CORAAL: Corpus of Regional African American Language
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Welcome to the CORAAL Explorer

CORAAL Explorer is a web-based interface to the Corpus of Regional African American Language. Beginning with CORAAL v. 2018.10.06 (released in October 2018), the CORAAL Explorer site provides two primary ways to explore CORAAL online:

  • CORAAL File Browser - View individual CORAAL transcripts with their audio through a web-based interface.
  • CORAAL File Searcher - Search across or within CORAAL components for specific words, phrases, or even using (R-based) regular expressions.
CORAAL Explorer provides full access to all of the CORAAL Components that are available with v. 2023.06.

You can download all of CORAAL from

You can also download and use CORAAL transcripts directly through the R programming language by executing the following in an R script or console:


CORAAL Example Code, Analyses, Etc. are also available, which provide demonstrations of using the CORAAL_web.R suite as well as other examples of working with CORAAL data.

More information about CORAAL and about these online features are available in the CORAAL User Guide.

Creative Commons License CORAAL is completely free for research use. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (4.0) International license.

T. Kendall July 2023