LineSpeakerSt TimeContentEn Time
1DCB_int_010.3209Um, what's your birthday /RD-NAME-2/?1.5893
2DCB_se2_ag3_m_011.7152July seventh, nineteen eighty. One sixteen PM.4.3217
3DCB_int_014.9419Okay. [Um], great. One sixteen [to be exact.] Do you remember which uh, bassinet you were placed in?11.6493
6 8.0555[Mm-hm.]8.5265 
8 11.5947I was third from [the left at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Southeast DC.]15.5150 
10 16.1305And what's your hometown?17.5574
12 17.7812/Of/ [DC.]18.4433 
13DCB_se2_ag3_m_0118.2102[Washington] DC.18.9504
14 19.1136Yup.19.3188
15DCB_int_0119.8690Um, what neighborhood do you kind of claim as your own?22.6201
19DCB_int_0127.8088And you've lived here all your life?28.9932
21DCB_int_0131.0437Um, have you lived any other places, including college?34.0140
22DCB_se2_ag3_m_0134.1072Um, ten years in Baltimore, Maryland,36.3501
24 36.8525um,37.6126 
26 39.7995and a six month span in Richmond, Virginia.43.6545 
27DCB_int_0150.5918Where'd you go to school?51.3145
28DCB_se2_ag3_m_0151.9440Uh, started at /RD-SCHOOL-5/ University during that six month span.55.7944
30 56.3819Didn't quite pan out,57.5710 
32 58.0093came back home and got my uh, two year from /RD-SCHOOL-3/ Community College.63.0254 
34 64.2238Have not64.6808 
36 65.3009finished beyond there.66.3687 
38 66.5914It's a goal.67.1789 
39DCB_int_0172.9691And what's your current- I'm-74.2281
41 74.5078I'm not sure what your status is on your current occupation situation?77.8232 
44DCB_se2_ag3_m_0179.2815So I'm currently the program [director]81.9300
46DCB_se2_ag3_m_0182.4523at the /RD-WORK-7/84.1589
48 84.3920/RD-WORK-10/.86.1935 
51 88.6201now I'm gonna ask some- a few questions about your parents, and then we'll get started kind of- this is just a92.9517 
53 94.0373background.94.6061 
55 95.5154<ts> Where was your father born?96.5599 
56DCB_se2_ag3_m_0196.9598Father was born in Cordele, Georgia.98.6198
57DCB_int_0199.1653Whoa! [That's my] neck of the woods! [Exit ninety nine.]102.3874
60 101.0771[Mm-hm.]101.8731 
61 102.5448Yup.102.8292
63 103.1556Cordele, Georgia.104.5312 
64DCB_int_01104.5824Whatchu know about [Georgia?]105.9720
66DCB_int_01106.0839[Where was your mom] born?107.3102
67DCB_se2_ag3_m_01107.4968Winston Salem, North Carolina.109.0775
68DCB_int_01109.7245Oh. Okay, that's a story. I'll get that in a [moment.]112.3310
70 112.6761Just starting to get to know my father's side of the family, too.115.1463
72 115.3748[/I just-/]115.8737 
73DCB_int_01115.4773[What did your father] do or what does he do?116.9135
74DCB_se2_ag3_m_01117.0907Uh, he's a janitor for DC public schools.119.3895
75DCB_int_01119.3895So he's here?120.0843
78 120.9971Mm-hm. Yeah, most people don't-122.5078 
80 122.9741because he is not as spoken of as th- my mother, the [queen],126.4806 
81DCB_int_01126.0843[As queen.] Mm-mm.127.3934
84 128.2234I remember when I went away to school,130.1165 
86 130.2424and I had a friend of mine's, oh, I guess your mom's gonna have to get a boyfriend now.133.5193 
88 134.3073Hey, no my dad lives at home.135.8368 
90 136.3730[So he's very c-]137.1284 
91DCB_int_01136.4383[Are your parents married?]137.5673
93 138.4293Married, uh,139.4260
95 139.7198thir- um- uh- I'm thirty five-141.4358 
97 141.7109Thirty one [years.]142.7181 
99 143.4361clue, /RD-NAME-2/.144.2321
100DCB_se2_ag3_m_01144.2428Thirty one years.145.1183
101DCB_int_01145.1369No clue.145.7804
106 148.1818He is um-149.2123 
108 149.8045So there's two sides of it. He's very quiet, very quiet reserved person.153.1933 
109DCB_int_01153.0674/You know/ you didn't get that from him.154.2518
113 156.3034but then we have had-157.9763
115 158.6058Our, you know, relationship has had its161.3615 
117 161.7998journey,162.3734 
119DCB_se2_ag3_m_01162.7546and because of that,163.6592
120 164.0649/and/ I don't always speak of165.9906
122 166.8533my father. So,167.7998 
124 168.4573we at a168.8164 
126 169.4027decent place170.1488 
128 170.4192now,170.7177 
130 170.8529but171.0534 
132 171.8274I don't speak of him as much because he just wasn't as much of a part.174.6765 
133DCB_int_01175.1556As mom.175.7291
135DCB_int_01176.2933What did mom do? Cause I- Mom's retired now, [right?]178.4663
136DCB_se2_ag3_m_01178.2331[Yup.] She was a- uh, executive assistant for DC public schools [for thirty-]182.4799
137DCB_int_01181.6266[Mm, so y'all] all up in [DPS?]183.5104
138DCB_se2_ag3_m_01183.1140[Oh yeah.]183.5290
139DCB_int_01183.7715I mean [DCPS.]184.6461
140DCB_se2_ag3_m_01184.4663[DCPS.] Yup.185.2496
141 185.3802Thirty seven years.186.3407
143 186.8245She worked all over the place, superintendent's office, the board of education's office, local schools.192.2779 
145 192.9038Did a little bit of everything.193.7291 
148 195.3985alright. So let's- let's back up.196.8160 
150 197.5714First of all,198.1869 
152 198.3582Cordele and Winston [Salem.]200.0789 
156 202.3031that's the seventy five eighty five corridor. They204.3547 
158 204.5774kind of ain't really that connected. How'd your parents meet?206.9088 
159DCB_se2_ag3_m_01207.7155They met uh, through my209.6460
161 209.8651uh, mother's sister.210.9329 
163 211.7991And my father212.7410 
165 213.1000was friends with a mutual friend,214.6574 
167 214.9092and when they moved here to DC-216.6205 
169 217.0670Uh, my mom moved to DC when she was six or seven,220.4756 
171 221.1470and uh, they222.4387 
173 222.7872met through some mutual friends, went out on a date, and225.1094 
174DCB_int_01225.7637[The rest-]225.9875
175DCB_se2_ag3_m_01225.7948the rest was [history.]226.5782
176DCB_int_01226.1678[And here you] are.226.8859
177DCB_se2_ag3_m_01227.0538Here I am.227.5481
178DCB_int_01227.6320[Um], okay. So they met in DC.229.5519
180 229.6079[Mm-hm.]229.8504
183DCB_int_01230.4985[So] how- how did mom come to- Was it232.2797
184 232.7041like,233.0072
186 233.3382grandma and grandpa decided y'all was coming to DC?235.3841 
187DCB_se2_ag3_m_01235.3934Yeah, they- they moved there from Winston Salem. Like I said, she was about six or seven,238.6201
189 239.0351um, just to pursue new opportunities, new things,242.1768 
191 242.5731and landed in DC. And-244.3404 
193 244.4756and my mom is one of246.7138 
195 248.4379five.249.0534 
197 249.5290One of five,250.1026 
199 250.6714and uh, they just, you know, wanted to seek some new opportunities254.2094 
201 254.8156and came to DC.255.5244 
202DCB_int_01255.6922How'd dad end up here?256.6808
203DCB_se2_ag3_m_01256.9605Um, same deal.258.0377
205 258.2009Um, my dad is one of sixteen.260.5312 
207 261.2399[<laugh>] Yeah.263.7672 
208DCB_int_01262.1627[Hm. Wow.]263.1032
209DCB_se2_ag3_m_01264.0143And um, just in search of some new opportunities, to do some new things. And he ended up coming up with a friend of his270.7697
211 271.3887and [was-]272.1441 
212DCB_int_01271.7012[Oh this was a] decision he made as an adult.273.5010
213DCB_se2_ag3_m_01273.5010Yeah yeah [yeah. So he was-]274.8206
214DCB_int_01273.8974[Oh he didn't do this as a] child. Okay.275.3196
215DCB_se2_ag3_m_01275.4128Yeah, he was a little bit-278.0322
217 278.3027Let's see.278.9042 
219 279.0114When they-279.5803 
221 282.4107Twenties283.4400 
223 283.6685when they met.284.1908 
225DCB_se2_ag3_m_01285.2959Yeah, met-285.8135
226 285.9580mid to late twenties when they met.287.2030
228 287.6926And um-288.5086 
230 289.5892Yeah cause they were all family- All my other291.3938 
232 291.6876family on his side is basically still down south.293.6879 
234 294.3641He's a-294.6252 
236DCB_se2_ag3_m_01294.9831[one] of295.4121
237 295.7105three who came up north297.1327
239 297.6689in Cordele.298.3450 
241 298.4802[Cordele],299.1843 
242DCB_int_01298.4849[In Cordele.]299.1890
245 300.9411um,301.5519 
247 303.0767couple other places down around about304.9745 
249 305.2823those parts.306.0610 
250DCB_int_01307.0577So have you traveled a lot? Like,309.0347
252 309.1793have you- do you go310.3310 
254 310.5175down South and see them? Are you312.3174 
256 312.5506pretty much313.4494 
258 313.9203whatever's happening around the District that's what's happening.316.3433 
259DCB_se2_ag3_m_01316.2965Yeah, that's basically what's happening. We had our first family reunion for that side of that family321.4264
260 321.8787last July.322.7041
262 323.2450Uh, first time I had seen324.8490 
264 325.0064them-325.5986 
266 325.9063I've only been down South once before and I was328.5455 
268 328.7554four.329.3336 
270 329.6553Three or four.330.3034 
272 330.7872/Had/- And it was the only time I met my paternal grandfather333.5570 
274 333.8368uh, it was during that time. He died not too long after I- we- that visit336.8910 
276 337.2022uh, when I was three.338.0649 
278 338.6757Uh, but hadn't seen any of that part of the family with the exception of342.4340 
280 342.9364one uncle and his wife who moved to New Jersey,345.5896 
282 346.0419and one uncle and his wife who had moved to Ohio.349.3468 
284 349.9343Other than that, hadn't seen any of these folks in-352.3264 
286 352.6714from-353.0398 
288 353.3056almost thirty years354.5226 
290 355.1043until last July,356.2141 
292 356.6477uh, which was an interesting experience.358.6388 
293DCB_int_01358.8346Where was it?359.4688
294DCB_se2_ag3_m_01359.6133Uh, in Raleigh.360.5879
296 361.2302Um, and then we're planning for the next one which is this- No, next summer,364.7740 
298 365.1657which will be here in the DC area.366.7231 
300 367.4214So [now I get to help host.] I'm on the-369.1746 
301DCB_int_01367.6545[Oh you on the committee?]368.5824
302 369.5896You [always on the committee. You d- You- You the eternal] on the [committee man.]373.8877
303DCB_se2_ag3_m_01369.8181[I'm on the committee. /I get trapped in-/]372.1822
305 373.2768[Mm-hm.]373.9110 
306DCB_int_01374.2700Mm-hm. Any [/the/ committee], you the-375.9393
307DCB_se2_ag3_m_01374.7721[But it's interesting.]375.6409
308 376.2704Yeah, I mean it's interesting just like, [reconnecting]378.4731
309DCB_int_01378.0796[Then with] it- yeah.379.2216
310DCB_se2_ag3_m_01379.2288with family. And I [think especially-] Yeah. Especially because382.6295
311DCB_int_01379.9716[After thirty years.]380.9694
312DCB_se2_ag3_m_01383.3056my relationship with my father is what it is,385.9576
314 386.1022and has not always been the best,388.2145 
316DCB_se2_ag3_m_01388.6761reconnecting with that part of the family was390.7930
318 391.7851weird at first.393.1979 
320 393.6456Um, but refreshing.394.8424 
322 395.3242And I remember sitting- We had the little banquet that night, and397.9949 
324 398.2887they actually went through the lineage. And to be in a room and-401.2123 
326 401.8278and to be- feel connected,403.0215 
328 403.4633was, you know, the- All the other stuff from me and my father went out the window406.9699 
330 407.2869because I realized the connect-408.6205 
332 408.9364the connection that I had with,410.5218 
334 410.7876you know,411.0627 
336 411.4218eight411.6176 
338 411.9580generations of people.413.1657 
340 413.6506And they're tracing and going back and looking and seeing that this and this and this and this.417.2166 
342 417.6689So,418.0513 
344 418.4709it was interesting.419.2963 
346 419.6320Humbling, I'll say.420.6345 
347DCB_int_01420.9364So, okay. So let's go back to your childhood kind of here.424.5036
349 425.0678Um, do you remember your neighborhood? Where you grew up- the house or apartment that you grew up in? And how was like- how was-430.7647 
351 431.0584And how many brothers and sisters do you have? I don't think-433.0996 
353 433.3188Are you an only [child?]434.1022 
354DCB_se2_ag3_m_01433.7105[I am an] only child [by] birth.435.7575
356DCB_se2_ag3_m_01436.6714Only child by birth- And that was- I had a weird438.7744
358 439.6732upbringing in the sense that441.0721 
360 442.7554most of my life, school, church, [everything] else,446.5032 
362DCB_se2_ag3_m_01446.8622was inside the city,448.1492
364 448.6248but we always lived right outside of DC in451.1568 
366 451.9100<ts> Chillum, Maryland, which is maybe like-453.9533 
368DCB_se2_ag3_m_01454.3497[it was, you] know, right across-455.5714
369 456.0050right across the Eastern Avenue,457.6592
371 458.2467right across that line.459.1750 
373 459.5430Um,459.9953 
375 460.1678and so I was- it was a weird thing.461.6366 
377 462.0936The elementary school I went to-464.2374 
379 464.5778Um, if DCPS ever found this out, they would probably send me a really big tuition bill,468.4480 
381 469.0437Um, I wasn't supposed to go to cause I wasn't a DC resident.471.6689 
383 472.3497Uh, [but I went.]473.3374 
384DCB_int_01472.7647[Which elementary] school?473.6040
385DCB_se2_ag3_m_01473.8045[/RD-SCHOOL-2/ Elementary on Division Avenue.475.8317
387 476.6011Um,477.3145 
389 477.5244in Northeast and Deanwood.478.6994 
391 479.2216Um-479.8092 
393 480.5587[/Had this humble history/.]481.7792 
394DCB_int_01480.6592[But I've seen Division Avenue], so I think482.2511
395 482.5638if I just483.1874
397 483.4824follow that little-484.1958 
399DCB_int_01484.4942[I] probably would- Okay.485.2799
400DCB_se2_ag3_m_01485.2651Yup. So it's kind of like, in the middle of the hill.487.2442
401 487.9203Um,488.5731
403 489.0394because my mother worked at /-WORK-1/ Elementary School, which is around the corner,493.2582 
405 493.6918she had a relationship,494.6804 
407 494.8389um- she actually went to the principal at /RD-SCHOOL-2/497.3149 
409 497.7113and just flat out asked,499.0799 
411 499.3468can my son come? /RD-SCHOOL-2/ was a historic school,501.8508 
413 502.3590great leadership, /RD-NAME-5/,504.4655 
415 504.6707the greatest principal that ever walked the face of the Earth,506.6291 
417 507.1746um-507.7482 
418DCB_int_01507.7715What made him so great?508.7833
421 509.9526he was511.3328 
423 511.9623what you think of when you think like, old school teacher and [administrator.]515.1284 
424DCB_int_01514.4600[Mm. Mm-hm.]515.3522
425DCB_se2_ag3_m_01515.5574Um, he was a- a-516.8537
427 517.0008he's like a grandfather type.518.2794 
429 518.6804He didn't play any games,520.1165 
430DCB_int_01520.2751[Like /RD-NAME-2/?]521.0177
431DCB_se2_ag3_m_01520.2937[um, but he-] Like /RD-NAME-2/.522.0085
432 522.2277He was a /RD-NAME-2/ for elementary school kids.524.2514
434 524.4192It was a little [toned down.]525.4404 
435DCB_int_01524.7456[That's intense.]525.8886
436DCB_se2_ag3_m_01525.7295[It was a little-] But he was a little toned down, so it wasn't, you know,528.1589
437DCB_int_01528.1682Oh, [okay.]528.6765
438DCB_se2_ag3_m_01528.4760[so] like, /uh/,529.5753
439 529.9763but [there was-]530.6949
440DCB_int_01530.1162[I need you not] to be six and having /RD-NAME-2/ [/or I will/]532.4646
442 533.4222But it was good. I mean,534.5366
444 534.7080/RD-SCHOOL-2/ was the first school to do all day pre kin- all day kindergarten539.0864 
446 539.4781in DC public schools. It was the first school to do542.6011 
448 543.0077a mandatory uniform policy544.5943 
450 545.0072um, in the city schools.546.2941 
452 546.7872Um, a lot of firsts. And then- some issues with, you know-549.8601 
454 550.2984I think at that time,551.5481 
456 551.9211a uniform-552.8257 
458 553.0996uniform policies554.6664 
460 554.8576were different than where I kind of look at them now,556.8253 
