LineSpeakerSt TimeContentEn Time
3 1.9526Ah, th- they have shows there?3.2320 
4ROC_se0_ag1_m_024.2502You need to go.4.8937
5ROC_int_015.4438[I had no idea.]6.7978
6ROC_se0_ag1_m_025.4672[Monday- every Monday], open mic.7.2695
7ROC_int_017.3171I had no idea.8.3046
8ROC_se0_ag1_m_028.4166/They have like/ good wings.9.6612
10 10.1336It- a lot of comedy, poets, singing.12.3298 
12 13.2519[Dope.]13.6110 
13ROC_int_0113.2566[Okay.] Every Monda- Dang, well, I'm leaving now. [So, but I had] no [idea]17.3506
16 16.8377[Yeah, sick.]18.0874 
17ROC_int_0117.8018[that it] was-18.6971
18ROC_se0_ag1_m_0218.8509Mm-hm. My boy /RD-NAME-2/, his family own it. It's black owned and stuff.21.7559
20 22.0637So, you know, we come and support.23.1268 
22 23.5920At first we started off, it was like eight people in there.25.7602 
24 26.1379But26.3571 
26 27.1311this Monday, it was like forty-five people in there.29.5185 
27ROC_int_0129.6479And you realize I live right around the corner.31.5084
29ROC_int_0132.4550I live on /RD-ADDRESS-3/.33.8026
30ROC_se0_ag1_m_0234.0544I thought you lived o- off of /RD-STREET-3/.35.6024
31ROC_int_0135.6677No, [/RD-ADDRESS-3/.]36.9127
32ROC_se0_ag1_m_0236.7250[Oh wow.]37.8068
33ROC_int_0137.4711[Like that's] literally [/inaudible/.]39.8212
34ROC_se0_ag1_m_0238.7301[That's crazy. Yo], you been missing some dope [stuff (laughing), every Monday.]42.1878
35ROC_int_0140.7678[Yeah. I'm like-]41.8869
36 42.3007/?/ yeah, and42.9908
38 43.2986I probably walked past it, cause I know my mom and I-45.7000 
40 45.8492we be walking, like,46.8470 
42 47.3087[up the street] and we'll see stuff going on. We'll be like, oh what's happening? But50.4876 
44ROC_int_0151.3596we be thinking it's a private event, [so /it's/ like, somebody rented] the [space.]54.8460
47 54.6595[Go] in there every Monday.55.7882 
48 56.1462Yeah, [that's the spot.]57.5167
49ROC_int_0156.5841[I'm'a tell /her/ cause I] know she's gonna go.58.4119
50ROC_se0_ag1_m_0258.8004Yeah, they [got dope] poets, female comedians. It's mad dope.61.8205
53ROC_int_0163.2229Wow, that's dope.64.2674
54ROC_se0_ag1_m_0264.3560[And it's free.]65.0088
56 65.6056Right, like it- Okay, ugh.67.6154
58 68.3789I'm mad that I [/missed that/. <laugh>]70.2208 
60ROC_int_0170.6031[But, um], oh, okay,71.9460
62ROC_int_0172.0486uh, do you consent to doing this interview with me?75.1512
64ROC_int_0175.6874Ok, great.76.5268
66 76.6713Um,77.1329 
68 77.8248so, uh, if you see me look down a couple times, it's just so I can get a sense of81.5012 
69ROC_se0_ag1_m_0281.8323<clears throat>82.0468
70ROC_int_0181.8649what time it is, and,83.4083
71 83.6275yeah, stuff like that.84.6627
73 85.0870Um, again, the questions are pretty open-ended. So,88.0683 
75 88.4787you could take it89.3040 
77 89.5838where you would like.90.4138 
79 90.5816Um,90.9984 
81 91.7089but the first question I usually start off with is asking people where in Rochester did they grow up.96.5863 
84 98.4223Um, I grew up on /RD-ADRESS-6/. It used to be called /RD-STREET-2/ Avenue,102.1573 
86 102.9424a- on /RD-ADDRESS-2/ Court.104.1128 
88 104.8775I was actually born there.105.9564 
90 106.0450I was born on /RD-ADDRESS-2/ Court.107.0988 
92 107.9709And I lived there all the way up to like-109.3248 
94 109.8843like fifteen years old, sixteen years old.112.1476 
97 114.2086Okay, what was that neighborhood like? Or how would you describe it for somebody who maybe wasn't from Rochester?119.1688 
100 120.6681it had its ups and downs.122.1415 
102 122.6032It was a up because like, most people in those projects125.0623 
104 125.2301been living there for a real long time.126.8406 
106 127.3138And like, I was the project baby, so I was like the little baby that ran around with his diaper on that everybody, like, try to play with and take care of.132.5783 
108 132.9454So like we all- i- it was like one big family, you know.135.0997 
110 135.8446But then at the same time,136.9031 
112 137.4790you had those street dudes139.1064 
114 139.2369that lived in the projects too.140.3629 
116 140.8287And141.0712 
118 141.2158when they used to go at it,142.3675 
120 142.6193you know what I mean, stuff got dangerous at the same time, you know.144.9776 
122 145.3739But as a child,146.2925 
124 146.5723you don't really know what danger is, you know.148.3069 
126 148.3861So,148.7545 
128 149.1028it take me to be older to be like,150.4690 
130 150.6695okay,151.1964 
132 151.4237like151.6243 
134 151.7641our project was really dangerous,153.4708 
136 153.5733but153.8578 
138 154.1142to us kids, it was awesome, like155.6716 
140 155.8162Big Wheels156.7365 
142 157.0154had my little electric, like, monster truck.158.9540 
144 159.3897It was awesome.159.9285 
147 161.0532[And], um, who were your friends in the neighborhood?163.7810 
149 164.4199Well one friend that I still have,165.8933
151 166.1702his name /RD-NAME-2/.166.9955 
153 168.0966Me /and him/ been friends168.9382 
155 169.0268ever since babies, cause our moms were friends.170.9281 
157 171.6095Um,172.4367 
159 173.5465he was like the chubby fat k- fat dude.175.5339 
161 176.4504Then he started playing football and slimmed up.178.0591 
163 178.5526It was a dude named /RD-NAME-2/.179.6684 
165 179.8170He was a older dude.180.7753 
167 181.2625Like probably like four years older than us.182.8847 
169 183.0146And we all like looked up to him cause he was like the- like the East185.3414 
171 185.4988High School football player.186.9059 
173 187.8011And like,188.2599 
175 188.4364he used to train us out in the field, and we used to like, play like-190.8245 
177 191.0669like t- like shoot 'em up, bust 'em up, like basically like football- freehand football.194.5146 
179 195.4622Yeah.195.8703 
181 196.2200I had some pretty cool friends on /RD-ADDRESS-1/ Court.197.7821 
183ROC_se0_ag1_m_02198.6678It was cool.199.2273
184ROC_int_01199.3439And what was like the thing to do? Like, what did y'all get into?202.4342
185ROC_se0_ag1_m_02203.4496Um, we woke up every day204.8848
187 205.6448and we went outside.206.7556 
189 207.4296You know, probably just normal stuff cause like we had like a square in the projects.210.5203 
191 210.7581So we'd just like ride our bicycle in that like circle a lot.213.1100 
193 213.6975And then214.2876 
195 214.5246we probably like, all start coming together.216.2405 
197 216.7925Play shoot 'em up bust 'em up is basically like218.4385 
199 219.0354no one's on219.8700 
201 220.0443no one's team. It's kind of like221.2447 
203 221.3310twenty-one221.9519 
205 222.0271in basketball.222.7788 
207 223.3201Everyone against everyone.224.5978 
209 224.6910And you just get a football, you just keep doing touchdowns.226.8692 
211 227.4766And then w- we probably split up into teams, play a round of that.229.9946 
213 230.7021And then like we /would/ either play like hide-and-go-seek, or like man hunt or something like that.234.0081 
215 234.6720A- yeah.235.2269 
217 235.3528And we used to play that from like236.4159 
219 236.5809pr- like the projects all the way like to Corn Hill.238.6092 
221 239.2154So it was dope.239.9073 
223 240.0658O- or we used to go to Three School241.3945 
225 241.5040play basketball,242.4016 
227 242.9283dodgeball243.6781 
229 243.9588at Three School.244.6573 
231 245.3165That's like a normal day.246.3147 
233 246.4010That's when life was good. [<laugh>]248.2169 
235 248.5511I'm surprised I ain't seen you. You know I went to /RD-SCHOOL-1/ School.250.9963
236ROC_se0_ag1_m_02251.3204Um, /RD-NAME-2/ seen me all the time.252.9245
237ROC_int_01253.5952I did not at all, like,255.3922
239ROC_int_01256.0608that's crazy. You know I went there from like kindergarten to eighth grade, [like.]259.6465
240ROC_se0_ag1_m_02259.2782[No I didn't] know that.260.1175
242ROC_se0_ag1_m_02260.6182[That's crazy.]261.2990
243ROC_int_01260.6182[/That whole time./]261.4762
244 262.3412So what schools did you go to then?263.8986
245ROC_se0_ag1_m_02264.6906Um, I went to /RD-SCHOOL-3/, /RD-SCHOOL-2/266.6584
247 266.8840and the /RD-SCHOOL-3/.267.6673 
250 268.8797yeah.269.2107 
252 269.5232Um,270.0827 
254 270.6020well, what were /RD-SCHOOL-3/ and /RD-SCHOOL-2/ like?272.6817 
257 273.4062<laugh>273.6767 
259 274.1896/RD-SCHOOL-3/ was like-275.7237 
261 276.4015you ever seen the movie High School High?277.6099 
262ROC_int_01278.3897No, I haven't.279.1777
263ROC_se0_ag1_m_02279.1684What? (whispered)279.6205
264ROC_int_01279.5927I know.280.1616
265 280.3808I know. [<laugh>]281.4561
266ROC_se0_ag1_m_02280.9543[It's a] nineties movie. It's so dope.282.4354
267ROC_int_01283.0695I gotta put it on the list.284.2481
268ROC_se0_ag1_m_02284.3133A- but it's like, you know, shoot, at /RD-SCHOOL-3/ I had to be around like-286.9869
270 287.4486had to be like fourteen years old,288.8317 
272 288.9238thirteen,289.4973 
274 289.6792fourteen years old.290.7470 
276 291.8592It was- man, school was crazy. Like, there was a lot of gangs in school.295.6566 
278 296.1468Like, you could walk297.0048 
280 297.1540up the stairways, kids behind th-298.8588 
282 299.0640the stairs299.5442 
284 299.7063gambling, or like rolling dice and playing tunk.302.0855 
286 303.0356The cafeteria, like,304.2946 
288 304.4841the reason why they f-305.4370 
290 305.5816they- they changed the foam plates307.5073 
292 307.9241is because, like,308.5490 
294 308.7326they used to have food fights in the cafeteria and be throwing like them heavy plastic trays and stuff. Like,313.0737 
296 313.9177that was crazy.315.0648 
298 315.5142But i- it was cool too because like,317.3141 
300 318.2111we used to have like, basketball tournaments,319.8478 
302 320.1695and they had /this one/ that was like a bask- I mean a boxing league.322.9364 
304 323.3345So i- i- it kept the kids active, you know.325.2463 
306 325.6333But325.8618 
308 326.3951this-326.6737 
310 326.7763k-326.8276 
312 326.9255the kids was so bad there328.8478 
314 329.2488that a probation officer330.7287 
