LineSpeakerSt TimeContentEn Time
1PRV_se0_ag1_f_010.4860[It's hot-]1.3475
2PRV_int_010.4860[It's cold]1.3949
3 1.5984and [then next day it's hot and] stuffy.3.3687
4PRV_se0_ag1_f_011.6789[the next day it's like- like]3.0610
5 3.6981And then the next day it's like warm, [and then next] day it's6.1121
9 7.5085And then now- I- I thought that was Michigan. I come down here and it was snowing last week. Now it's eighty [degrees.]13.3854
11 13.7925Exactly.14.4883
12PRV_int_0114.4504I was just-14.9123
13PRV_se0_ag1_f_0114.8460And w- it- it's- it's- You have to get used [to it. I'm] [used to it.]18.5760
16 18.1026[It's like that]18.8174 
17 18.9973[down here?]19.6173
20PRV_se0_ag1_f_0120.7088I'm nineteen years old and- and a guy I know, just like, when it winter time, some days it's cold.25.3191
22 25.8303Somedays it's really cold. And the next day might be like,27.5586 
24 27.8117sixty degrees. Like, okay.29.1228 
26 29.4731Should I-29.9512 
28 30.2257Or it's seventy degree- Should I take my coat off or should I keep it on?32.5735 
30 32.9190Because it's still33.7123 
32PRV_se0_ag1_f_0134.2424December. [You know? You] don't-35.8328
33PRV_int_0134.9576[/Is that-/]35.4542
34PRV_se0_ag1_f_0135.9417You don't know.36.9215
36PRV_se0_ag1_f_0137.4564It's all- And people- and like older people, they always catch me /whining/ and everything [and like]41.6388
38PRV_se0_ag1_f_0141.8234we have- we had a whole lot of /deaths/ because-43.9439
40 44.8528<sigh> you just have to-46.1951 
42 46.9429your body just have to get /??/ to it. It- it's horrible, but49.2387 
44 49.4185I'm used to it.50.0197 
46 50.3889I'm [used to it.]51.1652 
47PRV_int_0150.5309[It's like there's] no spring.51.9915
49PRV_int_0152.9808There's no spring. It goes [from]54.2636
51PRV_int_0154.5429ice cold55.3570
53 55.6789to [hot], and [there's] no57.1604 
56 56.5810[Uh-huh.]56.9028 
57PRV_int_0157.3809in [/between/.]58.0152
58PRV_se0_ag1_f_0157.4993[Cause last] week it was ridiculous it was [so hot.] We was like- in my dorm room, I was like,61.1629
60PRV_se0_ag1_f_0161.7451okay. I got air conditioning. When I go in my friend's room I'm like,64.3844
62PRV_se0_ag1_f_0165.5311last I looked on the calendar, it said67.1061
64 67.5037March68.2090 
68 69.8164May.70.2850 
70PRV_se0_ag1_f_0171.0566And when May get here, no, when Ap- No, when- end of March?73.8209
71PRV_int_0175.1300[Cause everybody told me this] was like,77.1418
72PRV_se0_ag1_f_0175.2626[So it's gonna be on fire.]76.6021
73PRV_int_0177.5110not as cold as it normally is.79.2765
75PRV_int_0180.0291[Cause like] they was- they were like, well, when- when it- when it warms,83.0593
76 83.3311they're like, usually it's84.0790
78 84.4482not this cold in about February [/?/.]85.9985 
80PRV_int_0186.5904It's snowing and it's March.87.9537
81PRV_se0_ag1_f_0187.8590It's March. Just weird.89.1986
82 89.6624But it's- it's normal.90.8174
84 90.9073It's-91.1345 
85PRV_int_0191.0730Now you go to school, you [/said/]?92.3794
86PRV_se0_ag1_f_0192.2327[I go] to sch- I go to /RD-SCHOOL-2/. It's right down the street from UNC-G.95.1181
87PRV_int_0195.3595Oh, okay.95.8616
88PRV_se0_ag1_f_0195.7855Directly down the street, [walking distance], [so.]97.8493
91 97.6836[Mkay.] What are you taking there?98.9416 
94PRV_se0_ag1_f_01100.6873I'm a Psych major, so.101.9464
95PRV_int_01102.0269Is this your first year then?103.0588
96PRV_se0_ag1_f_01103.0683Yeah, my first year.104.3842
98 104.4741[First year.]104.9948 
99PRV_int_01104.4978[Now did you go] to high school?105.9773
100PRV_se0_ag1_f_01106.2850I graduated from /RD-SCHOOL-2/ High [School.]107.7950
102PRV_se0_ag1_f_01108.0648I graduated from /RD-SCHOOL-2/ High School, [so.]109.6836
106 110.2374Even though I moved, I coulda went to um-112.1099 
108 112.3797Matter of fact,113.0092 
110 113.1560um,113.5299 
112 113.7145their brother,114.4103 
114PRV_se0_ag1_f_01114.7464he's their head principal at North Edgecombe High [School],116.9001
115PRV_int_01116.5735[Yeah], yeah.117.1983
116PRV_se0_ag1_f_01117.5040that's our rival school. I coulda went there but uh,119.5772
118 119.7618I was like, no. I'm used to being here. I'm used to people in Princeville.123.3288 
120PRV_se0_ag1_f_01123.7359We all grew up together, so124.9098
121 125.1749I went- I went- I stayed, and I- My mom said, well you better get your license,128.0386
123PRV_se0_ag1_f_01128.4078you know you gotta drive far so I got my license and I drove back and forth everyday to [school], so.132.5002
125 132.6612[So you s-]133.1251
126PRV_se0_ag1_f_01132.6943[It was good.]133.2765
127PRV_int_01133.4564So you said you-134.2800
129 134.5735this- cause we said this off the tape- you- you136.9193 
131 137.3406were born in Princeville, [lived there til] you were thirteen, [then] y'all moved twenty miles away [to /where/]? Battleboro?142.4743 
134 139.4327[Uh-huh.]139.9061 
136 141.1158[Uh-huh.]141.5541 
138 142.0483To Battleboro, North Carolina [in um-]143.5015 
139PRV_int_01143.1607[So you decided] to go to high school here [cause of all your friends] [/inaudible/.]146.3226
140PRV_se0_ag1_f_01144.4718[I still-]145.0683
142 145.5227[Yes, and146.2990 
144PRV_se0_ag1_f_01146.7987At times I was like, oh my Lord I'm tired of driving, but149.7997
146 150.3724I couldn't see myself going there because152.0812 
148 153.0752my mom- And then like, every evening- I think I /inaudible/156.3582 
150 156.9878maybe six or seventh grade I think or-158.9325 
152 159.0374Sixth or seventh grade, one of the-160.1619 
154 160.5169my mother, she still got up every morning and um,162.7180 
156 163.0304brought me to my grandmother house164.3368 
158 164.6445so I could catch the bus [in] Princeville still166.9950 
160 167.1702Mm.167.4636
161PRV_se0_ag1_f_01167.3358to go to um,168.1594
162 168.3298/RD-SCHOOL-4/, that was the middle school [here]170.0954
163PRV_int_01169.8979[Oh], okay.170.4836
164PRV_se0_ag1_f_01170.4457and /RD-SCHOOL-3/ too.171.5513
165PRV_int_01171.7643[Mm-hm.] Kay.172.3418
168 172.2187/RD-SCHOOL-3/172.8246 
169 173.2506my ninth and tenth grade year was kind of okay cause I would go to a friend house176.1759
171 176.2848to catch the bus to go there.177.3640 
173 177.6981But177.9584 
175 178.9193after179.3311 
177 179.7429half semester of tenth through twelfth I drove myself182.2611 
179 182.4220[from] there, so from Battleboro so.184.0957 
182 184.0625Oh, okay.184.7205 
183PRV_se0_ag1_f_01184.6021It wasn't a problem or anything.185.9977
185 187.1440So you graduated188.0575
187 188.2564just188.6918 
189 189.1537uh, what?189.6649 
193PRV_int_01191.0471Oh, [congratulations.]192.5002
194PRV_se0_ag1_f_01191.9464[Just] May, [so.]193.5416
196 194.4268So this is your first year away.195.9537
197PRV_se0_ag1_f_01195.9631Yes. Yes- [It's alright.] I'm glad to be away though. I am. I'm glad to be away. [Um,]200.4126
198PRV_int_01196.9477[/You miss-/]197.3453
200 200.0859[/Yeah./]200.4268 
201PRV_se0_ag1_f_01201.2626but like,201.7691
203 201.9489d-202.1572 
205 202.3560now honestly, temperature-wise,204.1074 
207 204.9026well Greensboro is worse.206.3747 
209PRV_se0_ag1_f_01207.1395Yes because-207.9442
211 208.6637Okay, back east, you know we got the coast, you know, we kind of211.3523 
213 211.6599closer to the coast around here [you know, but] um,213.7454 
215PRV_se0_ag1_f_01214.3371Greensboro be closer to the mountain. It's like, when it snows217.4469
217 217.8114it snows. [Like]219.0705 
218PRV_int_01218.4741[/Mm, yeah./]219.0468
219PRV_se0_ag1_f_01219.9489it was- it was on some freaky stuff, and [you have people that's] from New York and223.6505
221PRV_se0_ag1_f_01223.7830they used to just snow.224.7676
223PRV_se0_ag1_f_01225.5797Oh no, I said, no we have- we have ice.228.2068
225PRV_se0_ag1_f_01228.7322We have ice, not snow. [They was like], no. Cause they can't understand like how232.4791
227PRV_se0_ag1_f_01232.7063when it snow,233.6104
229PRV_se0_ag1_f_01234.2920we shut everything down in North [Carolina.]235.9203
230PRV_int_01235.4706[That doesn't] make any [sense.]236.7108
231PRV_se0_ag1_f_01236.4788[<laugh>] They- they- this city girl, she was like,238.8435
232 239.1465what is the problem? She was like,240.3914
234 240.8979when it snow y'all shut everything down. She was like, it is not that serious. I said, yes it is for us. We're not used to no snow.246.3251 
236 246.5713We shut246.9594 
238 247.1251every- She said,247.9061 
240 248.1333oh no, honey. We would truck- She said, only way we get out of school was a blizzard.251.1134 
242PRV_se0_ag1_f_01251.5015If it's not a blizzard,252.3582
243 252.4908we're trekking through the snow. I was like,253.7830
245 253.9203North Carolina?254.6587 
247 254.8291Oh no, honey.255.5000 
249PRV_se0_ag1_f_01255.6507[<laugh>] /Baby/ we shutting everything [down.]257.4116
252PRV_int_01257.9890[Now what's] that about?259.1819
253 259.7499[<laugh>]260.5972
