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1DCB_int_010.1983Where- where were you born?1.5383
2DCB_se1_ag2_m_012.1021Uh, I was born in, uh, Landover, Maryland.4.2740
3DCB_int_014.2624Oh okay.4.6951
4DCB_se1_ag2_m_014.8393PG Hospital.5.6211
5DCB_int_018.4162And what neighborhoods did you grow up in?10.0948
6DCB_se1_ag2_m_0110.9977In Landover.11.7736
8DCB_se1_ag2_m_0112.4313In Seat Pleasant.13.1126
9DCB_int_0113.7840Oh I know Seat Pleasant, yeah.15.9354
10DCB_se1_ag2_m_0116.8503I grew up in Kentland though, that's a part of Landover but19.7399
12 19.8904I lived like, you know what I'm saying, I lived like /all/ Landover but like-22.1144 
14 23.1269like I got all my bones in- in- in Kentland, like25.9936 
16 26.4930I learned how to do everything in [Kentland.]28.1055 
18 28.2120Kentland?28.8236
19DCB_se1_ag2_m_0128.7774Kentland, yup.29.4868
20 29.9428That's the neighborhood.30.7668
22 30.9610See Landover's just a city, but the actual neighborhood was Kentland.33.5108 
24 34.0993But I lived in different parts of Landover.36.0088 
27 37.1857And how long have you been in the District?38.6244 
28DCB_se1_ag2_m_0139.9201For what,40.4220
30 40.5836uh, two years now? /A year?/41.9639 
31DCB_int_0141.5585[Two years?]42.0199
32DCB_se1_ag2_m_0143.3987A year and some change.44.2958
34 44.3650Might as well say two.45.1496 
35DCB_int_0145.2881And so,45.7150
37 45.9891have you lived any other place besides like, Landover and the District?48.6875 
39DCB_int_0149.7417How long did you live in Mississippi?50.7772
40DCB_se1_ag2_m_0151.2647For about six months.52.2830
42 53.2982Like six months.53.9962 
44 57.5729What flavor would you like?58.4181 
47 59.1537Um, I'm a lime girl.60.7748 
48DCB_se1_ag2_m_0160.8959A lime girl, [there you go, there you go lime girl.]63.8986
49DCB_int_0161.9082[Yes, I'm a lime girl all the way.]63.8883
50 64.7726Education? Where'd you go to school?66.6591
51DCB_se1_ag2_m_0167.0599Um, I went to /RD-SCHOOL-2/.69.5695
53DCB_se1_ag2_m_0171.1300That was elementary [school I went] to.72.5490
57 74.5971then I went to /RD-SCHOOL-2/, that was another elementary school.77.2882 
59 77.6603They changed after they transferred us from /RD-SCHOOL-2/, they opened up a new /RD-SCHOOL-2/ it was /RD-SCHOOL-2/.81.4708 
61 82.1889And middle school that I went to, uh,84.0033 
63 84.7532/RD-SCHOOL-4/.85.6973 
66 88.9184He was a judge I think.90.4701
68 91.0787No /RD-SCHOOL-2/ was a judge.92.5210 
70 93.1412I don't know who James was.94.1941 
72 95.5410And [the high school] I went to was /RD-SCHOOL-3/.97.3150 
73DCB_int_0195.6016[/And the-/]95.8814
74 98.3303/Of/ who?98.6557
76DCB_int_01102.1666Where was that?102.6946
78 103.3695Landover?103.8482 
79DCB_se1_ag2_m_01104.1974Um, in Seat Pleasant.105.4722
80DCB_int_01105.5356Seat [Pleasant? /?/]106.2366
81DCB_se1_ag2_m_01105.9135[Well it's in] Fairmount Heights, nah it's in Fairmount Heights, Fairmount Heights is it's own [city matter of fact.]108.7436
82DCB_int_01108.1202[Mm okay.]108.7634
83 108.8904/Mm/.109.1557
86 109.8509It's in Fairmount Heights.110.7278 
87DCB_int_01111.0594That makes sense.111.8700
89DCB_int_01115.2333So what do you do now?115.9587
90DCB_se1_ag2_m_01116.5889Um, right now?117.6706
92 118.8677Uh,120.4859 
94 121.1175what can I say,121.8271 
96 121.9598I'm a entrepreneur.122.8569 
98DCB_se1_ag2_m_01124.4116I'm an entrepreneur.125.2105
99DCB_int_01127.6249What about your parents where were they born?128.9835
100DCB_se1_ag2_m_01129.6556My mom was born in PG Hospital,131.5356
102 132.1304I don't know where my daddy was born.133.2842 
104 135.0609Either Virginia or North Carolina, one of the two.137.0570 
105DCB_int_01142.0933And what did your parents do?143.0840
106DCB_se1_ag2_m_01143.8473Uh, my mom-144.7556
108 144.8998my father he a ret-145.9555 
110 146.1459ve- uh,146.7661 
112 147.0055retired military vet and my mom she still currently working150.0745 
114 150.2216for a hotel.151.2803 
117 157.4877/Bam/.157.8280 
119 158.2606So tell me a little bit about growing up.159.8355 
121 161.0643W- how- do you remember your neighborhood when you were younger?163.5710 
122DCB_se1_ag2_m_01164.3497Rough, it was rough, it was rough.166.3256
123DCB_int_01167.0352Like [what?]167.4432
124DCB_se1_ag2_m_01167.2198[The neighborhood] I lived in they was all rough.169.1465
125 170.4330Just, uh,171.4571
127 173.3378I don't know.173.8915 
129 174.1568I can't-174.5782 
131 174.8520I don't know.175.3020 
133 175.4953This is the uncomfortable part right here.176.7501 
135 177.1164I don't know it was just rough, you know what I'm saying, you just /seen/ this-179.7236 
137 181.4431it wasn't no-183.1513 
139 183.4678we had rec centers and stuff like that, you know what I'm saying, we'd go play basketball and stuff like that.187.0014 
141 187.4745But it's just like,188.0889 
143 188.1868where you playing basketball,189.3176 
145 189.8483everybody just still hanging out doing what they doing.191.9325 
147 192.0233You know what I'm [saying.]192.6939 
149DCB_se1_ag2_m_01192.9665You just see a lot of violence and194.6394
151 195.3259a lot of loose women,196.9759 
153 197.2384you know what I'm saying.198.1357 
155 198.5478A lot of drugs and stuff like that.200.1487 
157 200.5439It's just201.1055 
158DCB_int_01202.6754H- [do you have-]203.2177
159DCB_se1_ag2_m_01202.8514[But it was] cool though, it was cool cause it was a like, you know what I'm saying,205.6581
160 206.0244you used to it like you grow up in a certain way so it's like you used to it, you look at it like-209.3617
162 209.7892a person on the outside look at it like oh that's crazy but it was just like, you get used to it like it was just- it was cool cause it was just like214.2834 
164 214.8347it ain't coming my way, we could still play basketball it was just [like- but] if you- you see what's going on, you know what I'm saying.219.4539 
166DCB_se1_ag2_m_01219.7927So like you kind of get around it but221.0666
168 221.2296it was cool though, you know what I'm saying, it was a lot of love and stuff like that, it's cool.224.0474 
169DCB_int_01224.4291Like the community- everybody stuck together.225.8188
170DCB_se1_ag2_m_01225.7845Yeah the community was real cool, like, you know what I'm saying, everybody knew everybody like everybody messed with everybody you know what I'm saying.230.7814
171DCB_int_01231.9307So did you-232.7070
172DCB_se1_ag2_m_01232.6727People [had their issues and stuff] like that- yeah, I got two sisters.235.5567
173DCB_int_01232.8700[did you have siblings?]233.8222
174DCB_se1_ag2_m_01235.9239Younger and one older.236.9962
175DCB_int_01237.4720Did they go to the rec238.1969
177 238.4285with you?238.7992 
179 238.9647Or were you kind of like [hanging out with the boys?]240.8424 
180DCB_se1_ag2_m_01239.9812[Well my- my sister-] yeah my older sister like, my- my older sister yeah, she was out there, you know what I'm saying, she was out there too you know what I'm saying, she's four years older than me so it was like,247.2600
181 248.1519she was out there doing her thing having fun and stuff too but like my little sister, she was more like sheltered like by the time she got of age like she was- we already had,255.4559
183 255.6749you know what I'm saying,256.2949 
185 256.8502established what's going on, and you ain't about to be out there doing all this and that you know what I'm saying so like,261.0362 
187 261.7353she grew up /?/ like different from us she was r- real like /?/ like /?/.264.7334 
189 264.9093Me and my older sister we was out there, like she wasn't really- she ain't really268.1151 
191 268.4005experienced the stuff that we experienced like that.270.2320 
192DCB_int_01270.9096Do you remember like your first like- as- as a little person like- a little person, but as a kid do you remember like your first apartment or your first home? Was it like a small place or large? Did you have a yard?280.4915
193DCB_se1_ag2_m_01280.7915[Nah], the apartments- I always lived in apartments so I wanted to go live with my father like I always lived- my mom, we always lived in apartments.286.8661
194DCB_int_01280.8129[/Or did you-/]281.1342
195DCB_se1_ag2_m_01287.1566You know what I'm saying. That's what I said, we lived in Landover- lived in Dodge View at first, that was in Landover.291.1711
197 291.5185And then we moved from over there292.7323 
199 293.1227we moved to um-294.2360 
201 295.2756we moved over to um-296.5924 
203 296.9141we moved over to Kentland. That was like, across the highway.299.1447 
205DCB_se1_ag2_m_01299.8865And we lived there for probably like-300.9691
206 301.8037probably like, what like,302.5672
208 302.8629ten-303.1889 
210 303.5192ten, twelve years, something like that. For a long time.305.9458 
212 306.0841And then we moved right down the street to Seat Pleasant.307.7569 
214 308.7732So it was like always apartments.310.3132 
216 310.6261When I moved with my father311.6941 
218 311.8743like I was like, fifteen?313.1439 
220 313.5685When I went out in Mississippi I was like fifteen years old, you know what I'm saying, he had a house, you know what I'm saying.317.7937 
222DCB_se1_ag2_m_01318.1834He was doing his thing but,319.4144
224 319.6932I couldn't get with that.320.5768 
226 320.7698They was talking about321.5818 
228 321.9365you gotta come in the house at seven o'clock, like the s- the lights ain't even came on like I mean like it ain't [even] like- it's still light outside you talking about come in the house, it was- that was a whole n-331.2192 
230DCB_se1_ag2_m_01331.7797different language so like I couldn't deal with that.333.7830
232 334.7307But nah, I always lived in apartment though with mama dukes.337.0383 
233DCB_int_01337.9905Did you like school?338.8531
234DCB_se1_ag2_m_01339.6566Nah I didn't. No I- I did-341.8568
236 342.3909I did but I didn't. Like I liked to go to school,344.9473 
238 345.3116but I didn't like to go to class and like do work and stuff, like I liked to go to school cause like I was popular like everybody liked me and stuff like that but it was just like352.1057 
240 352.8906to go do the work and all that like nah, I ain't like school.356.3046 
241DCB_int_01356.3818You were like, nah [I'm good on that.]357.5485
243 357.8787Yeah like and one year when I was at elementary school like my mom,360.6750
245 361.2627think it was like, the fourth grade,362.3693 
247 362.8926she had to come- for me to even stay in school she had to come to school and like basically chaperone me for the rest of the school year.367.7734 
249 368.3267You know what I'm [saying?]368.9201 
251DCB_se1_ag2_m_01369.5105Like real /laugh/ like you know what I'm saying she had to chaperone me like I was just- I was a bad372.9119
253 373.1263ch- I never- me and school ain't never get along.375.1637 
254DCB_int_01376.1585[Were your siblings] like that too?377.4372
256 377.8442Nah my sister she actually was good in school, and my little sister now like she been- so she been- she's about to be in twelfth grade next year, she in eleventh grade this year,385.0987
258 385.6074she done got honor roll since386.8599 
260 387.0400kindergarten.387.6867 
262 387.9922Like she's been doing her thing, and my sister she was good in school, you know what I'm saying.391.3642 
264 391.8308I was just the problem child.393.0446 
266DCB_se1_ag2_m_01397.7797I don't know.398.3330
268 398.5689I don't know, I just- I don't know.399.9609 
270 400.3746I just- all-401.3440 
272 401.6528I just be wanting- I always- I'm still like that in ways like I just always wanted to just do what I wanna do like I'm-406.6941 
274 407.4687Nobody tell me what to do.408.7941 
276 409.5147You know what I'm saying, like that's why I can't work for-411.5518 
278 411.7105I can't work for nobody and do that cause it's just like,414.1225 
280 414.9102I can't nobody t- I can't have nobody telling me what to do.417.3679 
282 417.8955It bothers me.418.6330 
284 419.5037I have to be my own person.420.5374 
286 421.3009I think that's why me and my wife bump heads sometimes too.423.3768 
287DCB_int_01424.2862Cause y'all- you have to be your own person?425.8421
288DCB_se1_ag2_m_01425.9415Yeah she don't understand that like, don't try like- I feel like sometimes she try to son me like, don't son me, like don't [do that.]431.8177
289DCB_int_01431.3759[She try to] do what?432.0834
290DCB_se1_ag2_m_01432.0834Son me.432.6110
291DCB_int_01432.9198Son me?433.3745
293DCB_int_01433.7047[Oh], oh son you- okay so what does that mean?435.6048
294DCB_se1_ag2_m_01436.2225Like don't son me, don't try to son me, like don't tell me what to do.439.6195
296 439.9882Talk to me, you know what I'm saying. Like we can441.7810 
298 441.9097like442.2443 
300 442.4888I think you should do this and do it like- okay.443.9728 
302 444.1058Don't talk at me, like talk to me.445.5255 
304DCB_se1_ag2_m_01446.3702I don't like when people talk at me.447.4811
305DCB_int_01447.9143So let's- okay we gonna come back to like being a little kid and stuff but like since you brought up your wife let's talk about- how'd you guys meet?454.3265
306DCB_se1_ag2_m_01455.1200At /Kong's/.456.1537
308 457.1616Down H Street.458.0416 
310DCB_se1_ag2_m_01459.1775I was just like-460.2541
312 460.6613I was just- I just had went through like a crazy little situation, you know what I'm saying. And my sister was just like, come on /granddad/ let's just go out, you know what I'm saying. Just have some drinks and just chill, you know what I'm saying. So I'm like,470.0073 
314 470.3590aight that's cool.471.0667 
316 471.7530And she was down there with her friends, she kept looking at me, she faking like she wasn't looking and she kept looking at me you know what I'm saying.476.2092 
318DCB_se1_ag2_m_01476.6338So I'm like, aight man let me see what's up /??/478.3924
319 478.5940And it was just like,479.3553
321 479.5033from the first day I seen her though like from that first night I met her,481.9806 
323 482.2396she was shaking her booty on me all night,483.5821 
325 484.1826from then,484.7932 
327 485.4436I ain't went one day I ain't seen her or talked to her since then.488.3811 
328DCB_int_01489.9086So you knew then?490.7276
331 492.0573Yeah.492.4106 
334 494.3692What did she do that made you- what- what- how did you know? How did you know at that moment that okay this is gonna [be my wife?]499.8226 
335DCB_se1_ag2_m_01499.3058[Cause the first] day that I- the next day, she called me the next day after we met. Like she called me.504.0685
336 504.5341Like,504.9767
338 505.2589I was like, dang.506.0523 
340 506.4256Like,506.7087 
342 506.9660you know what I'm saying like, when I went out that night it was- like she wasn't even the only female that I met that night.510.8520 
344 511.3711But it was just like,512.0871 
346 512.4474she called me, and it was just like, nah nigga.514.9498 
348 515.2439You gonna mess with me, and I was like, nah you gonna mess with me.517.5642 
350 517.8472You know what I'm saying, she had a man and all that though.519.3646 
351DCB_int_01520.1849Oh she did, so tell me about [that.]522.1148
352DCB_se1_ag2_m_01521.7247[Yeah.] She had a man.522.9343
353DCB_int_01523.2831Oh, okay so you were like,525.0369
355 525.1232were you the side, were y'all talking or you were just like, [okay well I'm'a wait till you finish up.]529.1379 
356DCB_se1_ag2_m_01527.7243[Nah she had a dude like-] nah she had a dude,530.1327
357 530.6242and I told her like,531.6274
359 531.9962I just told her straight up like, man you gotta drop that-534.2019 
361 534.7268that, uh, zero and get you a hero.536.4244 
363DCB_se1_ag2_m_01537.0885[You know what I'm saying?]537.8992
364 539.2146[I had to go- I had to go] old540.9154
365DCB_int_01539.3042[Okay you the hero.]540.3509
366DCB_se1_ag2_m_01541.0383pimp daddy mode on her and shit, /ay/ yeah I'm the hero.543.6425
368DCB_se1_ag2_m_01544.7421[She had her] a zero.545.7194
369DCB_int_01545.9612So how- how long did it take for her to drop the zero?548.5048
370DCB_se1_ag2_m_01548.9309Like what,549.4790
372 550.3958a week or something I think?551.7065 
374 552.0734[A week or so?] Yeah, you know what I'm [saying /?/ fast.]554.3488 
377 553.6512[And so then once y'all] started da- well what- do you remember your first date or your first like, hangout besides the- besides [Kong?]559.8397 
379 560.7267We met her at, um,561.9957
381 562.8162what was that babe? What was that, Smokey Bo- what was that, Smokey Bones565.4536 
382DCB_se1_ag2_f_02566.1280This your interview.566.9573
383DCB_se1_ag2_m_01567.7690But you- I can s- I can't get-568.7390
384DCB_se1_ag2_f_02568.7158I think it was Smokey [Bones.]569.8347
385DCB_se1_ag2_m_01569.6624[Yeah] Smokey Bones, me and my cousin [met her at Smokey Bones.]572.2369
388DCB_se1_ag2_m_01573.5391We had some drinks at the bar.574.5886
390 575.7579I don't remember if we ate or not, did we get anything to eat?577.9238 
393 579.3091<cough>580.1030
395 580.1994Excuse me I got- getting over a little cold.581.7771 
397DCB_se1_ag2_m_01582.7372God forgive me.583.2620
399 583.9131But um,584.4612 
401 584.6207yeah I think we had a uh,585.8807 
403 586.0323I think we ate.586.6203 
405 586.7034But yeah we met at Smokey Bones.587.9557 
407 588.9324And then I think the next date after that was the-591.4237 
409 592.9219I think it w- was it the iPic?594.2872 
411DCB_se1_ag2_m_01596.1906Yeah it was the iPic, yeah [ the /unintelligible/.]598.1537
412DCB_int_01597.5059[What's that?]597.9743
413DCB_se1_ag2_m_01598.3231The iPic the movie theater.599.3297
414DCB_int_01599.7350Oh okay.600.5456
416 600.7282[Okay.]601.0837 
417DCB_se1_ag2_m_01600.7482[Yeah] we went off the late night though, we ain't even get to eat.602.9903
418 604.1463Like [that was crazy we ain't even get to eat nothing or none of that shit] /?/ for real.607.6908
422DCB_se1_ag2_m_01609.9130[Like that was] crazy, I was mad. I was mad as a motherfucker.612.9099
423 613.0888[/inaudible/]613.7168
