LineSpeakerSt TimeContentEn Time
3 2.4510i- let people know-3.3732 
5PRV_se0_ag2_f_024.6071help them to know5.5951
7 5.8272some the- the,6.8200 
9 7.1273um, disasters that, uh, people have been through.9.9226 
11PRV_se0_ag2_f_0210.6757Very [important.]11.7142
14PRV_int_0112.8946That's basically [what we're doing.] We're just, um,15.0125
15PRV_se0_ag2_f_0213.4446[<clears throat>]14.0019
16PRV_int_0116.5876uh, we- we do different18.2138
18 18.6960history language projects20.2277 
20 20.3337throughout North Carolina,21.5278 
22 21.9357and just documenting the hi- basically the history of different communities through-25.7245 
24 26.0719through language, and- and doing different history projects for museums and things and-30.1774 
26 31.2363So you saw the video that we did. /We're-/32.9761 
28 33.3873we're gonna do a little video like that for-35.0940 
30 35.6101for Princeville.36.4847 
32 37.3025And, uh,38.0967 
34 38.7680basically, um,40.0256 
36 40.4983it's just gonna be kind of an informal42.4752 
38 42.7400discussion.43.4302 
40 43.7327It's- it's-44.2847 
42 44.4218i- it's, um-45.3779 
44 45.5887we can talk about the flood, but also just about your memories about,48.8601 
46 49.3565uh, what you remember. Now, were you born in Princeville?51.8534 
49PRV_se0_ag2_f_0253.5126But I lived here for55.2619
51 56.9866about eighteen [years, yeah.]58.7783 
54PRV_int_0159.4118[So you moved] here eighteen years ago?61.0605
55 61.8398/If-/62.1045
57 62.2085you moved here eighteen years ago?63.6099 
59PRV_int_0164.0105Okay. And where did you live before that?65.5286
60PRV_se0_ag2_f_0266.0250In Tarboro area.67.1246
61PRV_int_0167.1718In Tarboro?67.8443
63PRV_int_0168.1185[In east] Tarboro?68.9352
64PRV_se0_ag2_f_0269.5025No, uh, on the outskirt of Tarboro, uh, in a mobile park.73.3893
67PRV_int_0174.3687And so it was kind of,75.4775
69 75.5992uh, just outside of Tarboro in like a77.2603 
71 77.6953unincorporated78.5892 
73 78.7546area, /or k-/79.4165 
74PRV_se0_ag2_f_0279.5961It was still in the city [limits.]81.1471
75PRV_int_0180.8304[Oh, in] the city limits. [Okay, okay.]82.5819
77PRV_int_0183.1469So basically, um,84.4710
79 85.0643we're just gonna talk about,86.1752 
81 86.3123you know, what your experience has been with Princeville. And then89.3383 
83 89.5794did you grow up in Tarboro?91.0146 
84PRV_se0_ag2_f_0291.7096In the s-92.2485
86 92.3549s- surrounding area.93.7806 
89PRV_int_0194.4409[Yeah, yeah.]94.9956
90 95.7035And, uh-96.4750
92 96.6948and just what your experience is growing up in the area and your memories of,100.4930 
94 101.3581um, the flood, of-102.6239 
96 102.7587or whatever you can- you know, recall.104.7612 
97PRV_se0_ag2_f_02104.7895You want me to start off with105.9549
99 106.1841when-106.4560 
101 106.5954growing up, [or-]107.6879 
102PRV_int_01107.4752[Yeah], sure, we can do [that. But, uh, you know], just bef- before we off-111.1590
104PRV_int_01111.3387get started officially, you know I just-113.1454
106 113.6418it- basically /would/ be a-115.0837 
108 115.3248you know, just whatever you- feel free to talk about whatever comes118.0155 
110 118.1479to your mind cause118.8653 
112 119.1513not only is it119.9692 
114 120.0968what you remember about the history but just preserving you123.0342 
116 123.3226as a part of the history of the town.125.1379 
118 125.4452This gonna be something that's carried forward through time, you know. So,128.6182 
120 129.0720um,129.5447 
122 130.3059just wanna just basically have a conversation with you. [/inaudible/]133.7909 
125 133.6396[Well see], I was actually raised around in, uh,136.2019 
126 136.4146Speed area.137.4738
128PRV_se0_ag2_f_02137.8423[So] that was like138.5617
129 138.7185eight miles from here.139.7495
131PRV_se0_ag2_f_02140.2199But, you know, just, uh,141.5294
133 142.8795um,143.2837 
135 143.4586re- um,144.0803 
137 144.5166<ts>144.6267 
139 144.7658growing up145.2446 
141 145.3864w- m-145.6134 
143 145.9112in my parents [house,]147.0812 
145PRV_se0_ag2_f_02148.1737we, uh- (breathy)149.2067
147 150.8475well they-151.2588 
149 151.4999you know, back then, you know, you would love to come154.1399 
151 154.2509to town cause we was out in the country, right?156.2739 
153 156.6852And, uh,157.3959 
155 157.5708<clears throat> getting to158.6605 
157 159.5000come to town with my parents, you know, you were glad to see other [people.] (laughing)163.3404 
159 163.3916/?/.163.6393
160PRV_se0_ag2_f_02163.7138And, uh, so a lot of time we had some relatives that live in this area, so,168.1774
162 168.6029you know, just come to visit them, give me a chance to, uh,171.8459 
164 172.2005s-172.5172 
166 172.8340what /we may say/, see what the city was like.174.9858 
168PRV_se0_ag2_f_02175.4408[<laugh>] [So]176.0532
169PRV_int_01176.0365[And] you /mean [by city-/]177.3003
170PRV_se0_ag2_f_02176.6782[the country and city], you know, we called this was a city [back then.]179.9441
171PRV_int_01179.2658[It still wasn't] a city.180.3935
172PRV_se0_ag2_f_02180.4488[Uh-huh, and] uh-181.8332
174PRV_se0_ag2_f_02181.9679and the country was a lot different, you know, cause we184.9727
176 185.2445basically work on the farm.186.5851 
178PRV_se0_ag2_f_02187.2588And, uh- but getting to the city like see a lot of city kid, well you may say,190.5732
180PRV_se0_ag2_f_02191.0483[they did] other thing other than work on the farm, you know. <laugh>194.0459
182PRV_se0_ag2_f_02194.6510You know, they have a, uh, lot of, um,196.6843
184 197.1357things to do like, uh,198.4811 
186 198.8286swimming in the swimming pool. We didn't /have/200.7426 
188 200.9725[s- things] like that.202.2919 
191PRV_int_01204.1552And [about what] time period was this?206.0989
192PRV_se0_ag2_f_02204.3139[/yeah, the-/]204.6471
194PRV_se0_ag2_f_02206.9002Uh, I guess it would be somewhere around the [sixties.]210.1271
196 210.4527And [how old] were you at that time?211.8209
198 212.1377Um,212.7310
200 213.8353somewhere around [ten.]215.4686 
202PRV_se0_ag2_f_02215.7641[Ten.] Uh-huh.216.9345
203PRV_int_01217.2087I'm sorry, we're- if you could,218.4696
205 218.5358uh,218.9647 
207PRV_int_01219.1845[skipped the] important pla-220.2506
208 220.4633part. If you could just tell me221.8040
210 222.1089your full name222.8889 
212 223.0024and the year you were born.224.2103 
213PRV_se0_ag2_f_02224.7023Okay. My name is /RD-NAME-3/226.6414
215 226.7430/RD-NAME-2/227.4244 
217 227.6159/RD-NAME-2/.228.0201 
219PRV_se0_ag2_f_02229.1220And I was230.0698
221 230.3015actually born in Pitt County.232.4056 
223 232.5734[<laugh>]232.9989 
224PRV_int_01232.7460[Pitt County],233.2309
226PRV_int_01233.7766which is234.1666
228 234.3013from [where to] where exactly?235.4610 
230 235.5673um,235.9904
232 237.3784that's towards, uh-238.6690 
234 239.2367well I was born in /RD-ADDRESS-2/ in Pitt county, so that's241.8439 
236 242.2390not too far from Greenville, North [Carolina.]244.3475 
238 244.6430In /RD-ADDRESS-2/.245.2272
240PRV_int_01245.9316Okay, [yeah.]246.5935
241PRV_se0_ag2_f_02246.5249[And], uh, so my247.9266
242 248.1866parents,248.9174
244 250.3830they moved a lot when they were sharecroppers.253.1182 
246PRV_se0_ag2_f_02253.9538And, uh,254.7575
248 255.9015me and my sister, we was born in Pitt- but I ha- have also three brothers, and they was born like in Edgecombe County. [So we was like] back and for-264.4599 
249PRV_int_01262.9140[In what year-]263.5428
250PRV_se0_ag2_f_02264.8381This was-265.4432
251PRV_int_01265.7316You were born what year?266.5447
252PRV_se0_ag2_f_02266.6960uh, January the sixteenth, nineteen [fifty-six.]269.6279
253PRV_int_01269.4246[Okay], [okay.]270.1905
254PRV_se0_ag2_f_02270.1148[Mm-hm.] [<laugh>]271.0361
255PRV_int_01271.0053[So] you- you have two sisters? [Two /brothers/?]273.5091
256PRV_se0_ag2_f_02273.0364[No, one sister.]273.9441
258PRV_se0_ag2_f_02274.5390uh, the both of us was born in Pitt County.276.7530
260PRV_se0_ag2_f_02277.3883And my three brothers, they was born in Edgecombe County.280.2733
262PRV_se0_ag2_f_02280.7744And my parents were also born in Edgecombe, so282.9372
264 283.4387this is-283.8878 
266 284.2707basically they-285.2753 
268 285.7268where they was born.286.4434 
270PRV_se0_ag2_f_02287.3145Area they was born in- around in Speed [area.]289.7670
272 290.3603Mm.290.6111
273PRV_se0_ag2_f_02290.6111And, uh- but they was like back and forth [sometimes.] I don't know why they did that, but I guess296.0611
277 297.4329they were sharecroppers, you [know], and, uh,299.6359 
281 301.3237certain times, I guess302.8940 
283 303.2911their particular sharecropper had 'em doing certain thing then [maybe they]306.8698 
285PRV_se0_ag2_f_02307.3378had do other things, and308.7372
287 309.0297working with the other people. (laughing)310.2652 
288PRV_int_01310.2912Okay, [so they moved-]311.8406
289PRV_se0_ag2_f_02310.7789[But then actually, e-] uh-huh?312.3039
290PRV_int_01312.3181so they would move a lot?313.3014
292PRV_int_01313.9176[Okay], [from] Speed, which is316.1893
294PRV_int_01316.4068right off the side of T- Tarboro-317.8865
296 318.0236right outside of [Tarboro.]319.0274 
297PRV_se0_ag2_f_02318.6398[Uh-huh, about] eight miles from Tarboro.320.0310
298PRV_int_01320.0759And- and then go up where now? Back to-322.1359
300PRV_int_01323.0027[back to /??/.]323.6740
301PRV_se0_ag2_f_02323.0482[but it was like] twice they had done that.325.1078
302PRV_int_01325.5216How far is that from here?326.6657
303PRV_se0_ag2_f_02327.4268Which [place?]328.2447
305PRV_se0_ag2_f_02328.7685Okay. /RD-ADDRESS-2/ about330.1064
307 331.2130<ts> <ts>331.4731 
309 332.5131I g-332.9008 
311 333.5815I guess between ten and twelve [miles.]336.1749 