316 331.2649had her own office inside the middle school.333.8452 
318 334.2229And like, back then it was nothing. But w- now you get older, like, yo it's a probation officer338.8596 
320 339.2111assigned to the school? That's crazy.341.7430 
322 342.4256So like,342.9618 
324 343.6100teachers w- like they come in there fighting, um,346.1157 
326 346.6100parents coming in fighting teachers,348.5701 
328 349.2742students fighting teachers, like literally, fist combat. It just like, yo like,353.4152 
330 353.923450 Cent album drop that year, Get Rich or Die Tryin'.356.6763 
332 357.1333That-357.4130 
334 357.5454everyone had the little walkmans.359.0841 
336 359.3965Everyone had Ge- Get Rich or Die Tryin'.361.1871 
338 361.5572And then the Nextels came. Everyone had a Nextel.364.2151 
340 365.5364/And like/ it was crazy. I thought I was old back in the day, man.368.3266 
342 368.4665/I wasn't old./369.1333 
344 370.2868But school was pretty-371.0748 
346 371.6996/RD-SCHOOL-3/ was alright. W- but then,373.3287 
348 374.5318I guess like statistic-wise376.2104 
350 376.3707the state took over /RD-SCHOOL-3/.377.8488 
352 378.3355That's what turned it into /RD-SCHOOL-5/.380.2520 
354 381.7412And then, I went over to the /RD-SCHOOL-2/ down the street.384.0354 
356 385.9302The /RD-SCHOOL-2/ down the street386.7920 
358 386.8690was- it was a little bit more intense. Like people wasn't playing around like that.389.8550 
360 390.2035You know what I mean.390.9030 
362 391.7050And then,392.4417 
363ROC_int_01393.2531Was it intense cause of like school work you mean? [Or like],395.9267
365 396.1027An- and it [wasn't b-]396.9152
366ROC_int_01396.5655[more strict?]397.2229
367ROC_se0_ag1_m_02397.2369Yeah it was more strict. Like, /RD-SCHOOL-3/ man, you could just walk out of class and just go like chill in the bathroom and like roll dice like your friend hit you on your Nextel. Like you- you- you leave class, like aight, I'll c-405.4069
369 405.6634I'm thirteen years old, (laughing)407.0250 
371 407.3997fourteen so it was just like,408.6867 
373 409.0970/RD-SCHOOL-2/ wasn't with none of that, like, oh, referral.410.6323 
375 410.7110Oh, referral. Oh,411.4384 
377 411.5410two day.411.9164 
379 412.0035Like, alright, lemme stop playing around. I'm'a start doing my work.414.1286 
381 414.5267My mom was whooping my butt.415.5607 
383 415.6819I'm like alright, we-416.4263 
385 417.0651take class more serious.418.2448 
387 418.9722/RD-SCHOOL-2/ was alright though.419.9654 
389 421.0536It had way more of a college feel. Cause like a lot of kids there,423.6182 
391 423.8033uh,423.9569 
393 424.0338were in like advanced classes.425.5845 
395 426.1490So like, a lot of people wasn't playing around. Like if you tried to be like that class clown or play around, people looking at you like, bro like, I'm here to work for real, you know.432.1473 
397 433.6085And then /RD-SCHOOL-4/, you know how that was.435.4399 
399 437.1724/RD-SCHOOL-2/ was just, [you know.]438.3728 
400ROC_int_01437.9112[/Well, how] would you-/438.7785
401 439.0629what was tha- okay, but, coming from these other schools when you got to /RD-SCHOOL-2/,442.5694
403 442.9001what was that like?443.5636 
404ROC_se0_ag1_m_02443.5762Shell shock.444.4761
406 444.8323Culture shock.445.6343 
408 446.4923Cause it was just like, I came from like this crazy like,448.8441 
410 449.4696ghetto, like, free school.451.2508 
412 451.6483Then I went to like this strict452.7796 
414 453.0711school.453.6213 
416 453.9209Then I went to like, another like, diverse, free school, you understand?457.3546 
418 457.6436So it was just like,458.4363 
420 458.7441ok, shell shock, like,459.8772 
422 460.2706you know what I mean, like,460.8395 
424 461.8531I've seen a gay person here and there,463.4524 
426 463.6343but,463.7975 
428 463.9421when I went and seen people like,465.0565 
430 465.4919proudly out being gay, you know what I mean,467.2731 
432 467.6386that was something I had to get used to.469.0142 
434 469.7089Um,470.4270 
436 470.9743You seeing a white kid with like a red mohawk, or a black kid, he474.3642 
438 475.0328got on like some crazy clothes. Like, even the teacher got a mohawk.478.2975 
440 478.3998This teacher don't wear suits to work like, you know what I mean.480.7466 
442 481.3072Then like, it's so much art. It was just so much culture483.7925 
444 484.1346in like one building, that-485.1651 
446 485.9689/RD-SCHOOL-2/ was definitely yeah. I wish I'd have went there like the whole time. Cause it's crazy cause489.3728 
448 489.8176I came from /RD-ADDRESS-3/490.6662 
450 491.2928And mostly every kid that comes from /RD-ADDRESS-3/ goes to /RD-SCHOOL-4/494.0626 
452 494.6052But,494.8570 
454 495.0342that year they changed it, where you had to go496.9087 
456 497.1185closer to like your local498.4474 
458 498.5733area or something they did that year.500.3237 
460 500.6967So I had to go to /RD-SCHOOL-3/ instead. So I came from /RD-ADDRESS-5/, this great elementary school sixth grade,505.7251 
462 506.0328to going to /RD-SCHOOL-3/. It was like super crazy like,508.5648 
464 509.0328it- man, you don't underst- I can't even-510.4317 
466 511.4873Going t- it's so crazy, like, <laugh>513.7861 
468 514.4173could you imagine being the teacher and you walk out516.2872 
470 516.6853to like your car, and a-517.6738 
472 517.7583and like a little thirteen year old kid walking out hopping in his car too?520.3101 
474 520.5805Like, it was crazy, like.522.1193 
476 523.3008Yeah, /RD-SCHOOL-3/ was crazy.524.5038 
478 524.8582If I could do th- do that again,526.3474 
480 527.0701I would rather527.5831 
482 527.7760been at /RD-SCHOOL-2/ mo-528.6089 
484 528.6975longer, cause I- I think I woulda grew into a different, like-530.9951 
486 531.3822It woulda groomed me more, you know what I mean. I woulda had more time to- to get groomed, cause in school, like college-535.9442 
488 536.9493in college, you know, it was like538.5580 
490 540.2190I didn't feel like I was lacking, cause I was ahead a lot of people in the art district in school, but544.0659 
492 544.7035I feel like,545.5289 
494 545.9205It woulda groomed me more, you know what I mean. Like,547.7577 
496 548.3012being groomed at a younger age,549.6975 
498 549.8438m- most things woulda been muscle memory,551.6124 
500 551.8296you know what I mean.552.4224 
502 553.2588So yeah.553.7857 
504 554.1494And then I went to /RD-SCHOOL-3/555.4131 
506 556.0583Community College557.0142 
508 557.3449for culinary.558.1286 
510 558.2965I was there for like,558.8047 
512 559.6924what, year and a half.560.7442 
514 561.6767Finished up there,562.5351 
516 562.6656moved back here, started working at restaurants.564.5992 
518 565.6225Got into the hospital and was like566.7789 
520 567.0138I'm done with the restaurant567.8345 
522 567.9818world.568.3894 
524 569.2890You know,569.6014 
526 569.6903I'm tryna preserve myself.570.7907 
528 572.5350Restaurants, man, it's serious business.574.4757 
532 577.0081I'd rather be stressed at one job578.5620 
534 579.1098where everybody else is stressed out,580.3078 
536 580.8475than be stressed out at a job where no one else cares.583.0026 
538 584.0168You know what I mean, so.584.9182 
541 586.9154And so, at /RD-SCHOOL-2/,588.1075 
543 589.0327what was your major again?590.1180 
544ROC_se0_ag1_m_02590.1547<ts> Um, mines was591.1234
546 591.3857theater.591.7808 
547ROC_int_01592.1545[Theater, right.]593.2595
548ROC_se0_ag1_m_02592.6171[Drama major.]593.3110
549 593.4652Mm-hm.593.8082
551 594.6365I don't know why I, uh, pinned you with uh,597.0621
552ROC_se0_ag1_m_02597.1006[Creative writing?]597.7061
554 598.3526Well,598.7093
556 599.0009creative writing I would have saw you more in my [classes. That's] why [I-]602.4329 
559 602.1964[Cause] that's what everyone thinks. [Everyone like, you] creative writing? I'm like, no.604.7773 
561 605.4991Yeah. I don't know why. I was just like,607.0658
563 607.6406I guess I thought you was drawing and stuff.609.6550 
565ROC_int_01609.8823[But now] that I think b- now that you say that, I think back. I'm like no, you were an actor, [like.]614.0816
566ROC_se0_ag1_m_02613.8857[Yeah Miss /RD-NAME-2/.]614.9020
568ROC_se0_ag1_m_02615.3244Mm-hm. That's my core teacher.616.8492
570 618.0255Yeah drama, baby.619.0852 
573 620.0491[How do] you feel like it changed you? Like-622.0723 
574ROC_se0_ag1_m_02620.1181[And I-]620.2755
575 622.3790It groomed me.623.1781
577 623.5739Like,623.9918 
579 625.1479it- so it was c- it was cool because627.1413 
581 627.3721I was going to /RD-SCHOOL-4/, but,628.6475 
583 628.8527the reason why /RD-SCHOOL-4/629.9368 
585 630.2076called me630.6972 
587 630.9910is because I was at /RD-SCHOOL-5/.632.2045 
589 632.8445So I was doing /RD-SCHOOL-5/ summer academies a- and doing plays with /RD-SCHOOL-5/ before I even went to /RD-SCHOOL-2/.638.2628 
591 638.9937And then-639.4786 
593 639.7118and it's cool that they actually called me641.5629 
595 641.8660and were just like, yo you tryna come here?643.1483 
597 643.8868I'm like, yeah.644.7215 
599 645.5468So I- I came646.4374 
601 646.9754and Miss /RD-NAME-2/ made me read like a passage out of a book.649.5447 
603 650.0034And she like, alright, you're in.651.0526 
605 651.1738I'm just like,651.5935 
607 651.9665that was way too easy,652.9690 
609 653.3718not knowing that she already had friends that came to my shows and seen me before, you know.656.8876 
611 657.3900So I'm like, oh that's awesome, you know, so.659.3531 
613 660.7846Theater helped me out with-662.0996 
615 662.2552Um, cause I- I shoot music videos. I shoot mini films.664.8804 
617 665.5232It was really-666.2624 
619 666.4023it was really good to have the basics668.0110 
621 668.0949down, the foundation669.3883 
623 669.6261of,670.0551 
625 670.9894um, performance art,672.4116 
627 673.1157you know what I mean.673.7265 
629 673.9037Cause like,674.2319 
631 674.3345yeah movies-675.2193 
633 675.3574film is killing the theater world.676.9737 
