LineSpeakerSt TimeContentEn Time
1ROC_int_010.8244Yeah. [So,] um. We can start off. Uh, [well, first,] I always have to ask. Do you consent to doing this interview?6.7512
4 3.7278[Yep.]4.1086 
5 6.8852I consent.7.6217
8 8.2523Great.8.6220 
10 8.7790Uh, we can start off uh, discussing your, um,11.9386 
12 12.2263where you grew up in Rochester, or outside of.14.6197 
15 16.1293I was born and raised in Rochester.17.8521 
17 18.0214Um.18.5389 
19 19.1165My19.9186 
21 20.6510mother21.3519 
23 21.6931emigrated here from Tallahassee, Florida. My father24.5112 
25 24.8799from Hazlehurst, Mississippi.26.2774 
27 26.8275Uh, he came here for Kodak, she came here for the U of R. They met in church.30.8610 
29 31.7178Um.32.4055 
31 32.6270<ts>32.6783 
33 33.3358We-33.9398 
35 34.0411when I was34.4841 
37 34.6390born, they- we were living in Henrietta. And then by second grade, we moved to Pittsford.37.9129 
39 38.4613They're still in that same house in Pittsford. So,40.6359 
41 40.7743I did 41.2553 
43 41.6265Pittsford schools from second grade43.0157 
45 43.1570on.43.5705 
47 44.2700Um,44.9741 
49 45.2245and then,46.0405 
51 46.7840went to U of R. And then after U of R48.8895 
53 49.4523ended up in Baltimore for eight years, and now I'm back.51.4808 
56 51.9932Cool, so you you're a U of R alum, [too. <laugh>]55.0246 
57ROC_se0_ag2_m_0153.5604[I am,]53.9528
59 54.0997[yes.]54.6189 
62 56.2591Um, so, what was your neighborhood like58.8676 
64 58.9911growing up?59.4514 
66 59.5470or-59.8217 
69 60.7172my61.6700 
71 62.5083m- m- for my street, we were the first family living on our street.65.3017 
73 65.8937Um,66.4999 
75 68.1039and for a very long [time- ]69.5308 
77 70.9141Okay, dark blue.72.0845 
79 72.6227Uh, for a very long time, we were the only African American family.75.1631 
81 75.7427Um,76.3448 
83 76.4987around middle school,78.2136 
85 78.4746was a second m-79.2533 
87 79.4512African American family.80.4358 
89 80.7972But we- that was about it.81.7971 
91 82.2690Um, the rest of the street was predominantly white. I think there was one,85.2765 
93 85.8828um, South Asian family.87.3482 
95 87.7141[<ts>]87.8447 
99 88.8309my m- one of my mother's best friends actually had a house91.0402 
101 91.4155in a development across the92.6539 
103 92.8480major thoroughfare. So,94.2804 
105 95.0611even though we were close to friends,96.5719 
107 96.7491you know, between our two neighborhoods, we were pretty much it.100.1763 
109 100.7708Um.101.3592 
111 102.2954<ts> I think to put things in perspective, my graduating class was two-o-six.105.7275 
113 106.2256I was one of six African Americans and I was one of two that actually lived in Pittsford.110.5558 
115 111.0374Um, the other four were urban suburban.113.2432 
119 114.6950it was predominantly white.115.8037 
121 116.1857Uh.116.8424 
123 117.9831And it was just one of those things where119.6628 
125 121.0770kid didn't really notice until,122.8024 
127 122.9470either A, he went to go hang out with124.7078 
129 125.2879uh, family.126.2090 
131 126.5642Or B,127.4564 
133 127.8340as I got older and older and older, and closer to high school and closer to graduation, you started to realize that,132.8684 
135 134.0347maybe this isn't the norm.135.4783 
139 137.6568and then138.0065 
141 138.1291became blatantly obvious139.0406 
143 139.4605With, you know, after going to some courses in college [<laugh>]143.7466 
146 142.9740[Yeah.]143.2363 
148 143.3503[especially at] the U of R.144.6419 
149ROC_se0_ag2_m_01144.6615Yeah. [<laugh>]145.7361
151 145.8809Can relate.146.6922
153ROC_int_01146.8928[But] um.147.6039
154 147.7228Okay, so,148.8719
156 149.2942Um.149.9755 
158 150.0578<ts>150.1697 