254PRV_se0_ag1_f_01260.2516[I think] I- Honestly I believe because we're not used to snow.263.1086
256PRV_se0_ag1_f_01263.4258It's just no something that just really265.1061
257 265.4753like,265.7309
259 266.0717I mean we always- we got snow but it's not like a lot. Like,268.6305 
261PRV_se0_ag1_f_01268.8956[woo], snow, you know?270.2990
264PRV_int_01270.9482[It's] not enough to271.7073
265 271.8398play [in it. Just enough] to shut [everything down.]273.6981
268 273.0732[We can slide] a little bit, [but it's not enough] to be like, oh my god. Like,276.7843 
272 277.8019like the girl she was saying, like, she- like, snow be right here honey. We gotta crawl over there, [do whatever] we gotta do, put on our hiking boots and go to class. I'm like,283.8067 
274PRV_se0_ag1_f_01284.4552oh no, we don't play that.286.1166
276 286.4885We would shut the whole287.4731 
278 287.7618city- whole town- state down [for a] month. I mean but it's good.291.8306 
280 292.2613You do make a good point though cause down here it doesn't snow [because]295.9723
282PRV_int_01296.1617It's in between297.3146
284PRV_int_01297.7927being warm and cold [so when the rain] comes down it freezes.300.3866
286 300.4576Uh-huh. [See] that's what we mostly get. [We s-]302.3794
289 302.1428[It's] ice. [It's not snow.]303.7880 
290PRV_se0_ag1_f_01302.7419[When we get snow- when we] get snow we are so happy.304.9808
292PRV_se0_ag1_f_01305.3737[Like] um,306.0884
293 306.5476everybody be like- cause like when it snow at school I'm still like,309.6176
295 310.0010we always311.0140 
297 311.4682be like, we gotta go to the grocery. We gotta get some groceries. I'm like,313.2813 
299 313.6694the girl- She's from Jersey- [She was like,]315.4945 
301PRV_se0_ag1_f_01316.7347why- why are we- she said, why can I- why did I go to Walmart?319.4706
303 319.7877Why did I go to the grocery store and it was so packed? Like, what's going on?322.7015 
305 323.0708I said, it's gonna snow. She was like,324.5050 
307 324.7985and? I was like,325.6694 
309 326.2942you wouldn't know nothing about this so don't even worry about it.328.6641 
311 329.2364But it's just- it's just how it is here. We do that.332.1948 
313 332.3558We're not used to snow at333.5000 
315 333.7454all, [but-]334.6873 
316PRV_int_01334.4081[I go to] the grocery store and there's no water [there.]337.0541
317PRV_se0_ag1_f_01336.6233[No. No] bread. She was like, I ain't get no bread. I was like, <laugh> but I [did.]339.8143
319PRV_se0_ag1_f_01340.2566I knew in advance, go to the grocery store-341.9370
321PRV_se0_ag1_f_01342.6233it's- it's just- uh-343.5085
323 343.8019I'm like, um,344.4788 
325 344.9880think it was September when hurricane- I can't- ha- hurricane- I can't remember which one it was, but it was just this year350.1096 
327PRV_se0_ag1_f_01350.9522and um,351.3951
329 351.5797it's a girl um, she's from Buffalo, New York.353.9890 
331PRV_se0_ag1_f_01355.2103And uh, she was like,355.8351
333 356.1144Oh my God,356.8386 
335 357.1348what is going on?357.8685 
337 358.0483I'm so scared! What is-359.0234 
339 359.2648ha- What is a hur-360.3251 
341 360.5807Why is the wind-361.1961 
343 361.3049Why is the building- wh- why is it shaking? I'm like,363.2314 
345 363.6413calm down. We calm on the f- hurricane? We were like-366.2920 
347PRV_se0_ag1_f_01366.9594people from North Carolina, they was like,368.0291
349 368.4504what's wrong with her? [And like the] girl's like,369.9773 
351PRV_se0_ag1_f_01370.3276she was like, y'all ain't stressing about um-372.4624
352misc372.7795Oh I thought Gail was in. I was saying goodbye.374.9071
354PRV_se0_ag1_f_01375.9016She was like,376.4574
356 376.8719now y'all stressing about snow but when the hurricane come y'all s- she said, y'all too calm.380.3463 
358PRV_se0_ag1_f_01380.8102[And then this is the girl from] DC- Jersey. She was like, uh-huh. She was like, I got to go home. I'm like,384.9357
360PRV_se0_ag1_f_01385.3475it's nothing.386.1806
361 386.4836We sit there, let the wind blow- it's gonna blow down everything.389.7003
363 390.1642We're used to it. But when in a snow storm, it's quite different. So it's like,393.1794 
365PRV_se0_ag1_f_01393.7549It's just one of them things.394.6069
368 395.5394[crazy.]396.0080 
369PRV_se0_ag1_f_01395.6624[We deal with] hurricanes. Y'all deal with snows.397.6599
370 398.0528[And we deal with ice] too. Y'all deal with snow.400.1619
373 400.0815Exactly. Cause I tripped out with the hurricane. I was like,402.7085 
374 403.3854[/I'm-/]403.7073
376 403.9960[They was going off. They was like,]405.4283
377PRV_int_01404.0623[/inaudible/ yeah.]405.3734
378PRV_se0_ag1_f_01405.7028oh my God.406.2329
380 406.4459Like,406.6116 
382 406.7939do we supposed to go407.5204 
384 407.7476in a- in a corner?408.6849 
386 408.9121Or a lake- I'm like, it's not a tornado. It's a hurricane. You know?412.2566 
388 412.5217She was like, d- do you we have another shelter place to go to?414.7701 
390 415.0067A tight building- I'm like,416.2185 
392 416.3510just sit and be still and be calm and418.4838 
394 418.7536it'll pass, but419.6104 
395PRV_int_01419.9133You /?/.420.3109
396PRV_se0_ag1_f_01420.2020you /??/ <laugh> /??/.422.9853
397 423.3998We was dying laughing like,424.8104
399 425.9559okay. Is- is this- are they really serious? [But]428.2327 
402 428.7581it was like- it's al- we d- we can deal with hurricanes.430.9856
403PRV_int_01430.9950You been in a lot of hurricanes?432.2304
406PRV_se0_ag1_f_01433.6768Yes, like,434.8865
407 435.4309it's-435.7480
408PRV_int_01436.1929[What's the] worst one?437.0260
410 437.2111Um,437.8312
412 438.4371<ts> besides Floyd.439.5116 
414PRV_se0_ag1_f_01440.0512But you know what's funny? Floyd was not so bad, but442.7378
416 443.4762when the water came,444.5838 
418PRV_se0_ag1_f_01445.0761like, it was like, you know the dam gonna break.446.5718
420 446.9363And [you know], evacuate, but it- it- it- it was- th- and then I was like, okay, but it wont- I seen worse hurricanes451.9376 
422 452.7328and we didn't have a flood.453.9386 
426 454.8182um,455.3200 
428 455.7696Evan something like,456.7637 
430 458.2168<ts>458.3257 
432 459.2156a tree'll fall down,460.5058 
434PRV_se0_ag1_f_01461.2490you b- hear it, be like, what's that noise? Like, something falling?463.3980
436 463.7151And you walk outside, it'll fall465.4333 
438 465.6775right beside your house but it don't touch your house.467.3957 
440PRV_se0_ag1_f_01468.1152Things like that. Like, oh my God. /They wanna put/ God to help their tree not to fall slam on the house, you [know?]473.1022
442PRV_se0_ag1_f_01473.6844And it's just like, um,474.7589
444 475.5542people that die from476.5718 
446 476.9695things falling on top of the houses, [you know,]479.1022 
448PRV_se0_ag1_f_01479.4336people getting trapped under stuff, you know? It's just a lot of things, but483.0263
450 483.3055besides the flood it was totally different.485.4004 
452 485.5472It was a totally different thing. I did not-487.9802 
453PRV_int_01488.1127What was that like?488.7730
456 490.3260well, what we do most of the time if a hurricane come, we always go to my grandmother house because493.8240 
458 494.1884my grandmother and granddaddy, they are old, so you know, it-496.2786 
460 496.4490They used to it, but still, you know, anything would happen we would rather be there with them if something happened, you know.500.4819 
462 501.0073[And I'm- uh-]501.9662 
464PRV_se0_ag1_f_01502.2171And um,502.7472
466 503.4525like the day-504.2430 
468 504.4323the day- Let's see. I think the day afterwards um,507.1351 
470 508.0751/brown/508.6431 
472 509.0076around her house um,510.7353 
474 511.1471it was already water.512.2358 
476PRV_se0_ag1_f_01512.7470You know, it was like,513.4617
478 514.7898when did- when the water started flowing about in Princeville?518.1364 
480PRV_se0_ag1_f_01518.6334Because it's not- it's not-519.6775
482 520.2597we're not in a flood zone.521.3815 
484PRV_se0_ag1_f_01521.9779You know, and I was like, mkay. You know? So524.1269
486 524.4298everybody outside525.3245 
488 525.6585walking over puddles of water like-527.1022 
490 527.4525I mean like,527.9685 
492 529.5116back in the back part of Princeville, like,531.0499 
494 531.3339some people houses were like- the road- road here, road on ground,534.3329 
496 534.6453and the water was like this. I was like,535.8145 
498 536.3730why is water standing up that high?537.9386 
500PRV_se0_ag1_f_01538.9597/Unintelligible/ and the next day then like,540.6567
502 540.8745towards the night time um,542.3418 
504 542.9051my um, uncle's wife, she's very close friend of um,546.1361 
506 546.5573our mayor's um, step daughter.548.6069 
508PRV_se0_ag1_f_01549.1134And um, she called us- she was like, if I call you back in like three or four hours and tell you to-552.9833
510 553.3809she said,553.9064 
512 555.1087we think that the-555.8376 