313PRV_se0_ag2_f_02336.6465Cause you would run right straight through it from,338.4950
315 339.5122uh, sixty-four340.5191 
317 340.8690would run you right to, uh, /RD-ADDRESS-2/.342.5851 
318PRV_int_01342.6796Okay, and then Pitt-343.6535
320 343.9844is Pitt County- how do you spell that?345.6257 
321PRV_se0_ag2_f_02346.3253P-I-T-T, Pitt.347.4652
322PRV_int_01347.4877Oh, Pitt.347.9167
323PRV_se0_ag2_f_02347.9273[Pitt County.]348.7080
324PRV_int_01348.1514[And that's right] outside of Edgecombe-349.9658
325 350.0462right next to [Edgecombe.] Okay351.0774
327 351.1070Uh-huh.351.4748
329 351.6899Uh, yeah.352.0137 
330PRV_int_01352.4055So then your parents were sharecroppers.354.5082
332 354.6940[Or your-] your- [yeah.]355.6773 
333PRV_se0_ag2_f_02354.7147[<ts> M-]354.9617
335 355.5213[They started] as [sharecroppers, and], um-357.7612 
337PRV_se0_ag2_f_02358.2778but the last time we moved359.6559
339 360.5262back, after my sister was born, from, uh,363.6451 
341 364.4764Pitt.364.8664 
343PRV_se0_ag2_f_02365.5188[Well] I guess they did that about three time, because it's two brothers are older than I am, [so they was] born in Edgecombe.370.2502
345PRV_se0_ag2_f_02370.6860And then they moved to /RD-ADDRESS-2/,372.3607
347 372.6113so that's when me and my sister was born.374.4715 
349PRV_se0_ag2_f_02375.1834Then after my sister was- some time after she was born, then we moved back379.2873
351 379.7388to Edgecombe where my youngest brother was [born.] (laughing)382.5922 
352PRV_int_01382.0958[/Mm, Okay./]382.5544
353PRV_se0_ag2_f_02383.0011So, um-384.1220
355 384.2283<clears throat>384.6373 
357 385.1384so in the sixties, I guess it was in the late sixties, that's when they stopped sharecropping, started getting, uh,391.0698 
359 392.3734other [jobs.]393.4049 
362 394.6601and, uh-395.2433
364 395.6060and that was exciting, you know. <laugh> [Coming] off the farm, (laughing)398.5467 
366 398.7027[/inaudible/]399.2605
367PRV_se0_ag2_f_02398.8256[which- even] though we still lived in the farm area.401.2886
369PRV_se0_ag2_f_02401.7228And, um, my, uh,402.9299
371 403.3128dad, he started being a custodian, and, um,405.8562 
373 406.7922a f- um,407.5479 
375 407.6873<ts> p- t- with m-409.0100 
377 409.2858/RD-SCHOOL-3/ School. It was a high school.411.0634 
379PRV_se0_ag2_f_02411.8670Cause back then it was segregated.413.2758
382 414.4085<clears throat>414.7630
383PRV_int_01414.9805Well that- now let's-415.7952
385 416.1852let's not get too quick into [history now.] (laughing)418.5939 
387PRV_int_01419.0127[You-] you moved over to Speed, when a- and when you were real little, right?422.5408
388PRV_se0_ag2_f_02422.7464Yeah, I was-423.6045
390 424.1769let's see, I was about in the425.9946 
392 427.0878fifth grade, so I guess I was about ten or eleven429.6273 
395 430.7336[And so after you- so] you moved432.0242 
396PRV_se0_ag2_f_02430.8612[when we moved.]431.5136
397PRV_int_01432.1329from /RD-ADDRESS-2/ to /RD-ADDRESS-1/, about ten, eleven.434.2705
399PRV_int_01435.0222[And] now you had been on the farm436.7194
400 437.1732your whole life?438.0242
402PRV_int_01438.7758Yeah. What was the farm life439.9624
404 440.1058like?440.4179 
405PRV_se0_ag2_f_02441.1766I hated [it. (laughing)]442.8707
407PRV_se0_ag2_f_02443.1212I hate it. I- I know when I was,445.3904
409 445.8584um-446.4541 
411 446.8095like when I was about eight years old,449.0030 
413 449.7405that's when, um,450.7096 
415 452.2335my, uh, brothers they was old enough to work, my two oldest brother,455.7263 
417PRV_se0_ag2_f_02456.1794and they had to,457.4322
419 457.5267you know, picking cucumbers and putting in tobacco and stuff [like-]460.4713 
421PRV_se0_ag2_f_02461.0314So I really had to, uh,462.6576
423 462.9744look out for the younger ones, [and]464.7535 
425PRV_se0_ag2_f_02465.0789make sure the466.0953
427 466.5325house was clean and467.8089 
429PRV_se0_ag2_f_02468.2876/what I would c-/468.8882
431 469.1090/whate- what/ I could cook, I470.4421 
433 470.7118did it, so I really started471.9766 
435 472.0475when I was about eight years old.473.3476 
437 474.0940And, uh,474.9733 
439 475.2286back then, that's when you used to wash clothes in the477.5356 
441 477.7909tub and then478.6899 
443 479.1674rub it on the rub board. I had to stand on a bucket to do that. (laughing)483.1195 
445PRV_se0_ag2_f_02483.8949And, uh,484.5623
447 484.7986<clears throat>485.3470 
449 486.1223[<ts>]486.2452 
450PRV_int_01486.1613[When-] y- what are- [what are]487.6777
451PRV_se0_ag2_f_02487.0915[but, uh], [huh?]488.1882
452PRV_int_01487.8762[some of] the things you remember from that time? You- what types of things did you grow?491.3632
454PRV_int_01492.7334[You know] /did/ grow on the farm, [kind of /inaudible/.]495.0740
455PRV_se0_ag2_f_02494.1248[uh, yeah, we had a] garden.495.6518
457PRV_se0_ag2_f_02496.2146[Uh], we used to grow, um,497.7224
458 498.1290butter beans,499.2362
460 499.4679the whole wo- cabbages. We-501.2217 
462 501.5952we basically ate f-502.5691 
464 502.6967of the farm because,503.9842 
466 504.3860you know, um,505.3221 
468 505.6900store was-506.6923 
470 507.3068wasn't as close as they were now.509.1695 
472PRV_se0_ag2_f_02509.7313So you had to come510.7146
474 510.8659into town. So town was512.4051 
476 512.8400like a good ways from where you stayed at.514.9016 
477PRV_int_01515.2621How far was- now [town-]516.5208
479PRV_int_01516.5875[town was] Princeville or Tarboro or both [or-]518.8455
480PRV_se0_ag2_f_02518.5741[Okay], using, um,520.2051
481 522.3338Speed f-522.9240
483 523.0705I say Speed for example [cause that's]525.2657 
487 526.7529well I could use /RD-ADDRESS-2/ cause I was about eight years old then.529.8919 
488PRV_int_01530.2560[/Well/ /??/ Speed?]531.4142
489PRV_se0_ag2_f_02530.3836[when I actually started]531.6472
490 531.8269d- knowing things and doing [things.]533.8644
494 536.2656and, uh, once I would537.8210 
495PRV_int_01538.8165[Now how far was-]539.5871
496PRV_se0_ag2_f_02538.8567[finish cleaning] the house- huh?540.3175
497PRV_int_01540.4428I'm sorry. How far was Speed541.9914
499 542.2467to- what-542.7975 
501 543.1520what would it take to get from Speed to say, Princeville to do some shopping?546.5633 
503 546.9235/?/.547.1006 
504PRV_se0_ag2_f_02547.7393Okay, from Speed to-549.2231
506 549.4311well, eight miles,550.2147 
507PRV_int_01550.3589[Yeah, /oh/.]551.0869
508PRV_se0_ag2_f_02550.6780[eight mile.]551.1697
510PRV_se0_ag2_f_02551.7842And, um,552.4725
512 553.0469basically you had to go into Tarboro though, [because], you know, s-555.6758 
514PRV_se0_ag2_f_02556.1107Speed r- I mean,557.3655
516 557.4344Princeville really didn't have /?/ many stores,559.8307 
518 559.9276you know, not560.3933 
520 560.5493shopping.561.2749 
522PRV_se0_ag2_f_02561.8399They had little convenience store, like [that.]564.0707
524PRV_se0_ag2_f_02564.6519But basically we had to go into Tarboro,566.5997
526PRV_se0_ag2_f_02567.0961[uh, to find /shopping/.]568.2488
527PRV_int_01567.2832[And that was-]567.8767
528 568.5764and so you-569.2893
530 569.3814y-569.4565 
532 569.6125how would- how would you get over to Tarboro?571.7251 
533PRV_se0_ag2_f_02572.2593Well my dad always had a [car.]573.8517
535PRV_se0_ag2_f_02574.3244Uh-huh, h-574.7751
537 575.1344he always had a car, um,576.7796 
539 577.6305<ts> that we would use to ride in.579.1008 
541 579.7304And, uh-580.4537 
543 581.3235but s- you know, still,582.4089 
545 582.5365by the income they was making, and then584.8341 
547 585.1934st- uh,585.8269 
549 586.8149they was working like587.8786 
551 588.4704six days a [week],589.8141 
553PRV_se0_ag2_f_02590.3129you know, so590.9416
555 591.3222on Saturday evenings,592.6500 
557 593.4311uh, they would594.5066 
559 594.8647get off work a little early596.1080 
561 596.2924what you might say, the boss man was letting 'em g- get off of work a little bit early. And see back then600.7749 
563 601.7771they would pay 'em a little603.3655 
565 603.9431something each week, and it was no more than about fifteen dollars a week,607.8007 
567 608.2215and then /settle up tie/ at the end of the year.610.4726 
569 611.6261That's when, um-612.6425 
571 614.8124after they sell the tobacco,616.5577 
573 617.0068that's when they get like a-618.2596 
575 619.4036a lump sum,620.3964 
577 621.0157what they-621.5413 
579 623.4417the boss felt like it was worth, what625.3705 
581 625.4934they worked for the year.626.6722 
583PRV_se0_ag2_f_02627.4120But they still deduct what they gave them (laughing)629.7793
585PRV_se0_ag2_f_02630.4609at- for what they use up632.0399
587 632.4748through the year, you see [what I'm saying.] But634.2665 
588PRV_int_01633.2832[Mm-hm, mm-hm.]634.0680
589PRV_se0_ag2_f_02634.5218they was worth more than what they got, [but]636.2560
591PRV_int_03637.3327Did [they sometimes]638.2309
593PRV_int_03639.0929give out more than they-640.1247
594PRV_se0_ag2_f_02641.2751They- they worked more than what643.0065
596 643.5974they got.644.1364 
599PRV_int_03646.0398But you said that at the end of the year they would give them a lump sum,648.6297
601 648.8424but did they sometimes give [them the right] [amount] throughout the year, did they have to give them back?652.5582 
602PRV_se0_ag2_f_02650.0101[Well they t-]650.4545
604 650.5963[they s-]650.8658 
605 653.7551Uh, well,654.5872
607 654.9512like I said, they worked through the year but still at the end of the week,658.6347 
609 659.1878um,659.7977 
611 659.9170it was just like,660.7621 
613 662.5254uh, the boss would say that664.0949 
615 665.2540um, this is a loan to you,667.0835 
617 667.3912get- pay at the end of the year,669.1310 
619PRV_se0_ag2_f_02669.7266you know.670.2750