428DCB_se1_ag2_f_02615.3376Oh my god.616.1149
431 617.6430So,618.0616 
433 618.4536what has been- okay, in your eyes what has been the most romantic thing that you've done for her?622.4430 
434DCB_se1_ag2_m_01623.4429The /rost/ romantic thing that [I've done for] her?625.8345
438 629.6348shit, uh, romantic,632.2186 
440 634.9464what's the romantic-635.9264 
442 636.2518I don't- I done did a couple of romantic [things.]638.4675 
443DCB_int_01638.2815[Okay] tell me about 'em.639.2215
446 644.1645I think- I think-645.5071 
448 647.5230/See well I can't-/ she done did that.648.7585 
450 648.9977Shit, /unintelligible/ she did that.650.8444 
452 650.9543Um-651.6553 
454DCB_se1_ag2_m_01653.3528Well nah I got her- nah like w- one, you know what I'm saying, one- what was it, Valentine's Day last year?657.5582
456 657.8372Or the year before last?658.9600 
458 659.4681You know what I'm saying like,660.3787 
460 660.8234I got up, made her some breakfast all that, you know what I'm saying, made her stand in the little room, you know what I'm saying, she came out,666.3914 
462 666.5805had all her little gifts and stuff on the bed for her and stuff with some teddy bears and stuff like that. No it wasn't teddy bears it was balloons.672.5761 
464 673.0146Had balloons, you know what I'm saying, then I h- it was a lot of balloons though.676.1005 
466 676.5390You know what I'm saying, and her gifts in the bags and stuff like that.678.8909 
468 679.2962I think that was romantic.680.2625 
469DCB_int_01680.2729Mm-hm, what's the most romantic thing she's done for you?682.5729
470DCB_se1_ag2_m_01682.8140Uh, Valentine's Day,684.1817
472 684.6676we got that room685.5103 
474 685.6011with that jacuzzi, she had the roses and687.7693 
476 688.1488we had-688.6288 
478 688.9893oh man we had motherfucking uh-690.8466 
480 691.3379we had691.8939 
482 692.0056candle wax everywhere that day.693.5667 
484 693.7594[<laugh>]694.3047 
486DCB_se1_ag2_m_01694.7825[She was] trying to be sexy and shit we- <laugh>696.7857
488DCB_se1_ag2_m_01697.4233[We was nervous] as a motherfucker the next morning /?/ thinking we about to pay for that motherfucking carpet.701.5957
490DCB_se1_ag2_m_01703.5587[For real.]704.1854
492DCB_se1_ag2_m_01705.1765That- it was [fun though, it was nice.] It was real nice.707.8972
494DCB_int_01708.9968You remember that?709.8271
495DCB_se1_ag2_m_01709.1494[It was nice.] Yeah [it was nice], yeah I remember that.712.3252
497DCB_se1_ag2_m_01712.8434I was in the jacuzzi, Big Willie style,715.0716
499 715.2881you know what I'm [saying.]715.8775 
501DCB_se1_ag2_m_01716.7000Yeah, sipping on my Patron.718.5569
503 720.0452No it was a good time though.721.1379 
504DCB_int_01721.3837Oh okay, is that your drink of choice?722.9816
507 724.5363Yeah, that's- yeah but tequila, I'm a tequila man, you know what I'm saying.727.5580 
509DCB_se1_ag2_m_01728.3663I had- I don't know the name of it but it's a new one I just taste, it got the little-732.3424
511 732.6315it's like a little733.3021 
513 733.6579s- like a rectangle bottle.735.0199 
515 735.7740With736.0807 
517 737.0926like a little metal top it's called Don something. But it's a s-740.1654 
519 740.5774smooth tequila. I like it. <burp>742.3812 
521 742.7829[Ooh excuse me.]743.5869 
522DCB_int_01742.8029[Not Don Julio?]743.6566
523DCB_se1_ag2_m_01743.7862Not Don Julio.744.6432
525 745.5335Don Julio in that round bottle.746.9354 
527DCB_se1_ag2_m_01747.4567[This in] like a rectangle bottle.749.0513
528 749.4731And it got a little metal top like-751.4862
530 752.0443If you watch the Breakfast Club they got the bottle in the back of they joint now the whole time.754.7885 
531DCB_int_01755.2531/unintelligible/ when you're ready [for me to /??/]756.8158
532DCB_se1_ag2_m_01755.8245[It's called Don something], [Don /??/] something, [something.]758.9543
535 758.5020[I'm'a look] for [it.]759.5019 
536DCB_se1_ag2_m_01759.3954[You] gotta look for it, it's a nice smooth tequila. I'm a tequila man I can't do nothing but tequila.763.4615
537 763.9465I can drink Cognac now, at first I couldn't drink Cognac it used to make me go to sleep instantly. But now I can drink Cognac.768.5239
539DCB_se1_ag2_m_01770.4938Vodka, I can't do vodka.771.6727
540DCB_int_01771.9354Really, what happened?772.7287
542 773.0250What happened to you and vodka that fell out?774.9083 
545 776.6391I don't know, it's like ever since I started drinking tequila, when I drink vodka it just don't sit right with me like I don't wake up the next morning feeling good off the vodka.784.7643 
547 786.1330Like it don't do it for me.787.2458 
549 788.5412And I don't go to sleep now off the, uh, off the Cognac. Like I don't do the Cognac, I don't s- I used to go to sleep off Cognac.794.5205 
551 794.9590Now I can drink a Cognac.796.2417 
552DCB_int_01796.2845How you drink it?796.9821
553DCB_se1_ag2_m_01796.9854And I can mix the tequila and the Cognac.798.4637
555 799.2441Yeah.799.8520 
557 800.1112Yeah.800.6560 
558DCB_int_01800.6327[Really? I'm not sure you're supposed to do that.]802.9660
559DCB_se1_ag2_m_01801.1974[Yeah, I mean I could get to drinking like] Patron,803.6454
560 804.0277and then put the 'tron down to pick up the Henny and be good.806.7931
561DCB_int_01807.0704[I'm not sure you're supposed] to be mixing the-808.5620
562DCB_se1_ag2_m_01807.0771[And be good.]807.6219
563DCB_int_01808.9008the brown and white.809.8048
564DCB_se1_ag2_m_01810.1763Nah the- I- I don't do the- I don't think I could do the vodka like that but I think the- the tequila I could do it like I be fucking with the tequila and the v- and the, uh- and the Cognac.818.0856
566 818.3566Yeah, and it be having me feeling good.820.6762 
567DCB_int_01820.7121You- you drink one and then the other or you mix them together like on [the rocks?]824.2379
568DCB_se1_ag2_m_01823.6813[I drink like] one and the other, like I don't-825.4587
569DCB_int_01825.5377[Oh you'll have one here, one-] oh you don't put them in the [same-]828.0942
570DCB_se1_ag2_m_01825.5484[I ain't /inaudible/]826.5898
572 827.8033Nah, [nah.]828.8047 
573DCB_int_01828.2414[Oh, I was] like, [that's too much.]830.3489
574DCB_se1_ag2_m_01829.1604[I been thinking about trying that though.]830.4494
575DCB_int_01830.6936Let's not.831.4189
576DCB_se1_ag2_m_01831.4261I been thinking [about trying that. Get me some lime] juice.833.7994
577DCB_int_01831.8713[Mm-mm. Don't go there.]833.2752
579 833.7887Mm.834.1593 
580DCB_se1_ag2_m_01834.1801Dump a little pinch of [Henny.]835.9593
581DCB_int_01835.6017[With Cognac?]836.2897
583DCB_int_01837.0703[No, lime] juice?838.3143
586 839.5191Cause I'm still gonna have my tequila.840.7938 
587DCB_int_01841.5548What do you normally drink the Cognac with?843.1095
590 844.3877I drink Cognac straight.845.2172 
592DCB_se1_ag2_m_01846.0179[Yeah I drink Cognac straight.]847.4431
593DCB_int_01846.0287[You see the tequila and the lime all] that mixing toge- it's not good, I'm try- I'm try- I'm trying to help you out.850.2402
594DCB_se1_ag2_m_01850.5562I think it could be a nice blend for me [though.]852.2616
596 852.4054[mm okay, let me know how that works] out.854.8351
597DCB_se1_ag2_m_01852.4413[You know what I'm saying? I think it could be a nice blend for me.]854.5021
598 854.8863Yeah [I think-]855.7444
599DCB_int_01855.2417[Ta- let-] talk to me [after you do it /?/]856.8288
600DCB_se1_ag2_m_01856.3010[I'm'a try that, I might do that- I might do that] next [weekend.]858.8961
601DCB_int_01857.0191[Mm-hm, /you'll be like this is-/]858.2794
603 858.6241[Do a small] version, cause it's na- that's not gonna taste good.861.5897 
604DCB_se1_ag2_m_01861.5682I might do that next [weekend.]862.6885
605DCB_int_01862.5736[Trying] to help [you.]864.0029
606DCB_se1_ag2_m_01863.5897[You know what I'm] saying. And you don't want another shot of, uh, tequila?866.2804
607DCB_int_01866.4045No [I'm g- I'm good right here] with this, [I'm- I'm good.]868.7564
608DCB_se1_ag2_m_01866.6092[You sure? /?/]867.4386
610 867.8731[Aight /??/]869.0184 
611DCB_int_01869.0939Okay, so you have-870.5409
613 870.6343so you grew up-871.4889 
615 871.7148now did you stay with your-873.4276 
617 873.7471in-874.0559 
619 874.1960with your siblings and your family for like- until you grew up and left home?877.6200 
620DCB_se1_ag2_m_01877.9589Um, yeah I- me and-879.7612
622 879.9659I moved out of my mom house at882.2710 
624 885.2618it was either nineteen or twent- I was nineteen or twenty.887.2869 
626 887.7788I was nineteen or twenty [when I moved out of mom house.]889.9727 
627DCB_int_01888.7124[Did y'all have any like]889.6208
628 890.4034family traditions that y'all did like891.8683
630 892.0479dinner every Sunday or y'all went out like on Easter or y'all went [to-]895.5954 
631DCB_se1_ag2_m_01895.3869[Nah] like I told you like we897.3144
632 897.5090like-897.7810
634 899.2504cause like,899.7051 
636 899.9255f- before my little sister came,901.4055 
638 901.6846my mom,902.3345 
640 902.9126she always was working, so it was just like me and my older sister, it was just like, man we was out here. Like, we just been out here.908.0688 
642 908.1942We just been doing the way we do, you know what I'm saying.909.8998 
644 910.3809Sh- we had a good mother that- /you know/ what I'm saying, that provided for us, looked out for us, you know what I'm saying, s- the most that she could.914.8366 
646 915.3788But, uh, it was just like916.6643 
648 917.6840traditions and stuff, nah ain't no traditions. Like, the best tradition that we'd get, we get some carry out and eat at the same table.923.8306 
650 924.5993Like-924.8846 
651DCB_int_01924.9907What was your favorite?925.8129
653 925.9276Where- where was your favorite place?927.3467 
654DCB_se1_ag2_m_01927.8414What you mean?928.3281
655DCB_int_01929.0407To get your food.929.7588
656DCB_se1_ag2_m_01929.8593Oh the favorite place to get my food? [Oh], the carry out.932.1250
658DCB_se1_ag2_m_01932.5377[Chicken wings and fries, /we had/ chicken wings and french fries.]934.6021
659DCB_int_01932.6203[Which one? Y'all had any- any one particular?]934.9767
660DCB_se1_ag2_m_01935.1409Yeah, George's, Lennie's,936.5520
662 936.6633George's and Lennie's. But Lennie's- when I was younger,939.2407 
664 939.6505I wasn't really hip to Lennie's, so mama duke's and 'em used to always- cause they don't deliver. So they used to always get some that delivered so it was George's, when I got older though946.5587 
666 946.9716I seen that Lennie's was the shit, like Lennie's had that shit for us.950.1349 
667DCB_int_01950.9318What did you order?951.6320
668DCB_se1_ag2_m_01952.1383Um, I used to get953.3894
670 954.0161chicken cheese steaks and seasoned fries, or either chicken wings or french fries.957.9800 
671DCB_int_01958.3642Mumbo sauce or no mumbo sauce?959.6975
672DCB_se1_ag2_m_01960.0625Mumbo sauce, yeah, mumbo sauce.961.6173
673DCB_int_01962.0623Do you like mumbo [sauce?]963.1290
674DCB_se1_ag2_m_01962.7230[As I got] older though I start- I started getting everything on the side though.965.6385
675DCB_int_01966.5865[That's the w- yup, yeah all that, putting all- it's too much.]970.4785
676DCB_se1_ag2_m_01966.5972[As I got older yeah, as I got older I start putting everything-]969.2993
678 969.6706[Yeah.]970.2999 
680 970.4785But nah if I get fried rice now- this the thing, you gotta-973.2294 
681 973.4048You gotta go to Jerry's.974.6185
683 974.7619The Jerry's off of /??/ Eastern Avenue976.5679 
685 976.8085[/?/ in Seat] Pleasant977.5459 
687DCB_se1_ag2_m_01978.3668Man get you five wings with fried rice980.7508
689 980.9124no vegetables981.9230 
691 982.1906add egg983.0186 
693 983.6807hot sauce and mumbo sauce on everything, man that shit bomb as a motherfucker. [I ain't /??/]987.2532 
694DCB_int_01986.7936[And that's at] Jer- let me [write that down.]988.4818
695DCB_se1_ag2_m_01987.8241[At Jerry's] yes at [Jerry's.]989.4686
696DCB_int_01988.9875[Oh, Eastern Avenue.]989.8866
697DCB_se1_ag2_m_01989.7451[Yup] Jerry's right down Eastern Avenue, right off Eastern Avenue.992.0424
698DCB_int_01992.3229Jerry's on Eastern Avenue.993.6407
699DCB_se1_ag2_m_01994.9836I drove all way over there the other day [just to get that.]997.3793
700DCB_int_01996.7358[Northwest.] I mean Northeast.998.1182
701DCB_se1_ag2_m_01998.8828That's Northeast, yeah that's Northeast. That's Northeast.1000.8073
702DCB_int_011002.7606Cause I was just thinking what I'm gonna have for dinner today, I got some other [recommendations.]1006.0638
703DCB_se1_ag2_m_011005.2308[Go get that Jerry's] I'm [trying to tell you.]1007.5144
704DCB_int_011006.7352[Okay tell me what I'm] supposed to order now so I can sound like I'm for real for real ordering it right.1010.2792
705DCB_se1_ag2_m_011010.7314Five wings with fried rice.1012.2969
707 1012.6918[I don't get no vegetables, add egg in] my r- uh, fried rice.1016.3892 
708DCB_int_011012.6954[Five wings, fried rice.]1015.1371
709 1016.7418[Oh no but I like] the vegetables.1018.0416
710DCB_se1_ag2_m_011016.7598[Hot sauce-]1017.3305
712 1017.9842Aight get your [vegetables then.]1018.9752 
713DCB_int_011018.5228[Okay okay] okay.1019.2625
714DCB_se1_ag2_m_011019.7831Add egg.1020.4761
715DCB_int_011020.7167Add egg, uh-huh.1021.7366
716DCB_se1_ag2_m_011022.5874If you wanna do it big dog style1024.2532
718 1024.3968get some chicken fried rice.1025.8168 
719DCB_int_011026.6625[But I can do it] little [dog and just get-]1028.3398
720DCB_se1_ag2_m_011026.6697[You know what I'm saying.]1027.2470
722 1027.5996[But you can do it little] and just add egg, and [just add egg.]1029.8250 
726DCB_se1_ag2_m_011030.7664[And get]1031.1936
727 1031.6317hot sauce and mumbo sauce on everything.1033.3784
729 1033.7394And make sure they [put your soy sauce in] the bag.1035.2975 
730DCB_int_011034.2311[Oh I gotta put-]1034.9815
731 1035.3550I gotta do it on everything? [Can I just get it on the-] I can't get it on the [side?]1038.2239
734 1038.0300[Nah it's best on everything.] You doing it right, you gotta get hot sauce and mumbo sauce on the chicken and fried rice.1043.0806 
735DCB_int_011038.3639[If I'm doing it right.]1039.2479
738 1046.6326[That shit is bomb.]1047.5926 
739DCB_int_011046.6400[On everyth- ooh.]1047.8247
740DCB_se1_ag2_m_011047.7996On everything.1048.7636
742DCB_se1_ag2_m_011049.9145[On everything] that shit good.1051.2865
743DCB_int_011051.4477Now that make sound like I'm legit like if I get it- or if I order it just li- so I gotta say five wings, fried rice, add egg, hot sauce and mumbo sauce on everything.1057.6843
745DCB_int_011058.3486[And if I order it just like that.]1059.4246
748DCB_se1_ag2_m_011060.3663Repeat what you say again.1061.3076
749DCB_int_011062.4130Five wings, fried rice, add egg, hot sauce and mumbo sauce on everything.1066.1614
752 1066.9118Hot sauce and mumbo sauce on everything, yeah.1068.3804 
754DCB_se1_ag2_m_011070.1362And depending on what carry out you go to, you gotta tell them to cook your chicken soft cause some of them cook the chicken too hard.1074.2402
755 1075.1449It mess up the experience.1076.4052
757DCB_se1_ag2_m_011077.9417Cause you gotta understand every cook out-1079.3277
759 1079.5001every- I said cook out, every carry out chicken already pre-cooked.1082.2900 
761 1082.4300Don't let them tell you that they going there cooking it fresh in the back, no they not doing that, it's already pre-cooked.1086.0100 
763 1086.2287They start cooking that shit early in the morning.1087.5321 
765DCB_se1_ag2_m_011088.8927[You know what I'm saying], yeah.1089.7329
766DCB_int_011089.9663So okay, what's the difference between like a carry out and Chinese restaurant?1094.0237
768 1094.3756Are they different or that's the same?1095.6342 
769DCB_se1_ag2_m_011096.1491Nah, it's same thing.1096.7918
771DCB_se1_ag2_m_011097.6248Except for, you sitting down and you can't at restaura- Chinese restaurant1100.2137
772 1100.5620you sitting down, carry out you gotta get your shit and go.1102.5043
773DCB_int_011102.9675[So you can't sit down?]1103.9589
774DCB_se1_ag2_m_011103.0357[But they got some carry outs like] that, they got some carry outs like that like it's Mainland.1105.6704
775 1105.9513They got Mainland over there /?/ off of uh-1107.8182
777 1108.2885off of MLK.1109.2805 
778DCB_int_011109.9007Who? [What's it called?]1110.8447
779DCB_se1_ag2_m_011110.3208[Off of MLK], Mainland.1111.5835
781DCB_se1_ag2_m_011112.3998Yeah. You can sit down and dine in there and eat.1114.2598
782DCB_int_011115.1536Oh [but most of the time you can't?]1116.5802
783DCB_se1_ag2_m_011115.3870[You can sit down /at Mainland and eat/.]1116.6283
784DCB_int_011116.8268Like they had that [one stool or that one bench?]1119.0948
785DCB_se1_ag2_m_011117.3403[Most time, yeah most time-]1118.6903
786 1119.0961Yeah.1119.6374
789 1121.0097Mkay.1121.4430 
791 1121.8499So,1122.3019 
793 1123.1317t- okay, Jerry's on Eastern Avenue.1125.0347 
795 1125.3685But that's not where you grew up.1126.5570 
796DCB_se1_ag2_m_011127.4151I grew up in Seat Pleasant too.1128.4348
797DCB_int_011128.8047I know but that's not-1129.7203
799 1129.8352that's near Seat Pleasant?1130.7884 
800DCB_se1_ag2_m_011130.7614Yeah Jerry's is right there, [Seat Pleasant-]1132.4480
801DCB_int_011131.8673[Oh when you come- when you cross over the line.]1133.9965
802DCB_se1_ag2_m_011132.7829[Yeah, /that's/-]1133.5908
803 1134.0539Jerry's [is right there.]1134.7649
804DCB_int_011134.2802[Okay okay okay] okay I was- I- I was thinking-1136.9282
805 1137.1993Nevermind.1137.7433
807 1137.9029I was over on [this side of town], sorry about that.1139.9962 
811 1141.1416So,1142.1643 
813 1142.6748you ain't like school, so what did you do? What did you do- what- what made you happy?1147.1557 
816 1148.8612Uh,1150.0639 
818 1150.5888hanging out,1151.2973 
820 1153.1836playing basketball, football. I love sports. I love fucking sports, like I love sports. To this day I love sports.1158.7355 