635 677.3922But you always gotta go back to the foundation. Film is just679.9474 
637 680.3671recorded theater,681.4302 
639 681.5375you know what I mean.682.2929 
641ROC_se0_ag1_m_02683.1899So it groomed me f- to like know the foundation. Most of the people out here that shoot music videos686.7151
643 687.0773or work on film,688.0286 
645 688.3118they all come from a film world.689.7014 
647 690.1444They never really got the foundation of theater, you know.692.1074 
649 692.4292Th- those kids don't take that theater class694.2710 
651 694.6149or that theater lit class. They rather take the CGI class, you know what I mean, the- the- the production class.699.2405 
653 699.6713So it was cool that I took those classes,701.6017 
655 702.2545because702.7674 
657 703.7408the way I got into /RD-SCHOOL-5/,705.1863 
659 706.2868um, it's crazy but I did a poem.708.3291 
661 708.5145Now, this is how, like709.6942 
663 709.8061illiterate I was to theater.710.9951 
665 711.5174So I'm like, yo, I wanna audition for this,713.1681 
667 713.3219but I don't know what theater is.714.6042 
669 714.7599So /RD-NAME-1/'s like yo, do a monologue. So I try to google like w- what a monologue was.718.4855 
671 718.8527So I'm like, oh I could just do a poem.720.1537 
673 721.3241I went in there,722.1587 
675 722.5242and them mo-723.0324 
677 723.1723and those people let me do a poem.725.2147 
679 726.3775And not-726.7692 
681 726.8858and never stop me and say like, yo you gotta do a monologue, like you can't do a poem.730.8370 
683 731.7509And-732.0913 
685 732.2423and it's so crazy now, that I thought about it after I understood what a monologue was.736.6814 
687 737.0952I left,737.6781 
689 738.0185and they called me and was like, I'm in.739.5386 
691 739.8836And it's crazy cause I told my mama that same day, I'm like yo, I don't wanna do this.742.5834 
693 742.9273It was just like a lot of like,744.1397 
695 744.9231people I'm not used to there, you know what I mean.746.7314 
697 746.8037Crazy, cause /RD-NAME-2/ was there too.748.2151 
699 748.6240And /RD-NAME-3/ was there too.749.7961 
701 750.2344/And-/750.5095 
703 750.8406no yeah, /RD-NAME-4/ was there,752.2161 
705 752.7885and just /RD-NAME-2/.753.5066 
707 753.7491That's how I met them, be- before I even went to /RD-SCHOOL-2/.755.9826 
709 756.3230So I'm sitting there like,757.2649 
711 758.5227aw man, like I don't like these kind of- I don't like these people man, I'm-761.2336 
713 761.3077I'm- you know what, I hope they don't even call me. And then they called me like,763.6986 
715 763.9536two hours later like, hey, you're in. I'm like,765.3757 
717 765.4906psh.765.6818 
719 766.3287So they- they was like, it's eight hundred dollars to- um, to do it.769.4109 
721 769.9739And I'm like, yes my mom is not gonna pay no [eight hundred d-]772.0303 
722ROC_int_01771.6432[Eight hundred?]772.3940
723ROC_se0_ag1_m_02772.3753Yes, eight [hundred.]773.4151
724ROC_int_01772.9675[Uh], for a drama major?774.5622
725ROC_se0_ag1_m_02774.5681Yes, eight hundred for [/RD-SCHOOL-3/.]776.0748
726ROC_int_01775.6318[I didn't even] know that.776.6530
727ROC_se0_ag1_m_02776.6017For [/RD-SCHOOL-6/ it's eight hundred dollars.]778.5321
729ROC_se0_ag1_m_02778.9133And whether that's like a probably what, like a three month course?781.3981
731 781.7670Two month? Something like that.782.8395 
733 783.3197They charge you eight hundred.784.2337 
734ROC_int_01785.3470They didn't have no scholarships on deck or nothing?787.2774
735ROC_se0_ag1_m_02787.4126No that- this would get crazy. So I'm like, yes, I know my mama's not gonna pay this eight hundred dollars (laughing)791.7835
737 792.0680for me to go do some theater.793.1311 
739 793.7081Oh,793.9040 
741 794.0998I get a scholarship in the mail.795.0324 
743ROC_se0_ag1_m_02796.2354[I'm like], oh my god. I'm like, yo like m- I'm like oh my god, now I gotta really do this.801.4969
744 801.9947I show up my first day, man.803.6640
746 804.3448When I say I was sweating, like-806.2846 
748 806.7322like,806.9421 
750 807.0977I was just sweating so bad. I'm just like so nervous, heart thumping.810.7954 
752 811.3567And then like,811.8416 
754 812.8068we all was sitting in a circle, and w-814.3940 
756 814.4919and we all /done/ had like, to introduce ourself. I was the only black kid in there,817.5041 
758ROC_se0_ag1_m_02818.1465except for /RD-NAME-2/.819.1023
760 819.6805And like,820.0035 
762 820.1130you know,820.5199 
764 820.7064I didn't know who he was at that time. So, I'm just sweating in the corner like, yo this is a lot of white people, man.825.1519 
766 825.5902Like,825.8233 
768 825.9259it's like826.2710 
770 826.3800thirty- like thirty white people just me and /RD-NAME-2/. W- I'm just like yo, I've never been like in this situation.831.0027 
772 831.5109So most of these kids832.5041 
774 833.2024were like already theater kids. You know what I mean, some of 'em were like twelve years old, thirteen, fourteen. They're already like,837.9213 
776 838.1812theater lit, you know. So I'm just like,839.7200 
778 840.6013I'm'a just go with the flow.841.5245 
780 842.2788And then,842.6949 
782 843.1070/I l-/843.4008 
784 843.4940this lady /RD-NAME-2/ pulled me to the side, like,845.8768 
786 846.0586probably like three weeks in,847.1171 
788 847.5712and was like, you know,848.4898 
790 848.6821um,849.0680 
792 850.0816you on- you-850.5385 
794 850.7484like, you only fail if you try.852.6881 
796 853.3584And was like,853.9413 
798 855.6229I can see that you're like kind of tens- like have a lot of tension, like,858.5419 
800 858.8636just free yourself.859.7216 
802 860.3867And,860.7987 
804 861.4428if you don't like it,862.2308 
806 862.7187you know what I mean, you could just never come back,864.4626 
808 865.6097or you can just give it a chance, and if it work out, you know,868.5164 
810 869.1040I gotchu. So I'm like alright, you know what, that makes sense.871.2367 
812 871.7729So I just872.2643 
814 872.3948didn't care no more.873.1490 
816 873.8741And then by the end, I won a award875.5143 
818 876.0383for like one of the most improved,877.4978 
820 877.7309and best dressed, of course.878.9200 
821ROC_int_01879.3292Of [course.]880.2990
823ROC_int_01880.3923[The fashion /guy/.]881.3389
824ROC_se0_ag1_m_02881.6387And but that's what made it so crazy, because these kids like,884.5501
826 884.6481they started coming up to me like, yo.886.0749 
828 886.4375When I was like886.9271 
830 887.0297sixteen years old, seventeen,888.7549 
832 889.0534that's when like, True Religion just came in.890.6014 
834 890.7133I loved True Religion.891.8762 
836 892.2772So like- like the kids from like Pittsford, they're coming up to me like yo, those True Religion jeans are crazy.896.1725 
838 896.4522So I'm like, yo they know about True Religion jeans. Like it was crazy, so.899.2657 
840 900.0817I used to wear like- like Dior pants and stuff.902.2610 
842 902.4849But I never thought about it like, I n- I never thought anyone's watching me.905.1876 
844 905.6032But at the end, they like,907.1854 
846 907.5602/freaking/ was like, yo, /RD-NAME-1/, you get best dressed. I'm like yo that's crazy, like, that was dope.911.6262 
848 912.0488Oh and /RD-NAME-2/ was there too. I met /RD-NAME-2/ there-913.9880 
850 914.1850/RD-NAME-4/ there for the first time.915.7331 
852 916.4605So it was like,917.0154 
854 917.4741I go- so- so when I went over to /RD-SCHOOL-2/,919.1574 
856 919.3678all the-919.5963 
858 919.9623all the drama kids already knew who I was kind of, you know.921.9009 
860 922.8449And then, I got with House of Pain,924.5049 
862 925.8087and started to help like build, um, sets and like theme park type of things.929.7101 
864 930.1583Help build a- um, a clown character931.9069 
866 932.2992that won me like the best actor of the season934.3789 
868 934.4814for Halloween,935.3511 
870 935.6903for /RD-WORK-3/ Magazine.936.8840 
872 937.5263So it was like-938.1558 
874 938.2398and then I just keep going with it, going with it. Then I'm like, you know what I-940.4313 
876 940.9862I'd rather just work for myself.942.2638 
878 943.8603You know.944.0981 
880 945.3897And then, I don't gotta talk about what- what we did, you know. W-947.7276 
882 947.8861We did our thing.948.7161 
884 949.4931Poetry slam.950.1418 
887 951.0948right, how did- okay so,952.3395 
889 952.5963did you take a class with953.8302 
891 954.5063[/??/]955.1218 
893ROC_int_01955.3818How did you get into the, um,957.3355
895 958.7158poetry scene stuff at /RD-SCHOOL-2/?960.5110 
898 962.5038well, I already w- was a writer964.0052 
900 964.4546[and-] and /??/ dude, Mr. /RD-NAME-1/,965.9328 
902ROC_se0_ag1_m_02967.8667Was that his name?968.5615
903ROC_int_01969.1257<ts> Oh, um.970.6598
904ROC_se0_ag1_m_02970.7204No not-971.0981
906 971.1928g- n-971.7323 
908 971.8375you know, not /RD-NAME-1/ the army dude. It's another older guy, [older-]974.6329 
909ROC_int_01974.4837[Mr.] /RD-NAME-2/?975.1225
910ROC_se0_ag1_m_02975.2997Mr. /RD-NAME-2/.975.8546
912ROC_se0_ag1_m_02976.4701So, he used to come to some of my,977.7291
914 977.8928um, theater shows.979.4328 
916 980.1074And then,980.6903 
918 980.9951I try to-981.5034 
920 981.6806for- for your writing class, I competed with the-984.3664 
922 984.6788um,985.1451 
924 985.5059the Shakespeare competition?986.5411 
926ROC_se0_ag1_m_02987.7196And- you know, and he gave- and they gave us the rules,989.9006
928 990.0778and I ain't gonna say nothing but the person that won991.8171 
930 992.0829completely didn't go by the rules, cause they say you can't do Romeo and Juliet.995.3300 
932 995.6238And this person did Romeo and Juliet.996.9201 
934 997.0897I did Taming of a Shrew.998.0642 
936 998.4652So I'm like,999.0388 
938 999.6729I lost,1000.1672 
940 1000.3153well, I came in second place,1001.2292 
942 1001.3504but I'm like, yo like,1002.2504 
944 1002.4555you- you did Romeo and Juliet, and they said you can't do Romeo and Juliet. Everyone knows that1005.7755 