620PRV_int_03670.8545So they didn't get much at the end of the year cause they had [to-]673.2742
622PRV_int_01673.7202cause they [had to /??/.]674.4774
623PRV_se0_ag2_f_02673.9795[cause after-]674.5586
624 675.0030cause they had to use-675.7409
626 675.9111they had to use what676.8022 
628 676.9771they could get from-677.9699 
630 678.2902through the week to, uh, [survive.]680.4664 
634 681.9418you know, other thing other than what we ate from the farm, what we grew on685.7793 
636 686.0102in the garden.686.7902 
638 687.2809<clears throat>687.6237 
640 688.7265We had hardship, um,689.8956 
642 689.9925it's-690.3211 
644 690.4015i-690.6047 
646PRV_se0_ag2_f_02690.8482[that's] why I hated it, and I remember when I was in the693.8196
647 694.5571second grade, that's when I made up my mind that I would697.8577
649 699.3327go to college.700.2735 
651PRV_se0_ag2_f_02701.3002Cause I wanted to better myself, and, uh,703.1628
653 703.8719do more than what I was doing.705.4745 
655PRV_se0_ag2_f_02706.4153I hated farm life.707.5250
657PRV_se0_ag2_f_02708.4489And, uh,709.0210
658PRV_int_01709.4701What i- what- what are s- some things, not to bring it back, but (laughing)712.9362
660 713.0874what are some things that you remember you didn't like about it-715.8577 
662 716.5290about farm life, or work that was really hard about- about that life?719.8675 
663PRV_se0_ag2_f_02720.0140Everyth- we did everything that you can to a farm. Um,723.3705
665 724.6800<exhale> we, um,726.0046 
667 727.1439picked cucumbers. I mean, they seemed like they had fields and fields of cucumbers731.4412 
669 732.0424then732.5340 
671 732.6617peanuts.733.5646 
673 733.9523We had to shake peanuts and put 'em on a stack back then.737.1053 
675PRV_se0_ag2_f_02737.8956You stayed dirty all the time.739.8875
677 740.9039Um,741.4759 
679 741.6461<clears throat> it wasn't742.3410 
681 742.5018any bathroom. It was743.9215 
683 744.1283outside [toilets.]745.4257 
685PRV_se0_ag2_f_02746.0473So you had to, um,747.3714
687 747.8394use pump water [to], um,749.7888 
689PRV_se0_ag2_f_02750.6492fill tubs,751.6703
691PRV_se0_ag2_f_02752.1620take into the house. And you warm your water up on our stove or the heater.755.9306
693PRV_se0_ag2_f_02756.9754<clears throat>757.7790
695 758.4899And, uh, then after the760.1617 
697 760.6258peanuts would, um,762.0440 
699 762.2190get dried out,763.2005 
701 763.7648a lot of time we had to take764.9893 
703 765.3958big bags and bags of peanut to the house767.8853 
705 768.3958and shell them all.769.6164 
707PRV_se0_ag2_f_02770.5713And, uh-771.3201
709 772.7400<ts>772.8604 
711 774.4100and your fingers would be hurting776.3538 
713 776.7606from shelling so many peanuts.778.7745 
715 779.5496Then when it time for the season for tobacco,782.1742 
717 783.9186you did some of everything to tobacco, you had to have a tobacco bed.787.4217 
719 787.9409<ts>788.0475 
721 788.3256Then you have to, um,789.5784 
723 790.2450pull the plants from the tobacco bed and set-792.9160 
725 793.3982set out the tobacco. And then when795.5359 
727 795.6966t- some of the plants die-797.1208 
729 797.3004died, you had to replant them.799.3131 
731PRV_se0_ag2_f_02800.4155When they grow a certain length,802.0417
733 802.6232then you had the sucker tobacco, and all [that do-]805.3699 
734PRV_int_01804.9680[Which is what] now?805.6090
737 806.7200That pull the sucker out of [tobacco.]808.6137 
738PRV_int_01808.4341[Oh], okay. What is that?809.3938
739PRV_se0_ag2_f_02810.1029<clears throat>810.8167
741 811.0342It was,811.6374 
743 811.8407um-812.2905 
745 813.9519what's the best way to /describe/ it?815.4269 
747 816.6182It was unwanted tobacco. I'll say it [that] way. [It was unwanted] tobacco that grows up on the [leaves.]822.2825 
750 819.0556[Okay.]819.5189 
752 822.1833[Okay.]822.6371 
753PRV_se0_ag2_f_02823.5428And every time you would pull /one off/, break off the top suckers.826.9986
754PRV_int_01827.8835Kind of like shucking corn almost, like it's- parts [are /??/.]830.9233
755PRV_se0_ag2_f_02830.4789[No it's] dif- entirely different [from shucking corn.]833.0704
758 832.6055[<laugh>]833.2756 
761 834.8432<laugh>835.4625 
763 835.7981it was like the-836.7862 
765 837.8053I could /describe-/ it was like839.0250 
767 839.7625the flower part of the tobacco, but they used to call it sucker.842.7889 
769PRV_se0_ag2_f_02843.6730That'a what I-844.4010
771PRV_se0_ag2_f_02844.9258That's how /it was brought up in/,846.3487
774 845.5954[pull it up.]846.2762 
776PRV_int_01847.0559[Were] there any other terms that you remember from-849.0253
777 849.2759from farming, like specific things or851.5025
779 851.8571terms [/that you used/.]852.7931 
780PRV_se0_ag2_f_02852.6938[It] was hard for us to go to school like we wanted to.855.3535
781PRV_int_01855.5047Mm-hm, I was gonna say, did you go to school during that time?858.0509
782PRV_se0_ag2_f_02858.7080A lot of times859.6929
784 859.8300I had to stay home, but-861.1707 
786 861.6493and I used to cry862.7378 
788PRV_se0_ag2_f_02863.3985cause I wanted to go to school.864.8089
790 865.6173And, uh, if you don't mind saying this, I say seen a lot of time when869.4174 
792 869.7200the white kids was going to [school, /but] y'all/ had to stay home because we was the main ones that have to run the farm.875.8476 
794 875.8760Mm-hm.876.2920
796 876.6365Mm-hm.876.9427 
797PRV_se0_ag2_f_02877.1335And I used to s-878.0790
799 878.3020say, well,879.1435 
801 879.4981if this supposed to be sharecropping, why are we doing all the work?882.3487 
803PRV_se0_ag2_f_02883.8662It was only the black ones doing all the [work.]886.2970
805PRV_se0_ag2_f_02887.3181And, um,888.1833
806PRV_int_01888.4858So you- /so you- the-/ you were on a bigger f- a larger farm?891.4055
810PRV_int_01892.9778[So] there were other farmers there894.6135
811 894.9728and the [white kids] were the-896.2460
815 896.7889the897.0710 
817 897.2814kids of the owners of the whole- of the farm.899.6349 
819 900.4906Is that- who were the white kids that you saw going to school?902.8599 
820PRV_se0_ag2_f_02903.0868Well, it's supposed be sharecroppers, right?904.9890
822PRV_se0_ag2_f_02905.7414And, um,906.4205
823PRV_int_01906.4938[No other sharecroppers?]907.6639
824PRV_se0_ag2_f_02906.5482[like I said, the- the-]907.4511
825 907.9522Uh, you had the- the-909.2608
827 909.4747what- what-910.0325 
829 910.1507the ones that we call our boss man, he own this, uh, whole farm.913.2764 
831PRV_se0_ag2_f_02913.5175[It's] just one family- white family that owns this whole farm, /which/916.8059
833PRV_se0_ag2_f_02917.2172[a lot] of different918.2336
834 918.5409black918.9995
836 919.2027neighbors work on this [farm.]920.9149 
838 921.3924You remember the name of that farm, or the- [the-]923.7514
839PRV_se0_ag2_f_02923.6332[It] was the /RD-NAME-3/ Farm.925.5006
841PRV_se0_ag2_f_02926.0915That one up when- that's when we was staying in /RD-ADDRESS-2/.928.5398
844 929.1449And the one in Speed?930.1188 
845PRV_se0_ag2_f_02931.1730It was, um,932.0862
847 933.7976mm,934.1710 
849 934.6627[/RD-NAME-4/.]935.9297 
851PRV_se0_ag2_f_02936.6699/RD-NAME-4/ [Farm.]937.8896
852PRV_int_01937.6816[So their] kids would go to school, but then you would have to stay.940.2999
853PRV_se0_ag2_f_02940.5398Yeah, a lot of- a lot of those black kids [/they really/] had to stay and work on the farm.944.4805
857 945.9224they even had a law back then that, uh,948.5092 
859 948.9536we had to make sure we put in-950.4238 
861 950.8769put in the t- all the tobacco before we go to school because954.3609 
863 954.4424c- school really didn't955.3282 
865 955.6875open for us til about,957.2681 
867 957.6557uh, in September, about the middle of September.960.0053 
869PRV_se0_ag2_f_02961.0367And, which as-962.1949
871 962.7102a lot of kids were going back to s- well,964.4027 
873 965.3576like I said, the whites were going to school earlier,967.5870 
874PRV_int_01968.5278So [there was a] law that said969.7787
875PRV_se0_ag2_f_02968.6299[and, uh],969.0648
876PRV_int_01969.9677what now?970.4641
877PRV_se0_ag2_f_02971.3340Well that's- that's [the way they-]973.0812
879PRV_se0_ag2_f_02973.3932that's the way they have974.5325
881 974.7122at our school, that, uh,976.1872 
883 976.7269we didn't start school /at/ a certain time. It was like the fifteenth of [September.]980.8351 
885PRV_se0_ag2_f_02981.4666And, [um],982.1852
886PRV_int_01982.0765[So] they wouldn't start983.0882
887 983.3671[the school year] until they knew the farming was985.5776
889PRV_int_01985.8140done- after the farming season.987.0998
892PRV_se0_ag2_f_02987.7806[When] really all the farming was done, but mainly they wanted to get that tobacco in [before] a certain time.993.0006
894 993.0620Okay.993.4733
897 994.7903Cause see, not only you j- ha- after you finish997.0481 
899 997.3270/settling/ tobacco, then you got to999.1897 
901 999.6107break the tobacco with a mill1001.2962 
903 1001.5420mostly,1002.1424 
905 1002.4931break the tobacco and the womens /loop/ it up1004.5070 
907 1005.2681on- on-1005.9347 
909 1006.3743had to loop it,1007.0645 
911 1007.3498[loop] it on sticks1008.9792 
913 1009.0434Okay.1009.4358
916 1010.6311[And, uh],1011.1594 
917PRV_int_011010.7398[Forgive my] ignorance. [<laugh>]1012.9274
918PRV_se0_ag2_f_021012.1048[Oh, I- I mean, you] [young, and you may not underst-]1014.5253
919PRV_int_011013.3198[/I've never seen/ /inaudible/] (laughing)1014.9697
920PRV_se0_ag2_f_021014.8137[know] what I'm talking about.1015.8167
921 1016.2422But, uh,1016.7670
923 1016.9513we had to loop1017.5565 
925 1017.9299to- tobacco- tobacco sticks1019.6224 
927 1019.7027with1019.8714 