822DCB_se1_ag2_m_011159.0727[I wanted] to go to the league for a long time, like that was my dream.1161.5266
823 1162.1368Until the streets just got a hold of me and I just gave 'em up.1164.1851
824DCB_int_011164.6289Okay before we talk about the streets let's talk about sports, what sports do you like?1167.4370
825DCB_se1_ag2_m_011167.5608Football and basket- I love all sports but football and basketball are my [favorite. Football] is the number one. The Redskins.1172.7030
827 1172.8695[Okay a local] boy.1174.1540
828DCB_se1_ag2_m_011173.0786[Miami Heat.]1173.6718
829DCB_int_011174.2607And Miami Heat, [okay well let's talk about the Miami] Heat cause [I'm not really into football.]1177.7004
832 1176.5012[And I like the, uh,]1177.8327 
833 1177.9520I like the Boston Red Sox,1179.5396
835DCB_se1_ag2_m_011180.1754[I like] the Miami Hurricanes, that's my foot- college [football team.]1183.3591
837DCB_se1_ag2_m_011184.0120I don't really have a college basketball team, I like Georgetown,1187.0674
838DCB_int_011187.5411Thank [you.]1188.2666
839DCB_se1_ag2_m_011188.1557[I] um, [my favorite base-] I already said Rex Sox. My favorite uh, hockey, we just lost, the Capitals, that's my [favorite /team./]1194.2134
840DCB_int_011189.1842[I like them too.]1189.9775
842 1193.6479[It was a sad] situation. [I was hoping they would pull it out.]1196.0720 
843DCB_se1_ag2_m_011194.8684[Yeah, we do that every year] though.1196.3707
844DCB_int_011196.4091[Every year, I know. Right, like last year-]1199.3474
845DCB_se1_ag2_m_011196.5200[It happen every year, it happens every f- I know it's frustrating] it's very frustrating.1200.5189
846DCB_int_011200.8813Up [three one, and then they lost.]1203.2499
847DCB_se1_ag2_m_011201.1032[I understand how Wizards fan- fans feel.]1203.1339
848DCB_int_011203.7662Up three one.1204.6756
849DCB_se1_ag2_m_011205.3922They do that every year.1206.3735
851 1206.5357Like we're always up, like we're always [up.]1208.9088 
852DCB_int_011208.6567[I was] really hoping for uh, conference finals this year but [uh,]1212.6235
853DCB_se1_ag2_m_011212.3226[Nah I wasn't expecting that from the Capitals.] I wasn't [expecting that.]1215.1156
856 1214.6013[Well]1215.0786 
857DCB_se1_ag2_m_011215.2684They- [that's they MO.]1216.5225
858DCB_int_011215.6597[You were right on your expectation.]1217.3377
859DCB_se1_ag2_m_011216.8119[That's they MO.] Like yeah they- that's they MO.1219.0706
860 1219.9060We had a best tea- we had a best- same thing with the Nets though. And I ain't a Nets fan. Same thing with the Nets.1224.9100
862 1225.0867They dominate during the regular season and shit and then after the playoffs start and then they on some whole other shit.1230.2204 
864 1230.6642But I just- that's just-1231.6936 
866 1232.1792And same thing with the Redskins, I love them to death, but it's just a- it's a DC thing.1236.1949 
868 1236.4850You know what I'm saying.1237.1117 
869DCB_int_011237.3770Sports ain't- it ain't-1238.5933
871 1239.0243They getting better but they [not consistent.]1241.3026 
872DCB_se1_ag2_m_011240.1595[But the Skins, we gonna be ready] this year though, the Skins we on that ass.1243.5008
873 1243.6758We on that ass. We gonna be the first team to win this division back to back in some years.1248.0381
874DCB_int_011248.4854What you think making them better?1249.7100
877 1251.8609Scott making us better. Scott McCloughan.1253.9094 
878DCB_int_011254.5879You think [so?]1255.1939
879DCB_se1_ag2_m_011255.0531[That's] our general manager, yeah he- he- he's the one-1257.7178
880 1257.8515he's putting a print on the team, he's building actual team like,1261.2409
882 1262.0176instead of going after the1263.2681 
884 1263.5924big time names and [shit like] that like he going after the football players.1267.3135 
886DCB_se1_ag2_m_011267.5141Like [he going] after actual football players, niggas that really got good character and know how to ball.1272.0662
888DCB_se1_ag2_m_011272.3747They not looking for the recognition all that, they just wanna play ball, they love playing ball.1276.2387
890 1276.7960That's how you build a championship team.1278.3173 
892 1278.6693And in the trenches,1279.5953 
894 1279.7191he getting that D line, that O line,1281.3164 
896 1281.8828and that secondary together.1283.1802 
898 1283.3594Skins gonna be ready.1284.3219 
900 1284.9371And Captain Kirk.1285.9602 
902 1286.2938Captain Kirk gonna do his shit, watch.1288.2189 
903DCB_int_011288.2609You think [so?]1288.9956
904DCB_se1_ag2_m_011288.7035[Even though-] I know so. Captain Kirk gonna do his shit.1291.1932
905DCB_int_011291.9189Okay we'll see.1292.8309
907 1293.1728I'm'a come back to you in [December and be like, mm.]1295.8545 
908DCB_se1_ag2_m_011294.3037[Captain Kirk gonna do his shit.]1296.1275
909 1296.2803Whatchu- you must be a Cowboys fan or [something.]1298.1669
910DCB_int_011297.7861[I'm actually not.]1300.0568
911DCB_se1_ag2_m_011299.2199[Who? /Or Giants?/]1300.0358
912DCB_int_011300.2938No [I'm not a football fan.]1302.4954
915 1302.1744[Oh you not a] football fan you just a [Redskins not believer- you just not a believer.]1305.8664 
916DCB_int_011303.4913[No I can talk about basketball.]1305.3716
917 1306.4489I'm not. Now I did come from the South.1308.7169
919 1308.9714And we-1309.6094 
921 1309.7304high school and college football are like [life.]1312.6638 
922DCB_se1_ag2_m_011311.9739[Oh yeah hell yeah] football is- [is- is the- the shit in the South.]1315.2563
923DCB_int_011313.5697[Like that's it. It's football], Jesus, and soul food that's- that's what you [do right there.]1318.1137
925DCB_int_011318.6540Uh, so I- I know a lot about football,1321.1765
927 1321.2967but I'm-1321.8784 
929 1322.3494no.1322.5924 
930DCB_se1_ag2_m_011322.5954So basketball, who are your basketball teams?1324.1372
933 1325.2531Well,1326.1409 
935 1326.7497[um-]1327.6136 
936DCB_se1_ag2_m_011326.8607[/Yeah, motherfuckers/] ain't even make the playoffs [/unintelligible/]1329.4944
937DCB_int_011328.3483[They did it. I like the Wizards.]1329.9023
938DCB_se1_ag2_m_011329.9593Ah shit.1330.7542
941 1332.3979I appreciate San Antonio,1334.1017 
943 1335.0496and I marvel at Golden State.1336.8732 
944DCB_se1_ag2_m_011337.9651She a Golden State fan, my wife a Golden State fan.1340.0228
946 1340.8297I'm a Miami fan.1341.7471 
948 1342.3024Shit kind of shaky for us right now.1343.9192 
949DCB_int_011343.8802It is but you know what [let me tell you what I want] Miami to do.1346.3969
951DCB_int_011346.5407I need Miami to challenge- I really don't like Cleveland.1349.3887
952DCB_se1_ag2_m_011349.3934You don't like [Cleveland?]1350.1667
953DCB_int_011350.0323[I] do not, [I'm not a LeBron] fan.1351.9617
954DCB_se1_ag2_m_011350.5183[I don't like Cleveland.]1351.4092
955 1352.6718I used to be a LeBron fan, I ain't [gonna lie. I was.]1355.0146
956DCB_int_011353.9767[When- when he was at the Heat] I mean that made [sense.]1356.3767
957DCB_se1_ag2_m_011355.5695[Course, yes.]1356.7154
958DCB_int_011356.7392When he left the Heat I'm sure you weren't a fan.1358.7130
961DCB_se1_ag2_m_011360.4198I still respect his game. But I don't respect him though.1362.8763
963 1362.9783But I said that before like- and this my thing I told people this like,1365.7140 
965 1366.0860when he came with us I told 'em like,1367.5627 
967 1368.2965I don't respect him as a person like, I respect his game, he with us. So like, yeah I'm'a root for him /and shit/ like you- you mobbing for us.1375.1836 
969 1375.5465But like, I told everybody, like,1377.2771 
971 1378.2070LeBron don't got no loyalty to nobody.1380.2948 
973 1380.5978And that's not- nothing wrong [with that. End of the day-]1382.4156 
974DCB_int_011381.4347[Except his brand. That's- that's who he need to have loyalty to.]1384.5151
977 1383.1053[cause you gotta think about this like if you] go deeper than like, you go deeper than the basketball stuff, you know what I'm say- I'm about to get a little deep on you, you know what I'm saying.1388.6672 
978DCB_int_011388.7235Go deep.1389.0894
979DCB_se1_ag2_m_011389.2184At the end of the day,1390.0013
981 1391.2822these motherfuckers are-1392.6408 
983 1394.4256sports is the ultimate modern day fucking slavery.1397.9471 
988 1402.1466people don't look at it like that cause it's like, alright you get paid.1404.3552 
989DCB_int_011404.3811Cause it's [the entertainment.]1405.5360
990DCB_se1_ag2_m_011404.6751[You get paid mi- nah], cause you get paid millions of dollars, see it's not slavery if you getting paid millions of dollars for it.1409.9303
991 1410.8152That's true.1411.3392
993 1411.6641You know what I'm saying.1412.2519 
995 1412.7078That is true.1413.4718 
997 1413.8867You know what I'm saying.1414.4280 
999 1414.6696But1415.0110 
1001 1415.6205think about this though-1416.4784 
1003 1416.6374Alright if you get a young boy,1418.1867 
1005 1418.8600that's born with all these- all these- you know what I'm saying, gifts from God.1422.9543 
1007 1423.2423You know what I'm saying.1423.9036 
1009 1424.0252All these gifts from God,1425.0481 
1011 1425.5640and1426.0140 
1013 1426.4849I'm1426.9349 
1015 1427.3126uh-1427.7986 
1017 1428.1795I'm poor, I'm poor as hell.1430.0633 
1019 1430.2283Me and my mother were living from pillar to post or whatever, you know what I'm saying.1432.7729 
1023 1434.1727these motherfuckers come and tell me,1436.0340 
1025 1436.3294alright look,1436.9953 
1027 1437.5141I'm'a give you1438.3300 
1029 1438.5970a million dollars,1439.6930 
1031 1441.0747just do this.1441.8606 
1033 1441.9596Entertain these people.1443.0363 
1035 1443.3723You know what I'm saying, I'll give a million dollars just entertain these people.1446.0606 
1037 1446.9988And1447.3888 
1039 1448.3125I ain't got nothing wrong with that, and I'm- I don't got nothing wrong with that cause like, it's slim, you getting a million dollars entertain these people.1453.6067 
1041 1453.8977But at the same time-1455.5265 
1043 1456.8044and I contradicted myself what I just say, I do respect the person that LeBron is, cause it's just like at the end of the day,1461.8196 
1045 1462.7853he do his shit.1463.5767 
1047 1464.3272He do his shit, /he's/ about to be the first- like basically the first active1467.7485 
1049 1468.2715billionaire athlete.1469.2129 
1051 1470.9352You understand [that like], I mean still in the game, like playing right now.1474.1027 
1053DCB_se1_ag2_m_011474.3606In the prime of his career.1475.4860
1055 1476.5264Probably already got a fucking billion dollars, you know what I'm saying.1479.1608 
1057 1479.5949[Like-]1479.9908 
1058DCB_int_011479.6039[If not] close to [it.]1480.6088
1059DCB_se1_ag2_m_011480.5248[Exactly], you know what I'm saying, so he changed th- he changed the game you know what I'm saying, so I respect that.1484.2472
1060 1484.6191But it's just like,1485.3965
1062 1485.5730as a fan,1486.3543 
1064 1486.5179it's no- there's- it's no loyalty. But when you get deep into the whole situation,1489.6704 
1066 1489.8923man these dudes- especially in football.1492.0277 
1068 1492.4749Like, I don't even want my little ones playing football no more cause it's just like,1495.4955 
1070 1496.8304it's too much risk.1497.8570 
1072 1498.1020It's too much risk.1499.0919 
1074 1499.1819And it's the least amount of reward, like1501.0619 
1076 1501.1947if- I don't know if you know like, basket- football is the- the1503.7622 
1078 1504.0592like the only1504.9081 
1080 1505.0761sport that you don't get guaranteed money. You gotta put in your contract like,1508.2481 
1082 1508.5825say you sign you a hundred million dollar contract1510.5353 
1084 1511.0452and it's gonna be like,1511.7261 
1086 1511.8761but forty million is guaranteed.1513.1688 
1088DCB_se1_ag2_m_011514.3536You know what I'm saying, when you sign a contract in basketball for a hundred million dollars,1517.2070
1089 1517.6863you getting that.1518.2969
1091 1518.6100Like,1518.9159 
1093 1519.2369[they give you- you gotta get that-]1520.5298 
1094DCB_int_011519.3449[Is it all hundred- I don't know if] it's all guaranteed.1521.6726
1095DCB_se1_ag2_m_011521.8856In basketball?1522.5095
1097DCB_se1_ag2_m_011523.1753Except for the taxes.1524.0876
1098 1525.1401Except for the taxes.1526.0490
1100 1527.5278You don't never hear nobody- y- l- think about this. You never hear a basketball contract where they say,1532.0798 
1102 1532.4860a hundred million dollars,1533.8357 
1103DCB_int_011534.1297[Thirty-three guarantee-]1535.2876
1104DCB_se1_ag2_m_011534.2797[Only thirty-three guaranteed.]1535.5485
1105DCB_int_011535.5665You [right, you right.]1536.2025
1107 1536.3614It's always,1537.0633
1109 1537.4529a hundred million dollars over1538.8957 
1111 1539.0489this and that amount of [years.]1540.2765 
1112DCB_int_011540.0628[With player option, blah blah blah] blah blah.1541.5027
1113DCB_se1_ag2_m_011540.7377[You know what I'm saying.]1541.2657
1115 1541.4847With a [player option, the player option-] all that means is1543.7132 
1116DCB_int_011541.7216[Yeah, yeah yeah yeah.]1542.9095
1117DCB_se1_ag2_m_011544.0522I can't opt out my contract.1545.2329
1119 1545.4620And when I opt out, whoever I go to next,1547.3398 
1121 1547.8856they gotta pick up my contract.1549.3854 
1123 1549.5474[You know what I'm saying so] that's why you see a lot of players like-1551.6261 
1125DCB_se1_ag2_m_011551.9681Melo woulda been got traded plenty of times in his career.1555.0681
1127 1556.1314But every time Melo go somewhere and play1557.7693 
1129 1558.3300he got a max1559.4429 
1131 1559.6859contract, they always give him a [max bill.]1561.5524 
1132DCB_int_011560.9907[But he has the] no trade [clause, right?]1562.4764
1133DCB_se1_ag2_m_011561.9266[So when he don't] play-1562.9396
1134 1563.8522I don't know if he got the no trade clause right now, in his contract in the last deal that he did,1567.0953
1135DCB_int_011567.1128I think he did.1567.6208
1136DCB_se1_ag2_m_011567.6018But the thing about Melo, like the thing about him, like no matter where he go play,1571.2492
1137 1571.5042he not a franchise player.1572.7268
1139 1572.8660He not a franchise player, like1574.2460 
1141 1574.9266everybody knows that shit about Melo now, at [first they used to think-]1577.4613 
1142DCB_int_011576.7444[They trying to make him] though.1577.8746
1143DCB_se1_ag2_m_011577.8842They- no they thought he was cause he got talent, he got the talent1580.6629
1145 1580.8207but he not no franchise player.1582.2426 
1147 1582.5815He can't-1583.1155 
1149 1583.4424he can't go to a team and be that number one guy and carry that team to a championship.1587.9838 
1150DCB_int_011589.4414The Knicks thought he could.1590.5453
1153 1591.1422and at the end of the day,1592.0835 
1155 1592.4800it's still to be seen. I don't even believe LeBron can do that.1594.9186 
1157 1595.7585LeBron can't do that.1596.7364 
1159 1596.8744Like people don't realize that like1598.5782 
1161 1598.8870LeBron,1599.6219 
1163 1599.9893he can take your team to the finals every year,1602.0493 
1165 1602.4010but he can't seal the deal without D. Wade.1604.4560 
1167 1606.0544If he do it this year then I'm wrong.1607.7941 
1169 1608.2080But I don't see him doing it.1609.2009 
1170DCB_int_011609.1889I don't s-1609.5159
1171DCB_se1_ag2_m_011609.6118You know what I'm saying.1610.1905
1173 1610.5627I don't [see him doing it.]1611.4296 
1174DCB_int_011610.8267[Steph Curry] gonna sit down like that.1612.3987
1175 1612.4643What?1612.7510
1177 1612.8753[Unanimous MVP?]1613.9700 
1178DCB_se1_ag2_m_011612.9863[I don't see him doing it.]1613.9650
1179DCB_int_011614.0842[He not doing] it.1614.7291
1182 1614.7291But only thing about that though, that's gonna light a fire under Bron Bron ass.1617.9115 
1183DCB_int_011618.3075But when s- [cause when he said, oh I still spill] the champagne, oh LeBron he ain't forgot [that. He ain't forgot-]1623.1038
1184DCB_se1_ag2_m_011618.8474[That's gonna light a fire under his ass.]1620.4914
1186 1622.4738[You heard what he said?] You heard what LeBron said?1623.9205 
1187 1624.0907He said-1624.6636
1188DCB_int_011624.6576The recent-1625.2275
1189 1625.3115you talking about [yesterday?]1626.2032
1190DCB_se1_ag2_m_011625.7765[The interview-] like the recent joint that he s- did when they aks him about- they was aksing him about Steph Curry like what do you think about /him/ he was like,1630.8335
1191 1631.0497I'm taking that from well deserved whatever, you going by player to player whatever, you know what I'm saying.1635.0047
1193 1635.8310But1636.1830 
1195 1636.4099if we talking about most valuable,1637.9997 
1197 1639.1124then that's another story.1640.0093 
1199 1640.1893Like1640.5440 
1201 1640.9722that one right- that showed him right there like he feel slighted.1643.1941 
1203DCB_se1_ag2_m_011644.0827Come on [Steph that's disrespectful.]1645.5907
1204DCB_int_011644.4306[And he was what, third pr-] third place?1646.2880
1205 1646.3864[Third?]1646.7211
1206DCB_se1_ag2_m_011646.3954[And that's] the thing, he w- yes, he finished third in the MVP voting, Kawhi Leonard finished second.1650.5557
1207 1651.0597But the thing about this,1652.0676
1209 1652.4303slim, y'all sitting here telling me this dude was unanimous, that means nobody- how you think LeBron-1658.1545 
1211 1658.3845[nobody voted for me.]1660.5582 
1214 1659.3984[In history.]1660.3883 
1215 1660.5652[Yes.]1661.2906
1216DCB_se1_ag2_m_011661.1382[Nobody-] Not even just nobody in history ever did that,1663.1955
1217 1663.5347but1663.8734
1219 1664.3266nobody voted for me.1665.6675 
1221 1665.8505[I'm looking] at LeBron /??/ yeah, like /??/] if you look at Steph Curry like that's some history making shit but look at LeBron here.1671.3097 
1222DCB_int_011666.1324[In first place. Yeah.]1667.8872
1223DCB_se1_ag2_m_011672.1586Nobody fucking voted for me for MVP? Oh hell to the no no.1675.7820