946 1006.1521piece, you know.1006.6323 
948 1007.2711So,1007.7514 
950 1008.4882he seen like the way1009.7705 
952 1010.4682I did like the- um, the Shakespeare piece. And he was like, yo do you do poetry? I'm like, yeah I do poetry.1014.4678 
954 1014.9655And,1015.4272 
956 1015.5315I recited a poem for him,1016.6751 
958 1017.1058and he was like, yo you should enter in a poetry contest.1019.6984 
960 1020.2206So I'm like alright.1020.8081 
962 1021.8235Uh, I- I entered in a poetry /contest/. And it's funny cause mad people started dropping out. <laugh>1025.9502 
964 1026.5937Um, my boy /RD-NAME-2/ like yo, I'm not doing this with you. I'm like bro, do the1029.8519 
966 1029.9824con- Like I didn't even know like-1031.3860 
968 1032.8280I didn't know what slam poetry was at- was at that time.1034.9895 
970 1035.2984But I know how to like, rap.1036.5128 
972 1036.8591So I just do my poetry vocally out, like, aggressively, you know.1039.6836 
974 1040.4798And,1040.8587 
976 1042.0384I won all the competitions like straight tens.1043.9315 
978 1044.9871And then I went on to did like a /Webster/ competition.1047.0108 
980 1047.5284I won that one, and met that1048.8078 
982 1048.9616kid out there that came with us,1050.6123 
984 1052.0316[/RD-NAME-1/?]1052.6797 
986ROC_se0_ag1_m_021052.8989[I think.]1053.1367
988ROC_se0_ag1_m_021053.3232/RD-NAME-1/. [I-]1053.8296
990ROC_se0_ag1_m_021054.6854I met him at that competition.1056.0405
992 1056.6654And I just kept on getting in all of 'em, just- just winning all of 'em,1059.3191 
994 1059.4165and then,1059.7988 
996 1060.2657I met R-1060.8975 
998 1061.5777I had to do the-1062.1507 
1000 1062.3355um, what did- the, writers and books.1064.3428 
1002 1064.8849And then I met /RD-NAME-4/ there.1066.2418 
1004 1067.2898Then what's the other one called, the /RD-WORK-4/ or something?1069.6772 
1005ROC_int_011069.8325Yup, /RD-WORK-1/.1070.3909
1007 1070.5398Yeah.1070.7730 
1008ROC_se0_ag1_m_021070.7823Then she aksed me come do that one.1072.0553
1010 1072.7533And then, tha- that's when she brought me with you guys.1074.6948 
1013 1075.3881that was dope.1075.9523 
1015 1076.1216[<laugh>]1076.6719 
1016ROC_se0_ag1_m_021076.1327[/You know what I'm] saying./1077.0140
1017ROC_int_011077.1073What got you into writing?1078.5341
1019 1078.9602E- whether it was poetry or rap, like,1080.9932 
1021 1081.4595I don't know what came first for you.1082.7931 
1022ROC_se0_ag1_m_021082.8555Nas and Lauryn Hill, If I Ruled the World.1084.8838
1025 1087.3319Classic.1087.8915 
1026ROC_se0_ag1_m_021088.0255I heard that song. S-1088.9284
1028 1089.0147a- no I actually seen the music video1090.7032 
1030 1090.9696I had a /?/ I had to be like what,1092.4349 
1032 1092.9583eight years old.1093.7592 
1034 1094.7943I watched the music video.1095.9216 
1036 1096.3238I'm like, yo, this is the best song in the w-1097.8567 
1038 1097.9733ever, like,1098.5608 
1040 1099.2136the clash of her singing1100.7337 
1042 1101.3854and like, her soulfulness, and his like, rap lyrics. I'm just like, yo,1105.0178 
1044 1105.3255this what I should be doing.1106.5425 
1046 1107.3714And ever since then,1108.1921 
1048 1108.6863I used to like, just like-1109.6609 
1050 1110.4582I had like a karaoke machine1111.6706 
1052 1111.8245that had like a recorder with a microphone.1113.1814 
1054 1113.6086And I literally just wrote1114.5371 
1056 1114.7318every single day1115.9127 
1058 1116.3201and just rap records on my microphone, o- over a little tape.1119.0852 
1060 1119.6494And they- it was funny because1121.0856 
1062 1121.1835then they didn't have the engineering,1122.6494 
1064 1122.9805so I would get two radio- I would get my one radio,1125.3994 
1066 1125.6838push play on my radio to play the music out loud1127.9313 
1068 1128.3370then I take the cassette recorder one1130.1275 
1070 1130.4819an- and just rap,1131.3108 
1072 1131.4087but I have another microphone sitting by the-1133.2132 
1074 1133.3391the music1133.8847 
1076 1134.1458just to make songs. And I- and that was at like twelve years old,1136.8177 
1078 1137.1193you know.1137.4177 
1080 1138.0834Lauryn Hill and Nas i-1139.0666 
1082 1139.1622If I Ruled the World is the reason why I rap,1140.6246 
1084 1141.0612and1141.4331 
1086 1141.5193do art period.1142.2677 
1088 1143.3962That song was like my- <laugh>1144.6728 
1090 1145.5504I don't know, that song did it [for me.]1146.9493 
1091ROC_int_011146.6153[/??/] is- is- inspire you1148.2613
1092ROC_se0_ag1_m_021148.2660Yeah, it was like oh my god.1149.5809
1095 1150.7128Okay, and so,1151.7107 
1097 1152.4474as an artist, um, and specifically as a rapper, what do you feel like is your1156.7484 
1099 1156.8370aesthetic or your style? Like what do you rap about,1159.4016 
1101 1159.7921what do people know you for?1161.1304 
1104 1163.1914Um, I don't know, man. I'm a realist rapper.1165.5415 
1106 1165.8714Like,1166.1558 
1108 1167.1630it's realism, you know,1168.3054 
1110 1169.0795It could-1169.5411 
1112 1171.0490I think- I think my music is- I- I think the way I rap is deep.1174.1451 
1114 1175.4251And I think I talk about1176.7785 
1116 1177.5747touchy topics and1178.7136 
1118 1179.4830things that people are not comfortable with saying out loud.1181.7183 
1120 1181.8908But at the same time,1182.9353 
1122 1183.5170I feel like I rap with like a motivation through it. It's not like-1186.7810 
1124 1187.1121like glorifying.1188.1426 
1126 1188.5564It's like, it is what it is.1189.9693 
1128 1190.1931But, you could always p-1191.2499 
1130 1191.3676like progress yourself.1192.4033 
1132 1193.0981You know what I mean, that's my style.1194.4690 
1134 1195.3678Cause like,1195.7595 
1136 1196.1716I'm all over the place. I'm not gonna1197.8764 
1138 1198.8836categorize myself to one single1200.7913 
1140 1200.9557thing.1201.2804 
1142 1201.5712You know what I mean, I'm a artist, like.1202.8162 
1144 1203.6899It could be some club stuff, some party stuff, some love stuff, some1206.5436 
1146 1206.9062hate stuff, anger stuff.1207.9740 
1148 1208.0853You know what I mean, like I'm a human like, I- I'm'a be everything.1210.4453 
1150 1210.7222For a artist to be like one thing is just like,1212.7319 
1152 1213.0769kind of like, faking the funk, you know what I mean. It's like1215.0493 
1154 1215.4690this is what sells for me so I'm'a just do this.1217.5708 
1156 1217.9485I do whatever I- I- I- I feel.1220.0795 
1158 1220.3592Like,1220.5504 
1160 1220.9794I could feel like this today, write this way or write that way,1223.2147 
1162 1223.5970and I'm'a put it out this way and I don't care who like it or not. It's about1226.0999 
1164 1226.2928I'm expressing myself to the world, you know.1228.1376 
1167 1230.1490Yeah and, um,1231.4593 
1169 1232.2986do you feel like you identify more with, uh, East Coast rappers, or1236.8141 
1171 1237.4313it doesn't matter?1238.1401 
1172ROC_se0_ag1_m_021239.4131Oh nah, I go by the rules of the East Coast.1241.6437
1174 1242.3635/??/ uh, you tryna set me up.1243.8230 
1175ROC_int_011243.9023No, I'm- I'm [not, I'm really] curious. Cause [I talked to a couple rappers and so that's] why I'm-1248.8438
1176ROC_se0_ag1_m_021245.7255[Yeah I'm not doing a-]1246.6021
1178 1247.0795[I ain't doing a mumble rap.]1247.9841 
1179ROC_int_011249.4686Okay so you associate the mumble with [more, so-]1251.8718
1180ROC_se0_ag1_m_021251.4457[I'm not doing] a mumble rap.1252.3223
1182ROC_se0_ag1_m_021252.7297I enjoy it.1253.3452
1184 1253.6035But I'm not doing that.1254.4381 
1186ROC_se0_ag1_m_021254.9091Cause like,1255.2914
1188 1255.7391I'm not about to turn into a melting pot, you know what I'm saying.1257.6462 
1190 1258.0787It- yes, it's segregation.1259.3284 
1192 1259.6874But we have to keep it segregation1261.2262 
1194 1261.4873for our children /could/ understand that East Coast has a sound.1264.3829 
1197 1265.7154Okay,1266.0744 
1199 1266.1677so you've said it's rules.1267.5386 
1202 1268.5737hip us to the rules. What- like for you, like what is like the1271.5038
1204 1272.0400[this is how] it-1272.9213 
1205ROC_se0_ag1_m_021272.1846[I'm not-]1272.6882
1207 1272.9166I'm not mumble rapping.1273.8760 
1208 1274.1885I'm not going to be repetitive.1275.7645
1210 1276.1329A- and I'm'a actually1277.2893 
1212 1277.4758think my thoughts1278.3571 
1214 1278.6042out1278.8420 
1216 1279.2369clearly,1279.7732 
1218 1280.1089and just not be f- for like what I think a person might like.1283.0327 
1220 1283.3549I'm'a actually think about what I'm actually saying,1285.2480 
1222 1285.4672you know what I mean.1286.0873 
1224 1286.7774It's not like get- do drugs and just like I'm about to just freestyle for you, you know.1289.8223 
1226 1290.3714But I'm not saying I don't like that music, yes.1292.7774 
1228 1293.0526I like it because1293.9385 
1230 1294.1623I can dib and dab in different choices of hip-hop.1296.3481 
1232 1296.6372You know, f- for- for someone to say1298.0127 
1234 1298.2843none of that stuff is hip-hop makes no sense.1300.0644 
1236 1300.4374Cause if you know the foundation rules of hip-hop, that's all hip-hop.1302.9012 
1238 1303.1950It's people coming from where they're from1304.5816 
1240 1304.7541expressing themself through the art the way they do. You know like,1306.8664 
1242 1307.1788we heel-toe, and Chicago like fast tap or whatever the like- you know /how/ the fast dance they [do.]1311.5188 
1244ROC_se0_ag1_m_021311.8079Like you know what I mean, I'm-1312.3768
1246 1312.4683I'm not gonna say like their way of dancing's not right cause we heel-toe, you know what I mean.1316.3173 
1248 1316.6530So it's like, the way they're doing it, okay it's cool.1318.6068 
1250 1318.8230That's keeping1319.6390 
1252 1319.8395like, us alive and,1321.3083 
1254 1321.9676the hundred billboard chart said that1323.7861 
1256 1324.5590just now that rap is the new rock and roll,1326.7692 
1258 1327.1282you know what I mean.1327.8230 