514 555.9891that the dam's gonna burst, you know. We do- they trying- they go down there- they have people volunteering in Princeville,560.5312 
516PRV_se0_ag1_f_01560.9288going down there packing up um,562.5902
517 563.1799<ts> like sand bags564.4011
519PRV_se0_ag1_f_01564.7041to try to565.1064
520 565.2484keep the water in, and um,566.6211
522 566.9335she's like, if I call you back,568.1642 
524 568.5097you know, you know you need to evacuate. You need to just get out of there.571.0030 
526PRV_se0_ag1_f_01571.3809And like,571.6981
527 572.1762she called me back like,573.0613
529 573.2554twelve or one o'clock, and she was like,574.6754 
531 575.1515you gotta go. And when she called,576.5857 
533 576.8508that's when the fire department came around like,578.6211 
535 578.8720had on the intercom, evacuate, evac- pack up, pack up, leave, leave.581.6958 
537 581.9846And by the time we got up, um, we was going down the road, and um,584.8909 
539 585.3785it was a big open field586.9263 
541 587.4734and way way up back over there is the Tar River, you know,590.1620 
543 590.7536and um, we started looking. We was like-592.3914 
545 593.3408My grandmother stops. She was- I was like, whatchu stopping for? She was like,595.7028 
547 595.9916you see that water rush across there? I was like, you- we're gonna have to go through this water because599.2000 
549 599.4923I am not getting trapped. You know, and I was like, grandma if you don't wanna do it, I will drive this-602.7394 
551 602.8956this car603.3737 
553 603.6341across604.1642 
555 604.6470this water, you [know? And um],606.1361 
557PRV_se0_ag1_f_01606.3917the reason why we didn't know it was so bad- the- I mean the-608.1383
559 608.4176the water was flowing so- like it was a river, just like a little-610.9026 
561 611.3172like a little river just flowing across there. [And uh], we saw a man going across there on his bicycle, so we was like,615.3122 
563PRV_se0_ag1_f_01615.8802it ain't that deep [but]616.8979
565PRV_se0_ag1_f_01617.7810long as it don't- long as the current don't pick the car up, we're good. So my grandma she went across there. <sound effect>622.1879
567 622.5050And like, people kept going across there so it was like a pathway so625.2200 
569 625.4945it wouldn't be so bad and um,627.0850 
571 627.8041we got to um-628.8790 
573 629.1894They told us to go to uh, my high school I graduated from, /RD-SCHOOL-4/.632.2756 
575 632.7820And we got there, everybody was like, what is going on? Like,635.3314 
577 635.5112it-635.6627 
579PRV_se0_ag1_f_01636.0556we never went through that.637.1821
581PRV_se0_ag1_f_01637.7928It was just not known for639.2365
583 639.4826a flood like that640.3204 
585 641.6012in North Carolina, you [know. It-] it was-643.3525 
587PRV_se0_ag1_f_01643.4756it just wasn't like, real, you know? Like,645.2743
589 645.6483[okay.]646.0979 
591PRV_se0_ag1_f_01646.4766And um, next thing I know, um, we got out there they told us that649.1821
593 649.5892they had cots and everything, b-651.0329 
595 651.2791blanket,651.9749 
597PRV_se0_ag1_f_01652.5760um, <ts>653.3085
599 653.5302emergency foods and stuff that you need to eat and whatever.656.1856 
601PRV_se0_ag1_f_01656.6826And um, we was like, is this- You know, still hadn't hit you. Is this real?660.2213
603PRV_se0_ag1_f_01660.7419Okay, the next day we woke up, like-662.6400
605 664.3157think it was a day and a half people called and said like, people were standing-666.8887 
607 667.2153I got some family members that they were um-669.1702 
609 669.6530my aunt and them,670.3346 
611 670.7444that-670.9906 
613 671.2793One of my aunts, she cannot swim at all,673.2579 
617 674.0673she just got off work. She went home and like, she said she woke up, she was like-677.2083 
619 677.9041she-678.1787 
621 678.4201I think she- she stepped down. She felt water on her feet. She was like-681.5631 
623 682.2305And she was like- she just started panicking. It was water already in the house like- she was like,685.5040 
625 685.8685God help us. She said, I cannot swim. Help us.688.5384 
627PRV_se0_ag1_f_01688.9527But um,689.4876
629 690.2907uh, happily um, people will ride around in Princeville on boats, and um, they came to her house.694.1216 
631 694.7586She said they couldn't get to them because something was blocking so697.4141 
633 697.8448apparently they had to swim.699.2412 
635PRV_se0_ag1_f_01699.6625And she was like, some- the kids there they knew how to swim but she didn't. But702.4201
636 702.7277so she said that um-703.7549
638 704.4223<ts>704.5170 
640 704.6486My aunt's um,705.9654 
642 706.8817husband friend help708.0035 
644 708.3396her-708.7940 
646 708.9407hold her and swim with her710.3040 
648 710.5122to the boat,711.0329 
650 711.3264and it was a lot of people on top of houses, you know?714.0556 
654 715.4188Of course it was the water lifting you up. You go outside the water it's just gonna lift you on top of the house, and the um, helicopter was coming to get people off the top the roofs and [everything.]722.4412 
658 723.7524it was quite like-724.6687 
660 724.8202we stood out one day- me and my mother, we stood outside at the house cause it was so boring. Like,729.0140 
662PRV_se0_ag1_f_01729.4305we were there for so long and- you know, cause it's- most of the people in Princeville-732.6567
663 732.8555where-733.1679
665 733.6792where would we go?734.4602 
667PRV_se0_ag1_f_01734.7631So that's when our church came about that um, we had family members that stayed in Rocky Mount,738.5053
669PRV_se0_ag1_f_01739.0733either Greenville, somewhere around the surroundings of741.8200
671 742.5902Princeville and Tarboro that we would stay with cause744.5384 
673 744.8981um,745.2153 
675 745.3951parts of Tarboro didn't get flooded.746.6353 
677 746.9856Downtown really did, but it wasn't as bad as Princeville, you know. That wasn't but for the grace of God that He just didn't wipe everything out.752.7536 
679PRV_se0_ag1_f_01753.3406And uh,753.7950
681 754.4510<ts>754.5504 
683 754.8154uh, we stayed755.8473 
685 756.1503with some people from my church in Rocky Mount and everything. And they made- you know, welcome home and everything.760.2210 
687PRV_se0_ag1_f_01760.8202But um, like, at the school, um,762.8319
689 763.6460we had to sleep on the floor.764.8672 
691 765.4163You know, my g- for one night my grandmother had to s- she had to sit up in a chair because768.8555 
693 769.1727everybody was so like-770.2282 
695 770.4886Cause it was the first day- first night like,772.4482 
697 772.8364why are we at a high school at one o'clock in the morning, sitting here, doing nothing?776.4744 
699PRV_se0_ag1_f_01776.9726And um,777.5501
701 777.9761it was so many people cause we had nowhere to go.779.9263 
703PRV_se0_ag1_f_01780.1913[Had] nowheres to go.781.5782
704 782.0232And um,782.6054
706 783.0436<ts>783.1335 
708 783.4175um, she- she sat up and /want/, you know, the chair, but the next night,786.7546 
710 787.1806for the old- elderly people they had the cots, the blankets, whatever you need790.5820 
712PRV_se0_ag1_f_01791.0932to help them out.792.0351
714PRV_se0_ag1_f_01792.1961[Or] they would put them somewhere793.5167
715 793.7818in a nice facility for them to stay because you can't- a old person cannot lay on the hard798.0304
717 798.2197cement floor. We can deal with it. Cause my mom was like-800.2788 
719 800.5581I was all, I can deal with this. This is nothing, [okay?]802.5015 
720PRV_int_01802.2222[Mm,] mm-hm.802.8944
721PRV_se0_ag1_f_01802.9038And um,803.4245
723PRV_se0_ag1_f_01804.2387we did that, and um,805.5498
725 806.1320like,806.3971 
727 806.5561the next day807.3276 
729 808.4542the people that w- that came on helicopters, um,810.9534 
731 811.1806we would stand outside,812.2200 
733 812.5561and like, they would have nothing.814.3074 
735PRV_se0_ag1_f_01814.9275Not even no shoes or anything, or just,817.2895
736 817.7439maybe the clothes on their back, some of might had on bedroom shoes and everything.821.5665
738 822.2481Or some of 'em- I don't think some of 'em had on shoes.824.8657 
740PRV_se0_ag1_f_01825.6116They didn't-825.9193
742 826.1323They couldn't save nothing, [you know?] Only thing you could do if you laying in your bed asleep,829.8764 
744 830.0989Hm.830.2883
745PRV_se0_ag1_f_01830.2409you gone in your830.9509
746 831.1619pajamas.831.8152
748 832.1512First thing you do, you gonna swim and get on top of the house.834.2623 
750PRV_se0_ag1_f_01834.6694That's the only thing you can do.835.5924
752PRV_se0_ag1_f_01835.9806You know, and um,836.7474
754 836.9111they came with nothing. [Um,]838.3784 
758 839.1595um, we couldn't-840.1724 
760 840.8824we didn't save anything, you know. I don't think- like the- Matter of fact, the day I was telling you the um-844.8281 
762 845.3819/what's the-/845.7701 
764 845.9689the hurricane wasn't so bad in itself, but next house to my grandmother,848.9036 
