2794 
2106 3067.5042thing now s- that's the only thing.3069.3221 
2109 3071.6936what about- so you guys hang out on H Street a lot, do you remember when H street was like-3075.3614 
2111 3075.7257do y- have you seen- do you remember it changing over the last few years?3078.8222 
2112DCB_se1_ag2_f_023078.7865Yeah, yeah.3080.0687
2113 3080.5971It's- uh- mm, I like how it's changing now though, I like how it's changing because it's like a- it's a mixture of people now.3086.3401
2115DCB_se1_ag2_f_023086.7614It's like it's so diverse now.3088.0720
2116 3088.6579And I like that.3089.6436
2117DCB_int_013090.1686What's your favorite place to hang out?3091.5937
2119 3092.0330[Not necessarily H Street], anywhere3093.3328 
2121DCB_int_013093.8650in the city.3094.3570
2122DCB_se1_ag2_f_023096.0972I don't have a favorite place in DC though.3097.8151
2124 3099.8221But it- I can name some places I like to go. [I like-]3102.8294 
2126DCB_se1_ag2_f_023103.1687I like um, U Street.3104.5553
2129 3106.8686no then I would say U Street probably is my favorite there now.3109.1044
2131 3110.1401[Yeah.]3110.4864 
2132DCB_int_013110.3864[Any] particular places on the U [Street?]3111.9784
2134 3112.6150I like going with /RD-NAME-3/ where they- when I used to go with like to happy hour and stuff like that but, no.3117.0292
2136DCB_se1_ag2_f_023117.7436That's it, yeah.3118.5742
2137DCB_int_013118.6364What's your favorite restaurant or favorite rest- or3120.7972
2139 3121.3401places that you really like as far as food.3123.4543 
2140DCB_se1_ag2_f_023123.6257I'm strange because I try my hardest to stay out of DC.3127.1382
2144DCB_se1_ag2_f_023130.6579I don't know so I'm more of a like, okay here's this restaurant in Virginia oh here's this restaurant in-3134.9114
2146 3135.0328No, I'm-3135.7507 
2148 3136.3579DC is just like, mm3137.7151 
2150 3138.3436nah.3138.8823 
2152 3139.1437Cause it's like you- you just gotta be careful in DC it's like you always run into either-3142.5400 
2154 3142.6900that's why I don't like go gos.3143.9180 
2156 3144.6579I used to like go go, I no longer h- like go go cause it's not- it's- it's- it's attached to so much negative things.3149.5472 
2158 3149.8151Like people done got killed at go gos,3151.5991 
2160 3151.9401you know, it's just like no I'm-3153.4150 
2162 3153.8293go go's just not my thing, I'm not going to no go gos, I'm not- I'm not, so it was just like3157.8008 
2164 3158.0508th-3158.3044 
2166 3158.8971j- just because what DC is attached to I'm just like, okay let's try this,3162.1670 
2168 3162.2972this is a nice restaurant over here.3163.7187 
2170 3163.9578We don't have to worry about no girls starting some stuff, or talking trash or being ratchet, and things like that so it's just like I try to3169.7723 
2172 3170.5399move out a little bit.3171.3799 
2175 3174.6722So where do you go [now?]3175.8042 
2176DCB_se1_ag2_f_023175.4151[My favorite] restaurant in DC- um, oh.3177.5971
2177 3177.8221I- I still wanna answer the question.3179.3848
2178DCB_int_013179.4329B- oh, go [ahead yeah.]3180.6609
2180 3183.3721uh, sh-3184.2508
2182 3184.8043what were some places we been in DC?3186.2829 
2183DCB_se2_ag2_f_013188.1506/??/ I don't know.3189.2015
2184DCB_se1_ag2_f_023189.2042I like Sticky Rice, that ain't- that ain't my favorite restaurant [but I- I like Sticky Rice.]3192.7687