929 1020.1278twine.1020.6445 
931 1020.9961We had to tie the tobacco in1023.0242 
933 1023.4591and put it on1024.2873 
935 1024.5142tobacco sticks.1025.6961 
937 1026.0506Then we had to hang 'em up in this barn, to cure.1028.9249 
939 1029.0447That's how it was back then.1030.1391 
941 1030.7903Um,1031.2394 
943 1032.3551after they cure1033.3790 
945 1033.7478then we had to take it out of the barn1035.6199 
947 1036.0879and put it in what you call a pint house,1038.0809 
949PRV_se0_ag2_f_021039.1285so that we can tie all of it up before it go to market.1042.1162
952 1042.8417[Okay.]1043.1846 
953PRV_se0_ag2_f_021042.9822[And you] smelling all this tobacco, it1045.0670
954 1045.3223making you sick.1046.1685
956 1047.6057Uh, and handling all that tobacco is,1049.4644 
958 1049.6062you know.1050.0081 
960PRV_se0_ag2_f_021050.6416And then some of it we had to shee- sheet it up.1052.8398
962PRV_se0_ag2_f_021054.5709And then, like I said, after we do all that,1056.5943
964 1056.7605and1056.9669 
966 1057.5256we get it ready for market, then we could go to school.1060.1872 
968PRV_se0_ag2_f_021061.0220But still we had1062.1188
970 1062.4071other1062.8137 
972 1064.5184things that we had to do on the farm1066.3101 
974PRV_se0_ag2_f_021066.7033to stop s-1067.3510
976 1067.4691you know, to1067.8946 
978 1068.0175not to go to school everyday like,1069.6580 
980 1070.2725after that,1071.0951 
982 1071.3268that's when we had to pick cotton.1072.8404 
984 1074.4714And, uh, I used to hate cotton.1076.1354 
986PRV_se0_ag2_f_021077.1046I said who ever named1078.3393
988 1078.5946picking cotton by the pound. You know how light cotton [is?]1081.8660 
990PRV_se0_ag2_f_021082.4900And you had to pick it by the [pound.]1084.3345
992PRV_se0_ag2_f_021084.7269And then they used to weigh it on this, uh-1086.6463
994 1087.6721<ts>1087.8092 
996 1088.0172on this, uh,1088.7169 
998 1089.2038cotton-1089.8184 
1000 1091.6819this cotton gin thing.1092.9110 
1002 1093.7856It made li- I call it1094.7595 
1004 1094.8776made like a -1095.4969 
1006 1095.6908a- a giraffe1096.8754 
1008 1097.1591to weigh the-1097.6555 
1010 1098.0147they use to weigh it, put some weight on1099.9227 
1012 1100.2111some poles. That's all it [was. Put some] weight on some poles to, uh-1103.8256 
1014PRV_se0_ag2_f_021104.3929so that1105.1304
1016 1105.6891they could pay us less,1107.1783 
1018PRV_se0_ag2_f_021107.5208[but they] was getting a lot more for they money.1109.5231
1021 1110.2606So they had [/??/]1111.2136 
1022PRV_se0_ag2_f_021110.9583[The boss] people, I'm saying [they got] more for your money.1113.5868
1024 1113.6936Oh.1113.9772
1025PRV_se0_ag2_f_021114.0103Money, but1114.6721
1027 1114.9605they would never show1115.8966 
1029 1116.0857no receipts,1117.1493 
1032 1118.2091Okay.1118.5637 
1033PRV_se0_ag2_f_021118.8473uh, how much1120.0718
1035 1120.5540we had worked1121.4144 
1037 1122.0195that day for.1122.9366 
1039PRV_se0_ag2_f_021123.5634Well to b-1124.1307
1041 1124.2489uh, well cotton.1125.0904 
1043 1125.4402You had to1125.8307 
1045 1126.3270pulled it out of bud of the cotton ball.1128.6435 
1047PRV_se0_ag2_f_021129.8073It stresses your hand. When you get ready to take a bath,1132.5776
1049 1132.9463it [burns]1134.3362 
1051PRV_se0_ag2_f_021134.5395so bad.1135.3999
1052PRV_int_011135.9822[The water-]1136.5070
1053PRV_se0_ag2_f_021136.0909[And then y-]1136.6204
1054 1136.9183yeah, the water would burn your hands so bad from picking1139.4758
1055PRV_int_011140.1613Oh, [yeah, yeah.]1141.1541
1057 1141.9586/So/1142.3793
1059 1143.0884I've- from eight on up til /they say/ when we stop farming, I think I was like1147.5256 
1061 1148.6082[thirteen],1149.5159 
1063 1150.0765[Okay.]1150.3459
1065 1150.9085thirteen or fourteen.1152.0100
1066PRV_int_011152.7711And did you-1153.3251
1068 1153.4669s- so basically you went to school1155.3012 
1070PRV_int_011156.5870full time, or1157.4333
1072 1157.8398was it [/inaudible/]1158.9205 
1073PRV_se0_ag2_f_021158.1329[Well like I said, any] time work have to be done on the farm1160.6696
1074 1161.0526we had to stay out.1162.0595
1076 1162.4055And I used to cry my mom and dad, why we had to stay out,1165.1568 
1078 1165.4830it's cause we have to1166.4238 
1080 1166.5751work.1166.8871 
1082PRV_se0_ag2_f_021167.5253We had to work.1168.7364
1083PRV_int_011168.7931And that was all the way up til when you were thirteen. Your- your [dad-]1171.1616
1084PRV_se0_ag2_f_021171.0528[Yeah], [about thirteen],1172.1071
1085PRV_int_011171.4878[you pulled out of school.]1172.4049
1088 1173.5820[Excuse me.]1174.1210 
1089PRV_int_011173.7320[/You get-/]1174.0982
1090 1174.8008[Up until you were thirteen],1176.1212
1091PRV_se0_ag2_f_021174.8410[Yeah, a-]1175.3982
1093 1175.5401[I mean, I missed a] lot of days [from school], and I believe I coulda had1178.7642 
1095PRV_se0_ag2_f_021179.1188gotten a better grade1180.5405
1097 1180.8309and, uh,1181.3840 
1098PRV_int_011182.0743How much time would you miss?1183.5256
1100PRV_int_011184.6463From school, what's the longest time you've been pulled out?1186.8045
1101PRV_se0_ag2_f_021187.6129Well sometime two or three times-1189.3062
1103 1189.5189days a [week.]1190.5495 
1106PRV_int_011192.2455Wow. (whispered)1192.5292
1107PRV_se0_ag2_f_021192.5906And, um-1193.3565
1109 1195.4159<ts>1195.6020 
1111 1195.7155and then a lot of time, when we got out of school, we had to, uh,1198.5042 
1113 1198.9958take off our school clothes1200.8443 
1115PRV_se0_ag2_f_021201.3143well they called school- your best [clothes,]1203.0985
1117PRV_se0_ag2_f_021203.6552and put on your work [clothes], and, um,1205.8629
1119PRV_se0_ag2_f_021206.2959and go b- out in the field to [work.]1208.1802
1120PRV_int_011207.8587[Right after] school.1208.4875
1121PRV_se0_ag2_f_021208.8420And then,1209.4078
1123 1209.5626knowing that we had homework to do.1211.5062 
1125 1212.5970So1213.0887 
1127 1213.8412when we come from the field,1215.0987 
1129 1215.4533we'll work until dark.1216.9330 
1131 1217.2119You know, /then-/ and-1218.2756 
1133 1219.2758and a lot of days, you know,1220.7461 
1135 1221.4363when,1221.9138 
1137 1222.1360uh,1222.5859 
1139 1223.1910daylight stay until about eight, nine o'clock, and then you gotta come home and try to-1227.4079 
1141 1228.5859<exhale> try to, um,1230.0940 
1143 1230.3540get your homework, and1231.7864 
1145 1232.5475clean yourself up, and go to bed. By the time you do all that, it time to get up again.1237.0792 
1147PRV_se0_ag2_f_021237.6143And, uh,1238.1958
1149 1238.7914a lot of time when they pull you out from school, you1241.3537 
1151 1241.7461you have to be up by five, five [thirty.]1244.0965 
1153 1244.8387Mm.1245.1413
1156 1247.3395And a- so you that you could be in the field by six.1250.4774 
1159 1252.0631/??/ going to school, were you1253.3896 
1161 1254.5025getting up a little bit later, or1255.9058 
1163 1256.8926what time would you have to go to school1258.3771 
1165 1258.6285if you were going to [school?]1259.6827 
1166PRV_se0_ag2_f_021259.5834[If] I was going to school, we have to, uh,1261.5737
1167 1262.3773um,1262.7934
1169 1263.2803get up, be on the bus by seven,1265.1107 
1171 1265.9285yeah,1266.2878 
1173 1267.0158[about seven.]1267.5906 
1175PRV_int_011268.1012uh, someone said something about a law about-1270.2286
1177 1271.3112there was no law that said that the kids had to go to school1273.9802 
1179 1274.3253til a cer-1274.9021 
1181 1275.3134til after a certain time.1276.7466 
1183 1277.3470Was it- was it-1278.4249 
1184PRV_se0_ag2_f_021279.5595[It was] basically in-1281.0250
1186PRV_se0_ag2_f_021281.3276like I said, a certain time was when-1283.3659
1188 1283.9096when getting that tobacco in, and- and y- and w- they started school back1288.6777 
1190PRV_se0_ag2_f_021289.3140uh, um, s-1290.3257
1192 1290.4809the middle of September, but1292.1485 
1194 1293.1508get there in the mornings, it's1294.6494 
1196 1294.9141school s-1295.4842 
1198 1295.6355you- uh, the bus would come about seven.1297.6439 
1201PRV_int_011299.5668So what types of things would you do on the farm? Were there any like-1302.1724
1203 1303.0754I know you sound like you just worked everyday,1305.2453 
1205 1305.7086was there any time when you had time off, or1307.7753 
1207 1307.9597you would play with other kids or any games you would play when you were young1311.2124 
1208PRV_se0_ag2_f_021311.2550Uh, yeah, sometime when we1312.9561
1210 1313.4099weren't working, uh, we played with1315.6508 
1212 1316.6861neighbors, you know, sometime you-1317.9255 
1214 1318.1713back then you had to walk so far.1320.1947 
1216PRV_se0_ag2_f_021320.5682[You see] a few houses,1321.9060
1217 1322.1566but it was1322.7143
1219 1322.7887much distant than they are now.1324.6602 
1221 1325.8602And, uh,1326.6143 
1223 1326.7372but when we did, we had good time, but it was basically on Sundays.1330.5988 
1225PRV_se0_ag2_f_021331.7428Uh-huh, a- and most time it be after church1334.3323
1227PRV_se0_ag2_f_021334.4280[because] chur-1335.1094
1228 1335.5235church was a big thing back then. We-1337.2514
1230PRV_se0_ag2_f_021337.8848you could go in the s-1339.0917
1232 1339.2052meet a lot of people. I-1340.4995 
1234 1340.8234I loved to go to church back then, where you1342.7219 
1236 1343.1663meet some1343.6906 
1238 1343.7805other kids and different people.1345.7961 
1239PRV_int_011345.9975Where did you go to church [at?]1347.0446
1241 1347.8733/RD-ADDRESS-3/ in Speed.1349.4830
1242PRV_int_011349.5232In Speed?1349.9676
1244PRV_int_011350.6842And so you- that was the time you got to see all the kids and [everybody.]1353.4439
1245PRV_se0_ag2_f_021353.1460[Uh-huh.] And then, uh, maybe sometime1355.6024
