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1. Select the vowel data file:  

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Ensure that the file is in a tab-delimited text format and that it matches the format of the NORM Template; see How to Use NORM for help.


2. Select result type:


3. Select normalization methods:

For information about each method, visit the Methods page.

Not all methods are equally appropriate for all vowel datasets. Note that, even though the primary proponent(s) for each method are listed, a number of the methods are slightly modified from their original, published versions. Explications of these modifications are also described on the Methods page.

You can select multiple methods by holding the ctrl or shift keys while clicking.

4. Select options:
Web Page Layout: Only relevant if more than one method selected.
Normalization & Processing:

Include F3 in Processing:
Only relevant for Nearey and Labov methods. Bark difference requires F3 values. Lobanov and Watt & Fabricius are not implemented to use F3. Note that including F3 for Nearey and Labov methods changes the results for values of F1 and F2; it is not just a matter of whether or not you want F3 values normalized.

Scale results:
Only relevant for Lobanov, Nearey and Watt & Fabricius methods, which otherwise result in non-Hz or non-Barks values. Important: We do not recommend scaling. Make sure that you have read the About Scaling section.



Plot Standard Dev. :

Plot Labels:

Plot Legend:

Plot Dot Shapes:

Plot Dot Sizes:

Inline Plot Size:
This sets the size of the plots that appear inline on the results web page.

Plot title:

Plotting Colors:
You can override NORM's plotting colors. To do so, enter a list of colors in the below form separated by commas. Colors can be entered using hex codes (e.g., #ffffff) or valid color names recognized by R (e.g., darkcyan). Visit a website like this or use the colors() function in R to view recognized colors. If you do not enter enough colors for your plot, the colors will be recycled. Click here for the default colors to be inserted in the form. Click here for an example of color names to be inserted in the form.

5. Click the button to upload your file for normalization:

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