766 849.3229like down the street, like,850.3027 
768 850.7098you know, water was already under her house. We was like, huh?853.3605 
770 853.5356Like, this is not possible.854.8827 
772 855.1903So my mother, she's-855.9004 
774 856.0092uh, my mother, my stepdad and my uncle, they walked through the water to go in the house,859.4504 
776 859.6682see what they could get. This was before the actual flood [came.]862.8376 
777PRV_int_01862.4873[Yeah.] Mm-hm.863.2778
778PRV_se0_ag1_f_01863.2873And um, she got my book sack, um, some- different other stuff, a little clothes for my grandmother.867.6637
780 867.9761Because the water hadn't actually came in the house, but it was under so870.4990 
782 870.7736right then I known that um,872.1510 
784 872.8874that she would eventually- they woulda just874.4731 
786 874.8612remodeled her whole house just because876.6315 
788 876.8398water is sitting underneath the house.878.3167 
790PRV_se0_ag1_f_01878.8685But not thinking that the whole town was gon- You know?881.2589
792PRV_se0_ag1_f_01881.7606And like, when we came back through like- I guess it was because884.4634
793 884.7975the place was condemned, couldn't nobody go through Princeville.887.2305
795 887.5097Only way you can go through there um, if you sign a paper saying,890.4729 
797 890.7332if anything happen to me,892.0282 
799 893.5618we would not be held responsible.894.8398 
801PRV_se0_ag1_f_01895.3321And um, certain people took risk and they went through there, and they was like-898.1086
803 898.5678But a898.9275 
805 899.5192week and a half went by- I think a week- maybe a week or903.0409 
807 904.0944four or five days went by-905.2967 
809 905.6517we went through and um-906.8209 
811 907.3132like just to see908.2788 
813 908.9489like,909.2235 
815 909.6258like what hap-910.3311 
817 910.9394Is that house over there? You know, like hold up.913.0008 
819PRV_se0_ag1_f_01913.8102Why is it over there? And it's like, I could not believe that916.6435
821 917.0364Princeville would have a flood. [It was-]919.9806 
823PRV_se0_ag1_f_01920.4161it was-920.8941
825 921.2377it was just weird. Like, Princeville having a flood?923.2873 
826PRV_int_01923.8979What happened when you got to your house?925.2723
827PRV_se0_ag1_f_01925.8480Well my old house, um,927.8010
829 928.0660mm, nothing. It- it was like,929.6991 
831 930.7357okay.931.2280 
833 932.3072Like um,933.0538 
835 933.8814<ts> it was-934.6814 
837 936.0623Well, /hold- I'm'a/ take it back. My grandmother house-938.0705 
839PRV_se0_ag1_f_01940.0566This is her foundation. Like, the house was like,941.8789
841 942.4327leaning like- And I'm like, how did it lean that way?944.4634 
843PRV_se0_ag1_f_01944.7616[And we] would go in the hou- we w-945.9134
844 946.2738the door was like jammed sh- it was shut tight so we couldn't-949.3842
846 949.6398so we had to break it open or something.951.4270 
848PRV_se0_ag1_f_01952.7808I went um- my uncle went to um-954.6836
850 955.8764he went and touched the wall. He went like this,957.8294 
852 958.1465and when he pressed his hand, his hand just went softly like-960.5984 
854 960.9061[It was so soft.]961.9096 
855PRV_int_01961.0150[Put it right through it.]961.7482
856 962.0184Yeah.962.4350
857PRV_se0_ag1_f_01962.3403It was like, you could do this and you963.5027
858 963.6542made a little hole, and he was like, okay.965.5855
860 966.2245And um, we was like,967.3084 
862 967.7297Lord, and um,968.7075 
864 969.9146<ts>969.9808 
866 970.0944I guess the houses, /uh they would stay/ swell like,972.1251 
868 972.2860just cause so much was- and dried and it was swelling.974.4445 
870PRV_se0_ag1_f_01974.8373My grandmother back door, we had to like-976.1654
871 976.3169we took a axe and like chopped it down, broke it down, to try to get in the back room.979.3652
873PRV_se0_ag1_f_01979.7628I mean nothing back there, you know, it was stuff in the room, clothes and everything, but it was like,983.5429
875 983.9878you looking like, oh my god, and like, you could see them house like,986.6101 
877 987.0551because it had dried it started molding and [stuff.]989.4529 
879PRV_se0_ag1_f_01990.3759And um,991.0434
881 992.1557you couldn't touch the stuff.993.4885 
883 993.6116You couldn't- [We have] to- We had- They gave us gloves.995.8079 
885PRV_se0_ag1_f_01996.3144Masks to put on to go through the house, you know.998.4303
887 999.1856But it was just like, God, like, I cannot believe this.1002.2955 
889PRV_se0_ag1_f_011002.9298You know, and um,1003.9096
891 1004.7927[her-] i- i- it was her- her1007.0648 
893PRV_se0_ag1_f_011007.7322refrigerator was like,1008.7404
895 1009.8812in the living room?1011.1876 
897PRV_se0_ag1_f_011011.9430I was like, oh God (whispered). [It was-] it was- it was-1015.1144
899PRV_se0_ag1_f_011015.4504Oh my Lord.1016.1841
901 1016.4965And my granddaddy, he actually um- he works-1019.0742 
903 1019.3535he worked on um,1020.5558 
905 1021.0765lawnmowers, um, some cars, but just mostly lawnmowers and stuff like that.1025.4056 
907 1025.8505And like, they was everywhere, all back in the tree-1028.6291 
909 1028.9963One was like,1029.6306 
911 1030.0424leaning on a tree. It's like,1031.5381 
913 1032.0209oh my Lord. You know, you had- st- things that came out of your house was1035.5595 
915 1035.9335in the trees, in the bushes, just everywhere all over1038.7925 
917 1039.1191anywhere it could go, you know?1040.7900 
919PRV_se0_ag1_f_011041.5738And um,1042.2033
921 1042.9228<ts> people would come back,1044.0304 
923 1044.6599go down the street and find like,1046.2977 
925 1046.7900their dogs is laying there. They're like,1048.6009 
927 1049.1405is this my dog? [Down the street?] How did it get from here to here? But1051.9048 
929PRV_se0_ag1_f_011052.3924and a lot of people just- before they left- the- they knew when it-1054.9890
931 1055.6517um, fire department came through, was like, telling 'em to evacuate,1057.9215 
933 1058.1604they let they dogs go.1059.0835 
935PRV_se0_ag1_f_011059.6637Cause /everybody/- and one person I know, he um- when he got back, he was like,1063.0481
937 1064.1462it happened so fast I didn't think to let my dog go. But he was like, but he got it- he was just-1067.2825 
939 1068.0777He was still in the same spot, but he had a chain. He was like-1070.3829 
941PRV_se0_ag1_f_011070.6811he was dead just laying there like-1072.0234
942 1072.5725and he was like,1073.0932
944 1073.3157/God/ you know?1074.1724 
946 1074.5274from- uh- for awhile, you know, we thought like,1076.5060 
948 1076.9320why would this happen?1078.2729 
950PRV_se0_ag1_f_011079.0790But to go back and see it now,1081.0150
952PRV_se0_ag1_f_011081.7155be like nothing just happens. My grandmother's- she's um- she had a two bedroom house,1086.4138
954PRV_se0_ag1_f_011086.9629one bathroom, small living room, small kitchen, all of us like into one- just ridiculous,1092.2481
956 1092.5889and now you go to her house-1093.8622 
958 1094.3309Her house is not sitting in the same space. It's kind of further back.1097.8032 
960 1098.4280It sit up.1099.3510 
962 1099.5167They gotta build up1100.6717 
964PRV_se0_ag1_f_011101.4128because now it's considered in the flood [zone.]1103.2352
965PRV_int_011102.7382[Oh yeah?]1103.2873
966PRV_se0_ag1_f_011104.1014Still don't believe that, and um,1105.6398
968PRV_se0_ag1_f_011106.4397um, she has1107.7158
970 1107.9856two big bedrooms,1109.4056 
974 1110.2150a bathroom and a half,1111.5830 
975PRV_int_011111.5072Oh, [/really/. <laugh>]1112.4587
976PRV_se0_ag1_f_011111.7960[so the- so the] next- the second- second bedroom has an extra, b- uh- you know- a sink and a um, toilet in there.1117.0623
978PRV_se0_ag1_f_011117.6634Nice size shower. Now she has um,1119.8436
980 1120.0424my granddaddy has a handicap shower so it's just one shower, standing up1123.6918 
982 1124.0279that she can-1124.5013 
984 1124.6933with a handle she can put him in there.1126.0944 
986PRV_se0_ag1_f_011126.7287When he had it before the-1128.1156
987 1128.2623the-1128.4091
989 1128.5416flood happened, he had a stroke.1130.3072 
991PRV_se0_ag1_f_011130.6981So he stopped working on lawnmowers and everything and um,1132.7666
992 1133.0837that was a big challenge in itself to try to get him out of the house1135.8244
994 1136.1084when it's water already outside and everything.1137.9950 
996 1138.5867And um-1139.0506 
998 1140.3191and um, it was-1141.3794 
1000 1141.5640it's weird. Like you go through now,1142.9462 
1002 1143.2945my um, uncle, he has his own-1145.1973 
1004 1145.3346his own trailer, three bedroom,1146.9298 
1006PRV_se0_ag1_f_011147.3510living room,1147.9238
1007 1148.0090nobody there with him,1149.2018
1009 1149.3702just by himself. He owned it. It's his.1151.2873 
1011PRV_se0_ag1_f_011151.7985And like, he was staying um, on Main Street. [He had] a house they was renting,1155.6542