462 557.1704but there was a sense of unity and a sense of pride559.3095 
463DCB_int_01559.8155[Mm. Mm-hm.]560.7083
464DCB_se2_ag3_m_01559.9250[that Mr. /RD-NAME-2/] taught.561.1513
465 561.4777I mean, from the kindergarten562.8533
467 563.2869through sixth grade,564.1496 
469 564.2848there was pride about565.3701 
471 565.5380tuck your shirt in.566.5358 
473 566.6804Where's your tie?567.5663 
475 568.0932Iron your blouse.569.2683 
477 569.7486And he corralled the community around that. There was a community around Deanwood that wrapped its r- arms around /RD-SCHOOL-2/,575.0305 
479 575.5760and um,577.0122 
481 578.0229he led them.578.7503 
483 578.9088And he was- he was the580.2844 
485DCB_se2_ag3_m_01580.7119the shepherd581.3395
486 581.8092of a big flock.582.6100
487DCB_int_01582.6660Have you gone- I don't know if he's still alive [now, but]585.3145
489DCB_int_01585.7256have- Did you ever go back and reconnect, even after you,588.8905
491DCB_int_01589.8091[you know.]590.1542
492DCB_se2_ag3_m_01590.5226So my connection to /RD-SCHOOL-2/ still stays extremely strong.593.3669
494 593.8286Um,594.3508 
496 594.6085<ts>594.7553 
498 595.2449let's see.595.8511 
500 596.0889My fifth grade year, he retired597.7676 
502 597.8981[as] principal from- Well he left599.9346 
504DCB_se2_ag3_m_01600.3170to take a job with the central office as a area superintendent603.6929
506 604.1079cause he was the bomb.604.8400 
508 605.6374And so, I think-607.3480 
510 607.6505I can't remember how many years later, but he did eventually pass.610.8260 
512 611.1851And so there was a reunion of sorts where ever- everyone came back together. His protege,615.4924 
514 615.8981uh, was a nam- a lady by the name of /RD-NAME-5/,618.1212 
516 618.2750and she became principal my sixth grade year.620.2101 
517DCB_int_01620.2101That name sounds very [familiar.]622.0427
518DCB_se2_ag3_m_01621.4831[She is]- she was the female /RD-NAME-5/.624.9838
519 625.6366Uh, to this day, I can pick up my phone and call628.7119
521 629.1291uh, Mrs. /RD-NAME-2/ and630.6434 
523 631.1004talk for hours and ask632.6065 
525 633.1707um-633.6556 
527 633.8235She-634.5789 
529 636.2331/RD-SCHOOL-2/- /RD-SCHOOL-2/ was a family,637.9257 
531DCB_se2_ag3_m_01638.4013[and I was] there for eight years cause I started pre K all the way through sixth grade.641.9125
533DCB_se2_ag3_m_01642.7227And so643.6273
535 644.1569I spent a lot of time with both-645.4598 
537 645.6463both of them.646.2245 
539 646.5416And so when he left, and she stepped in, there was a natural649.0677 
541 649.5807transition.650.4153 
543 650.6205So much so, that when I went652.4157 
545 652.9146to /RD-SCHOOL-5/ University after graduating high school655.7299 
547 656.1169and was not prepared to go away to school, was not prepared for college life, and told my mom,660.2191 
549 660.6248excuse my language, you have to come get me the hell out of here,662.9795 
551 663.5624I came back home.664.7188 
553 665.3483/RD-SCHOOL-2/ was the first place that I went.666.7460 
555 667.1517And Mrs. /RD-NAME-2/, who was still the principal said,669.1381 
557 669.4272come on, we gonna give you a job, and we gonna help you sort it out.671.7866 
559 672.2517First time I worked-673.0631 
561 673.5200had a- had a- other than like a summer job, had a working job,676.4250 
563 676.6255and I was the office clerk677.6840 
565 678.2471at /RD-SCHOOL-2/.678.8288 
567 679.3102But it was there680.4383 
569 680.9655that I learned682.1610 
571 683.2690that I had this thing in me to work with kids685.5633 
573 686.4153because in the office,687.6883 
575 687.8328teachers would send688.8354 
577 689.5348the bad690.2004 
578DCB_int_01690.2051The [kid, yeah.]691.3642
580 691.7718And so out of that,692.7883
582 693.1474was born the Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation Program696.2330 
584 696.4232at /RD-SCHOOL-2/697.0484 
586 697.5014and Peace Day and the Peace March and the Peace Rally701.0172 
588 701.3296in our community.702.2098 
590 702.6994[And-]703.2776 
591DCB_int_01702.6994[Why did I not-] Why am I [surpri- or not surprised that you had a hand] in that.706.4017
593 706.4390<laugh>706.9566
594DCB_int_01706.9693Like, why?707.5022
595DCB_se2_ag3_m_01707.6094But I mean, it goes back- even when I- when we graduated my sixth grade year, I got prin- the principal's award from Mrs. /RD-NAME-2/ and when she made her remarks- and I'll never forget this- she said I was the only student who- who had ever written her a memo.717.5018
597 718.4530Sixth grade, wrote her a memo cause we wanted to do a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles play722.1262 
599 722.6065at school. And I wrote out the schedule, and this is what we wanna do. Do we have your approval?727.1796 
601 727.9817And so it was the only child that had ever written her a memo.729.7489 
603 730.4856Um,730.9613 
605 731.3191so all- it- there was a-732.9372 
607 734.0143I understood then735.2127 
609 735.4645what community looked like736.7095 
611 737.0642and what a school738.1083 
613 738.8532should [look like.]739.4534 
614DCB_int_01739.0870[Look like.]739.4548
617 740.0796school that was a hub in the community.741.9681 
619 742.4530Oddly enough,743.3203 
621 743.5907right across from the school was Tabernacle Baptist Church,746.2195 
623 746.7790which is where747.5857 
625 748.8960before and after care, vacation bible school, summer camp-751.5620 
627 753.7862I'm forgetting something else.754.7561 
629 755.5441All- all of that756.5500 
631 757.1470happened at the same time, so I started pre school,759.9774 
633 760.4064at Tabernacle's Child Development Center at three.763.0584 
635 763.7345And so it was a natural- They had a great partnership with /RD-SCHOOL-2/, so you had767.1618 
637 767.6001these two entities in this community,769.8091 
639 769.9956church and school,771.0028 
641 771.9447that was this beautiful picture,773.5255 
643 773.8274and774.4382 
645 775.7858you know, all of that stayed with me today and what community should look like, so.779.2224 
647 779.5534And I still /have-/780.1923 
649 780.5222Now, /RD-SCHOOl-2/ has changed, broke my heart.782.7697 
651 783.1008When I went back,784.0753 
653 784.4903/RD-SCHOOL-2/ was the la- one of the last open space schools787.9516 
655 788.4246in DC to be converted790.0985 
657 790.3691to rooms.791.3243 
659 792.3030Um,792.7227 
661 793.2169I was fine with the open space school. We learned great.796.0007 
663 796.2720Apparently,796.8400 
665 796.9892children today don't do so well798.5500 
668 800.0003children don't do so well801.2360
670 801.3712in um-802.7328 
671DCB_int_01803.0965We had a open space high school, and it was-805.1050
673 805.6506[but-]805.9863 
675 806.7417Yeah, different- different strokes, different folks, I guess.808.9240
677 809.8985But um,810.5500 
679 811.0398now they have812.5738 
681 812.8023um,813.3386 
683 814.1639closed it in.814.8447 
685 815.3949There's new leadership,816.2762 
687 816.9139but when I walked818.1215 
689 818.4899into- and I had gone back a couple times.820.8913 
691DCB_se2_ag3_m_01821.2131I went- so,822.1270
693 822.4382I went back to work there.823.8185 
695 824.7277Uh, I worked there for two years,827.0545 
697 827.8367and then I went back to s- went to /RD-SCHOOL-2/ Community College full time.830.8023 
699 831.3292But when I uh,832.5882 
701 832.8913<laugh> needed some money, she said- Mrs. /RD-SCHOOL-2/ said, come on back. [You can] work and go to [school.]836.3221 
704 836.1021[<laugh>]836.2287 
705DCB_se2_ag3_m_01836.6251So I worked there total for four years,838.2618
707 838.4670and you know, enjoyed it,839.8052 
709 840.4009great starting pl- point for me.842.0283 
711 842.4060Um,842.9609 
713 843.8188but when I went back,845.3902 
715 845.9684maybe within the last847.1563 
717 847.4221three or four years,848.6624 
719 848.9922it's a different place.849.8515 
721 851.1151And I knew it was different from the moment I walked on the- the grounds.854.1589 
723 854.4666When you come up Division Avenue, there's- there's- uh- You're coming up Division from Eastern,858.8066 
725 859.1423and when you get to the apex of the hill, the school is like, right there [as you're coming] down.862.7561 
727DCB_se2_ag3_m_01863.1618And so there's this big open area walkway, and these big steps that walk down.866.8676
729 867.3899When you can walk on a property,868.7048 
731 868.9053and feel869.9871 
733 871.3662different,871.8418 
735 872.4293[like],872.9142 
736DCB_int_01872.4433[You know.] [Mm.]873.5344
737DCB_se2_ag3_m_01873.3479[so] this not my school.874.5602
738 875.8414[And as I walked-]876.6508
739DCB_int_01875.8554[Why do you think it's different?]876.9048
740DCB_se2_ag3_m_01877.4921People are different.878.3407
741DCB_int_01878.3967Yeah- well,879.0448
743 879.5158I think that's a lot of [places.]880.8400 
744DCB_se2_ag3_m_01880.3807[The people] are different. And there- there are a couple of teachers who are there that I worked with.884.1589
745 884.7977There's maybe one or two that were there as- that who taught me,887.9918
747 888.7040but it's a different889.9210 
749 890.7184mindset from the people within the building892.5649 
751 893.4229and then the people that are coming into the building. [And-]895.5946 
752DCB_int_01895.1563[Do you feel like] the pride is different? There's a la- [sig- lack] of- [lack of?] Mm.899.0172
753DCB_se2_ag3_m_01896.9282[There's no pride.]897.5997
755 898.0007[Yeah.]898.4530 
756 899.2816The um-900.0885
758 901.1890the days of Mr. /RD-NAME-2/ and Miss /RD-NAME-2/, I mean everybody903.8655 
760 904.3691took pride905.1618 
762 905.4275in /RD-SCHOOL-2/.906.1864 
764 906.3590I mean, awards all over the place.908.2521 
766 908.7324Visits all over the place. [When you] walked in, there was a sense that912.3042 
768DCB_se2_ag3_m_01913.1284these children knew.914.3684
770 915.0541And you were-915.6696 
772 916.1033you were expected.917.1952 
774 917.7260It- it was /RD-NAME-2/ ish.919.5713 
776DCB_se2_ag3_m_01920.0990In kindergarten, you were expected922.0706
778 922.1825to922.6069 
780 923.0592carry yourself a certain way,924.6900 
782 925.1610and you know, without-926.7650 
784 927.6603without reminding you to-928.7747 
786 928.8913reminding you that you were a black930.8113 
788 931.1004youth,931.5946 
790 932.0749Mr. /RD-NAME-2/ gave you the type of pride that said to you as a black youth, pick your head up. As a black [youth]937.4081 
792DCB_se2_ag3_m_01937.9770you know, speak this way, carry yourself this way, without ever941.1711
794 941.6560saying, hey, you black boy.943.1187 
796 943.5527He just944.0889 
798 944.7930exuded what945.9960 
800 946.3224it looked like.947.0872 
802 947.6840Uh, we had character and values assemblies where we talked about truth and honesty.953.0371 
804 953.6047Um,954.0652 
806 955.1190third grade, my teacher looked at me and said, you're gonna do the I Have A Dream speech958.8260 
808 959.2166for MLK.960.1829 
810 960.4056Okay,960.9232 
812 961.1050cool.961.5294 
814 962.1542Um,962.6811 
816 963.4979I mean there were moments like that, [that gave] you966.3963 
818DCB_se2_ag3_m_01966.8019the type of confidence. You know, I stepped it on the little stool. She said, when you stand up there, you wait for everybody to be quiet. And my mother will tell you just- I stood there almost a minute.974.5878
820 975.6883Third grade, stood there with my little suit on.977.7166 
822 978.0093Almost a minute.978.7413 
824 979.2309Until everybody stopped talking.981.0466 
826 981.1520Cause that's what Miss /RD-NAME-2/, my third grade teacher said. Don't open your mouth984.0943 
828 984.4802until everybody stops talking.985.7625 
830 986.0190Almost a minute.986.6969 
832 988.1546I say to you today- and somebody has a recording, we can't find out who it is. Somebody has a recording993.5018 
834 994.0380of that.994.4623 
836 994.5882But the- the sense of pride and awareness997.1610 
838 997.4314that that gave me998.5692 
840DCB_se2_ag3_m_01998.9609[has] stayed with me1000.5602
842DCB_se2_ag3_m_011000.9939[to] this day.1001.7446
843 1002.0384These people /trug/ me all across the city to the point-1004.9422
845 1005.4085I said, I love Doctor King, but I don't want to have this dream [anymore.] I don't want to say this speech no [more. This man] getting ready to come out his grave and tell me to be [quiet]1012.5183 
848 1009.4741[<laugh>]1010.1402 
850 1012.3038[<laugh>]1012.7095 
851DCB_se2_ag3_m_011012.9706and s- read somebody else's words.1014.7134
853 1015.2682But it built something in me1016.9469 
855 1017.3572um,1018.0333 
857 1019.3063that I don't-1019.8425 
859 1020.1305we don't- it's not there. That1021.6366 
861 1021.8371energy is not there in that school anymore.1023.7349 
863DCB_se2_ag3_m_011024.4017[And I] walked around and- and1025.6374
864 1026.1678you just didn't feel it.1026.9045
865DCB_int_011027.0071You didn't feel it.1027.6133
867DCB_int_011028.1029Where'd you go after /RD-SCHOOL-2/?1029.2966
868DCB_se2_ag3_m_011029.6696Um, so I- I actually went legit and went to Prince George's County [schools.]1033.6086
872 1035.3106I [auditioned for-]1036.3924 
873DCB_int_011035.5577[No longer going] rogue.1037.0326
874DCB_se2_ag3_m_011037.0093No. No more rogue- no more- I'm telling you, DCPS is gonna track me down and send me like a eighty thousand dollar tuition bill1042.1047
875 1042.6968uh, for eight years of school there.1044.2869
877 1044.6786Um,1045.2008 
879 1045.4340but I went to-1046.1987 
881 1046.4820I auditioned for /RD-SCHOOL-4/.1047.8808 
883 1048.2772It was a magnet school,1049.2797 
885 1049.8719and- cause I was, you know, in my art world and been introduced to all these things at /RD-SCHOOL-2/,1054.5150 
887 1054.9296and I wanted to do theater and1056.1967 
889 1056.7035all of that.1057.2273 
891 1058.0272And /RD-SCHOOL-4/ said, yeah, your audition-1060.2005 
893 1060.5969Your Raisin in the Sun monologue was cute. But we good. We don't want you to come to our school.1064.3387 
895 1064.4732I said, okay.1065.0820 
897 1065.8182[Um-]1066.4199 
898DCB_int_011066.2138[Which] monologue did you do?1067.1380
899DCB_se2_ag3_m_011067.6375I did uh,1068.6356
901 1068.9654mama I want-1069.7724 
903 1069.9140I- It's okay. I want her to have some pearls.1072.0872 
905 1072.5261[I- it's-] what's wrong with [my wife can't have pearls.]1075.0999 
908 1073.6311[My wife having some pearls.]1075.1144 
909DCB_se2_ag3_m_011075.8219So, did it and poured my little heart out,1077.7970
911 1078.0447didn't get into /RD-SCHOOL-2/. I ended up going to /RD-SCHOOL-3/.1080.5153 
913 1081.0433Um,1081.6804 
915 1082.0272right in like, Largo, in that area.1084.1520 
916DCB_int_011084.1400Mm. [Mm-hm.]1085.3515
917DCB_se2_ag3_m_011084.5969[And um,]1085.3543
918 1085.6516I guess-1085.9985
920 1086.4557/Damn/- I guess I was a little rogue there too1088.0272 
922 1088.3245cause it1088.6785 
924 1088.8625wasn't my neighborhood school so we used my cousin's address.1091.5030 
926DCB_se2_ag3_m_011092.0062Hope I ain't get nobody in trouble by saying this, but1093.8219
927 1094.0877anyway,1094.4520
929 1094.9145went there, and still had- but it was the place I was supposed to [be.]1097.8569 