1246 1356.1602on Saturday evenings when we could go and visit my mom's sister w- rou- and my granddaddy.1362.0373
1248PRV_se0_ag2_f_021362.6897Was around them a lot.1363.9330
1249PRV_int_011364.6024What types of things would you do when you got together on Saturday evening?1367.4180
1252 1368.9733you know, we1369.6616 
1254 1369.9689played- made up games to play, you know.1372.2125 
1256 1372.5954I've- I was telling kids the other day, I said, we-1374.7559 
1258 1375.1624I said, kids now they don't know how to have fun. I said, we used to, um,1378.4252 
1260 1379.6715use corn1380.8959 
1262PRV_se0_ag2_f_021381.2958to make doll babies cause we couldn't afford-1383.6170
1263 1383.9270a lot of time we didn't- couldn't afford all different stuff.1386.2813
1267 1387.2479<clears throat> we used to m- have-1388.5582 
1269 1388.9671have a corn1389.9851 
1271 1391.3041and, uh-1392.1125 
1273 1393.2376and when you shuck it,1394.1217 
1275PRV_se0_ag2_f_021394.9329made your own little dress, and- and, know, with the-1397.0744
1277 1397.5358with the, um,1398.3678 
1279 1398.7980<ts>1398.9540 
1281 1399.2329little strings from the corn, that was the [hair.]1401.5514 
1284 1402.8477We used to, uh,1403.8513
1286 1404.1031have cans, you know, when you buy cans of food.1406.5093 
1288PRV_se0_ag2_f_021407.1208We would,1407.6928
1290 1408.8430uh, make a hole through the can,1410.6784 
1292PRV_se0_ag2_f_021411.8631and, uh, put a- a wire in it,1414.1086
1294PRV_se0_ag2_f_021414.8442tie it over our feet and used to walk up1416.9430
1296 1417.0694top of cans for high [heels.]1418.9031 
1300 1420.6881<ts>1420.8252 
1302 1421.1184we used to, um,1422.0355 
1304 1422.4704roll old tires when my dad1424.2980 
1306 1424.7613couldn't use that tire anymore. <laugh>1426.3135 
1308 1426.4187Used to push the tire.1427.3857 
1310 1427.7568And then sometime he would buy us second hand bicycles1430.5391 
1312 1430.8842that we c-1431.3286 
1314 1431.5271have to-1431.9384 
1316 1432.0992about five of us had to share1433.3244 
1318PRV_se0_ag2_f_021433.6790[off] one.1434.2652
1320PRV_se0_ag2_f_021435.0121You know,1435.6361
1322 1435.7685and, um,1436.2602 
1323PRV_int_011436.7093But you took good care of that bicycle, yeah?1438.7212
1324PRV_se0_ag2_f_021439.1684I didn't like that [/bike/.] (laughing)1440.3645
1326PRV_se0_ag2_f_021441.3478I fell and hurt [myself.]1443.0118
1328 1443.2023<laugh>1443.5589
1333PRV_se0_ag2_f_021447.4315[I- I didn't] try it [anymore, a- but my] sister and brother, they love it. But I didn't like that bike1453.0769
1336 1448.9281[/Oh man./]1449.7460 
1337 1453.2660Mm.1453.6300
1338PRV_se0_ag2_f_021453.8239cause I fell and hurt myself, [you know.]1455.7696
1339PRV_int_011455.3347[Oh, okay.]1455.8925
1340 1456.4993[<laugh>]1456.7309
1341PRV_se0_ag2_f_021456.6033[And] then, /the oth- there/ was my u- uncle and my aunt that raised my daddy.1460.5424
1343PRV_se0_ag2_f_021461.6373He would like call them mom and dad cause they took him in when he was six months old cause his mom died1466.0887
1345PRV_se0_ag2_f_021466.2966[after] he was six months old.1467.5880
1348 1468.9968we were like very close, and, uh,1470.8642
1350 1472.0555we,1472.2474 
1352 1472.6445you know, could walk to their house, and we played with them a lot.1475.2399 
1355PRV_int_011477.4201So used- uh, so, okay- so you would get together on, you know, Saturdays nights and all [the-].1481.5121
1356PRV_se0_ag2_f_021481.3183[S-] Saturday [evening.]1482.5096
1357PRV_int_011482.4340[Saturday] [evening.]1483.3795
1358PRV_se0_ag2_f_021483.0533[And- but] you know what the best time was?1485.3158
1360PRV_se0_ag2_f_021485.8878Was around Christmas time when, uh,1487.9991
1362 1489.1856when they would1490.1595 
1364 1491.5786<clears throat>1492.1081 
1366 1493.5027kill hogs.1494.4293 
1368PRV_se0_ag2_f_021495.4551And back then, they would1497.0511
1370 1498.4315have poles1499.8064 
1372 1499.9600that they'd hang the hogs1501.3606 
1374 1501.7293on after killing.1502.9288 
1376 1503.4576And when they1504.1935 
1378 1504.3117clean the hogs up, they had built,1506.4706 
1380 1507.1991um,1507.6860 
1382 1508.3266<ts>1508.4140 
1384 1508.6717uh, grills in the j-1509.7066 
1386 1509.8047in the ground then1510.9784 
1388 1511.7277that they1512.2411 
1390 1512.3947would barbecue the hog on.1513.7302 
1392 1514.0895They didn't have the-1514.7135 
1394 1515.0054the fancy grills that they have now.1516.8216 
1396 1517.2424But they made their own grill in the ground1519.3603 
1398PRV_se0_ag2_f_021519.9559And put the,1520.3814
1400 1520.5658uh,1520.8825 
1402 1521.3931uh, wood-1522.2393 
1404 1522.6806<ts> firewood down in the ground.1524.2255 
1408 1525.3246then they had some wa-1526.5599 
1410 1527.5115Excuse me.1528.1781 
1411PRV_int_031528.4712It's okay.1528.8038
1412PRV_se0_ag2_f_021528.9217Let me cut this off.1529.8948
1414 1533.7526I forgot I left that on.1534.7680 
1416 1536.3839Um,1536.9204 
1418 1537.1487and then they'll1537.7476 
1420 1537.8221use some, uh,1538.9263 
1422 1542.8027and w- where they-1543.7719 
1424 1544.1028the w- type of wire they use to fence in hogs.1546.5922 
1426PRV_se0_ag2_f_021547.3531Okay, and then they1548.6562
1428 1548.9918would put that across1550.4621 
1430 1551.2307the hole1551.8216 
1432PRV_se0_ag2_f_021552.7529that they had made for th-1553.8789
1434 1554.4120to barbecue the hog.1555.5903 
1435PRV_int_011555.9826[Was that]1556.3077
1436PRV_se0_ag2_f_021556.1197[And], [i-]1556.7119
1437PRV_int_011556.4873[in the] barbecue pit? Is that was that-1558.0438
1440PRV_se0_ag2_f_021559.0500Pit, yeah. [/??/] yeah, [pit.] <laugh>1561.2660
1443 1560.4120[Yeah.]1560.6957 
1444 1561.3066Oh, the pit, [like a-] like a actual like hole in the1564.0596
1445PRV_se0_ag2_f_021561.9212[A- <laugh>]1562.3514
1446 1564.0911Yeah [it was like a] pit.1565.1121
1448 1565.1156[Yeah, nice. /??/]1566.3820
1449PRV_se0_ag2_f_021565.3147[A pit that we could cook] to hog on it, right.1567.5449
1451PRV_se0_ag2_f_021568.0791But it made the best barbecue.1570.4852
1453 1570.8066And seemed like1571.3937 
1455 1571.9846that's when the neighbors get together. Every time when somebody cooked the hog, that's when1575.0764 
1457 1575.4262everybody come and1576.3698 
1459 1576.6156help that person.1577.7738 
1461PRV_se0_ag2_f_021578.0953[So that brought] a lot of love, and,1579.5986
1462 1580.0444I mean, everybody love each other back then. We used to help each other,1582.7702
1464 1583.0838you know.1583.7204 
1466 1583.8288Uh, uh, and, uh,1585.0605 
1468 1585.8068cuts, and the-1586.7245 
1470 1587.2944the- they killed more than one hog.1589.0370 
1472 1589.2841[They had one] to barbecue, and then they had one to make sausages1592.2391 
1474PRV_se0_ag2_f_021592.5980and, uh,1593.2788
1476 1593.6620other smoked meat from, uh, bacons, and-1596.2842 
1478 1596.9498that they kept in the smoke house.1598.7711 
1480PRV_se0_ag2_f_021599.3725They prepare a lot of things1601.0605
1482 1601.3378like that before the winter come.1602.9263 
1484 1603.1532So we had1603.6473 
1486 1604.0155this1604.2888 
1488 1604.3720like-1604.7049 
1490 1605.1392that's w- what we did for meat.1607.0354 
1492 1607.5598Then we used to have chicken-1608.8827 
1494 1609.4626chickens1610.2039 
1496 1610.7979and, um-1611.5543 
1498 1613.0181that, uh,1613.6031 
1500 1613.9815ha-1614.2979 
1502 1614.3862that we ate,1615.0330 
1504 1615.1364through the winter,1615.7440 
1506 1615.9540chicken pot pie, all1617.2052 
1508 1617.5683different type of1618.2642 
1510 1618.5819way you can cook chicken, and-1620.3628 
1512 1620.9831and, um,1621.8907 
1514 1622.2437but we had fun doing it, you know.1624.3818 
1516 1624.7549Getting together1625.4923 
1518 1625.7242helping this neighbor preparing for the winter.1627.6654 
1520PRV_se0_ag2_f_021628.4987And then we'll go to another /nei- they-/1630.3582
1522 1630.5902Then neighbors come and, you know, help us1632.3459 
1524 1632.6333do the same thing.1633.8083 
1526 1634.2167Um,1634.7361 
1528 1634.9378and then with the garden,1636.3447 
1530 1636.5918know, like,1637.1062 
1532 1637.4289my mom, she,1638.4475 
1534 1639.2754uh,1639.7847 
1536 1639.9713saved a lot of stuff-1641.2622 
1538 1641.4891preserved a lot of [stuff.]1643.1055 
1540PRV_se0_ag2_f_021644.1163Uh-huh. So, uh,1645.3043
1542 1645.4405That's how we made it through the winter a lot of the time.1647.5462 
1545PRV_int_011648.8573So about- yeah, so about Christmas time, you1650.7584
1547 1651.2101make a lot of food, you know, like1652.5868 
1549 1652.7784[try to /??/]1653.4319 
1551 1653.7042Well,1654.1328
1552PRV_int_011654.2689get [together.]1654.8287
1553PRV_se0_ag2_f_021654.6118[in the] area, [uh-huh. Somewhere] between October and [December],1657.7148
1556 1657.4778[Yeah.]1657.8137 
1557 1657.8957Yeah.1658.1290
1558PRV_se0_ag2_f_021658.1661they prepare a lot of stuff like that1659.9742
1562PRV_se0_ag2_f_021661.2422[That] was fun.1662.1222
1563 1662.6441And, uh,1663.4509
1564PRV_int_011663.7598So those are your best memories of that time? S-1666.0483
1566 1666.1492those are your best memories of that time? Getting1668.2232 
1567PRV_se0_ag2_f_021668.2312[Yeah. That was about] the best1670.0473
1571PRV_se0_ag2_f_021671.7290that I enjoy. (laughing)1673.3817
1572PRV_int_031673.7700Can I set this on the floor? Uh-1675.0760
1575 1676.4536[It's alright.]1677.0141 
1576PRV_se0_ag2_f_021676.5141[Oh, okay.]1677.0637
1577PRV_int_031677.0403That way you won't have to hold it anymore.1678.4706
1578PRV_se0_ag2_f_021678.6219Oh, okay.1679.3077
1580 1680.0540And, um, so,1681.4004 
1582 1682.6590like I said, um,1683.8541 
1584 1684.6811<ts>1684.7920 