1225 1676.3159He about to cook shit.1677.3028 
1226DCB_se2_ag2_f_011677.6323[Nobody] voted for him [/inaudible/.]1679.1269
1229 1678.6885he gonna /real life/ cook shit.1679.8658 
1230 1680.0383I'm trying to tell you like-1681.0702
1231DCB_int_011681.6791But I won't- you think they gon- you think- okay, so1683.8897
1232DCB_se1_ag2_m_011684.0097I [don't think they gonna] win, nah I don't think Golden State gonna lose.1686.2144
1233DCB_int_011684.1926you think-1684.6876
1234DCB_se1_ag2_m_011686.6584But I think Bron gonna come for- he coming for that ass.1689.4624
1235DCB_int_011690.3988[You think he's gonna go seven?]1691.4126
1236DCB_se1_ag2_m_011690.4737[It's gonna be a /?/- it's gonna] be a tougher series.1692.4524
1237 1693.2962I think this /joint/ just might go six or seven.1695.2970
1239 1695.5310I don't think it's gonna be as sweet as everybody think for Golden State just because of Bron Bron got his- he got his back up now, Kyrie,1701.1604 
1241 1701.6951Kevin Love, they ready to ball you know what I'm saying.1703.8035 
1243 1704.3646And he on a mission.1705.5820 
1244DCB_int_011705.9964[He is.]1707.1183
1245DCB_se1_ag2_m_011706.0054[Slim is on a mission. He already know.]1708.5250
1246DCB_int_011707.2773[I wouldn't be surprised if they won.]1709.7968
1247DCB_se1_ag2_m_011708.9059[You gotta think about it], he ain't played ever s-1711.0507
1248 1712.4545We ain't seen LeBron play a game since Steph Curry got his MVP award.1715.1185
1250 1716.0869I guarantee you when they play us-1717.4308 
1252 1717.9885cause we not gonna lose to Toronto.1719.2724 
1254 1719.5664When they play us that first game1720.9717 
1256 1721.4231already know slim gonna come out there on a mission.1723.1268 
1258 1723.3667I know it.1723.9457 
1260 1724.7646He h- he- /man/ LeBron,1726.2974 
1262 1726.4654he emotional, he a sensitive ass nigga like, he emotional as shit.1729.8278 
1264 1730.2658That bothered him.1731.1897 
1266 1731.6756He couldn't even hide it on camera.1733.0345 
1268 1734.4021Most- the average nigga woulda hid it /low/, yeah I'm happy for him this and that or whatever, and /?/ your way.1737.7647 
1270 1738.0047He couldn't hide it on camera he had to say his last little-1740.7407 
1271DCB_int_011740.8752He had to say it.1741.6551
1272DCB_se1_ag2_m_011741.6131He had to, [he had no] choice, [it w-]1743.5089
1273DCB_int_011742.4170[It was-]1742.7664
1275 1743.1909[Irk-] it was1743.8149 
1277DCB_int_011744.4896[irking him.]1745.2256
1278DCB_se1_ag2_m_011744.5046[Man he a emotional] ass nigga, I'm trying to tell you. He gonna come for Steph ass.1748.0350
1279 1748.5480He coming for your man babe.1749.6578
1280DCB_se1_ag2_f_021750.7227What do that mean?1751.7987
1281DCB_se1_ag2_m_011752.7025What does what [mean?]1753.3785
1282DCB_se1_ag2_f_021753.1134[First] unanimous like-1754.7561
1283DCB_se1_ag2_m_011754.9251That mean he got all the MVP votes, [like]1757.7687
1284DCB_int_011757.4898[He got- so-]1758.2324
1285DCB_se1_ag2_m_011757.9577[Everybody] voted [for- for Steph Curry.]1759.7453
1287DCB_int_011759.2054[Well you can get- no you] can get- you get to vote for five places, first place, second place, third place, fourth place, fifth place.1763.9657
1289DCB_int_011764.3046He got-1764.6676
1290 1764.8506everybody voted for him for [first place.]1766.7191
1291DCB_se1_ag2_m_011766.1644[First place.]1766.7191
1292 1766.8603Everybody.1767.3643
1293DCB_se1_ag2_f_021767.3133[/inaudible/ anyone] else?1769.2506
1294DCB_int_011767.3373[Nobody else has done that in his-]1768.6813
1296 1769.2239[No they voted for- they voted- nobody-]1770.8657
1297DCB_int_011769.2539[For first pla- they did second through fifth place.]1771.8880
1298DCB_se1_ag2_m_011771.3087[You can get like-] yeah you can get different like [runner up and all that.]1773.7354
1299DCB_se1_ag2_f_021772.9915[/inaudible/ first] place, [nobody voted for no one else?]1775.7488
1300DCB_se1_ag2_m_011774.2541[Nobody gon- nah.]1775.2955
1302 1775.5440[Nope.]1775.8520 
1303DCB_int_011775.5620[No], just Steph [Curry.]1776.8566
1304DCB_se1_ag2_m_011776.4349[Just him.]1776.8962
1305 1777.1548Just him.1777.4788
1308 1778.6755okay let me ask you this then, let's go back to the Miami Heat cause I'm really-1781.6195 
1310 1781.7441like I'm- I'm watching this series right, [like] I- I follow- Now I don't do a lot of football even though I was really big into football1788.0792 
1312 1788.2922[Mm.]1788.5921
1313DCB_int_011788.3882[in] high school I really fa- follow basketball.1791.0187
1314 1791.4236And so I w- I'm watching Toronto, I'm watching- you know I'm feeling [ some kind of way-]1795.4401
1315DCB_se1_ag2_m_011794.9451[I don't even understand] why this- I don't mean to be cut you- I don't even know why this series is going this long, I don't see why it's going this long.1799.6153
1316DCB_int_011799.7623But why didn't the Heat take care of business earlier? Because I think- I think1802.5640
1318 1802.9570NBA- Everybody wants to see1804.3456 
1320 1804.8376Heat, [Cavs-]1806.1184 
1321DCB_se1_ag2_m_011805.2275[I think Whiteside-] I think it threw us off1807.2793
1322DCB_int_011807.2493When Whiteside [went out?]1808.2066
1323DCB_se1_ag2_m_011807.8162[When Whiteside] went out, [yeah.]1808.8721
1324DCB_int_011808.5631[So what- Okay then]1809.6338
1325DCB_se1_ag2_m_011809.0609[I think that threw] us off.1809.9849
1326DCB_int_011810.1408what's gonna [happen when-]1811.2837
1327DCB_se1_ag2_m_011810.4887[Cause you gotta think about it-]1811.3661
1328 1811.4711think about w- how we play,1812.5285
1330 1813.0055now that Whiteside gone, we playing Luol Deng at the five.1816.1609 
1332 1816.5786We playing total [small ball.]1818.0814 
1333DCB_int_011817.4815[Small ball.] It's [really small.]1819.0935
1334DCB_se1_ag2_m_011818.3627[That's not the Heat.] Exactly, that's not the Heat.1820.4107
1335 1820.8499We had to1821.5652
1337 1821.7310adjust to that.1822.5232 
1339 1823.0974So,1823.5401 
1341 1823.7791that game that we lost,1825.0031 
1343 1825.6890we was just trying to adjust and get into that like, that small ball thing playing without Whiteside. We had Whiteside this whole year.1831.1696 
1345 1831.5626That was our game.1832.3180 
1347DCB_se1_ag2_m_011832.6343You know what I'm saying.1833.2515
1348 1833.4541That- that- that- that- that pick and roll with Whiteside and Wade, like, that was one of our main things so like t- the- we don't got that rim protection no more,1839.3464
1350 1839.5767we don't got them blocked shots no more, so like we had to adjust1842.0115 
1351DCB_int_011841.9777But [what is Toronto] doing for real for real? Toronto is [weak.]1845.1435
1352DCB_se1_ag2_m_011842.1773[/the plan-/]1842.8360
1354 1844.8579[Nothing.]1845.4846 
1355DCB_int_011845.6808They're [good regular season.]1846.8916
1356DCB_se1_ag2_m_011845.9725[I told you that- we supposed] to have got- we supposed to have- look, we supposed to have won the game before that one,1849.6571
1357 1849.9610and this one when we came back home it was supposed to be over.1851.8280
1359 1852.3467But like I said,1853.0376 
1361 1853.1881that last one in Toronto it threw us off when we ain't had Whiteside, we had to adjust to it.1858.2236 
1363 1858.9176And watch, you gonna see it this next game.1860.2257 
1365 1860.3884[We gonna beat 'em.]1860.9604 
1366DCB_int_011860.4621[I'm worried about] game seven [though, Toronto- what?]1863.0934
1367DCB_se1_ag2_m_011861.6504[Nah I ain't worried about game seven.]1863.0197
1368 1863.7321We got Dwayne Wade, let me explain something to you, man.1865.9405
1369DCB_int_011866.0166Explain it.1866.5816
1370DCB_se1_ag2_m_011866.5540Let me explain this to you I'm'a look you in your eyes.1868.3902
1371 1868.7339We got Dwayne Wade, the third best shooting guard in NBA history, behind Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.1874.2369
1373 1874.6446Do you really believe that he's gonna lose a game seven to Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan?1878.8873 
1375 1879.2994No he will not.1880.2452 
1377 1880.9729I promise you that.1882.0599 
1379 1882.3238He will not lose to Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan.1884.7397 
1381 1885.3084He might lose to LeBron,1886.5524 
1383 1886.8559he ain't gonna lose to them.1887.8017 
1384DCB_int_011888.1208You think they gonna go- you think LeBron going to the finals twelve oh?1890.7646
1386 1891.0840You think he gonna sweep the [Heat?]1892.0813 
1387DCB_se1_ag2_m_011891.8363[Nah they] not gonna sweep us.1892.7820
1388 1892.9568They not- they gonna sweep us. They not gonna sweep us.1894.5842
1390 1895.4102[Uh-huh.]1895.9292 
1392DCB_se1_ag2_m_011896.0888Dwayne got too much pride for that.1897.2434
1394DCB_se1_ag2_m_011898.3056[They might do it] in six, they could do it in six.1900.0466
1395 1902.4294They might even do it in five.1903.7942
1396DCB_int_011904.7844But they gonna get a game.1905.7617
1397DCB_se1_ag2_m_011905.8898If Whiteside- no, if Whiteside- it's- if Whiteside don't come back,1908.8871
1399DCB_se1_ag2_m_011909.4730Then they probably can do it in five.1910.7503
1400 1911.9417But we not gonna get swept. Dwayne Wade ain't going like that.1914.0111
1402 1914.4963He ain't going like that.1915.2240 
1403DCB_int_011915.2731Who coming back?1915.9241
1405 1916.1482[Whiteside coming back], Dwayne Wade coming back, [I mean]1918.4113 
1406DCB_se1_ag2_m_011916.1728[He not going like that.]1916.9821
1408 1918.0735[What-]1918.3744 
1409DCB_int_011918.9208next season after [free agency.]1920.4500
1410DCB_se1_ag2_m_011919.8635[Next season?]1920.4500
1411 1920.6311No and that's the thing, everybody basically- except for fucking Dra- uh, Dragic is a fucking free agent on [our roster.]1926.1141
1413DCB_se1_ag2_m_011926.6032So that's a good thing but at the same time it's- it's a bad [thing but it's a good thing too though, because] you gotta think about this though.1932.2253
1414DCB_int_011929.7350[It's a scary thing, yeah.]1931.2673
1415DCB_se1_ag2_m_011932.8578Everybody keep saying,1933.8343
1417 1934.1903where's Kevin Durant going?1935.4769 
1419 1935.8853Where's KD going?1936.9170 
1421 1937.3407Who don't wanna come play in South Beach baby?1939.5362 
1422DCB_int_011939.8707Pat Riley make some [miracles happen.]1941.7160
1423DCB_se1_ag2_m_011940.9700[Exactly], Pat1942.5421
1424 1942.7448makes it happen.1944.1101
1426 1944.5073So-1944.9615 
1428 1945.4006and then, the year after that1946.8100 
1430 1946.9758Westbrook about to free- be a free agent, [so this'll be the perfect-]1949.7789 
1431DCB_int_011948.5848[Westbrook ain't coming- no Westbrook is not coming to Miami.]1952.5426
1432DCB_se1_ag2_m_011950.1936[No lis- listen to me.]1951.2216
1434 1951.5355[This'll be the perfect-] this is the perfect time for us to have our roster the way that it is and I think Pat Riley did that on purpose.1957.4661 
1435 1957.9037He's a mad [scientist, I'm trying to tell you.]1959.6140
1436DCB_int_011958.7113[Westbrook is not g-] Let me tell you what's gonna happen to Westbrook, Westbrook's gonna stay in Oklahoma and then he's gonna go to the Lakers.1964.0019
1437DCB_se1_ag2_m_011964.7079N- he might go to Lakers. Cause he from- [cause he] from Cali.1967.8244
1438DCB_int_011966.7558[Westbrook is-]1967.3116
1439 1967.8551He is.1968.6004
1440DCB_se1_ag2_m_011968.6105He from Cali.1969.4027
1441DCB_int_011969.3536And he [has respect for Luke] Walton and I think Luke Walton is gonna be a excellent coach for the [Lakers.]1973.6890
1442DCB_se1_ag2_m_011969.6176[He might go to the Lakers.]1970.4864
1444 1973.1455[But at the same] time, [this my thing though, but this my] thing though, the Lakers are not who they- you /don't- you ain't see that?1977.4565 
1445DCB_int_011974.0637[Kobe ain't there no more.]1975.1223
1446DCB_se1_ag2_m_011977.7052Everybody not running to go to Lakers no more.1979.3378
1447DCB_int_011979.4309Exactly but [this is why-]1980.6681
1448DCB_se1_ag2_m_011980.2845[Everybody not] pressed to go to LA no more.1981.8871
1449DCB_int_011981.8564Right but1982.4250
1450 1982.8697at what point- [So if-]1983.9924
1451DCB_se1_ag2_m_011983.7172[Everybody] names are bigger- like you gotta think about it, dudes names1986.8905
1452 1987.0824with social media, the way that social media is now,1989.2042
1454 1989.5604dudes names is bigger than these teams now.1991.5440 
1457 1992.9532/??/1993.2358 
1458DCB_se1_ag2_m_011993.0023[Kevin] Durant and Russell Westbrook, you don't think they name bigger than Oklahoma City Thunder?1996.6850
1459DCB_int_011997.0185But let me- I think Kevin Durant made /Wussell Restbrook's/ name big first of all.2000.8751
1461DCB_int_012001.4276[Yes. Yes.] Yes.2003.0643
1463 2003.2270[No. How is it- Hold on, how Kevin Durant-]2005.9475
1464DCB_int_012003.2393[Because until KD went out- until KD went-]2006.1139
1465 2006.2976until KD went out, Russell Westbrook was a afterthought.2009.3066
1467DCB_int_012009.4570[He wasn't an] afterthought, but he [was-]2011.0599
1468DCB_se1_ag2_m_012010.7927[Are you] serious? [Kevin-]2012.0300
1470DCB_se1_ag2_m_012012.2910Russell Westbrook is a [beast.]2014.4283
1471DCB_int_012014.2193[Oh] he most- [I-]2015.1313
1472DCB_se1_ag2_m_012014.9071[He] always been a [beast.]2016.5351
1473DCB_int_012015.9235[All props.] All [props.]2017.3751
1474DCB_se1_ag2_m_012016.9921[Honestly] believe that them two together are holding each other career back.2020.7921
1475DCB_int_012021.3398That's what [I'm s-]2022.0461
1476DCB_se1_ag2_m_012021.7881[He's] a [beast.]2023.0285
1477DCB_int_012022.7644[But] before Kevin Durant went out the- last year with the knee or foot whatever he went out with,2027.8092
1478 2028.1562Russell Westbrook was in the shadows, when he went [out, he got to come to the limelight.]2032.5439
1479DCB_se1_ag2_m_012030.4622[No, let me tell you- let me tell you- no like- no- no [/can work though/], Westbrook wasn't in the shadows,2034.5612
1480 2034.7915Kevin Durant was just the best offensive player in the game.2037.9696
1482 2038.5068But so you- but this [my thing though.]2039.7626 
1483DCB_int_012039.2038[But when he went] out, [and then he got better.]2041.0953
1484DCB_se1_ag2_m_012040.0881[You can't say-]2040.8255
1486 2041.0554Hold on but you can't say-2041.9594 
1487 2042.9253you can't say Russell Westbrook2044.4113
1489 2044.6938was in the shadows.2045.7565 
1491 2047.0981That's just like saying,2048.0592 
1493 2048.2647oh when LeBron James came to Miami Dwayne Wade was in the shadows.2051.1365 
1495 2051.3415No.2051.7308 
1496DCB_int_012051.7314Mm-mm. [Mm-mm. Mm-mm. Mm-mm. Mm.]2053.5256
1497DCB_se1_ag2_m_012052.2289[You can't- nah. That's not. You can't do that.]2054.3105
1498 2054.5285Cause look, this the thing about this.2055.7660
1500 2056.3310Russell Westbrook, even before KD got hurt,2058.9347 
1502 2059.4966before KD got hurt,2060.5232 
1504 2060.9612Russell Westbrook was still,2062.2779 
1506 2062.9264uh, looked at upon as one of the top2065.0603 
1508 2065.4871five, top ten players in the NBA, before KD got hurt.2068.4439 
1509DCB_int_012068.6097But when did he get- when did he get- when did he move from2071.5298
1511 2071.7632here-2072.3752 
1513 2072.5615I'm talking [about just] simple name recognition, household brand.2075.3280 
1515DCB_int_012075.4539When did he move from here2076.5992
1517 2076.7496to here?2077.2710 
1519 2077.5848When KD went out.2078.5459 
1520DCB_se1_ag2_m_012078.7824He bee- But this my thing, I don't- I feel like Russell Westbrook is where2082.1437
1522 2083.0043he's been- like,2083.8700 
1524 2084.9447for the- I'm'a say the last five years2086.8206 
1526 2087.4626Russell Westbrook has been one of the top five players in the NBA.2091.5229 
1527DCB_int_012092.3600I'm not gonna doubt you on that, in fact [scoring champion last year.]2095.1845
1528DCB_se1_ag2_m_012093.9718[And then they had- and that was before-] and that was before Kevin Durant got his knee- his foot injury.2098.0718
1529DCB_int_012099.3851So where was he- when Kevin Durant was MVP two years ago,2102.2500
1531 2102.6921[where was Russ-]2103.2755 
1532DCB_se1_ag2_m_012102.7720[He was] still a top five player.2104.4823
1533 2105.4217And the time that Kevin Durant- Name- hold on,2107.2190
1535 2107.4636name me five players that was better that /Wussell/ Westbrook the year that KD won his MVP.2111.2710 
1538 2114.4490I mean I don't know.2115.4424 
1540 2116.5706<ts>2116.6474 
1541DCB_se1_ag2_m_012116.7886[I can] name all of 'em for you.2117.8541
1543 2118.0384[Okay.]2118.4424
1544DCB_se1_ag2_m_012118.2687[The year] that Kevin Durant won his MVP,2119.8953
1546DCB_se1_ag2_m_012120.6912You had LeBron,2121.5005
1547 2121.6891you had KD,2122.4598
1549 2122.8621you had James Harden,2123.9575 
1551 2129.7922who else?2130.2629 
1553 2131.4778Exactly.2132.2031 
1555 2132.6968You only got- only- since- since-2134.5429 
1557 2134.7019Like in the last five years only dudes2136.6884 
1559 2136.9525that you-2137.3871 
1561 2137.7815And now you got Kawhi Leonard in that conversation.2139.7559 
1562DCB_int_012140.6525I still see him more a [defensive /?/ than offensive.]2143.3117
1563DCB_se1_ag2_m_012141.7301[K- Kawhi Leonard-]2142.6221
1565 2143.1979[Kawhi] Leonard,2143.8968 
1566 2144.1743LeBron James,2145.0985
1568 2145.2029Russell Westbrook,2146.0320 
1570 2146.1976Kevin Durant,2146.9096 
1572 2146.9837and James Harden, that's your top five players in the NBA today. Oh no- it's Steph Curry I forget- Steph Curry now.2151.5083 
1574 2151.8504But you gotta remember Steph Curry wasn't doing that when J- Kevin Durant won the MVP.2154.9241 
1576 2155.1851Steph Curry just started doing this last year.2156.7581 
1578 2157.5769[And you gotta remember that.]2158.3261 
1579DCB_int_012157.5769[Agreed. Agreed, agreed.]2159.4620
1580DCB_se1_ag2_m_012158.7222[It's only been going on for] two years for Steph. Before that, Steph was a- was-2161.6191
1581 2162.1365Steph who?2162.6938