2185DCB_int_013191.3365[Oh I like them too, yeah. /I must/ wanna] go there [today.]3195.4871
2186DCB_se1_ag2_f_023193.1258[I like, um,]3194.5007
2188 3194.8685[H & Pizza] on H Street, [um, I-] I mean, I [like uh-]3198.0615 
2190DCB_se2_ag2_f_013197.6865[You like the] Ha- you went to the Hamil- did you take /RD-NAME-1/ to the Hamilton?]3200.4328
2192 3200.8114[I- I-]3201.5471
2193DCB_se2_ag2_f_013201.1971[You have-] you have /???/3202.5864
2194DCB_se1_ag2_f_023202.5829I went with /RD-NAME-2/ I just- <laugh>3204.2508
2195 3204.6187The price of the Ha- the prices of the Hamilton for their food, no. That's- that's ridiculous.3208.8686
2197 3209.6936That's what DC is too now son, you just-3211.4973 
2199 3211.7758[you pay all this] money and it's just like, wh- what is this?3214.5864 
2202DCB_se1_ag2_f_023215.0257[So no], no.3216.1329
2203DCB_se2_ag2_f_013216.3401<ts> [I would have] said Antonios.3217.9544
2205 3218.5578There was a- oh, that was in DC but that was like a small- I like places like that in [DC.]3222.7579
2206DCB_se2_ag2_f_013222.4508[Yeah like the- /inaudible/]3224.6828
2207DCB_se1_ag2_f_023223.3258[The small little-]3224.6351
2208 3224.8042small little hole in the wall places [I like.]3226.7722
2209DCB_int_013226.3400[Oh that's why] you like [Sticky Rice.]3227.8360
2210DCB_se1_ag2_f_023227.3293[Yeah. Yeah I like- yup.]3229.0115
2211DCB_int_013228.0758[Cause it's little.]3229.0012
2212DCB_se2_ag2_f_013228.5222[/?/] Yup [/inaudible/]3230.2864
2213DCB_se1_ag2_f_023229.6865[No I like /?/-] I like little places like that [in DC.]3232.1543
2214DCB_int_013231.7971[Have you been] to Boundary?3232.7545
2215DCB_se1_ag2_f_023233.4615Boundary [no.]3234.2222
2216DCB_int_013233.9972[I just] went there yesterday. It's- it's- it's, um, it's pretty- [it's] cute.3238.2221
2218 3238.2257what kind of food do they sell?3239.3857
2219DCB_int_013240.7437<ts> It's kind of like a wine and cheese type thing but [like I had a] cheesesteak and then the lady I was with she had a quiche.3246.5552
2221DCB_int_013246.9437Um, so it was just kind of like [American-y.]3249.9936
2222DCB_se1_ag2_f_023249.4650[Where is it?]3249.9810
2223DCB_int_013250.7007Four- I think it's-3251.7079
2225 3251.9115the address was four fourteen.3253.6248 
2226DCB_se1_ag2_f_023253.8616In Northwest?3254.6549
2227DCB_int_013255.2971Uh-huh it's on that- it's on the-3256.7864
2229 3257.1115is it Northwest side? It's on the Northeast side.3259.0728 
2230DCB_se2_ag2_f_013259.3115I have to say that you and Denise be knowing all the places. I'm like, nigga, how you /gonna get to/ know all the places to go, what's the place we went to for /RD-NAME-3/ baby shower?3266.0822
2231DCB_int_013266.4257Oh Gordon Biersch? But that's a chain.3268.3293
2233 3268.8257[Oh for the baby shower?]3270.0657 
2234DCB_se2_ag2_f_013268.8472[Yeah, I like that too.]3269.8329
2235 3270.1794Wait not the baby shower [for the /inaudible/]3272.2901
2236DCB_int_013271.0615[For the saying goodbye?]3272.1709
2237 3272.4185Yeah that's [Gord-]3273.2650
2239DCB_se1_ag2_f_023274.1507[How long you been in DC?]3275.2617
2242 3276.9544I moved back in two thousand, um,3279.8685 
2244 3280.5543<ts> at the end of two thousand twelve so almost four years but I went to college here.3284.4971 
2246 3285.0935And I went to get my- so I was here [five years]3287.6972 