931 1098.4557And [why you say] that?1099.1778
933 1099.2627Um,1099.9524
935 1101.0678It was- I had a more authentic experience,1102.7385 
937 1103.1585and I j- I jokingly talk about /RD-SCHOOL-2/ p- you know, /RD-SCHOOL-2/ taught you1106.3679 
939 1106.7269the theater where you1107.6702 
941 1107.9377perform with your hands. Look the sun1109.8479 
943 1110.2210is in the sky. It shines on the flower.1113.3253 
945 1113.7124And all that, you know. I had a different experience at- at /RD-SCHOOL-3/. I grew as a leader,1118.2553 
947 1118.7832and again a principal. I had a- I ha- there was a culture in that school1122.5025 
949 1123.2980that was different,1124.0300 
951 1124.2412that was nurturing.1125.1915 
953 1125.4590Uh, /RD-NAME-6/ was my seventh grade principal.1128.1583 
955 1128.5448/RD-NAME-5/.1130.1853 
957 1130.4524Doctor /RD-NAME-5/ was my eighth grade principal.1132.9117 
959 1133.6156She didn't take no stuff.1134.6715 
961 1134.9671Uh, and at a point where I was starting to, I guess, feel myself1137.6772 
963 1138.1374a little bit, she helped get that1139.5452 
965 1139.9816[in line.]1140.6644 
969 1141.9878but again, nurtured opportunity1143.9095 
971DCB_se2_ag3_m_011144.1444[for] me1144.6724
972 1145.2566to lead, to speak,1146.8615
974 1147.7344et cetera, to do these things that I try to help give kids now, that I love1152.1365 
976 1152.3054you know, doing so much with 'em now.1153.7626 
978 1154.3750Um,1154.8466 
980 1155.7546and then because of the art experience there, I was ready to go to /RD-SCHOOL-2/ gr- uh,1159.5795 
982 1160.9240interview for /RD-SCHOOL-2/ High School.1162.1840 
984 1162.5175Got into the both-1163.5382 
986 1163.9112the theater and the TV production apart- departments.1166.1497 
987DCB_int_011166.5087I'm not [surprised]1167.6139
989DCB_int_011167.8488[at either of] those.1168.7498
992 1169.1943Stuck with theater,1170.2632 
994 1170.4040um, loved it.1171.6992 
996 1172.3679Um,1172.9733 
998 1173.2901but got to my junior year1175.0032 
1000 1175.6015and realized that my life was not gonna be an artist- I wasn't gonna be- live a life as an artist.1181.0595 
1002 1181.5523And I loved everything that- from that point,1183.9315 
1004 1185.8321dance, vocal music,1187.5874 
1006 1188.0591theater, everything that it had taught me.1189.7626 
1008 1189.9385Discipline,1190.5932 
1010 1191.1985expression,1192.1348 
1012 1193.1651pride,1193.8294 
1014 1194.1717all of that was great, but I realize1196.1990 
1016 1196.5369it was not gonna be my life. I'm not going to Broadway. I'm not-1199.2284 
1018DCB_se2_ag3_m_011200.0732This is not what I'm gonna do. Uh, I ain't about that life.1202.2623
1020 1202.5157But this was also around the time where I was wrestling with my call to ministry1206.2210 
1022 1206.9108and having all these spiritual moments1209.9236 
1024DCB_se2_ag3_m_011210.5034and you know, from the Bible that fell off my shelf1213.6288
1025 1214.1427and the fell open to Jeremiah chapter one, and I know the path that I have for you,1219.6288
1027 1219.8963thoughts to prosper you, and I'm like, I don't know what that means.1222.4330 
1029 1222.9187And had grown up in church, and but still just wrestling with all of that, [so]1226.0652 
1031DCB_se2_ag3_m_011226.7762now the1227.6561
1033 1228.4471path was turning from art to,1230.2139 
1035 1230.5166alright, let's go save the world.1231.8611 
1037 1232.4383Let's go, you know- we gonna go preach the word.1234.4726 
1039 1235.1792So much so that in my eleventh grade year, I completely lost my mind and thought that I was gonna save the world1240.2032 
1041 1240.5175with a one point oh GPA.1242.3899 
1043 1243.5584Yeah, junior year was my rough year. I went from a1245.9940 
1045 1246.9469two two1247.7423 
1047 1248.1224to a one three1249.1783 
1049 1249.8048to a one point oh.1251.0859 
1051 1252.0881And the fear of God through my five foot mother,1255.7088 
1053 1256.3820<ts> said, let it drop again.1258.0081 
1055 1258.8835And at the time was trying to start1260.6152 
1057 1261.0657/RD-SCHOOL-2/'s first Christian Club. We gonna start the Christian Club!1263.7969 
1059 1264.2289And my mother- And again, another-1266.5237 
1061 1266.9179I've been surrounded my great women,1268.3468 
1063 1269.0578present company included.1270.0081 
1064DCB_int_011270.3301<ts> [Thank you.]1271.0275
1066 1272.0950Doctor1273.0023
1068 1273.4517/RD-NAME-5/1274.4946 
1070 1274.7692was my1275.3675 
1072 1276.2755tenth through twelfth grade principal at /RD-SCHOOL-2/.1278.2562 
1074 1278.9812And I remember the day sitting in her office in-1281.0484 
1076 1281.2541with my mother.1281.8980 
1078 1282.3978What- what Christian Club you starting,1283.6930 
1080DCB_se2_ag3_m_011284.9038[<laugh> with that.] That's not gonna work.1287.0296
1081DCB_int_011287.9121[Jesus ain't nowhere in that is he? mm-mm.]1290.2843
1082DCB_se2_ag3_m_011287.9262[And so-]1288.6935
1084 1288.9226[No, he wasn't.]1289.9253 
1086 1290.1858[Mm-mm.] I think he was sitting over in the corner just you know sipping his tea or- or [saying no, or-]1294.5641 
1087DCB_int_011293.7291[<laugh>] With them loa- with them wafers.1295.8517
1088DCB_se2_ag3_m_011295.8972Mm- [With them wafers. He was] breaking bread [for me, and] he was getting that cup together cause I needed something.1300.8402
1091 1297.7907[<laugh>]1298.4876 
1092DCB_se2_ag3_m_011301.4396Um, and I think everybody has that moment1303.5514
1094 1304.1286but1304.5087 
1096 1304.6988that just was where mine was, and I was just gung ho.1307.0595 
1098 1307.4537I was making, and I still have them. I have to1309.4599 
1100 1309.7414bring you one.1310.1990 
1102 1310.7340These things called spiritual vitamin.1312.4586 
1104 1312.9046I mean I was serious. I was gonna be- It was me1314.8545 
1106 1315.1853and my little purple Bible that fell off the shelf and the Lord and we was gonna go save1319.4044 
1108 1319.7705/RD-SCHOOL-2/ High School.1320.6614 
1110 1321.1431Um, and every night- my mama bought me a- this a old Apple,1325.0524 
1112 1325.2918old, like old- the little box Apple computer1327.8215 
1114 1328.1849that had the rainbow apple on it.1329.6843 
1116 1329.8431Funny,1330.1303 
1118 1330.6160the irony of that.1331.5663 
1120 1332.3125Um,1332.8999 
1123 1336.8413[So I would print- <laugh>]1338.6292
1124DCB_int_011337.0384[I love you /RD-NAME-2/. I love] you.1339.1149
1125DCB_se2_ag3_m_011339.4247I would print these- I made these little things on Print Shop,1342.1444
1127 1342.8413and there was a little greeting card thing, but it was a spiritual vitamin. And every- on the front,1347.0437 
1129 1347.7432it said,1348.4893 
1131 1348.7920You were- you were destined for greatness.1351.1361 
1133 1351.6358Here's your daily spiritual vit- I was1353.4238 
1135 1353.6702proud of my title. /unintelligible/ Here's your daily spiritual vitamin from Minister /RD-NAME-4/.1358.0089 
1137 1358.3398I'd started a group from New Faith [Ministries.]1361.4255 
1139DCB_se2_ag3_m_011361.8409I had the date [on it.] I put little star stickers on it.1365.5998
1141DCB_se2_ag3_m_011366.0459and inside, there will be a scripture at the top and a little message. It was like the little daily bread,1370.5650
1143 1371.1634and on the back I'd have a [little quote.]1372.7558 
1144DCB_int_011372.1655[Like the little people] at the Metro giving out a little [card.]1374.6110
1145DCB_se2_ag3_m_011374.0520[Passing 'em out.]1374.7278
1146 1375.0094E- Every morning, my junior, my senior year. And people got mad1379.1369
1148 1379.5874when I ran out. They- I mean, were [upset, teachers and students.]1383.2272 
1149DCB_int_011381.7344[Oh wow, you had a following.]1383.6112
1150DCB_se2_ag3_m_011383.6182We had the, you know, and it was- And I didn't realize until1386.7185
1152 1387.1994I graduated1388.2975 
1154 1389.2689how-1389.6289 
1156 1389.8172what the impact was.1390.9187 
1158 1391.2918And not until a year ago,1392.9179 
1160 1393.5232one of my friends took a picture1395.1422 
1162 1395.5223of one she kept from the last- my last day.1398.2280 
1164 1398.6433Last day I did a whole sheet.1400.1227 
1165DCB_int_011400.1356<laugh> You had [to give the-]1401.6014
1166DCB_se2_ag3_m_011401.0437[I said we gonna] go out in style.1402.7558
1167 1403.4326And she took a picture that she still had it,1405.4147
1169 1406.1356and posted it on Facebook, and she's like, I still have this. Remember you know, when we- when you did these.1410.4814 
1171 1410.8545That you know- that m- made a difference. Blah blah blah blah blah.1413.3068 
1173 1414.7427So I think it was around that time I was really grappling with,1417.1220 
1175 1417.6570Yeah, art thing is cool but that's not what I wanna do.1420.5034 
1177 1420.6794I want to help people.1422.0239 
1179 1422.4110Um,1422.8827 
1181 1424.5228and that's, you know, that's kind of where my head was even when I graduated.1428.1607 
1183 1428.5096And I think cause I grappled with that so much I didn't know what I wanted to do was- when I got to1432.8343 
1185 1433.3692/RD-SCHOOL-5/ I was like all over the place, like1435.6733 
1189 1437.4097I went down there a little happy [Christian.]1438.9768 
1190DCB_int_011438.6301[But aren't] there theological- Isn't it a [theological school?] That's what- okay.1441.6781
1192 1441.6851Mm-hm.1442.2694
1194 1442.5509But see- and the- and the other side of this was [much as I was doing all that],1445.3758 
1195DCB_int_011444.4049[Well that's more] theoretical, [theological as] well.1447.1994
1197 1447.2065And I was a little rebel.1448.0793
1199 1448.4102I was a little rebel. I never [liked-]1449.9165 
1200DCB_int_011449.5294[Obviously. Using people's address and stuff, right.1452.2843
1201DCB_se2_ag3_m_011450.5146[Little bit still are. <laugh>]1452.2773
1202 1453.0375I didn't w- I didn't-1454.2764
1204 1455.6631I didn't- as much as I grew up in the church,1457.4255 
1206 1457.6156I didn't want1458.3970 
1208 1458.9249to be1459.7203 
1210 1459.9174churchy.1460.5316 
1212 1461.5320And even it's gotten-1462.5597 
1214 1463.0243I don't wanna say worse, but it's gotten worse now,1464.8263 
1216 1465.0798and I didn't want-1465.8893 
1218 1466.3186/RD-SCHOOL-5/ is where black Baptist preachers go for school.1469.6226 
1220DCB_se2_ag3_m_011470.1365You are a black Baptist preacher, you go to /RD-SCHOOL-5/.1472.5791
1222 1472.7973You don't go anywhere else.1473.6561 
1224 1474.4119And that-1474.9470 
1226 1475.8761I didn't want that.1476.5518 
1227DCB_int_011477.9033[How'd you end up there?]1478.9170
1228DCB_se2_ag3_m_011478.1075[I didn't want that.]1478.7351
1229DCB_int_011479.9940Cause you wanted to be the black Baptist /trea/-1481.5311
1231 1481.7212preacher but not really?1482.8590 
1234 1483.5584And I don't-1484.0090 
1236 1484.1460It's funny. I don't even remember who1486.0644 
1238 1486.8765suggested it,1487.7564 
1240 1487.9535but I went for a visit and went- It was a nice school.1490.2342 
1242 1490.6847Nice campus, it was small enough. I didn't wanna do a big school.1493.3311 
1244 1494.0591Uh, as crazy as I am, I'm still very much a introvert,1496.8747 
1246 1497.4168so the idea of a big campus freaked me out.1499.3225 
1247DCB_int_011499.3692What color are you?1500.1013
1250 1502.5721Yeah.1502.8395 
1251DCB_int_011503.5435What's your second color?1504.2826
1256DCB_se2_ag3_m_011506.8967So I didn't wanna go to- like, they were like, you can go to VCU.1508.9803
1258 1509.1601Ooh.1509.7200 
1260 1509.8742That was-1510.5290 
1262 1510.7498and I remember walking1511.6792 
1264 1512.3477up Broad Street from /RD-SCHOOL-5/1514.2967 
1266 1514.4454to VCU on some days.1516.4374 
1268 1517.2487Too much.1517.7142 
1270 1518.5589Too much. Cause1519.3754 
1272 1521.0507I don't know. I'm- I'm introvert- And I'm realizing more and more what- /that does not-/1524.1928 
1274 1524.9671that's not shy, that there's a difference of [what that-]1527.2062 
1276DCB_se2_ag3_m_011527.6913You know [it really mean-]1528.4488
1277DCB_int_011527.8814[It's just the way] you charge. I think I have learned that I'm more introverted too like,1532.1849
1278 1532.7340extroverts really feed off people,1534.8061
1280DCB_int_011535.2988and they need that to like, charge them whereas introverts, you can still be very- but at the end of the day you need to recharge [by being] alone.1541.7214
1282 1541.7798Yup.1541.9534
1283DCB_int_011542.2491And I realize I'm very much that.1543.8329
1285DCB_int_011544.1427Like I can be Miss sunshine at the office, but when I go home,1546.7558
1287DCB_int_011547.2566I just need it like-1548.2280
1289DCB_int_011548.5729I- I play my TV with like, the captions, so I can have the volume really low. [Like I don't] need all that.1552.6416
1291 1552.8554The noise.1553.3270
1293 1553.5945The people meter. When- And I know-1555.3965 
1295 1555.8611I know when my people meter is getting low.1558.4938 
1297DCB_se2_ag3_m_011559.0243And I tell the teachers a lot, um, okay, if we doing drop offs, then we need to go ahead and go now cause in about a hour,1564.9258
1299 1565.3340I don't need to be around people.1566.5377 
1301 1566.7208And it's not personal. As now that- that meter's gonna be at zero1570.3037 
1303 1570.7850and either, one, you're not gonna like me,1572.9390 
1305 1573.5443um,1574.1708 
1307 1574.6073or you probably not gonna like me.1576.0503 
1309 1576.2500And1576.6583 
1311 1576.8624I ain't gonna really care cause at that point1579.0798 
1313 1579.4528[I don't have anything left.]1580.6354 
1314DCB_int_011579.4528[You reached that point.]1580.5650
1315 1580.7762Mm-hm.1581.2689
1316DCB_se2_ag3_m_011581.5787And then I'm empty and I don't-1582.8480
1318 1583.2706I've been in a place where I'm trying to operate on fumes. That- that's not fun.1586.7199 
1320 1586.9381That's not a fun place.1587.9588 
1321DCB_int_011588.7920So at /RD-SCHOOL-5/ you just didn't-1590.2421
1323 1590.6715[It's six months, first semester.]1592.4354 
1324DCB_se2_ag3_m_011590.6799[/It wasn't a g-]1591.1959
1326 1591.6426[Yeah.]1592.1452 
1327 1592.5968[It wasn't a fit.]1593.1716
1328DCB_int_011592.6195[Was it? Ish?]1593.6530
1329DCB_se2_ag3_m_011593.8725The other thing was is that, you know, my mom raised me1596.9418
1331 1597.4585pretty close knit.1598.2145 
1333 1598.7186And I'm a mama's boy, [if that-] if that hasn't been1601.1708 
1334DCB_int_011599.6884[You are.]1600.2122
1335DCB_se2_ag3_m_011601.3155noted [/or something/.]1602.3960
1336DCB_int_011601.8050[Oh you know I was] wondering. I couldn't [quite decide.]1605.0029
1338 1606.0353I am. So I- I don't s- I'm not a brat because she taught me how to stand on my own1610.9765
1340 1611.4902um,1611.9362 
1342 1612.2901but I was r- I was raised very close knit,1614.1306 
1344 1614.7365very kind of under the wing.1616.1594 
1346 1616.7965And1617.3982 
1348 1618.2238so the college1619.3449 
1350 1619.5714freedom1620.1802 
1352 1621.0267caught me of guard.1622.2868 
1354 1622.6336Um, and I lost a little bit of my mind, got down and you know, for the first time you're1626.9489 
1356 1627.3736able to1628.0319 
1358 1628.2585be free and confront and do and oh, okay.1631.4935 
1360 1632.0245So I was doing more1634.0434 
1362 1634.9168freedom and e- exploring1636.8918 
1364 1637.0617than I was1638.1536 
1368 1639.7842and working,1640.7115 