1583 2162.8489People was even thinking /with/-2163.8530 
1585 2164.0249it- it was a point when niggas didn't even think he was gonna stay in the- they ain't know if he was gonna stay in the league.2167.6542 
1586DCB_int_012167.7616Cause all his injury- he was injury [prone, all that.]2170.5678
1587DCB_se1_ag2_m_012169.6531[Exactly that.] Them /?/- them ankles, you know what I'm saying.2171.9694
1589DCB_se1_ag2_m_012172.3765So like,2172.8924
1591 2173.0459[he wasn't- you can't pit Westbrook- you can't] pit2175.0050 
1592DCB_int_012173.1473[That's why this latest /decision/.]2174.6119
1593DCB_se1_ag2_m_012175.1677him in that category, so it was like- it was James Harden2177.7284
1595 2178.4039Kawhi Leonard,2179.0412 
1597 2179.2852and- and that- no back then Kawhi Leonard wasn't [even in the discussion.]2182.1928 
1598DCB_int_012181.3517[No he wasn't, he didn't] even come til he [was finals MVP.]2184.1550
1599DCB_se1_ag2_m_012183.0188[It was-]2183.4762
1601 2183.7742[it was still-] but-2184.9011 
1602 2185.1191[<cough>]2185.9391
1603DCB_int_012185.6411[With the-]2185.9825
1604DCB_se1_ag2_m_012186.3044They was giving him the recognition but he wasn't deserving it.2188.4952
1605DCB_int_012189.1721Who, Kawhi?2189.8481
1607DCB_int_012189.9490[Or] Russell?2190.5385
1608DCB_se1_ag2_m_012190.5999No uh, it was- it was- it was Derrick Rose. It was- they was still talking [about Derrick Rose.]2194.2507
1609DCB_int_012193.7164[Oh I forgot-] yeah cause [he was coming off] of his- yeah [but he was-]2197.1186
1610DCB_se1_ag2_m_012194.5884[But Derrick Rose-]2195.3776
1612 2195.7307[He kept on getting hurt and-]2197.0572 
1613 2197.3919But they was like, oh he gonna come back and be the same person but he never came back to be the same person. But at the time they were still talking of him being in [like that top five.]2203.4222
1614DCB_int_012202.5133[Bulls need to completely rebuild.]2204.2708
1616 2204.6535Jimmy Butler better than him, man.2205.8756
1617DCB_int_012206.4375And that- that needs to be his [team.]2208.1938
1618DCB_se1_ag2_m_012207.6657[Yeah Jimmy] Butler's better [than him now.]2209.0657
1619DCB_int_012208.6911[Is that gonna] be his team though? Who gon-2210.1404
1620 2210.3339who take- who gonna take Derrick Rose though?2212.0012
1623 2214.4391cause2214.7461 
1625 2214.8874this the thing about it, that's why- that what he goes- that what goes as like I'm saying about the money.2218.2773 
1627 2219.2014If this was the NFL2220.4910 
1629 2221.5289they woulda been got rid of Derrick Rose.2222.9014 
1631 2224.0404Derrick Rose woulda been gone.2224.9697 
1633 2225.2625But,2225.5450 
1634DCB_int_012226.6259But don't you have a roster of like, forty-something people?2228.4281
1635DCB_se1_ag2_m_012228.3882who gonna give him that money though?2229.5397
1636 2230.0156Who gonna give Derrick Rose that type of money that Derrick Rose make?2232.1865
1637DCB_int_012232.7085Exac- that's my point.2234.2375
1638DCB_se1_ag2_m_012234.3020So that's why they can't do nothing with him.2235.9073
1640 2236.1259They can't do nothing with Derrick Rose.2237.4647 
1641DCB_int_012237.5414But he gon- ain't it-2238.3244
1643 2238.6008not free agenc- this year, is it next year?2240.2710 
1644DCB_se1_ag2_m_012241.0816Um, I don't know. I don't know when Rose-2242.6990
1646 2242.8165I don't know when Rose, uh-2243.9432 
1648 2244.6679Thank you babe. I don't know when [Rose will get free agency.]2246.8458 
1649DCB_int_012245.6812[That's a very mommy thing that] she just did.2247.5385
1650DCB_se1_ag2_m_012247.7845Yeah I told you she be trying to son me.2248.9819
1652 2249.1416This fine, but it's the other stuff I don't like.2250.6062 
1654 2251.0944But yeah she, uh, I mean, uh, he-2253.0062 
1656 2253.4864he did- he did his, uh-2254.9847 
1658 2255.1352he did his thing, Derrick Rose was doing his numbers.2257.1095 
1660 2257.2600He just couldn't get past LeBron.2258.4606 
1662 2258.9980He just couldn't get past LeBron and after them knee injuries2260.9420 
1664 2261.2332he just couldn't- he couldn't do it no more.2262.9373 
1665DCB_int_012263.4778Who's the greatest player of all time in your opinion?2265.3691
1666DCB_se1_ag2_m_012265.9003The greatest player of all times in my opinion.2269.1459
1667DCB_int_012269.1152Basketball. I don't know enough [about other sports to have a] conversation with you.2271.9522
1668DCB_se1_ag2_m_012270.2880[Basketball player.]2271.1853
1669 2272.2101Basketball player, the greatest player of all times?2275.8855
1671 2277.5497Um,2278.2652 
1673 2278.9468I gotta go with2280.1229 
1675 2281.6518I gotta go with Oscar Robertson.2282.9415 
1677DCB_se1_ag2_m_012283.3806[I gotta go with Oscar Robertson.]2284.6566
1678 2285.0876Mike-2285.4438
1680 2285.7263I give you- Mike-2286.6751 
1682 2287.2033Six rings, six MVP's, like I give you that.2290.5318 
1684 2290.7834You know what I'm saying, you- you revolutionized the game, I give you that like-2294.1119 
1686 2294.7015Off the court- like he did- but it's- it's a f- he got the Floyd Mayweather effect like,2298.3497 
1688 2298.7790he was bigger than basketball like, Michael Jordan was bigger than basketball, [you know what I'm saying. But] if you just look at it- /you just/ like man, a dude on the court, his game like,2305.9824 
1689DCB_int_012301.8955[I agree with that, yeah.]2302.5894
1690DCB_se1_ag2_m_012306.3753who you think the best player of all times like,2308.1808
1692 2309.1634Oscar Robertson.2309.8887 
1694 2310.5083How could you not say a dude that averaged a triple double in one season not the best player2314.3218 
1696 2314.5275of all times?2315.3062 
1698 2316.1734That's averaging a triple double in one season.2318.5467 
1700 2320.0667That's a whole season going through getting triple doubles.2322.6427 
1702 2323.1709You will never see that again.2324.3000 
1704 2324.8750You ain't gonna see it before him, you ain't see it after him, like2326.9415 
1706 2327.1931can't give it to nobody else but him.2328.4736 
1708 2329.1829But2329.5642 
1710 2329.8615the totality of basketball and just like revolutionizing and all that,2332.9227 
1712 2333.3587Mike hands down. You know what I'm saying, Mike he did it.2335.2532 
1714 2335.4467But-2335.7138 
1715DCB_int_012335.8889Contemporary, so in the last five years.2338.0596
1716DCB_se1_ag2_m_012338.6706The best player in the last five years?2339.8405
1718 2340.2950LeBron James.2340.8968 
1720 2342.4503LeBron James.2343.0338 
1723 2345.5265Okay.2345.9319 
1725 2346.4876[Well we'll see- we'll see how this] next [series go.]2348.5172 
1726DCB_se1_ag2_m_012346.4999[You can't take nothing from him, you can't-2347.7035
1728 2348.0597[you can't-]2348.5130 
1729 2348.8949you can't- you can't take that from him like,2350.8384
1731 2351.2345he been- the last five years,2352.5465 
1733 2352.7084LeBron James been in every finals.2354.4617 
1735 2355.0697Whether it was with2355.6314 
1737 2355.8464Miami, Cleveland, w- like, he been in every finals. Win or lose,2358.9507 
1739 2359.2301he's been in every finals the [last five years.]2361.4715 
1740DCB_int_012360.5749[Mostly lose.]2361.4529
1741DCB_se1_ag2_m_012361.6834When LeBron James2362.9239
1743 2363.2647left Cleveland,2364.0954 
1745 2364.2627Cleveland- the first time Cleveland went from2366.4150 
1747 2366.8970the best team in the Eastern conference [to]2369.1478 
1748DCB_int_012368.8039[The worst.]2369.3842
1749DCB_se1_ag2_m_012369.4241the worst team in the Eastern conference.2370.8888
1751 2371.1742That f- very same year that LeBron came with us,2373.7166 
1753 2374.7514we went to the finals.2375.7156 
1754DCB_int_012377.2507I [mean your team became great.]2378.6447
1755DCB_se1_ag2_m_012377.3766[The first year that L-]2378.4299
1756 2378.7369The first team- the first year that LeBron left us and came back to Cleveland,2382.4412
1757DCB_int_012382.4459Missed the [playoffs.]2383.3726
1758DCB_se1_ag2_m_012383.0140[he went] to the- he- we missed the playoffs and he went to the finals.2385.8789
1760DCB_se1_ag2_m_012386.5880You can't take that from him. You know what I'm saying like, he not a good closer2389.8889
1762 2390.5398but2390.9298 
1764 2391.9644the nigga- he a bad- nigga's a bad man.2394.3291 
1766DCB_se1_ag2_m_012394.4301[Like you can't take] nothing from him, [he a bad man.]2396.5672
1769 2395.5908[And I don't like him,]2396.6225 
1771DCB_int_012397.0184but he is- I-2397.9150
1772 2398.1177on the court.2398.8723
1773DCB_se1_ag2_m_012399.9907He [a bad man. Yeah he a bad man. You can't take nothing] from him.2403.4652
1774DCB_int_012400.1443[Genius. He is- I- I can't take it away from him. Okay.]2402.9708
1775 2403.7858We could talk about basketball all day cause I watch2405.7759
1777 2406.6842way too much basketball, I listen to NBA radio [all day long.]2410.1080 
1778DCB_se1_ag2_m_012409.1960[All day. Yeah that's] my-2410.3426
1781 2411.0721have the [basketball app on my phone.]2412.8713 
1782DCB_se1_ag2_m_012411.8181[Alright let me aks you this though let me aks] you this, [can I aks you] a question?2414.0565
1784DCB_se1_ag2_m_012414.2316[Alright so]2414.8334
1785DCB_int_012414.2316[Of course.]2415.0852
1787 2416.3533who you think is the best two way player in the NBA?2418.3574
1789DCB_se1_ag2_m_012421.6776Who you think the best two way player in the NBA is?2423.6733
1792 2434.2910obviously not James [Harden.]2435.7136 
1793DCB_se1_ag2_m_012435.2152[I got another que-] I got the best two way player and the best all around player.2438.1992
1794DCB_int_012438.8383Oh, which are different.2439.7290
1796DCB_int_012439.9468[Okay so] best two way player I might be- it might be2443.0328
1797 2443.6713last series excluded,2445.3171
1799 2445.7347Kawhi Leonard2446.6344 
1801 2447.0182or2447.7089 
1803 2447.8841Klay Thompson, I [really-]2448.7801 
1804DCB_se1_ag2_m_012448.6424[Klay. I'm going with Klay. Klay. I give it to Klay. I think Klay2451.4734
1805DCB_int_012448.9310[I think Klay-]2449.4750
1807 2449.7263[I think Klay is- Klay is a beast.]2451.6889 
1808DCB_se1_ag2_m_012451.6915I think Klay is the best two way player in the NBA.2453.9911
1809DCB_int_012454.3412[Yes, I agree.]2455.3959
1810DCB_se1_ag2_m_012454.6360[You- you right, also] you know your-2455.9072
1811 2456.1620I just wanted to see if you knew your shit, you know your shit.2458.4874
1812DCB_int_012458.7719Uh, now best all around player?2461.5852
1813DCB_se1_ag2_m_012462.3798And you gon- and I probably shock you with this.2464.2281
1815 2465.0909I'm not gonna give it to Bron Bron.2466.4056 
1816DCB_int_012467.3540I wouldn't either, because I think- when I think about all around player I think about2470.8965
1818 2471.0538your two way player2472.1018 
1820 2472.2913but your leadership on the court,2473.8051 
1822 2474.0014I think about so many [other things that go into-]2476.1508 
1823DCB_se1_ag2_m_012474.9564[Your passing, your-]2476.8571
1825 2476.9216[All that is-] and I don't-2478.2972
1826DCB_se1_ag2_m_012477.1119[Yeah all that.]2477.6506
1828DCB_se1_ag2_m_012479.7635[I think] Draymond Green.2480.7542
1829DCB_int_012481.7717He's one of my [favorites.]2483.1963
1830DCB_se1_ag2_m_012482.4808[I think Draymond] Green is the best all around [player in the NBA.]2485.4315
1831DCB_int_012484.7070[And he is the heart-] I don't care what- I love Steph Curry. I'm a Steph Curry- I awe at [Steph Curry.]2488.9436
1832DCB_se1_ag2_m_012488.4621[/RD-NAME-2/] say what-2489.2866
1833 2489.7149[Listen to what she about to say. Listen to w-] hey.2491.4928
1834DCB_int_012489.7426[But Draymond Green-]2491.1489
1835DCB_se1_ag2_m_012492.0824Hey listen to what she about to say. What you about to say?2493.9798
1837DCB_int_012494.8703I said I awe at Steph Cur- I love me some Steph Curry but Draymond Green is the heartbeat of that team.2499.0267
1839 2499.1505You [take Draymond Green out that team],2500.8393 
1840DCB_se1_ag2_m_012499.3255[I told her that.]2500.4831
1841 2500.9345They-2501.1838
1842DCB_int_012501.1740[They're not the same, they're not the same.]2503.2035
1843DCB_se1_ag2_m_012501.3982[I t-]2501.8311
1845 2502.1197[I just told her that shit the other] night, she wasn't trying to hea- I told her- I said look,2505.1932 
1846 2505.6814I'm not taking nothing away from Stephen Curry,2507.8041
1847DCB_int_012507.9443[And Klay Thompson, they're beasts.]2509.9156
1848DCB_se1_ag2_m_012507.9596[but I'm telling you],2508.8530
1850 2509.1050[that they can] ball out2510.6090 
1851 2510.8153without Stephen Curry. They would be a total different team without Draymond Green.2514.4756
1852DCB_int_012514.4353They don't have their heartbeat. Draymond Green brings [them energy],2517.5090
1853DCB_se1_ag2_m_012516.6062[I was just-]2517.2910
1854DCB_se1_ag2_f_022517.5211[No /inaudible/]2518.9796
1855DCB_int_012517.7330[he brings them-]2518.6480
1857 2518.8077[he brings them-]2519.7210 
1858DCB_se1_ag2_m_012518.9305[So baby- babe somebody] else telling you the same thing you can [listen to them.]2521.2979
1859DCB_se1_ag2_f_022520.9632[I- I never] said you were- I never said /that-/ agree or disagree when you said that.2525.3232
1861DCB_se1_ag2_f_022525.6948[But I still] know2527.0336
1863DCB_se1_ag2_f_022527.1748they do numbers- way more numbers when Stephen Curry /?/]2529.9155
1864DCB_se1_ag2_m_012529.6618[I] agree, [but what I'm saying is they can go out there and] get you- they can go out there [and score]2533.4417
1865DCB_int_012530.3435[Oh most definitely- oh most definitely.]2532.0108
1867 2533.0210[But they can still win]2534.2170 
1868DCB_se1_ag2_m_012533.6350[a hundred and twenty] five points [with- without-]2535.3593
1869DCB_int_012534.9154[without Steph] Curry.2535.8207
1870DCB_se1_ag2_m_012535.9870They can't [win without Draymond Green.]2537.5254
1871DCB_se1_ag2_f_022536.4446[They can't win-] no [/inaudible/] winning now, no they [can't.]2539.8643
1874 2539.4228[Yes they can.]2540.2670 
1875DCB_int_012539.4843[Yes, yes.]2540.5590
1876DCB_se1_ag2_f_022540.5375[No, you didn't say- /?/ you didn't say-]2543.5703
1877DCB_se1_ag2_m_012540.5498[They can't do that without Klay.]2541.8737
1878DCB_int_012542.0421[Going to the finals now going against] OKC?2544.3061
1879 2544.7102I wouldn't- it- I would- I- I couldn't put my money on it.2547.8355
1881 2548.0940But against Portland, against, um,2551.3414 
1883 2551.7048the Rockets in their poor state-2553.3322 
1884DCB_se1_ag2_m_012553.2923Now I don't know, hold on I don't [know. They needed Klay. Hold on now I don't know about Portland],2556.4733
1885DCB_se1_ag2_f_022554.2624[But you didn't say /inaudible/]2556.3842
1886DCB_se1_ag2_m_012556.6759cause Portland got the right recipe for them. I don't know if they ever gonna beat Portland without Steph.2560.9875
1888 2561.7391[Steph had to come back to beat Portland.]2563.3573 
1889DCB_int_012561.9572[I don't know.]2562.8345
1890DCB_se1_ag2_f_022561.9633[That's what I'm saying.]2563.0718
1891DCB_int_012563.0810[I-] it-2563.5890
1892 2563.6951[No, I think-]2564.3706
1893DCB_se1_ag2_m_012563.8824[Steph had] to come back [to beat Port- But let me tell you why.]2566.4120
1894DCB_int_012564.9692[I don't think- I disagree.]2566.2279
1895DCB_se1_ag2_m_012566.9866Damian Lillard is a bad [motherfucker.]2569.2226
1896DCB_int_012568.6324[He is now] he [does not get his props.]2570.6220
1897DCB_se1_ag2_m_012569.3938[He's a bad- man], he's a bad motherfucker.2572.7777
1898 2573.1399People don't understand,2574.1071
1900 2574.3280that these niggas lost2575.4948 
1902 2575.6299ev- they whole- [basically they whole roster last] year, [yes.]2578.1140 
1903DCB_int_012576.4191[The whole team.]2577.4977
1905 2577.8592[The whole team.]2579.1212 
1906DCB_se1_ag2_m_012578.6084[They was talking about] these niggas being a lottery pick.2580.6287
1907 2581.1691He carried that motherfucking team by hisself.2583.5280
1909 2583.7330[CJ McCollum] came up and did his thing,2585.5539 
1910DCB_int_012583.7330[He did.]2584.3901
1911DCB_se1_ag2_m_012585.7594but [this nigga carried that motherfucking] team by hisself.2588.4234
1912DCB_int_012586.0389[Most improved player.]2587.1149
1913 2589.2231Yup.2589.5431
1914DCB_se1_ag2_m_012589.5117Man, [D Lill that's a bad motherfucker, D Lill a bad motherfucker.]2592.7817
1915DCB_int_012589.8370[No that- that /court/- no, I won't s- I won't s-]2592.2612
1917 2592.4931[He] is, I love him. I love him,2594.5344 
1918 2594.8083I love the2595.6343
1920 2595.7630the- the commercial- I- one of my favorite- I have two favorite NBA commercials.2599.3495 
1922 2599.9636It's the one with Steph and Obama, I love that one the my brother's keeper commercial,2603.7525 
1924DCB_int_012603.8723[And he's] like, yeah you don't need this clip art on your resume.2606.0123
1925 2606.1965And then my other commercial that I like is the one he talks about motivation, when it's Dame Lillard talking about the motivation.2610.7290
1927 2611.1156And he says you know all these /snub/ blah blah blah, he says,2613.3938 
1929 2613.6763that's just keeps me going I love that commercial, [like I show it] to kids.2616.6822 
1931 2617.8398[And my man really got] bars.2619.2318
1932DCB_int_012618.0548[I watch it.]2618.6814
1933DCB_se1_ag2_m_012619.3506My [man really can rap.]2620.1466
1934DCB_se1_ag2_f_022619.4335[/inaudible/] Draymond the heart of the team?2621.4295
1936DCB_se1_ag2_f_022622.0433Why y'all feel like he's the heart of the team?2623.4189
1937DCB_se1_ag2_m_012623.3606Cause he is [like, you gotta understand the] dimensions- like you gotta understand the dimensions of a basketball team like,2628.1014
1939DCB_se1_ag2_m_012628.3378Stephen Curry,2629.2436
1941 2629.4033he got-2629.8393 
1943 2629.9775he got the shooting ability and all that or whatever, you know what I'm saying.2632.5320 
1945 2632.8268But it's just like,2633.6882 
1947 2634.5648when you got a dude on your team like say- alright, say y'all all females, right. Say y'all go out right, and y'all all women.2639.5420 