2248DCB_int_013287.9293before I left.3289.1508
2249DCB_se1_ag2_f_023289.3080But I find the people that like-3291.0864
2251 3291.8543but you've been here for a while.3292.8263 
2253 3293.1043I find people that move here3295.0794 
2254DCB_se2_ag2_f_013295.1580Love it better?3295.7899
2255DCB_se1_ag2_f_023296.1471They- no, not only love it but they experience more than the people [who actually- /actually/ live here, so.]3301.3258
2256DCB_se2_ag2_f_013299.1686[Yeah, that's true.]3300.3166
2258 3300.6115[That's true.]3301.1022 
2259DCB_int_013301.3115So have you been a tourist in your own city?3303.2422
2260DCB_se1_ag2_f_023303.5007Yeah but only on field trips.3304.9115
2261DCB_int_013304.9150Mm-hm, [exactly. But people who] fly from [California-]3308.2971
2262DCB_se1_ag2_f_023305.7722[Yeah, so.]3306.6865
2264 3307.5973[They actually fly just to see those-] yeah. But only on field trips and so I-3312.2686 
2265DCB_int_013308.8400[Just to come-]3309.5721
2266DCB_se1_ag2_f_023312.5579I've never- no, except the Martin Luther King, I did- I did take my time out to go see that but everything else, no.3317.7543
2268 3318.1436[Only] when my school took me.3319.4356 
2269DCB_int_013318.1722[Are y-]3318.4829
2270 3319.6508Are you going to the African American Museum when it opens up?3322.7842
2271DCB_se1_ag2_f_023323.5222Um, no. But now that you say that, yeah. I need to go I guess. <laugh>3328.5579
2272DCB_int_013328.7222You need to-3329.1829
2274DCB_int_013329.6650[I'm] going, I'm gonna take- I- so I teach as well, I'm gonna take my class there, [um,]3333.9007
2276DCB_int_013334.2293but I'm r- I hear it's3335.4008
2278 3335.5972going to be something.3336.6639 
2279DCB_se1_ag2_f_023337.1292So my sons like3338.5435
2281 3338.8864they aks me all the time, like, mom why you don't take us to like3342.1877 
2283 3342.5294to Monument? Or why [you don't take us-]3344.2651 
2284DCB_se2_ag2_f_013343.5044[Well /rough/ kids are like] that, /like/ her kids /??/ they into3346.5650
2285 3346.9722that type of [stuff.]3347.8365
2287 3348.5901so I think I- I do need to get more in-3350.2701
2289 3350.4828into that.3351.0900 
2291 3351.3221Like I've never been to the White House and I feel like I need to take my kids like to- the White House.3355.4973 
2293 3355.6223Like they'll be like, where's the White House? I'm- I know where it is, I'm like, oh it's over there and it's just like-3359.7829 
2295 3360.4365Yeah they wanna actually like, Mommy I really wanna like see it like up- but no.3364.8972 
2297 3365.5936So I'm- I'm- I'm'a get better with that.3367.1937 
2299 3367.6651We been to like the Air and Space Museum,3369.6355 
2301 3369.9686and like,3370.6792 
2303 3371.2543um, stuff like- but not like the main monuments. We went to the, um, World War Two [memorial.]3376.6900 
2307 3378.1044and I think I only went to the World War Two memorial with them is because it was a project <laugh> at school. <laugh>3382.7472 
2308DCB_int_013383.3686And you had to-3383.8433
2309DCB_se1_ag2_f_023383.8686Yeah I could go, so.3385.2293
2311 3385.4473And that was it.3386.0032 
2312DCB_int_013386.4114One of the things that I tell people to do,3388.2900
2314 3388.4686and I know it sounds silly but like, do one of the little tourist things, like one of the little3393.2303 
2316 3393.4293get on the bus3394.2614 