1370 1641.7026which didn't do so well for me. I went down and I remember my god mother went with us,1645.2179 
1372 1645.6780she pro- was proclaiming across the campus, this is little minister right here! I was like, okay, don't do that.1650.5029 
1374 1651.3028Um, [and then I was-]1652.7605 
1375DCB_int_011652.3222[Cause I gotta see] these people on Monday.1653.6176
1378DCB_se2_ag3_m_011654.3609[But then I was] in my little thing- I was putting my little1656.4704
1379 1656.9772spiritual vitamin sheets on my door1658.7611
1381 1659.2141and- and1659.9786 
1383 1660.6865then I had to take those down cause it wasn't lining up1663.3524 
1385 1663.5506too much with what what [was going on.]1665.1575 
1386DCB_int_011664.4213[Was going on on] the other side [of the door.]1666.1839
1390 1667.6676And so that-1668.6303
1392 1669.7417And it's probably the first time I really looked at me1671.9928 
1394 1672.3397and1672.6299 
1396 1672.9201started to see1674.0032 
1398 1675.1258and make choices for myself. I went to college cause1677.8937 
1400 1678.1698that's what you supposed to [do when] you [graduate high] school.1680.2864 
1401DCB_int_011679.0476[To do.]1679.3665
1403 1679.7242[Yeah.]1679.9649 
1404DCB_se2_ag3_m_011680.7931And I never s- at any point said, hey,1682.9451
1406 1683.2991this is what I wanna do to do this. I went cause that's what you supposed to do when you graduate high school.1687.6189 
1407DCB_int_011687.9895So let me ask you a question. This kind of getting off t- Do you feel like you1690.9414
1409 1691.2245give that message now, like1692.8781 
1411 1693.6426look, do what you wanna do. Do you but do something- [but] do you.1697.2812 
1413 1698.9418<cough>1699.4231
1415 1699.6143I think-1700.2372 
1417 1701.7592I think I give it1702.5379 
1419 1702.6724without saying it,1703.6705 
1421DCB_se2_ag3_m_011704.5170but I think I also try to give it1705.7913
1423 1706.2939with saying that.1706.8319 
1425 1707.2920I think I give it by saying it just cause this the life I live1709.5360 
1427 1710.2126um, in a lot of ways, and I think the older I get- Just turned thirty five-1713.4477 
1429 1713.6105Woo woo.1713.9857 
1431 1714.7290[Um-]1715.2316 
1432DCB_int_011714.7290[And July] babies [are the best.]1716.5463
1433DCB_se2_ag3_m_011715.5968[That's right.] Yes we are.1717.2674
1434 1718.1452I think the more- the older I get1719.5964
1436 1719.8158and the- the more I'm liberated1722.0032 
1438 1722.4958in that sense of knowing who you are and being who you are and doing something with your life1728.9843 
1440DCB_se2_ag3_m_011729.4798[and knowing] that your existence is your existence,1733.0440
1441 1733.4298not anybody else's, and that your life should not look like everybody else's life.1737.4123
1443 1738.3326That's my message more and more.1740.0528 
1445 1740.1773I struggle with the fact that I hadn't finished school and I look- and I get frustrated sometimes, and I look around and I say, what these people are doing this and they /going/ this and,1746.8710 
1447 1747.6568why is it not-1749.0513 
1449 1749.3061what is the- <clap>1750.2193 
1451 1750.7573what is the thing with me for why it's such an issue? There are other people that work and go to school. There are other people that take care of sick parents and go to school.1758.1377 
1453 1758.7436It's always been this thing. And I- for the longest time I couldn't figure it-1762.2052 
1455 1762.8918[I still] haven't quite figured it.1764.3775 
1457DCB_se2_ag3_m_011764.7931I'm at a point now where I want to do it1766.8672
1459 1767.1150for me,1767.8725 
1461 1768.8210and so figuring out how to get around whatever it is that's blocking it.1771.7913 
1463 1772.5639But it's about me1773.3557 
1465 1773.7380wanting to do it, to deepen1775.4086 
1467 1775.7979my own knowledge base1777.4090 
1469 1778.4213[and to-]1779.0796 
1470DCB_int_011778.5770[And that's the only] time you're gonna do it, when you wanna [do it. Not when] everybody else says you should1782.2368
1472 1782.2905Yeah.1782.6445
1473DCB_int_011782.9064or whatever the case may be. Because guess what?1784.9168
1475 1785.0867They can say all you- You know, people can say, oh, you need to lose weight.1788.3330 
1477 1788.6374Alright, but until you want to get into the gym, [until you] want to eat right,1791.6247 
1479DCB_int_011791.9645you still gonna [not lose weight or] whatever it is that you want to do, you have- there has to be something deep down.1798.0585
1480DCB_se2_ag3_m_011792.7998[/They ain't gonna do it./ Yeah.]1793.9961
1482 1798.0564Right.1798.3892 
1483DCB_int_011798.4742Otherwise, we'll find every- we'll- we'll make an excuse [to make an excuse.]1802.0311
1485 1802.0319Yup.1802.3788
1486DCB_int_011802.9664[Until] like, your just, I'm tired of making [excuses. Like], it's a waste of my time.1807.1382
1489 1805.5643[Yeah.]1806.0599 
1491 1807.1258Yup.1807.3807 
1492 1807.7417Yup.1808.0178
1494 1808.4496And I think I- I s- I'm seeing the1810.2830 
1496 1810.6936connect with1811.6251 
1498 1812.0357you know, going and living the life that I wanna live1814.6903 
1500 1814.9168for myself, and doing what I wanna do for me.1816.8777 
1502 1817.0192Then it's- I see it as a part of that, and I hadn't made that connection before.1819.9116 
1504 1820.3009And I used to beat myself op-1821.3203 
1506 1821.6601beat [myself] up over that.1823.0830 
1508DCB_se2_ag3_m_011823.6634But I realize my journey's my journey1825.3524
1510DCB_se2_ag3_m_011826.1169[and that it's not a bad thing that I] got it1828.1910
1511DCB_int_011826.5002[whatever it is. Yup.]1827.6450
1512DCB_se2_ag3_m_011828.4742at this point and this person got it at that point.1830.4675
1514 1830.8002I got it.1831.3948 
1516DCB_se2_ag3_m_011831.8974[So], let's get it.1832.7965
1517DCB_int_011833.4265And- but the thing is- one thing that I think is so beautiful about your story1837.2617
1519 1837.7275is1838.4425 
1521 1839.8512look how many people you've touched and changed like,1842.7931 
1523 1843.2816along the way.1844.0461 
1525 1844.3222The things- it was so funny I was talking to /RD-NAME-3/ earlier,1846.5025 
1527 1846.9697and1847.4723 
1529 1848.3755she cried1849.2603 
1531 1849.4302when she talked about you.1850.4496 
1533 1850.7115Like,1851.1079 
1535 1851.3628tears.1851.9149 
1537 1852.4388And she was just saying how much- she said the thing that made it so important for her1857.5893 
1539 1857.9432was when you were1859.2670 
1541 1859.6068interviewing her, something about listening.1861.2179 
1543 1861.5576And she said,1862.1027 
1545 1862.7398you don't know what that means when somebody just1864.9626 
1547 1865.1608listens. And she said you could have said everything else under [the sun but when] you said that, it was done.1869.7663 
1549DCB_int_011870.3892Ink was dry for her.1871.5183
1551DCB_int_011872.0357And I think that that's what is so amazing about your journey, is1876.6370
1553 1876.9131how many people- how many- at nineteen oh one-1880.1664 
1555 1880.3646Even- not even- even before, I can't even talk about that, but over the last three years that you've been here,1884.8922 
1557 1885.2886how many kids' lives have you changed1887.5256 
1559 1888.5804drastically, for whatever path they may have been on1891.9611 
1561DCB_int_011892.3293or whatever pa- you know what I mean? Like,1894.1627
1563 1894.6087oh no, Mr. /RD-NAME-2/, it [doesn't matter]1896.5500 
1565DCB_int_011896.8639if Mr. /RD-NAME-2/ had a two point three but Mr. /RD-NAME-2/ said, I need to go to college.1900.2193
1567DCB_int_011900.8210Or Mr. /RD-NAME-2/ said, I need to have a job.1902.5500
1569 1902.8710And how many of them went to get a job?1904.8035 
1571 1905.1575Or went to college or1907.1396 
1573 1907.4935you know, still tryna do what they do because Mr. /RD-NAME-2/ said it.1910.5416 
1575DCB_int_011910.7752And I think that-1911.8017
1577 1912.1415you can't put a price on that. You can't-1914.4038 
1579 1914.6940you can't quantify that. [You can't] say, oh well, she did /at this/, you did that.1919.7696 
1581 1920.7153Yeah.1920.9843
1582DCB_int_011920.9984Yeah, but look how many people you've touched along the way.1923.3274
1583DCB_se2_ag3_m_011923.7096That's why- I-1924.4812
1585 1924.6441there are a lot of things sometimes in my life that don't make sense, that are, you know- and I have1928.6832 
1587 1929.5044prayed and cried and kicked and [screamed, and /with] god, like, for real, this is- this is what's going on.1935.0301 
1589DCB_se2_ag3_m_011936.2901There are parts of my life I- I can't understand, can't figure out.1939.1117
1591 1940.0603This1940.3434 
1593 1940.5345part of my life has always made sense. At the moment (snaps) that I realized it,1943.9324 
1595 1944.5666at /RD-SCHOOL-2/,1945.2745 
1597 1945.8974and said, hey1946.7894 
1599 1947.1858Ms. /RD-NAME-2/, I really wanna start this peer mediation program cause these kids are wild. They keep coming in. Teachers keep sending them to me, and1952.8531 
1601 1953.4052they just sitting and looking.1954.4600 
1603 1954.8635<clears throat> From that point,1956.3430 
1605 1956.8993through1957.5223 
1607 1957.8408youth ministry and1959.4831 
1609 1960.2264after school programs and mentoring programs and1963.2674 
1611 1963.4373working /about/- and then I mean just all of these experiences that- that I've had,1967.0192 
1613 1967.5572working with- it makes sense,1968.8144 
1615 1969.2745you [know.]1969.6222 
1617DCB_se2_ag3_m_011969.8762At the end of the day,1971.0017
1619 1973.5219even this transition1974.5846 
1621 1974.7537for me1975.2816 
1623 1975.8337back1976.2868 
1625 1976.5487here1977.0938 
1627 1977.5751to teen world1978.6795 
1628DCB_int_011979.4552[Cause you left the teens.] [You went to the little people.]1981.8833
1629DCB_se2_ag3_m_011979.4581[makes sense.]1980.2935
1631 1980.6515[I left the teens, went] to the little [people-]1982.6991 
1632DCB_int_011982.2939[That didn't] work [out.]1983.2070
1633DCB_se2_ag3_m_011983.1845And went to the little people slash grown people,1985.1853
1634 1985.3660and that-1985.7342
1636 1985.9649that didn't [work out.]1986.7577 
1637DCB_int_011986.2268[Yeah, it's the grown] people that sometimes you got to check more than the little people.1989.1858
1638DCB_se2_ag3_m_011989.5256And- and I had- I said this to1991.3095
1640 1991.7201one of our partners,1992.7719 
1642 1993.9753if passion1994.8319 
1644 1995.5185and pay1996.3043 
1646 1996.7502is not enough to motivate you1998.3642 
1648 1999.3948I don't have anything else to give you.2000.6186 
1650DCB_se2_ag3_m_012001.3180[I] don't.2001.7804
1652DCB_se2_ag3_m_012002.8777And I- I struggle-2004.1094
1654 2004.4038And I thought I wanted to be-2006.4496 
1656 2006.9522I thought I wanted to- this next phase, I wanted my life to be, alright,2010.2764 
1658 2010.6232let's train the trainer.2012.0036 
1660 2012.2655Let's get with these2013.7309 
1662 2013.8795first-2014.4529 
1664 2014.9839uh, these first responders of youth development, let's train adults.2019.5397 
1666 2019.9928I don't wanna do that2020.8706 
1668 2021.1396because- and not- well I don't- I don't say I don't wanna do that. Uh, let me take that back2024.7044 
1670 2025.1575cause I love2025.9362 
1672 2026.2122training and [teaching, like] I love to go to workshops and2029.1471 
1674DCB_se2_ag3_m_012029.6497once I stop being crazy and lazy and2031.6813
1676 2031.8158to run with this idea that I have,2033.4865 
1678 2033.9224you know, I'm'a get a chance to go and train,2035.7983 
1680 2036.0744but2036.4071 
1682 2036.8531I think in this role as a supervisor and a manager of2039.9466 
1684 2040.4816staff,2041.2037 
1686 2041.7913I've struggled with that.2042.8743 
1688 2044.4175Passion and pay drive- w- pay doesn't even drive me.2047.0055 
1690 2047.2533This is clearly ain't a place for [pay to drive] you.2049.0513 
1692 2049.4052Pay [ain't]2050.0859
1694DCB_int_012050.4459[driving] you nowhere.2051.2670
1695DCB_se2_ag3_m_012051.5289Passion drives me here2052.9064
1697 2053.0834but-2053.3453 
1699 2053.9399And I know that that works for me, but if passion and the fact that this is your job2058.1448 
1701 2058.9630doesn't drive you, I-2060.4905 
1703 2061.2283And I've strugg- I don't know what else to give you.2062.9485 
1704DCB_int_012063.0900[ Mm-hm.]2063.5077
1705DCB_se2_ag3_m_012063.2387[I can't] coach you2064.4421
1706 2064.9064to2065.2674
1708 2065.4231care.2065.9753 
1710DCB_se2_ag3_m_012067.1009You have to bring that with you.2068.5733
1712 2069.0405I can't coach you to say,2070.4138 
1714 2071.0763/even if I-/, you know, this is my job. This is what I'm getting paid to- even though the circumstances are not perfect in this particular2076.8144 
1716 2077.2603organization but2078.2301 
1718 2080.1698this is where you are.2081.3944 
1720 2081.7201And if it's not where you gonna- where you don't wanna be,2083.5930 
1722 2083.7771then leave.2084.5770 
1723DCB_int_012084.6903Right. Get on board or get out.2086.0919
1724DCB_se2_ag3_m_012086.0919Don't stay and be a blockade to2089.3311
1725 2090.0319[the young person that needs] you to listen2092.4388
1726DCB_int_012090.2231[Or a cancer.]2091.4123
1727 2092.5096Mm-hm.2093.3449
1728DCB_se2_ag3_m_012093.7171or to hear or to bring your resources or to care.2096.8814
1730 2098.6653Like, li- and then- you know- and then, I guess the other struggle for me is that2102.2301 
1732 2103.2991now not only do I not know what to give you, but now you pissing me off.2106.4533 
1733DCB_int_012106.7648I mean now you- <laugh>2107.6214
1734DCB_se2_ag3_m_012107.9753Cause these- these kids mean- even the- the little people sometimes- I'll struggle with tryna figure out how to reach the little people,2113.5364
1736 2114.1310and I'm, you know- it's a challenge.2115.9574 
1738 2116.2335But I love these- I love young people,2118.9135 
1740 2119.5794so don't-2120.0764 
1742 2120.6511don't come and n- don't do that. Cause now it's personal.2124.1769 
1744 2124.6073And this- this is very personal for me. That's why my fr- my friends-2127.3439 
1746 2127.7262some say, you are crazy. I am,2129.4676 
1748 2129.9065and I get that,2130.5790 
1750 2131.0928but I'm okay with it2132.1759 
1752 2132.7847because you kind of need that to do this work2135.0287 
1754 2135.2482the right way,2136.0764 
1756 2136.7247you know? Well you don't make time. Well,2138.6573 
1758 2138.8626<clap>2139.0678 
1760 2139.2448okay.2139.7899 
1761DCB_int_012141.1844Do you [think] that's why you still- well I don't know if you single but2143.7016
1763DCB_int_012144.2184not married?2145.2307
1765DCB_int_012146.2996Cause you here all the time.2147.7295
1766DCB_se2_ag3_m_012147.7295I am, and I think that's a big part-2149.4214
1767 2149.6096I think that's a big part of it.2150.6856
1769 2151.0395I'm-2151.3581 
1771 2151.8324I think as much as I give,2153.4959 
1773 2154.5365and I say that as humbly as I can. I know I- I try and give a lot.2158.4553 
1774DCB_int_012159.0358You [do] give a lot.2160.0906
1775DCB_se2_ag3_m_012159.2340[/At the-/]2159.5809
1777 2160.0622<laugh>2160.4587 
1778 2160.9088At the end of the day, I like going home to r- recharge, and it's just me.2164.6239
1780 2165.3048Um,2165.7295 