1949 2639.8521You know what I'm saying.2640.4632 
1951 2641.3629And it's just a bunch of niggas like there whatever, you know what I'm saying.2643.9229 
1953 2644.1938You gonna feel a little more comfortable with- if you got some men with you too.2647.1922 
1954DCB_se1_ag2_f_022647.8599All I'm [saying is-]2649.0283
1955DCB_se1_ag2_m_012648.6429[I'm- hold on], let me explain, I'm telling /??/.2650.2426
1956DCB_se1_ag2_f_022650.2734[No I don't want you to give me a-]2652.0910
1957DCB_se1_ag2_m_012650.5958[It's the- it's the-]2651.4371
1959 2651.7626[it's the- what] he bring- it's what he bring to the [table.]2654.2312 
1960DCB_se1_ag2_f_022654.0131[No] I don't want you to give me a metaphor or nothing like tell me exactly what he do on the [/?/]2657.6885
1961DCB_se1_ag2_m_012657.3138[He's on] the court- aight so this the thing.2658.8392
1962 2659.3711When niggas-2659.9991
1964 2660.2708And for a long time niggas looked at Golden State as soft.2663.0796 
1966DCB_se1_ag2_m_012663.7588They was soft as shit like they- even when they had Klay Thompson and Steph,2666.8079
1968 2666.9246they looked at them as soft as [shit.]2668.3093 
1969DCB_int_012668.1496[Skilled] but soft.2669.2304
1971DCB_se1_ag2_m_012669.2734[Skilled but] soft.2670.2461
1972 2670.4485When Draymond Green came, niggas had to respect them.2672.8511
1974 2673.2926And he made you- you respect- you gonna respect us.2675.6785 
1976 2675.9763I'm gonna talk my shit,2677.0377 
1978 2677.2445I'm'a scream on these niggas, I'm'a get everybody in line,2679.6946 
1980 2679.8758where2680.2678 
1981DCB_se1_ag2_f_022680.4500[So /Draymond/, he gave them the confidence]2682.1970
1982DCB_se1_ag2_m_012680.4838[you got- hold on, look. Like say-]2682.1464
1983DCB_se1_ag2_f_022682.3632they [need.]2682.7591
1985DCB_int_012683.6616Just [like he said I] just- we gon- yeah we gonna finish them out.2686.3852
1986DCB_se1_ag2_m_012683.7967[Say like-]2684.4274
1988DCB_int_012686.7537[Like] ain't nobody else on that team [gonna say that.]2688.8784
1989DCB_se1_ag2_m_012688.0647[Gonna say nothing like] that, [exactly.]2689.8927
1991DCB_se1_ag2_m_012690.5027He bring the- he the heart and soul of that team, like he gonna2693.0747
1993 2693.2047say what's- what's scared to be s- what- what need to be said.2695.7603 
1994DCB_int_012695.9805Cause nobody else [is gonna say it on that team.]2697.8626
1995DCB_se1_ag2_m_012696.5884[You know what I'm saying?]2697.1764
1997 2697.3131[And that's the superstars] or whatever like if you slacking and you off2700.5401 
1998 2701.0897I'm'a say something, if I'm slacking off say something to me.2703.2392
1999DCB_se1_ag2_f_022703.2605So he's the one that be getting on them when they all slacking off and [/inaudible/]2706.3587
2002 2706.1161[Yes.]2706.5721 
2003 2707.9155That's why he the heart and soul of they team.2709.2373
2004DCB_se1_ag2_f_022709.4690So he like the father.2710.4624
2005DCB_se1_ag2_m_012710.8846No, he's not like the father.2712.1496
2006DCB_int_012712.1773[No that's Steve Kerr.]2713.2146
2007DCB_se1_ag2_m_012712.2878[He's just the vocal one, he's just the vocal-]2714.1011
2008DCB_se1_ag2_f_022713.2520[He's soning them. <laugh>]2716.3373
2009DCB_se1_ag2_m_012714.2958[He's the vocal one.]2715.3051
2010DCB_int_012715.4043[<laugh> Yes, yes I'll go with that.]2717.4816
2011DCB_se1_ag2_m_012716.6878[He just the vocal one] in the sa- in the- in the uh- you know what I'm saying, on the team.2719.9823
2013DCB_se1_ag2_m_012721.1921Every team got that though. Every great team need that.2723.2587
2015DCB_se1_ag2_m_012724.6525[Every great team need] that.2725.5672
2016DCB_int_012724.6525[Who is it for the Heat?]2725.4139
2017DCB_se1_ag2_m_012726.3014D Wade.2726.7601
2018DCB_int_012727.2533You think so?2727.8398
2019DCB_se1_ag2_m_012727.8951Hell yeah.2728.4605
2020DCB_int_012729.1415[More than Bosh?]2729.8522
2021DCB_se1_ag2_m_012729.2429[You don't see D Wade] go-2730.1425
2022 2730.2838yeah.2730.6707
2024 2730.9562Hell yeah.2731.5922 
2026 2732.4731Hell yeah. You better remember even when- when Bron Bron played for us D Wade used to be getting his ass.2736.9038 
2028 2737.4534Hell [yeah.]2738.1781 
2029DCB_int_012737.9232[Smacking] that ass, smacking [that ass.]2739.5599
2030DCB_se1_ag2_m_012739.0624[D Wade don't] play no games.2740.5177
2031 2740.9230D Wade don't play no games, he gonna let you know.2742.6710
2032DCB_int_012743.3273[Who's that for]2744.0489
2033DCB_se1_ag2_m_012743.4839[I been- I] been this, I've done this.2745.3639
2034DCB_int_012745.3537[Bulls, it's Jimmy] Butler?2746.5758
2035DCB_se1_ag2_m_012745.6577[You know what I'm saying?]2746.2073
2036 2747.4386[Nah.]2748.2754
2037DCB_int_012747.7150[I think he's more] than Derrick [Rose, it ain't s-]2749.2226
2038DCB_se1_ag2_m_012748.7405[Nah I think] Pau. Pau.2750.0885
2039 2750.5858No not Pau. [I meant uh], Joakim Noah. I said Pau. Joakim Noah, Joakim Noah's they guy.2754.3473
2041DCB_se1_ag2_m_012755.0074Joakim Noah's they guy. He they- he they- he that voice. [He they voice.]2757.9418
2042DCB_int_012757.3225[You think he leaving?]2758.1499
2043 2758.3941He going, he leaving.2759.3521
2045 2759.4258They- they- that team is gonna rebuild totally around Jimmy Butler.2762.5976 
2046DCB_se1_ag2_m_012762.6805I don't know.2763.5310
2047DCB_int_012763.6078[It is.]2764.3358
2048DCB_se1_ag2_m_012763.7152[I don't] know. [I don't know] what they gonna [do.]2765.9351
2051 2765.6436[Butler] and Hoiberg.2766.6352 
2052DCB_se1_ag2_m_012766.9023I don't know what they gonna do with him.2768.1605
2054 2769.7211But Jimmy Butler2770.7926 
2056 2770.9400is definitely-2771.7475 
2058 2772.0208he definitely got game.2773.2368 
2060 2773.5776Jimmy [Butler definitely got] game.2775.1443 
2061DCB_int_012773.8816[I love him.]2774.8488
2062 2775.3278I love him.2776.3164
2063DCB_se1_ag2_m_012776.3041Jimmy Butler got game.2777.5108
2064 2777.6889[You know what I'm saying.]2778.3153
2065DCB_int_012777.6982[And he has heart.]2778.7974
2066DCB_se1_ag2_m_012778.7299[He] ball- yeah exactly, he definitely got heart.2780.9100
2067 2781.4257[He definitely got game.]2782.4846
2068DCB_int_012781.4963[I love- I love] me some Jimmy [Butler.]2783.5045
2069DCB_se1_ag2_m_012783.3356[That's] why I started fucking with D Wade, cause like that year that all the niggas came out,2786.9832
2070 2787.5605it was like,2788.1405
2072 2788.6137everybody was talking about Bron and Melo2790.3762 
2074 2790.5236Bron and Melo, Bron and Melo this this and that.2792.7005 
2076 2793.2256And D Wade [just came out that /joint/- Nah.]2795.3412 
2077DCB_int_012793.7967[Two-thousand twelve?]2794.7754
2079 2794.8868[Two-thousand-]2795.3873 
2081DCB_int_012795.5807[Wait when's-]2796.0780
2082DCB_se1_ag2_m_012796.2808oh three.2796.6861
2083DCB_int_012797.4167Wait, [you're-]2797.9050
2084DCB_se1_ag2_m_012797.7391[I'm talking] about when they- when they got drafted.2799.3725
2085DCB_int_012799.5416Oh oh oh oh [oh oh oh oh oh.]2801.3102
2086DCB_se1_ag2_m_012800.2171[Yeah I'm talking about when they got drafted.]2801.3716
2087 2801.8321When they all came out that year, you know what I'm saying, everybody was talking about Bron and Melo this and that, woo woo woo, you know what I'm saying.2806.5546
2089 2807.1256Like D Wade just came in,2808.6025 
2091 2808.9034and he just did his business as usual, you know what I'm saying,2810.9484 
2093 2811.3138and he was the best one out of all of 'em. When they first came into the league- People don't remember that. When they first came into the league,2816.0173 
2095 2816.1683D Wade was the best player out of all them.2817.8078 
2097 2817.9337You know what I'm saying2818.3997 
2099 2819.7453He was the first one to get his ring,2821.0104 
2101 2821.3052he carried Miami to the championship.2822.9846 
2102DCB_int_012823.4513[Who was on the team?]2824.1393
2103DCB_se1_ag2_m_012823.5680[Yeah, he had Shaq.]2824.3326
2104 2824.8822Who on our team? We had <ts>2826.1227
2106 2826.5403old ass fucking- we had2827.7930 
2108 2828.0478Antoine fucking Walker, old ass Gary Payton, old ass Shaq,2831.4531 
2110 2831.6803fucking James Posey.2832.9178 
2112 2833.2431Fucking, uh,2834.2164 
2114 2834.4437who else we had on that team?2835.6370 
2116 2835.9206Motherfucking we had Jason Williams,2837.7783 
2118 2838.1528motherfucking, um, Udonis Haslem was still on that team.2841.3895 
2120 2842.5497Motherfucking2843.6888 
2121DCB_int_012844.0235[So he left] and came back?2845.2548
2122DCB_se1_ag2_m_012844.0880[who else?]2844.5827
2123 2845.3684Who D- UD?2846.0818
2125DCB_se1_ag2_m_012846.8577[Nah] Udonis Haslem been at Miami his whole career.2848.5577
2126DCB_int_012848.9424Oh he hasn't [left, oh okay okay.]2850.5883
2127DCB_se1_ag2_m_012849.5043[Yeah, nah, he ain't been nowhere.] Nah UD been there the whole time, him and D Wade been there the whole time.2853.2030
2128 2854.5983Who else we had on that team? Um,2856.2855
2130 2857.9759that was it, those was it, [those was the runners.] Yeah, those was the runners.2861.0463 
2131DCB_int_012859.2163[That's enough.]2860.0637
2132DCB_se1_ag2_m_012861.2428You know what I'm saying, only thing we play-2862.6382
2134 2862.9409we only play like-2863.9835 
2136 2864.6111Cause our rotation was short in that joint like I don't think- I think those are the dudes that we only play.2868.9297 
2137DCB_int_012869.0817The [eight.]2869.4931
2138DCB_se1_ag2_m_012869.2536[And oh] I forgot about Zo, I'm tripping I forgot about Zo, Alonzo.2872.3058
2140DCB_se1_ag2_m_012872.8708[Alonzo] Mourning.2873.6446
2141DCB_int_012873.7582Oh he was on- okay.2874.9096
2142DCB_se1_ag2_m_012874.8665Yeah Alonzo Mourning, yeah you remember he- [after he got his ring-]2877.6116
2143DCB_int_012876.8992[Cause I wasn't- see] I wasn't- Mm, basketball didn't come into [my life until the last few years.]2880.6778
2144DCB_se1_ag2_m_012879.2357[Yeah after Al- after Zo got his ring he] rolled out, Zo was gone after he got his ring.2882.4783
2145 2883.7280GP was too.2884.7094
2147 2884.9162Both of them they left after they got they ring, GP and Lonzo.2887.3511 
2149 2889.7736But that was it though, that was the squad. We beat Dallas, I remember that.2892.5986 
2151 2892.7920We was down.2893.4307 
2153 2893.9036We was down, we came back and beat they ass. We was down motherfucking- I think we was down three one and we came back.2898.6137 
2155 2898.7242No,2899.0651 
2157 2899.4241we was down,2900.1918 
2159 2900.3392three two.2901.0392 
2161 2901.8990We was down three two,2902.9584 
2162DCB_int_012903.1273And they won two straight?2904.0239
2163DCB_se1_ag2_m_012904.3524and we came back and we uh-2906.4034
2165 2907.1035No.2907.4720 
2167 2907.6470We was down two.2908.6142 
2169 2908.7800No, we was down2909.7288 
2171 2910.2169two one.2910.8955 
2173 2911.5035We was down two one, cause we beat 'em in six, we was down two one and we came back and beat 'em three straight.2915.3175 
2175 2915.5042Yup.2915.7837 
2177 2916.2934Dwayne Wade had one of the highest scoring averages in finals history that year.2919.4717 
2179 2919.9840Only other people that scored more than that in a winning effort2922.5326 
2181 2922.8673I think was Wilt Chamberlain and, uh,2924.8970 
2183 2925.3852and Michael Jordan. No,2926.5948 
2185 2927.0217I think it was just Wilt Chamberlain.2927.9790 
2187 2928.1547Cause it was Jordan-2928.9561 
2189 2929.9418it was2930.2732 
2191 2930.4022Iverson, Jordan, D Wade, and Wilt Chamberlain, but Iverson had lost.2933.7049 
2193 2934.1790But I think it was only Chamberlain that averaged more.2936.3866 
2195 2937.8912I think he averaged like a fraction more than Jordan. I gotta look that up, it's-2940.8236 
2197 2940.9769it's in that /?/2941.6770 
2199 2941.9595It's them [four.]2942.5337 
2200DCB_int_012942.4201[It's] one [of them.]2942.9145
2201DCB_se1_ag2_m_012942.7026[I don't] know the /order/ but that four.2944.0464
2202 2944.3454[But they] did they shit.2945.2878
2204DCB_se1_ag2_m_012945.7884He did his shit. Like he was like-2947.4802
2206 2947.9562That shit made me fall in love with D Wade, I th- that's when I was like, man I love the fucking Heat like,2951.8710 
2208 2952.4206this- at first I /likeded/ the Heat,2953.9467 
2210 2954.9569but that's what made me- was like, man I love these- I- I can't answer that I'm doing my interview.2958.9049 
2212 2960.3549You know what I'm saying, that's what made me like, I love the fucking Heat and like-2963.0537 
2214 2964.5522Don't make me get on the Redskins, we'll be talking for two more hours.2966.9344 
2215DCB_int_012967.0146[Oh okay well-] no well- cause I don't- I can't- I [can't- I can't ask you] questions about them cause I don't really know [about football like that.]2971.6358
2218 2968.8600[Aight, aight.]2969.7812 
2220 2970.9112[I love them- we'll just] put it like this, I love them with a passion.2973.2105 
2222DCB_se1_ag2_m_012973.7851[I love them] with a passion like,2975.0690
2223 2976.2937I got- oh where my picture at? Like, you know what I'm saying, where my picture at babe? Like we- we been doing this since the baby you know what I'm saying like, I been like- the Redskins- I was born a Redskins fan.2984.4396
2224DCB_int_012984.4273So you a hometown sports except basketball?2986.5927
2225DCB_se1_ag2_m_012986.6934Nah, only team that- only hometown teams I like is the uh, the Redskins and the Caps.2991.2415
2226DCB_int_012992.1464Oh, who your baseball team? Oh2993.3942
2228 2993.6940[Boston.]2994.0900 
2229DCB_se1_ag2_m_012993.9182[Boston, yeah Red Sox, yeah. I like] the Red Sox.2996.6295
2230DCB_int_012994.4555[Boston Red S- okay. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.2995.7851
2231 2996.9058So let's- let's move away from basketball cause we could [talk about-]2999.7705
2233 3000.0223[Exactly, we could talk about- aight.]3001.3996
2234DCB_int_013000.0223[I could talk about basketball all day.]3001.3856
2237 3002.3375trust- I'm way- I'm way deep.3004.6482
2239 3005.2329Um, so3006.0902 
2241 3006.5133kind of thinking about- going back to you said you- you know you and your sister y'all was kind of3010.2777 
2243 3010.7874doing your own thing, what does that mean?3012.4670 
2245 3013.3450Or like what-3013.9868 
2247 3014.1219And not- you don't have to get into deta-3015.4515 
2249 3015.6449I want whatever you feel comfortable. [But-]3017.3163 
2250DCB_se1_ag2_m_013017.2631[Nah] what I mean by that it was just like we-3019.5167
2251 3019.9558like, my- like I said my mother-3021.4867
2253 3022.2342my mother was a great mother like, don't make it- I ain't- [like, my] mother provided for us she did for us and all that or whatever but it's just like,3027.7396 
2255DCB_se1_ag2_m_013028.2892when you- like, when you got a single mother3030.1068
2257 3030.3678and she working3031.1815 
2259 3032.1580y'all- you out there, you know what I'm saying. Like, it ain't no like, oh3035.2990 
2261 3036.5334mom here to tell you that or mom here to tell you do that, she working you know what I'm [saying. She trying-]3040.5710 
2263DCB_se1_ag2_m_013040.9119she a single mother.3041.8023
2265 3042.4471With two kids.3043.2898 
2267 3045.3026She gotta do her shit you know what I'm saying, so it's like,3047.3475 
2269 3048.2706we just3048.8600 
2271 3049.7194adjus- We just was in the streets like we just had fun, you know what I'm saying.3053.1276 
2273 3053.5560It was just like,3054.2844 
2275 3055.8230we just was in the streets, the streets got us.3057.3910 
2277 3057.7235Well got me. My sister she real, she more- you know what I'm saying, she be chilling or whatever you know what I'm saying, but like it got me more so than her.3063.3246 
2278DCB_int_013064.3683Do you ever feel like there was a time like when you was out doing what you was doing,3067.2585
2280 3067.4377that you felt like, oh my god I'm finna die like,3069.4592 
2282 3069.8719I'm in some real dangerous stuff right now?3071.7688 
2285 3074.7563<ts>3074.9471 
2287 3075.5041I ain't gonna say that I- I- I been out and I feel like oh,3079.3626 
2289 3079.7924if I do this then I'm gonna die.3081.2531 
2291 3082.1450Like, whenever I-3083.2264 
2293 3083.5587I always- you know what I'm saying just cause- j- like, knowing what it is, like I'm not a person that just like,3088.2056 
2295 3088.6652I-3089.0452 
2297 3089.2152I'm oblivious to what- you know what I'm saying like I'm- I ain't know what was going on /to all this/ or whatever like, I knew any time that I- whatever I do like I know that it could go south.3096.6768 
2299 3096.8054You know what I'm saying.3097.3014 
2301DCB_se1_ag2_m_013097.6974I take that with me, you know what I'm saying, I know that.3099.2267
2302 3099.8475But3100.2062
2304 3100.4707it wasn't never- like, I never3101.9350 
2306 3102.1376woke up and had the mindset was like,3103.7346 
2308 3104.1981dang like, what I'm doing, I'm about to die. Like,3106.5001 
2310 3106.7260nah I never had that mentality like, cause I couldn't never like-3109.0278 
2312 3109.4367Then that just mean like,3110.3474 
2314 3111.3414I'm scared.3112.0192 
2316 3112.3892And I wasn't scared, like I wasn't scared.3114.3359 
2318 3114.4458I w- I was enjoying like, what I was doing was fun to me.3116.6307 
2320 3117.2578You know what I'm saying like, just hanging out with my friends, doing anything,3120.2103 
2322 3120.5920just3120.9694 
2324 3121.1607doing whatever like we wanted to do, like that was fun to me.3123.7040 
2326 3123.9961You know what I'm saying.3124.7001 
2328 3124.9426The women liked it, you know what I'm saying.3126.8785 
2330 3127.4238Everybody did, you wasn't with us, you respect us so it was just like- And if you ain't respect us then you ain't like us, so we'd fight you then this like- that's gonna make people like us even more.3134.6411 
2332 3135.0733So it just like-3135.8506 
2334 3136.4171At the time when you young,3137.5389 