1586 1686.8869getting back to when we moved from /RD-ADDRESS-2/ to Speed,1690.0978 
1590 1691.6387that's when I started going to /RD-SCHOOL-3/ School,1694.7127 
1592 1695.1816and, um-1695.9784 
1593PRV_int_011696.3112And where is /RD-SCHOOL-4/?1697.3550
1594PRV_se0_ag2_f_021698.4560That's on that, um-1699.8087
1596 1701.2805<ts>1701.3321 
1598 1701.6422I guess that's1702.2170 
1600 1702.3524about1702.7566 
1602 1704.6203five miles from here1706.1331 
1604 1706.4810on1706.9479 
1606 1707.0841/RD-ADDRESS-2/ Highway, /RD-ADDRESS-4/1708.6221 
1608 1708.7633/right here/.1709.2171 
1609PRV_int_011709.7768And that's- so that's not in Tarboro or Princeville. That's [down f-]1712.6218
1610PRV_se0_ag2_f_021712.5310[No], that's what you call a county school.1714.4321
1613PRV_int_011715.7600So you started going to county school1717.1934
1615PRV_int_011717.8779when you were how old?1718.7997
1616PRV_se0_ag2_f_021720.6457About in the fifth grade.1721.5383
1618PRV_se0_ag2_f_021722.1081Mm-hm, cause, um,1723.4910
1620 1723.7684that's when we moved from, uh-1725.0774 
1622 1725.7783from, uh, /RD-ADDRESS-2/1726.9936 
1624 1727.3012to Speed.1728.2148 
1626 1729.0771And, uh,1729.7578 
1628 1730.0554my dad, he started his custodian job in, uh-1732.7128 
1630 1733.2221at /RD-SCHOOL-3/ High School.1734.4828 
1632 1734.9246And my mom1735.6205 
1634 1735.8626<clears throat>1736.3164 
1636 1736.5786started as a maid at /RD-SCHOOL-3/.1739.1865 
1640 1740.9565So1741.4809 
1642 1741.9600I was happy about that cause1743.4577 
1644 1745.3617seemed like they had worked so hard too, and wasn't getting anywhere.1748.8357 
1646 1749.0778So this mean they was making a little bit more money.1751.9079 
1648 1752.2256That means that we can have a little bit more (laughing), you know what I mean.1755.6858 
1650 1756.0287And, um-1756.7346 
1652 1757.9802<ts>1758.1062 
1654 1759.4173and we was-1759.9567 
1656 1760.1521uh, well we were still staying in a- on another man farm, but we wont working the farm, so we st-1765.4189 
1658 1765.6358so we had to pay rent.1767.0427 
1660PRV_se0_ag2_f_021767.8151And, uh,1768.6925
1662 1771.3147while we was, uh,1772.5148 
1664 1774.1718going through high school, you know, I still tried to find /odds/1777.0793 
1666 1778.0979jobs to do because1779.4529 
1668 1779.5336try to help them.1780.4697 
1669PRV_int_011780.8958Okay, so you were a- you were in fifth grade and you were living with [/??/]1783.5730
1671 1784.0895I'm [talking about older now. I done] got [older now.]1786.9113
1674 1786.1044[How old were you when] you started to [try and]1788.1215 
1676 1790.1415about fifteen [because], um,1792.5771
1680 1794.0223they had summer [programs]1795.4342 
1682PRV_se0_ag2_f_021795.8305for the,1796.4407
1684 1797.2122uh, students that wanted to work.1799.4138 
1686PRV_se0_ag2_f_021799.8373[And] I started working at /RD-SCHOOL-3/ School. That was about my first1803.0222
1687 1803.8290job from the farm [life.]1805.8138
1689 1806.1389Kay.1806.3350
1690PRV_se0_ag2_f_021806.3735And, uh-1807.2963
1691PRV_int_011807.4829Cause [it used to-]1808.0910
1692PRV_se0_ag2_f_021807.6896[and they help] sch-1808.4036
1693 1808.6255like1808.9936
1695 1809.2054help clean-1809.8529 
1697 1809.9488cleaning up the school for the next school year, [and,]1812.8693 
1701 1814.2439packing up books, different- lot of stuff like [that.]1816.9921 
1703PRV_se0_ag2_f_021817.5216And, um,1818.3435
1705 1820.6237then at, uh, seven- sixteen,1824.2544 
1707 1825.0339I could be about seventeen then, I started driving1827.4605 
1709 1827.6282a bus.1828.1986 
1711 1828.4608So-1828.8794 
1712PRV_int_011829.2172You drove a bus?1829.9686
1713PRV_se0_ag2_f_021830.0795Yeah. And [you know what, they didn't have automatic] buses then.1833.0318
1715 1833.0388Oh really.1833.4825
1716PRV_se0_ag2_f_021833.7334They had- a- all the buses was straight shift then.1835.8806
1718PRV_se0_ag2_f_021836.7584That was so hard. They gave us a,1838.2611
1720 1838.8712uh, training-1840.0924 
1722 1840.6774a driving training test on the bus, and it was so hard. (laughing)1844.2173 
1723PRV_int_011844.2360I [bet.]1844.6502
1725 1845.1351you know, the money sounded good for1847.0442
1727 1847.5888making my own money, so I- I just-1849.7479 
1729 1850.1816I think I1850.8472 
1731 1851.1901failed the first test, and then I tried again. I said, I'm not gonna1854.5636 
1733 1854.9116give up. So1855.9008 
1735 1856.3345next time, be a lot better1857.8536 
1737 1857.9948[<laugh>]1858.5734 
1738PRV_int_011858.2091[You were sixteen], and you were driving a s-1860.1242
1739PRV_se0_ag2_f_021860.1848I [started driving a school] bus, uh-huh.1861.9636
1740PRV_int_011860.2932[like a school bus?]1861.1265
1741 1862.1300So how old were the kids that you were driving to school?1864.3025
1742PRV_se0_ag2_f_021864.9182Well, I was driving the elementary sch-1866.2847
1745PRV_int_011867.4042[Now] were you in school when [this was-]1869.1265
1746PRV_se0_ag2_f_021868.6978[Yeah, I was] in high [school.]1870.0795
1747PRV_int_011869.9283[So] you would-1870.5788
1748 1870.7149you would get on the bus, drive them, and then you would go to school after [that?]1874.0107
1750 1874.4713Yes, okay.1875.3197
1752 1876.1618It was like1876.8637 
1754 1878.6286seven, eight drivers for the1880.2422 
1756 1880.5549elementary school,1881.4474 
1758 1882.2240and we would-1883.3182 
1760 1884.6978uh, uh, we had different areas we had to pick up the kids,1887.6840 
1762 1888.2790and this1888.9245 
1764 1889.0858went up to six-1890.3162 
1766 1890.6541one moment-1891.1533 
1768 1892.7145what grade did it go1893.5484 
1770 1893.6618from, uh,1894.2792 
1772 1895.7970it wasn't,1896.4778 
1774 1897.2341um,1897.7485 
1776 1898.6671tryna think did they have kindergarten then.1900.8304 
1778 1902.1163But this was like in, uh,1903.7703 
1780 1906.8775early seventies then,1908.5062 
1782 1909.7618so, um,1910.5565 
1784 1910.7834I'm tryna think they had kindergarten. But anyway, it was-1912.7904 
1786 1913.3703if they didn't it was from the first grade til the-1915.8673 
1788 1918.6307I think they went up to the fifth or sixth grade1921.8407 
1790 1922.4509that I was picking up the-1923.4876 
1792 1923.8154those ages of kids.1925.5904 
1794 1926.0089Those kids of that age1927.4541 
1796 1927.6608group.1928.0239 
1798PRV_se0_ag2_f_021928.5072And we would-1929.6385
1799 1930.0238once we1930.6894
1801 1931.2319got them to the school, /RD-SCHOOL-3/ School, then all us would board one bus1935.3114 
1803PRV_se0_ag2_f_021936.1023and drive to the high school.1937.3730
1805PRV_se0_ag2_f_021938.5093And that was at /RD-SCHOOL-3/.1939.9717
1807PRV_se0_ag2_f_021941.4139/And- but I d- am/ missing a whole big school, cause we did attend1945.0879
1809 1945.6476um,1946.2275 
1811 1947.1361Conetoe High before it closed [down.]1949.1141 
1812PRV_int_011948.9225[Oh], okay.1949.7091
1813PRV_se0_ag2_f_021949.7570Uh-huh. And then once they closed that down,1951.7418
1815 1952.2284uh, we went to /RD-SCHOOL-3/. That's in /RD-ADDRESS-2/1954.8694 
1817PRV_se0_ag2_f_021955.8242Uh-huh. So that's when I started driving the but when I was at1958.5382
1819 1958.6508/RD-SCHOOL-3/.1959.5663 
1821PRV_se0_ag2_f_021960.4525And, uh,1961.1484
1823 1963.8139I graduated from high school, then I went to1965.9154 
1825 1966.4844college at /RD-SCHOOL-5/.1968.3166 
1828PRV_int_011969.1587[So you], um-1970.1042
1829 1970.4438so you- when you did that transition from1972.3890
1831 1972.8958the farm to-1973.9022 
1833 1974.1191to1974.5376 
1835 1975.0318more like, uh-1976.0806 
1837 1976.3076I guess you were still in Speed? Were you still living in [Speed?]1979.1369 
1839 1979.2958[Uh-huh.]1979.7227
1840PRV_int_011979.4962[But you] had- but, uh, you weren't farming as much,1982.3283
1841 1982.5931so you could go to school1983.8184
1843 1983.9521on1984.2303 
1845 1984.3362a [more regular-]1984.9696 
1846PRV_se0_ag2_f_021984.5082[Yeah, on] a regular [basis then.]1986.4316
1848 1986.5520[And-]1986.8407
1850 1987.7929Um,1988.4636
1852 1988.8645like I said, we stopped farm-1990.3243 
1854 1990.7811farming1991.6384 
1856 1992.4250unless you-1992.9621 
1858 1993.3907it wasn't like a must then. [It was like] if you want-1996.2680 
1860PRV_se0_ag2_f_021996.8706want to, if someone come and ask you wanted to help out on their farm.1999.9533
1862PRV_se0_ag2_f_022001.3151Uh, this was after2002.5268
1864 2002.8772we stopped sharecropping. So we stopped sharecropping when I was about thirteen or fourteen.2007.2410 
1866PRV_se0_ag2_f_022008.5108And, um, so when we moved, my mom and dad got this job.2011.7637
1868 2012.2301You know, they were working /ahead/ in town.2013.9550 
1870PRV_se0_ag2_f_022014.8324And, uh,2015.5131
1872 2015.7249sometime, w-2016.5116 
1874 2016.6628work on the farm, helping-2018.2134 
1876PRV_se0_ag2_f_022019.0454[helping] out with someone else,2020.5969
1878PRV_se0_ag2_f_022020.8096[you know],2021.4624
1880PRV_se0_ag2_f_022021.8780so I could have a little summer money for school [for to] buy school clothes [and stuff] like that.2025.5032
1883 2024.8873[Oh.]2025.0811 
1884PRV_se0_ag2_f_022025.7704But it wasn't like2026.5362
1886 2026.7584I have to cause we wasn't2028.1591 
1888 2028.3529actually farming, you know [what I mean.] (laughing)2030.2089 
1889PRV_int_012029.4501[Yeah, right, right],2030.3791
1890 2030.4973[right.]2030.7289
1891PRV_se0_ag2_f_022030.5611[So that] felt good. (laughing)2031.8647
1892PRV_int_012031.8814Yeah, [yeah.]2032.7466
1893PRV_se0_ag2_f_022032.4651[Yeah.] And, uh-2033.7469
1894 2034.3449and you get to keep the [money], (laughing)2036.6594
1896PRV_se0_ag2_f_022036.7752then use it like you want,2038.3199
1900 2038.9144[um-]2039.2916 