2318 3394.4864and they do the [tour. I think it-]3395.8865 
2319DCB_se1_ag2_f_023395.0722[Oh, I never done] that either.3396.6651
2320DCB_int_013396.7187I, uh, actually wanted to be a tour guide when I was-3398.8364
2322DCB_int_013399.0792[I don't] know that was just this3400.2752
2323 3400.4900crazy part of my- but I- they're really interesting they have some interesting stories.3403.8116
2325 3403.9580And if nothing else it just gives you a very different [perspective of] like, where you live, right?3408.6187 
2327 3408.6401[Wow.]3409.1758
2328DCB_int_013409.0722[Cause] you live [outside of-]3410.5602
2329DCB_se1_ag2_f_023409.9863[So you did the-] the big red bus that [rides around?]3412.8579
2330DCB_int_013412.2150[I did that one] before, I've done the one- the little duck boat where [you g- where it goes] down Potomac.3417.2364
2332DCB_int_013417.7114Um, I've done the night- the night one is the best, [I think that's] the prettiest one.3422.2605
2334DCB_int_013422.5757Um, I haven't done the dinner cruise but I've done the lunch cruise,3425.8258
2336 3426.2686um, from Southwest off the, um,3428.7819 
2338 3428.9650[marina-]3429.4916 
2340DCB_int_013429.8364Waterfront, mm-hm.3430.9511
2341DCB_se1_ag2_f_023431.0007Oh speaking of that, that is my f- favorite restaurant in DC.3433.6021
2343 3433.8187I only been like three times though, Nick's Riverside Grill.3436.0814 
2345 3436.4436It's down like the- in the Waterfront like-3438.4365 
2347 3438.9544I don't even know why they call it the Waterfront, but it's like the Georgetown Waterfront, it's like in the back of Georgetown.3443.6792 
2348DCB_int_013443.7972Oh [okay.]3444.3901
2350DCB_int_013444.8579[N- in Northwest?]3446.0633
2353 3445.9863[In Northwest.]3446.7649 
2355DCB_se1_ag2_f_023447.1757Where- where they sometimes do like the pirate ships on Halloween for the little kids. Um,3451.6685
2357 3451.7685I can't think of the name of it, but they also do it for adult- I took my kids on there cause it was like groupon deal.3455.6543 
2359DCB_se1_ag2_f_023456.1115[And so] we hop on it, the little pirate ship and then you get off and it's like all these restaurants around there.3460.5364
2360 3460.6936But Nick's Riverside Grill is like really nice because in the winter time they have the like the ice skating rink3465.0792
2362 3465.4364[and stuff like that. Yeah], and then like during this time the ice skating rink is around, so it's just like this big water-3470.3651 
2363DCB_int_013465.4578[I've never been there.]3466.7965
2364DCB_se1_ag2_f_023471.0542this big water pond and stuff but it's like the scenery is very pretty but the food is also really good.3475.5916
2366 3475.8721And I thought the food would be expensive because where it's at but no it was like3479.3037 
2368 3479.4186the prices are amazing like-3481.0044 
2369DCB_int_013480.9830Nick's Riverside [Grill.]3482.4841
2370DCB_se1_ag2_f_023482.1114[Grill] yeah, Nick's Riverside Grill.3483.6400
2371DCB_int_013483.6757In Georgetown.3484.5024
2374 3485.0722in Georgetown Water- like all the way in the back of Georgetown.3487.3228 
2375DCB_int_013488.4757Okay I'll look it up. [Cause I'm in] Georgetown a lot,3490.5364
2377 3490.6507[Yeah it's in the back of-] yeah in the back. But it's um- I- I've taken him,3494.7672
2378DCB_int_013490.6757[ob- obviously, so.]3491.7851