2336 3137.8855that's exciting to you. So you ain't thinking like, oh it's scary like this gonna happen whatever, you know what I'm saying, like-3142.1000 
2338DCB_se1_ag2_m_013142.5165/Then being/ shot at and everything.3143.8720
2340 3143.9850but it's just like,3144.6783 
2342 3144.8926at the time you like, fuck like,3146.6259 
2344 3147.0855you shook up like, damn what the fuck just happened, whatever. But then like,3150.2681 
2346 3150.5791you ignorant.3151.2491 
2348 3151.5140So,3151.9380 
2350 3152.2268fucking a hour later you sitting around with your friends laughing about that shit not knowing /last night/ you could have been fucking dead.3157.1297 
2352DCB_se1_ag2_m_013157.8004[You know what I'm saying], but when you young you ain't thinking like that you just thinking like, oh,3160.6631
2353 3160.9279it's fun.3161.4359
2355 3161.6446We just out here we having fun.3162.7353 
2356DCB_int_013163.4714Was there a time you remember specific like getting shot at or like, having to run or whatever [something like a specific-] can you tell me about [like a specific] time you remember?3171.6301
2357DCB_se1_ag2_m_013168.7062[Yeah, yeah.]3169.6849
2359 3170.2837[Yeah.]3170.9104 
2360 3172.0443Just at the rec, we just at the rec just cool, it's dark you know what I'm saying, like,3175.6898
2362 3176.0638people just shooting dice.3177.3452 
2364 3177.7776Some people right here shooting dice, some people still on the other- Cause it's like two basketball courts where we used to live at, it's the big basketball court that you can run full court,3184.1536 
2366 3184.4263there was another basketball /hood/ that had four courts on it, it was like two half [courts you know what I'm saying.]3187.8849 
2367DCB_int_013187.1098[Mm-hm, mm.]3187.7538
2368DCB_se1_ag2_m_013188.2471So that light right there, that,3189.9610
2370 3190.3232uh, one right there got the lights on it.3192.2401 
2372 3192.4538You know what I'm saying.3193.0303 
2374 3193.4977The joint got the lights on it.3194.5102 
2376 3194.6309And3195.0555 
2378 3197.1900this joint over here with the- with the- the full court, it don't got no lights on it. So that's the court like once everything chilling out and all that you know what I'm saying, it's starting to get dark,3204.5594 
2380 3205.0423if you ain't really playing ball,3206.3041 
2382 3206.5962you coming over to the other court. You know what I'm saying, you shooting your dice, or you messing with the chick or whatever it is you doing or whatever, you sitting on the other court.3213.3658 
2384 3213.7045And it's like,3214.2147 
2386 3214.5108at the Kentland r- I don't know if you ever been t- you been to the Kentland rec before?3217.0597 
2388DCB_se1_ag2_m_013217.3814Like, it's like a big field like on that- like on that park, you know what I'm saying, it's like a big field and then it's like a bridge3222.9294
2389 3223.2550on that, you know what I'm saying, down on like-3224.7507
2391 3225.3311You can walk down that way, you know what I'm saying.3227.1124 
2393 3227.3680So like,3227.8510 
2395 3228.0418if you-3228.6032 
2397 3228.7741you could come this way3229.8414 
2399 3230.0868and ambush somebody, or you can come like from straight down where the rec at, you know what I'm saying, and look up. But if you come straight down where the rec at then everybody see you coming down.3236.0838 
2401 3236.6225You know what I'm saying.3237.0851 
2403 3237.4677And when it happen,3238.2077 
2405 3238.4298they came from the bridge side like all the way- they walked like,3241.2607 
2407 3241.5963from like- I say the bridge from here,3243.0269 
2409 3243.3023to them trees like, you know what I'm saying, where them trees all the way at back there.3245.7663 
2411DCB_se1_ag2_m_013246.1338[The bridge] like way back there.3247.5085
2412 3247.7308So you gotta walk [from like-]3249.0551
2413DCB_int_013248.5332[Behind like] all the [houses?]3249.6316
2414DCB_se1_ag2_m_013249.5888Yeah behind the houses where [them trees at] and stuff like that, the bridge is like there, like the- the basketball courts like where we at.3254.1886
2415DCB_int_013250.2860[Oh okay.]3250.7660
2416DCB_se1_ag2_m_013254.5703You know what I'm saying, so you gotta walk all the way around though to get to the bridge and come from that way.3258.9174
2418 3259.3221So like when we first heard it, we thought it was just like-3261.6864 
2420 3261.8539cause we just thought somebody was shooting.3263.5054 
2422 3263.9612And nobody know that- that we was actually being shot at until like3266.5706 
2424 3266.7810the spark hit the back of the basketball court.3268.8259 
2426 3269.6945You know what I'm saying like, one of the joint- like one of the bullets sparked and hit one of the basketball court and once we seen that,3273.9789 
2428 3274.1892that's when everybody just got low.3275.3967 
2430DCB_se1_ag2_m_013277.3053[But that's] when I was like- I was like3278.9877
2431 3279.5914fucking-3280.4939
2433 3280.9391Cause I didn't move to Seat Pleasant til I was like, fifteen. I was still living around Kentland this time, so I had to be no more than probably like eleven. I was like eleven years old. Eleven, twelve years old.3288.0630 
2435 3289.1575If that. Like, I know like I moved3290.9415 
2437 3291.3349in Seat Pleasant at fifteen so,3292.8366 
2439 3293.8509I had to be probably like, eleven, twelve years old.3295.8374 
2441 3296.0049Something like that.3296.7060 
2443 3297.0137You know what I'm saying.3297.5670 
2445 3297.8511But it was just like,3298.6258 
2447 3299.1869afterwards like,3300.3555 
2449 3301.4967that shit wasn't- like, it was funny to us.3303.7722 
2451 3303.8543Cause ain't nobody get hurt or nothing like that, so it was just like- But if somebody probably woulda got hurt we probably would have had a whole different mindset like, [damn son] like3309.8709 
2453DCB_se1_ag2_m_013310.5331that shit real.3311.1925
2455 3311.3051But when you young, y'all ain't thinking like that. Like everything is fucking funny and fun to you.3315.1252 
2456DCB_int_013315.4251Cause you feel like you invincible.3316.6637
2457DCB_se1_ag2_m_013317.0337Yeah, that's how you feel like you feel like- not even just you feel like invincible it's just like, you don't feel invincible it's just like, it's fun.3322.3189
2459DCB_se1_ag2_m_013323.6279Bad- being bad is fun when you young.3325.9746
2461 3326.1478Being negative is fun when you young.3328.1257 
2463 3328.4420Cause everybody think that it's cool.3330.4635 
2465 3330.7868Like,3331.1588 
2467 3333.2522most niggas3334.0974 
2469 3334.6427come out here, whatever they do, or whatever it is they out here they doing, they doing for women.3338.5347 
2471 3339.8074[You know what I'm saying.]3340.4111 
2473DCB_se1_ag2_m_013340.6760Dudes go get they hair cut for a woman.3342.5378
2475 3343.2818Dudes wanna have the best car to do all that for a woman.3346.0006 
2477 3346.5846Like everything that a man do, is for a woman.3348.8153 
2479 3349.0151They can say that it's not, but it is.3350.8030 
2481 3351.3520You know what I'm saying.3351.8661 
2483 3352.2245So it's just like-3353.0152 
2485 3354.7602And me personally,3355.6842 
2487 3355.8975I was like young like, I had the baddest little young joint around the way like,3359.1341 
2489 3359.2354they used to call her Pocahontas like she was the only little young girl in the- in the hood that had her hair like down her back.3364.1737 
2491 3364.3338You know what I'm saying.3364.9337 
2493DCB_se1_ag2_m_013365.4089And at the time,3366.2702
2495 3368.2250I ain't know that it was like- I ain't notice it was just niggas hating, cause every time I deal with her3372.3750 
2497 3372.5211and I talk to her-3373.4364 
2499 3377.0043Oh, can I take this? I [gotta take this] I gotta take this.3379.1113 
2501 3382.7844Okay, go ahead.3383.4621
2502DCB_se1_ag2_m_013383.9137Now what were we saying?3384.7044
2503DCB_int_013385.8457Um, you was saying this3386.7571
2505 3386.9597invincible, um-3388.2723 
2507 3388.4281but it was just fun.3389.1993 
2508DCB_se1_ag2_m_013389.1526Oh but nah yeah it wasn't about feeling invincible.3391.2129
2509 3392.8138You f- like nah yeah when you like, when you whoop a nigga ass3395.3728
2511 3395.5286for the first time,3396.3326 
2513 3396.4399then you feel invincible.3397.3435 
2515 3397.9044[You know what I'm saying like, you] feel invincible after that, you know what I'm saying, like, that's when you feel invincible when you like-3401.7810 
2517DCB_se1_ag2_m_013402.2630Like, cause you know everybody can sh- anybody can shoot somebody else something like that or whatever but like when you hand to hand and you just whoop a nigga ass,3407.7643
2519 3408.1054you feel good all day, like that make you feel invincible.3410.0971 
2521 3410.4929But like the- the thing about just running around just doing fucked up shit and being bad and doing that,3414.4113 
2523 3414.6918it was just the fact that3415.7356 
2525 3416.0899it was cool.3416.8339 
2527 3417.4609You know what I'm saying,3418.1556 
2529 3418.3334all the girls liked it, they thought we were so cool for doing it or whatever,3421.7076 
2530DCB_int_013421.7650Oh you [talking about Pocahontas.]3423.0114
2531DCB_se1_ag2_m_013421.9520[you know what I'm saying.]3422.4973
2532 3423.1164Yeah, oh yeah Pocahontas, yeah I had the bad little- I had the baddest little joint out there back in the day, like I was a young dude.3428.4215
2534 3428.8967She was like-3429.5666 
2536 3430.4895I was in, uh- she was like two grades ahead of me, you know what I'm saying, she was like two he- two grades ahead of me, you know what I'm saying.3436.1683 
2538 3436.7721But like,3437.2841 
2540 3437.9834she just- I don't know what it was about me.3439.9777 
2542 3440.2114Even in elementary school, w- I- I remember like, it was just-3442.9884 
2544 3443.5376Sixth grade,3444.2457 
2546 3444.7646I had the baddest little joint in there, like I always just had the little bad joints and-3448.3792 
2548 3448.6402But I never noticed when I was younger3450.6771 
2550 3451.6353that-3452.0236 
2552 3455.7872I never noticed that when I was younger3457.5322 
2554 3457.8711how3458.4471 
2556 3459.1292dudes be hating, I never knew that. I never knew that like- I thought it was just like-3462.8868 
2558 3463.3590they was just like oh- cause it was like they would always find something wrong with my girl.3467.5097 
2560 3468.0448Like, <ts>3468.5473 
2562 3468.6992oh why you messing with her, this and that, woo woo woo, you know what I'm saying like, why you m-3471.8553 
2564 3472.0921But me-3472.6135 
2566 3473.0809me being- you know what I'm saying, always wanna3475.5742 
2568 3475.9124impress my men and all that,3477.1372 
2570 3477.2441<ts> man I ain't tripping off her, this and that like I /went/ with the girl, I dumped her probably like four times. Like,3481.5722 
2572 3481.7197The whole time like-3482.5377 
2574 3483.3674Now she got three kids by my man and all that now.3485.5177 
2576 3485.9732But like I broke up with her like four times since like-3488.4970 
2578 3488.6761as like, growing up.3489.7175 
2580 3489.8641Because somebody was always like, yeah why you doing this and you doing that, like you dealing with-3493.4165 
2582 3493.8293But what crazy what it was that3495.4495 
2584 3495.9675after I would break up with her,3497.0968 
2586 3497.8449one of my men would always be-3499.0019 
2588 3499.2445like, get her.3499.9561 
2590 3500.0768You know what I'm saying like, one of my men are always there I'm like, damn like, I had to catch myself like damn slim,3504.5639 
2592 3504.7896you let these niggas trick you out your spotlight.3506.7350 
2594 3507.3916But it was just like at the same time3508.9883 
2596 3509.3622I don't like skinny girls so she ain't never really do nothing for me like, that's what it was too like, she was skinny like,3514.7840 
2598 3514.8930she was real skinny. And I don't like- I ain't never really-3517.5534 
2600 3519.5204You know what I'm saying, I told my wife when sh- we got together like, you know what I'm saying, you can't get too skinny.3523.3630 
2602 3524.6188You can aks her, like I told her like I don't-3526.4729 
2604 3527.0221I feel like I'm3527.6297 
2606 3527.7853touching a little boy, you too skinny and shit you know what I'm saying like, I need some-3531.4680 
2608 3531.6298I need some cushion with it.3532.7111 
2610 3533.3903This my mom, I can call her back.3534.6810 
2612DCB_se1_ag2_m_013535.3653[You know what I'm saying.]3536.0293
2613DCB_int_013537.2462so now you're about to have your- is this your first daughter?3539.8436
2616 3542.4421I'm excited.3543.2133 
2618 3544.0390I'm nervous but I'm excited [like-]3545.5620 
2619DCB_int_013545.4607[Why] are you excited? Why are you nervous?3547.3148
2620DCB_se1_ag2_m_013547.4042Cause I got- oh I gotta take this.3549.5893
2621DCB_se1_ag2_f_023549.5581Oh my god.3550.4035
2622DCB_int_013552.2029Go ahead- okay.3552.9235
2624 3553.0637But go- we'll finish up so /unintelligible/]3554.9331 
2626 3555.5291But [um-]3556.0891 
2627DCB_se1_ag2_m_013555.9225[Oh no] rush.3556.4211
2628DCB_int_013556.6664But w-3556.9936
2630 3557.1494but so your first daughter.3558.2517 
2631DCB_se1_ag2_m_013558.9645Yeah like yeah this my first little one like I'm- I'm excited, you know what I'm saying, I'm excited.3563.8332
2633 3564.1643I just wanna-3565.0601 
2635 3565.8197I'm just gonna follow the blueprint that I did with my little sister.3567.8371 
2637 3568.8654I feel like I got a blueprint, like I got something that I know that I wanna strive for and not do like,3572.8189 
2639 3573.1420I love the way that my little sister is and like I would not mind at all if my daughter was that way.3577.1266 
2641 3577.3487Minus the little smart mouth, her mother thinking3579.3956 
2643 3579.8101it's fine, but I don't like that.3581.3631 
2646 3583.7052So are you close to your parent- to your mom?3585.9359 
2647DCB_se1_ag2_m_013586.2290Yeah that's my baby. I was just telling people last night, they was talking about how3590.4392
2649 3590.6966I ain't-3591.2700 
2651 3591.6626I ain't touch my mother feet this and that. I was telling 'em last night slim y'all are tripping, you understand sl- I used to soak my mother toes and3598.4737 
2653 3598.7242scrape the crust off her feet all types of shit like, I- I love my ba- that's my baby, you see in my phone it say my baby, that's my baby.3604.9795 
2655 3605.8091Yeah I love her.3606.9571 
2656DCB_int_013607.9161How did you and your mom- What-3609.3106
2658 3609.6066what do you feel like- So,3610.8842 
2660 3611.0478growing up I know it's- y- it's your mama, you trying to be rebellious, you trying to do-3614.3934 
2662 3614.7479but what was that moment that made you be like,3616.4500 
2664 3616.6526that's my mama.3617.3732 
2666 3617.4861Like,3617.9755 
2668 3618.1911no, that's my mama that's my baby.3619.9398 
2669DCB_se1_ag2_m_013620.9837Um, when I came back from Mississippi.3622.9498
2671 3623.8972When I came back from Mississippi, cause she sent me- cause I was- like, when she sent me to Mississippi like3627.9595 
2673 3628.2984I was doing too much. So, [you know what I'm saying], at the time I feel like-3631.0756 
2675DCB_se1_ag2_m_013631.2392I just feel like she was giving up on me.3632.6312
2677 3632.8476You know what I'm saying, so like, for a long time when I came back,3635.2159 
2679 3635.6560I- I w- I was mad at her for a long time, you know what I'm saying, we used to get like- get into it real bad cause I felt like,3641.0061 
2681 3642.4293this nigga ain't never do shit for me, no nothing, he gonna send this /unintelligible/ they don't give a fuck about me.3647.2006 
2683 3647.3759You gonna send me with this nigga /for/?3648.7352 
2685 3649.0624You know what I'm saying.3649.6731 
2687DCB_se1_ag2_m_013649.9661[And] when I went to go live with him,3651.2473
2688 3651.5631he did everything and showed me that what it was like, you know what I'm saying. She let me come back home but like I told her like, what you send me with that nigga for?3657.6399
2690 3657.8495You know what I'm saying like,3658.7101 
2692 3659.0100that nigga don't really care about me.3660.3304 
2694 3661.4678So like-3661.9971 
2696 3662.3364Cause when I- like, this nigga,3663.6137 
2698 3663.7698my father,3664.4709 
2700 3665.4016when I was staying with them3666.5312 
2702 3667.2829and I was ready to go back home or whatever, this was just all some summer type shit.3670.7924 
2704 3671.1702I had a job and all that. This nigga gonna tell me-3673.7329 
2706 3674.5470cause I'm ready to go home, this nigga put me on the bus with a motherfucking- Made me pay for my own ticket at that.3679.3884 
2708 3679.6026Put me on a motherfucking bus for a day and a half3681.7956 
2710 3682.0332and made me motherfucking3683.2212 
2712 3683.4081pay for my own ticket and gave me a bag of cookies. A pack of fucking cookies.3686.7609 
2714 3687.6341Dead ass, though, you know what I'm saying, like I don't trip off of it no more or whatever but at the time, that shit fucked me up.3692.7938 
2716 3693.2272So I'm like, damn slim you- you going like that?3695.6632 
2718 3697.0755So now he be trying to have a relationship or whatever it's like, you know what I'm saying, and I be cool with him whatever but it's just like I know he see that it ain't what it is. Like, you did that shit though. Like you did that, that ain't me.3705.6288 
2720 3706.2324I'm'a make sure my little one3707.4756 
2722 3707.5997good like I'm'a make sure they- they- they know, like I never do no big wild shit like that.3711.7621 
2724 3712.5539/You don't/ like- I'm3713.2239 
2726 3713.6134at the time like, fifteen. Fifteen years old you know what I'm saying. I'm good, I know I'm good.3717.7854 
2728 3718.2639But as a parent, I don't feel comfortable with putting my fifteen year old child out there like that.3722.4978 
2729DCB_int_013723.4015[On the bus.]3724.3588