1902PRV_se0_ag2_f_022039.7336but basically I2040.7305
1904 2040.8120bought school clothes and maybe2042.3328 
1906 2042.6578save a few /change/. It still wasn't much back then, you know, but2045.7760 
1908 2046.2062it- it felt good making your own money.2048.1330 
1910PRV_se0_ag2_f_022048.7476And, um,2049.4567
1911PRV_int_012049.7526What, um-2050.5468
1913 2051.0196now you, uh-2052.1305 
1915 2053.4476you ha- did you get over to Princeville a lot when you were, you know, once you s-2057.0858 
1917 2057.4923were2057.9651 
1919 2058.2062driving the bus and2059.3560 
1921 2059.4411going to school and everything?2060.7634 
1923 2061.1995Did you guys-2061.9571 
1925 2062.1036do you remember- have any memories of2063.7949 
1927 2064.0124coming to Princeville or what it was like back then when you were younger?2067.0151 
1928PRV_se0_ag2_f_022067.0908Yeah. I mean,2068.2821
1930 2068.6934it wasn't as many houses as it is now. It was a,2071.3652 
1932 2071.9515um-2072.4526 
1934 2072.7646it was quite- it was2073.9464 
1936 2075.2938like a big nice community, cause like I said, I wasn't used to a-2078.2256 
1938 2078.5802a lot of houses together, and you seeing a lot of black people all together, [because]2082.4284 
1940PRV_se0_ag2_f_022082.7270in the country,2083.9373
1942 2084.3107houses was-2085.3224 
1944 2085.8141you had to walk2086.4606 
1946 2086.5705almost a mile to see somebody. (laughing)2089.3246 
1948 2089.7454And, uh, so a lot of the time when m-2091.5607 
1950 2092.0004sometime my dad may have time to come2094.3508 
1952 2095.2443over town2096.2843 
1954 2096.7429/an-/ and, um,2098.0335 
1956 2098.4362get things, and2099.4573 
1958 2099.9490we would come over to Princeville and visit.2101.8399 
1960 2102.8138Certain ones that he know.2104.1296 
1962 2104.3211And matter fact when we was farming,2106.0920 
1964 2106.2929he used to come and pick up2107.7265 
1966 2109.3764a few people to help2110.7765 
1968 2111.6086farm.2112.3650 
1970 2112.5541He used to come all the way from /RD-ADDRESS-2/2114.1898 
1972 2115.2865to Princeville to pick up few people that wanted to2117.7268 
1974 2117.9348do some farm work to make them some extra money.2120.3032 
1976 2120.8422And he would-2121.5797 
1978 2122.7401he would used to get up real early to come pick up s-2125.2537 
1980 2125.9581uh, I can't even remember their name, I know they dead now2128.2896 
1982PRV_se0_ag2_f_022128.6820[because they were] older2129.6086
1983 2129.8875people that2130.5795
1985 2130.6575wanted to make some extra money.2132.1430 
1987PRV_se0_ag2_f_022132.7384And he would pick them up2134.0942
1989 2134.6568way before six o'clock cause that's when2136.4167 
1991 2136.4900work would start.2137.3400 
1994 2138.0931And, um-2138.7573
1996 2139.2584and then2139.9642 
1998 2140.0611once we finished in the evening he would2141.8589 
2000 2141.9771bring them home.2142.9419 
2003PRV_int_012144.3531So he'd come over2145.4022
2005 2145.4731every once a while to pick up-2147.0671 
2007 2147.2325or every day almost, [/depend-/]2148.4924 
2008PRV_se0_ag2_f_022148.3742[Almost] every day, yeah.2149.7229
2011 2150.7390[Remember when] d- do you remember coming in to2152.6288 
2014PRV_se0_ag2_f_022152.8985[And sometime] I would ride with [him.]2154.5240
2015PRV_int_012154.2593[Oh really?]2154.8018
2017PRV_int_012155.0240[Oh, okay.]2155.6787
2018PRV_se0_ag2_f_022155.8666And, uh,2156.5568
2019PRV_int_012156.5899What do you remember about just what it looked like2158.4478
2021 2158.6125back [then?]2159.2555 
2023 2160.3794like I said, certain parts was wooded-2162.5320
2025 2162.6289wooded areas, and, uh,2164.4053 
2027 2164.9545um,2165.4840 
2029 2168.6920if I'm not mistaken- I don't think Princeville School was2171.6892 
2031 2172.2802there then, or if it was, maybe it mighta- s-2174.7062 
2033 2175.2120small. But2176.0771 
2035 2177.1461it was- like I said, it was a few-2178.8669 
2037 2180.3041the ones I know was like related to me.2182.4504 
2039 2182.9751And, uh,2183.7607 
2041 2184.2949we used to2185.0513 
2043 2186.0204come and visit them2187.1078 
2045 2187.3016during the summer time, and that's when we used to have-2190.0179 
2047 2190.7223they used to cook all this food. It was about food /thing/ back then. (laughing)2194.0844 
2049 2194.4673They used to cook all this food, and seemed like so many-2196.6183 
2051 2196.8972they, uh-2197.5449 
2053 2199.7015people a lot friendlier then.2201.3372 
2055PRV_se0_ag2_f_022201.9423They used to- seemed like2202.9634
2057 2203.3369everyone in the neighborhood would get together.2205.7487 
2059 2206.2120They would like have outdoors, uh,2208.3158 
2061 2208.8594cookout2209.4267 
2063PRV_se0_ag2_f_022210.4648back then. And, um-2211.7176
2065 2213.6094and then2214.2287 
2067 2214.5029I mean w-2214.9914 
2069 2215.0694whoever walk up2216.2722 
2071 2216.6114they was invited. They didn't even have to get invited. (laughing)2219.3230 
2073 2219.7107And that's how I m- I met a lot of the-2221.4315 
2075 2221.8427the- the citizens that was in Princeville. So,2224.2782 
2077 2225.0535uh, before I moved I had knew a lot of 'em, so2227.3227 
2079 2227.5355lot of 'em wasn't strangers to me, so2229.4698 
2081 2230.4201by getting acquainted with them, they help got me acquainted with2233.5685 
2083 2233.7576their friends, their friends got me acquainted with their friends. So2236.7746 
2085 2237.2095it was- it-2237.6586 
2087 2237.8808I- I had a good time with just- I just- just love to talk and just getting to meet people.2242.0600 
2089PRV_se0_ag2_f_022242.6044And, uh,2243.3750
2091 2243.6350it didn't matter how it looked,2245.0430 
2093 2245.1518I mean, even though it was- like I said, a lot of wood there,2247.5238 
2095 2247.7535and then there was the Mavers-2249.0772 
2097 2249.2474Maf-2249.6527 
2099 2249.7709Mathers-2250.3784 
2101 2250.7696uh,2251.0674 
2103 2251.3416<ts>2251.4645 
2105 2252.7371/Matheson/ store,2254.0324 
2107 2254.5619uh, that was [here, and we] used- uh-huh.2256.8783 
2111 2258.2923I don't think it was Glenn's store then.2259.7830 
2112PRV_int_012259.7972Oh, okay.2260.3491
2113PRV_se0_ag2_f_022260.3657It was his father or [s-]2262.1769
2114PRV_int_012262.0823[Oh], okay.2262.6118
2115 2263.0863Matheson2263.7293
2116PRV_se0_ag2_f_022263.8380Uh-huh. Uh, it was, [um-]2264.7418
2118PRV_se0_ag2_f_022266.5412It was still /Matheson/, but what was it called?2269.3060
2120 2270.7467Glenn and Ma- Gl- uh,2271.8781 
2122 2271.9963I think it was old man Glenn and [Mas-] Math-2274.1103 
2126 2275.2622It's named after- um, his son named it after him, yeah.2277.8056 
2128 2278.1555And, um,2278.9458 
2130 2280.0709oh boy-2280.7990 
2132 2281.0779and, uh, it was good to see,2282.7790 
2134 2282.9374uh,2283.4085 
2136 2285.1463black work- you know, owning their own [store. Y-]2287.5364 
2138PRV_se0_ag2_f_022287.8059that's when I basically saw most of,2289.6543
2140 2290.2839uh, few- what- few business that was here,2292.9408 
2142 2293.5317and, um,2294.3354 
2144 2294.7514had a few blacks heading their own thing, cause it w-2297.1037 
2146 2297.4394it was a /??/ shoe shine store.2299.2698 
2148 2299.4778I mean,2299.9127 
2150 2300.7164man used to do his own show shining, and2302.8910 
2152 2303.2408like I said,2303.9019 
2154 2304.0768a barber.2304.8640 
2156 2305.6393Um,2306.0931 
2158 2308.1311and it was good to see some- you know, the black store, they2310.7016 
2160 2311.0022moving up,2311.6546 
2162 2311.9666you know, wanting to be2313.0161 
2164 2313.2809successful.2314.2453 
2167 2315.2503Um,2315.7798
2169 2318.5576And I- and that really made me excited cause I said,2321.0234 
2171 2321.3070it's good that somebody what to do s- something with their life, [you know, other] than2325.2620 
2173PRV_se0_ag2_f_022326.4703working i- in the fa- on the [farms all their life.]2329.2055
2175 2329.2670Mm-hm.2329.6357
2176PRV_se0_ag2_f_022330.0659And see it had gotten so2331.6071
2178 2332.4438/ar-/ I guess what you call mentality2334.7375 
2180 2335.9241that some people had thought that's the only thing they could do2338.3162 
2182PRV_se0_ag2_f_022338.6716[was] farm life.2339.6644
2183 2340.3593And, uh, s-2341.0921
2185 2341.2670cause a lot of them quit school.2342.7136 
2187PRV_se0_ag2_f_022343.3092A lot- lot of qu- a lot of the people2345.2645
2189 2345.5528<ts>2345.6852 
2191 2345.9169quit school because, uh,2347.4797 
2193 2347.7019they were missing so many days /from/ work,2349.3423 
2197 2352.2636because they had to work on the farm, so so- a lot of the people quit school.2355.5551 
2201 2356.5648that's what mo-2357.1888 
2203 2357.6596a lot- made a lot of people2359.0731 
2205 2359.6074quit school back then,2361.0681 
2207 2361.3943because they were missing so many days,2363.2420 
2210 2363.9750Okay.2364.4477 
2211PRV_se0_ag2_f_022364.4856of work- and they have to work.2366.1449
2213 2366.8690And, um, but I was-2368.1313 
2215 2368.5095I said, I'm'a keep going2369.6062 
2217PRV_se0_ag2_f_022370.5943cause I wanted to-2371.6107
2219 2372.6238I said, I know this ain't gonna be for me all my life, I-2375.0423 
2221 2375.1510[you] know, I said, it gotta be something else for me.2377.2292 
2223 2377.3521Yeah.2377.6404
2224PRV_se0_ag2_f_022378.0896And, um,2378.7609
2225PRV_int_012378.9279Did you [go to-]2379.4598
2226PRV_se0_ag2_f_022379.2139[So that] was like a inspiration when I was2381.5824
2227 2381.9088seeing2382.4950
2229 2382.7267other blacks, uh,2383.7620 
2231 2384.0031and, uh,2384.4238 
2233 2385.0447plus teachers,2386.0020 
2235 2386.4783you know, had black teachers, and-2388.3796 
2237 2389.4102And, uh, it was m-2390.4077 
2239 2391.5045mainly2392.1332 