2379DCB_se1_ag2_f_023495.1614and then I went with my cousin. But it's- it's- it's amazing like you- and it's not just Nick's Riverside Grill either, it's like3501.1370
2381 3501.3900when you go it's like a whole circle3502.9615 
2383 3503.3579full of like, restaura- I- but I've only tried Nick's Riverside Grill.3506.5232 
2384DCB_int_013506.7435Oh, okay, so it's like- it's not- okay I thought the whole thing was called Nick's Riverside [Grill so Nick's is] just one [/in there by itself/]3512.4759
2385DCB_se1_ag2_f_023510.1365Uh-uh, but that-3510.9151
2387 3511.4899[it's that restaurant] yeah, it's that restaurant.3513.9654 
2388DCB_int_013514.0900[Oh okay.]3515.0167
2389DCB_se1_ag2_f_023514.4257[But there- but] it's like a circle of restaurants but I like Nick's Riverside Grill.3518.3937
2390DCB_int_013518.8614[Oh okay, alright I'm'a] have to go over [there cause I don't eat] a lot over there [actually.]3522.8830
2391DCB_se1_ag2_f_023519.1721[Yeah, mm-hm.]3520.3079
2393 3521.0507[Yeah, you'll-]3521.7222 
2395 3522.6687[No] you'll like it because n- i-3524.2506 
2396 3524.5435The reason I like Nick's Riverside Grill because you have the option to eat outside and inside, [always ask] for outside3529.2712
2398DCB_se1_ag2_f_023529.3794cause I like /how it look/.3530.3527
2400 3530.6185But you- you'll really like it.3532.2150 
2401DCB_int_013532.6079Okay, and it's not expensive?3534.0472
2402DCB_se1_ag2_f_023534.0329No like, I don't know what type of food you like but I like their crab cakes.3537.2793
2403 3537.5864[/inaudible/]3538.1147
2404DCB_int_013537.6114[Oh I'm allergic] to [crab.]3539.0186
2405DCB_se1_ag2_f_023538.9400[But] they have everything, [they have like] wings, they have french fries, [everything] but3542.6757
2408 3541.8473[Okay.]3542.2526 
2409DCB_se1_ag2_f_023542.8792that's why I go because of- they have crab cakes that are amazing it's not like ridiculous prices.3546.7579
2411 3547.2580So that's why I like it.3548.1899 
2412DCB_int_013548.8935Do you eat mumbo sauce?3549.8639
2413DCB_se1_ag2_f_023550.0114I do eat mumbo sauce. <laugh>3551.7508
2415 3552.1686<laugh>3552.6646 
2417 3553.0937But I totally agree with you when you say it depends where you go.3556.0043 
2419 3556.2150And I like Danny's.3557.1923 
2422DCB_int_013558.5758Where's Danny's?3559.4935
2423DCB_se1_ag2_f_023559.5685There's multiple Danny's but I always go to- you know where Iverson Mall is?3562.7165
2425DCB_se1_ag2_f_023563.2257And I think it's t-3564.1901
2427 3564.3294um, considered Temple Hills?3565.7544 
2429DCB_se1_ag2_f_023566.6971That Danny's is3567.9309
2431 3568.0864the one, like3569.1744 
2433 3569.3829that's the one. And they're now stingy with their mu- you can- now people are like really stingy with their mumbo sauce.3573.7263 
2435 3574.0900You only get like, this much and if you want-3575.9132 
2437 3576.1044they put them in this little tube and then they put that on your food, and if you want extra mumbo sauce they charge you per tube and put it like- it's- it's ridiculous now with the mumbo sauce.3583.1459 
2439 3583.6901<laugh>3584.9101 
2441 3586.1543But yeah.3586.7316 
2442DCB_int_013586.8186I've ne- okay so I'm'a have to go over there, I was just thinking like what am I gonna eat today, that might be-3591.3078
2443DCB_se1_ag2_f_023591.3900And /RD-NAME-3/ got me on to Danny's too, like-3593.4033