1013PRV_se0_ag1_f_011156.1607you know-1156.6104
1015 1157.2494renting it, you [know? So] he'll never own, but1159.1333 
1017PRV_se0_ag1_f_011159.3936after it happened1160.3640
1019 1160.8042he got his own place, so1162.1134 
1021 1163.0648you- you lost your memories, but1164.8588 
1023 1165.3037you gained something.1166.1936 
1025PRV_se0_ag1_f_011166.9016You know, my grandmother, she has central air, central heat. She never had that. She used to have th-1170.2718
1027 1170.5179have a big air conditioning unit.1171.9806 
1029 1172.3924When the winter time came, a wood-1174.3974 
1031 1174.6198one of the-1174.9985 
1033 1175.2352the heater things you have to put wood in there?1176.7925 
1035PRV_se0_ag1_f_011177.3368And you know, once it's heating up, it's hot. You can't control it because it's wood in there.1181.1689
1037 1181.4577She don't have to do that no more.1182.9582 
1039PRV_se0_ag1_f_011183.3700You know, she can't bend over, pick- going out and chopping up wood- putting in there.1187.0695
1040 1187.2636Now she got central air and heat, she don't have to worry about it.1189.4126
1042PRV_se0_ag1_f_011190.2883And that's a lot of people that just living better than1192.4163
1044 1192.6624ever- that you would ever think they would live. But um,1195.3510 
1046PRV_se0_ag1_f_011196.1273it happened for a reason.1197.2187
1047PRV_int_011197.2566You think?1197.7442
1048PRV_se0_ag1_f_011198.0944It happened for a reason, you know.1199.6281
1050 1200.2569A lot of people in Princeville really didn't-1201.6824 
1052 1201.8338you /hadn't/-1202.3971 
1054 1202.5750some people had nice homes and certain ones didn't.1204.6530 
1056PRV_se0_ag1_f_011205.0979And if you had a nice home, you know, it could be-1206.7310
1057 1207.0576something could be wrong with it and- it /need/ just-1209.1383
1059 1210.9038just be done over [again. But um,]1212.8540 
1061PRV_se0_ag1_f_011213.9711/they/ happened.1214.6622
1063 1215.0152People got a chance to own-1216.5346 
1065 1216.8896own homes that they couldn't own for years. They'd been staying there for over twenty years and never owned-1221.1951 
1067 1221.4128still renting.1222.2357 
1069PRV_se0_ag1_f_011222.9890You know, once you get old, you would love to own. And they were still renting. And now,1226.8657
1071 1227.3655people- o- the older people, they're staying in nice um- Right by the town hall, if you look back over there, you find the /River/ Apartments over there?1233.4704 
1073PRV_se0_ag1_f_011233.7820That's all for elderly people.1234.8896
1075PRV_se0_ag1_f_011235.4861Nice [apartments.]1236.5321
1077PRV_se0_ag1_f_011236.9629Got better- They had- The apartments they had before was alright, but now the apartments- Oh my God, they look so beautiful, you know?1242.3144
1079 1242.7783And um,1243.3558 
1081 1243.5782our town hall1244.5533 
1083 1244.9773looks good.1245.6495 
1085 1246.4305[Yeah.]1246.8328
1086PRV_se0_ag1_f_011246.4447[You woulda] saw the ones before, you woulda been like,1248.6126
1087 1249.3510really?1250.1273
1089PRV_se0_ag1_f_011250.5466And the- Actually, our old town hall was um,1253.0127
1091 1253.4577my um,1254.1677 
1093 1254.6694Head Start.1255.4978 
1095PRV_se0_ag1_f_011255.9806And um,1256.5013
1096 1256.6791I look in and I'm like, God.1258.3784
1098 1258.5488We really moved up.1259.7464 
1100PRV_se0_ag1_f_011260.1961We really moved up. I mean,1262.2551
1101 1262.6859it is so beautiful. Like,1264.0850
1103 1264.6246just to sit back and look at some of the old stuff, like, mm.1267.1191 
1105 1267.6966That looked bad. Now it looks great.1269.7205 
1107PRV_se0_ag1_f_011270.5441[And I think-]1271.0648
1108PRV_int_011270.5536[What's it- Yeah, what's it like now? Like what-1272.5795
1109 1273.0339Tell me [something /inaudible/ today.]1274.9746
1110PRV_se0_ag1_f_011273.3605[<exhale> Um,]1274.8042
1111 1275.3181<ts>1275.4175
1113 1275.6258Everybody- every-1276.5394 
1115 1276.7003everyone has nice homes.1278.6505 
1117 1279.2800Um,1279.9569 
1119 1281.1335just1281.5880 
1121 1281.7158look at like- Ah, that looks nice. [You know, if you'll] ride through- Oh yeah, Princeville School is uh, Princeville Montessori [School now.]1288.6766 
1124 1288.0897[Mm-hm.] Mm-hm.1289.2021 
1125PRV_se0_ag1_f_011289.1310It is so big. Like, they got /departments/. I remember when I went to um, Princeville1293.8104
1126 1294.2554Elementary School, um,1295.6328
1128 1296.5558it was small.1297.5356 
1130PRV_se0_ag1_f_011298.8069We used our um-1300.3690
1132 1301.3157our cafeteria for like, our auditorium. It was just small and um,1305.4317 
1134 1306.3358we always had love there, but like, now you look at like,1308.8872 
1136 1309.0812we- God has really blessed us1310.9935 
1138PRV_se0_ag1_f_011311.4980that the kids have something that- really they can say,1313.7795
1140 1314.0872I went to Princeville Montessori School, you know, it looks-1316.7995 
1142 1317.0862it looks1317.5027 
1144 1317.7063great. I was like, mm,1318.9038 
1146 1319.2825Ten years from now, I said I wish I w- I wish I woulda had that when I was younger, but um,1322.9178 
1148PRV_se0_ag1_f_011323.3891they have nicer busses there. I guess just1325.9831
1150 1326.3996most of what stuff would-1327.2942 
1152 1327.5830Princeville um-1328.5249 
1154 1328.6507we got grants to just rebuilt the whole ti- [town.]1331.9121 
1156 1332.1961Mm-hm.1332.5369
1157PRV_se0_ag1_f_011332.5037You know, celebrities and everybody helped donate money just to1335.8862
1158 1336.1228get us back on- just to- just to1337.8505
1160 1338.0115get us back moving, tryna1339.4268 
1162 1339.7250make it better than what it was. And um,1341.6448 
1164PRV_se0_ag1_f_011342.3122<ts> and um,1342.9748
1166 1343.4719I go /through/ there and right through there now, and like, I had bought for my friends,1346.5912 
1168 1347.1714um,1347.7110 
1170 1347.9998and it was such a coincidence. The one girl1349.8789 
1172 1350.1771that I'm real1350.6315 
1174 1351.0481um, good friends with them,1352.0800 
1176 1352.5675she said-1353.0929 
1178 1353.3797she said, where you say you're from?1354.5110 
1180 1355.0316I said, I'm from Princeville, and she was like, <gasp>1356.7120 
1182 1357.1617did you know um, that1358.7785 
1184 1359.0199we um-1359.7489 
1186 1359.9524She- she stays in Zebulon I think. It's near Raleigh.1362.4422 
1188PRV_se0_ag1_f_011362.9203And she said, do you know that1364.1557
1190 1364.5797our camp made us get up one morning and said, we're going to Princeville to help rebuild the town. And she was like,1368.7878 
1192 1369.1617we was-1369.5593 
1194 1369.9001uh, we had our masks and gloves on, helped picking up stuff from people houses and everything.1373.6896 
1196PRV_se0_ag1_f_011374.2576And uh, I was like, really? It's like,1375.9190
1198 1376.3640you came through, [you know]? [And like I] took her for my fall break,1380.1298 
1201 1377.7820[Yeah.]1378.2980 
1202 1380.4280[Wow.]1380.8446
1203PRV_se0_ag1_f_011380.4422[I took her] home, and she was like,1381.7202
1204 1381.9474we came- we went to that house- we went to [that house. And th-]1384.2459
1205PRV_int_011383.4459[/Uh-huh. Oh wow./]1384.8328
1206PRV_se0_ag1_f_011384.4731[And she never] heard about Princeville, and she stayed in North Carolina.1386.5227
1208PRV_se0_ag1_f_011386.9487And she was like,1387.5262
1209 1387.8575we did- we um, took and threw trash away out of this house. And I was like, really? She was like,1392.1298
1211 1392.7120I remember coming over here. She was like, I don't remember what house, and I was like, this is my grandmother house.1396.8423 
1212PRV_int_011396.7618Oh wow.1397.4624
1213PRV_se0_ag1_f_011397.4719And she was like,1398.3712
1215 1398.6978you got to be kidding me. [She was like-]1400.6575 
1216PRV_int_011400.1036[That's crazy.]1401.0030
1217PRV_se0_ag1_f_011401.2140She did her face. I was like, why'd you do that? She was like, cause um, I looked at it when we came through the first time. We was like, oh my Lord.1407.4704
1219PRV_se0_ag1_f_011407.8625And like, she was going there, she was like, it look good. It look real [good, g- it look good. I was like,]1412.2409
1221PRV_se0_ag1_f_011412.7569we came from a long long long way, [you know.]1416.2860
1223 1416.5132Yeah.1416.8067
1224PRV_se0_ag1_f_011416.9771And um,1417.4694
1226 1418.3403point blank,1419.1335 
1228 1419.4601Princeville has a lot of history. Like,1421.8174 
1230PRV_se0_ag1_f_011422.1109we're the oldest1423.5214
1231 1423.8149historically black town in America like,1426.4021
1233 1426.6719to be established by freed [slaves.]1428.5369 
1235PRV_se0_ag1_f_011429.1664And you know, people wouldn't know that but1430.7758
1237 1431.6306it's a blessing1432.4968 
1239PRV_se0_ag1_f_011433.1689that it's still standing1434.3665
1241PRV_se0_ag1_f_011435.1664and that- and it looks even better [than it did before], back in the eighties you [know?]1439.5902