2731 3724.3750You know what I'm saying, s- but mom dukes we was- we- we was real- she was angry- I was angry at her for a long time,3729.5983
2733 3730.1359but then it was like,3731.0705 
2735 3731.9546when I got out on my own that's when I realize like,3734.8744 
2737 3734.9679that's when I really feel I- I felt like,3737.0998 
2739 3737.8165yeah this is- this is- that's my baby like she do her shit for me like,3743.0203 
2741 3743.4447you understand that this shit this woman done did for me like she [did so much] shit for me like and I just grow to appreciate it, you know what I'm saying. Like at first,3749.9417 
2743DCB_se1_ag2_m_013750.3818it was like, she doing it cause she got to,3752.0818
2745 3752.2824that's my mom. But now it's just like,3753.8997 
2747 3754.4831nah slim. Cause I- I- I learned this like, after you turn eighteen years old,3758.0596 
2749 3758.4325don't nobody gotta do shit for you.3759.7374 
2751 3760.0373And I tell everybody, don't nobody gotta do nothing for you so it was like,3762.6187 
2753 3762.9742don't get mad at somebody for what they not doing for you after you turn eighteen.3766.3102 
2755DCB_se1_ag2_m_013767.8779What they do do,3768.7465
2757 3769.1243appreciate it.3770.0043 
2759 3770.2341And take it as a blessing.3771.3261 
2760DCB_int_013772.1194That's true.3772.6634
2762 3772.9257So,3773.2450 
2764 3773.4242I have two more questions for you.3774.8810 
2766 3775.3289Um,3775.9755 
2768 3776.1508do you think the people like around this way3778.5655 
2770 3778.9316like especially in DC, espe- cause you went to Mississippi too, I don't know if you could think about that far back,3783.4653 
2772 3783.7418do you think3784.1742 
2774 3785.4907they have any special words or they talk differently?3788.3587 
2776 3788.8442Um, or they3790.6476 
2778 3790.8540can like-3791.7110 
2780 3792.4354they say things3793.1950 
2782 3793.4326in a s- in a [different kind of way?]3794.8072 
2783DCB_se1_ag2_m_013794.2856[Yeah, you got] different lingos everywhere you go.3796.0576
2784 3796.2212That's a- that's a- that's a- that's a- that's a urban culture thing. Like that's just like- you know what I'm saying, every-3800.8719
2786 3801.4368every- you know what I'm saying, every section got they own little lingos whatever but that's just a urban thing like everywhere you go,3807.2324 
2788 3807.5908you gonna hear different type of languages and stuff like- but that's just like, we unique people. Like, black people got a unique gene in our body.3813.4907 
2790 3813.8577They can't take that from us, they try to,3815.5443 
2792 3815.7622try to beat the shit out of us, but they couldn't do that.3817.9434 
2794 3818.2862We some special people, so it was just like3820.0273 
2796 3820.3895yeah, it's just like- yeah, that's- that's everywhere.3822.4414 
2798 3822.6095[You gonna find] different [lingos.]3823.9222 
2801 3823.8248[What] y'all s- what-3824.6895 
2802 3824.9427what do you say in DC that's-3826.2188
2804 3826.5280that makes you different?3827.4226 
2807 3828.7443Well DC p- DC people like they like to say Mo and Bob.3832.8027 
2808DCB_int_013833.4143Like what does that mean?3834.4809
2809DCB_se1_ag2_m_013835.0424It's like a word like it's like saying son. Or- or B, like,3838.1544
2811 3838.2594you know what I'm saying, you get somebody's attention just like- it's just- like or-3841.2741 
2813 3841.5002or homie, or something like that [you know what I'm saying], just like3844.0069 
2817 3844.6706What's up, Bob.3845.3951 
2819 3845.7963What's up, homie.3846.7043 
2821 3846.9181What's up, B. What's up, whatever, you know what I'm saying. [New York-] New York- that's a New York thing,3850.5169 
2824DCB_int_013851.0544B is New York?3851.8304
2825DCB_se1_ag2_m_013851.8763Yeah that's a New [York thing.]3853.1376
2826DCB_int_013852.5852[Oh I've never] heard that.3853.6132
2827DCB_se1_ag2_m_013853.7070You never heard B?3854.3964
2829DCB_se1_ag2_m_013855.3037For real, you never heard nobody say, what's up, B?3857.0637
2831DCB_se1_ag2_m_013858.1471[You ain't] never heard somebody say B?3859.2222
2833DCB_se1_ag2_m_013859.7636Or like, this niggas bugging, B.3861.1113
2835 3861.6642For real?3862.2521 
2837DCB_se1_ag2_m_013863.4403Oh you ain't never seen Paid in Full?3864.5738
2839DCB_se1_ag2_m_013865.8241You ain't never seen Paid in Full? The movie Paid in Full?3867.6801
2841DCB_se1_ag2_m_013869.3801Oh shit, B. You gotta go to New York.3871.1601
2845DCB_se1_ag2_m_013874.1124[I be using] that shit.3875.1924
2846DCB_int_013875.7288What else?3876.3515
2849 3878.9306those the two main things and uh, you see- you hear homes. Homes, Mo,3883.3007 
2851 3883.6123and uh, [and Bob.]3885.1045 
2853DCB_se1_ag2_m_013885.7974And bruh.3886.4081
2855 3886.7790But [bruh-]3887.3905 
2857 3887.7525Bruh is [everywhere.]3888.6445
2858DCB_se1_ag2_m_013888.1654[Bruh's a-] yeah, bruh is everywhere.3889.7814
2859 3890.2298Maybe cause I was out Landover, I heard us saying that first though before everybody, now you be hearing everybody saying bruh.3894.5804
2861 3895.3789I had to change it to Brody, now I call everybody Brody.3897.7909 
2862DCB_int_013898.0080Brody [okay, what] about like joint, what about bama?3901.0382
2864DCB_se1_ag2_f_023901.2446And soning.3902.0740
2865DCB_int_013902.5261And- [and /son/]3903.2901
2866DCB_se1_ag2_m_013902.9000[That's my] joint like,3904.0960
2867 3905.1163yeah nah joint, that's everywhere though. I hear that- I hear that everywhere I go.3908.1854
2869 3908.3490Like that's my joint.3909.2717 
2871 3909.8525New Orleans got a joint, a word called roun.3911.8397 
2873 3912.1701Like that's my roun.3913.0808 
2874DCB_int_013913.7045What does that mean?3914.5019
2875DCB_se1_ag2_m_013914.7640[That's like my boy], that's like my man, [nah like /?/ my roun] like, you know what I'm saying, like I mess with him that's my roun.3919.5472
2876DCB_int_013914.7991[Same as joint?]3915.5671
2878 3916.4895[Oh, like-]3917.2495 
2879 3920.0144Okay.3920.6770
2881 3922.3358What's a word you just- you just said it like a few minutes ago and I'm- I didn't write it down cause I was-3926.2204 
2883DCB_int_013926.9902No you said [something] when you were telling me a story about, um-3930.1647
2887 3930.8697We were talking about sports and you said something and I didn't wri-3933.0159 
2889 3933.4208poorly on my part I didn't write it down to ask you about it.3935.8942 
2891 3936.3732Anyway,3936.8406 
2893 3937.7326what about, um, you just said it. Oh my god, this is gonna drive me nuts.3941.7482 
2895 3942.6363Oh well.3943.2011 
2897 3943.7464Alright.3944.2931 
2899 3944.5994If you could do- let me ask you this, two- uh, sorry one more- two more things actually.3948.4320 
2901 3948.5761One,3949.0334 
2903 3949.2538do you like go go music?3950.3125 
2905DCB_int_013951.2092Why not?3951.7692
2907 3952.0388Okay, that was [clear.]3953.1348 
2908DCB_se1_ag2_m_013952.7280[I don't] know, I don't know, I don't know I never been a fan of go go music.3955.8908
2909DCB_int_013956.0349What kind of music [do you like?]3957.0283
2910DCB_se1_ag2_m_013956.6932[Cause I never] been a fan of the live performance thing. [Like, that's what it is, I] never been a fan of the live performance thing.3962.7576
2912DCB_se1_ag2_m_013962.9018It's just like,3963.5057
2914 3964.0936it's too much, like when I li- hear something, I wanna hear a nice little beat3967.7137 
2916 3968.0820to the right level that it's supposed to be on, the right tone and all that like, you know what I'm saying.3971.7161 
2918 3972.0394I'm /not/ trying to hear3972.8981 
2920 3973.3051the fucking music over top of the words and shit like, and that's what go go is, it's a live perform- and that's why I don't really do concerts like, the live performance thing don't really get me.3980.5419 
2923 3981.7650What's your favorite type of music?3982.8867 
2925DCB_int_013984.5655Or favorite artist.3985.4375
2926DCB_se1_ag2_m_013986.0532right now my favorite artist is Kevin Gates.3988.6396
2927DCB_int_013989.5588I do not know Kevin.3990.5695
2929 3990.7351Tell [me a little about Kev-]3991.6543 
2930DCB_se1_ag2_m_013990.8753[You don't know Kevin Gates?]3991.7712
2931DCB_int_013991.8842/?/ [Obviously not.]3992.9278
2932DCB_se1_ag2_m_013992.4682[Kevin Gates] is a deep brother, he's a deep brother. Like he say little shit that people be, you know what I'm saying, like everybody know him for the- being the booty eating dude and3999.6482
2933 4000.0517kicking the girl in the chest, but he a deep dude, if you listen to his music he a deep dude, like he a deep brother.4005.1271
2935 4006.0109He a real deep brother.4006.9302 
2937 4007.5105He don't do- he don't got no empty bars.4009.3412 
2939 4009.4386You know what I'm saying, like you hear a lot [of dudes rap now]4011.2226 
2940DCB_int_014010.3462[Mm, mm-hm.]4011.0113
2941DCB_se1_ag2_m_014011.4835about a lot of bullshit.4012.7955
2943 4013.3646He don't rap like that, he rap about real shit.4015.2265 
2945 4015.6277Like he keep that shit real.4016.6570 
2946DCB_int_014016.9247Do you like Kendrick Lamar?4017.8712
2949 4019.5108I like Kendrick Lamar because what he bring to the game.4021.6095 
2951 4022.0115I'm not-4022.3915 
2953DCB_se1_ag2_m_014022.5568[uh, I'm] not gonna say that I'm a fan,4024.4225
2955DCB_se1_ag2_m_014025.1234but I like him because what he brings to the [game.]4027.5501
2956DCB_int_014027.4371[He's] a [lyricist.]4028.3758
2957DCB_se1_ag2_m_014028.2161[Yeah] I like [what he brings to the] game and he spits that real shit. Like [he- he's-]4031.8191
2960 4031.1801[Yeah.]4031.7361 
2963 4033.1081he's- I love anybody that's pro black. Anybody that's pro black I'm f- I'm with you. [I fuck with] you cause I'm pro black, I'm pro pro black.4039.8113 
2964DCB_int_014036.8747[That's right.]4037.3907
2965DCB_se1_ag2_m_014040.4268I ain't anti white.4041.4862
2967 4041.6498I'm just [pro black. See]4042.9352 
2968DCB_int_014042.0744[Pro black. And that's] different, [those are very different things.]4044.7345
2969DCB_se1_ag2_m_014043.3676[my white-]4043.8222
2971 4044.1894[but my wife] think that I'm anti white, and I try to explain to her I'm not anti white I'm just pro black.4049.9617 
2972 4050.2071And I'm not gonna ignore the obvious that they put in front of us.4054.2032
2974 4054.4058And she gets that mixed up with me being anti white, I'm not anti white.4058.3938 
2976 4058.7602I've had white friends in my life before.4060.5520 
2977DCB_se1_ag2_f_024062.6086Any time you hold the door for somebody and the person that comes through the door, and then you realize you holding it for a white person, you're like, I just held the door for him.4069.6779
2979 4069.9116You're anti white.4070.7556 
2981 4070.8891[You- you-]4071.3184 
2982DCB_se1_ag2_m_014070.8969[I'm not anti white.]4072.0969
2983DCB_se1_ag2_f_024071.6915[You caught] yourself because you held the door for a white person.4074.0541
2984DCB_se1_ag2_m_014074.7842I'm not, I [didn't-]4075.9055
2986DCB_se1_ag2_m_014076.0929[It caught] me off guard.4077.1396
2987 4077.3703That's what it was.4078.1289
2989DCB_se1_ag2_m_014078.4492[It caught me off] guard.4079.2711
2990 4079.6099But I'm not anti white, I have had- I've had white friends before.4082.1831
2992 4083.2869I've shooken white man hands before.4084.7856 
2994 4085.1680I'm not anti white.4085.9976 
2996 4086.7806I'm just pro black.4087.5518 
2998DCB_se1_ag2_m_014088.4165[And it's just] like,4088.9852
2999 4089.1838dudes- to sit here and say-4090.5043
3001 4090.7767and4091.2324 
3003 4091.6570anybody to sit here and just be like,4093.4036 
3005 4094.1304I have no type of feelings or no type of energy or anything towards like what our people went through for four hundred years,4099.7507 
3007 4101.9086I can't say that.4102.7313 
3009 4102.9055I- I can't be that person, like I'm not gonna sit here and say like, oh I'm so jolly like let's just all be happy toge- no, I'm pro black.4109.9206 
3011 4110.6721If we can do what we gotta do without y'all, and leave y'all where the fuck y'all at, I'm with that.4114.7846 
3013 4115.1475That don't mean that I'm anti white.4116.6861 
3015DCB_se1_ag2_m_014117.0832[I'm] just pro black.4118.1112
3016 4118.4231I'm not s- sitting here and saying,4119.9071
3018 4120.2226alright,4120.7573 
3020 4121.4573it's over with now let's all be friends.4123.4748 
3022 4123.5605No.4124.1538 
3024 4124.4953Y'all beat the fuck out of us, and killed us, and did all types of- raped our fucking mothers and4129.4810 
3026 4129.7417all that, did all types of shit to us4131.4439 
3028DCB_se1_ag2_m_014131.6114for four hundred years,4132.7293
3029 4133.0759cause now it ain't going like that for the last a hundred years we gotta just be friends.4136.7606
3031 4136.9747No.4137.7840 
3033 4138.0030They don't work like that.4139.0656 
3035 4140.0985How could it work like that?4141.5592 
3037 4142.4626That mean I'm'a be a fake.4143.7908 
3039DCB_se1_ag2_m_014144.7412Every time I get around you I'm thinking about how you done hung my ancestors.4147.9359
3041 4148.3715That's fake of me.4149.2749 
3043 4149.8631I can't help that, if I'm around a4151.5301 
3045 4152.0521white people too long4153.0414 
3047 4153.2245it makes me think about4154.4398 
3049 4154.5488what they did to us, I can't help that.4156.2741 
3051 4156.4105That's just in me.4157.2345 
3053DCB_se1_ag2_m_014158.8916And I- but I'm not anti white.4160.3133
3055 4160.6717I don't think I am.4161.5724 
3057 4162.1246Maybe I am but I don't know I am.4163.5059 
3060 4165.5909My last question, if you had to leave a piece of advice, especially now that you're ha- about to have a new daughter, new wife and-4170.6832 
3062 4172.3526what would that piece of advice be? And it doesn't have to be just4175.0714 
3064 4175.4762to- to her or to the baby, [but to anyone.]4177.9379 
3065DCB_se1_ag2_m_014177.2874[Don't ignore-] don't ignore the obvious.4179.0981
3066 4179.9867Don't ignore facts and do not ignore the obvious.4182.0327
3068 4183.9945That's the message I try to send out to everybody, do not ignore the obvious and do not ignore the facts.4188.0592 
3069DCB_int_014190.1369What does that mean?4190.7951
3070DCB_se1_ag2_m_014191.0094That means4191.7144
3072 4191.9792if somebody's giving you- I'm using a metaphor again. Somebody's giving you-4195.2419 
3074 4195.4963if somebody tell you it's shit in that grass,4197.8528 
3076 4198.2345and don't step in that shit.4199.7821 
3078 4200.0691Listen to that person, don't be like, well I can step over the shit.4202.7531 
3080 4203.3174My legs long enough, I can get around it. Nah, just walk the other way.4206.0478 
3082 4208.1899To the young dudes, if you see4209.6817 
3084 4209.8609what's going on out here4210.9969 
3086 4211.5474and you see that, the streets is not where you supposed to be.4213.8173 
3088 4213.8937You know what I'm saying,4214.4568 
3090 4214.7217you see that4215.4929 
3092 4217.1250you not supposed to treat a woman that way, you see that4219.2730 
3094 4219.4276that's not how it's supposed to /this is/ happen like if you see what you supposed to do and not do,4223.0920 
3096 4223.4465don't do it just because the next person doing it and they- and it's- and it's cool to society.4227.7934 
3098 4228.0035Don't do that.4228.7280 
3100 4230.4924Cause at the end of the day-4231.6610 
3102 4234.2393And it's another thing I would tell somebody.4235.7817 
3104 4236.0038Don't never try to chase another person happiness.4238.1149 
3106 4238.6953Cause that person will always- /Why-/4240.4909 
3108 4240.7205Say, I wanna be like you.4242.1811 
3110 4242.3954Say I see you with your orange shirt on.4243.8210 
3112 4244.7013So,4245.0934 
3114 4246.3878last time I saw you, I was so amazed by your orange shirt. Like, damn I want that orange shirt.4251.3305 
3116 4251.9108So when I /see you next-/ so when I hear that you coming back around,4254.7891 
3118 4255.2526oh shit, I'm going to go get that orange shirt.4257.4377 
3120 4257.6870You know what I'm saying, I'm gonna get me an orange shirts, cause I remember you had that orange shirt on.4260.9431 
3122 4261.6091So boom.4262.2718 
3124 4263.5138That orange shirt old as shit to you now.4265.2666 
3126 4265.6561You done bust out with something exclusive, you got a brand new ass blue shirt on now.4269.7708 
3128 4270.2871Everybody /already seen/ your orange shirt.4271.7252 
3130 4272.2191So now I pull up, I got my orange shirt on now I think I'm crushing, now you got the new- the new blue joint on.4278.2212 
3132 4278.5835Everybody looking at your new blue joint they looking at-4280.5152 
3134 4280.9164/??/ she already had that orange joint.4282.8990 
3136 4283.6040You know what I'm saying.4284.2506 
3138 4284.4375So like when people like- you grow up, like-4286.0968 
3140 4286.2760you be trying to be like this person, you trying to be like that person like,4289.0296 
3142 4289.2867what is that doing for you?4290.4480 
3144DCB_se1_ag2_m_014290.8213You try and chase that person happiness,4292.7183
3145 4293.7074you not gonna never find your happiness cause they gonna always be a step ahead of you and you gonna always be upset about that.4298.8356
3147 4299.0943So when I see you with your blue shirt on,4300.5742 
3149 4300.7611I got my orange shirt, nobody kicking with my orange shirt,4303.1371 
3151 4303.3747I'm beefing with you now.4304.5121 
3153 4306.0193When I got my shirt from you in the first place.4308.1499 
3154DCB_int_014308.2745[<laugh> Yeah.]4309.8239
3155DCB_se1_ag2_m_014308.8510[You know what I'm saying so it just] like it's a lot of that that be going on with the youngins I just like try to tell them like,4312.8963
3156 4313.1665find your own lane, man.4314.7799
3158 4314.9505I don't care if you shovel shit for a living.4316.8465 
3160 4317.1317Be the best at shoveling shit, a nigga can respect that.4319.5038 
3162 4320.5825You know what I'm saying.4321.2092 
3164 4321.4044If