1260ROC_se0_ag1_m_021328.1914[The top six] albums1329.5669
1261 1329.8718on the billboard chart right- charts right now1331.5976
1263 1331.6894are hip-hop albums.1332.8280 
1265 1333.2789And it's all different sounds of hip-hop, you know what I mean. So I'm not about to sit here and discredit no one.1337.4913 
1267 1337.8864Like, I'm happy that1338.9636 
1269 1339.5931I don't gotta travel to Atlanta to actually hear a Atlanta person. I can just push play1343.7291 
1271 1343.9966and hear their culture,1344.9245 
1273 1345.6397you know what I mean.1346.1946 
1275ROC_se0_ag1_m_021346.7588But, I gotta segregate myself1348.3395
1277 1348.7749for when they-1349.4324 
1279 1349.5863when they here m-1350.2670 
1281 1350.4815us,1350.8872 
1283 1351.7032we don't sound like them.1352.8410 
1285 1353.7491You know what I mean, like I've been down south, and like the way I rap they all be like-1357.1810 
1287 1357.7376be like why aren't you known in New York?1359.8936 
1289 1360.3302And I tell 'em like yo n- first of all, it's not New York.1362.5596 
1291 1362.8686New York City is like a huge shadow over all these little cities that- We got like forty cities in New York1368.7287 
1293 1369.2463<laugh>1369.5680 
1295 1370.1462in that one c- New York /City/ like you know.1372.0289 
1297 1372.1501And it- and it's people there that's- tha- that's super dope.1374.2251 
1299 1375.2696But it just,1375.9364 
1301 1376.0454i- it's just people waiting in line, you know. It's so much art and so much talent,1379.5099 
1303 1380.3201and hustle in New York City,1381.9568 
1305 1382.4231that, you know,1383.0805 
1307 1383.1924s- somethings just don't come to radio yet.1385.2907 
1309 1385.8725But,1386.1382 
1311 1386.4134it's funny that a lot of my down sou- down south- down s-1388.8188 
1313 1388.9354/?/ down south friends1390.3115 
1315 1390.7796listen to like, nothing but New York music.1392.4489 
1317 1392.5701And it be so hilarious like,1393.6846 
1319 1393.9737I go down to Carolina, I'm turnt for the weekend,1395.8983 
1321 1396.1454he putting on Nas I'm like bro listen,1397.6888 
1323ROC_se0_ag1_m_021399.3022[I know] you /can/ see me in your car right now, and I know you like Nas and you tryna represent but, yo,1403.9453
1324 1404.3696I need your music on right now before I can have my nice night tonight, you know what I mean.1407.8173
1326 1408.1017So it's cool like,1408.8618 
1328 1409.3065they're not just bumping down south music, they do respect our sound.1412.5612 
1330 1413.1569You know what I [mean, so- s-] so, you gotta keep that sound going1415.9453 
1332ROC_se0_ag1_m_021416.2204because they s-1416.8872
1334 1417.1577they still want us to sound the way w- we- we supposed to sound.1419.8499 
1336 1420.2975If not, there wouldn't be like a Joey Badass.1422.4023 
1338 1422.6820It wouldn't be like Action Bronson, and1424.8363 
1340 1425.3343Dave East,1426.3815 
1342 1426.9364um,1427.4172 
1344 1427.5175even ASAP like, you know what I mean.1429.1518 
1346 1429.2649Um, there's mad dudes out here that- that's making a living off of this so it- that mean people do1434.0648 
1348 1434.7473glorify and accept our music.1436.5985 
1350 1436.7774And if we go across seas, it's even more crazy.1439.0809 
1352 1439.6609Know what I mean, cause the- they're like ten years behind.1441.4421 
1354 1442.1070So like they hear New York music is crazy you know, so.1444.3965 
1357 1445.5593Do you have any like, long-term goals that you wanna see for1448.8326 
1359 1449.3083your music?1450.1307 
1360ROC_se0_ag1_m_021451.1862Well, m-1451.6059
1362 1451.9416my all time goal is I don't wanna be a rapper I wanna be in A and R.1455.3269 
1364 1455.8900So I just wanna hope I can get to a label and show 'em like my music video work,1459.6762 
1366 1460.0679and like my engineering work,1461.3829 
1368 1461.4890and my writing skills, and music writing skills,1464.0116 
1370 1464.3520and they just give me like a office space,1466.0866 
1372 1466.2171or give me like a1466.8606 
1374 1466.9632contract1467.5974 
1376 1468.0526to help1468.6063 
1378 1468.9187develop artists.1469.8513 
1379ROC_int_011470.5496That's dope.1471.2350
1380ROC_se0_ag1_m_021471.6480That's what I do at my company now, you know. M- most people I shoot videos for, they don't have no idea on what they wanna do.1476.0518
1382 1476.3362So I help,1476.7885 
1384 1477.3423I- I hear their music1478.3728 
1386 1478.7411I write down all the ideas and visionaries that I can put together for 'em, I send it to 'em, if they like it, then we shoot it.1483.8161 
1388ROC_se0_ag1_m_021484.6834Same thing when I- when I record people.1486.3423
1390 1486.7573If I record someone, /I-/1487.9650 
1392 1488.6457I can hear your weaknesses or where I think a strength is and I try to like1491.6705 
1394 1491.7638elaborate on that part like,1492.9481 
1396 1493.0898echoes, reverbs, anything, you know. And when they hear it they be amazed and love it so.1496.7612 
1398 1497.2881I really wanna develop artists,1498.6450 
1400ROC_se0_ag1_m_021499.5625you know.1499.8189
1401ROC_int_011500.6536That's cool.1501.3064
1403 1501.7680Um,1502.2530 
1405 1502.8079okay I guess I can ask some more1504.7010 
1407 1504.9155general questions about Rochester.1506.8197 
1409 1507.3280Um,1507.7010 
1411 1508.5485what1508.8796 
1413 1509.4205aspects of Rochester do you love and, you know, what aspects do you think need work?1513.6684 
1416ROC_se0_ag1_m_021517.5887Alright we gonna go with the bad [first.]1519.2394
1418 1519.9685[Okay.]1520.3323
1419ROC_se0_ag1_m_021520.0385[C- cause] the good is good.1521.1436
1420 1521.9019Um,1522.3280
1422 1525.0762I don't know, like the youth,1526.3678 
1424 1526.7006like,1526.9384 
1426 1527.3115the youth youth like the thirteen year-old, fourteen year-olds,1529.9151 
1428 1530.4327like,1530.6425 
1430 1531.1881I don't know why but, yo they're on a savage lost path,1534.7389 
1432 1534.8415like.1535.0198 
1434 1535.9198If you be around kids nowadays, like, don't let them know like you're listening or looking. The stuff they saying out their mouth, the way they dress, and the way they acting it just1542.9721 
1436 1543.0934crazy, you know what I mean.1544.5389 
1438 1545.2202It's like1545.5974 
1440 1546.5783they don't value life.1548.1031 
1442 1549.1231And like, I'm not saying that in like a cliche way.1551.1188 
1444 1551.4779They don't marinate in life. Like they don't marinate in living. Like when I was a kid I was a kid,1555.5457 
1446 1555.8534probably doing some bad grown-up things, but I was still being a kid.1558.8348 
1448 1559.2265These kids don't wanna be children, they wanna be grown-ups,1561.9840 
1450 1562.2684but they don't wanna go by the foundation of what a adult has to do,1565.1985 
1452 1565.9259know what I mean.1566.4481 
1454ROC_se0_ag1_m_021567.3749So it's like,1567.8459
1456 1569.3339I feel like,1569.8410 
1458 1571.0026there need to be more like,1572.0005 
1460 1572.1637activities.1572.9937 
1462 1573.4775Like when1574.0134 
1464 1574.1210I was young,1574.8064 
1466 1575.1063we still had summer camp1576.2254 
1468 1576.3559and all that, like I go to summer camp at, um, <ts> /RD-SCHOOL-3/.1579.7336 
1470 1580.7537And it was dope. Like, summer camp,1582.6468 
1472 1583.9198um,1584.7731 
1474 1585.5192go to the- we used to go like- like the U of R festivals.1588.3513 
1476 1588.7510My sister w- went to /RD-SCHOOL-2/ so,1590.4483 
1478 1591.1262that was a big part of my childhood, being able like to go out1593.8680 
1480 1594.0329and be diverse and see other things, you know what I mean.1596.0706 
1482 1596.4792But,1596.6517 
1484 1596.8289these youth,1597.4747 
1486 1598.5857they're not busy enough.1599.6628 
1488 1600.4730That's why they go to the Lilac Festival, and it act like it's a party not knowing that that's like a-1604.3152 
1490 1604.7302a festive thing,1605.6488 
1492 1605.9927of where you just like, marinate in value and,1608.1516 
1494 1608.2810the lilacs you know. So they show up there,1610.4365 
1496 1610.8252where if they had some teen event somewhere, they'd have went there instead,1613.6929 
1498 1613.9820you know what I mean.1614.6442 
1499ROC_int_011615.1746Yeah, I was gonna say, what do you think accounts for like1617.7065
1501 1617.9676why1618.5225 
1503 1619.2313[they act] this way?1620.0753 
1506 1620.0753They're backed up.1620.8213 
1507 1621.3098Know what I mean, like, there's nothing for them to do,1623.0630
1509 1623.4034but sit in their neighborhood all day. They go to school,1625.8281 
1511 1626.0878come home, sit in their neighborhood all day,1627.8224 
1513 1628.0870and they don't do nothing but be on the internet.1629.6538 
1515 1630.1201So when a event come,1631.2951 
1517 1631.7101they don't care what kind of event it is, if it's a event they're just coming,1634.8826 
1519 1635.5308you know what I mean.1636.2022 
1523 1637.7827arises1638.3787 
1525 1638.6351cause you got people there that like,1639.8148 
1527 1640.1305never been around kids like this, or never been in the situation before.1643.3945 
1529 1643.7506They got their babies, and they're tryna eat funnel cake and enjoy their day.1646.8188 
1531 1647.1720Then you got these kids here1648.4963 
1533 1648.8367that's bringing s- high school beef, middle school beef1651.2055 
1535 1651.4666to a festive thing, you understand, so.1653.5043 
1537 1654.3191That's all it is.1654.9812 
1539 1655.3916We need to get more f- festival things going for them,1658.1427 
1541 1658.6136and then,1659.2665 
1543 1659.4285direct them back to going to their own events1661.6993 
1545 1662.1423and you won't have to deal with that.1663.0842 
1547 1663.6764Cause th- cause the security at Lilac Festival ain't gonna be the same security at the teen event,1667.2972 
1549 1667.3927you know what I mean.1667.9774 
1551 1668.4538Teen event security gonna be a little more aggressive.1670.3805 
1553 1670.7908So things like that won't-1671.5276 