2444DCB_int_013593.7579I'm- I've only tried- I've tried a few different- I've tried Eddie's-3596.6113
2445DCB_se1_ag2_f_023597.0400Eddie's. Oh Eddie Leonard's?3598.2703
2447 3598.3686But it's a lot of 'em.3599.4008 
2448DCB_int_013599.6186The one,3600.3440
2450 3600.4829um, that's up the street from- So I work in the same building she works [in, I work] on the other side [so the] one right up, uh, I think Marlboro Pike.3607.0002 
2453 3604.5614[Uh-huh.]3604.9868 
2454 3607.0437Marlboro Pike, okay cause it's one right here on Alabama Avenue too.3609.8328
2455DCB_int_013610.0650Oh no I ain't- not over [here. I- I'm not usually-] oh we have a club over here [but I'm not usually] over in [Southeast.]3614.8542
2458 3613.2008[Mm-hm.]3613.6075 
2460 3614.7185[Right.]3615.2639 
2463 3616.3829<clears throat> cause I live in Silver Spring, so I have-3618.3044 
2465 3618.4329When I come into DC if I'm not in Georgetown3620.6221 
2467 3621.1400or Northeast3622.4793 
2469 3622.5793I'm usually not-3623.4180 
2470DCB_se1_ag2_f_023623.6793You travel from Silver Spring to DC every day?3625.7567
2473DCB_int_013627.5078But it's actually not3628.5614
2475 3629.5472that3630.0043 
2477 3630.2686ba-3630.4258 
2478DCB_se1_ag2_f_023630.6615When [we go to /RD-NAME-3/'s house- oh well when we go to] /RD-NAME-3/'s it felt like we ran forever.3634.9865
2479DCB_int_013630.8044[But I have no desire to live in-]3633.1361
2481 3634.9615But she's past me.3636.0186 
2482DCB_se1_ag2_f_023635.9758Oh okay [/??/]3637.0991
2484 3638.2685so she is still like, four or five miles past where I am.3641.8321
2485DCB_se1_ag2_f_023641.9079Oh okay.3642.5251
2486DCB_int_013642.5251But still I mean it still- it is a long way. [I mean it's like] eighteen miles but in DC eighteen miles could be like a [hour.]3647.9983
2489 3647.6668[<laugh>]3649.1847 
2490DCB_int_013648.7372[Or it could be] like twenty minutes, you know what I mean, just depending on traffic. Traffic is the worst.3652.7119
2491 3653.4044Um, so d- mm. A- speaking of traffic do you- do you drive everywhere, do you take public [transportation?]3658.2080
2492DCB_se1_ag2_f_023657.9952[Um], I drive to work3659.6566
2493 3659.9148but catch the train back3661.2055
2495 3661.4565home.3661.9525 
2497DCB_se1_ag2_f_023663.2755Um, because I get a ride in the morning [and] then in the evenings he pick up the boys, but I wouldn't even aks him to pick me up in the evening because of the traffic, /exactly./3671.3728
2499DCB_se1_ag2_f_023671.6950I leave out at six o'clock in the morning so it's like the like traffic is3674.1042
2501 3674.5880just-3674.8618 
2503 3675.1805[cause no one's really out] there so- but in the evenings absolutely not, I would never.3678.4999 
2504DCB_int_013675.2498[No traffic /?/]3676.0432
2505 3678.6418Do you like public transportation?3679.9191
2506DCB_se1_ag2_f_023680.4886Um, I like the subway, not the bus.3682.8412
2507DCB_int_013683.7003What line do you ride?3684.7259
2508DCB_se1_ag2_f_023684.8264The green line. The green line and the blue line.3687.4099
2509DCB_int_013687.9448Oh okay. [Cause-]3688.7764
2510DCB_se1_ag2_f_023688.4438[Both are] dangerous.3689.3011
2511 3689.5248[<laugh>]3690.2210
2512DCB_int_013689.9508[But the] red line I think is the worst.3691.6148
2513DCB_se1_ag2_f_023691.7491Red line, yeah but far as like violence,3694.8328
2514DCB_int_013694.8709Oh, mm.3695.9137