1244 1439.1689[Yeah.] Yeah.1440.0446 
1245PRV_se0_ag1_f_011440.1298But um,1440.6789
1247 1441.3037<ts>1441.4126 
1249 1441.5830it's just- it's nice when you go up to like- mm.1443.7300 
1251 1444.1181Like I can stand right there and be like-1445.5523 
1253 1445.9073I stayed at my grandma house, be like,1447.1475 
1255 1448.7521is this really true?1449.9903 
1258 1451.0695[Uh-huh.]1451.4595 
1259PRV_se0_ag1_f_011451.2305[Cause I] remember when we used to come- oh my God. Like, and then /once a time/1454.1368
1260 1454.4851if the wood go out, it would be cold.1456.2672
1262PRV_se0_ag1_f_011457.1879Point blank.1457.6517
1263PRV_int_011457.8884Right. [/Inaudible/.]1459.7962
1264PRV_se0_ag1_f_011458.2955[It just would be cold. It's cold] you know?1460.4113
1266PRV_se0_ag1_f_011460.8468[But um], now we'll ha-1461.6732
1267 1462.3879she get- she gotta get used to it now. She like, oh I gotta hit the switch and get some heat, [I didn't- you know-]1466.1131
1270 1466.5581girl I got central air now. I'm like, it's great. [It's- it's-] it's really [good that]1470.1251
1273 1469.6754[/??/]1470.1677 
1274PRV_se0_ag1_f_011470.4422she don't- they don't have to suffer, you know,1472.3167
1276 1472.8326what1473.1876 
1278 1474.4684just how it was before, you know,1476.3523 
1280 1476.4517but.1476.7357 
1281PRV_int_011476.6836Now you were here-1477.5877
1282 1477.7581When the flood happened, you were at your grandma's house or [you were-]1480.1181
1283PRV_se0_ag1_f_011479.7016[Mm-hm.] My grandmother house.1480.9370
1284PRV_int_011480.8423So you- so you [/inaudible/]1481.9736
1285PRV_se0_ag1_f_011481.4293[All the-]1481.9594
1286PRV_int_011482.2197already in Battle-1483.3794
1287PRV_se0_ag1_f_011483.4552Uh-huh. We was already in Battleboro, but see1484.9131
1289 1485.1525most of the time,1485.9004 
1291 1486.0187when um, back then, when hurricane come we would go to her house.1488.8020 
1293PRV_se0_ag1_f_011489.1238Just to be with them case anything would [happen.]1491.2491
1294PRV_int_011491.1261[Oh], okay.1492.0234
1295PRV_se0_ag1_f_011492.0746We would pack up /come/ like /torna- hurricane/ come.1494.0106
1297 1494.4129Pack our clothes up, and when I get out of school, she get off work, we go over there and stay for how l- however long it last,1499.1870 
1299PRV_se0_ag1_f_011499.6130we would stay there.1500.3041
1301PRV_se0_ag1_f_011500.5455[You know] and um,1501.3028
1302 1501.7951we did that all the time. We did that1503.1895
1304 1503.3693after- after we moved from-1504.3823 
1306 1504.4959even we was in Princeville um,1506.0579 
1308 1506.6354<ts> before we moved um,1507.7762 
1310 1508.0649we would do the same thing. Or else she would come to our house,1510.4012 
1312PRV_se0_ag1_f_011510.8462but now um, before1512.4650
1314 1512.7632Hurricane Floyd- before after that,1514.0318 
1316 1514.2806we would go- we would always pack up our stuff from Battleboro, come here-1517.0024 
1318 1517.3006stay here til when it over, and then we would leave and go back home.1519.8140 
1320PRV_se0_ag1_f_011520.5599<ts> So,1521.2510
1322PRV_se0_ag1_f_011521.8947we did that.1522.5385
1324PRV_se0_ag1_f_011523.1538We actually- we did that, [so.]1524.6117
1325PRV_int_011524.3088[That's a] good thing you did.1525.5253
1326PRV_se0_ag1_f_011525.4732Yeah, exactly. [Because] um,1527.2557
1328PRV_se0_ag1_f_011527.3741it was hard for us,1528.3823
1330 1528.8604it was myself, my little sister, my mom, my stepdad,1532.2968 
1332 1532.7871my grandmother, granddaddy, and my aunt, we was all in the house there, you know.1535.9869 
1334PRV_se0_ag1_f_011536.4035Cause my aunt stayed in a trailer in Princeville,1538.6877
1336PRV_se0_ag1_f_011539.0901and you know they say it's not safe to stay in a um- uh- trailer1541.9680
1337 1542.1573when a hurricane cause it's liable to blow over.1544.4956
1338PRV_int_011544.4416Mm-hm. Mm.1545.1658
1339PRV_se0_ag1_f_011545.0806And um,1545.7338
1340 1547.5183um,1547.9775
1342 1548.4129then so I told you before that night that the water started coming up in the yard, we were like,1551.9563 
1344 1552.3634what is going on? You know, I'm like,1553.8118 
1346PRV_se0_ag1_f_011554.2473that's never happened, so1555.4732
1348 1556.0980you know, not thinking to yourself like something- God is-1558.7515 
1350 1558.9408something's about to come through.1560.0863 
1352PRV_se0_ag1_f_011560.6543You know, because we- we never seen the water rise /like/ like,1563.4545
1354PRV_se0_ag1_f_011564.5873mkay, you know. I mean the water was coming up, so we was like, okay we need to go to somebody else house. So we went- that's when we went to my uncle house.1569.4403
1356 1569.7520But coming out of the house,1571.3053 
1358 1571.7692um,1572.2970 
1360 1572.7017the water- like, it was hard at-1574.0696 
1362 1574.4652My granddaddy's in a wheelchair. It's hard to lift him and try to put him in a wheelchair1578.1195 
1364 1578.3372when it's pouring down rain and r-1579.8803 
1366PRV_se0_ag1_f_011580.3469[the] rain-1580.8629
1367 1581.0617from the [wind, just- it's] [we was like-]1583.4757
1370 1582.6048[<laugh> Yeah.]1583.5704 
1371PRV_se0_ag1_f_011583.8639We was like, oh.1584.3609
1373PRV_se0_ag1_f_011584.7632[And] coming out of yard, and we was spending time just tryna get out of the yard.1587.8995
1375PRV_se0_ag1_f_011588.2592My mom was saying, uh- like when we got to my grandma- said, something is not right.1591.3596
1377PRV_se0_ag1_f_011591.7998Like what is going on? Like,1593.1800
1378 1593.6912then the next day, we went there, and my mother went back there- that's when I told you they got- she got my book sack and everything.1597.7241
1380 1598.0602And she was like,1598.8337 
1382 1600.1172this is not right. [And then that] night it was on.1602.9194 
1384 1603.0519Yeah.1603.5206
1385PRV_se0_ag1_f_011603.6389It was1604.0696
1387 1604.2712on like-1604.8345 
1389 1605.3409<ts>1605.4214 
1391 1605.5255and you know people- people-1606.9976 
1393 1607.0923ugh-1607.4189 
1395 1608.1479was crying, you know. Then1609.7052 
1397 1610.2779you know- and like,1610.9670 
1399 1611.2605people um,1612.0746 
1401 1612.7657<ts>1612.8840 
1403 1613.0260you know, they would call1614.2851 
1405 1614.4650to their- either their sister's or brother house and they couldn't get answer?1616.7871 
1407PRV_se0_ag1_f_011617.0049[That's] because they already left.1618.4391
1409PRV_se0_ag1_f_011618.8556But you didn't know what school they was going to.1620.6638
1410PRV_int_011620.7111Mm. [Okay.]1621.3833
1411PRV_se0_ag1_f_011621.0188[We got], you know, different schools1622.5430
1412 1622.8297in Tarboro that we had to you know, find1624.8556
1414 1625.1112shelter for.1625.9680 
1416PRV_se0_ag1_f_011626.4555And- and it was so many people like,1627.9844
1418 1628.2522people were /stranded/ everywhere.1629.5397 
1420 1629.7338They didn't know where their cousins were.1631.3100 
1424 1631.9538Even, you know, um,1633.1939 
1426 1633.9182like my uncle, his um,1635.5397 
1428 1635.7575some of his coworkers,1636.7941 
1430 1637.0923they would come to his house /every/ morning,1638.3467 
1432 1638.4745you know, drop him off at work and check on everything,1640.3726 
1434 1640.6972and they couldn't find what school so they started going- they went to the h- other high school, our rival high school North Edgecombe,1645.9655 
1436 1646.4274um,1646.9386 
1438 1647.1374other schools around here in Tarboro1648.9598 
1440 1649.3574and um-1650.0532 
1442 1650.3469and try to post letters and say, if you see him, if you know him,1652.7500 
1444 1653.0285please call-1653.8569 
1446PRV_se0_ag1_f_011654.2924And finally um, somebody from our church1657.2602
1448 1657.6815came to my mother said, /RD-NAME-2/, do you where /RD-NAME-2/ at?1660.0699 
1450 1660.5054And she was like, yeah he staying with so and so so. She was like,1663.0472 
1452 1663.3454well,1663.6815 
1454 1664.1150you need to call- go look on the board-1665.7669 
1456 1666.0415look outside of the school, um, and-1668.1195 
1458 1668.3561cause they had like notices of people,1669.8756 
1460PRV_se0_ag1_f_011670.2901[they] couldn't- they don't know where they at, you know.1671.9373
1462PRV_se0_ag1_f_011672.4912<ts> And he called and he told her, I'm safe. I'm in a safe place.1674.7253
1464 1674.9999They was like,1675.4969 
1466 1675.9466we glad because you know, we would had to take another step and see1678.8604 
1468 1679.1112were you left in the house?1680.5502 
1472 1681.3502where- where were you? You know, but we w-1683.2983 
1474 1683.4687/RD-NAME-2/1683.8048
1476 1683.9373That's-1684.2640 
1477PRV_se0_ag1_f_011684.3634That's my mother.1685.0686
1479PRV_se0_ag1_f_011685.4520That's my mother.1686.1109
1480PRV_int_011686.1285Said y'all were looking for /RD-NAME-2/.1687.7478
1483PRV_se0_ag1_f_011688.3942[My] uncle.1688.9327
1484PRV_int_011688.9055Your uncle. Okay.1689.8548