1782 2165.9844I recently had uh, one of my godsons who now stays with me2170.1084 
1784 2170.5544uh, graduate, and he's getting ready to go to school in the fall.2173.7866 
1786 2174.2821And because he has an internship, uh, with Department of Energy,2178.0764 
1788 2178.6639this is a little easier for him to be in DC.2181.0466 
1790 2181.2307So I said, alright, well you can- you can hang.2183.0216 
1792 2184.0552That's been a big adjustment2185.4143 
1794 2185.9777because now I-2186.9971 
1796 2187.2448I'm good with not having to say,2189.3897 
1798 2189.8145oh, you know, hey let's plan2191.7936 
1800 2192.2042what are we doing for dinner.2194.1155 
1802 2194.6111I'm fine with going home and not having to have that conversation and not have to say- and not have to think,2199.6979 
1804 2200.2500oh wait, there's two of us.2201.7862 
1806DCB_se2_ag3_m_012202.1543[And people], you know, it would be great- companionship would be cool!2205.1599
1807 2205.5280But it takes more work than I want to [put in right] now.2208.2534
1809DCB_se2_ag3_m_012208.7418And I'm okay with that.2209.7795
1811DCB_se2_ag3_m_012210.1688[It's all you] need- you need- you need some love.2211.9456
1812 2212.6040I'm good.2213.1703
1814DCB_se2_ag3_m_012213.7437I'm good. [I- Just cause I don't have-] just cause I'm not dating somebody doesn't mean I'm void of love, like2218.4270
1817 2218.3208Mm-hm.2218.8093 
1818DCB_se2_ag3_m_012219.2482mm, I still- I still have that,2220.9471
1820 2221.0816but2221.4143 
1822 2222.6431I'm just not at that place where I wanna put that2224.7172 
1824 2224.9013work2225.3897 
1826 2225.6163into-2226.3383 
1828 2227.2840that's work.2227.9494 
1830 2228.6573Relationships are work,2229.9032 
1832 2230.6889and I'm already in like, eighty relationships at one time right now, so I don't really have time for eighty one.2235.5665 
1834 2236.0093And I'm okay w- and right now I'm okay with- /I thi-/ I would like to think at the point where2239.8220 
1836 2240.2821I do want to /add/2241.7474 
1838 2242.1863I'm either gonna d-2243.0287 
1840 2243.4322subtract some2244.4020 
1842 2244.5861or I'll make room.2245.3364 
1844 2246.0272But that person has to understand.2247.7616 
1845DCB_int_012249.7720This is what you- you coming with the other eighty.2251.5276
1846DCB_se2_ag3_m_012251.7299All of this.2252.5723
1848DCB_se2_ag3_m_012253.6129You know.2254.0306
1850 2254.4412And I don't know if that means I gotta- I got to be in a relationship with somebody that's in youth development, that gets it,2258.5369 
1852 2259.3156or [is in human] services and gets it. That's a lot that you bring home.2262.5365 
1854DCB_se2_ag3_m_012262.8805Last serious relationship I was in, you know,2265.0254
1856 2265.6554girlfriend,2266.2571 
1858 2266.7880oddly enough.2267.4605 
1860 2268.2675Um,2268.9683 
1862 2270.4024we both were in youth work,2271.7474 
1864 2272.1934and2272.8163 
1866 2274.1755we got that. And that was a good part2276.0768 
1868 2276.2608of- that was a good part of us2277.8182 
1870 2278.2359because we got it.2279.6375 
1872DCB_se2_ag3_m_012280.5011We can come home and talk about the- the good and the bad and cry about the bad and celebrate the good and go2285.7012
1874 2286.2180you know, show up for each other's kids at events and programs and like, who was that? Oh. Oh, okay cool. Yeah, [/well/ you go.] I don't know your name little boy, but2293.7087 
1876DCB_se2_ag3_m_012294.1405good job. [I'm proud of you for getting] that award cause you broke your foot and you still ran it- across the track or [whatever.]2299.3010
1879 2298.8875[<laugh>]2299.3264 
1880DCB_se2_ag3_m_012300.1547You know, <clears throat>2301.1103
1882DCB_se2_ag3_m_012301.6271[but it's-]2302.1297
1883 2302.3845it was a good-2303.4110
1885 2304.4587that was a good part of that,2305.9918 
1887 2306.4449so.2306.8413 
1888DCB_int_012306.9404So I want to ask you a little bit about community2308.8871
1890 2309.1986um,2309.8711 
1892 2310.5548cause I feel, personally. DC is a very unique place.2313.8678 
1894DCB_int_012314.1226[Um], especially cause you did go away to Baltimore,2316.7064
1895 2317.3972um, which I am realizing and I've learned that it is a very different world [cause I'm thinking] /eight/ to forty five minutes away, well how different can they be? It's a very different [world],2324.5228
1898 2322.8763[Mm.]2323.4709 
1900 2324.2679[Mm-hm.]2324.7281 
1901DCB_int_012324.8767um, and people have very strong feelings about that.2327.1066
1903DCB_int_012327.7366So, when you were in Deanwood, that's Northeast and you2330.0343
1905 2330.5228now work- and you live in [Southeast],2332.5261 
1907DCB_int_012333.0146like, you don't live far from here.2334.4799
1909DCB_int_012334.9654How do you see the community like,2336.5652
1911 2336.7422the people,2337.7899 
1913 2338.4766like, how the city's changing. How do you2340.9046 
1915 2341.2556see that and then how do you feel about it?2343.2165 
1916DCB_se2_ag3_m_012343.7262I think,2344.1226
1918 2344.5332like when I think back to /RD-SCHOOL-2/, I remember people who- I mean, there were families in the community who were there for years,2352.8103 
1920 2353.2061decades.2354.0768 
1922 2354.6006And so, uh, Miss /RD-NAME-2/ who lived on2357.3614 
1924 2359.3123/RD-ADDRESS-8/2361.5067 
1926 2361.6554which was a block and half away from /RD-SCHOOL-2/,2364.2604 
1928 2364.9046uh, and who always passed out the little butter cookies with the2368.2429 
1929DCB_int_012368.4695The little [s- with the hole and you put the finger in it. <laugh> <clap> <clap>]2371.3577
1930DCB_se2_ag3_m_012368.7456[ring around it that you put on your finger on it. Yup!]2371.2515
1931 2371.5105She would pass those out with2372.6927
1933 2373.0466sweet Kool Aid. I never understood the connection. Like cookies and milk,2376.7418 
1935 2377.0857yeah. But not cookies and Kool Aid.2378.8696 
1937 2379.4006Uh, but she always passed those out after school,2381.4959 
1939 2381.9561and nobody's mother said, well are you- who is this lady?2385.1528 
1941 2385.6342Who is this house you going to? Where'd those cookies come from?2388.7772 
1943 2389.5813There was a sense of-2390.7139 
1945 2391.0466that we were connected2392.1722 
1947 2392.7809when there was an issue.2393.9207 
1949 2394.0339Perfect example.2395.3681 
1951 2395.5388Fifth grade year,2396.6714 
1953 2397.2236uh,2398.0235 
1955 2398.2005we were welcomed by Miss /RD-NAME-1/, who was a new teacher,2401.3335 
1957 2401.9635but she would not be with us long2403.7828 
1959 2404.4341because in her third week, Miss /RD-NAME-1/ decided that she wanted to curse2408.4945 
1961 2408.9971at the fifth grade class of /RD-SCHOOL-2/ Elementary School,2411.9207 
1963 2412.4274many of whom had been together since2414.7705 
1965 2415.5704pre kindergarten and even at Tabernacle2418.2180 
1967DCB_se2_ag3_m_012418.7560across the street.2419.7134
1968 2420.3458This was a community of parents,2422.2925
1970 2422.8093students.2423.7791 
1972 2424.1755We had been sleepovers. We had been- I mean, friends, Chuck E. Cheese, the whole nine.2428.7330 
1974 2429.7295That night,2430.4303 
1976 2431.5317every child must have gone home and told their parents because that night at [Tabernacle],2435.6304 
1978DCB_se2_ag3_m_012436.1330every parent was in the church2438.3316
1980 2438.5652hall2439.0820 
1982 2439.3793to meet.2439.8324 
1984 2440.3916And the next morning,2441.3709 
1986 2441.8569every parent2442.5153 
1988 2442.8834was in the principal's office.2444.5015 
1990 2444.8626By the afternoon, Miss /RD-NAME-1/ was gone.2446.9438 
1992 2448.3029I- I- that moment- I always tell people that story. That moment stood out to me because I had never seen a group of parents or people2454.5011 
1994 2454.9046move and shift something so quickly.2456.9263 
1996 2457.8536Every child must have gone home and said, Miss /RD-NAME-1/ uh, lost her mind and cussed at us.2461.8715 
1998 2462.4307A- and I may- I r- I can visually see2464.8659 
2000 2465.2552sitting in the basement of Tabernacle, these parents in this huddle,2468.6997 
2002 2469.2307in these chairs,2470.4341 
2004 2470.7526and, you know, what took less than a hour2472.8126 
2006 2473.1707and then everybody showed up the next morning.2474.8980 
2008 2476.1226Nobody said, oh, well just get out. I gotta go to work.2478.3171 
2010DCB_se2_ag3_m_012480.7776[Just get out, I gotta go get my coffee.]2482.6960
2011DCB_int_012480.8059[So it was a sense of- it was concern], yeah.2483.1703
2014 2484.7277This woman is crazy.2485.7582 
2016 2485.9635She cussing at our kids. She got to go.2487.6554 
2018 2488.4199And they didn't leave until that woman was gone. Miss /RD-NAME-1/ was gone2491.1736 
2020 2492.0202that afternoon.2492.7988 
2022 2493.2661Out.2493.6554 
2024 2494.4978Before there was principal autonomy2496.8763 
2026 2497.2061in the schools,2498.1405 
2028 2498.3741Miss /RD-NAME-1/ was gone.2499.2731 
2030 2501.2552There was a- a- a connectedness, a belonging, a protection,2505.0112 
2032 2507.3189and then people moved.2508.6752 
2034 2509.1707And I think all of the societal ills that we've dealt with2511.4997 
2036 2511.9527from the crack ep- epidemic to the violence2514.6356 
2038 2515.0928to gentrification that has split the community2518.1368 
2040 2518.4128and sent people running every which away.2520.7347 
2042 2521.2132Older people passing-2522.7493 
2044 2523.1245f- uh, older people retiring and moving down south,2525.7437 
2046 2526.1684all of that.2526.7631 
2048 2527.4397You drive through Deanwood now it's a different f- It's a whole different feel. It's a different vibe.2530.9225 
2050 2531.5596And2532.0976 
2052 2532.2463I see that in- even in Southeast. It's not-2535.0325 
2054 2536.1509And I moved here particular- specifically2538.1613 
2056 2538.6498because this is where I serve.2540.4237 
2058 2541.0962So I wanted to be able to live in the same place. That was important for me to have that connection.2545.1748 
2060 2545.9777And find people that care2547.2448 
2062 2548.7102at all- I didn't find businesses that cared,2550.8480 
2064 2551.1312that said, oh well you at the /RD-WORK-5/ down the street? Oh, well let's work with you on this and that.2555.2411 
2066 2556.0622I didn't find people, and I still don't.2557.4285 
2068 2558.2821The kids that we serve in- in /RD-WORK-3/,2560.6181 
2070 2561.2552are not coming from the community.2563.4214 
2072 2564.2113They're not.2564.7068 
2074 2566.4766And I [think that that-]2567.4039 
2076DCB_se2_ag3_m_012567.5879I think that that says a lot about what we look at2570.1193
2078 2570.7635as community.2571.8394 
2080 2572.1863The fact that we can2573.2694 
2082 2573.6800have Parkland2574.9400 
2084 2575.5600here at nineteenth, and then two blocks over2578.2925 
2086 2578.9367at twenty second have a deuce deuce,2580.9329 
2088 2581.2981and there's a beef. Y'all two blocks apart from each other,2583.6908 
2090 2584.4482but Parkland kids won't walk up twenty second street.2586.7984 
2092 2587.7866Twenty second kids won't walk through Parkland.2589.8041 
2094 2590.0164At all.2590.5544 
2096 2591.4181It's a death-2592.0127 
2098 2592.3525death war- or death threat if you do.2594.3175 
2100 2594.6502If I drive the Club bus up twenty second, kids duck down on the seat, they're telling me to go the other direction.2600.5350 
2102 2602.8871It's a breakdown of what family and community2606.0060 
2104 2606.8342mean, and we aren't-2608.2146 
2106 2608.7102and I think there's a lot of [issues for them.]2610.5068 
2107DCB_int_012609.9631[Where'd that beef] come from? Like, cause I've heard you talk about this before but I didn't realize it was like, too- like, I didn't realize- I knew, but I didn't know.2616.8763
2110 2617.6096This bee- And I- I mean, it's- it's been here I think as long as the Club has been here cause2621.5809 
2112 2621.9702um like, /RD-NAME-1/2623.0462 
2114 2623.1565um,2623.6945 
2116 2623.9635/RD-NAME-2/2624.7869 
2118 2625.1245used to talk about, you know,2626.6606 
2120 2627.2623how they used to try and go and stand in between2630.5644 
2122 2631.2590uh,2631.8961 
2124 2632.0306factions between- from both communities.2634.3949 
2126 2634.8875Um, and I think it started with2637.1386 
2128 2637.2802a- a violent act. Somebody might have been killed2639.8216 
2130 2640.3029in Parkland by somebody from twenty second, and then it's just gone back and forth, back and forth.2644.3491 
2132 2644.6181I think the same with- with Parkland and then Congress Park, which is2647.8166 
2134 2648.2396two blocks over on the other side of the Giant.2650.2217 
2136 2651.1774Uh, that whole little shopping center, that community on the other side,2653.9989 
2138 2654.3458you know. You- if you from Congress Park, you don't necessarily-2657.2482 
2140 2657.7295are not necessarily welcome in Parkland.2659.5530 
2142 2659.9140And- and it's- it's weird to see2661.8678 
2144 2662.2500Parkland just kind of dropped in the middle2664.1330 
2146 2664.5507of all of this2665.8078 
2148 2667.3793/interestingness/.2668.9579 
2150 2669.8428Um,2670.3666 
2152 2671.1778and when I moved here,2672.3600 
2154 2672.6077the only stipulation I gave the rental office was I didn't wanna live2675.5101 
2156 2676.0127on Stanton Road, on the one way street2677.6709 
2158 2679.2377because I-2679.6766 
2160 2679.9173I drove past- and then you talked about Joe Clarke- that one way street felt like East Side High2684.4551 
2162 2684.7210prior to Joe Clarke.2685.6342 
2164 2687.3048[When you would] drive up the street, the en- the2689.2303 
2166DCB_se2_ag3_m_012689.5883energy, and I'm a big reader,2691.4006
2168 2691.9739spiritual person- big reader of energy2694.2356 
2170 2694.8622that comes out of people and places2696.9900 
2172 2697.4076and the ground2698.6748 
2174 2699.5030and- and- and all- I think all of that-2702.4945 
2176 2703.8041the- the drugs,2704.9296 
2178 2705.2552the violence, the blood that's on these grounds, all that stuff just talks2709.4076 
2180 2709.9527and speaks. And when you come up that street,2712.4657 
2182 2712.6498there's so-2713.6709 
2184 2714.0556and the street is two blocks,2715.7962 
2186DCB_se2_ag3_m_012717.4888but it is the most-2719.1878
2188 2720.2467I can't even really think of the word. It's the most-2722.6903 
2190 2724.0693it's heavy, like your heart gets heavy coming up those- up- up those two blocks.2728.0731 
2192 2729.5242And, I mean I think it' just-2731.1453 
2194 2731.5813It's an example of2732.5936 
2196 2732.9829the breakdown2733.8253 
2198 2734.4907um, of2735.7649 
2200 2736.3566a community, of a people.2738.0626 
2202 2738.6573I mean, you have to- I think it goes back to systemic things that were2741.3968 
2204 2741.9136put in us2742.6356 
2206 2742.7772during slavery2743.8149 
2208 2744.3529and Jim Crow2745.4006 
2210 2745.6766and all those things that just2746.9933 
2212 2747.3614are bearing fruit.2748.3460 
2216 2751.1032bearing fruit now.2752.2005 
2218 2752.8376It's just- [it's broken.]2754.1189 
2219DCB_int_012753.4464[Do you have kids] from both?2754.6356
2220 2755.1636Like,2755.4468
2222 2755.9565is the Club kind of a neutral ground or is- is it like exclusively serving one-2760.4516 
2223DCB_se2_ag3_m_012761.0999It used to be neutral.2762.3407