1555 1671.7689Cause you got like, Pathways of Peace,1673.2797 
1557 1673.6667people that-1674.1330 
1559 1674.6319that deal with like the gang activity1676.1520 
1561 1676.5530that can go out and point out different gangs and different- certain people and s- and divide the situation before it occurs.1682.1753 
1563 1682.4694And at Lilac Festival,1683.3740 
1565 1683.6491they just see all these kids.1684.8288 
1567 1685.2531And /then/ to be a person that's not from the city or from these kind of environments1688.4053 
1569 1688.7585to like be w- pushing my baby in the stroller1690.6470 
1571 1690.9267and it's literally like a hundred and twenty black kids over there with hoodies on, it's just like.1694.5533 
1573 1694.9823Even to any1695.7750 
1575 1696.0921body would be like, alright this is not right like something's going on in the situation.1699.9809 
1577 1700.2269So now you gotta look over your shoulder1701.7097 
1579 1701.9708while you tryna enjoy yourself at a festival event.1704.2976 
1581 1704.8589When you can just1705.4558 
1583 1705.6796bring /?/ kids and- and bring them around each other,1707.6007 
1585 1707.8992and let them1708.4354 
1587 1708.5537handle that,1709.0387 
1589 1709.1739until we could learn how to1710.2976 
1591 1710.5681develop something better for the situation, you know what I mean.1712.9666 
1593 1713.6660It's like,1713.9411 
1595ROC_se0_ag1_m_021714.1352you- you might just turn Lilac Festival to twenty-one and up,1716.5028
1596 1716.7826or come with their- or come with their parent.1718.3231
1598 1719.3693You know what I mean, so,1720.3019 
1600 1721.5795that's a bad thing. Um,1722.8152 
1602 1723.7251I don't feel like Rochester's one of the poorest cities based on jobs.1726.7525 
1604 1727.0760I think it's based on ambition.1728.3443 
1606 1728.6474People are just lazy.1729.4587 
1608 1730.1645You know what I mean, like,1730.8873 
1610 1731.3956w- I think welfare used to be like a four year thing,1733.8034 
1612 1734.3023or you had to like get1734.9271 
1615 1735.0251pee test, drug test, or like,1736.5457  
1617 1737.2697surveys of how many applications you do a month. You know what I mean, it was like-1740.2976 
1619 1740.5727like more like a probation of h-1742.1348 
1621 1742.2800of like help.1743.0692 
1623 1743.7097But I think people are just draining welfare out now like, yo, if I could be on this the rest of my like I'm'a do it, you know what I mean.1748.6649 
1625 1748.9296People don't got no drive, you know.1750.4683 
1627 1750.9673So, I- we got all the jobs, I know we do cause I work at /RD-WORK-3/.1754.1007 
1629 1754.4662We're- we're one of the biggest hiring staffs.1756.3780 
1631 1756.7370I watch people get hired and lose their job every day over stupid stuff. Like.1760.1334 
1633 1760.5717They get their first couple1761.3457 
1635 1761.4454paychecks,1762.0096 
1637 1762.3500start showing up to work late, they don't wanna start calling in.1764.6628 
1639 1764.9303Like I-1765.3547 
1641 1765.9562I got promoted up to my position like four, five months ago. I've never called in.1769.4877 
1643 1769.6230I've never missed a day.1770.5975 
1645 1771.0766You know what I mean, like1771.8507 
1647 1772.5035I don't like-1772.9931 
1649 1773.4967If I call in, it gotta be something really, really serious.1776.3037 
1651 1776.7112And people just calling in cause they went out to the club last night.1779.0007 
1653 1779.6022S- but the money you used at the club last night1781.6713 
1655 1781.8357came from that job.1782.8557 
1657 1783.8256You understand?1784.4178 
1659ROC_se0_ag1_m_021784.7792And then w- even when drive through Rochester, you just see people just standing there.1787.3805
1660 1787.9138R- it's people standing all over the place.1789.6391
1662 1790.0354Like,1790.2732 
1664 1791.0630ev- even if you go to big cities or something, you- people are not just standing on the corner just standing there, like that's some Rochester stuff where1797.0846 
1666 1797.5526you drive by, somebody just standing there all day every day.1800.7467 
1668 1801.1046They don't got no ambition, they don't got no drive.1802.8532 
1670 1803.8744Most people call Buffalo out of town.1805.3665 
1672 1806.2962You know what I mean, like, they haven't even been nowhere.1808.2966 
1674 1809.0659Like,1809.3830 
1676 1810.0469so that- that's some, like bad things that we need to work on.1812.8167 
1678 1813.1355The- the closet racism is huge in Rochester too.1815.5882 
1680 1816.3238Know what I mean, it's a lot of closet racism.1817.8719 
1682 1818.2729And that's what I like about,1819.0236 
1684 1819.5738e-1819.6671 
1686 1819.7603like-1819.9375 
1688 1820.5315like,1820.6993 
1690 1820.9465a person that's racist from like the South or wherever like,1823.3199 
1692 1824.1749I like that they're more vocally racist, and separate themselves,1827.0799 
1694 1827.2326cause we know where- where we stand.1828.8180 
1696 1829.6247But in New York, the racism is all hidden.1831.8909 
1698 1832.0168You know what I mean, it's closet racism, you know what I mean.1833.9053 
1699ROC_int_011834.6082When you say hidden, w-1835.6201
1701 1836.3754in what ways, I guess1837.7090 
1703 1837.8769are you referring to or have you experienced?1840.5225 
1704ROC_se0_ag1_m_021840.9002Well, you know, people still gonna look at like,1843.1775
1706 1843.3640minorities as like-1844.6090 
1708 1845.4454Cause like, m- this come from me working in the restaurant industry. There is always doubt1848.8306 
1710 1849.2911in what I'm doing.1849.9906 
1712 1850.4102When we had this ne- person right next to me that's completely like messing up.1853.4644 
1714 1853.8765And then that person mess up to a level where they have to go with me,1856.7162 
1716 1856.9604and then I succeed.1857.8184 
1718 1858.1029I shouldn't have to always go through that doubt1859.9494 
1720 1860.3492or always have to go- Like, you know what I mean, and this not me pulling the black card, it just1863.7485 
1722 1863.8283we physically seen this myself.1865.3665 
1724 1865.8188Know what I mean, at the hospital1866.8167 
1726 1867.2025I don't really go- I- I haven't been through none of that. So I know it's more diverse professionalism1871.1707 
1728 1871.6369than like the r- than like the restaurant industry.1873.5272 
1730 1873.8536And also just based on,1874.8981 
1732 1875.4873like,1875.7671 
1734 1876.0935I have a diverse thing of friends,1877.5903 
1736 1878.0910and,1878.4221 
1738 1878.5993I've had-1879.0982 
1740 1879.4432I had white friends that beat up white friends for being racist, all the time.1882.6950 
1742 1883.6947Know what I mean, so I know (laughing)1884.8511 
1744 1885.1541that it's huge.1885.8769 
1746 1886.2359But the thing about it is,1887.2385 
1748 1887.4827it's easier to tell a white person something racist about a black person than tell the black person1891.2754 
1750 1891.4386in New York,1892.0121 
1752 1892.6416you know what I mean.1893.2618 
1754 1894.3191So,1894.6828 
1756 1894.8367it's just like, that's weird.1896.0164 
1758 1896.3708You wouldn't b- you wouldn't believe that exists.1898.2173 
1760 1898.8561It's weird,1899.3830 
1762 1899.5701you know.1899.9012 
1764 1900.7277But good things man,1901.8654 
1766 1902.7485I think Rochester has like a soul to it,1904.9913 
1768 1905.4547a culture to it that no city has.1907.3339 
1770 1907.6061I been a lot of places,1908.8137 
1772 1909.7947and I- no one has this-1911.5573 
1774 1912.1448this- this energy th- th- that we have here.1914.1312 
1776 1914.5684And I think we have the best food1915.8274 
1778 1916.8532period, like in- in the country. Well- uh, well, least everywhere I've been.1919.6183 
1780 1920.2790Like, you know what I mean, like you go West Coast, it be a lot of bland food. You know what I mean, lot of Mexican food.1924.9203 
1782 1925.4227But like here,1926.2061 
1784 1926.7965the food choices is crazy.1928.2887 
1786 1929.2119Know what I mean, I- I think the food thing for us is huge, like1932.2492 
1788 1932.7406c- people don't even know what country sweet sauce and boss sauce is and,1935.5197 
1790 1935.9708[garbage plates.]1936.9780 
1791ROC_int_011935.9970[/??/ how?]1936.9436
1792ROC_se0_ag1_m_021937.1226You know what I mean, (laughing)1938.0178
1794 1938.4142That's crazy, like,1939.3608 
1796 1939.8643you bring boss sauce to chicken f- um, to Chick-fil-A.1942.2564 
1798 1942.4260They go crazy.1943.3493 
1800 1944.0085Like, you go down to- like they eating Chick-fil-A it's honey mustard, you be like yo,1946.9321 
1802 1947.2883if I had country sweet sauce right now then it'd be amazing.1949.4752 
1804 1950.6240All my down south friends come up here1952.1022 
1806 1952.4863try country sweet boss sauce, they buy gallons of it and take it back with them,1955.7410 
1808 1956.6642every time.1957.2704 
1810 1957.9034So I think the food thing- the food thing here is1960.2069 
1812 1960.3468awesome.1960.8877 
1814 1961.8948Um,1962.6007 
1816 1963.6032the art world here is awesome.1964.8809 
1818 1965.6893You know, like,1966.2535 
1820 1966.5240I'm in that hip-hop, poetry, like graffiti1968.8834 
1822 1969.4167world, so I see it all the time. Like, you go into the tunnels- the subway tunnels,1972.9279 
1824 1973.2700all the graffiti stuff is crazy.1974.8181 
1826 1975.7076The- um,1976.5003 
1828 1976.8605now, the youth do got something going on where1978.9996 
1830 1979.2374there's- there's like a lot of ambitious1980.8210 
1832 1980.9458art kids, you know what I mean, like there's-1982.8389 
1834 1983.5447there's kids that's pretty young that's like, pushing the art here hard1986.7575 
1836 1988.2158that I watch. That's pretty cool.1989.7033 
1838 1990.6499The structure of houses, buildings, like th-1992.6969 
1840 1993.2955Rochester, like the environment kind of like1995.3332 
1842 1996.1509influences my art, you know what I mean.1997.8062 
1844 1998.3676So I like it.1999.0297 
1846 1999.4866I live in the /RD-ADDRESS-1/.2000.3633 