160 150.3043What was I gonna ask?151.3065 
162 151.5513Sorry t- it was just152.4218 
164 152.5804tip of the tongue.153.2612 
165ROC_se0_ag2_m_01153.3311It's okay.153.6823
168 154.6959so,155.6251 
170 156.1985oh yeah.156.5984 
172 157.1141Did w- did your other family live also in the area or in the city? Or-161.3764 
174 162.1375My162.6439
176 162.7788fam- my163.5199 
178 163.7192extended family's quite massive. My mother is one of eleven, my father's one of thirteen.168.3072 
180 168.9220Um.169.5925 
182 170.6486The-171.3900 
184 171.8428most of my father's family lives in Gary, Indiana, if not Mississippi.175.3275 
186 175.9045Um, so there's a lot of Midwest and then Southern influence upon their speech.179.6384 
188 180.1093My mother's family's predominantly in Florida,182.4560 
190 182.5989but then she has183.4428 
192 183.8858half her family's in Florida. The other half is actually186.0474 
194 186.6028uh, grew up near Katy Street and then out in Gates. So,189.1966 
196 189.2945M- we're not too far from190.3291 
198 190.6264my grandfather's house.191.5547 
200 192.1745Um.192.8504 
202 194.0630So, seeing them was always196.1136 
204 196.3642birthdays, holidays, that type of thing.198.5662 
206 198.9901But day to day interaction? No.200.4287 
208ROC_se0_ag2_m_01201.3263But, yeah. So there's a202.1900
210 202.9583rather extensive. <laugh>204.6693 
211ROC_int_01205.1872Uh, [yeah.]205.6208
212ROC_se0_ag2_m_01205.3178[Cause] I think mom's the second oldest and dad's the second youngest.208.0644
213 208.6568So, my oldest first cousin's sixty-four.211.0389
215 211.4891and my youngest first cousin's213.2100 
217 213.7409I think turning ten this year.214.7815 
218ROC_int_01215.1961Oh, wow.216.0494
220ROC_int_01216.4018Oh, [yeah.]216.9800
221ROC_se0_ag2_m_01216.7202[no,] excuse me.217.3437
222 218.2152He'll be seventy-four.219.1786
224 219.7064Cause I know there's a sixty year- sixty221.3372 
226 221.5144four year gap between the two.222.6335 
230 223.8210[<laugh>]225.1639 
231ROC_int_01224.8375[Yeah.] That's pretty interesting.226.3945
232 226.7090And, so, um, like228.3030
234 228.6580if you participated in like230.3893 
236 230.6266[activities and sports and stuff like that, that was generally in Pittsford?]234.5383 
239 237.0600You wanna play something different?238.2293 
241 239.1840Okay.239.6978 
243 240.3917I'll get you out of this.241.7440 
245 243.3480Here.243.8385 
247 247.5295Pick something.248.1450 
249 248.3408That doesn't have a lock on it.249.4273 
251 250.8250[So, i-]251.4752 
253 252.3459If you see these locks,253.7207 
255 254.1450you can't open it.255.0346 
257 255.7723But if you-257.0094 
259 257.7602you can do the matching game.258.8560 
261 261.9205[<laugh>]262.9959 
262ROC_int_01262.6386[<laugh>] That looks like fun.264.5905
263 264.8888<laugh>265.3084
264ROC_se0_ag2_m_01266.8425So, you keep hitting on them until you get two that stick.268.8915
266 269.0454Okay?269.5200 
268 272.1773[So, you were asking, um,]274.0612 
270 275.1791in terms of, I've lost my train of [thought with her.]277.2390 
271ROC_int_01276.7680[Oh yeah.] Just um. So in terms of activities you were participated in, they were mostly in the [neighborhood?]282.6202
273 282.9366Yeah.283.2304
275ROC_se0_ag2_m_01283.8727And, nine times out of ten, I was the only African American student286.8990
277 287.4352or participant.288.2668 
279 288.4610[So, I] did boy scouts289.9298 
281ROC_se0_ag2_m_01290.7943A- I can't think of another292.4811
283 293.4976African American. Although, one of my best friends was Puerto Rican, and295.9084 
285 296.2068of course, he was the only Puerto Rican. So the [n- (laughing)\] yeah.298.6861 
287 299.0680Yeah.299.4410