2225 2762.5298Um,2763.0041 
2227 2763.2165<clears throat>2763.6342 
2229 2763.9810we predominantly2764.9154 
2231 2765.0853serve Parkland2766.0835 
2233 2766.5719from kids that come in the community of Parkland, Congress Park,2769.0962 
2235 2769.8607um, but2770.6040 
2237 2771.0358I don't- we don't have any from twenty second. Covenant House2773.3056 
2239 2773.9423gets kids from twenty second.2775.0112 
2241 2775.3935But what was beautiful about2776.8093 
2243 2777.3756um,2778.0694 
2245 2779.3831when we did our Balling at the Art2780.7281 
2247 2781.0820series-2781.8111 
2249 2782.4695and this was before I knew all of this, about the beef. I just said, hey,2785.7896 
2251 2786.3033y'all our partners.2787.5634 
2253 2787.7262Y'all got some guys. We got some guys. Let's play ball.2790.3809 
2255 2791.3406Didn't know anything about the beefing issue.2792.8555 
2257 2793.1316We went six weeks2794.2359 
2259 2795.0358practicing,2795.8145 
2261 2796.1684having these games,2797.3081 
2263 2797.9211never issue.2798.6856 
2265 2799.4218Kids from twenty second and Parkland in one place.2801.9277 
2267 2802.6002Dapped each other up after the game.2804.0420 
2269 2804.3883We crossed from every- every- all three games we won,2806.4058 
2271 2806.9792dapped each other up.2807.7346 
2273 2807.8768We sat down-2808.7489 
2275 2808.9229the la- the last- after the last game- that Saturday- that next day,2811.8607 
2277 2812.2429Saturday morning, we sat down with Chick Fil A2814.0693 
2279 2814.5365and talked about what it meant to be2816.5440 
2281 2817.1174young black men2818.0235 
2283 2818.2642in Southeast.2819.0712 
2285 2819.6092No issue.2820.1826 
2287 2822.0626So it can work.2822.7705 
2288DCB_int_012824.1934What do you feel like is the2825.8428
2290 2826.4711male-2827.3364 
2292 2827.7370see because Southeast, if you think about DC, it's the roughest part of the- the city-2832.3100 
2294 2832.6852uh, that's the perception,2833.9069 
2296 2834.3529um,2835.0820 
2298 2835.3014especially Ward Eight. Oh,2836.8517 
2300 2837.1774like,2837.6587 
2302 2838.0835you gonna get shot up if you [just walk] over there. [You know, if you] [cross that] line-2841.7975 
2305 2840.3033[Yup.]2840.6785 
2307 2840.8767[<clears throat>]2841.3014 
2308DCB_int_012842.2925Um, what do you think is the perception or what does it mean to be a black male in ward eight?2848.5403
2310 2848.6960Or not even just male- I won't even just say- but to be a black person in ward eight. In- in this time,2854.0164 
2312 2854.3774in DC as- as gentrification is running rampant, like2857.4993 
2314 2858.0768what does that mean?2859.2094 
2315DCB_se2_ag3_m_012859.2802To be feared.2860.1084
2316DCB_int_012861.4039Because you're from [Southeast?]2862.5224
2318 2864.7351Um,2865.5563
2320 2868.5719yeah.2869.0391 
2322 2870.4095That you are going to2871.8819 
2324 2872.6960do something dangerous2874.4587 
2326 2875.0220or bad2875.7441 
2328 2877.4855just by your presence.2878.6040 
2330 2878.9013<clears throat>2879.4039 
2332 2880.4233Um,2881.1382 
2334 2883.0041I think about2883.9810 
2336 2885.6658uh- we took the teens to go see Fruitvale Station2888.4188 
2338 2888.6997when it [came out],2889.3652 
2339DCB_int_012888.9404[Mm.] Mm-hm.2889.8819
2340DCB_se2_ag3_m_012890.5119and then caught the train back on the green line.2893.6709
2342 2894.9829And on the train,2896.9579 
2344 2897.3119uh, eight or nine of the teens left with me.2899.5954 
2346 2900.2932There was a group of White and Asian people who got on around2904.9471 
2348 2905.9494Navy Yard. <clears throat>2907.6129 
2350 2909.0004And I don't think they realized I was the chaperone or the staff person with them2913.1740 
2352 2913.4289cause I was standing up. I'm standing by the door, the- the teens are all o- hucked up over here.2917.2627 
2354 2917.6379This group gets on to the right,2919.2731 
2356 2919.5704<clears throat>2920.0093 
2358 2920.6111and the comments that they started making2922.1118 
2360 2922.4516in earshot of the group,2923.6621 
2362 2925.2731oh, look at them, oh, they think that-2927.5030 
2364 2928.5719they think that-2929.6709 
2366 2929.9494um-2930.4520 
2368 2931.4643oh, what did they say?2932.5119 
2370 2933.1066Oh- those- those- those kids, they- they must be going back to Anacostia.2936.8201 
2372 2937.8748Oh they're laughing. They're talking so loud. Oh, they're this, they're that.2940.8763 
2374 2942.4803And2943.3652 
2376 2944.1651they were just being teens.2945.1491 
2379 2945.9914Doing a lot, going through some things. [Okay.]2948.0839 
2383 2950.3208so continue on.2951.0004 
2384DCB_se2_ag3_m_012952.1047But yeah, and so,2953.0462
2386 2953.8361they were just being teens,2954.8838 
2388 2955.2236having fun, talking, laughing,2956.7314 
2390 2957.1844nothing inappropriate.2957.9631 
2392 2959.0462And2960.0202 
2394 2960.6785uh, I don't remember who it was, one of the teens, saw my response,2963.6163 
2396 2964.4587because on my face,2965.8998 
2398 2966.6148the disdain and2968.3279 
2400 2968.5615frustration.2969.3119 
2402 2971.0574And not only are they saying these things, they're looking2973.3510 
2404 2974.1297at the teens2975.1915 
2406 2976.1259as if2976.8197 
2408 2977.3477being black,2978.5369 
2410 2979.1245and being young2980.1651 
2412 2980.5757on the train in a group2982.6427 
2414 2983.2415means that you are thugs and about to do something to them.2986.9792 
2416 2988.9442And you know,2989.9565 
2418 2990.5652there was a big part of me that wanted to2992.2713 
2420 2992.8730say something,2993.7083 
2422 2994.2604but in that moment, I felt if I did,2996.8088 
2424 2997.3439one I had the hands on my s- on my shirt,2999.1844 
2426 2999.5596had the- I was branded.3000.7984 
2427DCB_int_013000.9867Mm-hm, [mm-hm.]3001.6736
2428DCB_se2_ag3_m_013001.3193[So I had the] logo, and I didn't think that what I was getting ready to say was /getting ready/ to represent the organization at its best.3006.1755
2429 3006.6115I wasn't gonna- I wasn't gonna be professional about it,3008.5440
2431DCB_se2_ag3_m_013009.8536and so I opted not to say anything.3011.2694
2433 3012.7903But we had a very serious conversation3015.0945 
2435 3015.6836that night3016.2446 
2437 3016.7355with them,3017.4158 
2439 3018.4116and oddly enough, that- that was3020.5896 
2441 3021.9781right before we went to go to the Hill3024.3836 
2443 3025.2251to go visit Congressman Maxine Waters.3028.2306 
2445 3029.9137And so,3030.9306 
2447 3033.1296I guess it was like a week or so in between that.3034.9600 
2449 3035.6823The morning of the visit,3037.2532 
2451 3038.4002um,3039.2278 
2453 3039.4311the3040.2026 
2455 3041.7735French State Department3043.6669 
2457 3043.9584released a3045.3259 
2459 3045.5013travel warning to its residents3047.3737 
2461 3047.9207who were visiting the US.3049.2742 
2463 3050.5966And in it they said to avoid certain areas,3053.6823 
2465 3054.9095Union Station, I remember,3056.7158 
2467 3057.8870and I remember they said Southeast3059.3737 
2469 3059.7735and Anacostia3060.8675 
2471 3061.1831to avoid3062.0566 
2473 3062.9963at all.3063.6205 
2475 3063.8028Union Station you can go to in the daytime,3065.4018 
2477 3066.0329but don't go to Union Station at night.3067.3233 
2479 3068.4423But Southeast and wa- and Anacostia,3070.5041 
2481 3070.7846don't go to in the daytime,3072.2644 
2483 3073.1760late in the midnight hour.3074.8118 
2485 3075.2839Not- don't ever go3076.4200 
2487 3076.6654at all.3077.1774 
2489 3077.8366And /RD-NAME-2/ saw that,3078.8464 
2491 3080.0636read that article3081.0034 
2493 3081.1997that morning3081.8589 
2495 3081.9992when we were here early getting ready to go see the Congresswoman,3084.6571 
2497 3085.4745and it started this conversation about3086.9122 
2499 3087.0524redefining what it means to be from Southeast3089.4018 
2501 3090.2153as a black3090.8745 
2503 3091.3023youth, as a black person to be from Southeast,3093.7537 
2505 3094.2797which started this whole- I think what may have even made the- laid some of the groundwork for [Our Lives Matter]3099.0945 
2506DCB_int_013098.3792[That's right, mm-hm.]3099.0454
2507DCB_se2_ag3_m_013099.7187because everything that they did now they wanted to3102.1942
2509 3102.3906prove3102.9867 
2511 3103.9023to people3104.7509 
2513 3105.9781that great things come out of this-3107.3807 
2515 3107.5841this part of the city,3108.6080 
2517 3108.9586that they are not their3110.1758 
2519 3110.9332environment.3111.5994 
2521 3112.7215Um,3113.2896 
2523 3114.2854and the- sadly enough they had to prove that to some of the people that were in the environment3117.3961 
2525 3118.1184and in the community, and what that meant to f-3119.8085 
2527 3119.9768to them,3120.6501 
2529 3121.0678to the young people who chose to come to the Club3123.4732 
2531 3124.5181who had friends who didn't choose to come to the Club3127.3023 
2533 3128.3231because they made other choices3130.0553 
2535 3130.2446that were not always positive choices,3132.2714 
2537 3133.0779and what that meant for them to stand up and say, yup,3135.1085 
2539 3135.5223I'm gonna be different3136.6514 
2541 3137.8857because that's what I wanna do.3139.1199 
2543 3139.3623That's who I choose to be.3140.5475 
2545 3141.4802Um,3142.0763 
2547 3142.3148<clears throat>3143.1423 
2549 3144.0750so, I mean, it- it's- it's this whole notion that3146.7789 
2551 3149.6051to be from Southeast doesn't mean anything /?/. It's the same as you.3153.5433 
2553 3154.1114[Tryna figure out-]3154.7636 
2554DCB_int_013154.1184[So let me ask you] this because3156.1732
2555 3156.5870especially- I don't know a lot about,3159.5433
2557 3160.1044mm, that's not true.3160.9880 
2559 3161.3948But I don't have the-3162.3064 
2561 3162.8745the d- I'm a southern girl, you know. Um,3164.9963 
2563 3165.5504I know3166.1114 
2565 3166.7987about sitting on the porch shelling peas [like],3168.7903 
2567DCB_int_013168.9306you know? But that's- that's- so if somebody asked me about3171.1927
2569 3171.4732what was it like growing up in the South,3173.1844 
2573 3174.7202you know, some of the racial tensions that I felt in the South3177.5269 
2575 3177.7187that were still very alive, [even] covertly. Like,3180.7763 
2577DCB_int_013181.2291very much running deep.3182.4563
2579 3182.7579I can talk about that, but I can't talk about DC in that way.3186.0820 
2581 3186.4747What do you feel like-3187.8182 
2583 3188.0426so that was on the flip s- um, that was on one side. Like,3190.7005 
2585 3190.9950being in DC and the perception that it's dangerous and- I mean it is. There are some parts,3196.0763 
2587 3196.2517but that's anywhere.3197.0368 
2589DCB_int_013197.7945But let's take it on the flip side,3199.3303
2591 3199.6288how do you feel like-3200.8070 
2593 3201.6696I won't just say your men, your young men, but all your kids were affected by all of the events,3206.9402 
2595 3207.5293Ferguson, Eric, all that, like3209.9979 
2597 3210.2784how do you feel like your kids were affected3212.3371 
2599 3212.5966when all they could see were3214.4059 
2601 3214.9950like,3215.2896 
2603 3215.9979kids that look like them3217.4145 
2605DCB_int_013218.1057getting shot, getting killed, Trayvon Martin, like that whole-3220.7215
2607 3220.9600Once that kind of- the ripple of, I think,3222.5449 
2609 3222.7062starting with Trayvon like, kind of,3224.4984 
2611 3224.6387and starting that whole eighteen, twenty four month period of just [ridiculousness.]3229.8493 
2613 3230.5405It um-3231.3049
2615 3232.5813one of the things that I- I recognized was3234.9657 
2617 3235.7410uh, an increase in their3237.1436 
2619 3237.4171pride and their participation in the Club.3239.8225 
2621 3240.9376Um,3241.6459 
2623 3242.5826and it t- it took me3243.8800 
2625 3244.2026until now3245.0581 
2627 3245.1914to really see that.3246.0259 
2631 3248.7649what I think about- think back to is3251.5070 
2633 3251.9137the same pride I had at /RD-SCHOOL-2/.3253.5407 
2635 3254.0075And- and the place3255.2698 
2637 3255.7257that that was a- a safe haven and a sanctuary and3258.4397 
2639 3258.7623that was a place where I was built up.3260.2950 
2641 3261.2698I think it meant more to them3262.5672 
2643 3264.1522because they understood that there were people who devalued their lives3267.4802 
2645 3268.8548just because they were black,3270.1592 
2647 3270.6711who didn't care about3272.0847 
2649 3272.8350how police interacted with them,3275.4158 
2651 3276.2012and there was this sense of clinging.3278.3582 
2653 3279.7397Um,3280.2587 
2655 3280.4831we spent more time together talking3282.6290 
2657 3283.1099outside of programs.3284.4353 
2659 3284.9192<clears throat> We had longer nights.3286.5462 
2661 3287.3737The night that the um-3289.1620 
2663 3291.3119um- the night that the Ferguson uh,3294.0610 
2665 3294.4257<ts>3294.6501 
2667 3295.6218verdict was announced, [I was actually]3297.6556 
2669DCB_se2_ag3_m_013297.7607in the middle of doing drop offs,3299.0862
2671 3299.5561and I had3300.1592 
2673 3300.3555one alum3301.2321 
2675 3301.4254on the bus that I was taking home and3303.2628 
2677 3304.5742one current student-3305.8997 
2679 3306.2714current member.3306.8254 
2681 3307.8182And I remember3309.0104 
2683 3309.2628listening- we had it on the radio. We listened to the prosecutor talk,3311.9067 
2685 3313.0218and3313.3093 
2687 3313.8252I personally- we had pulled over /?/ to drop one of the kids at the metro station- I pulled over.3317.5701 
2689 3318.0259And I'm just listening, but I was kind of in the zone, but- and they're ask- they're talking. The two of them are talking on the bus,3322.7496 
2691 3323.2545and I hear them,3324.2644 
2693 3324.9766but because I'm processing this myself, I- I'm just kind of in my own little world.3328.9810 
2695 3330.3064But the fact that that moment was shared3333.4872 
2697 3334.6233and so many other moments were shared3336.7834 
2699 3337.2080and so many more times they stepped up3339.3119 
2701 3340.1114and came out,3341.0020 
2703 3342.7412you know, I saw that cling, that-3344.3371 
2705 3344.7088That this was their place3346.5883 
2707 3347.0231of worth,3347.8786 
2709 3348.7833of value3349.7301 
2711 3350.6667and again, I just- I3352.4620 
2713 3352.8337go on all of my experiences that-3354.9937 
2715 3355.7200And it takes you to- in moments like that to realize,3358.3498 
2717 3359.2755the worth of your experiences.3361.1269 
2719DCB_se2_ag3_m_013362.6808This is their /RD-SCHOOL-2/.3363.9220
2721 3365.8997This is their, you know, I've had the /RD-SCHOOL-2/3368.3441 
2723 3368.8771High School office3370.5813 
2725 3371.0862experience with a team3372.7973 
2727 3373.4605who I've had to pull him up3374.7158 
2729 3374.9963and say,3375.6976 
2731 3376.4691this is what you not gonna do3377.7594 
2733 3378.5238under my watch.3379.6898 
2735 3381.4452It's just not gonna happen like that.3382.8968 
2737 3383.5701Um,3384.1171 
2739 3385.0748so I watched them just-3386.3721 
2741 3386.8561and as I'm thinking back to that t- period of time,3389.0301 
2743 3389.9137they stepped up more.3390.8254 
2745 3391.6358They were more active.3392.4984 
2747 3393.6696They reached out more.3394.7636 