1486 1690.3539So um, they were you know, posting /those/ like,1692.8484
1488PRV_se0_ag1_f_011693.9067s- you know, <sigh> it was- it was- it was horrible, but um-1697.3526
1490 1697.8686And [like y-]1698.3798 
1491PRV_int_011697.9727[Do you have a-]1698.3845
1492 1698.7395and you have a big family?1699.7241
1494PRV_int_011700.6830You have a real big [family?]1701.9326
1495PRV_se0_ag1_f_011701.4214[Yeah, it's not-] Well,1702.4628
1496 1702.6426[we big- we big enough.]1703.8639
1497PRV_int_011702.6474[And they all stay in Princeville?] Most of ['em?]1704.4792
1498PRV_se0_ag1_f_011704.2425[Majority-] majority of- Yes, majority of them.1706.5485
1499PRV_int_011706.6214Do [you-]1706.8771
1500PRV_se0_ag1_f_011706.7587[Or] they stay on the /outscursion/ of Princeville.1708.4249
1501PRV_int_011708.4959Your grandparent's have1709.5136
1503 1709.8686the same last name1710.7253 
1505 1710.8531as [you?]1711.1750 
1508PRV_se0_ag1_f_011712.0108She's married. She's a /RD-NAME-2/.1713.4498
1509PRV_int_011713.3362What's your-1713.9137
1510 1714.5953what are your grandparent's names?1715.7360
1511PRV_se0_ag1_f_011716.1479/RD-NAME-2/ and /RD-NAME-4/.1717.5206
1512PRV_int_011717.5916Oh, okay.1718.1974
1514 1718.5552[And they- where do they stay at?]1719.6918 
1515PRV_se0_ag1_f_011718.5599[/RD-NAME-2/. And they stayed in] Princeville their whole life.1720.5906
1516 1720.8888/RD-ADDRESS-8/.1722.2047
1517PRV_int_011722.3561Okay, they still stay there?1723.3407
1520PRV_se0_ag1_f_011723.8972[They s-] Oh my. They been there they whole life.1726.7610
1521PRV_int_011726.7231Do you know how old they are?1727.7929
1522PRV_se0_ag1_f_011728.0769Okay, my1729.4354
1524 1729.5726grandmother, she's- I think she's sixty six.1732.1172 
1526PRV_se0_ag1_f_011732.8083And um, matter fact,1733.7786
1528 1734.3514no. She sixty four.1735.8549 
1530PRV_se0_ag1_f_011736.4652[She] sixty four. She'll turn sixty five next y- [next] w-1738.7799
1532PRV_se0_ag1_f_011739.1254next week.1739.7929
1534PRV_se0_ag1_f_011740.2993Our granddaddy, he- I think he's seventy one. [I think] seventy one. They been there their whole life.1744.7420
1536 1744.7752Okay.1745.2106
1537PRV_se0_ag1_f_011745.2674So they know-1746.3561
1538PRV_int_011746.8957Oh, [okay.]1747.6358
1539PRV_se0_ag1_f_011747.1797[they just know] how it is regardless, so.1749.7007
1540PRV_int_011749.8853You got brothers and sisters?1751.0544
1541PRV_se0_ag1_f_011751.0781I only have one sister. She's nine.1752.4129
1542PRV_int_011752.5360Oh, okay.1753.0614
1543PRV_se0_ag1_f_011753.0235So she don't- she doesn't know anything1755.4309
1544 1756.0225about Princeville besides her-1757.8118
1546 1757.9301we coming to my grandmother house.1759.2933 
1548PRV_se0_ag1_f_011759.7762Cause she w- she didn't-1760.6167
1550 1761.3078she went through the flood but it's like,1762.7752 
1552 1763.5230okay. For her it's like,1764.5739 
1554 1764.8247okay.1765.4306 
1556 1765.9844Aw man, the house is gone, grandmother. What happened? You know?1769.2248 
1558 1769.5562The flood took it [away? She like-] Cause she don't know, you know. But1772.7682 
1561 1772.7445Mm.1773.0380 
1562PRV_se0_ag1_f_011774.0746I lived my whole life there until1776.4555
1564 1777.1608I was thirteen, so.1778.2542 
1566 1778.9481I know- [What I] know is what I know.1780.8604 
1568 1780.9077And you lost a lot of your stuff in the [flood?]1782.9431
1569PRV_se0_ag1_f_011782.5455[Yes], um,1783.6910
1570 1784.2522<ts>1784.3895
1572 1784.5031like,1785.0380 
1574 1785.7101when we moved, we g- we gave my grandmother all the photo albums and everything,1789.3028 
1576PRV_se0_ag1_f_011789.6626you know.1790.1690
1578 1790.5788And like,1790.9575 
1580 1791.7291they're gone.1792.5764 
1582PRV_se0_ag1_f_011793.1160<laugh> What we look for? You know, like,1795.2839
1584 1795.7572okay. My grandma's like- I said, well- she said, well I put it out. I was like,1798.4638 
1586 1798.8746it's not gonna be there if you left it there. The [water probably] took it to somebody [else house.]1802.4010 
1589 1801.9324[Yeah.]1802.2684 
1590 1802.5788Yeah.1802.8913
1591PRV_se0_ag1_f_011802.8250But um,1803.5019
1592 1804.4296that's the only thing that makes it bad that we-1806.3041
1594 1806.4839that, you know- that1807.2933 
1596 1807.6294we couldn't-1808.3347 
1598 1808.6688we lost a lot of memories. [You know], just1810.7752 
1600PRV_se0_ag1_f_011811.0970point blank.1811.8828
1602 1813.1229[But-]1813.4070 
1603PRV_int_011813.1466[/Was it-/]1813.5679
1604 1813.7998Did1814.0696
1606 1814.5552a lot-1814.9149 
1608 1815.1327now you see, yeah, your grandparents and-1816.7894 
1610PRV_int_011817.1302and then1817.6082
1611 1817.8686your-1818.2473
1613 1818.3514your mother.1818.9261 
1615PRV_int_011819.1987[And] you-1819.6957
1616PRV_se0_ag1_f_011820.3043My mother, her whole life was in Princeville.1822.1361
1618PRV_se0_ag1_f_011822.6852My mama whole-1823.4378
1619 1823.9301since she was- let's see, twenty? Her late twenties.1826.3868
1621 1826.6120Her whole [life was-]1827.5776 
1622PRV_int_011827.0569[/What's your mom's name] again/?1827.9847
1624PRV_int_011828.4864P- Oh, okay.1829.1254
1625PRV_se0_ag1_f_011829.1633Her [whole life was] in [Princeville.]1830.9005
1626PRV_int_011829.4000[That's /?/.]1830.0106
1628 1830.6117[What's your] s- your sister's name was-1832.3036 
1631PRV_se0_ag1_f_011833.2936Her name is /RD-NAME-2/ [so.]1834.6852
1632PRV_int_011834.4438[And what] does your mom do?1835.3526
1633PRV_se0_ag1_f_011835.9065She works at the Boys and Girls Club1837.5632
1635 1837.7762in um- at Phillip's School.1839.4877 
1637PRV_se0_ag1_f_011840.1645[Phillip] Montest- No, Phillip's1841.7313
1638 1842.0532Magnet School.1842.9478
1640PRV_se0_ag1_f_011843.0851[She works] there and everything but um.1844.7351
1641PRV_int_011845.1942And what is she-1845.7622
1643 1845.8711/okay/, okay so she works with the-1847.7455 
1645 1847.9254What does she do?1848.5076 
1646PRV_se0_ag1_f_011848.8153She's um, a-1850.3489
1648 1851.5019s-1851.6865 
1650 1851.9799staff something?1853.0497 
1652 1853.6840Mm.1853.9917 
1654 1854.1005What is it called?1854.8626 
1656PRV_se0_ag1_f_011855.4259[I can't think of it, but she work]1856.6072
1660 1857.4403just today she drove to- they- they're in Greensboro at the Greensboro Coliseum for the ACC [games.]1862.7500 
1661PRV_int_011862.4510[Oh, okay.] Yeah.1863.2747
1662PRV_se0_ag1_f_011863.3551Cause um, with the Boys and Girls Club,1864.7184
1664 1864.8178certain1865.1822 
1666 1865.4189people were-1866.2851 
1668 1866.6496certain organizations sponsors1868.3063 
1670 1868.7729for the, you know, that's the kids that1870.1125 
1672PRV_se0_ag1_f_011871.2059after school they need somewhere to go.1872.8011
1674PRV_se0_ag1_f_011873.2602You know, either the-1873.8945
1676 1875.0049It used to be for like, for um,1876.4344 
1678 1876.6142low income families, whatever, but now it's for anybody1879.4496 
1680PRV_se0_ag1_f_011879.8661that either they um,1881.0096
1682 1881.1611child is1881.7072 
1684 1881.8332in need of help1882.7704 
1686 1882.9030or1883.2059 
1688PRV_se0_ag1_f_011883.4946[just] need a place to go to interact with kids. [You know, they're] there for 'em.1886.2590
1690PRV_se0_ag1_f_011886.5694So she drove today to Greensboro.1888.9124
1692 1889.0923[<ts> And um], I said I'm not going, but1891.0046 
1694PRV_se0_ag1_f_011891.5111I called her not to long ago, and she was like, they're having a good time.1894.3628
1696PRV_se0_ag1_f_011894.7515Because most kids1895.6934
1698 1895.9159there,1896.3419 
1700 1896.5881they're not used to that.1897.3265 
1702PRV_se0_ag1_f_011897.8215You know, they don't get to go out and go places like that, you know?1899.9894
1704 1900.2403Just to enjoy theyself and um,1901.6650 
1706 1902.1005the kids didn't have to pay anything.1903.5300 
1708 1904.1785Organization /like/ um-1905.6959 
1710 1906.4770Can't think of /another one/ off the top of my head. They ha- actually sponsored- ga- donated money for them to go.1910.4341 
1712PRV_se0_ag1_f_011910.7398[But the] only people that had to pay was the adults and the staff, faculty, but-1913.5940
1714PRV_se0_ag1_f_011913.8544[that was] normal, but1914.6827
1715 1915.3028it's-1915.5517
1716PRV_int_011916.0440So they took some people from here to- to out there?1918.3539
1717PRV_se0_ag1_f_011918.5480I don't know. Um, Princeville Montessori School has a Boys and Girls Club too.1922.0128
1718PRV_int_011921.9986Oh, okay.1922.5288
1719PRV_se0_ag1_f_011922.5126I wouldn't doubt that they [didn't go.] I'm'a ask my mama that. I wouldn't doubt that they didn't go.1926.3135
1721PRV_se0_ag1_f_011926.7490But most times, like, my mama um-1928.5288
1723 1929.0427<ts> If Phillip's Montes- Um, Boys and Girls go somewhere,1931.4284 
1725 1931.6934Princeville Montessori goes somewhere. Um,1933.5016 
1727 1934.0156cause they went to Disney on Ice in Raleigh,1936.1693 