289 299.8840Okay, cool. So,301.3201 
291 301.5766uh, you did boy scouts. In high school, did you play sports or?304.6775 
292ROC_se0_ag2_m_01304.8733Um, no. I did sports in middle school, and then I focused mostly on academics by the time I got to high school. So, I was in a lot of clubs.311.5769
294 312.2110Um.312.9011 
296 313.0736<ts>313.1715 
298 313.2881Model UN.314.3139 
300 314.9014Um.315.7504 
302 316.2619Students Against Drunk Driving, student government, art club, drama club.320.0162 
304 320.8315Th- [um.]321.5449 
306 322.6722So, just a lot of different clubs.324.4108 
308 324.9384And then,325.6378 
310 325.8010at U of R, I p- did uh, three years of rugby.328.3523 
311ROC_int_01328.7608Oh, okay. [Cool.]329.8939
313ROC_int_01330.3462Cool, and when you went to U of R, what did you major in?333.1066
314ROC_se0_ag2_m_01333.7967<ts> [Bless you.]334.4728
315ROC_int_01333.7967[Bless you.]334.4728
316ROC_se0_ag2_m_01334.9193Uh, history.335.4969
318 336.1690[Secondary,] Um.337.2788 
322 337.8989E-338.0481 
324 338.1740European history, post eighteen-fifty339.5030 
326 339.6662was my major.340.4355 
329 341.1805[Very cool.]342.2384 
331ROC_int_01342.4570Yeah. What inspired you to go into history?344.8024
332ROC_se0_ag2_m_01345.0868Um, originally I was a psych major, and I though I was gonna become a lawyer.348.0457
334 348.2369And, so I figured,349.2255 
336 350.1021Um,350.6173 
338 351.5604psychology, poli-sci, or history.353.3919 
340 353.9793And then, I went for the legal certificate, and,356.3807 
342 357.2853one, there was a logic class that was like eight o'clock in the morning and I was a senior. And, I was like, I'm not prepped to do this yet.362.6715 
344ROC_se0_ag2_m_01363.2870And, so because I wasn't used to getting up,365.0238
345 365.5682I mean I could do the work, but I wasn't getting the attendance grade and that was like half the grade. So, I was like, alright.370.4792
347 370.9119I gotta drop this course because I can't make up those points.373.6896 
349 374.3518So, I dropped the course. And that was one course keeping from the legal certificate.377.1122 
351 377.2754But-377.5468 
353 378.1555and then,378.8838 
355 378.9902I was offered the opportunity for, um,381.2467 
357 381.7684<ts>381.8757 
359 382.2534the382.9994 
361 383.1393the extended warrant program.384.3975 
363 385.1630And, for the free masters, and I was like,387.7626 
365 388.3762I don't know what I'm doing with my life. This seems like something interesting. [And then I] did that, and391.5545 
367ROC_se0_ag2_m_01392.0459I loved it and I was like, yeah, let's- let's394.4312
369 394.5385let's move forward.395.2193 
372ROC_int_01396.5097[Overall,] you would say enjoyed your time at the University of Rochester?399.8530
374 400.2791Yeah.400.6381
376 400.8899[But,] I find that my experience, especially as a student of color was different than others.404.4710 
378 404.7089Mm-hm.405.0177
379ROC_se0_ag2_m_01404.9513Um, I walked in.406.5367
380 407.7796For move in day, I did the ECO program, so I knew410.5818
382 410.9362fifty kids through the ECO program.412.3964 
384 412.4943And then,413.1711 
386 413.6721there was something like, it was one of those random years where like twenty-four kids416.6835 
388 417.2219from my high school and our sister high school419.4211 
390 419.9061went.420.5076 
392 421.0905So, there was roughly about seventy-five people I walked in, [day one] knowing.425.2250 
394 425.4022Yeah.425.6820
395ROC_se0_ag2_m_01425.9524Um, and because427.4294
397 427.5786I wasn't,428.4972 
399 428.6802you know, the stereotypical, from New York City, only New York City kind of guy,432.4513 
401 433.0599um,433.7267 
403 435.3587I've had uh, a- a vast437.2892 