1849 2002.1649great place to live. [<laugh>]2003.7130 
1850ROC_se0_ag1_m_022003.2793[Yeah, you] know.2004.1466
1852ROC_se0_ag1_m_022004.9271It's pretty cool.2005.7851
1853ROC_int_012005.9343You see yourself staying here long term?2007.7668
1854ROC_se0_ag1_m_022008.0577In Rochester?2008.8364
1856 2009.4752I don't want to.2010.3471 
1858 2011.2628But,2011.5333 
1860 2011.7011it's all about my job situation.2013.1933 
1862 2013.8834I'm trying to-2014.3030 
1864 2015.6122I wanna go wherever my,2016.9224 
1866 2017.0437um, union is so I can keep all my benefits and everything going, you know.2020.3170 
1868 2020.8101Unless I switch to another hospital,2022.1670 
1870 2022.5354that's gonna let me switch over for my pay2024.3586 
1872 2024.8406and like- and let me- let my 401k and everything come to- like, you know, switch over.2028.6782 
1874 2029.0623Like my boy just did that to Florida but,2030.7410 
1876 2032.2628I'm thinking more like Seattle.2033.5778 
1878 2035.0250Know what I mean,2035.6545 
1880 2035.8084I was down there like two months ago,2037.1047 
1882 2038.2675and like,2038.5892 
1884 2039.2747yeah, Seattle2040.1140 
1886ROC_se0_ag1_m_022040.7668I like [Seattle.]2041.7227
1887ROC_int_012041.0309[Yeah, it's dope.] I went2042.1907
1888 2042.4425for the first time a couple months ago and I loved it.2044.7105
1890 2045.1488The /RD-ADDRESS-1/ is like Seattle.2046.5243
1892ROC_se0_ag1_m_022046.9504[And the] crazy thing abou- about this area is2048.5591
1893 2048.8995most people that's-2049.6176
1895 2049.7452that- that live here or own these houses are from West Coast.2052.5103 
1897 2054.6401You know what I mean, and it makes sense.2055.9084 
1899ROC_se0_ag1_m_022057.6728So yeah, I kind of like2058.6940
1901 2058.8199Seattle, o-2059.7524 
1903 2060.1022and if not,2060.6151 
1905 2061.2632I like North Carolina.2062.2891 
1907 2063.0573You know what I mean,2063.6821 
1909 2064.1158so we gonna see.2064.9924 
1911 2065.5799But it's eleven ninety-nine, I'm just trying to find a way like to bid out with them.2068.6901 
1913 2069.2187So, I'm at like three years right now. I need like one more year for my seniority,2072.8809 
1915 2073.1857to start like working on bidding through jobs.2075.4099 
1917 2075.9601Cause I like what I do,2076.7808 
1919 2077.8923and,2078.2374 
1921 2079.0347I know my job is always going to be there.2080.6901 
1923ROC_se0_ag1_m_022082.9504It was cool.2083.5519
1925 2084.1068It's cool.2084.4565 
1927 2084.7223I about to aks for a raise.2085.7948 
1929 2086.7962They just come randomly all the time. <laugh>2088.9691 
1931 2090.1301It's perfect.2090.7130 
1933 2091.2183Paid vacation,2091.9597 
1935 2093.2292know what I mean.2093.6943 
1937ROC_se0_ag1_m_022094.7546The restaurant world, man,2095.9856
1939 2096.7567they pay you a lot of money, but they don't give no benefits, no paid vacation, no nothing.2100.1700 
1941ROC_se0_ag1_m_022103.7919And, you could work seven days a week.2105.2374
1943 2105.8902You know what I mean, they could force you to work seven days a week or fire you,2108.0555 
1945 2108.4659and the union can't force me, you know what I mean.2110.1445 
1947 2111.2485Labor rules and stuff, so.2112.7359 
1949 2114.2607Those are good things.2115.2211 
1951 2115.7546Bad things and good things about the Roc.2117.2420 
1954 2119.5006um,2120.1301 
1956 2122.0046okay,2122.4802 
1958 2122.8457my next question2124.1187 
1960 2124.4515has to do more so with2125.7291 
1962 2126.2793kind of perception of people who live here, like what are some stereotypes2129.8770 
1964 2130.3153about2130.8236 
1966 2131.1873Rochesterians?2132.3577 
1968 2132.6392Particularly black <laugh> people who live in the city.2135.4230 
1971 2139.3598Man,2139.8027 
1973 2142.1779well- well, coming from like my white friends' point of view, /cause, you know,/ my white homies, I love 'em.2146.4649 
1975 2146.6298Like they're honest, like we brothers like,2148.2012 
1977 2148.5696they gonna keep it real with me, like they gonna-2150.1410 
1979 2150.2360you know what I mean, like.2151.0240 
1981 2152.4013<laugh>2152.9469 
1983 2154.3598Probably like see- you know, like-2155.7213 
1985 2157.2496I don't know, I don't wanna say it that bad, but it's like,2160.4530 
1987 2161.8536some of these white people, they really think we're like,2164.0172 
1989 2164.6252r- we would like really like rob them and like rape them and like murder them. You know what I mean, it's like, (laughing)2170.0266 
1991 2170.4433I could be walking down the street, yo it could be like five white dudes walking down the street /these/ motherfuckers big as hell.2174.2296 
1993 2174.9792Walk past me, they wanna split their way and apologize, oh so sorry, we're like bro, stop acting so scared bro it's like five of you guys and y'all2180.8608 
1995 2181.1173ten times bigger than me.2182.0219 
1997 2182.1525You kn- like, you know, like,2182.9545 
1999 2184.0343so they aks where our aggression and anger come from.2186.2119 
2001 2186.5336You be mad that somebody's scared of you,2188.4034 
2003 2188.5124you know what I mean.2189.1186 
2005 2189.4170So I feel like2190.0792 
2007 2190.3934th- that's a big perception, like,2191.8295 
2009 2192.6269they think th- I think they think every black person like a drug dealer or like a killer automatically like,2197.1635 
2011 2197.2660you know what I mean, cause oh, your skin is black.2198.9680 
2013 2199.2682And I got dreads. /???/ like, that just put it on for me with the stereotype, like.2202.7047 
2015 2203.0888And I wear like gold teeth,2204.0634 
2017 2204.3216so I know- And I do that on purpose, just to like,2206.4805 
2019 2206.8349push the culture more and more just to be like,2208.7281 
2021 2209.3750you know what I mean, like we here, like that shirt is like my gold teeth, you know what I mean.2212.3453 
2025 2214.9630I wanna break the stereotype,2216.3991 
2027 2216.9651but still look like the stereotype. I'm not ch- changing how I look.2220.5695 
2029 2220.8388I'm not conforming. I'm not re-twisting my nappy hair until I feel like doing it.2224.4665 
2031 2224.8302Ain't nothing changing on me, you know what I mean, like this is who I am,2227.3779 
2033 2227.6624and you gonna2228.6369 
2035 2229.1842marinate in the culture when- when you see me,2231.1567 
2037 2231.6369or you could turn the other way. I don't really care, you know.2233.6146 
2039 2233.8769Like, I'm cool w-2234.7488 
2041 2235.0490I like- I'll- I'm- I'm so blessed2237.0867 
2043 2237.5874to be black. (laughing)2238.8231 
2045 2239.2147I'm so happy. (laughing)2240.6276 
2047 2240.9074It make me happy every day I wake up.2242.0778 
2049 2242.6035But,2242.9206 
2051 2244.1563then you got like the Carlton Banks2245.6344 
2053 2246.3618that like- like- like- like the in-house.2247.9565 
2055 2248.3284We call 'em the in-house,2249.2144 
2057 2249.3822and,2249.6853 
2059 2249.9464/and do/.2250.4081 
2061 2251.1168Or like the2251.7883 
2063 2252.3898oreo.2252.9540 
2065 2254.1075And those are mostly the kids,2255.2173 
2067 2256.6039uh,2256.7065 
2069 2257.0049that try to conform,2258.1846 
2071 2258.6294kind of like try to2259.4547 
2073 2259.9723fit in with2260.7836 
2075 2261.3245white people, you know what I mean.2262.6861 
2077 2263.3313And white people are not dumb and somet- they- they don't get the street dude, but they do get the- the oreo dude or like the in-house nigga dude.2269.4805 
2079 2269.7277You know what I mean, cause they'll mention it to me like, yo,2271.1732 
2081 2271.3877look at this like,2271.9938 
2083 2272.4263/??/ like Carlton Banks dude, like okay, probably like a black kid from Pittsford or like,2275.9328 
2085 2276.1195Hil- h- Hamilton, Hilton, you know, like- like, you know what I mean.2278.5121 
2087 2279.1288And like, they click on and see that.2280.9240 
2089 2281.5477So like, they get the-2282.7321 
2091 2283.3289like the-2284.0004 
2093 2284.2755the- th- the oreo black kid right, but they don't get the street dude right.2287.1012 
2095 2287.8601And, you know what I mean, like, they know that I came from a bad neighborhood,2290.4993 
2097 2290.7884so anytime they see some dude they be like, yo like that dude right there is like,2293.3364 
2099 2293.4387I'm like bro he just a normal dude bro, like,2295.5417 
2101 2295.8107how the hell can you determine all this already? Like-2298.4796 
2103 2298.8480like nah, man way he walk, the w-2300.3028 
2105 2300.5190I'm like bro, alright man.2301.8247 
2106ROC_int_012302.8289What do you see yourself as? More of a street dude?2305.6453
2108 2306.2439Is it- ho- is that how you would describe yourself, or?2308.7246 
2109ROC_se0_ag1_m_022308.8383I call myself a ghetto kid.2310.2325
2111 2310.3350I'm a [ghetto] baby.2311.2210 
2113ROC_se0_ag1_m_022311.8429I ain't gonna say- I'm not gonna ever disclaim the streets. I came from the streets. I came from the ghetto.2316.0553
2115 2316.3817That's what it is. That's culture.2317.4868 
2117ROC_se0_ag1_m_022318.3436It is what it [is.]2319.1130
2119 2319.8964Okay, so,2320.6844
2121 2321.3792good,2321.7195 
2123 2322.1066you- you went into details about the men. What do you think people think about2326.1231 
2125 2326.3982women?2326.7666 
2126ROC_se0_ag1_m_022327.3343[Black women?]2328.1969
2127ROC_int_012327.3343[/And- yeah/,]2328.1287
2128 2328.4470yeah.2329.0298
2129ROC_se0_ag1_m_022331.1625I don't know like-2332.1977
2130ROC_int_012332.9548Or are there any, I mean.2334.0786
2132 2334.2838There may not be, to you, but,2335.7899 
2134 2336.2160I'm curious.2336.9713 
2135ROC_se0_ag1_m_022339.8093I don't really think so. I think- I think that black women r- I think they really running shit in Rochester.2344.1277
2137 2344.6144I-2344.8103 
2139 2345.1588I don't really hear too much shit people got to say about black women.2347.6546 
2141 2348.1145Like m- all my white homeboys love black women.2349.9943 