2241 2392.4500black teachers that really influenced me too, [and]2395.2199 
2243PRV_se0_ag2_f_022395.4972oh yeah, Doctor /RD-NAME-3/.2396.9060
2244PRV_int_012397.0979Okay, who [was he?]2397.7837
2246 2398.1407he was-2398.9113
2248 2399.2990well he on this side of-2400.7787 
2250 2401.3696well he's in Tarboro2402.7973 
2252 2403.4032across the [bridge.]2404.3913 
2254PRV_se0_ag2_f_022405.5968And, uh,2406.4856
2256 2408.1354He's- he was a black doctor.2409.5451 
2258PRV_se0_ag2_f_022410.4196He deceased now, but his wife is still living.2412.7834
2260 2413.4405And, uh,2414.1449 
2262 2414.7150tell you the truth, I think that was the first black doctor that I ever2417.6507 
2264 2418.7729known.2419.2788 
2268PRV_se0_ag2_f_022421.3080And, uh,2421.9463
2270 2422.2618then-2422.6069 
2272 2423.7585back then, it was only one funeral home that everybody used to go to.2427.1717 
2274PRV_se0_ag2_f_022428.5152I mean, have to handle their family-2430.2407
2276PRV_se0_ag2_f_022430.3494[deceased] family members,2431.8811
2277 2432.0797and that was /RD-NAME-2/.2433.1339
2280PRV_int_012434.0240[Is that]2434.4841
2281 2434.7147related to you?2435.4413
2283 2435.5805Is that2436.0094 
2284PRV_se0_ag2_f_022436.4158Related to th-2437.1096
2286 2437.1716no.2437.4817 
2288PRV_se0_ag2_f_022437.6514[Uh-uh.] Sh-2438.3022
2291 2439.3857they related to, uh,2440.4516
2293 2440.7043the /RD-NAME-3/.2441.2720 
2295 2441.7275[The /RD-NAME-2/] and-2442.5903 
2297 2442.9166Yeah.2443.0949
2298PRV_se0_ag2_f_022443.1919well I was married to a /RD-NAME-2/, so I'm not related.2445.4903
2300PRV_se0_ag2_f_022446.1310I'm a [divorcee.]2447.0315
2301PRV_int_012446.4921[But by marriage?] Okay yeah.2447.8259
2302PRV_se0_ag2_f_022447.8433I was married to a [/RD-NAME-2/.]2449.0876
2303PRV_int_012448.8178[Yeah, okay.]2449.6184
2304PRV_se0_ag2_f_022449.6601I think they in the family though,2450.9914
2306PRV_se0_ag2_f_022451.7020related in the family.2452.6924
2307PRV_int_012452.9517So there was a2453.6652
2309 2454.0089black funeral home, black doctor,2456.0595 
2311 2456.5598black stores, and-2457.9183 
2313 2458.2141and that kind of inspired you to-2459.7115 
2315 2459.9160to go to school and to,2461.3256 
2317 2462.2436you know,2462.6699 
2318PRV_se0_ag2_f_022462.9397That I could do something2464.2195
2320 2464.4457better with my life than to work on the farm. I said, I didn't wanna quit because2467.9045 
2322 2468.2221al- um,2468.9573 
2324 2469.4341like I said, I always had some teachers-2471.0656 
2326 2471.5746teachers that, uh-2472.7406 
2328 2473.1198<laugh>2473.4592 
2330 2474.0813I thought they was mean,2475.2212 
2332 2476.1392but they said, what-2477.0789 
2334 2477.4513they let me know how important it [was] to get a education.2480.4662 
2336PRV_int_032480.8324What were you studying in school?2481.9375
2339 2483.6342you talking about in-2484.3042 
2341 2484.4304i- high school, or-2485.7138 
2342PRV_int_032485.7860Or when you went to college.2486.6996
2343PRV_se0_ag2_f_022487.2783Oh, I took, uh, business administration2489.1534
2345 2489.3586and accounting.2490.6594 
2349 2493.1828And, um,2494.0660 
2351 2494.9369which I2495.5311 
2353 2495.6061got a BS degree in,2497.0556 
2355 2497.2470business administrating and accounting.2498.6044 
2357PRV_se0_ag2_f_022499.4673And, um,2500.0873
2358PRV_int_032500.5941When was that?2501.1229
2361 2502.2541I2502.7152 
2363 2502.8936went in seventy-four and graduated in seventy-eight.2505.3659 
2367 2507.6572And, uh,2508.3011 
2368PRV_int_012508.4873So when you- when you decided-2509.8958
2370 2510.6136once you graduated from high school, you-2512.3086 
2372 2512.5635you went to2513.0899 
2374 2513.5076business school,2514.1036 
2376 2514.7953you decided2515.4566 
2378 2515.6872to do that,2516.4120 
2380 2516.9180d- did you have dreams of2518.1957 
2382 2518.5394like /owning/ your own business?2519.9385 
2384 2520.8721Or what- what- what made you decide to go into-2522.9865 
2386 2523.1431to business?2524.3396 
2389 2525.2068because it was a-2526.3526 
2391 2526.8680a large market,2528.0209 
2393 2528.1993and-2528.7214 
2395 2529.1913and I felt like2530.0831 
2397 2530.5643if one thing didn't2531.5649 
2399 2531.7041do for me,2532.6787 
2401 2533.1337I could find something else to do,2534.9000 
2403 2535.4830uh, in another-2536.3607 
2405 2536.9412in-2537.1990 
2407 2537.2795in the same field but2538.4030 
2409 2539.0382doing something different2540.0215 
2411 2540.5044in the same field I took up2542.1236 
2413 2542.2584because2542.7457 
2415 2543.0851I had really wanted to be a CPA. [<laugh>]2545.0472 
2417PRV_se0_ag2_f_022545.9652And, uh,2546.7918
2419 2549.8815but-2550.2643 
2421 2552.3726which I shoulda kept on going to school,2554.0824 
2423 2554.7306you know,2555.1048 
2425 2555.7973um,2556.3019 
2426PRV_int_012556.6369What made you wanna be a CPA?2558.2684
2428 2558.7644What made you-2559.3561 
2430 2559.6345what made you wanna go in that direction in terms of going to school?2562.3214 
2433PRV_se0_ag2_f_022564.8281Money. [<laugh>]2566.0332
2436PRV_int_012567.7195What a silly [question.]2568.6853
2437PRV_se0_ag2_f_022568.4634[Uh], (laughing)2569.0029
2439PRV_se0_ag2_f_022569.4119bi- it w- it was, uh, big money in that area.2571.8395
2441PRV_se0_ag2_f_022572.4842And, uh,2573.3934
2443 2574.0765which I had a opportunity to go but,2576.1778 
2445 2577.1263um,2577.6135 
2447 2580.2812I got married before I got out of school.2582.1998 
2449PRV_se0_ag2_f_022583.2013And, uh,2583.7973
2451 2585.7681which I shoulda had waited. Uh,2587.1777 
2453 2588.0123now I s- you know, when you see a lot of different things, now I wish I had waited, but,2591.6466 
2455PRV_se0_ag2_f_022592.5167I don't regret it cause I got a beautiful daughter.2594.5144
2457 2594.9625And, uh,2595.6238 
2459 2597.1552um-2597.6729 
2461 2599.6706and my, uh, ex-husband, he was, uh-2602.1157 
2463 2602.8770he got his- he was- he was going to /RD-SCHOOL-5/-2605.1306 
2465 2605.3768he graduated from /RD-SCHOOL-5/ too.2607.2041 
2467 2607.8114And, uh,2608.4553 
2469 2609.5255he got his job, uh,2611.0229 
2471 2611.2404as a manager2612.3716 
2473 2613.0198for /RD-WORK-4/ and they transferred him to the home office in Charlotte, so that's where my daughter2617.0684 
2475 2617.8515was born.2618.7043 
2477PRV_se0_ag2_f_022618.9182[And] I stayed there for about2620.3322
2478 2622.1464three years.2623.3602
2480 2623.8257Then I moved back2624.5784 
2482 2625.6015to Tarboro for about-2627.2286 
2484 2628.3337let's see, I moved back back in2629.7198 
2486 2629.9677eighty2630.5246 
2488 2631.2642three.2631.7297 
2490 2634.3253No, it was about eighty,2635.5739 
2492 2636.1986about eighty,2636.7729 
2494 2637.0731seventy-eight.2637.8910 
2496 2639.4858Yeah, about eighty2640.3473 
2498 2640.5935I moved back,2641.2765 
2500 2642.0683um,2642.5164 
2502 2643.1647in the eighties.2643.9391 
2504 2645.7236Failed marriage. [<laugh>]2647.7162 
2505PRV_int_012646.8026[Oh, damn.]2647.5900
2506PRV_se0_ag2_f_022648.2383And, uh, (laughing)2649.1631
2508 2650.0898then, um,2650.8555 
2510 2653.9731I, uh,2654.7171 
2512 2654.9006got a job, uh,2656.0796 
2514 2656.5582as a credit manager at this, uh, clothing store at the mall2659.6709 
2516 2659.7774which was Parkhill mall.2660.9635 
2518 2661.6013And, uh,2662.2470 
2520 2662.8778the pay wasn't that well, [so I-]2664.4683 
2521PRV_int_012664.0681[Oh no.]2664.5771
2522PRV_se0_ag2_f_022664.7424I guess I stayed there about a year, and then I2666.5853
2524 2667.2640started as a, uh,2668.7084 
2526 2671.6676a ins-2672.1037 
2528 2672.1798a insurance salesperson,2673.6944 
2530PRV_se0_ag2_f_022674.3818uh, representative2675.5467
2532 2675.7077with /RD-WORK-9/ Insurance Company in eighty-three.2678.6219 
2534PRV_se0_ag2_f_022679.3919Then because of my agent,2680.6580
2536PRV_se0_ag2_f_022681.6394I moved back and /did/ insurance agent, so,2683.8321
2538 2684.5594um,2685.0859 
2540 2686.5172he was also worked with /RD-WORK-7/, so he2688.9100 
2542 2689.3042got me interested, and, uh,2690.8747 
2544 2691.3141so I joined.2692.2285 
2546 2693.3379And, uh, after the interview I thought2695.4741 
2548 2695.6786the income was good.2696.7546 
2551 2698.0437And I've been with them every since. [<laugh>]2700.3419
2553PRV_se0_ag2_f_022700.9257Twenty-one years.2701.7596
2555 2701.8428Well, going on twenty-one years,2703.2267 
2557 2703.3355now exactly twenty years now.2704.8919 
2559PRV_se0_ag2_f_022705.6532And, um,2706.5103
2561 2708.5620I moved2709.3582 
2563 2709.5452in Princeville in2710.6888 
2565 2710.8519eighty four.2711.6927 
2569 2715.7786/wait a minute/.2716.3143 
2571 2720.5799no, no I take that back. I moved in2722.8753 
2573 2723.7454Princeville-2724.7555 
2575 2724.9252it wasn't eighty four.2726.1738 
2577 2728.7711I was-2729.0684 
2579 2729.2185I think it was eighty six, so that put me how many /years is-/2732.2019 
2581PRV_se0_ag2_f_022734.1996six- f- n-2734.8131
2583PRV_se0_ag2_f_022735.2655seventeen years. So I've lived about seventeen eighteen year.2737.7367
2585PRV_se0_ag2_f_022738.2222And eighty-six and, um,2739.9450
2587 2743.0147the people here is,2744.1143 
2589 2744.5270um-2744.9403 
2591 2745.8713is real nice, [um,]2747.1642 
2593 2749.6745[Where did you wo-]2750.3507
2594PRV_se0_ag2_f_022749.8237[We've been-]2750.2892
2595PRV_int_012750.4315what, uh-2751.1115
2597 2751.3986where did you move when you- when you moved here? What side of town [did you-]2754.1769 
2598PRV_se0_ag2_f_022753.9898[I moved] from Tarboro2755.3280
2600PRV_se0_ag2_f_022755.9501[the mobile] park that I was talking [about,]2757.8006
2602PRV_se0_ag2_f_022758.4473and, uh, into a2759.6952