405 437.8347uh, network of friends.439.1543 
407 439.6754And so, because of that,440.6500 
409 441.3680I didn't really lean on ohms as much as some students443.4968 
411 443.5765did. I didn't,444.7785 
413 445.3397you know,445.9187 
415 446.1790I attended447.2296 
417 447.3322the black student union [events, but] I didn't join449.5503 
419 450.7172Oh.451.0529 
421 451.5228T-451.6020 
423 452.8563You, are trying to unlock454.8237 
425 454.8991daddy's phone.455.7986 
427 457.0715Kay.457.4715 
429 458.2408<ts>458.2921 
431 458.4413I don't know how you locked459.4588 
433 459.5568it.459.7721 
435 464.1949Kay.464.4560 
437 464.8664Try again.465.3047 
439 467.3179So,467.7540 
441 467.8423Um.468.2833 
443 469.4822<ts> I,470.2796 
445 470.5314yeah, my experience was a little bit different.471.9664 
447 472.1063Um.472.6766 
449 473.1741I mean, it was one of those where I could step back, and I knew this- noticed there was the476.8112 
451 476.9940quote unquote black table.478.2567 
453 478.7405Um,479.5053 
455 479.5985or, I could notice there was the football table because my table was extremely diverse.483.3941 
457 483.9991Um.484.4001 
459 484.7265By my senior year,486.0927 
461 486.8435um,487.3424 
463 487.8320there was about six guys that were African American that I would consider like almost family.491.5195 
465 492.0138We were close enough with. But, then I had493.8364 
467 494.4321uh, my rugby teammates. And then I had,496.8381 
469 497.2811a collection of friends that would join me for lunch everyday at the coffee shop. And we just sort of had this501.1164 
471 501.6189mentality of, we don't care who you are as long as you add to the [conversation.]505.0300 
473 505.5450So,506.1465 
475 506.8879Um.507.4475 
477 508.3882Our508.8452 
479 509.1761friendships and interactions were very diverse.510.9669 
483 512.4450like I said, it wasn't-513.2143 
485 514.2810we didn't shelter ourselves.515.4162 
487 515.5142[<laugh>]516.5612 
489 516.6451Yeah, okay.517.5497
491 517.8854Um, and so,519.3748 
493 519.7856[after the U of R, you said you went to the Warner School523.1350 
495ROC_int_01523.4381[of Education.]524.5479
496 524.9198And um.525.9777
498 526.7098so, uh,527.6672 
500 527.8064correct me if I'm wrong, you got into education? A-530.1677 
503 530.8998[Cool.]531.2402
505 531.5945[And, what are you doing now?]532.9701 
506ROC_se0_ag2_m_01533.2126I am teaching tenth gr- I'll be starting teaching tenth grade global studies536.1607
508 536.6549at /RD-WORK-8/539.0513 
509ROC_int_01539.0689Oh [cool.]539.6880
511 540.0734<ts> I did eight years of teaching,541.6858
513 542.5426originally,543.7177 
515 544.5943tenth grade. Then they moved it to ninth grade American government.547.2298 
517 547.8199And then, I was teaching AP Government.549.4799 
519 550.0161Um.550.5850 
521 551.1399[<ts>] Last year, I was teaching552.8552 
523 553.7604ninth grade global studies, and then t-555.9928 
525 556.1886tenth grade AP world.557.5782 
527 558.1424So,558.7486 
529 559.7875both being social studies for the past- this is year561.8205 
531 562.0618ten.562.4798 
533 562.8639No, I just finished year ten. This is year eleven.564.4356 
537 565.9414[<laugh>]567.3449 
538ROC_int_01565.9414[Yeah. <laugh>]567.3449
539 567.6422So, you ha- you c- you caught the teaching [bug.]569.8215
543 571.2997Cool.571.7131 
545 572.1297Um,572.7189 
547 572.9363let's see. So,574.4648 
549 575.5559did any- ya-576.5136 
551 576.7794I didn't ask about your siblings. So you have-578.9698 
552ROC_se0_ag2_m_01579.2665I have one half brother.580.2202
555 582.2194<ts> He's six years older than me from my father's first marriage.584.7653
557 585.3575Um,586.0430 