2143 2350.9828You know what I mean, even the racist ones, they love black women, like, black women run this shit, like.2354.4753 
2145 2354.7568Ain't too much to say about the black women, you know what I mean.2357.0557 
2147 2358.5058I feel- I think every- I think everybody in Rochester tries to go for 'em.2361.3770 
2149 2362.2554It- it's the same way how everyone g-2363.7009 
2151 2363.8688goes for the white girl.2364.8293 
2153 2365.3189I think2365.6873 
2155 2365.9886even white men are going for the black ladies in Rochester.2368.3282 
2158 2369.7522Interesting.2370.5169 
2159ROC_se0_ag1_m_022372.1413They- they- they just be scared to holler. But they be wanting to holler.2374.5459
2163 2376.7486[<laugh>]2377.0750 
2165 2377.6345They just be scared to [holler.]2378.6137 
2166ROC_int_012378.5211[What] they be saying?2379.4315
2167 2379.5574<laugh>2379.7882
2170 2380.8301<laugh> I don't wanna say. (laughing) <laugh>2382.7046 
2172 2383.8537<laugh>2384.2547 
2174 2384.6155They always try to compare her to somebody like, oh my god bro,2387.2174 
2176 2387.4412she look like,2388.2106 
2178 2388.8698um, w- what's that girl name that2390.4692 
2180 2390.6184um, Dwyane Wade's dating?2391.8075 
2181ROC_int_012392.2907Gabrielle [Union.]2393.0307
2183 2393.7974My boy think every black girl like [Gabrielle Union.]2395.6765
2186 2397.3348<laugh>2398.3688
2188 2399.0542Oh my god, it's so funny yo, it's so funny.2401.7045 
2190 2402.1801Yo like,2402.5764 
2192 2402.8953we be in group message,2403.9957 
2194 2404.2743and they just show mad pictures of black women, my white boys be like, oh my god,2406.9025 
2196 2406.9957look at her, I'm like yo bro, you guys is2408.6184 
2198 2408.7490ridiculous.2409.8075 
2200 2410.3419And then my bro, um, /RD-NAME-3/, he's Asian.2413.1059 
2202 2413.5786He dates nothing but black women.2414.9122 
2204 2415.6804Know what I mean, he has two black children.2417.4803 
2206 2417.9839It- he just- I think he tryna infiltrate the race,2419.8863 
2208 2420.1894and just keep getting black women pregnant like every three years.2422.4760 
2210 2423.3620He will only date black women.2424.5743 
2212 2424.8949So I think in Rochester for black women, it's a little different.2427.1797 
2214 2427.9025[And m-]2428.0843 
2215ROC_int_012427.9071[Yeah], so there aren't [really]2428.9050
2216ROC_se0_ag1_m_022428.7838[And m-]2429.0589
2218ROC_se0_ag1_m_022429.1708[Cause most black women] are like independent.2430.9864
2219 2431.3268Well no it's a stereotype of like feminism.2433.2899
2221 2433.6507Like,2433.8745 
2223 2434.0237I feel like a lot of black women in Rochester are feminists.2435.7863 
2225 2436.5265And that come from being independent for so long.2438.5222 
2227 2438.6062you know what I mean, f- for- for like the female race to be-2440.7744 
2229 2441.8052Well, the females2442.9663 
2231 2443.2974to be like,2444.2020 
2233 2444.6578independent for so long without like that male figure in your life,2447.6525 
2235 2448.0553that when like the daughter grows up,2449.6034 
2237 2449.9892she carries the traits of being like a independent woman herself.2452.8009 
2239 2452.9921So it's hard to like-2453.9480 
2241 2454.8759a man to kind of like2456.1209 
2243 2456.8408conform that person that's been independent and strongly on their own, you know what I mean, like.2460.7034 
2245 2460.9599To be a strong independent woman, and to get married or to be i- in a relationship2464.3049 
2247 2464.5739you kind of gotta kind of like, conform and like2466.6303 
2249 2466.9806tone yourself down for both of you guys to fit,2469.0334 
2251 2469.2275you know what I mean.2469.9194 
2253 2470.5553So I think that's a huge thing, where people like, you know what.2473.0173 
2255 2473.2802That's what make a lot of people just go to white girls, cause they like, yo I'm not tryna keep2476.0359 
2257 2476.4853arguing with you, but it's like2477.7909 
2259 2478.1360she pay her bill, she got her job, she bust her ass, she got her education and you do too.2482.0983 
2261 2482.3734So now,2482.8863 
2263 2483.4243women in-2484.1716 
2265 2484.3371in our generation, I feel like,2485.8723 
2267 2487.4595they gonna argue back, you know what I mean.2489.5438 
2269 2489.9652And it's- I'm not saying n- not stand your ground2492.3013 
2271 2492.6464but women just like yo, we don't need y'all.2494.3128 
2273 2495.4162You know what I mean, s-2495.9967 
2275 2496.1797so, when you already got that attitude, dude approach you, it's just already like oh, she snobby,2499.2759 
2277 2499.6944you know what I mean.2500.3658 
2279ROC_se0_ag1_m_022502.2170So yeah.2502.9724
2282 2503.8181Okay,2504.2052 
2284 2504.5875well,2504.8813 
2286 2505.2730this'll be my last set of questions. They're more so, uh, a way to ask about language, um,2510.1894 
2288ROC_int_012510.7274and that is about whether or not,2512.5786
2290 2512.7977um,2513.1521 
2292 2513.6435you think, or people have told you Rochesterians have a accent2516.8329 
2294 2517.0148or talk funny.2518.0797 
2296 2518.2895You know,2518.7884 
2298 2518.9796things like that2519.7536 
2300 2520.1080when you maybe go other places, or.2522.0962 
2301ROC_se0_ag1_m_022522.8135Well, you know, New York City people say we sound like we got a down south accent,2526.2572
2303 2527.1553and everyone else say we got a New York2528.4176 
2305 2528.6587accent,2529.0889 
2307 2529.5522you know what I mean.2530.1667 
2309ROC_se0_ag1_m_022530.8247But I talk weird because like,2532.2051
2311 2533.6080I lived so many different places.2535.3111 
2313 2535.4813And then like growing up, like Patois and all that2537.7392 
2315 2537.8551like- like my family.2538.8925 
2317 2539.9623Like, my language is all messed up, so people here don't be knowing what I be saying, how I be talking. I know it. I know it's bad.2545.5321 
2319 2545.7543But it's cool, it's [culture.]2546.9126 
2320ROC_int_012546.5371[<singing> /??/]2547.9554
2323 2547.8041[It's the] way I [sound.]2548.7732 
2325ROC_se0_ag1_m_022548.9888I love it.2549.4095
2327 2549.9343Nah but,2550.4826 
2329 2551.8942I go down south, somewhere somebody'll be like, yo you from New York.2554.3903 
2331 2554.8753But you go to New York City, people try and like be like yo, you s- from the south you got a Southern accent.2558.9835 
2333 2559.3759I think cause we say Southern words too.2561.2696 
2335ROC_se0_ag1_m_022562.2443But I don't think it was really like meant to be said, but we just joke around, be like yo bruh, like stuff like that, you know what I mean.2567.7409
2337 2568.0112So when I go to New York I'm like yo bruh, they like,2569.6191 
2339 2569.7054you down south, like, bro,2570.9092 
2341 2571.5663no I just- the word2572.7001 
2343 2572.8301just flew out my mouth, like2573.9553 
2345 2574.2164it's still culture, like, you know?2575.3889 
2347 2575.7112People be separating the culture too much like, it's all one melting pot of culture, like.2579.1575 
2348ROC_int_012579.7437Yeah, is there any New York slang you think that we do take2582.4033
2350 2582.5641though?2582.8524 
2352 2583.4103Like,2583.6277 
2354 2585.7910I don't know, son, mad.2587.2092 
2355ROC_se0_ag1_m_022587.2092Yeah, son,2588.0933
2356 2588.9305like come on, like the way we say come on.2591.0087
2358 2591.6516I think the way we pronounce our A's.2593.6892 
2360 2594.6469Like the c- like, you know,2595.4758 
2362 2595.6011they be like car, park.2596.8763 
2364 2597.5523Know what I mean, we don't pronounce our-2598.7626 
2366 2599.1105pronounce certain words. We kind of like connect words and then like fly through 'em.2601.8997 
2368 2603.0418Stuff like /nah mean/,2604.2047 
2370 2604.4127feel me.2605.0320 
2372 2605.5407I know I say like /nah mean/ like a hundred times,2607.5215 
2374 2607.7665don't even know I say it, until a white person tells me like yo,2610.0724 
2376 2610.5006you say this word a lot.2611.4733 
2378 2611.6009Then I start thinking about it like, oh god I do.2613.5262 
2380 2615.3329But,2615.5835 
2382 2615.9806yeah,2616.4202 
2384 2616.9355I think2617.6210 
2386 2618.3491New York got its sound2619.2284 
2387ROC_int_012619.8032/I know/ [like deadass.]2620.9047
2388ROC_se0_ag1_m_022620.0112[that we just can't-]2620.7723
2389 2621.4720Word,2621.9258
2391 2622.2189word.2622.7531 
2394 2626.1341But down south,2626.9945
2396 2627.4105but-2627.7273 
2398 2628.0503music influences the culture so2630.1517 
2400 2630.2876we do say their words, you know.2631.5687 
2402 2632.0833I like the word sauce,2633.1060 
2404 2633.7982know what I mean.2634.2898 
2406 2634.5479Like it w- like two years ago it was swag, now the wor- now it's sauce.2637.5262 
2408 2638.7845You know,2639.0682 
2410 2639.6922So I-2639.9428 
2412 2641.3090I like- I- I like some of the stuff they say too.2643.0913 
2415 2645.4342okay, well,2646.3796 
2417 2646.7843that's all the questions I have,2648.0512 
2419 2648.1978um, but if you have any last thoughts,2650.1124 
2421 2650.7940/you know/.2651.2667 
2424 2654.0323<ts>2654.2025 
2426 2656.9502Not really.2657.8199 
2429 2659.5217cool.2659.8243 
2430ROC_se0_ag1_m_022660.1032Like I- but like I always say,2661.2898
2432 2662.1577I watch you and /RD-NAME-2/ and /RD-NAME-2/ keep doing y'all thing, man.2665.8073 
2434 2666.0040[It's awesome.]2666.5712 
2435ROC_int_012666.1221[Thank you], we [trying out here.]2668.1753
2436ROC_se0_ag1_m_022667.0962[I sh- I show you guys off] all the time.2668.7756
2437ROC_int_012668.8324Aw, you so sweet.2670.1021
2438ROC_se0_ag1_m_022670.3149/RD-NAME-2/ know my boys.2671.5212
2440 2671.6098She a-2671.8844 
2442 2672.3680she know my boys.2673.2851 
2443ROC_int_012673.7890That's so [sweet.]2674.5643
2446ROC_se0_ag1_m_022675.5902/?/ from Buffalo.2676.5877
2448ROC_se0_ag1_m_022678.0607Yeah, so.2678.7840
2451 2680.4461well, do you still consent to me using the interview?2683.0065 
2453 2683.1246Always [ask at the] beginning and end.2684.2829 
2455 2684.4909Mm-hm yeah.2685.0629
2458 2685.6329cool.2685.9280 
2460 2686.1225Thank you, appreciate it.2687.4769