2515DCB_se1_ag2_f_023695.9622the green line.3696.9515
2518DCB_int_013698.9697Is it a certain part? Like is it one [end versus the other?]3701.4207
2519DCB_se1_ag2_f_023700.5774[Um, I would] say, if you- if you're traveling to Greenbelt way, you're more safer but if you traveling to the Branch Avenue way, yeah you might-3708.0703
2520 3708.4770that's the mo- that's the- yeah.3710.2121
2522 3710.3099You-3710.5386 
2524 3710.7742you going through some things.3711.8369 
2525DCB_int_013711.8830At what point does it change, like you know how you can like- [okay well once you get to this stop-]3715.5824
2526DCB_se1_ag2_f_023714.0553[No you- After Gallery Place-]3715.8716
2527DCB_int_013715.9055After Gallery [Place?]3716.9242
2528DCB_se1_ag2_f_023716.4772[After Gallery] Place going towards Branch Avenue.3718.3586
2529 3718.9752But then it stops so it's like from3720.9433
2531 3721.3937Gallery Place to-3722.9111 
2533 3724.2731I would say Gallery Place to Congress Heights.3725.7531 
2535DCB_se1_ag2_f_023726.3137No no no to Suitland.3727.5125
2537 3727.6200Suitland's bad too so Gallery Place to Suitland.3729.6285 
2539 3729.9863But Naylor Road and Branch Avenue are- are kind of good stations but3733.6903 
2541 3733.8462I guess from Gallery Place to3735.3361 
2543 3735.8420Suitland, yes. That's- the- those the ones I feel like it need to be a police officer on every car.3740.3219 
2545 3741.3579<laugh> Like,3742.5832 
2547 3742.8684seriously.3743.4158 
2549 3743.6272[Like-]3744.1157 
2550DCB_int_013743.7069[It's really] that bad?3744.8330
2551DCB_se1_ag2_f_023744.8676Yeah because you- you know Anacostia?3746.5100
2553DCB_se1_ag2_f_023747.3658It's going through Anacostia and Congress Heights and yeah those aren't like nice-3751.6863
2555 3752.0501those are pretty rough <laugh> yeah, so-3753.9870 
2557 3754.2536So I- my stop is Congress Heights.3756.1455 
2559 3756.8488[So] he'll pick me up from the station and then yeah, so3760.0123 
2561 3760.3135How do you feel like this neighborhood- is it safe around these parts? It seems really quiet.3764.1561
2564 3766.4705I'm just one of those people like I don't mess with nobody so I- I- it- it's w- it's what you make it like I don't m- b- I- it- I'm cool with it.3773.5906 
2566DCB_se1_ag2_f_023774.5261I been in this area all my life.3776.3025
2568 3776.5183Like /at the map/, before moving here I was in my old apartment for about six years.3780.1564 
2570 3780.5237That was like right down the street, like3782.0725 
2572 3782.4222that was a really bad area but it was like I didn't mess with nobody, nobody messed with me, so.3786.4883 
2574 3786.9959That was that.3787.4498 
2575DCB_int_013787.4567Do you see your neighborhood changing like rent going up, different [people moving in?]3791.4620
2577 3791.5209[Yeah.]3792.2315
2578DCB_int_013791.6179[How does that make you] feel?3792.7697
2579DCB_se1_ag2_f_023792.9449I like it.3793.7419
2581DCB_se1_ag2_f_023794.2649[I like] it because I- like I said, it was always so much negative things now people seeing like if it- d-3798.8195
2582 3799.1954it's n-3799.6112
2584 3800.5259The news only3801.6622 
2586 3801.8770tell you what they wanna tell you, you know what I'm saying, so.3804.0184 
2588 3804.8187Until you actually experience it for yourself you will never know like, the real DC, so.3808.6322