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Scale Normalized Vowels to Appear Hz-Like


Converts normalized values (such as those created by the Lobanov and Nearey methods) to Hertz-like values.




normed.vowels a required data frame of normalized vowel data with or without columns for normalized F3. This should be in the format: speaker_id, vowel_id, context or vowel_N, F1', F2', (F3',) F1_glide', F2_glide', (F3_glide'), where parenthesized items are optional. If there are no F3s, this should be indicated with attribute "no.f3s" set to TRUE.


Scaling is necessary to convert the output from some normalization methods to values that appear Hertz-like (and are thus more familiar). However, scaling is rarely recommended as in someways it undoes the process of normalization. See for some important details.


The original data frame with the normalized values scaled.


The development of the library and this function are ongoing. The arguments to the function may change in future version.


Kendall, Tyler <>

See Also

norm.lobanov, norm.nearey, norm.wattfabricius

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