1729PRV_se0_ag1_f_011936.5385and um, she was like, the um- My little cousin is in1939.5111
1731 1939.9371the Boys and Girls Club in Princeville Montessori School,1942.0888 
1733PRV_se0_ag1_f_011942.4864and she was like, she's- hey /RD-NAME-2/, she saw her, you [know, and] um,1945.6152
1735PRV_se0_ag1_f_011946.1264so most of the time, the Princeville- Princeville /Montessori/ Boys and Girls Club1949.9633
1737 1950.3041do go to things.1951.2602 
1739PRV_se0_ag1_f_011951.7288So if they go,1952.4994
1741 1952.7966they go.1953.2605 
1745PRV_se0_ag1_f_011954.3776[it's all] into a big group.1955.8213
1747PRV_se0_ag1_f_011956.1810[It's] all- Princeville- /we in R- we in Raleigh about [every day/, so.]1959.2084
1748PRV_int_011958.3280[Oh, okay.]1959.0948
1749PRV_se0_ag1_f_011959.3125We good.1959.7243
1750PRV_int_011959.8947So tell me a little bit more about your mother. Where does she-1962.1479
1752 1962.3325where does she work-1963.0519 
1754 1963.1703where does she work or [what]1964.4672 
1756PRV_int_011964.9717exactly does she do, [or what does she-]1966.7468
1758PRV_int_011967.1821[She /???/ in her] free time, like tell me-1969.1513
1759PRV_se0_ag1_f_011967.3810um, [/for/ instance like-]1968.3277
1761 1969.0898She's like- she tutors.1970.5930 
1762PRV_int_011970.8865Oh, okay.1971.5397
1763PRV_se0_ag1_f_011971.5019She tutors the kids. Um-1973.1018
1764PRV_int_011973.9017What does she tutor in?1974.8768
1766PRV_int_011975.3833Does she teach there or?1976.5078
1769PRV_se0_ag1_f_011977.3362She just tutor [there. Um,]1978.7562
1773 1979.6934if they have um-1980.9005 
1774PRV_int_011981.2271Tutoring in what subject? Do you know /inaudible/?1983.0475
1775PRV_se0_ag1_f_011983.0427Um, any subject.1984.2687
1777PRV_se0_ag1_f_011984.6805Whatever they have- and they have specific ones in the um-1987.8820
1778 1988.7445in the club that1989.5492
1780 1989.9184only does Math, only [does Language] Arts1992.5455 
1782 1992.5597Mm-hm.1992.8910
1783PRV_se0_ag1_f_011992.8910and English and whatever like that. But [um,]1994.7500
1785PRV_se0_ag1_f_011995.1989like um,1996.0888
1787 1996.2545she- she does the games,1998.1715 
1789 1998.9715um,1999.4780 
1791 2000.1217they have the quiet times2001.2415 
1793 2001.5397when they have to stay on the computer and do the um-2003.5988 
1795 2005.2744She told me this lesson that they got on the internet,2007.3551 
1797 2007.5075/where/ the computer that they have to2008.9172 
1799 2009.6082do2009.8355 
1801 2010.7727thirty to forty five minutes and2012.4700 
1803PRV_se0_ag1_f_012013.1516I can't think of it off the top my /hand/, but2015.1112
1805PRV_se0_ag1_f_012015.7502they have to do it, and uh- They have to reach certain requirements. They have to have a certain number of students to go there2020.7089
1807PRV_se0_ag1_f_012021.1680to keep the-2021.8828
1808 2022.2378the grants funded2023.4638
1810PRV_se0_ag1_f_012023.9466for the Boys and Girls Club.2025.2226
1812 2025.7480And um,2026.3918 
1814 2027.6319you- you have to- like, if they have problems,2030.0176 
1816 2030.3706you should be there for them to talk to them, you know?2032.6379 
1818PRV_se0_ag1_f_012032.9834And like, she see a lot of2034.2047
1820 2034.3372children that don't have um-2036.5552 
1822PRV_se0_ag1_f_012037.4214that they lash out for-2038.6663
1824PRV_se0_ag1_f_012039.4520in need.2040.2047
1826PRV_se0_ag1_f_012040.5502To get love.2041.3454
1828PRV_se0_ag1_f_012041.9162And like I told his lady, just /sitting in/, I was like um-2044.2308
1830 2044.8509Because she work with children like, abused children and everything and she was saying how2048.1122 
1832 2048.6404you um-2049.3788 
1834 2049.9279I /said/ my mother couldn't understand why kids always just come up wanting to get hugs hugs hugs.2053.4590 
1836PRV_se0_ag1_f_012053.8330And like after awhile she started seeing like, s-2055.8616
1837 2056.0793either the parents or just something,2057.4426
1839 2057.7029how they talk,2058.3940 
1841PRV_se0_ag1_f_012058.6307[she] would realize that they just lashing out to get some love because they don't get it at home.2061.6649
1843PRV_se0_ag1_f_012062.3776So you- and she's like, you have to be dedicated.2065.0945
1845PRV_se0_ag1_f_012065.6531And she was like, some children, you can just get mad at- she said /??/- she s- she would say you- you can get mad at them for what they do,2070.6070
1847PRV_se0_ag1_f_012071.0377but you have to think, you don't know what's going through their mind.2073.2841
1850 2074.2166So my mother, she's very- she- she-2076.0863
1852 2076.5029she loves-2077.2460 
1854 2077.7336she love kids to a certain extent. [You know, if they] start acting up, but she was like,2080.8462 
1856PRV_se0_ag1_f_012081.2296a child's a child. That's my mom- that's my mom favorite word.2083.3880
1858 2083.6322A child is a child. They gonna act the way cause they're a [child, you know?]2086.7468 
1860PRV_se0_ag1_f_012087.1018And um, she actually some- um- time, she works with this lady in Tarboro2090.8013
1862 2091.0995help keep the kids and [everything.]2092.6332 
1864PRV_se0_ag1_f_012093.4852Like a little daycare center and um,2094.9431
1866 2095.6058she's very active and everything in um,2098.1456 
1868 2098.8320church-wise anyway. We go to2100.2851 
1870 2100.5549Saint Luke Church of Christ Disciples of Christ Princeville.2102.5856 
1872PRV_se0_ag1_f_012103.1989[Course] /knowing/ you didn't get to see it but um, <ts>2104.8604
1873 2105.0923we have- we have a nice built church now. Like,2107.8566
1875 2108.4132people from um, Tennessee- Tennessee,2111.0639 
1877 2111.3810Texas,2112.2899 
1879PRV_se0_ag1_f_012112.8389and one more place-2114.4956
1881 2114.7067Pennsyl-2115.0811 
1883 2115.3741Penn State came to us- um, [church]2117.4236 
1884PRV_int_012117.2674[Oh] really?2117.8591
1885PRV_se0_ag1_f_012117.9017during the flood. Help um, go around Princeville,2120.5335
1887 2120.6688<ts>2120.7824 
1889 2121.0901um, help clean up and everything.2122.6994 
1891PRV_se0_ag1_f_012122.9834[And they] gave us a nice little concert thing, um,2125.7525
1892 2126.5694<ts>2126.6830
1894 2126.8108as in their- their um,2128.1598 
1896 2128.4344choir from [school?]2129.5663 
1897PRV_int_012129.3905[Okay.] Yeah.2130.3140
1898PRV_se0_ag1_f_012130.2378Um, and it was very nice.2131.7004
1900PRV_se0_ag1_f_012132.1292They- they did a good job. They helped- /I- I didn't think about that./2135.1633
1901 2135.4000They stayed for a whole week too.2136.8863
1903 2137.3691Like they- they would just do anything [if you- if] like,2140.0746 
1907 2141.4094ten of them'll go to um, this part of Princeville.2143.9346 
1909PRV_se0_ag1_f_012144.2022Ten of 'em go to that part.2145.5539
1911PRV_se0_ag1_f_012146.0983And um,2146.4770
1913 2146.6237they- they wasn't- they wont like scornful like, oh I don't want to do that, you [know?]2149.9939 
1915PRV_se0_ag1_f_012150.3857They was there to help.2151.7433
1917PRV_se0_ag1_f_012152.1740And I couldn't- I was like, Penn State? Like,2154.1289
1919 2154.2946Pennsylvania? [That's far up] for [them to-]2155.9513 
1922 2155.6720[<laugh>]2156.2495 
1923PRV_se0_ag1_f_012156.2448for it to just travel that [quick.]2157.7163
1925 2157.8427Yeah.2158.0793
1926PRV_se0_ag1_f_012158.0131Because it was such a disaster that2159.4426
1927 2159.6934everybody- it didn't- it didn't matter where- they was willing to help.2162.3252
1929PRV_se0_ag1_f_012162.8297It didn't matter where, they was willing to help.2164.4107
1931PRV_se0_ag1_f_012164.5527[And um,]2164.9124
1932 2165.3384they stayed there for a whole week. They put on a nice little concert. It was2167.8424
1934 2167.9513great, and2168.4984 
1936 2168.8960it was good to interact with everybody,2170.6900 
1938PRV_se0_ag1_f_012170.9882not just be just one-2172.2662
1939 2172.5123everybody.2172.9999
1941PRV_se0_ag1_f_012173.4496And um,2173.9560
1943 2174.6593<ts> they left and2175.7811 
1945 2176.4817guess some people came to help, but2178.2662 
1947 2178.5691they still got /on mind/ Penn State, students from there.2180.6830 
1949 2182.0367All freshman. All of 'em.2183.2722 
1951 2183.5183The amount of- [I think I was having] /unintelligible/. Yes, so it was good.2186.5930 
1953PRV_se0_ag1_f_012186.7540It was good.2187.1847
1954PRV_int_012188.1030Now you have any other family that's2189.7360
1956 2189.8497stays in Princeville or you know- [you] know [/other people] that [stay there/.] Oh, okay.2193.2552 
1959 2191.4448[Um-]2191.8945 
1961 2192.1927[Mm-hm.]2192.8108 
1962 2193.3693Mm-hm. Like, um,2194.8367
1964 2195.5183some graduates from my high school still stay there,2197.7146 
1967 2199.3220let's see.2199.8095
1969 2200.4202Course half of my family- my family is there2202.9431 
1971 2203.1845on my mother's father's side.2204.8439 
1973PRV_se0_ag1_f_012205.2747All my mother's father's side people is-2207.0176
1974 2207.2059is in Princeville.2208.2189
1975PRV_int_012208.3041Who are they?2208.9573