2749 3395.2194There were [more] conversations. There were more3397.1059 
2751DCB_se2_ag3_m_013397.6078text messages. There were more-3399.1787
2753 3399.9291And not specifically about what was happening.3402.8543 
2755 3405.4802Um,3406.0483 
2757 3406.7776and- and my kids are spoiled3408.3555 
2759 3408.6851because just of- cause of the way we do things.3410.9332 
2761DCB_se2_ag3_m_013412.0342So I don't wanna say that the neediness3414.5168
2763 3415.1129increased but their need for3417.3891 
2765 3417.8309validation,3418.9389 
2767DCB_se2_ag3_m_013420.0470it stepped up.3420.8293
2769 3421.1590And I find myself giving more,3422.9823 
2771 3424.5672/but/ okay with that3425.5490 
2773 3427.5306because they were reaching for that. And I mean, you could- you could sense it and see-3431.6753 
2775 3432.4467and I think a part of me wanted3434.3510 
2777 3434.9332them to know3435.8239 
2779 3436.0623it's okay.3436.7145 
2781DCB_se2_ag3_m_013438.6992I know you don't wanna talk about it and you're not- you haven't quite figured out how to verbalize what you're [feeling,]3443.7664
2783DCB_se2_ag3_m_013444.3836but I see you.3445.5477
2784DCB_int_013447.5574Feeling [that.]3448.1745
2785DCB_se2_ag3_m_013447.9431[I] know you,3448.8828
2787DCB_se2_ag3_m_013449.0862and it's okay.3449.9909
2788 3451.3483This is your safe space.3452.7719
2790 3454.3608You don't h- you don't have to do anything to earn it.3456.5632 
2792 3457.2155This is your safe space.3458.4426 
2794 3459.3978Let's be goofy and crazy and wild3461.9264 
2796 3462.3147and dream big and be successful and3464.8231 
2798 3465.2425be mad at each other. Let's- let's be all of that cause this is3468.4079 
2800 3468.8823your space, and it's alright.3470.4126 
2802DCB_se2_ag3_m_013472.4763It's okay.3473.0168
2805 3475.5913so I'm'a just- I'm'a change it totally, [lighten it] up a little bit. Um,3479.2835 
2807DCB_int_013480.7770what do you do for fun?3481.9001
2809 3482.1599Cause I know you spend a lot of [time at nineteen] oh one and dealing with the goings ons3486.6998 
2811DCB_int_013486.8262of Boys and Girls- What do you do for fun? What do you do to let your hair down?3489.9568
2812DCB_se2_ag3_m_013489.9990Listen to music.3490.8904
2814DCB_se2_ag3_m_013491.9768Um, I'm a music junky. I got the chance to go see Jill Scott this weekend.3495.7519
2815DCB_int_013495.8937I don't want to hear it.3496.5465
2818 3499.3456Um,3500.0054 
2820DCB_se2_ag3_m_013500.5529I'm a simple person.3501.6761
2821 3502.2166Doesn't take a- it doesn't take a lot.3503.5222
2823 3504.1172Um,3504.5735 
2825 3504.7700top- top things I love to do is sit in a room and listen to music.3507.6269 
2827 3507.9639/Loudly/ listen to music all day.3509.0027 
2829 3509.7030Um,3510.2997 
2831 3511.9844I think again that was just embedded. My mom went to Howard for music.3515.4169 
2832DCB_int_013516.0961[/Um, w- uh, yeah/.]3517.1140
2833DCB_se2_ag3_m_013516.1382[Um, she sang.]3517.6825
2834 3518.3915Uh, she still will do a little something if you tell her. When I go home,3521.6836
2836 3522.3629a lot of times when I go home, we'll sit with the old Baptist hymnal.3525.5567 
2838 3526.0481We will flip through and [n- not-] the- We have seen these [pages every visit]3529.0718 
2841 3528.2018[/Any/ line of the hymn.]3529.4158 
2842 3529.5211[Mm.]3530.2300
2843DCB_se2_ag3_m_013529.5562[and go]3529.9773
2845 3530.2300each hymn by hymn and just sing3531.5216 
2846 3531.9428cause it- that was a- just a part of3533.7959
2848 3534.1663you know,3534.6015 
2850 3534.9876our upbringing. When I was younger,3536.9460 
2852 3537.6339there was a white, blue and orange Fisher Price3541.6615 
2854 3542.0756radio3542.6723 
2856 3543.3461that set on my3544.9817 
2858 3545.2344bed frame3545.7819 
2860 3546.0119at the head- on the headboard.3547.2122 
2862 3547.5715Had a little microphone on the side in case you wanted to get real extra and sing.3550.8202 
2864 3551.4925Every night that mus- that radio played3553.5843 
2866 3553.8089classical music,3554.5389 
2868 3555.2830every night.3555.6480 
2870 3557.3116Every night.3557.7047 
2872 3559.3667And so it was- it was embedded in me,3561.2338 
2874 3561.5287and the power3562.3499 
2876 3562.9255of the- I think the power of the art while I was s- while I was such a student of the arts,3566.6933 
2878 3566.9811it was put in me.3568.0130 
2881 3569.3099but music for me is- is such an escape.3572.0616
2883 3572.7776And I'm eclectic like crazy. Like, you go through my playlist there's3576.0610 
2885 3576.4401gospel, there's reggae, there's3578.2090 
2887 3578.4196hip hop, there's3579.4585 
2889 3579.8726jazz, there's-3580.9817 
2890DCB_int_013581.0870Are you a go go fan?3581.9768
2891DCB_se2_ag3_m_013582.0681I am. (whispered)3582.8823
2892DCB_int_013583.5211[Who's your favorite] group? Let's talk about go go because go go is a [very-] it's a- but it's a very DC thing. [There's no go go in like],3591.0934
2893DCB_se2_ag3_m_013583.5562[I am.]3584.1177
2895 3586.3429[Go go is huge.]3587.7889 
2897 3589.0859[It is. It's like Mumbo Sauce.]3591.0934 
2899DCB_se2_ag3_m_013592.0621Mm-mm. It's like Mumbo Sauce. Go go and Mumbo Sauce go hand in hand,3594.8542
2900 3595.7176go hand in hand. I went to Baltimore and they told me, we don't have Mumbo Sauce. What is that? And I wanted to leave.3599.6750
2902 3600.3559But um,3601.4018 
2904 3602.6512<sigh> Northeast Groovers,3604.3499 
2906 3605.1080Junkyard,3605.9908 
2908 3606.3418Rare Essence,3607.3105 
2910 3608.0124Backyard Band,3608.9671 
2912 3609.1847Chuck Brown.3609.9919 
2914 3610.9396There's a different- there's a different go go back in the day,3613.3105 
2916 3613.5772and I remember /mart/- my aunt-3615.0654 
2918 3615.7954I have a aunt that lived on Drum Avenue, Capital Heights,3617.9557 
2920 3618.1663/in the- you know/ the right across the- the- the line.3620.4196 
2922 3621.0794And uh, my cousins used to- they were heavy,3623.7257 
2924 3624.0400like they had the big bamboo chair.3626.3494 
2926 3626.6933I was- it was a picture of me sitting in the big bamboo chair with all the go go posters on the wall,3630.8121 
2928 3631.1491and I would go to the their house, and I would listen to Groovers3633.3461 
2930 3633.6199cause I was too young at that time to go to the go gos.3636.2506 
2932 3636.6998Uh and I- oh I actually- it was weird. I only went to a couple of actual go gos,3641.1923 
2934DCB_se2_ag3_m_013642.1382but I loved3643.3105
2936 3643.5772the music and listened to- I still have- I have tapes.3646.3920 
2938 3646.9606Northeast Groovers Locket is the greatest go go song ever made in life.3651.1215 
2940 3651.5778It will- it will change your perspective on [everything.]3655.0929 
2941DCB_int_013654.1663[We'll have to do that one then] cause I- I don't know if I've [heard it.]3656.7214
2943 3657.0092Yeah.3657.2830
2945 3657.8866When I um-3658.6939 
2947 3659.1906another former3659.9838 
2949 3660.1874thing you didn't know about my former life,3661.7668 
2951 3662.1388I danced. I studied dance for eight years.3664.4622 
2952DCB_int_013664.8273I got a glimpse of that at the [circus.]3666.3980
2953DCB_se2_ag3_m_013666.1874[Did] you? [<laugh>]3668.2090
2954DCB_int_013667.1210[Yes, mm-hm.]3668.6161
2955DCB_se2_ag3_m_013669.0934But uh, through /RD-SCHOOL-2/,3670.3569
2957 3670.6798uh, this group game up.3671.9169 
2958DCB_int_013672.0119/RD-SCHOOL-2/ changed [your life.]3673.3064
2959DCB_se2_ag3_m_013672.5664[/RD-SCHOOL-2/, they did.]3673.5772
2960 3673.6755They did. This group came up and- and they were from Palmer Park Rec Center3677.3116
2962 3677.7522in PG County.3678.6858 
2966 3680.5600but they- the ladies came and said, we wanna teach dance. And we learned-3683.9169 
2968 3684.3418I remember I did my first tap dance to Slide Some Oil to Me from The [Wiz.]3687.9358 
2969DCB_int_013687.7743[Mm], [yes!]3689.0238
2970DCB_se2_ag3_m_013688.7851[And] I remember when they teach you the flap and you do the- the weird-3691.7527
2971 3692.0054the- s- the weird flap3693.3532
2973 3693.5076and the shuffle cause you first learning3695.3678 
2975 3695.9066um,3696.5313 
2977 3696.7630how to tap dance, and I st-3698.2230 
2979 3698.4126just stuck with it for eight years. We3700.0972 
2981 3700.3780transitioned from the school3702.1382 
2983 3702.6858and um,3703.5632 
2985 3703.7597went to Palmer Park.3704.8197 
2987 3705.3110And they didn't have any boys in their program, so me and four of my friends, we were the only boys that went3709.6755 
2989 3710.1458to their program, and two dropped off so it was only three of us, and we stayed.3713.5713 
2991 3714.1453I stayed for eight.3714.9174 
2993 3715.1912My boy, /RD-NAME-2/ who's a mentor here at the Club now3717.8375 
2995 3718.3148stayed for nine, and then my other friend /RD-NAME-2/ is still dancing. He's danced for Ailey and3722.9460 
2997 3723.7392done all sorts of stuff all over the place, but3726.1453 
2999 3726.7981the discipline that came with that-3728.4477 
3001 3728.9531what we did- we danced w- a lot of our choreographed pieces were to go go.3732.7700 
3003 3733.0929And one of my favorite ones was to Locket3734.7776 
3005 3735.3321by Northeast Groovers.3736.2727 
3007 3736.8483And it was-3737.3818 
3009 3737.5837there's a freedom- there was a freedom about go go that was just-3740.6372 
3011 3741.9428because it was percussion.3743.1572 
3013 3743.3731Go go ain't nothing but percussion and shout outs.3745.1561 
3015 3745.5141That's it.3745.8370 
3017 3746.1739Pure, true go go,3747.2689 
3019 3747.6831percussion and shout outs, nothing else.3749.2063 
3021 3749.5416There's a new go go that's- that's now, and the sound is different.3753.0654 
3023DCB_se2_ag3_m_013753.8937I can't quite bang with it, but3755.5783
3025 3755.8996you know, the old school,3757.6194 
3027 3758.0124that pocket beat,3759.1145 
3029 3759.4936and there's something that just, when you hear it,3761.1993 
3031 3761.7101it was so fresh. Just like-3763.4579 
3033 3764.1107and it was- It was DC. It was nobody else ha- you couldn't go anywhere and hear go go.3768.3208 
3035 3768.7700You couldn't go visit other places and have3771.3812 
3037DCB_se2_ag3_m_013771.9217a Chuck Brown. And you, when you heard his voice,3774.8472
3038 3775.2473it was something that was magic. He was like the Pied Piper,3778.0551
3040 3778.4131where you heard Chuck's voice or you heard the sound.3781.5772 
3042 3782.1669You know, and it was- it was great. I remember when it- it started,3784.8553 
3044 3785.2819the actual go gos took turn- took a turn for the worse. I remember watching this-3788.8618 
3046 3789.3812Channel Seven, ABC Seven did this report.3791.4660 
3048 3792.2295I had to have been in3793.2684 
3050 3794.0054middle-3794.6091 
3052 3795.0022middle school going into high school,3796.3569 
3054 3796.7360and they started doing this- this investigative report about the wild stuff happening at the go gos.3801.6199 
3056 3802.2727Like sexual assaults and-3803.7328 
3058 3804.1102and all these other thing- and I think that was when you started3806.0054 
3060 3806.5389seeing that there was a turn3808.1183 
3062 3808.3359um,3808.9185 
3064 3809.6539from it. But it- it-3810.6858 
3066 3811.1631it still to this day is iconic.3813.5708 
3068 3813.9358D- and I said r- it is iconic as Mumbo Sauce.3816.2506 
3070 3816.6717You can't- Those two things you will not find3819.8866 
3072 3820.7500[successfully] [duplicated] anywhere else. People will try3824.1528 
3073DCB_int_013820.8106[Nowhere else.]3821.4784
3075 3821.7873[Mm-mm.]3822.1102 
3076DCB_se2_ag3_m_013825.1005on both fronts,3826.1955
3078 3827.5276go go and Mumbo,3828.7138 
3080 3829.0999and fail,3829.6545 
3082 3829.8580epically fail,3830.7355 
3084 3831.2058because it's- it's- it's something in the-3832.9817 
3086 3833.9206that same energy I felt when I was in that school.3836.2090 
3088 3837.1215There was an energy that came with it that3838.9045 
3090 3839.3591you don't have it, you can't make it.3840.6156 
3091DCB_int_013841.2249What is- what is- okay. Let's go to mumbo sauce,3843.4406
3093 3843.6388cause I hear-3844.9838 
3095 3845.1396you know I am going to try to some3847.2178 
3097DCB_int_013847.6851at some point. I really am.3849.2991
3099DCB_int_013849.8158Um, I don't know when that's gonna be3851.7951
3102DCB_se2_ag3_m_013853.1754You were gonna ask me what it is?3854.4850
3104DCB_se2_ag3_m_013855.0513I don't know.3855.5468
3107 3857.8304[Alright.]3858.1772 
3108DCB_se2_ag3_m_013857.9649[It's ketchup]3858.4816
3109 3859.5718and something else.3860.2797
3110DCB_int_013860.7469Right it's like-3861.4619
3112 3861.7663I think I had have it but didn't know that's what I was having. It's like a sweet hot3865.3948 
3114 3865.5930[something.]3866.0138 
3116 3866.6336It's like go go.3867.4760
3118 3868.0919It's a little bit of everything,3869.1467 
3120 3870.0994and if you- you hear- if you ever like- like, youtube3872.6832 
3122 3873.0938interviews with Chuck Brown and you hear him talk about3875.4227 
3124 3875.9720what go go is and it's3877.5293 
3126 3877.6780salsa and merengue3879.1362 
3128 3879.5893and hip hop and pop and jazz3881.8333 
3130 3882.1277and big band.3883.1612 
3132 3884.1310And you had-3884.7398 
3134 3884.8672I mean you had young people walking around who didn't even realize that they were now3887.8404 
3136 3888.3259um,3888.9276 
3138 3889.4656you know, multi linguistic in music3891.3344 
3140 3891.4548cause they were listening3892.4317 
3142 3892.9201to all of these different things and exposed to all of these different-3897.0017 
3144 3897.3698and oh, you know, hey, hey that's go go! Nah, son, that's jazz.3900.5029 
3146 3900.9276And how much you know, the- the Latino culture influenced Chuck's3904.9838 
3148 3905.2953music.3905.7979 
3150DCB_se2_ag3_m_013906.4038[And] how much that3907.5293
3151 3907.6709was a part of that you- you know,3909.2991
3153 3910.1414exposed to all those different things.3911.6563 
3155 3911.9436So Mumbo Sauce is just like,3913.1754 
3157 3913.4444go go. It's a little of this,3914.6478 
3159 3915.0088and really good Mumbo? Nobody knows what- what's in it.3917.4864 
3161 3918.2622Could be cornstarch. It could be this, could be that.3920.4637 
3163 3921.0371But the perfect-3921.7379 
3165 3922.0848the perfect ones are the perfect mix3924.7365 
3167 3924.9772of a lot of different stuff.3926.0390 
3169 3926.6266where do you- where do you eat?3928.0777
3171 3928.2122Where, like-3929.0334 
3173 3929.3803where do you get3930.4462 
3175 3930.5737said mumbo sauce?3931.7983 
3176DCB_se2_ag3_m_013931.9045See I'd go to carry out,3933.1221
3178 3933.4477so now,3934.0353 
3180 3934.4529Hamilton's,3935.6351 
3182 3936.0286uh, down on fourteenth street,3937.6355 
3184 3938.3363uh, has now3939.6176 
3186 3940.0919delivered the district wing3941.7625 
3188 3942.2126with Mumbo S- And you know, Hamilton's real nice, refined3944.7611 
3190 3945.1221restaurant. I have not eaten this3946.7927 
3192 3946.9838yet, and there's a part of me that does not want to3949.1187 
3194 3949.7204because I think it's a cardinal sin.3951.4760 
3196 3952.0282Because unless you are getting it from an Asian3954.7719 
3198 3955.2462person,3955.8762 