559 587.1714strangely enough, even though we both grew up in different households,589.9099 
561 590.4922uh, he is in education like me.592.5814 
563 593.0523Um,593.7145 
565 594.2647his interests mirror mine.596.1418 
567 596.4822So,596.8769 
569 597.2422the two of us,598.0303 
571 598.1515um,598.6877 
573 599.7007If you put us side by side, one, you wouldn't really tell that we're brothers.602.3633 
575 602.8855Except maybe in the eyes.603.9160 
577ROC_se0_ag2_m_01604.4604[Uh.] He's six foot four.605.9012
578 606.3815And about,607.1089
580 607.9203a hundred n608.7036 
582 608.8622seventy pounds.609.8011 
584 610.3951Where as,611.5329 
586 611.9395I'm five seven612.9794 
588 613.7243and two hundred. So,615.0439 
590 615.8086I'm short and stout. He's tall and lean.617.4593 
592 617.7297Um.618.2520 
594ROC_se0_ag2_m_01620.5216But like comic books, we /love/ both like sci-fi, we both like technology.624.1164
596 624.6017Um.625.2545 
598 626.3118Where I went towards the humanities, he went to the sciences, so he's into computers.630.0002 
600 630.6040Uh, we both like comic books, but I'm a DC guy, he's a Marvel guy.633.6404 
603 637.1550In public settings, I'm a little more outgoing an- and640.1300
605 640.5217loud.641.1920 
607 641.7049In comparison to him, he's a little bit more demure. Little bit more644.3627 
609 644.8197soft spoken.645.5903 
611 646.2419Um.646.6942 
613 647.3318But, our interactions mirror each other.648.7074 
615 648.9079/RD-NAME-1/, can I see that please?650.1249 
617 650.3487You don't need the ESPN app.651.6730 
619ROC_se0_ag2_m_01655.2436Thank you.655.8825
621 661.1597So,661.6633 
623 663.7616/RD-NAME-2/, if you keep it on silent665.7266 
625 666.8457you can watch this.667.8145 
626ROC_int_01671.8981Yeah, you like that?672.9845
628 673.6979[<laugh>]674.2901 
629ROC_se0_ag2_m_01674.8672Youtube for kids.675.8358
631ROC_se0_ag2_m_01676.9067[So,] It's, it's edited so that all the679.7476
633ROC_se0_ag2_m_01680.3071Ya- you can set it to different681.9649
635 682.1094age groups.682.8800 
637 683.4745So, like you can do up til five years old, and then five to twelve,686.9514 
639 687.0344but the cut off is what a twelve year old would watch.688.8648 
643 691.7557I mean, it's all cartoons and693.5126 
645 694.7238[<laugh>]695.5584 
646ROC_int_01695.4186[Yeah.] That's pretty useful.696.9014
650 698.9679Cool.699.0698 
652 699.9695Um.700.5151 
654 700.7238Okay, so I'll701.8988 
656 702.0341turn and aks more general questions, I guess about,704.9848 
658 705.0645uh,705.4713 
660 706.0256Rochester and um the surrounding suburbs. How do you think- you said you lived in710.5115 
662 711.0338both Henrietta711.9873 
664 712.0684and, uh, Pittsford. Right?713.6485 
665ROC_se0_ag2_m_01713.6485M- right.714.0029
666ROC_int_01714.2127Um. How do you think Pittsford compares, I guess, to a place like Henrietta?718.0410
667ROC_se0_ag2_m_01718.3615<ts> Um.718.9910
669 720.3713What I've noticed in major difference of Pittsford an- and722.8379 
671 724.5854let's say Pittsford, Victor, and Brighton.726.2967 
673 726.5997Cause that's currently sort of where the standing line is. And even Honeyway a little bit.730.1349 
676 732.8150There's a very strong,734.5682
678 734.6988but734.9645 
680 735.5288quiet736.2979 
682 736.4613community control.737.5525 
684 738.3393You,739.3652 
686 739.6076your zoning,740.5449 
688 740.9692is very specific. And- and if you don't live there, you don't really notice it.745.3152 
690 745.9027But there's a lot of money and a lot of power, and a lot of influence upon749.2412 
692 749.6468making those750.6815 
694 750.8550places look752.0559 
696 752.6236a specific753.6168 
698 754.4421way.755.5099