3200 3956.3859which is odd because when it was first made, it was not made by Asians. It was made by African Americans cooking in3961.2391 
3202 3961.6426little small kitchens in- [in DC.]3964.1910 
3203DCB_int_013963.3274[Little hole in the walls.] Mm.3964.7502
3204DCB_se2_ag3_m_013964.7573And it still is. The best place to get it is little hole in the wall carry out.3967.6709
3206 3968.2868Can't get it from a clean place.3969.3557 
3208 3969.6884Terrible thing to say, but3970.8777 
3210 3971.7737[you know.]3972.2410 
3211DCB_int_013971.8658[But carry] out means something different, right?3973.4585
3212DCB_se2_ag3_m_013973.5789It does. I mean- I mean carry out's Chinese food, so3976.0211
3214 3976.5449[you gotta-]3977.0617 
3215DCB_int_013976.6794[But it's not] just Chinese food.3977.6705
3216DCB_se2_ag3_m_013977.7313It's not.3978.0852
3218 3978.2693So it's Chinese and American food.3979.8125 
3220DCB_se2_ag3_m_013980.6903[And it's-]3981.2283
3221DCB_int_013980.7044[And I can get] my steak and cheese. [I can get]3982.8706
3222DCB_se2_ag3_m_013982.2618[Oh yeah.]3982.8352
3223DCB_int_013983.2953fried [shrimp. I can]3984.7082
3224DCB_se2_ag3_m_013983.7171[Five wings and fries.]3984.8214
3226DCB_se2_ag3_m_013985.6851Ketchup, Mumbo Sauce, salt and pepper.3987.0725
3228 3987.3486All day.3987.8300 
3230 3988.5945And you gotta order it just like- it's like going to Philly and getting a cheese steak. You-3991.4798 
3232 3991.7771there's a way that Philadelphians order a cheese steak that lets you know that they're from there.3995.6422 
3233DCB_int_013996.2268Okay so how do I sound like3997.7912
3235 3998.0744authentic DC when I order me some mumbo [Sauce.]4000.7466 
3236DCB_se2_ag3_m_014000.5025[Five wings with fries.]4001.7059
3237DCB_int_014000.9191[I mean-.4001.2036
3239 4001.9224Five wings and [fries.]4003.2886 
3241 4003.4727Ketchup, mumbo Sauce, salt and pepper.4004.7327
3242DCB_int_014005.1858Ketchup, mumbo Sauce, salt and pepper.4006.8989
3244DCB_int_014007.9295But do I really need the ketchup if I'm'a got the mumbo sauce.4010.3788
3245DCB_se2_ag3_m_014010.2938On your french fries.4011.3628
3246DCB_int_014011.9149But see now- now, wait a minute now, cause I've seen the kids when I was at Clubhouse Two.4015.6143
3248DCB_int_014015.9045[This is] when I first started working so I had no clue-4018.1627
3249 4018.3397cause in college I didn't know about mumbo [Sauce.]4019.9137
3251DCB_int_014020.2011I knew a little bit about go go, couldn't stand it.4022.3527
3253DCB_int_014024.6087So I- every day, there w- it was this little4026.5029
3255 4026.6798joint like,4027.2249 
3257 4027.3665down the street.4028.2160 
3259DCB_int_014029.4831And, I can't remember what-4031.8899
3261 4032.0711something it was called, but they would go4033.7771 
3263 4034.1452before they came to the Club,4035.6884 
3265 4036.1273and they would go4036.8493 
3267 4037.1042get they chicken wings and mumbo sauce [for they french] fries. But they put it in everything.4041.0796 
3269 4041.1079Mm-hm.4041.4477
3271 4042.0565And I think- I mean- it-4042.8564 
3273 4043.2741of course, like it- with anything, there's always going to be variations. I know people who get it w- five wings and fried rice.4048.0913 
3275 4049.2882And they'll get mumbo sauce on the fried rice. I'm not quite with that game.4052.1381 
3277 4052.8035Um,4053.4548 
3279 4054.6653but4054.9626 
3281 4055.2953mumbo sauce had to be in the picture.4056.9134 
3283 4057.1824There was a place- it's no longer open. It's called Houng Pho4059.9149 
3285 4060.9484right near the DC4062.8781 
3287 4063.0975Eastern Avenue4064.2018 
3289 4064.4637border. PG DC border.4065.9786 
3291 4066.5803The best-4067.8616 
3293 4068.2693Houng Pho was open when I was in elementary school.4070.0602 
3294DCB_int_014070.4637At [/RD-SCHOOL-2/.]4071.1008
3295DCB_se2_ag3_m_014070.7964[The-] at /RD-SCHOOL-2/. Yeah.4072.2122
3296 4072.4104Right next to4073.7979
3298 4074.0711[uh-]4074.6835 
3299DCB_int_014074.4250[Was that] the golden years of your life?4075.7063
3300DCB_se2_ag3_m_014075.8337It was. [I mean] those were good years.4078.1556
3302DCB_se2_ag3_m_014078.6794Those were- I mean, good years for so many reasons cause it-4080.7506
3304 4081.8903it was family- it's- every- it was like family reunion every day.4085.4864 
3306DCB_se2_ag3_m_014086.1914Like [black family reunion.]4087.5440
3307DCB_int_014086.4887[Everything you can remember] that was good in your life happened4088.8318
3308 4088.9663while you were at [/RD-SCHOOL-2/.]4090.1768
3310DCB_int_014090.3963Not to say other things weren't [good, but that- those were] golden years [for you.]4093.6638
3311DCB_se2_ag3_m_014091.3348[No, no, no, but it was-]4092.5029
3313 4093.2037[Those are-] Those eight years are years I will never-4095.9811 
3314 4096.7715I mean simple things. I can remember when we used to take spelling tests4100.1027
3315DCB_int_014100.7894Loved it.4101.3628
3316DCB_se2_ag3_m_014101.4406on the half a sheet of paper,4103.0829
3318 4103.4935and it wasn't a p- now, the teacher didn't have to tear it,4106.3576 
3320 4106.8248she ordered it from a magical paper store that sent4110.0528 
3322 4110.2976half sheets of paper.4111.7417 
3324DCB_se2_ag3_m_014112.6195And it was something special about spelling day when you got this half sheet of paper,4116.9134
3326 4117.3169and you had to number it one to ten4119.3557 
3328 4120.1273and spell these ten words right.4121.6280 
3330 4121.8304They're- they're- they're visuals. They're photographs in my mind [I have]4126.1273 
3331DCB_int_014125.4052[Kids know nothing] [about this.]4127.1183
3332DCB_se2_ag3_m_014126.6299[of the school.]4127.2528
3333 4127.3449Nothing.4128.0598
3335DCB_se2_ag3_m_014128.6374[I remember] the open space, and the- the- the bulletin board and the chalk board that was the divider.4134.7011
3337DCB_se2_ag3_m_014134.9984[And there] was another class on side of- of the chalk board but you would never know4138.0919
3338 4138.3397cause you- you were so engrossed in what your teacher was doing.4141.0975
3340 4141.8266It was right there.4142.5628 
3342 4142.8318I remember /RD-NAME-4/4144.3043 
3344 4145.0475who was the- I don't even know what Miss /RD-NAME-2/'s title was,4147.8408 
3346 4148.5487but she was like the everything. You would have thought she was assistant principal. She was never that. She's like the program coordinator.4154.0602 
3348 4154.3363Miss /RD-NAME-2/ had taught,4155.6672 
3350 4155.9999but by the time I got4157.2528 
3352 4157.9861there, she was no longer a teacher. She was this administrator.4160.5982 
3354 4161.3061Um,4161.8724 
3356 4163.2812next to Miss /RD-NAME-2/, Miss /RD-NAME-2/ was /RD-SCHOOL-2/.4165.3594 
3358 4166.5204You had Mr. /RD-NAME-2/. You had /RD-NAME-5/. You had /RD-NAME-4/.4170.2834 
3360 4170.9418Uh, you had /RD-NAME-3/,4172.5487 
3362 4172.7681the librarian.4173.6884 
3364 4174.5095[Um-]4175.1467 
3365DCB_int_014174.5095[I knew the li- I]4175.3490
3366 4175.5543I was [wondering when the librarian was gonna] come in because4177.7771
3367DCB_se2_ag3_m_014175.8333[Oh yeah, she was right there.]4176.8781
3368DCB_int_014178.0178you can't have a good school4179.8087
3369DCB_se2_ag3_m_014179.8866Without [a librarian.]4180.9895
3370DCB_int_014180.1344[without a good librarian.]4181.2033
3371DCB_se2_ag3_m_014181.2741/RD-NAME-3/. /RD-NAME-4/. And for some rea- You remember these people middle names. That's how you knew-4186.0191
3373 4186.3680it was /RD-NAME-5/,4188.1519 
3375DCB_se2_ag3_m_014188.7648/RD-NAME-4/. [U- You] remember.4191.0584
3377DCB_se2_ag3_m_014191.5256You remember these people's4192.9149
3379 4193.1246um,4193.5750 
3381 4194.2976names. But /RD-SCHOOL-4/ had a- a friend,4196.7171 
3383 4197.7811and this was back in the day, where, you know, corporal punishment wasn't in the picture.4201.7262 
3385 4202.7249Her- her friend was called /RD-NAME-2/.4204.6508 
3387 4206.6312/RD-NAME-2/ was4207.3146 
3389 4207.4621about three yard sticks taped together.4209.8354 
3391 4211.3575And /RD-NAME-4/ would walk into the cafeteria.4213.9871 
3393 4214.8181She asked you be quiet,4216.1228 
3395 4217.4663and you didn't, /RD-NAME-2/ (whispered)4219.0893 
3397 4219.3845wham!4219.8970 
3399 4220.4375On the table.4221.0355 
3401 4221.6180I tell you you hear a pin drop, and I mean you can- I can- to to this day I can hear,4225.1282 
3403 4225.6687I told you be quiet!4226.5696 
3405 4227.2996/RD-NAME-2/ had a word where you knew she was cussing, but she couldn't cuss cause- so she didn't say a cuss word.4231.7029 
3406DCB_int_014231.7805So [she wasn't like the other lady.]4232.9579
3407DCB_se2_ag3_m_014232.0393[But she said, blame it.]4233.1831
3408 4233.8044And you knew she was really saying the other [word],4235.9711
3410DCB_se2_ag3_m_014236.3361but she said, blame it!4237.4311
3412 4237.7386And I can hear her4238.8647 
3414 4239.2219now4239.7345 
3416 4240.2237saying it.4240.7363 
3418 4241.3498But as much as she did that,4242.6700 
3420 4243.2447Miss /RD-NAME-2/ can say blame it4244.7948 
3422 4245.3306and be good.4245.9830 
3423DCB_int_014245.9674But Miss [what's name-]4247.1556
3424DCB_se2_ag3_m_014246.6353[Oh, Miss /RD-NAME-1/?4247.4585
3425 4247.6216[No,] Miss /RD-NAME-1/ cursed at-4249.3379
3426DCB_int_014247.6216[Miss /RD-NAME-1/.]4248.1730
3429 4250.5152us.4251.0899 
3431 4252.7363There was a pride built into /RD-SCHOOL-2/ students so strong,4255.5864 
3433 4256.0027it was almost a how4257.5170 
3435 4257.9286dare you?4258.6819 
3437DCB_se2_ag3_m_014259.1090[Do you] know who we are?4260.3749
3439DCB_se2_ag3_m_014261.5864We are the /RD-SCHOOL-2/ Eagles,4263.0666
3441 4263.5248and you have [lost your mind. You cursed] at us. You got to go.4266.2988 
3443 4267.1748And she went.4267.7495
3444DCB_se2_ag3_m_014267.7029She went.4268.1766
3445DCB_int_014268.4298Very quickly.4269.0200
3446DCB_se2_ag3_m_014269.4549But I- I mean just- those were- those were4271.7769
3448 4272.6467special y- <laugh>4273.6563 
3450 4274.0958I- I don't know why I remember this. My mom-4276.1383 
3452 4276.2470And I mean the parents were there. The-4278.1419 
3454 4279.0505They would have- when Mr. /RD-NAME-2/ left, they had a going away for him,4281.9441 
3456 4282.4179and I remember my mom bringing a rum cake4284.7787 
3458 4285.6640to school. And I thought it was the funniest thing cause she had=4287.9907 
3460 4288.4878rum cake, and I mean4289.8934 
3462 4290.1807this is one of them cakes where you- you spoon the rum over the cake three days- [once] a day for three [days.]4294.6431 
3465 4294.2815[<laugh>.]4294.6415 
3466DCB_se2_ag3_m_014295.1168And so when you take this top off this cake,4297.0738
3468 4298.4375okay, cool.4299.5791 
3470 4299.8044And of course no children ate the cake. It was for the staff and the- and the parents,4303.4311 
3472 4304.1813but I mean just- there were moments4306.1072 
3474 4306.8139that4307.3265 
3476 4308.5768only could happen in a family4310.3892 
3478DCB_se2_ag3_m_014310.5618in a [community] environment.4312.2004
3479 4312.7673The even-4313.7303
3481 4314.7166I remember falling asleep. I remember I have horrible allergies.4318.1305 
3483 4318.8139I mean bad,4320.0642 
3485 4320.5302and one day it was so bad Miss /RD-NAME-2/ felt so bad for me.4323.8820 
3487 4324.6508Teachers and parents are- they not supposed to give no medicine to the children.4327.7339 
3489 4328.4997But because that's Miss /RD-NAME-2/ and she knows, and she knows Miss /RD-NAME-2/ was around the corner4332.4059 
3491 4333.1515Was it fine? Yup. They gave me Tylenol Allergy. I'll never forget.4336.5654 
3493 4336.7440I slept six hours4338.3438 
3495 4338.9418on the green leather sticky stinky [sofa]4342.6974 
3497DCB_se2_ag3_m_014343.0857in the main office.4344.1652
3499 4344.3749And this one of them sofas with the wooden bench but the green4347.2141 
3501 4347.7578cushion that they had tied with [twine to the bench.]4351.0505 
3503DCB_se2_ag3_m_014351.9017And slept on there for six hours.4353.3539
3505 4353.4704Tylenol knocked me out completely,4355.1556 
3507 4355.2721and that- /to this/ day I have never used Tylenol Allergy cause I was- I don't never wanna sleep like that, that hard.4359.8820 
3509 4360.5965But there were just- there were m- I mean, I could go on- there are pictures4363.4311 
3510DCB_int_014364.0328/In just-/4364.3384
3511DCB_se2_ag3_m_014364.5307[in my] head4365.3384
3513DCB_se2_ag3_m_014365.8820um, of those moments that4367.6915
3515 4368.3593again were validating4369.7262 
3517 4370.5385and let you know that4371.6257 
3519 4372.6897you were special and somebody cared and your life meant something and4376.5230 
3521 4377.6413you know.4378.0373 
3523 4378.5887[I try] to use that.4379.4430 
3524DCB_int_014378.6115[If you-]4378.8113
3525 4379.5672if you could leave- that's what I was just gonna ask you- if you could leave,4382.1424
3527 4382.9113a piece of advice,4384.0839 
3529 4384.8450and you do this on a daily basis, but if we could sum it up, put a bow on it, you could have a piece of advice4389.9364 
3531 4390.4412to the young people, to the old peo- to whomever,4393.8582 
3533 4394.3211like in today's time, thinking about all your journey and everything that's4399.1359 
3535 4399.7386up to this point. What would that piece of advice be?4401.9441 
3536DCB_se2_ag3_m_014402.1538Create moments that matter.4403.6915
3538 4405.1981At the end of the day that's all we have.4406.7171 
3540 4408.5266We have moments that matter.4409.6526 
3542 4410.7476Moments that made you better.4412.4841 
3544 4413.5092Moments that helped you forgive.4415.6138 
3548 4417.9172moments that4418.9967 
3550 4420.0063made you laugh. Like that4421.5750 
3552 4421.9400gut4422.4370 
3554 4422.6389wrenching4423.2757 
3556 4423.7184side hurting, tears down your [face], laugh,4427.2566 
3558DCB_se2_ag3_m_014427.9167that twenty years later you can think about it and still laugh just as hard.4431.5636
3560 4432.3091Um,4432.7673 
3562 4433.1634create moments that matter4434.3438 
3564 4434.8564with people that you love, with4436.5929 
3566 4437.2530somebody that doesn't have what you4438.6664 
3568 4438.9848have.4439.4197 
3569DCB_int_014440.3516I remember-4441.2291
3571 4442.6472And it's so funny you talk about create moments that matter.4445.0003 
3573 4445.3808Every time I wear this shirt,4446.6700 
3575 4447.2447I always- when I'm traveling I try to wear it.4449.1598 
3577 4449.7189I- I'm very intentional4451.1556 
3579DCB_int_014451.8235like, when I wear it.4452.7321
3581 4453.7231But I remember one of the things4455.6413 
3583 4456.3946was just seeing4457.5828 
3585 4457.7924The Arc4458.6778 
3587 4459.9716filled with kids and people on a Saturday,4463.2644 
3589 4463.8779and I remember4465.0893 
3591 4466.0958the slide show.4467.2141 
3593DCB_int_014468.5033That thing touched me in a place that I can't even really talk about.4471.4311
3597 4473.1442I can't talk about what that meant and how that felt. I just felt-4476.6778 
3599 4477.0661I felt hurt4478.3892 
3601 4478.7792but I felt reverent- like I need to just-4480.7829 
3603 4481.4818This is a moment of reverence. Like I need to just realize4484.8258 
3605 4485.0278the struggle that we've had,4486.8217 
3607DCB_int_014487.5439um, and how much we've overcome.4489.5009